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Worth Waiting For

Category: Incest
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My stories tend toward the nonconsent/taboo side, but I want to be clear that I’m in no way suggesting that the acts in my stories are okay. Forced sex is a fantasy I enjoy and I write for other similarly minded people. Real rape is ugly and sad, and if it’s something you’re considering acting out you should seek help.


Well, I wasn’t precisely happy with how many errors slipped through in the first version, but I was ready to chalk it up to it being my first story and leave it at that. However, when I asked my syntax-Nazi editor for some general comments on what I could do better with, he went through and reedited the whole thing, assuring me that the original version was offensive to the eyes what with all the technical errors and that I needed to get an edited version up ASAP. So here it is. A big thanks to Ian_Kamp for taking the time to reedit, and for pushing me to be a better writer.

On a related note, anyone who wants to send their stories to him for comments and possible editing should bear in mind that he is not one of those editors who pads every criticism with a compliment to spare your feelings. I’m a glutton for punishment, and it takes a little bit of that in order to not burst out in tears at some of his comments.

Enjoy the story.

Oh yeah, and all characters are still 18+


My brother ground his cotton-covered erection into my mons. He pinned my wrists to the bed with fingers of steel as he undulated against me. Years of anger and sexual frustration had been pent up, and were now on the verge of release all at once.

Allow me to sketch a brief overview: in my final year of high school, I was still a virgin. I had managed a couple of covert finger-fuckings and an almost-fuck, but still hadn’t lost my virginity. Not for lack of trying, let me assure you. Due to a combination of my parents’ dysfunctional marriage, our familial lack of religion, and my unrestricted television viewing from youth, I had no scruples about losing my virginity in a meaningless fling and proceeding on to other meaningless flings. In fact, I had been eager to get on with the meaningless flings from the age of thirteen, when I truly became aware of the opposite sex. Why was I still a virgin then? Because my brothers are completely psychotic.

Whereas my father couldn’t care less if I started dating at thirteen or thirty, my hypocritical brothers seemed to think thirty was the ideal age for me to start dating, if ever. Why do I call them hypocritical? Because I happen to know they lost their respective virginities at the same time by tag-teaming a girl a year older than them during their freshman year. My brothers have always been good-looking and got onto the fast-track of muscular development at an early age; their good looks and gorgeous bodies, combined with the novelty of their being identical twins, guaranteed them both very active sex lives early on.

Unfortunately for me, much as they enjoyed sex, they turned into complete Neanderthals at the thought of their baby sister having sex. More especially unfortunate for me, was the fact that my middle school was conjoined to their high school: the same high school I ended up going to with them later on. Also, the only extracurricular activity I took an interest in was boxing; my parents, breaking away from their usual policy of not giving a shit what their kids did, insisted I go to the same gym as Tyler and Ryan. My brothers’ constant presence afforded them the opportunity to not only stalk me and make sure I wasn’t up to anything, but also to threaten any guy who seemed to show an interest in me.

Despite their being two years older than me, my problems were not lessened upon my junior year as both brothers had dicked around too much in school and had to stay on an extra year to earn credits. Having spent my junior year in anticipation of having the freedom to fuck anyone I wanted at school the next year, one can imagine I was sorely disappointed that summer to learn that Tyler had decided to go into law and needed to go back for yet another term to upgrade.

I had been entertaining fantasies of extravagant ways to lose my virginity (walking in on the football team in the showers after practice, getting myself a detention with my hot English teacher and banging his brains out, etc.) and to have those dreams go up in smoke left me absolutely livid and twice as sexually frustrated as before. I’d tried leaving boxing to make time for a boyfriend on the sly, but Tyler found out through mutual acquaintances at school (backstabbing friends of mine who sold me out for a chance with my brother) and promptly put a stop to that through a combination of buddying up to my potential hymen-breakers and threatening to beat the shit out of them if they touched me. The last couple of months had been excessively frustrating, but even more frustrating was that I had three months more until Tyler left my school for good and I had any chance of having a life.

The past two months had been almost non-stop arguing between Tyler and me, with Ryan occasionally teaming up with his twin against me. Ryan had decided to take a year off and work before going to university, so that he and Tyler could be first year together (some sort of twin thing), so he was still at home to vex me, too.

However, the worst of the arguments were the one-on-ones between just Tyler and me, which had become increasingly frequent and increasingly physical. One of these arguments was largely why I was being pinned to my bed by my big brother, nightie rucked up around my hips, as he ground his impressive hard-on into my crotch.

All my anger and sexual frustration had culminated into this moment and, suddenly, the hard cock pressing insistently between my legs was all that mattered. My clit throbbed and I obliged it by rubbing it hard against the instrument of its arousal. Not having worn panties to bed since I can remember, my wetness seeped out and quickly began soaking through the front of Ty’s pyjama bottoms.

My lips parted and I felt my cheeks flush. I had watched myself in the mirror many times while I first aroused myself, then brought myself to orgasm, and I could feel my face take on the expression I wear when unbearably aroused. All I could do was move against my brother and look up into his face, into the expression of a man giving in to a pleasure long denied him. That look of sweet breaking only increased as he ground into me harder and harder with each stir of his hips. He released one wrist and cupped my face in his large, callused hand.

“You’ve been making me crazy, you know that?” He leaned down until his lips grazed my ear as he continued in a rigid voice, “You don’t even know how many times I nearly threw you down when you were prancing around in one of your little nightshirts with no panties on. I wanted to slam you on the floor and spread your legs, lick you ’til you came, then fuck you senseless.”

His words had increased the flow of blood to my pussy and I felt almost feverish, but still he continued, torturing me with frustration as I had apparently been torturing him.

“Or when you wear those slutty little skirts that I’m always on your ass about ’cause they’ll make guys think the wrong thing,” he breathed hotly into my ear, “They sure as hell make me think the wrong thing.” He punctuated this with a vicious buck of his hips, contrasted sharply by the soft, almost chaste, kiss he laid upon my lips.

My clit was throbbing so hard it seemed liable to explode and the inner walls of my cunt felt like molten lava was sliding down them. Through the haze of passion, one thing leapt out at me. “Since when?” I asked, though fairly sure I knew the answer.

Tyler lowered his mouth to my ear and nipped all around it, sucking on my earlobe even, before answering me. “Golden Gloves.”


I had started boxing when I was sixteen, but, for a long time, had only had matches at local cards. This was to be my first out-of-town card, and not only was I thrilled, but my brothers were actually delighted to have me along. Although they harassed me to the point of insanity during the six-hour drive to the tournament, they also took turns acting as my pillow when I wanted to nap, cuddling me and generally acting brotherly.

We had been fighting a lot in recent weeks over their high-handed ways when it came to my dating; they had decided to allow me to go on a date, only to show up at the movies and seat themselves three rows behind me. As usual, my parents did nothing to intervene and, unable to overpower my brothers, all I could do was scream at them then stomp to my room, slam the door and wait for the day they wouldn’t be around to plague me.

It was nice for all of us to have this respite from arguing. However, it didn’t last too long once we reached the hotel where the Golden Gloves were being held. The next morning in fact, during weigh-ins, was when things first when awry.

