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Swinging Parents

Category: Incest
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Bill and Karen have been a couple for 20 years. They are now 44 years old and have a 19 year old son named Dave. Bill and Karen are very sexually active and adventurous. They are willing to try a lot of things. They have tried things from anal, to swinging with their best friends Bob and Judy, to even light bondage.

Bill and Karen spend a lot of times reading erotic stories online. Recently they have been extremely interested in incest.

“It’s just so taboo,” Karen would say as the two of them masturbated each other while reading incest stories. “It just seems so hot and erotic.” They have discussed including Dave in their sexual acts, but most of the time, it was just talk. It got them both high and made good dirty talk during sex, causing them to both have explosive orgasms.

One night while Bill was slamming his cock into his wife, they were both talking dirty.

“Fuck me Bill with that hard cock of yours,” Karen moaned.

“Yeah, I’m fucking your tight pussy,” Bill groaned. He then had an idea. “Karen imagine I’m Dave.” Karen’s eyes lit up and she gave a lusty grin.

“Oh baby, fuck mommy’s pussy,” she groaned. “Bone me with your young hard prick.”

Bill was pounding her faster now as her dirty talk heightened his arousal. He felt his balls churning with the need to release cum. His cock twitched inside her and it swelled up. He held back as long as he could.

Karen could feel his cock swelling and knew too well that he was going to spunk soon.

“Cum for mommy,” Karen moaned. “Cum for me baby. Make mommy pregnant with your cum.” the thought of his son pumping his load into his wife was too much and he released a torrent of cum inside Karen.

Bill collapsed on top of Karen after he recovered from his intense orgasm.

“Baby, that was one of the best orgasms ever,” Bill panted as he lay on Karen.

“I know. I could see,” Karen replied. “Judging by how much cum you left inside me, you must have came hard and long.”

“Yes, and it was all because of you talking dirty about Dave fucking you,” Bill said. He suddenly had another bright idea.

“Karen darling, we’ve been talking about incest for so long but we’ve never tried it,” he said.

“I know dear,” Karen said. “It seems so exciting, but it’s also wrong.”

“Why don’t we get Dave involved?” Bill said almost excitedly. Karen sat up and thought about it.

“It’s wrong isn’t it?” Karen said. “What would people think? Won’t we go to jail?”

“Karen darling, who cares what people think, and besides, who is going to know?”

Karen a very sexual person. The idea of engaging in a taboo thing such as incest was her latest fantasy. She thought of it for a moment then smiled. Dave was a good strong young man. He was on the swim team but extremely shy, so he didn’t go on dates nor have girlfriends.

“I guess it would be good,” Karen said slowly.

“Yeah?” Bill asked excitedly.

“Yeah. I mean Dave’s a shy boy and I guess it’s my duty as his mother to help him out with the ladies. I guess we can teach him a few trick,” Karen said grinning.

“Then it’s settled then,” Bill said. “Dave and I are going to fuck you.”

Karen and Bill were very excited in including Dave in their sexual acts. It got them hot and bothered and left them perpetually horny. The only problem was whether Dave was willing to join them. Bill suggested that Karen give slight hints by dressing more provocatively and teasing him so as to get him interested in fucking his mother.

Bill and Karen would sometimes have sex with their door open slightly. They would be very vocal and this would attract their horny soon to the door for a peek. They knew he watched but pretended not to notice. Karen would also leave the bathroom door unlocked when she was showering or using it, and many times Dave would walk in her naked or changing. Dave was getting more and more aroused and he thought about fucking his mother everyday.

One morning, Karen wore nothing but her robe. All three of them were in the kitchen eating breakfast. Dave had finished his plate of pancakes and Karen was going to give him more. She carefully stood in front of him.

“More pancakes sweetie?” she asked sweetly.

“Thanks mom,” Dave said happily. The pancakes were great. Karen bent forward and slowly pushed the pancakes off the pan and onto his plate. By bending over and not wearing a bra, Dave had a full view of her tits down her robe. The robe was loosely tied so when she bent over, he could see everything, including her big brown erect nipples. He felt an erection in his boxers, which he only wore with a gym t-shirt.

