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Mid-Atlantic Stretch

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It was going to be a long flight, 13 hours and 22 minutes according to the itinerary, but Josh Michaels actually resented the fact that he had to fly out of Logan airport more than the length of the flight. He had been the spokesman for his company, Tri-Elite Inc. for 3 years now, and had been on more planes than he cared to remember. This trip to Moscow was certainly the longest. They were sending him there to tout their latest development, a device that could detect radioactive traces in soil.

He had absolutely no idea how the thing worked, but a glance at his itinerary reminded him that he had 13 hours and 22 minutes to educate himself. No problem, Josh told himself, he was a quick learner.

Driving through Boston had been hell, as he had anticipated. Every muscle on his body was tense, for the most part because of the apprehension he felt about the length of his stay in this country that he secretly hated, but the drive didn’t help. He had formerly been assistant to the US ambassador to China, and had seen what communism did to the people of a country, how only the leaders were well off and comfortable. Governmental slavery, disguised as a well meaning, idealistic society. But, he had to, in a sense, sell this device to the Russians, so he had to set aside his personal feelings. This job in the private sector was much more lucrative than his last, and he very much enjoyed being in the spotlight, answering the hard questions, which some of his peers had quietly admitted was their least favorite part of the job. It was for this reason, he figured, that he had moved up the food chain so quickly. He was only 31, and already the spokesman for a multi-national corporation.

It helped too that he had inherited shockingly good looks from his mother, light brown eyes, sharp sturdy bones in his face, and full thick brown hair. From his father, he had gotten his 6’4″ stature. He worked hard to keep his body in excellent shape, but not so that he looked intimidatingly strong in a suit. He looked trim and fit, but underneath his business suit, he was ripped and tight. Josh was proud of his body, and his confidence usually attracted the ladies like moths to a flame.

Aahh, the ladies. It was ironic, but his job and stature actually kept him from enjoying his many potential opportunities. He worked 80 hours a week, sometimes more, and rarely had time to get out. He had made a pact with himself upon taking this job that he would not fraternize with female co-workers, everyone he’d seen do that had been rewarded with adverse consequences at the various jobs he had, and, well, he was a quick learner. He had decided to keep his love life completely separate from work, much to the dismay of some of his female coworkers. Oh well, he thought, their loss.

As a result of his work ethic and long hours, he hardly ever dated. He met some women here and there, mostly on business trips, but his company was always sending him to foreign countries where the culture clash made it more difficult to make any progress with a woman in the short amount of time he spent there.

Josh sighed as he walked down the aisle of the plane, his head ducked low to avoid the ceiling. These planes were huge, 13 seats in each row, with two aisles running down each side of the plane. The seats were comfortable and large, with plenty of leg space, at least for a person of normal height. He hoped there would be no-one sitting next to him, so he could stretch out sideways. He noticed that there were not too many people on this flight, maybe 60 or 70, when the plane could hold three hundred. In the middle of the plane was a station used by the stewardesses, and as he passed by this station and entered another section of the plane, his eyes were immediately drawn toward a woman seated on the left side of the aisle, right next to the window.

What caught his attention were her eyes. Her skin was a deep brown, and her green eyes seemed to have light behind them, they were so piercing. She had noticed him too, as she was staring into his eyes as well. He gave her a grin and looked down at his ticket. Row 27, seat B. He was now at row 17. He looked up again and estimated the distance to the woman, and began to relinquish his desire to sit alone as he realized that his seat was right next to her. This could be nice. He grew more confident the closer he got, as she kept glancing his way with a quiet, self assured smile on her face. He stopped next to her, put his carryon bag in the overhead compartment, and then looked down at her. She was smiling back up at him, with a gleam in her eye, and before he could even realize it, his cock started to get hard. He quickly sat down, before the bulge that was forming in his pants would be noticed, and introduced himself.

“Hi, I’m Josh” he said.

“I am Sinfany” she said, with maybe a slightly British accent.

