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Amanda’s Life-Changing Decision

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Amanda had always thought her name should be Jane, ‘plain’ Jane in fact. She had suddenly reached 35 years of age and she realised that she was invisible. During school and her twenties it was always her friends that were noticed by the men that she liked. She had endured many evenings out where handsome men had walked passed to chat to her friends. Her brief marriage to Carl was a convenience rather than a love affair with rom-com like qualities.

Yes, he was nice at times, but he too ‘noticed’ one of her friends and that lead to a long and slow divorce. She felt that she had settled for what she could get rather than what she desired and needed.

At 35 she felt more confident in herself and less worried about making mistakes. While blowing out the candles on her cake she made herself a promise rather than making the traditional wish that had always seemed fruitless in the last 34 years. She pledged to be more outgoing, vivacious and demanding. The days of the doormouse were gone.

As a reasonably pretty, long haired brunette at 5’5 and nine stone she considered herself as slightly above average. She thought her admin job at the law firm was average. Her two bed flat in Bromley, fair. The Ford Fiesta, common. Her dress sense, humdrum. Her love-life non existent and her sex life extinct!

A recent course at work had made her rethink her life. The facilitator, a reasonably attractive successful law firm partner, was discussing decision making with her group. He suggested the simple decision making process of deciding upon pros and cons. He said that you should write down the plus points and negative points and then make your decision. A simple way of deciding upon future actions. He suggested asking a question such as-

Does this person have enough experience and charisma/personality for the promotion that they are applying for?


5 years in roleManagement experience

ConfidentColleagues don’t respect him

Presentations- GoodPresentation/Dress

Budget experience

He also said that sometimes the cons can outweigh the pros or vice versa despite the added numbers and as we can see above that this person would not fit the role. He also stated that finding a simple action plan following this process can make huge differences. It opened her eyes as she liked the simplicity.

Amanda decided to apply this process to her life and to some of her future decisions. Simple she thought.

It was a cold November Saturday morning. Amanda sat at home in her office, catching up with some paperwork. It popped into her head, what were her new priorities? She listed them.

New job

New man

New hobby




She started to think about how she would prioritise the topics on her list. After a long deliberation she decided that in order to achieve them all she would improve her image and health as a starting point.

Amanda decided that her savings were less important than her happiness and her first steps to success were a serious shopping trip and a visit to the salon for a makeover. She also researched a number of the female makeover and fashion magazines and while doing this she could not help but noticed that they had a variety of other chapters and articles. Many of these articles caught her eye especially certain sexy ones. The overriding message that she was getting that everyone was having more sex than her!!

The articles had titles such as- How to be better in bed. How to have better orgasms. Is one enough? Is two too many?. An orgy, is it for me? He opened my eyes and then my legs!

She read them all and enjoyed the openness of the articles, their questioning, and the responses from the people involved. She was impressed and a little surprised at some of the things that she read about. It seemed that normal, ordinary people were having wild and exciting sex behind closed doors. It turned her on. She spent ten minutes looking at the suggestive images and reading the comments of other women (similar to her). Her right hand had strayed beneath her skirt to her thighs and even higher to the waistband of her panties. Soon she found herself lying back and imagining herself in some of the scenes that she had read about. Her hand slipped below her waistband and lower passed her soft pubic hair and to her surprisingly wet clit. Her fingers lingered there stroking herself for what seemed like ages. A montage of images were running though her head as she played with herself. She felt liberated as this was not something she usually did. The wetness felt amazing and she noticed that her stroking was increasing in speed. She also found herself moaning loudly as she repeatedly touched highly sensitive areas of herself. An orgasm was rising. She came very strongly and she did not want the feeling to end. Not only that, she wanted it to become far more regular.

Amanda looked at the clock, 10 am. Lots of time to get things done!! A few phone calls later and the hair and make-up appointment was made. She also went a step further and booked a personal shopper session in the local well regarded department store. The newly found confidence was kicking in!

The shopping trip felt great. Amanda realised that she, for the first time in a long time was open to suggestion. She sat in the hairdresser’s chair and the well experienced stylist asked ‘what are we doing today?’

Amanda’s response was ‘Give me a few options. What do you think would suit me?’

Amanda felt nervous as hell when saying this, she really didn’t fancy spikes or a skinhead! The stylist showed her a picture of a well manicured bob. Adventurous but not crazy. Amanda agreed, zealously.

It looked great. Never before had she had the courage to look slightly cutting edge. This certainly did. It would be the first time that her friends noticed that she had changed her hair since the bowl cut in primary school!!

Next stop, the personal shopper. Never having done this before, she had no idea what to expect. Surprisingly, she was met by a man, his name was Phillip. He was well dressed in a navy Tom Ford suit, well polished shoes and a smart Omega watch. He greeted her with a slight Italian accent, not due to heritage but due to many a year there researching fashion.

They chatted and after a while she realised that Phillip was amazing at his job. She felt like she had known him for a long time even though their paths had never crossed.

The consultation had included a number of questions and a couple of glasses of champagne-

Is this your first personal shopping experience?

What kind of image are you trying to portray?

Which outfits do you require?

Is this a complete experience?

The visited a variety of departments, Armani, Mary Portas, Pied A Terre, Biba, Hobbs, Phase Eight and many more. Amanda could not believe how good this man was at finding things that suited her. Almost everything he picked out looked good, some looked stunning. She purchased a number of things-

Hobbs- Gemma Dress- £99

Hobbs- Sequin Jasmine Dress- £89

Ralph Lauren- Lauren Dress- £154

Jaeger- Boots- £115

Karen Millen- Fun Colourful Court- £70

Numerous knitwear, pairs of jeans, handbags, accessories and even a hat- £420

Then again- the question the question that she didn’t quite understand-

Is this a complete experience?

‘What do you mean she asked?’ Very curious about his direction.

‘Lingerie’ he said. ‘It’s the polite way of asking if the outfits will be completed’.

‘I’d be embarrassed to try on lingerie with you as my aid.’ Amanda said.

‘Why?’ Phillip replied. ‘I have done this many times and with many woman that are nowhere near as attractive as you.’

Blushing, she replied ‘I have only worn lingerie in front of a handful of men and never one that I met in a department store!’.

‘Relax’ he said as he passed her a third glass of Moet.

Clever, she thought and they proceeded to the lingerie department.

‘Colours?’ he asked. I’m sure you’ll look stunning in black.

‘Black is my favourite’ she replied.

He looked her up and down and said ’34D, size 8 briefs?’

‘Your good!’ Her reply.

‘Sit down’ he said firmly.

Without thinking, she did, straight away.

A few minutes later he returned with a number of different items. Lace, silk, cotton, some simple, some very extravagant and erotic.

Again, she blushed and said ‘ Would you like me to try these on or just buy them?’

He said ‘ Try these two on and trust me on the others’.

He handed her a black silk bra and g-string combination. She took them and remembered her pledge. More confidence, vivaciousness and desire. She almost skipped to the dressing room not noticing Phillip close behind her.

On entering the palacious changing room she looked at herself in the mirror. ‘Are you really doing this?’ She mouthed to herself.

‘Yes’ she replied as she felt a shimmer of excitement run through her body. She was going to show her semi naked body to a man that she had barely met. She examined herself in the mirror and decided that it was the sexiest that she had looked in twenty years.

She then turned and approached the changing room door. She stopped, gathered her confidence and then opened the door. To her surprise, Phillip was sat in a leather armchair facing her. His demeanour was calm but his eyes said stunning! Her reaction surprised her. She simply smiled at him, stood still and beckoned him to look up and down at her. He complied with her demand. He stared almost open mouthed, trying to conceal how astounded he was by the view that was bestowed upon him.

Again she beckoned him, this time towards her…….