He had fantasized about his mother before. She was a hot MILF he thought. She was 44 with a nice hour glass figure. She had nice 34C tits. He knew this as he had checked out her bra in the laundry basket. He used her panties to jerk off many times. Her tits were firm. She was 5 ft 7 with nice shoulder length blonde hair and brown eyes. She also had a nice round ass which sagged a bit due to her age but was otherwise better than most middle aged women.

Dave just stared down her robe. He just wanted to reach in a grab one. She then stood up and walked back to the stove. He snapped out of his fantasy and began eating. Karen went to stand behind her son.

“How are those pancakes sweetie?” she asked.

“Great mom,” he said with a mouthful. She leaned down and hugged him from behind, her tits pressing against his head. She smelt very nice and it was driving him crazy.

Karen noticed that her son was having an erection. It looked nice under his boxers. After that, Karen kept teasing Dave. It happened for two weeks.

“I think he really wants to fuck you dear,” Bill said after they had sex.

‘I know,” Karen replied.

“He keeps looking at you lustfully. I know he wants to slip his cock in you,” Bill said.

“I’m getting tired. I want to fuck him so badly,” Karen complained.

Bill was tired of waiting too. He really wanted this to progress. He thought for a minute. Tomorrow they would be going to a barbeque and there would be a lot of alcohol. Karen and Bill allowed Dave to drink as long as he was responsible.

Being young and all, Dave did drink quite a bit. He was high but not even close to drunk. Bill and Karen used this to their advantage. On the ride home, Karen sat at the back with Dave. She hugged him and let him rest his head on her tits. She kept rubbing his sides and back. Then she placed her hand on his lap, near his now hardening cock.

Dave could was getting aroused at the feeling of his hot mother touching him. The softness of her tits and the gentleness of her hand near his crotch was very exciting. She looked very hot indeed. She was wearing a black dress that was very short. It was above her knees and exposed a lot of her gorgeous legs. The dress also showed off a lot of her back and skin, making her extra sexy.

Karen tried to up the level of teasing and ‘accidently’ grazed her hand over the bulge in his shorts. Dave groaned at the feeling of Karen’s hand on his erection. Karen tried it again but this time left her hand there longer. She received a soft but satisfying groan from her son. Karen repeated this many times, each time leaving her hand there longer until she rested on his dick. She gave it a playful squeeze and Dave almost jerked with surprised and excitement.

“Was his mother very interested in what he had in his shorts?” Dave thought. Dave wanted Karen very badly. He couldn’t stop looking at her at the barbeque. The dress was extremely sexy and she was wearing high heels making her even more enticing. For the past week, she has been dressing scantily and bending down a lot more to show off her cleavage and provide him with perfect down blouse views.

“I want to fuck her so badly,” he thought. The alcohol was dissipating his moral obligations. He didn’t care if it was his mother. Karen decided to things further.

“Dave, sweetie, you seem very uncomfortable there,” Karen said almost innocently. “Those jeans look too tight. Maybe we should loosen it up for you.” Dave was very surprised then to see and feel his mother suddenly unzipping his jeans and pulling it down to his knees. He was now in his boxers and there was a visible tent in his shots.

“Look dear,” Karen said to Bill. Bill gave several quick glances from the front while he drove. “Your son’s has a nice thick prick here.” Dave indeed had a nice package. He was around 6 and a half inches long but thicker than normal men. Karen noticed a wet sticky spot at the tip of the bulge. She bent down and licked it, tasting precum.

“Oh shit mom,” Dave groaned as he felt his mom lick the tip of his cock through his boxers. No one had ever done that before. Karen used her lips to bite the bulge in his shorts. He felt thick. Dave was groaning again as his mom slipped a hand down his boxers. She could feel how warm and hard his cock was and it was getting a bit wet and sticky from his precum.

Karen quickly pulled down his boxers to free Dave’s hard cock. It had been years since she had seen his dick. It was now bigger, like how a man’s cock should be like. She was getting wetter with the sight of Dave’s cock. She stroked it gently, letting his foreskin peal back and over the swollen purple spongy head of his cock, with every down stroke.

There was a drop of clear precum on the tip of his dick, right at his piss slit. Karen stuck out her tongue, bent down and licked it off.

“Oh shit mom,” Dave moaned as he felt his mother’s tongue on his cock. “Suck my cock.”