“It is very nice to meet you.” Josh replied in his calm, confidant way. They shook hands, and Josh could feel parts all over his body start to tingle. Sinfany shifted herself so that she was almost facing him in her seat. She was now directly looking at him, and her gaze had an affect on him that he had not felt in a while. He felt almost like he was about to float out of his seat, and he found it difficult to catch his breath. This was unusual for him, he actually was having a hard time speaking!

He settled into his seat, arranging the various papers and items he had left out of his carry-on bag, and mostly tried to keep his hands and eyes busy so as not to stare at this beauty sitting next to him.

“You are very tall!” she said, with a gleam in her eyes and an innocent, but sexual tone in her voice. Definitely a British accent, he thought.

“My father was well over six feet, I guess I inherited that from him” he replied, realizing how stupid that was the moment it left his mouth. One thing about words, he had learned, once you say them, you can’t put them back. She sensed his embarrassment and gave him a slight giggle, and touched him on the arm.

“My mother was short, I guess I got that from her.” She said.

Josh regained his confidence and looked at her and asked, “Did you get your eyes from your mother too?”

“Yes” she replied, “Do you like them?”

Again, Josh found himself at a loss for words. Did he answer her honestly, or pretend to be uninterested and aloof? He decided to go for it, and turned his head and shoulders toward her and said with an intense look in his eyes, “I do.”

“I like yours too” she replied.

He smiled in reply. Just then a stewardess made the announcement that she would be coming around to take orders for drinks. Josh realized that they were in the air! He had not even noticed the usual routine speech the stewardesses give, and had completely missed the take off! He glanced over at Sinfany, who was raising her head to peer over the seat in front of her, she seemed completely at ease. She knew exactly what was going on, and had not skipped a beat. Wow, he thought, this girl could take me or leave me without batting an eye. He rarely saw such confidence. And she seemed interested!

Josh offered to order a drink for her, and she said a vodka tonic would be nice. When the stewardess came by, Josh ordered for both of them, and they set to talking. He learned that she was born in India, but had moved to the UK when she was twelve. She had gone to college there and was now working as an account manager for an investment firm. She was heading to Russia to meet with clients.

They talked for awhile, both sitting sideways and facing each other in the seats, as these planes were very roomy. After a couple of hours had gone by, they were both very comfortable with each other. A movie came on the screen, and they decided to watch it. What it was about, Josh had no idea. All he could think about was the fact that Sinfany had cuddled up next to him and was holding his hand and resting her head on his shoulder.

His body felt like there was electricity running through it, and his groin was tingling and sweating. The stewardess came by and asked them if they needed anything, and Josh asked for a blanket, to hide the growing bulge in his pants. She gave him the blanket, and no sooner had he put on his lap than he felt Sinfany let go of his hand. He felt awful, she must have noticed his growing erection and been offended. But no! Her hand was actually moving under the blanket, toward his groin!

Josh couldn’t believe what was happening, as her hand gently cupped his cock and balls. Her hand was hot, and the warmth on him made his whole body tremble. She felt him tremble and let out a barely audible moan, and she looked up at him. He looked down into her eyes and stared for what seemed forever, as she stroked his balls ever so gently, barely letting the weight of her hand press against him. She looked so sexy, staring up at him like that. He felt her other hand there now too, and she was undoing the zipper on his Khaki’s. She reached inside and cupped his balls with her bare hand. Josh felt like he was going to explode as she moved up and freed his now rock hard cock from his boxers and began to gently stroke it, all the time staring into his eyes. The movie was now over, and the lights dimmed on the plane, almost like it was on cue. Sinfany began to slide down in Josh’s lap, and turned her body so she was lying on the seats and facing him. The tip of her nose slid down the underside of his cock, sending shivers throughout his body. She let out a quiet giggle, as she saw the effect she was having on him.