Despite commonly-held stereotypes of females in boxing, there really are a lot of pretty girls in the sport. All modesty aside, Janelle and I were two such girls. Both of us were trim and toned, pretty, and well-dressed. Janelle was a year in between me and my brothers, and if she knew one thing, it was how to flirt. At the first day of weigh-ins, she had struck up with a trio of guys from another gym and somehow I found myself flirting and enjoying the attentions of one particularly hot Latino guy, Jose. Ryan and Tyler were both glaring at me, and by unspoken agreement, Tyler held their place in line to weigh in while Ryan came over to break up our little party, neatly introducing himself and promptly suggesting the guys get in line quickly or they would have to wait hours to get in for their weigh-ins and medicals. To say I was irked would be putting it mildly.

As the morning progressed, I started to feel the full indignity of being treated like a little girl who couldn’t be expected to know her own mind whenever there was a penis around. I stewed in my own juices and by lunchtime, my indignation had increased to magnificent proportions; I knew about sex, I knew about protection and birth control, and I sure as hell knew what I was and wasn’t ready for and I bitterly resented the control my brothers were exerting over my life. As I sat down for lunch with the team in the hotel restaurant, I couldn’t quite restrain myself from darting resentful looks at my brothers every couple of minutes. The fact that I was eating soup and salad because I’d barely made weight while my brothers had made their weights with room to spare and were currently eating burgers and fries did nothing to curb my resentment.

All that had transpired made me act somewhat recklessly when the boys from the weigh-ins, including Jose the Hottie, came up to Janelle and me, who were sitting at a table for two, off to the side of the boys from our team.

The wattage of my smile for Jose could blind while I blatantly ignored my brothers, whose glares were the polar opposite of my sunny smile. Janelle and I made small talk with the guys and I was congratulating myself on finally putting my brothers in their place when Jose leaned in close and told me that they were ordering a movie later on in their room, and they’d love it if we’d both stop by. Shivers went up my spine at his sexy accent. Unfortunately, I was apparently not the only one who reacted to Jose’s intimate tone. Ryan and Tyler’s chairs screeched backward as they shot to their feet and got between Jose and me. Tyler grabbed Jose by the collar and hauled him up close to his face.

“My sister isn’t going anywhere near you or your room, dickhead. I better not see you around her any time during the tournament, or there’s going to be ass-whuppings dished out, got it?”

As one can imagine, boxers being the peace-loving bunch that we are, this did not go over well with Jose and his friends. If it weren’t for our coach jumping into the middle of things and sorting everyone out, there most definitely would have been a brawl right in the middle of the restaurant. Luckily, Joey got everyone calmed down and our team sat back down while those not on the team dispersed, everyone seemingly ready to get on with lunch. Except my brothers and me.

Ryan had sat back down, at least confining his anger to a disapproving glare, but Tyler leaned down and got right up in my face, and said, “I better not see you talking to any of those guys again,” before sitting back down and going back to his food.

My rage exploded. “Who the fuck do you think you are? I will do what the fuck I please, and if it pleases me to hang out with those guys then you can be damn sure I will!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, any care for public propriety flung out the window.

“You think that’s what they wanna do? Hang out? They wanna get in your pants, you little retard.”

“Yeah, well, I’ll let them do that, too, if I feel like it.” I delivered this in my snottiest tone of voice.

The entire team went quiet. Everyone knew my brothers’ feelings on my having sex, and nobody knew what was going to happen next. Tyler and Ryan’s expressions turned murderous, but it was Tyler who spoke, his voice low and menacing: “You are lucky as hell I don’t beat your ass for that, but you can be damn sure you’re not boxing anymore.” With all the finality of a parent who has just told off a particularly stupid and bratty child, he once again returned to his food.

That was really it for me. I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever been so mad in my life as I was at that moment. My last vestiges of self-restraint snapped, and I stood up, picked up my still-hot soup, and dumped it in Tyler’s lap. I walked away feeling very self-satisfied.

At least, I was feeling self-satisfied until I was yanked backward by my ponytail, spun around and tipped over a hard shoulder. Tyler had simply picked me up and started carrying me out of the restaurant much as one would a naughty child. I screamed obscenities at him and even managed to elbow him in the back of the head once, but he didn’t even slow down.

Into the elevator, up to the fourth floor, into a room not mine, so obviously Ryan and Tyler’s, and then I was dumped unceremoniously onto the bed, face-first. I scrambled to get off the bed as Tyler plopped down, but he just grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and hauled me over his lap. I felt my track pants yanked down as I struggled to no avail. The soup-soaked front of his pants spread its wetness to my T-shirt as I kicked and jerked in his lap.

“What the fuck are you doing, jerk off?” I screamed, just as he simultaneously asked, “What the fuck are you wearing?”

As he clearly expected an answer first, I ventured out with: “It’s called a thong, shithead.”

“What the fuck kind of respectable girl wears thongs?” He brought a hand down hard on my bare ass cheek.

“OW! Jesus, Tyler! What the fuck!”

“See? That’s what this is about!” Smack! “Your fuckin’ mouth lately!” Smack! “Your slutty clothes lately!” Smack! “We try and teach you to respect yourself and all we get is shit from you! Maybe if Dad would have done this when he should have, you wouldn’t be such a little mouthpiece!” SMACK!

I can’t deny the tanning my ass was receiving hurt like hell, but a familiar stirring was occurring between my legs. I had never consciously harboured any love for pain, but suddenly the stinging of my ass translated directly into the throbbing of my pussy. I instinctively spread my legs, perhaps hoping for a blow gone awry to land on my pulsing mound. I could feel my lips plumping up and my clit rubbing against my thong as it distended from its hood. Tyler was still yammering on, but all I could focus on were the blows to my ass and the heat at the juncture of my thighs.

Suddenly, Tyler froze. I felt him shift underneath me. Still holding me down by the neck, it felt almost as if he were… leaning over to examine me from behind. Reality came crashing in, and I clamped my thighs together, but I was apparently too late.

“Why are your panties wet, Alyssa?”

I squeezed my eyes shut in mortification. This didn’t last long, however, as embarrassment quickly turned to anger in a defensive reflex. This wasn’t my fault! I wasn’t sick; I was just sexually deprived. And I knew just who to blame for that!

“Because I’m fucking horny! Because unlike most horny people my age who can go out and fool around and take care of their needs, I have two psycho brothers who stalk me, threaten all the guys around me, and now fucking spank me!”

My thighs had parted somewhat during this tirade and Tyler’s response was not the angry return I’d expected, but rather the feeling of his hand placed on the back of the thigh closest his body, his fingers trailing down between my legs.

There was a pregnant pause.

“And how would you take care of those needs?” he asked softly, fingers now stroking back and forth along the inside of my thigh, dangerously close to my puffy lips that didn’t seem to care who the fingers belonged to, brother or otherwise.

Did Tyler know what he was doing to me? The feelings he was arousing? The flow of wetness he was doing nothing to ebb? I couldn’t think to answer his question. I hadn’t an intelligent thought in my head, only a hazy picture in my mind’s eye of those fingers closing the distance to my core, pulling aside my thong and plunging inside of me.

Apparently, my pussy was not as disconnected from my mouth as my brain was, because I heard myself saying, “I would find a hot guy, and I would start by letting him finger me. I want to feel what it’s like when it’s when it’s someone else’s fingers.” All this I delivered in a breathless voice, losing my mind from wanting my brother’s fingers inside me, not stopping to feel shy that I had basically just admitted to putting my own fingers up my cunt, or that I had just hinted fairly strongly that that was where I wanted his. All I could think about was getting those callused fingers to stop teasing me and go where I needed them.

The soaked front of my T-shirt caused me to squirm uncomfortably and I felt something hard underneath my tummy. I wasn’t sure, but I thought he must be hard. The thought that I had excited him as much as he had me caused a gush of wetness to seep out and I moaned for want of his fingers.