She retreated into the changing room. Phillip followed, never taking his eyes from her’s. She stopped when the wall proved that retreat was no longer an option. He approached her, slowly locking the door behind them.

Amanda smiled and opened her arms. They embraced and she kissed him, deeply. He reciprocated but she surprised herself again when she found that she was the aggressor. She smothered him strongly with her arms and she inwardly knew that the real Amanda was finally showing herself. Her hands grasped at his smart suit and his belt. Then she stopped, not because of nervousness but because she wanted to remain in control.

She stepped back and slowly removed both her g-string and her expensive bra. Again she beckoned him to look at her and she felt a heat between her legs that she had never felt before. His looks lingered on her full breasts and they lowered to her nicely trimmed pussy he then returned his gaze to her smile. She then gestured at his clothes and without speaking he undressed completely.

‘Impressive’ she said as he too stood there naked. It was now her time to look him up and down. Strong upper body, slightly hairy chest, slim stomach, trim rather than muscular. Then she admired what she had been curious about all day, his cock. Thick and hard and ready for action, it almost seemed to address her attention. She could not hold herself back for one second more.

Her arms extended and her two hands grasped at the shaft of his heavily, erect penis. A soft moan of pleasure seeped from Phillip’s mouth.

She looked him in the eyes as she lowered her mouth to the tip of his cock. He watched her all the way down as she took her first taste. She licked and sucked hurrily as this was the first taste of real lust that she had enjoyed in at least two years. She then composed herself into a rhythm that excited him and her even more. She felt him grow even harder in her mouth. A feeling that she had nearly forgotten existed. A favourite feeling of hers- she remembered. One hand slipped between her legs for the second time in one day, unprecedented.

His moans grew louder and louder and Amanda had to remind him of where they actually were. He remembered their location and suppressed his expression of ecstasy. She continued to gain pleasure from this remarkably anomalous tryst. He loved the vision and the feeling of having his cock sucked by this wonderfully, sexually liberated woman (or so he thought).

She continued to suck him deeply and lick up and down on his strong shaft. She felt him quiver in her hands and she expected a thick bolt of cum to shoot into her mouth. She was wrong however and he still had staying power. Her own fingers were soaking from her pussy playing and she now wanted to be filled by his hard cock.

She stepped back again, completely releasing his penis from her hands and her mouth. She looked in the changing room mirror and realised that she was sexy and they looked amazing together. She turned away from him and placed her hands on the low changing room bench.

Amanda then caught Phillip’s eye while staring in the mirror. Simply she mouthed the words ‘fuck me’ to him. She watched and felt as he gripped her hips, positioned the tip of his cock in the mouth of her pussy and then drove forward straight into her deeply with no resistance whatsoever from her absolutely soaking pussy. She almost screamed out loudly but she muffled it to a strong moan. She watched as Phillip began to pump his very hard cock into her wanton pussy. Over and over again she felt him fill her and then leave her empty. She loved it and so did he. Watching him as he fucked her was amazing, another new experience. Deeply, powerfully it continued and she quickly came once. It didn’t stop and she forced herself back on his cock to get him deeper and deeper as loved every stroke. She watched as he got closer and closer to orgasm and then as she sensed he was near, she turned, dropped to her knees and watched as his cum shot all over her face. There were at least three bursts that she witnessed and again she was soaked but in a different body area. She then looked up to meet his spent gaze, her face covered in cum while smiling broadly.

No words were spoken as they dressed. Smiles were still exchanged and Amanda walked happily (if a little dishevelled) towards the till with her new lingerie purchases, another £220 spent but it was really, really worthwhile.

As she left the store, Phillip approached again.

‘Would you like my number, or should I take yours?’ He said.

‘Neither, but I may call on you again, I’ll find you if I want you!’ She replied.

She turned and smiled as she left the store.

‘It had begun, what was next?’ she thought.

Amanda ran through every step of her adventure in her mind as she drove back to the fair Bromley two bed. She loved the feeling of being in control of her actions. She could not believe how confidently she had portrayed herself with Phillip. The look of disappointment in his eye as she, ‘plain’ Jane turned and walked away. It felt powerful and she liked it.

The flat was neat and tidy as she always kept it. The evening had begun and it was getting dark outside. She showered, played and then settled to watch television but she could not concentrate on it. Her mind was focussed on only one thing her newly found sexiness. She re-read her list from earlier that day. One thing had jumped to the top of her priorities very quickly- Sex. She realised she wanted more and more.

The evening slipped into night and she deliberated on one thing. Should she tell someone what she had done? The question rang through her mind like the bells of Westminster Cathedral. Another question- If she told someone, who?

Her mind ran back to the decision making process that had helped her earlier in the day.

Should she tell someone?


They would be surprised but impressed

They’d see her confidence

She would not be plain Jane any more


They would think she was a slut

The decision was made- Yes she would disclose her adventure, her first adventure. Now who to tell??

She had a number of friends, some from school and some from University. They were varied, some single and some married. They were all of similar age. The regular group of four were Sandra, Donna, Carol and Natalie. They met up about once a month for drinks and a bite to eat up town. It would usually be a wine bar or restaurant, the wine would be white and the conversation shallow. Carol and Sandra would propel towards family talk about first steps or first words. Donna would steer the conversation to her rocketing career in the city and the recent property acquisitions of her husband. Then there was Natalie and she would talk of her latest acquisition, usually a man.

Natalie was an eye catcher that was never afraid to act upon her powers of seduction. Small at 5’2 and approximately 8 stone she was a fire cracker waiting to go off and go off she did, frequently. Gossip between the other girls had often portrayed Natalie as a brooding nymphomaniac, but Amanda had never spoken directly to her about this. She had heard rumours from Donna of two men in a weekend visiting Natalie. The result was that they left more tired than her!

Natalie walked with a glint in her eye and she never failed to get the attention of a man that she wanted. It was usually a man that Amanda had her eye on. Natalie was certainly the one to tell.

Amanda had her feet up on the sofa, she had put on her nightie. A black silk slip that she felt very comfortable in. The heating was up high and dialled Natalie’s number. Natalie picked up quickly.

‘Hi Amanda, how are you?’ Said Natalie

‘Hi Natalie, I’m really good. Not out tonight?’ Asked Amanda

‘I have plans for later, I’m being picked up at 10’ She replied

‘Wow, that’s late?’ Said Amanda

‘Yes and it should be fun too, I think it will be an all nighter, I may tell you about it sometime!’

‘I hope so’ Replied Amanda with a huge number of thoughts running through her mind.

‘So what do I owe this honor to? Asked Natalie.

‘Well I have something to tell you……..’ Amanda said nervously

Amanda then told of how her day had unravelled she couldn’t believe how openly she spoke about her dangerous liasion. She started slowly but once she got going she was very happy to disclose every detail. Natalie listened almost silently until Amanda told her of the conclusion in the store. Natalie then actually started clapping and giggling and she said ‘Amanda, I always knew there was a fire burning inside you’.

As she was talking she was unknowingly getting turned on, actually they both were. Amanda finished the monologue with ‘I’m all hot and bothered now and I have nothing or no-one to play with’. She couldn’t believe it when Natalie said ‘You’ve sent me in that direction too. I’m certainly going to have a play before my all night adventure’.

‘What are you up to tonight?’ Amanda asked playfully.

‘Well that certainly would be telling, but I have a man named Paul picking me up and he’s taking me to a club in London. I’m really impressed that you had such a great day. More tales like that and I may start inviting you out with me!’ Natalie replied.

‘Oh please do, I’m sure you could teach me a trick or two.’

‘I certainly know a number of people that could teach you many things if you want?

‘I want!’ Amanda replied without any hesitation at all.

‘A simple question Amanda, are you also bisexual? I am you see.’

‘I’ve never really thought about it, but I like the thought of the softness of a woman.’ Why shouldn’t I try everything? Other people are, Amanda thought.