Karen was excited at his words. She formed an ‘O’ shape with her mouth pushed her face down, forcing Dave’s cock to penetrate her mouth. She let her soft lips slide down his shaft, her tongue licking his nice meaty pole. She tasted the salty precum Dave was producing. His balls were full and round. She then noticed that Dave shaved his cock as there was almost no hair, only stubs of it at the base of his shaft.

She cupped his aching balls with her hand and massaged it, feeling the warmth of his sack.

“Judging by how warm his cock and balls are, he must have a lot of warm cum inside him that he needs to shoot out,” she thought. She took Dave’s hand and placed it down her dress. Dave was excited as he felt his mother’s tits for the first time in his hands. They were more than a handful and very soft.

Dave kept pinching his mother’s hard nipples as she slowly sucked him off. It was an incredible feeling for Dave as he was receiving his first blowjob. It was more incredible to get it from his hot MILF mother.

Bill was watching excitedly as he drove. He kept stealing glances, by turning back frequently as he drove. When he wasn’t turning back, he used the rear view mirror to catch the action. Dave was leaning back with his eyes closed and his pants and boxers at his knees while his mother was giving him his first blowjob as he played with her nice tits.

Bill was feeling the tightness of his pants as he soon had an erection. He needed to get in on the action. Lucky for him, he was pulling into the garage.

“We’re here everyone,” Bill said happily. He parked the car, and closed the garage door. He now saw his wife sucking and licking his son’s testicles.

“Come on son,” Bill said as he opened the car door. “Let’s continue this inside.” Karen let go of Dave’s cock much to his disappointment. Dave groaned as he felt his mom’s mouth releasing his cock. He then felt her grab him by his dick and was forced out the car.

“Let’s get inside sweetie,” Karen said. She had pulled down her dress so her tits were hanging out. They were gorgeous. They were round soft and there were big pink puffy nipples, the size of dollar coins. Dave wanted to suck them.

The three off them rushed upstairs, shedding their clothes. Dave, Karen and Bill were now naked and on Bill and Karen’s king size bed. Dave then only noticed that he was going to get a blowjob with his father. The thought of it was exciting. He snuck a peak at his naked father. He was a good looking guy, with a slight tummy but otherwise good physique. He had little body hair. Dave noticed that Bill’s dick was almost like his, except that it was longer a bit but thinner. It too was uncut and dripping precum.

Dave and Bill were on their knees, their cocks sticking out proudly. Karen laid down naked between them, their dicks at her face. She was very hot. Her tummy had only a slight roundness to it and her pussy had a nice looking trimmed bush. Karen grabbed their cocks in either hand and jerked them off slowly. She rested on a few pillows causing her upper body to be elevated so that the men’s pricks were at her face level.

Karen turned to her right and sucked on Dave while she jerked Bill off.

“Oh shit mom, suck my cock,” Dave moaned. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his mom’s tongue flicking his sensitive cock head.

“Suck his dick Karen,” Bill encouraged. “Suck it good. Show him how good a blowjob from his mother is.”

“Fuck dad, do you always get your dick sucked like this?” Dave asked.

“Fuck yeah son,” Bill groaned as he felt his wife sucking him off now.

The sucking continued for a few minutes. Karen alternated sucks between them. As Dave was still a virgin, he was very excited and ready to bust a nut soon. She teased him by bringing him to the edge. When his breathing grew stronger, she let go and let him recover. Dave’s balls ached with the need to cum.

Karen started to suck his dick but he pulled away.

“Mom, I need to cum so badly. I want this to last,” he said.

“Just cum when you feel like it dear. I want you ready to get your first fuck and I don’t want you to shoot too fast,” Karen said. He nodded. She started giving Bill a good suck. He head was bobbing up and down his shaft. She cupped his balls and massaged them, making him grow near.

“My turn mommy,” Dave groaned. Karen let go of Bill’s prick and turned back to her son. She engulfed his prick with her mouth and started sucking hard and fast.

“Fuck her mouth son,” Bill encouraged. “Go on. She won’t gag.” Dave was excited. He leaned forward and rested on his knees, as if in a type of push up position. He started to thrust his hips and fuck her mouth, shoving his cock deeper into her throat.