It seemed I was about to get my wish as I felt Ty’s fingertips brushing up and down over my slit, over each of my swollen lips. Then there was only one finger there, travelling up my soaked thong to where it was pulled taut between pussy and ass, then hooking underneath it, sloooowly drawing it outward…

The moment was shattered when we heard a key card being slid into the door. Ryan! I jerked my head up just as Tyler shoved me off his lap and onto the floor with a thud. I yanked up my pants and jumped up to see Ryan regarding us very strangely.

After much fidgeting and bullshitting, Tyler allayed some of the suspicion in Ryan’s eyes, but Ryan, being genetically the same person as Tyler, definitely knew something was up.

I was confused. I didn’t know what to think about what I’d done with my brother, what I’d wanted to do with my brother. My confusion was made worse still by Tyler’s avoidance of me over the next few days of the tournament and then compounded when, on the last day of the trip, I came into my room only to find the TV blaring and Janelle on all fours, mewling like a cat in heat while Tyler pounded into her from behind.

Tyler and I didn’t talk for nearly two weeks after that, and I could barely contain my hostility toward Janelle. Tyler was sullen and withdrawn around me, going so far as to stay mute when I went back to boxing, against his dictate. Don’t get me wrong; I sure didn’t want my brother telling me what to do and running my life, but I also didn’t want him not to be part of it at all.

We started talking again, tentatively at first, and eventually settled back into a semi-normal routine, but we had crossed some invisible line that no amount of acting casual could uncross.


“If you wanted me, why did you fuck Janelle?” I asked, old hurt interrupting, but not dispelling entirely, my passion.

“Because I wanted you. I felt like the biggest dick in the world doing that to my little sister, so I fucked her to take my mind off you. You were so pretty and sweet and hot for sex, but I was s’posed to protect you from yourself, and I sure as hell wasn’t s’posed to want to fuck my own baby sister.” He nuzzled my neck, “But you’re not a baby anymore.”

His hard cock lifted away from my clit, and I made a noise of disapproval at which he chuckled. “Baby girl, I’ve got something better for you than dry fucking.” His lips came down on mine at the same second his fingers plunged inside me. My mouth came open on a cry and his tongue thrust inside, tangling with mine, stroking and coaxing it to pleasure… much as his fingers were doing to the inside of my cunt. His thumb sought and found my clit, which he started rubbing in a circular motion.

The pressure was building inside me. I could feel the pump of blood in my clit struggle against my brother’s teasing thumb while my inner walls contracted around his thrusting fingers. It felt like an electrical charge building inside my clitoris, which finally exploded as my sweet big brother swallowed my cries.

My pussy convulsed around his fingers as I came, and the shocking strength of my orgasm overwhelmed me, making my eyes water; not from any corny feelings of ultimate fulfillment, simply a sensory overload unlike anything I’d ever experienced. I’d never made myself come like that, and I doubted I ever could. I had to admit that the strength of my orgasm was at least partially due to the fact that it was my brother’s fingers inside me.

Ty withdrew his fingers and propped himself up on an elbow to smile down at me. He leaned in and kissed me. “Fuck, you look pretty when you come.”

I’m not sure, but I think I may have blushed at that.

His eyes darkened with sincerity, and his voice lost any trace of humor. “You do know I love you, right? It’s not like I planned this or anything sick like that, but I’m pretty much at the breaking point, baby girl. So if you wanna stop, you need to tell me now.”

Looking up into his eyes, I felt no doubt of his sincerity. It didn’t matter anyway. Over the years, my increasing obsession with my brothers had caused me to put a great deal of thought into the moral question of incest. I had learned in school that the risk of defects in a child born of an incestuous relationship is actually only one or two percent higher than normal. Not being religious, my only concern was what nature dictated, and it seemed to me that nature had pretty much given incest a green light. Just not generation after generation of inbreeding. I’d decided it’s like sugar: a little is okay, a lot… not so much.

Even if I hadn’t decided I wasn’t going to burn for eternity for fucking my brother, I doubt I could have stopped myself. One tremendous orgasm opened my eyes to the possibility of others, and I very much wanted to play student to my brother’s teacher. It had always excited me more to think of Tyler and Ryan while getting myself off than to think of any other, but the thrill of actually having my brother touch me had been electrifying. Now I wanted to know if it was the same way for him.

I reached down and felt for his cock, which was still at full mast and showed no signs of flagging. This cock had been inside me before. Only a couple of inches in, but it had almost been the one to take my virginity.


A thrill shot through me at finally having fingers other than my own inside me. They felt good, too. Not as good, nor as experienced as my own, but good and exciting simply because they were attached to a guy.

Sean, the vapid but extremely attractive jock I’d picked up at my friend’s party, kissed his way down my neck to my collarbone. I wondered whether he was strong enough to lift me, so we could fuck inside the closet. We had ducked inside when more people had arrived in the game room where we’d been making out on top of the pool table. Some heavy petting had led to my shirt being down around my waist. They knew we were in here, but I didn’t particularly care. My sole thoughts were focused on what was to come and if it would be as good as I’d imagined.

Just as I reached for Sean’s belt buckle, the closet door was flung open.

Oh, fuck.

Tyler yanked Sean out by the collar and yelled at me to pull up my shirt.

I, of course, yelled back at him and tried to stop him from beating the shit out of Sean.

Yet another night of our ongoing drama. We didn’t speak except to snarl at each other for about a week, but I’ve always been the softer of the two of us, breaking down and being the first to talk. What can I say? I love my brother.

A week later, I couldn’t sleep I was so upset. I knew I wouldn’t change my mind, nor would my brothers change theirs, which made it even more pointless to be mad. So I went to Tyler’s room to talk, only to find him splayed out under his bed sheet. He and Ryan both wore either pyjama pants or boxers to bed each night, so his chest was bare to my gaze. And what a chest it was…

I couldn’t help but run my gaze over his body before I shut the door and climbed into bed with him like I used to when we were little. As I was drifting off to sleep, I felt an arm drape over me. I snuggled back into my brother, feeling happy and safe with him like I never could when we were arguing.

I don’t know how long I slept, but I was dreaming of Sean in the closet. Nibbling my neck, putting his hand between my legs, only this time I was facing the wall, lending the dream a mysterious air.

I moaned and hooked my leg back over his, only to feel his fingers replaced by something larger, hotter. I knew it had to be his cock, just as I had somewhere along the line in my dreamy state come to know it was my brother’s cock, freed from his pyjama bottoms and pressing into me, slowly filling and stretching me, a centimeter at a time… I couldn’t wait any longer to be filled up, so I rocked my hips back, only to feel him stiffen up behind me as he awoke to find himself in the process of burying himself inside his baby sister.

“What the fu-ALYSSA!” A hard shove to my back and suddenly I was on the floor.

It was starting to seem like our little get-togethers always had to end up with me getting dumped on the floor…


“Do you remember the time I got into bed with you?” I asked, knowing I didn’t need to distinguish that time from all the innocent times I’d climbed in with him and nothing had happened.

He groaned, whether at the question, or the feel of me stroking him through his pyjama pants, I don’t know.

“As if I could forget.”

“Why did you stop?”

Whatever his reasons then, he sure seemed to have trouble coming up with one now…

“…I guess… I was just surprised. I didn’t know what was going on, if you wanted it…”

I had wanted it, and I’d felt very cheated that -instead of getting it- I’d gotten dumped on the floor and treated to another two weeks of silent treatment. It suddenly occurred to me that I could finally see the cock I’d been coveting up close and personal, and I couldn’t get his drawstrings undone fast enough. I yanked down his PJ bottoms and his cock sprang out, much larger than I had remembered or anticipated.