The tip of her tongue slid up and down him now, teasing him. She could see a drop glistening on his tip, and began to spread it around the head of his dick with the tip of her finger. She could smell his cum, and it made her decide to stop teasing him. She shifted, and took the bulging purple head of his cock into her mouth. Josh gasped, and then thanked God that there was no-one sitting near them, or they would have surely heard him. Her head slowly down, taking in his half of hislength. She moved up to his tip, and sucked on it to get every drop of pre-cum that she could. Josh could feel himself getting to the edge and he began to rub her back, and whispered to her that he was about to cum. She stopped for a moment, looked up at him, and the look in her eyes told him that was what she was longing for. She began again, desperately wanted to feel his cum hit the roof of her mouth and coat her tongue. Josh couldn’t hold back any longer.

His body tensed up and his cock exploded into her waiting mouth. She could feel his whole body shudder, and she pulled out until just the tip was in her mouth. It was hot and salty, and it streamed out of him like a fire hose, filling her mouth up with the first burst. She swallowed the first load just in time to get another, just as big as the first. Josh held his breath, he knew that if he breathed it would come out as a loud moan. He unloaded a third burst of cum into her mouth and looked down to see her looking up at him with a look in her eye that told him how much she loved this. His cum was overflowing in her mouth, and running down her cheek. She swallowed the third and final load and then began to lick her hand and his cock, not letting a drop go to waste. Josh’s head was spinning, and he was seeing black spots in his eyes.

He slowly began to relax and come down from one of the most intense orgasms he had ever had. Sinfany patiently lay in his lap, gently licking the underside of his cock, being careful to stay away from his now ultra-sensitive tip. This woman knew how to do it, and he found himself wondering how he had gotten so lucky. His breathing was now slowing down, he lifted his head off the back of the seat and looked into her eyes. The mischievous gleam told him that she was thoroughly enjoying the effect she had on him. Before he could begin to feel awkward about coming up with something to say after this, she lifted herself up out of his lap and sat down again next to him, cuddling up close and kissing him on the cheek. She grasped his hand and pulled it into her lap, squeezing his fingers between her legs.

Josh reached over with his left hand gently touched her on the cheek. She looked at him and he leaned over and kissed her. Her lips were warm, full and inviting, and he could taste his own saltiness on her. She passionately kissed him back, and opened her mouth to let him explore her with his tongue. Her thighs squeezed his hand even tighter as he moved his left hand down to gently rub her breasts. He could feel her rock hard nipples through her thin silk blouse and realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts were small and perky, and he could feel that her nipples were big and puffy and rock hard.

He broke away from their kiss momentarily to look at her heaving chest and could see the shape of her body almost as if she were naked. Sinfany’s eyes were closed and her head was back, as she enjoyed the feeling of this man’s huge hands on her body.

She was so small that his one hand covered almost half of her chest. He rolled and squeezed her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, and watched as she arched her back and opened her mouth. He couldn’t resist and dove in to passionately kiss her some more. Their tongues were intertwined and darting around in each others mouths. Josh was a wonderful kisser, and Sinfany wished she could dive into his mouth and let him swallow her whole. Josh moved his hand up and gently cupped her chin and neck. He began to rub her bottom lip with the tip of his index finger as he kissed her, and then pulled away slightly as she sucked his finger into her mouth.

She looked up into his eyes as she sucked him and then reached down with both hands to unzip and pull down her pants. Josh helped her with this, and soon her pants were down around her ankles. Josh pulled his finger from her mouth and reached down to rub her pussy. She was wearing a lacy white thong, and the contrast against her dark skin was one of the most beautiful sights he had ever seen. She was completely shaved, and her panties were wet with her juices. He could smell her mustiness in the waves off heat that were coming off of her now exposed body. He rubbed along the border of her panties with the tip of his finger, leaving a trail of her saliva. She thrust her pelvis toward his touch, giving him an amazing view of her perfect lips through the lace of her panties. He moved to the other side and again traced the lacy edge until he got to the thin string that wrapped around her hips. He pulled this away and slipped his hand underneath, feeling the warm skin on her belly against his palm.

