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At The Beach

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There had been quite a group of them there together when they first hit the beach. It had been a hot day and it seemed that everyone they knew had decided to spend it on the beach. With the cool change most people had packed up and gone. Even the surf had died down.

There was still a little group of friends there. There was only a few of them now and they were the last. Once they were gone the beach would be deserted.

It was Charlotte who started things rolling. Charlotte was what you would call a late bloomer. All through her early teens she’d fretted about a lack of a figure, especially that part of the figure she could flaunt in front of the boys. She would see friends with larger breasts than hers and watch how the boys tracked them, eyes glued to bouncing boobs.

And what did Charlotte have? Nada. Nothing. El zippo. It just wasn’t fair. Then during the past winter she had blossomed. In secret, because warm clothes hid the new her. Now the warm weather had come and a newly eighteen year old Charlotte was ready to vamp the boys with her new endowments.

She’d got off to what she considered a good start. She’d had a new bikini and something to put in it for a change and she’d been gloating as she’d trotted around the beach, boobs bouncing and boys watching.

“If we’re going home I’m changing first,” she said, thus ensuring that anyone still there knew she was going to change and would be watching.

Turning her back to the little group Charlotte stripped off her bikini top, tossing it onto her things. Then, one hand nearly covering her breasts she bent down to snatch up her bra and top.

Mark had been watching Charlotte all day, enjoying the way she flaunting her new attributes. He had already decided that he would have to further her education in what they were for. He saw no reason not to start now. He didn’t mind the small audience.

As Charlotte bent to pick up her bra she found her arm caught. Startled she found herself standing and turning, suddenly facing the group topless, her charms not really concealed by the arm draped across the front of them.

“What are you doing?” she squealed, blushing but not really displeased.

“I’m helping you,” drawled Mark. “You really want us to see and admire your breasts so I thought we should get a good look.”

Reaching over he caught Charlotte’s shielding arm and drew it aside, displaying a very nice rack.

“Well, girls?” asked Mark of the other two girls still there. “Has Charlotte blossomed nicely?”

The two other two young ladies looked amused.

“Why, yes, Mark,” said Stella. “She actually looks like a woman now. It’s possible that she’s even reached the stage of shaving. Why don’t you check and see if she does?”

Charlotte, while blushing, hadn’t tried to struggle against Mark. After all, he wasn’t hurting her, just embarrassing her, and the other girls being there would protect her. She assumed that Mark would laugh and let her go in a moment. A little shiver ran through her as she wondered if he’d try to cop a feel before he let her finish dressing.

Hearing Stella’s comment, Charlotte suspected that things might turn out to be a little more complicated than expected. Mark certainly let go of her hands, which flew up to cover her again, but he didn’t try to touch them. Instead he simply took hold of her bikini bottom and ran them down her legs, leaving them around her ankles. Suddenly, Charlotte found herself naked.

This time, Charlotte’s squeal was a bit more frenzied, although she still only embarrassed, not really worried.

“Mark!” she wailed. “You can’t do that.”

“Charlotte!” returned Mark. “I’m going to do an awful lot more than that. You’ve been running around all day practically screaming for someone to take you. Now your wish is coming true.”

To Charlotte’s horror, Mark reached over and cupped her exposed mound and squeezed it.

“It would appear that the answer to your question is yes, Stella,” said Mark with a laugh. “Charlotte has been flaunting her body all day. Now that’s she’s naked, do you think it is fair and reasonable for me to sample the goods?”

Ignoring Charlotte’s protests, Stella seemed to consider the suggestion. She turned to her friend.

“What do you think, Bethany?” she inquired. “Should Mark be allowed to sample the goodies?”

“I think that depends on how far he means to go with his sampling,” drawled Bethany. “Why don’t we just let him have his way and we can tell him to stop if he appears to be going too far.”

“That seems reasonable,” murmured Stella, “but if Mark is going to sample Charlotte’s goodies, turn-about is only right.”

Strolling over to where Mark was holding a wriggling and protesting Charlotte, Stella took hold of Marks bathers and pulled them down.

“Very nice,” she said, taking hold of his erection and admiring it for a moment. “Look, Charlotte, a new toy for you to play with.”

Despite herself, Charlotte looked, gasped and turned her head away.

“All right,” she gasped. “You’ve had your fun. Now let me go.”