‘Why don’t we meet up later this week? I’ll tell you about tonight and we can discuss anything that you want to.’ Natalie asked.

‘Sounds great’ Amanda replied

‘Two more things before I go. Firstly, I’d like you to research your bisexuality- do that however you wish. Secondly, would you like a gift tonight if I can organise something for you?’

‘What do you mean by a gift Natalie?’ Amanda asked.

‘No questions, just a yes or no please.’ replied Natalie.

‘Yes then’

‘Great, be ready.’

The phone went down.

Amanda looked the clock, 9pm. She had no idea what Natalie had meant by either a gift or be ready. It excited her.

Be ready for what? Aarrggh. She couldn’t settle so she looked at her magazines. One article described how a bisexual woman approached her first time with another woman. It was informative, it said how the lady had visualised the first kiss, the first touch and the first time that she was naked in front of another. The article also suggested a few websites that could be visited if you were thinking of trying something new like that. This ignighted a flame within her and she wanted to know more. She thought about women that she actually may fancy. Names such as Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz popped into her head as she had always found these women to be sexy and sultry.

Then out of nowhere the intercom system buzzed. It made Amanda jump. No one ever calls unannounced. She picked up the handset.

‘Hello’ She said.

‘Hi, I’ve a delivery for Amanda Thompson from Natalie Dewhurst’ Said the voice at the other end.

‘Okay, come up’ Amanda replied. ‘What on earth has Natalie sent me?’

Amanda nervously waited and used the security peep hole in her front door. A man arrived at the door. He was very well groomed and smartly dressed. He was holding two things- a box and he was speaking quietly on a mobile phone.

He knocked and Amanda opened the door. She had left the chain on.

The man said ‘Good evening’ and he handed her the mobile phone. Amanda put the phone to her ear and said ‘hello’ nervously.

‘Hi Amanda, It’s Nat. Just listen. This is Jeremy and he is part one of your gift. The box he is holding is part two. The box cannot be opened until Jeremy leaves. You have ten seconds to decide upon whether you allow him into your flat. Yes or no?’

‘Yes’ Amanda said in keeping with her many responses of the day.

The phone went down.

‘You must be Jeremy?’ Amanda said as she unhitched the door chain.

‘Yes, It’s a pleasure to meet you’. He replied.

Inside her tummy was turning butterflies but she remembered where confidence had got her earlier in the day. She also couldn’t take her eyes off him. He was about 5’10 with dark brown hair. He was about 35-38 a similar age to her. He was tanned and he sported a sharp goatee beard. Gorgeous.

‘I’m under strict instructions not to reveal any personal details’ he said.

‘Okay, what personal details do you know about me?’ she asked.

‘Just your name and that you are a friend of Natalie Dewhurst, a very valued and long term friend of mine.’ he replied.

‘Oh and by the way, my other instructions is that I cannot reveal any details about her either.’ He said this with a huge, attractive smile on his face.

Amanda returned his smile and realised that they were still in the hallway. She took the box from him in one hand and took him by the hand with her free one. She couldn’t believe what was happening.

They entered the lounge and he complimented her on her choice of attire. She then realised that she was still in her comfy nightie.

‘Get yourself a drink, I’ll be back in two minutes’.

She retired to the bedroom and quickly put on a bra and knickers set that she had bought earlier in the day. She looked in the mirror and decided that she was ready.

On entering the lounge she saw him reading her magazine. It was still open on the pages she had been reading before his arrival. Inside there was panic, outside she just smiled and poured herself a glass of cold white wine from the fridge. He had already poured himself one.

He smiled at her and stood up. Their eyes met and he advanced towards her. His hands pulled her close and she again loved the anonymity of the situation. He told her to strip and walk around the room naked. She did this elegantly but noticed that the price tag was still on her bra. They both laughed out loud for a second and it was then forgotten as she paraded in front of him. Her breasts were full and her nipples extended. Her body was hot with the thought of what would happen next.

‘Sit down’ he said and she obeyed his command.

‘Now open your legs’ again she complied.

‘Play’ he said, she did openly and she never lowered her gaze from his eyes. She could never remember being as wet as she felt right now. It felt amazing being commanded but she also knew that she was ultimately in control of things.

She watched as he slowly and carefully took off his expensive suit, shoes, tie, shirt, watch and Hugo Boss underwear and socks. He had a nice body, not a six pack as she’d hoped but still a nice attractive body. Strong pecs and arms were the highlights for her. Again she focussed on his eyes but she couldn’t hold herself back any longer. She had to see his cock. He sat back and held it in his own hands on the chair opposite her. She inspected it and decided that it was slightly thinner and slightly longer than Phillip’s from earlier in the day. She wanted it. His eyes too dropped from hers and he was openly looking at her expertly fingering herself.

‘May I?’ He said

‘Of course’ she replied.

He crawled over to her and kissed her legs from the ankles up. His beard tickled her thighs and he lingered there for a while in order to tease her. She wanted him to engulf her with his mouth. He did soon enough. His tongue felt fantastic and her wetness grew as a result of the feelings running through her. Then something different happened, she felt him enter her with two fingers as he licked her clit expertly. She let out a deep moan as his fingers slid deeper and deeper in to her. She loved the feeling and whimpered ‘faster please’. He obliged her request and she screamed aloud as the most powerful orgasm she had ever had hit her. He moved up from her wetness and licked, caressed and sucked her breasts. She loved it.

His cock found its way into as he came to kiss her. She could taste herself slightly on his mouth and she liked it. His first thrust was shallow and as a result her hands moved down his back to his pert bottom. Amanda then pulled him aggressively into her, ‘fuck me as hard as you’ve ever fucked before’ she whispered into his ear. Again he obliged. He fucked her strongly and deeply with his long hard cock. Different sensations from her earlier conquest but equally as pleasurable. She wanted it to go on for ever, she loved having this man that she did not know inside her fucking her with animalistic qualities. Again she felt an orgasm rise within her, it was a long, building orgasm that made her curl her toes up as she screamed aloud again, not caring what the neighbours may think. As it subsided she felt his tempo increase and she looked at his face as he exploded inside her.

They lay together for a minute or so. He then stood up and simply said ‘Orders from Natalie, I must leave now.’

She looked disappointed but at the same time it excited her that this man had visited her once, fucked her once and left on the simple word of her friend. ‘How powerful was Natalie?’ she thought.

He dressed as carefully as he had undressed. She liked his meticulous nature. She just lay there naked, open and again felt surprised by the amazing day that had unfolded. She wanted more days like this.

‘Goodbye Amanda Thompson’

‘Goodbye Jeremy’

She stood, followed him to the door and closed it behind him. She was smiling.

She picked up her phone and there was a text-

‘Hi Amanda, I hope you like both your gifts. Speak tomorrow, Nat xx’.

She had forgotten about the second gift. She returned to the lounge and there it was. The box stood about ten inches high, she opened it and there it was, something she had never owned before……………………..

End of part 2!!

Amanda’s life changing decision- Part 3

Amanda held it in her hands, it looked big, very big. It was shaped like a penis and it felt like a penis. It would be her first vibrator. How exciting she thought. She noticed a smaller box within the box. Further investigation revealed another sex toy, it was called an ass-berry. It came with instructions and a small pot of lubricant, maybe another first she thought. What a day!!

She left the package in the living room and she decided that it was time for bed. Amanda lay naked in her king size bed. Her thoughts returned to the day of days that she had. Her mind flitted between the two most sexual experiences of her life. Before long she was turned on again and her curiosity returned to the new vibrator. Amanda returned to the living room to get it. She removed it from the box and found a note.