Sinfany’s left hand moved up and cupped her own breast, and she began to tightly squeeze her nipple as her body writhed under his gentle touch. It was his turn to tease, and he relished the moment, knowing that they had hours left in which to explore each other. He took his time, tracing the mound where her pubic hair would have been, and coming close to her lips, but not quite touching them. She squirmed under his touch, and tried to move her body toward his hand, so that she could feel his huge, strong fingers part her lips.

She longed to feel them inside her pussy, even she was surprised at how wet she was. Every time she thrust her pelvis down, the cheeks of her ass would open slightly and she could feel her juices flowing down into her crack, making her cheeks slide against each other. Her anus tingled and she found herself hoping that he pay attention to that most sensitive and erotic part her body. Finally, his middle finger began to part her now swollen lips.

He started at the top of her pussy, pulling back toward her belly and watching her panties get sucked between her lips. He moved lower until the tip of his finger rested on her clit, and she quietly moaned with pleasure. He slowly slid his finger down, letting the ridges of his finger rub against her hard clit, until he got to her opening. He went slightly past it, resting the tip of his finger on the slit of skin separating her pussy from her anus and teased her a little more, before plunging his finger into her waiting depths. She gave out an almost audible gasp and arched her back as she felt his finger stretch her tight opening and reach into her. Josh tried to go deeper and cocked his wrist to get a better angel, straining against her tight panties. He curled the tip of his finger up and instantly found her G-Spot, sending Sinfany’s body into uncontrollable shudders. Suddenly, the side of her panties ripped under the strain and his hand was free to move down even farther. He thrust his finger as deep as it would go, so deep that he felt the opening to her cervix. He rubbed around the outside of this tube, and watched in amazement as Sinfany’s face turned red and her eyes shut tight. She was now gripping his forearm with both hands, and she strained to push his hand deeper into her, while thrusting her pelvis up toward him.

She had never met a man with such long fingers, and the sensation she felt now, with him so deep inside of her, was like nothing she had felt before. Her body began to tremble and he knew that she was close. She continued to push against him, wishing that he would put his whole arm inside of her. Josh thrust in and out, curling his finger up and rubbing her G-spot, and she couldn’t take it anymore. Sparks went off in her head and her pelvis shot up with one huge thrust, burying his finger deep inside of her. Her pussy began to spasm, sucking him into her, as she climaxed. He could feel her cum almost pouring into the palm of his hand, and he watched as her stomach muscles tightened and released in rhythm with her orgasm. His finger was deep inside of her, and her pussy gripped it like a vise as she had wave after wave of orgasm come over her. He rested there, waiting for her to come back, as she had done for him.

After a few minutes she opened her eyes and smiled up at him, again piercing him with her gaze. He slowly pulled out and then brought his finger up to his mouth and tasted her sweet, musty cum. She watched him do this and then pulled his hand down and began to suck her cum off of his fingers. She licked his hand and buried her face in his palm, drinking in the smell of herself on him. Sinfany slowly sat back up and pulled the torn panties out from underneath her, giving him a wry smile as she did so.

He leaned down and kissed her passionately, using his tongue to lick her juices off of her cheeks and lips. He wanted so badly to taste her that he ached. “I think we need to move to a more private area for a while” he whispered in her ear. She looked up at him with an intense look in her eyes and said, “Follow me”. Sinfany pulled her pants back up, straightened her hair and stood up. It was the first time that Josh had seen her standing, and he realized how small she was, probably around 5’2″. Her long dark hair fell to her shoulders. Her nipples poked out toward him through her blouse as she slid past him to the aisle, and he watched for a moment as she walked toward the lavatory in the middle of the plane. Her ass was perfectly shaped. He wondered if she would let him lick her little hole, something he loved to do. He had longed to put his finger in there, but hadn’t dared, just in case it wasn’t a turn on for her.

He decided that he was going to explore that most favorite of places, and see how she reacted. Josh stood up, bumping his head on the overhead compartment. He casually glanced around the plane as he moved in to the aisle, and was pleased to see that the few people in this section were far away and either asleep or lost in some activity on their tray table.