“Um, Ty?” I asked, touching the tip apprehensively.

“Yeah, baby?”

“Is that going to fit?”

Tyler grinned down at me. “Don’t worry, it’ll be a tight fit, but we’ll manage.”

I snorted at that. “I didn’t zone out through high school, Ty. I had two psycho brothers preventing me from getting any, but I do know about sex. I know it’s good to be tight, but this thing seriously looks like it’s gonna rip me open and, you know Jada? She said she got ripped open one time and now she’s prone to tearing forever,” I rambled.

“Well, we’ll just have to make sure you’re good and wet,” he said as he leaned down and recaptured my lips, forcing them open and sliding in his tongue. He reached for the hem of my nightie and pulled it up and over my head, and I obliged him by lifting up and breaking our kiss for just long enough to be rid of any barrier between us.

His fingers once again moved to my slit, gathering some of my freely-flowing juice, then moved up to rub my still swollen clit. I threw my head back and moaned into my brother’s mouth, surrendering my worries to desire at the feel of his tongue massaging mine.

His lips were moving away from mine then, trailing from my lips to my ear, then down the column of my throat. As his lips captured a nipple and drew it into his mouth, I bucked into the hand that was pulling at and teasing my clit. My hands twisted in the sheets as I writhed and tried to increase the contact. My pussy, which had cooled to warm and tingling after I came, was once again on fire as my brother teased it in harmony with his suckling of my nipple. My other nipple demanded attention, and my incoherent pleas were answered as Tyler switched attention over to it.

I craved another orgasm and could feel myself well on my way to achieving one when Ty released my nipple and slithered down my body to join his hand. I felt a callused finger pressing inside me, soon joined by another, and then I nearly hit the roof as my brother used the fingers of his other hand to pull back the hood of my clit, and then reached out with his tongue and licked it.

He kept licking and the pressure grew more intense, pressure from the fingers inside me as well as the lashing of his tongue against my clit, when he leaned in and sucked my whole clit into his mouth, I exploded. I could feel the electroshock-like release in my clit, accompanied by something I wasn’t expecting: a gush of fluid came out of me.

“Oh my God, Ty! Get off! GET OFF!” I screamed, shoving at his head.

He turned to look at the closed door, but made no move to vacate my path, instead grabbing my thighs and holding them open as he looked at me quizzically.

“What’s wrong, baby?”

“I just pissed the bed! Get out of my way!”

He looked confused for a second, then laughed. “Honey, you just squirted.”

I wrinkled my nose. “I don’t know what that is, but it sounds gross.”

“Thought you knew so much about sex…” he teased. “It’s like the chick version of ejaculating. It’s not pee. You can come without squirting; it’s just a different kind of orgasm.”

“Oh.” Well, that made sense. “I never did that before…”

“Obviously.” He grinned. “Wanna try something else you never did before?” He wiggled his eyebrows, gesturing with his head to his once again neglected, and still rock hard, shaft.

I nodded nervously. “‘Kay, just go easy, alright?”

He sobered instantly. “Baby, you know I wouldn’t hurt you. I’ll make this good for you.” He took up his position, and began to press into me. Slowly, not just out of fear of hurting me, but simply because my unused pussy wouldn’t allow entrance any faster.

The feeling of being invaded and stretched beyond belief was overwhelming… and satisfying. Like an itch gone long without scratching and suddenly attended to. It was borderline orgasmic just feeling him inch his way inside. Then he reached my hymen.

Tyler stopped, leaned down and kissed me as he broke through my virginity. It hadn’t hurt as much as I thought it would, and I was almost instantaneously refocusing on the fact that my brother was all the way inside me. His pubic bone pressed into mine and I looked down to see where we joined. The sight was so erotic my pussy spasmed, and I felt him pulse in answer.

He began to stroke in and out, and I felt my body clasping at him trying to pull him in deeper. His head dropped down and he was laying butterfly kisses all over my neck again. I turned and frantically found his lips this time, feeling the pressure building again, but too slowly this time. I wanted it faster and harder, but didn’t know what to do or how to ask for it.

My body did, however, and my hips bucked up against him. With that simple action, the dam of my brother’s self-restraint was broken and Tyler began slamming into me, gripping my hips almost painfully, hauling me up into him as he plunged home. For the third time, I came, this time milking my brother’s cock and triggering his own orgasm. He thrust deeper than he had yet and I felt his cock spasm as it poured hot cum inside me.

My legs had become wrapped around him at some point, and I released only one, allowing him to roll onto his back with me draped over him, his waning cock still inside me. I rested my head on his chest and listened to the heartbeat of my first lover. My brother.

Neither of us seemed to really know what to say to break the silence. Our parents had a thing about respecting our privacy, so, knowing they would assume by Tyler’s empty room that he had gone out and that they would never open my door without my permission, I simply snuggled against him and fell asleep.

I dreamt erotic dreams that night, replaying the sex I’d had with my brother as well as dreaming up new experiences with him. At one point in my dreams, Ryan walked in on Tyler fucking me. Instead of being disgusted, he walked over and kissed me on the lips. Tyler vacated the space between my legs and allowed Ryan to take over. My dream changed scenarios again, and I felt fingers toying with my nipple while a hard cock wedged itself between my thighs. I awoke to feel Tyler biting my neck as he pushed inside me once again.

“Morning, baby girl,” he said softly, thrusting into me from behind. I moaned in answer.

His thrusts were much more languid than the barely leashed variety he had started with the night before. This time, slowly stirring both of us to passion rather than near bursting with urgency, as we both had been. Oddly, this was no less arousing, and I found myself clasping on his cock just as hungrily as I had when he’d been pounding into me.

His lips tickled my ear before he sucked my earlobe into his mouth. My hips instinctively jerked back on him, pulling him deeper inside me. Suddenly, his slow strokes were no longer enough and I rolled my hips back harder and harder, trying to take control from a position that allowed for limited movement.

He answered by sinking his teeth into my earlobe and slamming into me.

“Is that how you want it, baby?” he growled.

“Yes…” I moaned, my voice sounding young and lost even to my own ears.

“You got it then,” he said, rolling me onto my tummy and kicking apart my thighs with his knees. He surged back into me and began pounding me with an even greater ferocity than the night before.

My soaking pussy demanded more of the cock slamming into it and I arched my back, taking him in deeper than I had yet and feeling him on a new point that hadn’t yet been touched.

I felt the same pressure building up that I had the night before when I’d squirted, but this time I just let it come. My pussy clamped down on Tyler and I arched my back even further as I started gushing hot fluid all over my brother’s balls and the bed.

“Oh, fuck!” My orgasm catapulted him into his own and he gripped my ass, spreading apart my cheeks, and banged into me hard before he jerked and began spraying his seed inside me.

With that, he grunted and collapsed on top of me, his heavy weight crushing me into the mattress.

“That was incredible.” My voice was muffled by the pillow I was being squashed into.

He chuckled and dropped a kiss on my shoulder. “Yeah, it was. I know it sounds fucked up, but I’m kinda glad it worked out like this.”

“Like what?” I asked, pushing off my foot until we were rolled back onto our sides, my back to his front.

“Me being your first. I swear I didn’t plan it. We really did want you to respect yourself and we were just trying to protect you, but now that I’ve had you, I can’t say I’m sorry.”