The note said-

‘Amanda, I hope you enjoyed Jeremy this evening. I have enjoyed him a number of times and in a number of situations. I look forward to visiting you later on this week. I will disclose some, not all, of my experiences and I really would like to become partners in crime!. Before my visit, I would like you to decide upon whether you will play with me. I urge you to visit this website and watch the video, it may have a large bearing on your decision. See you on Wednesday, I will arrive at 7pm and I will stay until I decide to leave. I don’t have work on Thursday so I hope you’ll have a lot of energy.

There are certain things you will need to have ready, please see the list below-

– White wine- Pinot Grigio (ice cold)

– The toys from the package (I also want you to have experience using them on yourself)

– Four questions for me (I will answer them all honestly)

– Two new things that you would like to experience

See you on Wednesday.


Ps. Did I mention that you must be naked when you greet me? Make sure that happens whether you decide to play with me or not!

One more thing- I may bring another friend.’

Amanda felt that she was no longer in control, she realised that she had a decision to make. Does she continue at this roller coaster pace or does she get off?

The question- Do I continue and meet Natalie under her conditions?


More amazing experiences

Great sex with many people

Powerful eye opening orgasms

Natalie seems to be the perfect role model in these pursuits


Things are moving too fast

Amanda realised that the Yes list would be much longer than No list again. Where would this all lead?

She took her gifts to her room. Which should she try first?

She decide upon the vibrator. It was bigger than either Phillip or Jeremy, she wondered if it would hurt at all. She hoped not and she lay back and caressed her thighs and pussy again. Never had she cum so much in one day, she thought. She was soon soaking while visualising a montage of both Phillip and Jeremy fucking her. She was quickly a master of the toy’s controls. She started with it on a low setting as she eased it in deeper and deeper. It made her feel full and she liked it. She then noticed herself moving it in and out of herself with an increased rhythm. She turned up the vibrations and could not believe the effect that it was having on her. She felt like another powerful explosion of lust was happening to her. A few seconds later she was screaming in ecstasy and then as quickly as it had hit her, the feeling was gone. She stayed still and drifted off into a long, well deserved deep sleep.

The next three days seemed like a lifetime although Amanda enjoyed the video that she watched immensely. It certainly did sway her towards becoming heavily bi-curious. It would be her first time with a member of the same sex in any way, shape or form. Another first was using her new anal toy, it was unbelievable and she certainly enjoyed gaining experience with it. The first time was a little painful but she persevered and began to love the feelings that it produced. She even used both toys together on one occasion and she felt like an earthquake was going off inside her. Amazing.

She finished work on Tuesday and couldn’t wait to get home. It was time to get working on her questions and she had to deliberate over three experiences that she really desired.

The questions-

1. What drove you to becoming a very sexual person?

2. What is the secret of your power over men and women?

3. Where did you go and what did you get up to on Saturday night? (a little cheeky, she thought, as this was actually two questions)

Amanda also wanted to ask what Natalie’s plans for her were but she decided that they would materialise naturally! The two experiences were a little harder to decide upon.

The two experiences-

1. She wanted many men or people at once (depending on her first bi experience).

2. She wanted to submit and serve at the whim of another.

Not much sleep was had on Tuesday night and work on Wednesday was almost a waste of time due to her thoughts wandering to the possible events of the forthcoming evening. She left work in a hurry at five as she had a few things to tidy up before Natalie’s arrival. The first of these was a long, hot shower followed by the removal of any hair from her body. She loved the feeling of being smooth in all the right places. She also thought it looked very sexual when she admired herself in the mirror. The flat’s heating was on full as she had to obey Natalie’s first command- greet her naked as the day she was born. The toys were placed in the draw of the coffee table. They were primed and ready for use. The vibrator already had a change of batteries due to the amount of affection it had already been shown. Amanda checked the clock and it showed three minutes to seven.

Nervousness hit Amanda like a freight train at full speed. In fact it was a mixture of nervousness and excitement, she knew that Natalie was coming but another? Who? What sex? The time ticked away slowly. Amanda removed her robe. The intercom buzzed, she jumped, as usual! She answered quickly.

‘Good evening’ Miss Dewhurst here

‘Please come up’ Amanda replied

‘I’d like you to personally let me in please’ replied Natalie

‘But I’m naked?’ Amanda questioned

‘I’d like you to personally let me in please’ Natalie repeated slightly firmer this time

‘One minute and I’ll be there’ Natalie answered awkwardly

‘She peaked through the peep hole’ and then she made her decision

She opened the door, checked both ways and the coast was clear. She quickly descended in the lift hoping and praying that there would be no one there when the sliding doors opened.

The doors split and there was one woman waiting to enter the lift with her back to the doors. Amanda was mortified. She used her hands to cover her modesty. The woman turned with a huge smile on her face. It was Natalie Dewhurst!

‘I have you exactly where I want you’ said Natalie

‘It seems that you do’ replied Amanda

‘Let’s go’ said Natalie

‘Where?’ Amanda asked

‘For a drive’ Natalie replied

Natalie walked out of the apartment block and to a waiting car. Amanda followed, trying to used Natalie as a shield from the elements and from the view of any homecoming neighbours. Amazingly no-one was around to take notice of this remarkable sight.

As they entered the back seat of the car Natalie introduced Amanda to a man sitting in the driving seat. His name was Paul Davidson. Amanda remembered that Natalie had told her she was being picked up by a man named Paul on Saturday night. She wondered if it was the same man.

Natalie spoke.

‘Amanda, I am pleased that you have passed my first two tests for you. Do not speak until I ask you to. You are simply to sit in that seat. You will stay still and I may show you to people as we go. I may not. Paul will neither look at you nor speak to anyone about this experience. Please address me as Miss Dewhurst when I ask you to speak. This drive will last about fifteen minutes and you must not try to cover yourself up at any point. Please acknowledge that you have heard and understood my directions’.

‘Yes Miss Dewhurst’ Amanda replied.

She could not believe that she was agreeing to this. It was the fear of missing out on the pleasures that Natalie could introduce her to that spurred her on.

The car pulled out of the drive and immediately did a U-turn back in.

Natalie spoke again.

‘Amanda, you have passed three straight tests without any real questioning or hesitation. I’m impressed. I won’t put you through the driving humiliation ….yet. You may speak’.

‘Miss Dewhurst, I’m amazed that you have this power over people. Some of the things that you have done over the last few days have me mesmerised.’

The car pulled up at the door again. Natalie handed Amanda her own coat. It revealed that Natalie was wearing nothing beneath. She spoke again.

‘Amanda, I am prepared to do anything I ask you to. Remember that. We have been friends for a long time and I will take great pleasure in opening myself up to you. I will also take pleasure in opening your mind to a world of possibilities that you never thought were there.’

Amanda did not speak, she just followed a naked Natalie out of the car. Natalie held her hand and led her to Amanda’s apartment door. As they exited the lift a middle aged man was entering. He was viewing something on his mobile phone and he didn’t even notice that Natalie was naked and leading another woman through the lift doors.

‘His loss’ Natalie whispered in Amanda’s ear.

Amanda opened the door barely believing what had just happened. As soon as she closed the door there was a knock on it. The peephole revealed that Mr Paul Davidson was walking away from the door. Amanda opened the door and called out his name in order to get his attention. He didn’t even turn around. She then noticed that he had left a small pull along travel case at the foot of the door.

‘Bring it in’ Natalie ordered quite forcefully.

Amanda complied again. It wasn’t heavy but it certainly had a number of items in it.

Natalie walked into the lounge, Amanda followed. The lounge was warm and Natalie was pleased about this. The next few demands caught Amanda off guard.