Karen had sucked off Bill’s longer dick thousands of times so she was very experienced at taking deep throats. Dave was pushing his dick deep into his mother’s mouth. He fucked her a good minute then pulled out. Bill automatically took his place and started to fuck his wife’s mouth. Dave was left feeling her tits and jerking off.

“Eat her pussy son,” Bill told him. “She loves being licked out.” Dave had read and watched videos of guys and girls eating pussy and had really wanted to try it. Bill pulled out and let Karen sit up. Dave then laid down and she straddled his face with her pussy at his mouth. Karen faced Dave’s feet and bent down so that she could suck her son’s cock. She started to slowly jack him off, licking his shaft and piss slit and sucking up any precum that was seeping out.

Dave first toyed with his mother’s hairy pussy. The lips were covered in a thin wispy forest of blonde hair which was trimmed very neatly. It was very thick but the sight of it made him really horny. He loved hairy pussies. He slowly stuck a finger into his mother’s cunt. He spread open the lips to reveal the pink hole. She wasn’t as tight as he thought, but how would he know. He was a virgin.

“This is where I came from, 19 years ago,” Dave thought. Her pussy was dripping warm pussy juices onto his face, coating his nose, mouth and tongue. It was very strong and musky but he liked it.

“I’m eating my mother,” he thought excitedly. He slowly erected his tongue and stuck it into her cunt hole, tasting more of her juices which spilled into his hungry mouth.

Dave licked the thick swollen lips of his mother’s vagina. He reached up and grabbed her ass and pushed her onto his face, burring his chin in the bush patch above her labia. He used his lips to bite her pussy lips and he started furiously darting his tongue inside her.

“Oh fuck Bill,” Karen moaned. “Dave’s eating my pussy. My son’s eating my pussy!”

“Fuck yeah he is,” Bill cheered. “Eat that fucking cunt boy!” He was jacking off his cock while the two of them were in a sixty nine.

Bill was missing all the action. His son was getting blown and his wife was getting her pussy licked. He wanted some action too. He got between his son’s legs and stuck his cock right in front of Karen. He grabbed the sides of her head and slowly pulled her off his cock.

“Suck me too,” he grunted. “Suck both of us.” She didn’t need to think twice. She jerked both of them off slowly first and then slowly lowered her mouth to Dave’s cock. When she got the head in, she took Bill’s dick and pushed into the space of her mouth. Her mouth was now stretched.

Bill and Dave groaned as they felt their cocks rubbing against each other inside Karen’s hot wet expert mouth. They could feel Karen’s tongue licking both they shafts together. Karen was using her hands to massage their balls. Bill reached down and started to play with Karen’s tits, pinching and pulling her nipples. He started to thrust slowly into her mouth as he fucked her filled mouth. Because of Dave’s thick pole, it made it harder to slide his dick inside, but the tightness was amazing.

Meanwhile, Dave was furiously darting his tongue in and out of his mother’s cunt. He used two fingers to fuck her pussy too, spreading and opening up the hole. He then found a little swollen nub hidden in a hood of flesh.

“This is mom’s clit,” he thought excitedly. He flicked his tongue over it, sending shocks of pleasure through out out Karen’s body.

“Oh fuck,” she grunted with a mouthful of cocks. Bill continued licking and sucking her clit and fingering her pussy while Bill squeezed her tits and pinched on her large nipples. Within a minute she was shaking and her vagina burst with pleasure as it exploded on Dave’s face. She stopped sucking on the men’s dicks and screamed in ecstasy. As her mouth was full, a lot of saliva was produced and it dripped onto their shafts and balls.

Bill couldn’t take it as her screams send a vibrating sensation on his cock. He tried fucking her mouth and only succeeded to slide it in and out a few times and soon he busted a nut. He shot thick white cream into Karen’s mouth, shooting it over his son’s shaft. Dave groaned as he felt his father’s warm jizz covering his hard pole. The feeling of it sent him over the edge and he started creaming too.

“Oh fuck!” Bill screamed.

“Fuck yeah dad,” Dave shouted into Karen’s exploding pussy. “Fill her mouth.”

“Yeah. Let’s choke her with our cum boy!” Dave was in so much pleasure as he too was thrusting in and out of his mother’s mouth. With the constant shots of cum in her mouth, it made it easier to thrust as their slimy sperm covered dicks slid over each other.