I smiled slightly at that. “I can’t really either. Not that I agree with your bullshit double standards, but so many girls regret their first time. I know I’ll never regret this. When I think of some of the disasters I’ve heard of for first times, I guess this was pretty good.”

I could practically feel his grin at that. “So I’m only good compared to a disaster, eh?”

“You know what I mean, loser.” I rocked my ass back into him. “Where’s your other half, by the way?” I asked.

“He went to stay at Ashley’s. No work today or tomorrow, so they figured on having a nice, long weekend fuckfest,” Tyler answered, toying with my fingers and nuzzling my hair. I glanced at the clock. Just after ten. Mom and Dad would be out for their Saturday golfing then lunch.

“Well, I’m gonna go take a shower,” I said, sliding out from under Ty’s arm and reaching for my nightshirt, which had been abandoned on the floor.

“Shower sounds good. I’ll come with you.” He leered as I slipped on my nightshirt. Or tried to leer. He really looked much too cute to come off as overly lecherous.

I padded into the bathroom with Ty following sans clothing after me. I felt a little shy but also very excited at the prospect of being naked in front of my brother with nothing to obscure his view. As I reached over to turn on the faucets, I jerked as I felt a hand slip between my legs.

“I realize you probably don’t have the same problem, but I, for one, am sore as hell,” I said wryly, turning to look at him over my shoulder as I straightened and reached for the hem of my nightie.

He smirked. “Wore you out, eh?”

I rolled my eyes at his preening tone. “You’re a moron,” I said as I stepped into the shower. I stood under the hot spray, facing into it, and felt it soak into my hair and skin, refreshing my tired body.

Strong arms wrapped around me from behind and I leaned back into my brother’s embrace. It was strange. I had no feelings of disgust or remorse, nor of any especially perverted enjoyment of breaking taboo (although, I’d have to admit that it did turn me on a bit.), but I hadn’t separated him into two people, as you so often see the guilty try to do.

I’d once seen a talk show where they interviewed several incestuous couples who were carrying on like normal married couples, and I’d noticed they seemed to try to forget their blood ties and focus purely on their romantic attachment.

This was my brother, and it simply made sense that I could love him as a brother and a lover. He was family. He was the taker of my virginity. How could I help but love him in both ways?

One arm left me to reach for the soap. I stood and watched in fascination as Ty rubbed the soap between both hands, placed it within reach on a ledge in the shower, then began soaping up my breasts, pausing his leisurely cleansing to roll and tug on my nipples.

His knee had found its way between my legs and he nudged them apart slightly. He gathered more soap on his hands and one soapy hand trailed its way down my stomach while the other cupped and kneaded my breast.

I couldn’t get enough of his touch. I had been ridden hard and I was sore, and I should have been apprehensive about being touched there again so soon, but it seemed my brother’s hand was all I wanted. I felt a slight stinging as his slick fingers parted me and began playing in my folds, but that was soon replaced by unmitigated arousal.

His lips found my ear, and he dipped his tongue inside, causing my hips to find a rocking rhythm, back and forth. His lips moved along my neck, placing open-mouthed kisses, and I felt his hardening cock jutting against my rear, where it naturally sought to rest between my ass cheeks, as if knowing that was its rightful place. One long finger slipped inside me, and his hand cupped over my mound. A second joined the first and I moaned as I turned my head to find his lips.

Tyler grinned against my lips and gave me a peck, instead of the open-mouthed, tonguing kiss I’d expected.

“Better stop, or we’ll not only not get cleaned up, we’ll also end up ripping you open when I jam my cock into you,” he said, placing a kiss on my temple.

Disappointment ripped through me as Ty withdrew his fingers. He spun me around to face him and held two glistening fingers in front of my face. Hot water beat against my back and I felt the spray on the sensitized side of my neck he’d been sucking on. I looked at the fingers, then him in question.

“Clean them off, Lissie,” he said softly.

I shivered. I had done this in the privacy of my own room many times, absentmindedly cleaning the juices off my own fingers, but this brought it to a new level of eroticism.

I leaned forward, my gaze trained on his, and enveloped his fingers in my mouth. His eyes hooded as he watched me sucking and tonguing the fingers he’d been pushing inside me. I delved my tongue between his fingers, and drew it up the insides of them, cleaning them thoroughly up to the tips before releasing with a gentle suction and dropping a kiss on his fingertips.

Tyler reached out and yanked me to him, forcing open my mouth and shooting his tongue inside to find and conquer mine. His erection lay hot against my tummy and seemed to brand me with its mark. I didn’t mind at all the concept of being owned by my brother and moaned my pleasure into his mouth. Finally, he drew away.


I turned, puzzled by the abrupt change in him. I heard a shampoo cap flip open and then felt his fingers working the shampoo into my scalp. Washing my own hair had never felt so sensual. It seemed Tyler could take anything I did normally and infuse it with sensuality.

I was surprised by his gentleness as he tilted my head back, shielded my eyes and rinsed out my hair. I turned back and switched him places, washing his hair as he had mine, then taking the soap and washing his body.

When I came to his cock, which had not lessened in stature for all our comparatively mundane activities of the last few minutes, I tentatively grasped it with soapy hands and began cleaning it how I thought one might. I slid my hands along his length, the pulled back the foreskin and stroked a soaped up hand along the sensitive flesh underneath.

“That’s enough,” he said as he caught my wrists and pulled my hands away. He tried to give me a careless grin, but it was belied by the feral look in his eye. “I have plans for today, so we’re both gonna rest for a bit and get our strength up.”

I shrugged off my disappointment and stepped out of the shower, reaching for a towel. We dried off as we headed back to our respective rooms to dress. I wondered what it was Tyler had in mind for today. Most of my friends had already had sex and I, of course, read Cosmo, so I could imagine, without the benefit of practical experience, the kind of things we were to do.

When I arrived in the kitchen, Ty was already there. Eggs, milk, and a package of bacon sat on the counter, and Tyler was yanking a skillet off one of the hooks above the kitchen island.

When he saw me, he grinned his devastating grin. “Since you were such a good lay, I decided to make you breakfast.”

I shook my head and rolled my eyes. “Well, get to work then, woman.”

As Ty began bustling around, making breakfast, I went over the events of the previous night and that morning in my head, and a thought occurred to me. I nibbled on my lower lip, pondering whether I should talk to Tyler about it. I decided to bite the bullet and speak.

“I’m not on the pill.”

Tyler stilled for an instant, but quickly returned to bustling.

“Yeah, I figured that.”

My brows drew together. “You figured that, but you came inside me twice?”

“We’ll go down to the clinic and get you the morning-after pill.”

“Oh.” I hadn’t thought of that. “Okay.”

He glanced over his shoulder at me and smiled. “You don’t sound all that relieved… You wanna have my babies, Lissie?”

“Don’t be an ass,” I snapped, but I’d felt something inside me jump at his words. Did I want to have my brother’s babies?

He just grinned knowingly and returned to tending the sizzling bacon. He quickly made a mix for scrambled eggs and moved the bacon over to allow room. The smells of our breakfast permeated the air and my stomach rumbled in anticipation.

I don’t know if I’d really been expecting it to be awkward, being together outside of a sexual context for the first time since I’d lost my virginity to him the night before, but Tyler was so casual and jocular that any worries were quickly put out of my mind. As we ate, we enjoyed the comfort we’d always had as brother and sister, minus the tension of our disagreement on that one volatile subject that had ruined so many meals.