‘Wine please’

‘Yes, Miss Dewhurst’ Amanda replied, poured one glass and handed it to Natalie

‘Toys please’

‘Yes, Miss Dewhurst’ Amanda replied again, opened the draw and placed them on the coffee table

‘Lose the robe’

Yes Miss Dewhurst’ The coat dropped to the floor

‘Bend over’

‘Yes, Miss Dewhurst’

Natalie slapped Amanda’s right bottom cheek hard. Amanda didn’t expect it and it hurt a little. She let out a shocked squeal.

Natalie said ‘no more noise unless asked, remember’.

Another slap hit the left cheek this time. No noise was leaked.

Natalie took a large mouthful of wine and took to he knees behind Amanda. She started to kiss her cheeks and she let a little wine slide down over her ass and pussy. A million thoughts were running through Amanda’s head as she received the start of what was he first bi-sexual encounter. The one overriding thought was that this was amazing!! Thoroughly erotic.

Natalie continued to kiss and lick Amanda. Her pussy felt amazing, dripping with a concoction of wine, her juices and Natalie’s saliva. She found herself pushing pack on Natalie’s face. No sound allowed of course. She felt Natalie pushing ever harder against her arse and pussy and she found herself driving her haunches against Natalie’s darting tongue. Then she heard a sound that had become familiar over the last few days. It was the low buzzing sound of the anal toy. Then there was the pressing against her hole. Natalie pushed forward, Amanda pushed back. The toy eased its way into her arse and a combination of the licking, the kissing and the strong penetration was almost sending her over the edge. Natalie sat back for a moment and sensing that Amanda wanted to scream out said ‘ You can make as much noise as you want for one minute’. Natalie slid the vibrator deeply into Amanda’s pussy as she finished her sentence. It was like unleashing a wild werewolf as Natalie thrust the whole of the synthetic cock deep into Amanda over and over again. Her arse and pussy were full. Her clit was soaking from the expert licking that it was getting. Amanda was in a state of euphoria as she was being fucked by this wild specimen of a woman.She lost control of her body as it spasmed over and over again. Her knees gave way and Natalie backed off as Amanda almost passed out in ecstasy with two toys vibrating deep inside her. Natalie could see juices flowing from Amanda’s dripping slit.

The minute was up and Amanda lay there still and silent, wishing that this will never end! A few minutes later Amanda removed the toys from herself as Natalie sat back enjoying the expensive Pinot.

‘Stand up’ Natalie said

‘Yes, Miss Dewhurst’

‘Did you enjoy your introduction?’

‘Yes, Miss Dewhurst, thank you, Miss Dewhurst’

‘Pour yourself some wine’

‘Yes, Miss Dewhurst’

‘Sit with me’

‘Yes, Miss Dewhurst’

‘Do you find me attractive?’

‘Yes, Miss Dewhurst’

‘Did you find Mr Davidson attractive?’

‘Yes, Miss Dewhurst’

‘Are your questions and experiences prepared?’

‘Yes, Miss Dewhurst’

‘Sit facing me between my legs’

Amanda complied.

‘Ask me the third question off your list’

‘Yes, Miss Dewhurst’

‘Where did you go and what did you get up to on Saturday night?’ Amanda asked

‘That was London’s ‘Yes’ club in Knightsbridge and judging by what I’ve seen from you so far, you maybe a member like me one day. The only way you become a guest or a member is to say yes to everything that is asked of you while you are there. If you ever say no or pull out of a scheduled night, your membership is relinquished and you cannot attend ever again. You have certain choices there. A description of each room’s activities is on the door. Once you have made the choice to enter the room you must simply say yes to everything that is asked of you. I entered three rooms on Saturday night. The first was called Many- The door’s description stated that If you enter you must have sex to completion with at least three people. The second was called Sensless- The door’s description stated that if you enter you will lose all your senses but you must find at least one partner and bring them to orgasm. You will be handed a blindfold and noise eliminating head phones on entry, you must find your way around by feel alone. The third room as called Machines- The door’s description stated that if you enter you must be put to work on a penetrating sex machine. You do not choose which machine but the previous entrant will choose for you.’

Natalie continued to describe her evening in London.

Amanda was amazed at what she was hearing. ‘Do places like this exist?’ She thought.

To be continued!!!

Amanda’s life changing decision- Part 4 – Hope you like!!

Amanda continued to listen to the description of what she could only believe was an evening filled with the most amazing sexual pleasure ever.

Each room seemed terrifying but enticing at the same time. Each with different appeal- The room entitled ‘Many’ sounded very appealing due to the thought of servicing three or more people, not necessarily men! Amanda had often wondered what it would feel like to have more than one person touch her at once. ‘Senseless’ and ‘Machines’ sounded as if the control was totally being taken away. Completely anonymous strangers would choose how she was pleasured. What a thought!!

Natalie completed her narrative by saying ‘ Once finished in the rooms you have to leave, there is no mingling or socialising allowed. The anonymity is such an amazing part of being a member of the ‘Yes’ club. You are only allowed to join if you are invited by two or more members. You leave every evening exhausted but wanting more!!!’

‘May I speak, Miss Dewhurst?’ Said Amanda

‘Yes’ Natalie replied

‘Could I be invited one day?’ Asked Amanda

‘One step at a time, we may start you off somewhere a little simpler’ said Natalie, with a huge smile on her face.

‘Now Amanda, please ask me the second question’. Natalie demanded.

‘What is the secret of your power over men and women?’ Asked Amanda.

‘Now, that is a simple one. I place myself in their shoes, I analyse their personalities and think what do they want and what can I hold back from them. Once I have something they want and that I can hold back I have the power over them. For example, Paul wants to fuck me more than anything in the world. I have known this from the first moment I met him. We have spoken about it and I have told him that we will one day, but he has to carry out fifty of my tasks before I let him. Don’t get me wrong, he has gained huge sexual benefits from taking on the challenge and when I fuck him, he will never forget it. I tease him and let him watch me with others. Sometimes he drives me to locations and I let him sit outside in the car wondering what is happening inside. Tonight, for example, I have told him that he is on call. He must be within 30 minutes of this apartment. I will call upon him when I or we need him. I have also told him to be ready to fuck you if I desire it. He has rules that he must stick to and he is on his 37th task. I have almost let him have his way with me on two occasions. I have, however resisted the urge.’

‘Amazingly simple and yet a very effective formula’ Amanda thought.

‘He has played with many people and some very beautiful friends of mine. He has had threesomes both male/male/female and female/female/male. He has entered the ‘Yes’club on two occasions and he is my chauffeur for all my own adventures. I just keep the one thing away from him that he wants.’

‘You seem to have become my newest project and very rapidly at that. I will use my sexual power and influence to lead you on a voyage of discovery. How exciting!’ Natalie said.

Amanda was still reeling in a world of enjoyment following their actions and their conversation. She was quickly realising that the build up and mental aspect of these sexual liaisons was each as bit as exciting as the action.

‘Question one please’. Another demand from Natalie.

‘What drove you to becoming a very sexual person?’ Amanda asked, trying hard to mask the apprehension in her voice.

‘Another easy one, I was expected a little more of a testing time’. Amanda said.

‘I had the usual fumbles with boys at the age of 16 and 17. I was curious about sex as it seemed a little forbidden. My parents were distinctly oblivious that I had this new interest. Then it happened, I met a man. Not a boy but a man. I was 19 and he was 28, I fell for him, his name was Jonathon. It was a whirlwind and I wanted him always. He taught me how to use my body for pleasure and how to give pleasure openly. He’d whisper fantasies in my ear as he’d finger me from behind. He’d place me in those fantasies and he’d ask if I really wanted to carry them out. I’d always say yes as his words were poetic and I’d lose myself in the fantasy world that he would painstakingly describe to me.

He introduced me to watching others, first old style porn on video (how far have we come) then he introduced me to a couple he knew. They were a very sexual couple- we’d visit their house, have dinner and then the show would begin. The first time, I couldn’t believe what was happening but the wine, Jonathon’s reassurance and the two glasses of wine helped me hold my reserve. I remember that they had a huge rug. We’d sit on the sofa watching them for what seemed like ages. I’d play with him and myself as we watched them perform and they certainly performed well.