After about 8 shots each, both men felt their balls stop pulsating and they knew their orgasm had ended. Karen was in continuous bliss as she was enjoying a string of orgasms. Dave was a natural born pussy licker and had continued sucking her very sensitive clit through out all their orgasms, causing her to explode again. A minute later, their dicks popped out of Karen’s mouth.

They had shot a lot of cum and a lot of it spilled onto Dave’s balls. He didn’t care though as he was extremely horny and was still relishing the fact that he had came in his mother’s mouth.

Bill was stroking his cock keeping his dick alive. Dave being young still had a very hard cock standing. He sat up and watched his mother swallow their loads. Some of it spilled on her chin. It flowed down her neck and onto her chin.

“That’s fucking hot,” Dave said. He watched as his mother rubbed the cum onto her large breasts.

“Have you ever fucked before boy?” Bill asked.

“No dad,” Dave asked.

“Well then you’re in for a treat, because we want you to fuck your mother here,” Bill replied. Dave locked at his mother with shock.

“I want that hard cock in me,” Karen said crawling to him. “But first let me clean you up.”

Dave was sitting on the bed with his ass resting on the heels of his feet. His young prick stood out proudly. Dana got on all fours and got in front of him, lowering her cock hungry mouth to his dick. She lifted and pushed his dick to his body as she licked the shaft and cleaned off the cum from his hairless round balls.

Dave was groaning as he felt his mom’s tongue cleaning his knob off, meanwhile Bill got behind her and was stroking his now erect cock along the slit of her very wet pussy. He teased her and then pushed forward, letting his dick slip through the folds of her pussy. He grabbed her hips for stability and started to penetrate her, sliding his long slick pole in and out of her hot pussy.

Dave was now cleaned off and was getting a nice long blowjob from his mother. As Bill slid into her cunt, he pulled her into him causing Dave’s cock to slip out of her mouth, only leaving the head inside. When Bill slid out of her cunt, he pushed her away, allowing Karen to burry her son’s dick deep into her mouth. She was rubbing and playing with Dave’s cum filled balls as she got fucked. Dave reached down for his mother’s tits and he started to pinch and play with her nipples.

Bill was now fucking her faster. He reached down and started to tickle Karen’s sensitive clit. She was groaning into Dave’s prick. Bill started fucking her faster. He was giving it all and was pounding her 3 strokes a second. His saggy balls were now slapping against her engorged clit as he rubbed it. There was a loud smacking sound as his belly slapped against her round ass.

It was too difficult for Karen to blow her son so instead she pulled his dick out of her mouth and jerked him off. She buried her face into his thighs and sucked on his balls as she screamed.

“FUCK ME!!!” she screamed into his cum filled nuts. “FUCK THAT PUSSY LIKE YOU MEAN IT YOU FUCKING BASTERD!!!”

Within minutes, Karen’s body started to quiver as she was approaching an orgasm. She shook and screamed as she exploded.

“DON’T FUCKING STOP! KEEP FUCKING MY PUSSY!!!” she shouted into the bed. She stopped jerking her son off. Dave reached down and continued playing with her tits, pulling her erect nipples.

“I’M CUMMING… FUCK I’M CUMMING!!!” Karen yelled. Her pussy tightened and she exploded over Bill’s dick. She creamed all over his lap and onto the sheets and it was almost too much for Bill. He pulled out and replaced his cock with his fingers as he finished his wife off. He managed not to cum.

Karen collapsed onto the bed, the sheets around her thighs stained with a large patch of pussy juice. The room smelled of sex and it was getting Dave very high. Karen was all sweaty and breathing irregularly as she recovered from her climax.

“Come fuck your mother boy,” Bill said as he stroked himself slowly. The men switched places.

Dave bent forward and spread his mother’s ass cheeks apart to find her very wet pussy. He licked it and Karen shuddered as she was really sensitive. He loved the taste of his mother. After licking and cleaning her off, he quickly flipped her over. He rubbed his cock along the slit of Karen’s pussy, lubing up the head of his cock. He leaned forward and pushed forward.

“Oh fuck,” Karen groaned. “Stick that fat cock of yours sweetie. Stretch out your mother’s pussy.”