After we finished eating, I began gathering up the dishes and running hot water into the sink. Tyler disappeared upstairs for a minute, then reappeared in the doorway of the kitchen, holding a CD-ROM on one finger.

I shut off the water and put the dishes in to soak. “What’s that?” I asked, nodding to the disc.

“Come to the living room, and I’ll show you,” he said, walking to the living room and starting up the DVD player, me trailing after him. “I got this off the internet a couple of days after you got into bed with me that one time.” Again, no need to distinguish which time was meant.

He grabbed the remote and pulled me over to the couch to sit with him. I made myself comfortable in the corner of our sofa, propping my back against a cushion. Ty grabbed my leg and pulled it up and over, settling himself between my legs, resting his back against me to watch his movie.

He pressed play and the screen turned black, then a pixilated image of a girl sitting on a bed in an overly flowery room came on screen. Her face was cherubic and framed by blonde curls, she wore a gauzy floral print dress and she smiled at someone behind the camera. She looked to be eighteen or nineteen, but her young face could have belonged to someone younger than that or belied someone a few years older.

A guy, looking older than the girl by a few years, stepped out from behind the camera and plopped down on the bed beside the girl. He was wearing a T-shirt and jeans, showcasing his muscular body. Where she was all softness and golden blonde, he was all hardness with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He had the look of someone who worked hard with his back for a living. Even his face was all solid, sculpted planes, contrasting sharply with the baby-faced girl he had his arm around.

The girl turned her smile on the camera as she began to speak, her voice a smooth-as-honey Texan drawl, “Hi, there. My name’s Angie and this is my brother, Dylan.” I glanced at Tyler questioningly, but his back was to me, and his head tilted toward the TV, attention focused. “We figure if y’all have come to this site, you’re into what we’re into, so we’re not in any danger of you runnin’ and callin’ the authorities on us.”

Dylan’s fingers were stroking up and down Angie’s side lightly, and her eyes twinkled mischievously. Her voice dropped to a conspiratorial whisper. “See, me and my brother here, we like to fuck. I lost my virginity to him and I’ve never wanted any other man. I let him fuck me any way he likes, and he likes a lot of different ways.”

Dylan’s hand now kneaded his sister’s side, evidence of the effect of her words, not just on their audience, but on him, as well.

“We fuck when our parents are downstairs,” she continued, “and we’ve fucked in public. Nearly got caught a couple of times, too.” She grinned, and even her stern-faced brother seemed on the verge of smiling at her playful commentary. “But what we really wanted to do now was put somethin’ out there for the people who want to see it. ‘Cause it turns my brother on to know that there’s people out there payin’ to see us and knowin’ that he’s ownin’ his baby sister, and it turns me on to know that I’m makin’ my big brother happy. So, enjoy the show.” With that, Angie winked, and moved to sit in the space between her brother’s widespread legs, still facing the camera, and allowing him to divest her of her dress.

I couldn’t believe what was happening on screen. I had seen porn before, but never porn like this. A brother and sister… I was incredulous. Could they really be siblings? Surely it was just a script. But Angie hadn’t seemed the typical porn-star, woodenly reciting asinine dialogue. Her eyes had sparkled with real mischief. Not to mention her B-cup breasts were actually real.

I was riveted to the screen as Dylan began kissing his sister’s neck, pulling her curls to the side to grant himself access. I remember thinking that I’d bet her skin would taste kind of sweet, just to go with her sweet face and voice.

His hands cupped her breasts, and I imagined that he was a construction worker or something, and his fingers would be very rough on her soft skin. Angie’s nipples tightened into erect little peaks, and her head lolled back against her brother’s shoulder.

One of his hands slipped between her legs, and I stirred restlessly against my own brother. I felt heat pooling between my legs as I watched Dylan slide his knees under his sister’s legs and spread them apart. His fingers spread her open to the camera’s view, then two plunged inside her.

“Getting horny, baby?” Tyler asked, amusement and arousal mixed in his voice.

I hadn’t noticed I was subconsciously rubbing my crotch against Ty’s back. I stilled instantly, but felt my clit ache in protest.

On the TV screen, Angie grasped her brother’s hands and pulled them away from her body. She slid down to the floor and knelt between his legs, unzipping his pants and pulling his cock out. I knew what she was going to do before she did it, but I still felt my pussy spasm as I watched this beautiful, angelic-looking girl engulf her brother’s cock in her mouth. He leaned back, weight resting on his hands, and watched his sister with a look on his face that could indicate either barely controlled fury or barely controlled passion. This Dylan was a very intense guy…

As Angie’s curly blonde head bobbed up and down and the sounds of cock sucking filled the room thanks to our surround sound system, I felt Tyler stir in front of me. He began rubbing his hands along the sides of my legs, and I knew he enjoyed the display, even after viewing it before, as much as I was enjoying it for the first time.

Suddenly, a gravelly voice spoke. “Stop. I don’t want to come yet.” Dylan was pulling Angie’s head away and hauling her up by her curls to stand in front of him. Our view of Dylan was blocked momentarily by a full backside shot of his gorgeous sister.

Dylan had apparently stood up, too, and he flung his sister on the bed, face first.

“Get on your knees,” he ordered her, no love evident in his harsh voice. However, his sister did as she was told, presenting her ass to him in a way that had me both embarrassed for her and extremely excited at her subjugation by her own brother.

Dylan moved right behind her, giving the camera a sidelong view of the both of them. Dylan was rubbing the tip of his cock along Angie’s slit, allowing for the first unobstructed view of his cock. My brother was big. Angie’s brother was enormous. And, apparently, much less concerned with whether or not he hurt his sister than my brother was, as he grabbed a fistful of Angie’s hair and slammed inside her in one swift motion.

Angie’s raspy cry pierced the air and Tyler spun around so he was facing me, hard-as-steel cock pressed up into the valley between my legs. His glazed eyes bore into mine as he swooped in and began kissing me roughly.

The sounds of Angie’s and Dylan’s fucking increased our frenzy as we tore off each other’s clothes. Tyler grabbed a handful of my hair and bit my neck as he shoved himself inside me, fucking me like a madman. I tried to spread my legs further, but there was only so much room on the couch. Tyler took matters into his own hands, releasing my hair, grabbing my ankles, and hauling my legs up over his shoulders.

I moaned and thrashed, and my own sounds of yielding blended with those of the sweet-looking girl on the TV screen whose brother was pounding the shit out of her.

Tyler was in almost as deep as he had been in the morning, but from a different angle. Our arousal had climbed to epic proportions from watching the brother and sister play on screen, and I could feel both of us reaching our orgasm. I was so close, pussy clasping on my brother’s plunging cock, when he suddenly drove inside to the tip of my womb and erupted hot cum. I tried, but couldn’t follow fast enough, and was left there teetering on the brink as he collapsed on me.

After only a moment, he raised his head and looked down at me in question. “You didn’t come yet, did you?”

I shook my head.

“Let me help,” he said, slightly lifting off me. I felt the mixture of our cum seeping out of me, but Ty caught it before a drop could hit the couch.

“Open your mouth,” he said, not in the despotic tone Dylan had used on his sister, but not in a tone that brooked any argument, either. I opened my mouth.

As I received the mixture into my mouth, I couldn’t look away from Tyler. His eyes still had a slightly crazed gleam in them, so intense I looked away. The TV screen caught my eye and I suddenly understood that since he’d found this video of Angie and Dylan on the internet, he’d dreamt of dominating me. Of telling me to get on my knees and having me obey without question. Of feeding me the cum that had pooled out of me after he fucked me and came inside me, just as I could now see Dylan doing to Angie on screen.