Then one night it happened. The lady, Claire, put on a porn vid and the four of us watched. The video showed two couples playing together in a living room, a variety of acts took place resulting in one of the actresses lying on her back. Her partner was licking her and she was loving it, he moved up and slid his hard cock into her. She gasped and opened her mouth wide as the other man filled her mouth with his cock. The other woman stroked her clit, caressed and sucked her breasts as these two studs filled her mouth and pussy. It looked so overwhelming and erotic that I loved it. Claire noticed that I was squirming in my seat. She asked me if I liked the scene that I was watching and I told them all that I loved it. It took them about a minute to strip me and get me on the rug, I did not fight them at all. I wanted it to happen. They didn’t follow the exact protocol of the video. They took their time and they all took turns licking me, caressing me ans stroking me. I came countless times and I wanted it to last forever. Then Jonathon slid his cock into me, I loved it and actively searched for the other! I didn’t have to wait long and I felt the other cock grow to hardness in my mouth. My breasts were being sucked, my pussy was being filled over and over and I’d settled into a rhythm of sucking this new cock. I came so hard that I felt like the luckiest girl alive. I certainly knew that this was a start of an adventure not the end of one. Time went by and we gave Claire the same treatment that I was lucky enough to receive. It was an amazing experience. We left the house that night and I sucked Jonathon all the way back to my house as he drove. That night turned me into both a cock and a pussy addict.

I then started visiting Claire and her husband alone, with Jonathon’s permission. They showed me more things and I knew my life would be sex filled and sex fuelled! It was a shock when Jonathon moved away for work and I was left to fend for myself. That’s when I decided to apply for university and a whole new set of adventures began.

Jonathon had led me and mastered me. I would have done anything for his satisfaction. I still see him from time to time. He’s a member, with his wife, of another club that I attend. He still commands me from time to time and I love it. I suppose he drove me to becoming what I am today and I think the balance of power has shifted my way a little.’ Natalie finished. She just stared at Amanda and then leant forward and kissed her deeply.

Amanda reciprocated her kiss and then she felt her head being pulled forward and downward towards Natalie’s glistening pussy. The first taste was amazing and Natalie layed back and enjoyed every single stroke of Amanda’s tongue. Amanda also remembered what Jeremy had done with his fingers earlier in the week. She copied his actions and Natalie was moaning loudly enough to alert all the neighbours! Natalie came strongly and Amanda was very proud of herself.

‘Are you sure you’ve never done that before?’ Natalie asked.

‘I’m certain’ Amanda replied.

Natalie stood up and said, ‘Enough for now’

Amanda couldn’t believe what she was hearing, was this night already over? There had already been more orgasms than sips of wine, but Amanda still didn’t want the evening to end yet. She had even booked the next day off work for recovery.

‘You are leaving?’ Amanda asked

‘Yes, right away.’ Natalie replied. She could see that she had Amanda exactly where she wanted her.

‘I have something to tell you before I go. The case you wheeled in has a combination lock. I have given you the code this evening. All the numbers that are required have been told to you. All you have to do is remember the numbers that I have mentioned at the start of this encounter. Each pair of numbers open one of the locks. Get them in the right order and the case will pop open. I assure you that you’ll love the contents. Please pass me my coat.’ Natalie said

Amanda’s mind was racing. ‘Numbers, what numbers??’ she thought.

‘Yes Miss Dewhurst’ she replied as she handed the coat over to Natalie.

‘By the way, be ready at eight on Friday, Paul will pick you up. You do not need any clothes.’ Natalie stated.

‘Yes Miss Dewhurst’ Amanda replied without hesitation.

The apartment bell went exactly as Natalie put on her long coat. It looked expensive and suited her perfectly. Amanda checked the spy hole and she saw Paul on the other side of the door. She opened the door and he just nodded at her. Natalie approached the door and kissed Amanda on the lips. She lingered there long enough to excite Amanda again. Natalie also slid one finger into her soaking slit and fingered her deeply for around thirty seconds. Amanda loved it and held her hand in her as Natalie tried to pull away..

‘Now, now’ Natalie said.

Amanda released her grip and let out a moan as the fingers were withdrawn from her.

Natalie smiled at Paul and they both turned and left.

Amanda closed the door and raced to the living room. She found the case and went to work on the combination.

‘What numbers were told to me’ she thought. She went back through the whole evening. Many numbers were popping into her head.

What a task to take on. The case had four locks, each with a two number combination. She needed eight numbers.

‘Right’ she thought, ‘here goes’. She got a pen and paper and revisited the tales in her mind.

’50 tasks to complete’

’37 tasks complete’

‘Fumbles at 16 and 17’

‘Him 28 me 19’

She wondered if the whole story was made up to lead her to this case.

So many to choose from, were there any others? What other clues were there? Early in the evening, so it must be the numbers Natalie had divulged first.

Okay here goes-

She tried many combinations. She started with 50 in lock one- no joy, 37 in lock two no joy. This went on for ages, She checked her phone and there was a text- ‘ Remember the start of the evening!’ it read. Her mind was going crazy and then she tried 50 in the second lock- It popped. She was so happy that the lock opened she knew she was on the right track. Then she tried 37 in the third lock- Pop. What was next? The fumbles? 16 in the fourth lock- pop, nearly there. She was so excited but what numbers had come up before those?? She struggled to think but then it hit her like an arrow from Robin Hood’s bow. The tasks that Natalie had said that she had fulfilled in the car. First she had said ‘you have completed 2 tasks and then she said 3 tasks had been completed. ’23’ was that it. She thought she was on to something and then she entered the numbers- Pop!!!!!!!!

The case sprung open- she had done it. Then she saw the contents. There were five things in the case. One was a funny looking machine that said Sybian on the side. There was also a bag with some attachments and finally there were three DVDs numbered one, two and three.

Amanda returned the text with a simple ‘Miss Dewhurst, I have completed your puzzle’.

She took a sip of her wine, it was warm so she gave herself a cold refill.

She looked at the machine and it’s attachments ‘Very interesting’ she thought.

She then picked up the DVD numbered 1 and placed it into her player. A few seconds elapsed as she waited with baited breath for it to play. The first image was that of Natalie Dewhurst standing naked in front of the camera.

Amanda caught herself talking to herself. She did that quite often. What did she say?? ‘This could still be a late night!’

To be continued……..

Part 5- Natalie’s induction.

Natalie smiled at the camera. She looked completely at ease. Her brunette hair flowing over her shoulders, her skin as smooth as chocolate and her slim body radiating sexiness. Amanda wondered if she would ever stand comfortably, naked, in front of the camera without being conscious about how she was perceived. The feeling of self awareness didn’t last long as Amanda became aware that Natalie had started speaking. Her wandering thoughts made her miss the first words. Amanda reversed the DVD and listened intently this time.

‘Hi Amanda’ Natalie said. ‘I’ve created this DVD for you to see what my ‘alternative’ life is really like. I hope you can gain an understanding of how I came to be where I am, sexually. I also hope that you will choose to join me in some future adventures. The rest of this recording will show you my first induction into what I consider to be an amazing life. Firstly however, I would like you to position yourself on your new gift. It is the ultimate in masturbation toys for women. It’s called a Sybian. I’d like you to choose an attachment and then sit on it. It is very pleasurable. Pause this DVD now and get into position. Do not turn it on until I say so’.

‘Yes, Miss Dewhurst’, Amanda found herself replying as if Natalie was actually in the room. She laughed at her own silliness.