Dave’s cock although barely 6 and half inches long was much thicker than a normal man’s prick. He was splitting Karen apart as he slid his slimy prick into his mother. He pushed all the way, enjoying the feeling of his first pussy and the swollen lips wrapped around his shaft. It felt warm and velvety inside and he kept sliding in until his balls rested against her ass.

He was inside his mother. His long fantasy had come true. He stayed there very still relishing his first vagina.

“Fuck her boy,” Bill said as he kneeled on Karen’s right with his dick at her face. He was slapping her face with his long pole, allowing precum to splash about her face.

Dave snapped out of his dream and started to pull back slightly. He pulled back until only the head was inside. Then he thrust back in hard and fast. Once his pelvis slammed against his mothers, Karen let out a huge groan as she felt his fat cock splitting her apart.

“Oh fuck!” she groaned. “Your dick’s so much thicker than your father. It’s splitting me apart. Come on Dave. Fuck mommy.”

Dave gave her long hard penetrations for a few minutes. He leaned forward, resting on his knees. He then rested himself on the heels of his feet and lifted his mother’s right leg up to rest on his shoulder. He had seen this in a porno many times and he read that it allowed for deeper penetration. He then leaned forward and grabbed her left tit and started pounding his mother.

“Fuck Bill,” Karen screamed as she was enjoying the incestuous session. “Dave’s fucking me. Your son is fucking his mother.”

“Oh this is fucking hot,” Bill said. He then got of the bed and came back with a video camera. He switched it on and videoed the two of them fucking. He took all kinds of angles. First he stood up and got a top view of them fucking. He saw threw the screen how her tits bounced as Dave pounded her. He then got behind them and zoomed into where the action was taking place. He zoomed into the part where Dave’s cock was sliding in and out of her pussy.

Bill recorded and relished how Dave’s thick cock split Karen’s pussy and was ramming itself into her. He watched as Dave slid out and then ram back in, causing some juices to splash out. He watched as his heavy balls slapped furiously against her ass. The sight was very arousing. He mounted the camera and got back in.

Bill was now getting his knob sucked off. He kept squeezing and massaging Karen’s tits as it flopped about crazily. Dave found her clit buried in her hair and started stroking in.

“Fuck,” she cried. “Rub my clit… Make mommy cum…Yeah…”

Karen started to squirm. Dave was nearing his end.

“Mom I need to shoot,” he shouted.

“Cum in her pussy!” Bill shouted. He was jerking off, trying to time his climax with his son’s.

“Fucking cum in your mother’s pussy sweetie,” Karen yelled. “Fill your mommy up.” She was nearing her orgasm too.

Karen came first. She exploded over Dave’s young prick, spraying her juices over his dick and stomach as her husband pulled on her erect nipples. The feeling of his mother’s pussy climaxing on his pole was too much and he shot off inside her. He fired of large thick ropes of jizz inside his mother,

“I’m cumming mom,” he yelled as he grabbed and squeezed a tit.

“Bill, look at your son cumming in his mother!” Karen cried.

The sight of mother and son climaxing together was too much and Bill sprayed his thick load over his wife’s face and tits, covering her in a thick glaze of white sticky cream.

“Shit!” he shouted. He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes and moaned. The room was filled with moans, groans and screams of pleasure.

Dave and Bill finished cumming at almost the same time. Dave pulled his softening dick as Karen ended her long intense climax. She was heaving and her body was drenched with perspiration. Fucking her son had made her cum so hard. Bill was squeezing out the last few drops of cum from his cock.

“Clean my dick mom,” Dave said as he crawled to her face. Karen licked off any juices that were coating his cock. She could taste herself and her son and she loved it. Dave’s cock twitched as he felt her licking him. His cock was super sensitive. The three off them were now lying on the bed, with Karen between the men. She was making out with Bill as Dave spread the cum on her tits all over her chest. He was stroking her sensitive pussy very lightly as he hugged his mother.

Dave was in eternal bliss. He had just lost his virginity to his beautiful mother. He waited for the guilt to sink in but it never came.

“So how was your first fuck Dave?” Bill asked.

“Fucking awesome,” Dave replied happily. Karen turned over and started making out with her son.

“You were so good honey,” she moaned between kisses. “I can’t believe my little boy is a man.”

Dave couldn’t believe it too. He was indeed now a man.

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