He turned and began to walk toward the lavatory where Sinfany waited for him. When he reached the area that housed the lavatories and the stewardess station, he was dismayed to see that on of the stewardesses was standing right next the door to the lavatory. She glanced up at him and smiled, and asked if she could get anything for him. He replied that he was just waiting for the bathroom, but then had a thought.

“Actually, could you get me a Whiskey Sour with a cherry?”

“Certainly!” the stewardess replied.

She went to work making his drink and handed it to him. He thanked her and then was pleased to see that she began to walk toward the back of the plane. Josh quietly knocked on the door, and he immediately heard the door unlock. Sinfany opened the door and pulled him inside the small bathroom. She reached up around his neck and pulled herself up to him, wrapping her legs around his waist and sitting on the sink. He set his drink down onto the small shelf without taking his eyes off of hers. In the bright light of the bathroom, here eyes were even more piercing, and he found that he couldn’t unlock himself from her gaze.

She smiled up at him and slowly moved in closer to kiss him. He could again taste and smell her pussy juices on her and this sent waves of pleasure throughout his body as he kissed and licked her face. His hands moved down her back until they reached the top of her pants, and he slipped his hands in and squeezed her ass. Sinfany let go of his neck and leaned back, resting the back of her head on the mirror. She reached down and unzipped her pants and wiggled her ass out of them. Josh pulled them the rest of the way off. Sinfany spread her legs and placed her feet on the wall behind Josh. He was frozen for a moment, the sight of this incredible woman spreading herself open in front of him, and could feel his head swimming and his balls start to ache. His cock was throbbing in his pants, straining to get free. Sinfany reached over to the small shelf and pulled the drink down. She took a sip while staring into his eyes, and sucked the cherry into her mouth.

Josh watched as the cherry parted her lips and she took it between her fingers.

“Do you want this?” she asked.

“Yes” he replied.

“You’re going to have to work for it” she said with a gleam in her eyes.

Slowly, her hand moved down to her exposed pussy. At the same time, she raised her left leg up until her knee was at her breast. She propped her foot on the handle built into the wall, and then began to raise her other leg until this knee was also at her breast. Josh almost couldn’t handle the sight before him, Sinfany stretched as far as she go, her wide open pussy and ass mere inches from his throbbing cock. He watched as she began to rub her clit with the cherry. He began to rub the exposed back of her thigh with his hand, helping her to keep her leg stretched back. He watched in amazement as she moved the cherry down, past her open pussy, until she was pressing it against the throbbing pucker of her tiny anus. He looked up at her face and saw that her eyes were closed, her mouth was open and she was completely enjoying the feeling of rubbing her tight hole with the cherry. For the millionth time in the past few hours, Josh couldn’t believe this was happening. His hand moved down her leg, and he pressed on her clit with his thumb.

Synfany moaned, as she continued to press the cherry into her ass. Then, she opened her eyes and with a mischievous gleam brought the cherry up to her mouth and kissed it. Josh’s eyes almost popped out of his head, and she said

“Want to taste?”

He nodded his head, unable to speak, and she reached up and rubbed the cherry onto his lips, but didn’t put it into his open mouth. Instead, she moved it down to her tiny pucker and began to press it in.

“Come and get it!” she said with a gleam in her eye. Josh’s body shuddered as an orgasmic wave passed over him, and he almost came in pants. He bent down on trembling knees until his face was inches from her waiting anus, her middle finger pressing the cherry against her hole. He gripped her ass cheeks with both hands, spreading her apart, and then dove in. He licked her fingertip first, and then the area around her anus, drinking in her musty smell and tasting per pussy juices that had earlier coated her ass. Then he sucked the cherry into his mouth and swished it around, tasting her on it. Sinfany moved her finger out of the way and gave Josh full view of her hole. It looked so inviting as he kneeled there, inches away from it, chewing on the cherry that had been almost inside her moments before. She could feel his warm breath on her ass and longed to feel his tongue on her, invading her hole. She was throbbing with anticipation, pushing out toward his mouth. He could see her anus puckering in and out, throbbing for his tongue, and he couldn’t hold back any longer. He opened his mouth wide and buried his face in the crack of her ass. Sinfany let out a gasp as he almost ferociously attacked her throbbing hole. His lips formed a seal on her, and he swirled his tongue in circles around her anus, lapping up her sweet taste. She squirmed on him, and had he not had hold of her ass cheeks, she would have slid right off the counter.