Amanda then pressed pause and she examined the contents of the attachment pack. There were a variety of attachments. One three inch penis shaped attachment, one six inch and one with two heads for both vaginal and anal pleasure. Amanda took her time to decide and in time she chose the six inch head. She then placed it on the machine and it clicked into place. The attachment stood proud atop the machine and she licked her hand and wet the protrusion. Her hand then strayed between her legs and she felt that a familiar warm wetness lingered from her earlier play with Natalie. Amanda slowly straddled the machine and she slid the cock-like extension into her pussy. It felt warm and she wanted to get used to the controls and ride it until she came. She remembered Natalie’s last words. She then pressed play on the remote.

‘Good, I can see that you are ready..’ Natalie said. ‘Now place it on it’s lowest setting.’

Amanda followed the instruction and she felt the toy start to rotate inside her. She loved the soft rotations.

‘Great isn’t it?’ Natalie continued. ‘Now remember you must not increase the speed or move until I say’.

That’s going to be difficult, Natalie thought as she pressed down deeper on the toy as it caressed her highly sensitive insides. She also found herself pushing forward so that her clit caressed the bumpy section of the pleasure full machine. She started to find it difficult to pay attention to the DVD while she was being pleasured in this way. All Amanda could think about was the force of her impending orgasm.

‘Don’t you dare cum!’ Natalie said forcefully as if she knew exactly what Amanda was feeling.

Amanda listened and she then paid full attention to Natalie.

‘Okay’ Natalie said. ‘This will last at least an hour and at no point must you do anything that will make you cum. I will tell you when you can unleash the power of the Sybian.

‘Okay!’ Amanda found herself replying forcefully to the image on the screen. She was feeling frustrated at not being allowed to fuck the way she wanted.

‘One thing….’ Natalie said ‘I have not forgotten that I asked you to supply me with two experiences that you want to live out. I think you have started to live out the second one and I know you’ll love the first!’.

Amanda paid a little more attention to Natalie’s monologue as she got more and more used to the rotation of the Sybian, she was starting to love the dull but pleasurable feelings that she was getting deep within her. She noticed that her juices were starting to flow down either side of this fucking machine. She also remembered that one week ago she was a different person and that she was thankful for the decisions she had made. She also found herself thinking that she never wanted this to stop.

‘This recording is about to skip to my induction into the first club that I joined in London. I was recommended to become a member by Claire. Remember her? She was the female in the couple that Jonathon introduced me to. I didn’t know that I had been put forwarded and I received a letter one day. The headed paper stated that the club was simply called ‘The Chair’. It was a short letter written in a beautiful calligraphic style. (Natalie held the letter up to the camera) The words were limited but important. They read-


Miss Dewhurst,

It has been brought to our attention that you may be eligible to become a member of our exclusive club- The Chair. An established member has given us your contact details. He or she will reveal their identity in good time. Put simply, all you need to do is wear the robe that accompanies this letter and enter the private car that will arrive at your residence at 7.30pm on Saturday. You can refuse by calling the number below. We would certainly prefer to see you attend our event as you and your skills come highly recommended. Please be prepared to be questioned about anything.

Yours truthfully,

Mr P Trevellian


‘The Chair’

0208 487 1652


‘It was amazingly exciting’ Natalie stated. ‘I spent the day preparing myself for this evening. I had my hair dyed red, I took time to moisturise and wax. I wanted to be perfect for the evening. I was so enthralled about my new adventure. I didn’t know who had recommended me at the time. I had my suspicions but it could have been one of four people. I actually loved the fact that I didn’t have to pick out a dress, jewellery or shoes. My robe was black and very soft. It was small and hugged my figure perfectly. I felt so sexy when I tried it on an I had nothing on beneath. I waited with baited breath to be picked up. The car arrived and I was greeted by the handsome driver. He addressed me as Miss Dewhurst and he made me uneasy. I tried to chat on the way but there was no small talk. He stopped in the Greenwich area. He said, ‘Walk up the path, knock twice and you will be welcomed’. I exited the car, walked up the candle lit pathway and knocked twice….’

Amanda caught herself riding the rotating cock and pressing forward to gain that soft pleasurable feeling on the surface of her super sensitive clit. She wished that she could take control and up the power and pace of a machine that she wished she had discovered many years ago. She had however been enthralled by Natalie’s story and she loved the way that it was being presented. She loved the womanly shape of Natalie’s body and she couldn’t wait to see her again. As enthralled as she was by he own pleasure, Amanda was extremely eager to see what happened to Natalie next. The DVD went blank and a little panic set in with Amanda. She hoped that this was not the end and then she remembered that there were two more DVDs in the pack. She found herself with a dilemma. She would have to get off the Sybian if she was to play the second DVD. The decision was made. Amanda needed to see Natalie’s next steps.

The pleasurable feelings subsided as she lifted herself off the machine. She wanted more so she moved fast. One DVD was ejected and the other inserted in thirty seconds. Play was pressed and Amanda was enjoying the penetrating feeling of the cock within a minute. She sat contented again as she pressed play.

The first image that she saw shocked her. It was very similar to a Mastermind set. However there were only two chairs facing the centre and they were occupied by two people in black robes. The camera was panned back to reveal what seemed to be a question master and a central leather chair. Amanda could not believe what she was seeing. Do these things really happen? It looked like two contestants were ready to be questioned. Then the robed man that looked like a question master started speaking.

‘Please de-robe and make your way to the chair.’ He said.

At this point the first person stood up, took off his robe, placed it on the chair and walked forward to the central chair.

The camera panned around the room. There were two sets of chairs approximately ten wide and two deep either side of the central chair. They were full with robed and masked spectators.

‘Welcome to the chair. Every masked member of the club including myself have been through this initiation. You will be asked three questions, you must answer honestly. If your answer is unfavourable you will be taken home. If your answer is favourable you will become a member of our club. Do you understand the conditions?’

‘Yes’ said the dark haired, athletic looking gentleman. He looked quite nervous as he sat in the chair with all the room lights focussed upon him.

‘Question 1’ said the chairman.

‘Will you promise complete confidentiality?’

‘Yes’ He replied.

‘Question 2’

‘Do you know who recommended you?’

‘No’ He replied.

‘Question 3’

‘This is more of a statement- Tonight you may observe and walk amongst the members. They may touch you but you must not reciprocate in any way. Do you accept?’

‘Yes, I accept’ Was his final reply.

The audience clapped.

The chairman told the first potential member to return to his seat.

Amanda rode the Sybian as she watched intently. She enjoyed the feelings that it was producing within her.

The first nominee returned to his leather back seat and sat down.

The chairman asked Natalie to de robe and approach the chair. At this point the DVD seemed to stop. Natalie’s naked image then flashed up on the screen and she said ‘Amanda, please increase the speed to level 3, I’m sure you’ll like it.’ Amanda did this without hesitation and she immediately felt the benefits. The speed of rotation and vibration increased dramatically. She started to ride the Sybian like it was supposed to be ridden.

The DVD changed again and Natalie was walking towards the central seat. She was naked and beautiful and she walked with confidence.

The chairman said ‘Good evening Miss Dewhurst are you ready for your three questions?’

‘Good Evening and yes Sir’ Natalie replied.

‘Question 1’ said the chairman.

‘Will you promise complete confidentiality?’

‘Yes’ Natalie replied.

‘Question 2’

‘Do you know who recommended you?’

‘I have my suspicion but I’m unsure.’ She replied.

‘Question 3’

‘This is more of a statement- Tonight you may observe and walk amongst the members. They may touch you but you must not reciprocate in any way. Do you accept?’

‘Yes, I accept’ Was her final reply.

At this point Amanda was riding the machine frantically, allowing the vibrations to take her to the edge of orgasm while she fucked the cock like an experienced rodeo rider. Amanda’s screams would have woken the whole of the neighbourhood if it wasn’t so early. Her orgasm was the strongest yet and the thought of being in Natalie’s shoes excited her more than she could actually believe. What would happen next she though and how would she hide the fact that she had disobeyed Natalie’s orders? Was she in trouble. What had she done???