It tasted good. Salty, sweet, and sinful all at once. I swallowed it down.

“Good girl,” he said, then slid down between my legs. His mouth latched onto my clit and began suckling like a starving infant at the nipple. I was still teetering on the edge, then he violently slammed two fingers inside of me and I came with the force of a rocket, nearly ripping out hair as I clutched his head to me.

He looked up as I released his hair, and grinned at me. “Better?”

“Yes…” I said, my normal confidence deserting me in the face of his total control over me. What did one say in a situation like this? “Thank you,” I said, flustered and amazed at my newfound shyness.

He burst out laughing and laid his head on my tummy. “No problem, baby girl. It was my pleasure.”

Just as we were getting dressed, we heard a car pulling up in the driveway, and we frantically dressed. Tyler yanked the disc out of the DVD player and ran upstairs to return it to his room, while I flopped back down on the couch, pretending to be engrossed in MTV as my parents came in to greet me.

While I exchanged pleasantries with them, I wondered if they could smell my brother’s scent on me. If he had, perhaps, marked me as his like an animal might. Pondering his sperm swimming around in my womb, I touched a hand to my belly.

If my parents knew, subconsciously or otherwise, that something was amiss with Tyler and I, they gave no indication of it and the house returned to being a normal abode of vanilla family activity, leaving no trace of the den of iniquity it had been earlier that day.

Tyler and I managed to be together again that night after our parents went to bed, but we parted quickly to ensure that we didn’t fall asleep sated and wake up busted.

Ryan returned the next day, and Tyler and my opportunities to be together became even more limited. For the following week, we continued our clandestine interludes, only managing to pack in four by Friday. We tried a couple of new positions, and I tried giving Tyler a blowjob once, but felt disheartened when I could barely fit him in my mouth and nicked him with my teeth. I resolved to do better next time.

I also watched Ryan with increased intensity that week, imagining being fucked by both of my brothers. I broached the topic with Tyler in a very non-direct, virginal type of way, but although he was very reactive, I couldn’t tell whether his reaction was positive or not. When I hinted that they’d fucked girls together before and I’d bet those girls had enjoyed it, he simply grunted and looked away, appearing deep in thought.

Finally, Saturday rolled around. We decided not to chance another sleepover on Friday, even though Ryan had gone to Ashley’s for the weekend again and our parents hadn’t opened either of our doors without asking since we’d hit puberty. It just seemed that we should practice caution if we planned to continue our sexual relationship.

I woke up to find Ty’s lips on mine, and a hand on my breast, massaging it.

“Morning, sleepyhead,” he said, moving from my breast to my tummy, rubbing it in lazy circles.

I smiled and stretched languidly. “Morning. What time is it?”

“Ten-thirty. I’ve been up for two hours waiting to jump your bones.”

I grinned, looking down at his naked body, erection sticking straight out. “Obviously. Well, you can jump away, right after I go to the bathroom.” I shoved him off and ran to the bathroom, quickly shutting and locking the door.

I did my business quickly, tried to stop the running toilet to no avail (oh well, let Dad fix it), washed my hands and face, rinsed out my mouth quickly and headed out, only to walk right into Tyler in the hallway. Now wearing a pair of Wiley Coyote boxers, he caught me by the arms and grinned.

“Where’s the fire, Lissie?”

Tyler had been encouraging me to talk dirty to him all week, trying to coax out naughty words while we fucked; I had been working up the nerve to say something very daring, and here was my perfect opportunity. I leaned close and rose up on tiptoe to whisper in his ear, “How ’bout I let you try to find it, and if you do, you can put it out with your tongue…” I tried for seductive, but my voice came out a little breathy.

I leaned back to study his face, which was absolutely stunned. The only sound in the hallway was the running of the toilet behind the semi-closed bathroom door. I looked down at Tyler’s boxers, however, and saw something stirring, which gave me hope that I had some promise in the dirty talking department.

I grinned at the Wiley boxers, and hooked a finger in the waistband. “These are cute, by the way, but I like you better without them.” He stood stock-still as I breathed into his ear, “Plus, I thought I could try giving you a blowjob again today. I bet you I could fit it in my mouth this time.” I smiled sheepishly and ducked my head down. “I’ve been practicing with a cucumber since that last time.”

He was still speechless, but he now had a raging hard on, which I chose to take as consent. I hooked my fingers in the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down, freeing his erection.

I dropped to my knees, holding him gently by the hips. Precum leaked from the tip of his cock, proof positive that he wanted my mouth on him, and I gave his tip an open mouthed kiss. It was hot and tangy, and I knew I would never be one of those girls who spits out her lover’s semen. I wanted his cum in my mouth and sliding down my throat.

I opened my mouth wide and slid down to his base. I felt a thrill run through me; this time I had really done it. I gave an experimental suck before drawing back up to the tip and licking him. He closed his eyes and groaned, and I felt my power over him for the first time.

I devoured him. Bobbing my head, licking, sucking, and stuffing his cock into the back of my throat.

“I don’t know if I should be pissed off or turned on.”

I jerked my head back and released my brother’s cock with a pop. Ryan’s cock. I looked at a still-nude Tyler first, his negligent pose against the doorway of my room belying the tension radiating from him. Then I looked up at Ryan, who was yanking up his boxers and jerking his head back and forth between us, with an incredulous look on his face.

“You guys are…” he started, words failing him.

“Yeah,” Tyler said simply. “Thought you were s’posed to be at Ashley’s for the weekend?”

“We had a fight late last night and I came home and passed out. I was just getting up to go the bathroom…” Ryan now had trouble looking at me.

Silence ensued for a moment before Tyler broke it again. “Get up, Alyssa.”

I flushed, realizing I was still on my knees before my brother who I’d just inadvertently informed about my incestuous relationship with his twin by giving him a blowjob. I jumped up, completely mortified now, but still a little turned on.

Ryan lifted his eyes from the floor to stare at me. Finally, he spoke. “You know, I kind of expected this to happen since that time at Golden Gloves, and sometimes I even thought it had already happened, but there’s a difference between knowing and really knowing, you know?”

I nodded nervously. “So now that you know, what are you going to do?”

Ryan didn’t seem to know, but his eyes did a quick up-down of my body.

“He’s gonna fuck you, aren’t you, Ry?” I looked over to see Tyler smirking at Ryan. “Lissie, take off your nightie.”

“NO!” I cried, looking back at Ryan to see what he thought of this.

“What the fuck do you mean, ‘No’? You’re the one that wanted to fuck both of us at once,” Tyler said, a mixture of lust and jealousy evident in his voice.

Ryan was swallowing, looking from my nightshirt to my face and back again.

“She’s tight, Ry. And she loves to fuck. Can’t get enough,” Tyler said in a low voice, moving forward to stand beside his twin.

“She’s our sister…” Ryan said, still looking somewhat south of my throat.

“Who gives a shit? You know you want to, and I am already, so you may as well. How was that blowjob, Ry?” Tyler asked in an enticing tone, taking on the role of Devil’s advocate. “Looked like it was good. Couple of days ago, she could barely fit my cock in her mouth.”

“It was good,” Ryan said absentmindedly, still infuriatingly indecisive.

“Take off your nightshirt, Lissie,” Tyler repeated, looking at me. His eyes had a glint that was difficult to interpret.

My hands trembled as I pulled my nightshirt up and over my head.

Ryan reached out a hesitant hand to touch me, and I stepped into it, needing reassurance, if only physical. His hand cupped a breast, lifting and testing the weight, rolling the nipple between thumb and forefinger. I reached up and clasped my arms around his neck, standing on tiptoe to kiss him.