His strong arms held her up, his enormous hands almost covering each cheek. He stiffened his tongue into a point and pushed against her tight hole. She could feel his tongue start to enter her, and it sent waves of pleasure over her body. She let out a low, steady moan as he began to fuck her ass with his tongue. She pushed back at his tongue, relaxing her anal muscles and letting him deeper inside. She could feel his rough chin rubbing her ass crack and his nose rubbing her pussy. This was too much and she clamped her hand to her mouth as she let out a cry, launching into an intense orgasm. Her anus clamped around his tongue, sucking him in as she exploded. Her pussy gushed cum all over his face, until it was dripping down his cheeks, over his rock hard jaw line and down his neck.

He continued to squirm his tongue around in her tight anus until her orgasm subsided. As she started to relax and her breathing returned to normal, he slowly pulled his tongue out and began to lick the juices off of her ass, moving from the top of her crack all to the way up to her clit. Josh stood up and leaned over her, the throbbing bulge in his pants pushing against her. He rested his hands on the back of her legs as he leaned forward, stretching her out so that her anus bulged and rubbed against his rock hard cock. She let out a deep moan, and swayed her hips back and forth, rubbing her ass against his pants.

Sinfany reached down and unbuckled his belt, and opened his pants. Josh pushed his pants and boxers down with his left hand, and let them fall to the floor. He slipped out of his shoes, pulled his left foot out of his pants leg, and spread his feet wide. His cock had sprung out of his shorts, and Sinfany couldn’t take her eyes off of it. Josh watched her looking at him with lust in her eyes, and reached down to grip his huge cock in his hand. He lifted it up, so that the head rested against his belly, and then rested his massive balls on her pussy. Sinfany reached down and gently pressed them in to her, while wriggling her hips. Josh gripped the base of his cock, and he pulled down and squeezed it tight.

Sinfany watched as the head turned purple, the skin tightening till it was shiny. She longed to have that mammoth cock fill up her throbbing pussy, stretching her wide and thrusting in to the deepest regions. She continued to rub and stretch his balls on her, soaking them with her juices, and watching his hand slowly stroke and stretch his cock. Josh was thoroughly enjoying the sight of this woman lusting for him, knowing what she wanted.

Finally, he couldn’t wait any longer and he began to bend his knees to lower himself. He used the palm of his hand to press his cock onto her, and as he moved lower the sensitive underside rubbed her clit, making her squirm and moan. His tip reached her wet opening, and he paused there, slowly moving forward and back while pressing his tip onto her hole. Seeing his cock resting on her pussy, he now realized just how small she was relative to him. He seemed to be half the size of her thigh, and he wondered for a moment if she could take him. The look in her eyes, however, was anything but fearful. She was licking her lips, staring at his cock rubbing against her, and he watched as her hands both moved down and began to press his tip into her waiting pussy. She was burning for him, longing to feel him stretch her, her pussy lips throbbing like they were about to explode. He started to press in, and she guided his tip into her. Gently, he pushed forward, and the tip of his cock began to stretch her narrow opening. She gasped as his head entered her, and he stopped and rested there. He felt like he might split her in two, and he didn’t know if he should pull out.