She removed the machine from her and she dripped all over it. She had never felt so turned on or so naughty! What would she do if Natalie found out? Then it happened, her phone rang. Natalie’s name was visible on the screen. What would she say???

Part 6

Natalie’s induction continued-

Amanda was unsure as whether to answer the phone or not. It scared her. She had disobeyed the instructions from Natalie and she tout that she had somehow found out. She did however love contact from Natalie so she picked up the phone.

‘Hello’ Amanda said nervously.

‘Amanda, it’s Natalie. I have one question for you. Have you followed my instructions?’.

‘Yes’ she replied.

‘All of them?’ Natalie enquirer further.

Amanda paused, she was unsure as how to reply.

‘All of them?’ Natalie repeated herself.

Amanda decided that honesty was the best policy.

‘Well nearly all of them, I couldn’t help but cum while riding the sybian. I’m sorry but it was just so exciting riding it while watching you on screen.’

‘Oh, that was rather a major instruction of mine. I will have to take action.’ Natalie said.

‘Im really sorry, it won’t happen again, I promise.’ Amanda replied very apologetically.

‘Well, I will take action but I won’t rush. it will however involve you going without an orgasm for a long period of time. I must thank you for being honest though. I knew you had a very powerful orgasm from the machine.’ Said Natalie.

‘How?’ Enquired Amanda.

‘Now that would be telling’ Natalie said playfully. ‘Anyway, I want you to enjoy the machine and part three of the DVD I think you’ll love it. Now would you like another visitor to arrive at your apartment this evening. I am conscious that I didn’t stay long and I don’t want you to think that I’m not interested in your development.’

‘Yes’ Amanda said simply. Continuing her positive responses to every question that she had been asked.

‘I will send someone but there are conditions as you may have guessed. They are that neither of you can have sexual contact but you must sit opposite each other naked and discuss everything sexual. You may also watch my DVDs when your visitor arrives.’ Natalie stated.

‘Yes, Miss Dewhurst’ Amanda remembered her place.

The phone went dead.

Amanda wondered who would arrive this time. She couldn’t believe how far she had come in less than a week. She listed the things that she had done this week in her mind.

Two men, one woman, new toys and some new fantasies revealed. What a week she thought and it was far from over. She had also agreed to be picked up, naked on Friday at eight by an unknown driver. She wondered if she was actually going crazy, but she loved her new found self.

The door bell rang.

Amanda couldn’t believe how quickly things were happening when Natalie said she would do something. Amanda rushed to her feet and thought about getting dressed quickly. Then she thought ‘Why bother?’.

She used the peephole and she saw a woman standing at the doorway. She opened the door and invited her in.

‘Hi Amanda, I’m Claire. Miss Dewhurst has sent me here to meet you this evening. I believe we are to watch a DVD and chat about our experiences and fantasies.’

‘Hello Claire. That is my understanding too. It’s very nice to meet you by the way. I think you missed something though, we must be naked.’

‘Oh yes, how could I miss that essential part out?’ Claire replied. She then removed her spy like overcoat. She revealed her slim, naked, milky skinned body.

Amanda liked Claire’s confidence and then remembered that she too stood there naked.

Claire stood at least four inches taller than Amanda. She had strawberry blond hair and some freckles on her face and shoulders. She had deep green eyes and Amanda found her very attractive. Amanda assumed that she was a little older than Claire.

‘Come with me’ Amanda said.

They entered the living room and Amanda realised that her earlier endeavours were there to see. The Sybian was still out as were the toys that her and Natalie had shared earlier.

Claire smiled as she walked in ‘looks like I missed some good times, presents from Miss Dewhurst, I presume?’

‘Yes, I take it that she has given you gifts too?’ Amanda replied

‘Of course, it is her role at the club’.

‘Make yourself comfortable’ Amanda instructed. ‘Wine?’

‘Yes please’ Said Claire

Amanda poured them both a large glass if wine. She thought that it would take the edge off things.

‘Thanks’ Said Claire

‘Okay, how does this work?’ Asked Amanda

‘Well, first come and sit opposite me on the sofa. Sit cross legged and facing me so that we can gaze at each others bodies and notice our reactions as we watch and interview each other.’ Said Claire.

Amanda joined her on the sofa. Her movements were slow but her heart was beating fast.

‘Are there any rules that we must observe?’ Amanda Enquired

‘Yes, Miss Dewhurst has briefed me on the restrictions. They are simple. We cannot touch each other or ourselves during our conversation or during the DVD. We must just sit and discuss our experiences in a quid pro quo manner. The answers must be short and we only have one hour, I’m being picked up at 11.30. I’ll go first’. Stated Claire.

‘Go ahead’ Said Amanda.

‘ Have you been under the command of Miss Dewhurst for long?’ asked Claire

‘Less than a week but I’m keen for it to last’ Answered Amanda. ‘How about you, how do you know Miss Dewhurst?’

‘Two years and I met her through an ex-boyfriend. He knew what he was doing and since meeting her I have matured sexually. She must think a lot of you giving you an advanced task like this after only a week?’

‘I have asked her to show me things and let me experience things as soon as possible. I’ve discovered a new due to my life and I want to experience it all.’ Replied Amanda. ‘Have you had many tasks from her?’

‘I have completed twenty six tasks and my husband has completed 32. I don’t wear a ring on tasks so you would not have realised that I’m married. It has added an amazing spice to our sex life. Many tasks are together but bisexual ones are apart. He also enjoys he luxury of task fulfilment and I enjoy hearing and seeing Him complete tasks. How many tasks have you completed?’ asked Claire

‘Three so far, one man, the toys you see and a strange little driving trip. Has Miss Dewhurst taken you driving?’

‘Oh yes, it was wild. She purposefully had me sit naked and open legged in the back seat with her. The driver pulled up alongside a couple at traffic lights and she beckoned them to look at me as I played with myself. We were lucky that he police weren’t called but the couple seemed to enjoy he show. Miss Dewhurst even gave them a card with her contacts on. I later saw them at a club that we frequent together. I think it may have been a set up. Have you visited a club with Miss Dewhurst yet?’

‘No, but she has given me a DVD from ‘The Chair’ and she has mentioned ‘The Yes Club’ to me. Have you been to either?’

‘I am a member of ‘The Chair’, and ‘Yes’ is going to be a gift after thirty tasks!’ Claire said excitedly. ‘It is my fantasy to say yes to everything in that club. It is very secretive and you only get selected if they think you earn your place. Miss Dewhurst is an advanced member there and this allows her to qualify others to visit. Do you like the Chair initiation ceremony?’

‘I have only seen the first part, we have to watch Miss Dewhurst’s initiation before you leave this evening. Should we watch now?’

Claire became animated. She was openly squirming in her seat. ‘We have Miss Dewhurst’s initiation to watch? That is amazing, I have not yet been allowed to see her in action tonight must be a gift to me.’

Amanda stood up and placed the next DVD in the player. She noticed Claire’s hand stray between her legs, she looked into her eyes and the both knew that they were feeling horny because of their conversation and because of what they were about to see.

The first image was of Miss Dewhurst facing the camera as before. She looked simply stunning as she addressed the camera. ‘Hello, I’m Miss Natalie Dewhurst and this is my induction film from ‘The Chair’.

Amanda reminded Claire that touching was not allowed. There was a sadness in Claire’s beautiful eyes and a wetness in her soaking pussy. Both feelings were mirrored by Amanda. She wanted to kiss, caress and taste everything hat Claire had to offer but she that this would not happen in this occasion.

They sat together slightly closer this time, hugely excited by what they were about to see.

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