In answer, Mark pulled her against him, letting her feel his erection pressing against her.

“The fun’s just beginning,” he announced. “However I will give you one chance to call it off. I’ll let you go and you can choose between running or lying down. Choose wisely, grasshopper, because it’s the only choice you get.”

With that, Mark released his prey. Charlotte wasted no time. She bolted, almost managing a full step before the bikini bottom tangled around her ankles brought itself to her attention. The memory came as a sharp reminder as her top half ran and her legs stayed behind, causing her to pitch forward onto her face.

Charlotte was both relieved and furious when Mark caught her before she crashed down, breaking her fall and letting her settle onto her back.

“OK,” he said, and Charlotte could hear Stella and Bethany giggling in the background. “Now that you’ve decided to lie down the fun can begin.”

Charlotte glared at him. She’d just been suckered and they both knew it. Then she gave a little sigh and relaxed a trifle. Stella and Bethany were there watching. They said they’d stop him if he seemed to be going too far. She was going to get groped no matter what so she might as well relax and enjoy it.

Charlotte had heard a girlfriend refer to her boyfriend as having more arms than an octopus and had wondered at the time what it would be like. Now she was finding out with a vengeance. Mark’s hands seemed to be everywhere.

One moment he would be caressing her face, trailing a finger along her lips, tantalising her. The next second a finger was lightly scratching her lips, but they were a completely different set of lips. He would be kissing her while hands held and squeezed her bottom, then his mouth would have dropped to her breasts, sucking on a nipple while his hands had somehow jumped to her mound and would be massaging it.

His hands petted and coaxed, exploring her thoroughly, while his mouth seemed to follow everywhere his fingers went. The first time she felt his tongue slip between her lips she almost bucked him off in shock, and then found herself writhing as his tongue played havoc inside her.

Of its own accord, her hand had closed around his erection, feeling it, enjoying the size, heat and hardness of it. She loved the way Mark would groan when she squeezed it.

Charlotte was having some fun and she felt secure. Stella and Bethany were still watching out for her. Things would only go so far before they called stop, so she would enjoy it while she could.

It came somewhat of a surprise when Mark’s mouth covered hers and she found his cock was enthusiastically entering her. She gave a squeal of pain as her hymen was broken, her yell being muffled by Mark’s mouth. She squealed and wriggled even more, her feet kicking in the air as Mark pushed into her, her passage well lubricated from the foreplay, eager and able to receive him.

Her mouth covered by Mark’s kiss, Charlotte found herself unable to register any protest. Not that her attempts to stop him lasted long, his cock making short work of any remaining inhibitions. As Mark drove into her, Charlotte’s squirming and wriggling slowly changed to a tentative pushing back against his thrusts, then as the sensation coming from her loins intensified she settled down to an eager partnership, thrusting up to meet every lunge.

Charlotte’s legs ceased their frantic kicking and settled around Mark’s waist, holding him tight as he rode her, relishing the movement of his erection inside her.

Vaguely Charlotte wondered why Stella and Bethany had not intervened. So much for them saying they would make sure Mark didn’t go too far. Too late now, of course, and Charlotte applied herself with a will, determined to make the most of her fall from grace.

Mark drove into Charlotte, relishing her eagerness for his loving, enjoying both her body and her surrender. He rode her hard, feeling her pushing up to meet him. His hands were on her breasts, kneading them, feeling there softness and rolling the hard nubs of her nipples under his thumbs. And all the time his mouth ravaged her, their tongues duelling.

Slowly, Mark’s speed increased. He could feel Charlotte tensing under him, her muscles tightening as he eased her towards her climax. His own climax was approaching and Mark thundered in even harder, wanting to both give and receive that touch of ecstasy.

He felt Charlotte’s sudden surge under him, felt her scream into his mouth, and Mark released within her the seed she was reaching for. He felt her muscles contracting, holding him, taking her fill of him.

Lying on the sand afterwards, Charlotte turned baleful eyes upon Stella and Bethany.

“I thought you said you were going to watch him and make sure he didn’t go too far,” she pointed out.

“We did,” said Bethany, smiling blandly. “We watched everything and it was quite an education. As for going too far, you didn’t protest at any stage. Naturally we would have stopped him if you’d started to protest, but you seemed to be enjoying yourself so we just let you go.”

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