Sinfany answered his question by reaching down and gripping his cock with her hands and pulling him deeper. He slowly moved forward, inch by inch, burying himself in her. When he was about halfway in, he slowly started to pull out. When only his head was in, he began to move forward again, and began a slow, steady rhythm, moving in and out. With each stroke she pulled him farther in, her pussy stretching and accepting more of him, and soon his balls were resting on her ass as her pussy completely enveloped his throbbing cock. Her lips were stretched, and she rubbed her exposed clit with the tips of her fingers. He fucked her slowly, and he could feel the cool air of the bathroom on his wet cock when he was out, making the plunge back into her warm depths even more pleasurable. The sensation of him filling her up was so intense, Sinfany was almost frozen in place. She breathed in rhythm with his gentle thrusts, her eyes closed and mouth open, completely lost in her pleasure. Her pussy gripped him tightly, and she could feel him pressing into areas that were deeper than she had ever felt before. This man was so enormous, yet so gentle. He was moving slowly, and she thought she could feel the veins in his cock pulsing, and fat purple head throbbing inside of her.

Her body tingled and soon she could feel uncontrollable waves washing over her as her orgasm hit like a meteor. She gritted her teeth and clenched her eyes shut as her body spasmed, and her pussy sucked him in like a vacuum. Both of her hands were at her sides, gripping the edge of the sink and pulling herself onto him. She wanted all of him inside of her, and would have stuffed his balls in too if they would have fit. Wave after wave came over her, and she let herself go to this most intense orgasm, her only conscience thought was not to scream out in pleasure, and give their activity away to the rest of the plane.

Josh watched her with awe, and pushed against her as hard as he could. Her orgasm finally subsided, and she opened her sleepy eyes and smiled up at him. She rubbed his abdomen with the tips of her fingers and stared up at this magnificent man who had just filled her up like never before. They both looked down and watched as Josh slowly started to pull his seemingly endless cock out of her, and Sinfany found herself suddenly desiring to lick him.

He squeezed out of her with an almost audible “pop” and then moved forward to rub her clit with the underside of his swollen cock. Sinfany rubbed some of her juices off of the head with the tip of her finger and brought it up to her mouth and tasted herself with the tip of her tongue. Slowly, she sat up and began to slide off of the counter, never taking her eyes off of his, and made her way down onto her knees. Josh moved back as far as he could, his back pressed up against the wall of the tiny bathroom, and watched in amazement as she gripped him in both hands and began to lick her cum off of him. She took him into her mouth and sucked on him. Gently stroking him with both hands, she coaxed a drop of pre-cum out of his tiny slit and licked it off, feeling his taste coat the surface of her tongue, and sending shivers down both of their spines. She continued to suck and stroke him, with both hands wrapped around his pulsating cock. Josh thrust his pelvis forward and pushed toward her, the palms of his hands pressing against the wall behind him.

Sinfany could feel him getting close, and she sped up her strokes as he began to tremble uncontrollably. He felt like all of the blood in his body was rushing to his groin, and his forehead started to throb. Every muscle in his body clenched and he rose up onto his toes as his orgasm hit. The palms of Sinfany’s hands were squeezing the underside of his penis and she felt the first burst come rushing up through his member. Her lips were clamped to his head as he exploded, his cum bursting against the roof of her mouth. She felt it ooze around her teeth, filling her cheeks. A second load gushed into her mouth, filling it completely. She couldn’t hold it all, and his cum began to ooze out of the corners of her mouth and run down her neck. She wanted to swallow, but waited, relishing the taste and feeling of his warm, salty cum filling her mouth. A third burst came, and she began to swallow, feeling his warmth slide down her throat before it entered her stomach. He was completely spent, having emptied his balls into her. His toes were cramped from the strain of lifting himself up, and his legs trembled. His lips tingled as he tried to regain his ability to breathe, and sweat dripped from his forehead down the bridge of his nose. She held his sensitive head in her mouth, occasionally darting her tongue around to catch the remaining drops of cum oozing out of his tiny slit, not wanting to waste any of it. She could feel what little had escaped her mouth winding its way down her neck and in between her breasts. Finally he came off of his toes and put his feet firmly on the ground, almost collapsing from the weakness in his knees. He reached down with both of his hands, and ran his fingers through her cool, silky hair.