Ryan’s hands found their way to my ass and he lifted me, seemingly without effort. I wrapped my legs around him and plunged my tongue into his mouth.

“Bring her in the bedroom,” Tyler ordered, heading toward our parents’ room. Ryan followed and I shivered in his arms.

I was so incredibly nervous about this whole thing now, but so incredibly turned on. I could feel my juice sinking into Ryan’s boxers and his erection pressing into my notch. I shifted and rubbed myself on it, before being deposited on our parents’ large bed.

I looked up at my brothers and shivered. I had heard of ways two guys could have sex with one girl at once, and I wondered how they would take me.

Ryan, no longer an idle party in this, shoved down his boxers and guided my lips back to his cock. As I slid my mouth down to the base of his twin’s cock, Tyler sat beside me and pulled my leg over his, spreading me open to his touch.

“Fuck, she’s soaking wet, Ry.” Two fingers plunged inside me, followed by a third trying to wiggle in. I moaned my displeasure around Ryan’s cock, but he kept me in place with a hand fisted in my hair, fucking my mouth while his brother tried to stretch me further than I could go.

“Get on your knees, Lissie,” Tyler said. Ryan released my hair and gave my shoulders a gentle shove. I complied with the instructions, but glared mutinously at Tyler for his imperious tone of voice, all the while growing wetter at his domination of me.

Tyler grinned and took up position in front of me, feet planted on the floor, cock at mouth level. “Open up, baby girl.” He grabbed my hair, and, as I opened my mouth to protest, shoved his cock in my mouth.

I tried to pull back, but felt his hands tighten in my hair. Then I felt fingers probing at the back of me. My nervousness battled with my arousal and I tried to yank my head up, but it was being held down by a guy who could literally bench-press me if he wanted to. I tried to put my ass down, feeling shy at the thought of being so open to Ryan’s inspection, but a hard arm locked around my waist and hauled me back up.

Fingers played in and about my slit, spreading my wetness around, rubbing my clit. Then they were gone. As Tyler fucked my mouth, Ryan pushed in from behind, and I soon had a brother at each end of me, stuffing me full of cock.

I heard a groan from behind me. “Man, she’s so tight..”

His words excited me and I jerked my hips back against him.

Tyler chuckled. “Liking it now, are we? Give it to her, Ry.”

With no warning other than that, Ryan gripped my hips and started hard, slamming strokes. My face was forced to the base of Tyler’s cock and I nearly choked before I remembered to breathe through my nose.

I felt so full. Skewered on cock. Conquered by their physical strength and sheer mastery of my body. And I loved it.

My pussy clamped and unclamped. I came once. The hard strokes continued. My g-spot felt almost raw from the friction. I came again, this time spraying the liquid first one brother, then the other, had made erupt.

I looked up at Tyler, who was sawing in and out of my mouth with ferocity. I struggled to suck and lick while he set the pace. Then I saw him glance at Ryan and grin. He pulled out of my mouth and Ryan pulled out of my pussy, which clasped on air in desperation upon suddenly being empty.

Suddenly, I was being pulled astride Ryan and lowered onto his cock. He pulled me down for a kiss, but when I tried to lean back up, he didn’t release me. I laid there, draped over him, and then I felt Tyler’s fingers. He was taking my wetness and spreading it around my anus.

I squirmed under his ministrations, but he just smacked my ass and told me to be a good girl. Then, a finger pushed against my tight hole.

“Relax, baby. Just let it go in,” Tyler crooned. Ryan kissed me and stroked my hair. I felt the tension leave my body and then a finger worked its way into my ass.

I moaned and stirred on Ryan’s dick, enjoying the feeling of the double penetration. Or, at least, I did enjoy it until Tyler started working a second finger in.

I tore my mouth away from Ryan’s, but couldn’t get up for the arm like an iron band over my back. “It hurts!”

“So relax, Lissie. Move around on Ry’s cock a bit. That’ll make you forget about it. Then it’ll feel good. Scout’s honor,” Tyler said, continuing to press the second finger in.

Tears welled in my eyes, but I made slight up and down movements on Ryan nonetheless. I had fantasized about this, but in my fantasies, my ass welcomed the penetration, not felt like it was going to rip open.

I tilted my pelvis and rubbed my clit on Ryan’s pubic bone, and, like magic, the pain began to fade. I relaxed, my ass opened, and my brother had two fingers in me. He withdrew them slowly, then scooped up more of my natural lubricant.

I felt the wet head of Tyler’s cock pressing against me. I continued rubbing my clit against Ryan, but it couldn’t eliminate all the pain of being stretched in such a way. It seemed like an eternity before I felt the head slip in, the shaft slowly working its way inside me; it was even longer before he bottomed out.

I was shaking like a leaf and pouring wetness like a river around Ryan’s cock. Then they started moving. Like synchronized swimmers, it was clear they’d had much practice together. Ryan spread my legs wide and surged up into me, while Tyler stroked long and deep into my ass.

It felt almost like there was no barrier between their cocks. Like they were right there, simultaneously sliding into me, rubbing right against each other. I’d thought I felt full with one at each end, but this invasion went worlds beyond that.

I felt a frenzy stir up inside me, and I began my own movements to try and rock back on their cocks. They were no longer calm and collected, and my movements and clasping channels drove them as out of control as they had driven me.

One brother pounding into each hole, I cried out and came, my orgasm running through my body completely, taking me over. It seemed to go on forever and tears filled my eyes, then I felt them both begin to blast semen inside me, and, with one last spasm, I collapsed on top of Ryan. Ryan’s arms encircled me as he drove up into me as his twin bore down, each squeezing out their last drops of fluid into their baby sister.

Tyler rested half his weight on me before pulling out and collapsing beside us, flinging one arm up over his sweat-soaked forehead. “Holy shit!” he exclaimed.

“No kidding,” Ryan groaned.

I concurred.

Ryan turned his head and kissed me softly on the lips. “How’d you like it, baby?”

“It was amazing. I’m guessing you guys have done that lots..”

They both chuckled.

“Yeah,” Ryan said.

Tyler turned on his side and faced me, concern lighting his eyes. “We weren’t too rough with you, were we? I mean, I thought that’s what you wanted, but I didn’t want to hurt you…”

I grinned. “No, it was amazing. The pain kinda contrasted with the pleasure,” I told him, marveling at how someone who could subjugate me so totally could also care so deeply for me and my welfare and my enjoyment of our activities. Ryan hugged me tight with one arm and began stroking my hair with his other hand.

I still thought their double-standards were archaic, but I had to admit I didn’t know any girl who’d had an introduction to sex as good as mine.

I knew girls who’d lost their virginity to guys who invested time and empty flattery, then took what they wanted and dumped the girl. I also knew girls whose first times had been so awkward and unsatisfying that they had lost all interest in sex. I even knew one girl who’d found out the day after that the guy had bet his friends money that he’d get her to put out. Those cases were more extreme examples of what could happen; most girls I knew simply had mediocre first-times with their mediocre boyfriends and went on to have more mediocre sex with them until they eventually broke up.

None of those things happened to me. My first lovers were almost ridiculously competent, and considerate, if a little rough, and loving. I wondered how many women could claim that.

I had thought before that there was no escaping a mediocre, at best, first time and that I’d be better off getting started and trying on men like shoes: I was wrong.

My first time, and my subsequent relationship with my brothers, had definitely been worth waiting for.

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