Sinfany stood up, still feeling a tingling in her vaginal opening where he had stretched her just a few minutes before. She ran her hands up under his shirt, gently scraping her nails from the top of his chest, down over his nipples and then down to his stomach. This sensation made Josh’s body shudder, and he felt her belly press up against his softening, but still throbbing cock. She buried her face into his chest, drinking in his wonderful smell, and wrapped her arms around his back. Josh’s hands were now resting on her shoulders, and he gently rubbed the sides of her neck as he looked down at her with a satisfied smile in his eyes.

“Let’s go take a nap.” Sinfany said to him.

“Mmmmmm” was all he could say in reply.

Josh pulled his foot out of the other pant leg, and bent down to pick them up, kissing her belly on the way down. After adjusting them, he put them back on and tucked his shirt in. Sinfany was leaning back on the counter, watching him, still with lust in her eyes. A thought was going through her mind, and she made a decision. Josh was ready, and looked into her eyes.

“I’ll meet you back at the seat”, she said.

“I’ll be waiting” Josh replied and kissed her before leaving the bathroom, quietly closing the door behind him.

Sinfany thought for a moment and then reaffirmed her decision. She wanted so badly to feel him inside her ass, but after sucking on him in the seat, she was afraid he was too big. Now she decided she was going to go for it, her urge was too strong. But this would take some preparation. She reached into her purse, and pulled out a device that had taken some scrutiny during the security check in. It didn’t have any metal parts, so they had let it through, but she had to explain to the security personnel that it was for medical reasons. It was in fact an inflatable butt plug, and she used it often to prepare herself for the episodes she looked forward to so much.

Mikhail, her coworker stationed in the Moscow branch of her firm, and her had become fast friends when she first started working there, and their friendship had quickly blossomed into something much more intimate. Sinfany had brought this with her to get ready for their expected encounter, and she was going to use it now to be ready to accept the enormous cock that Josh had so expertly filled her pussy with. It was black rubber, and looked like a miniature lava lamp, with a black tube coming out of it, ending with a bulb, like the ones on the blood pressure testers. She put it in her mouth, covering it with her saliva, and then reached down to rub it between her ass cheeks. Her pussy juices still coated them, and the addition of her saliva made the entry of this tool smooth and easy.

She pushed out, relaxing her rectal muscles, and slowly applied upward pressure to the base of the plug. It slid into her ass with ease, and she gasped as it past the thick part, and her ass seemed to suck it in the rest of the way. Only the small base was outside of her now. She reached down and picked up her pants, pulling the legs right side out and slipping them on, feeding the black tube through her ass crack like a thong, and ending at the top of her waistline. She put her shoes back on and briefly fixed her hair in the mirror. Slipping her shoes on, she opened the door of the bathroom and quietly slid out. She was not a self-conscience woman, but she found herself shyly glancing about to see if anyone on the plane had surmised about their activities in the bathroom. No one apparently had, as she couldn’t see any eyes looking at her as she made her way back to her seat. Josh sat there, his hands in his lap and his head leaned back against the seat, watching her come down the aisle through smiling, half closed eyes. He stood up when she got to him, and she slid past, facing him.

Her nipples rubbed against his chest as she moved by, causing her to tingle. Josh sat back down, and Sinfany sat down sideways next to him, and then lay back, putting her head in his lap. Josh draped the blanket across her, and ran his fingers through her hair. It was so smooth, the sensation of her hair between his fingers was as relaxing to him as it was to her. He checked his watch, they had 7 hours to go. He found himself actually wishing this flight would be longer, and quietly smiled as he remembered just a few hours earlier, when he had dreaded how long he was going to have to sit on this plane. He leaned his head back and drifted off to sleep. Sinfany reached around to her back and squeezed the pump four times, feeling her anus stretch with each squeeze. She closed her eyes, with a calm smile on her face, and drifted off in to a deep sleep, filled with anticipation.

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