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Finger Lickin Good

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My lessons had been going very well with Ms. Candy for quite some time. My skills “tickling the ivories” had even improved somewhat too. Good thing too, because my mother was always very interested to hear how I was doing with the piano lessons.

Ms. Candy was going to be touring Europe for a month. Being a kind soul, she had arranged for her sister, Ms. Honey, to give me lessons in her absence. On the way over to her house, I couldn’t help but wonder how much Ms. Honey would be like her sister.

Ms. Candy had given me no idea at all, other than to say I’d learn a lot from Ms. Honey.

Arriving at her house, I walked up to the door and rang the bell. When Ms. Honey opened the door, I looked, and gulped. There, in the doorway stood one of the most delicious babes I’d ever seen. She stood there in a light, blue, sheer nighty. Her hair flowed down over smooth, creamy-white shoulders.

“Why hello dumplin, nice to meet you finally,” she said with a huge smile on her face.

“Nice to meet you too, Ms. Honey,” I replied sheepishly.

As she stepped to one side to let me in, my eyes remain fixed on her. They roamed down her lovely neck to the flaring start of her scrumptious boobs that seemed to call to me. Topping them were large areola with protruding nipples. While Ms. Honey wasn’t as voluptuous as Ms. Candy, she was really built and quite fit with fabulous boobs.

Taking a good long look at them, I thought to myself, ‘Hmmm no doubt about it, 36DD, fabulous!’

I stepped into the living room, and watched her as she made her way to the bar. Her thin waist flared to hips that seductively shifted from side to side as she walked. Her thighs were muscular and she had shapely calves. She moved to the bar and opened a couple of beers.

“Here you go dumplin,” she said, handing me the drink, “now lets go sit over here and talk about your lessons.”

Ms. Honey and I moved to the couch. She proceeded to tell me about her musical background and experience in a totally professional fashion. She said she had talked to Ms. Candy at length about me. She knew exactly how much I’d already learned from Ms. Candy and told me what she intended for me to accomplish in the ensuing month.

I had the hardest time trying to listen to her, without my gaze dropping to her heaving boobs. She made no mention of her attire or anything else the least bit sexual, despite the fact that her breathing had increased which only served to cause her boobs to move up and down.

We finished our drinks and Ms. Honey took the glass from me and set them both down on the coffee table. She slid over close to me, putting her hand on my chest.

As she looked me over, she said, “So, you’re the young stallion I’ve have heard so much about, huh?”

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” I replied. I sat there thinking, ‘God, she smells so good!’

“Well, I do,” she said with a sexy smile. ” I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for some time now. Remember, Ms. Candy has told me everything about you. And I do mean everything!”

With that, Ms. Honey slid next to me, placed her left hand behind my head, and planted her lips against mine. We kissed softly for a minute. After moving her mouth away an inch or so, she came back towards me, this time opening her mouth wide and slipping a snakelike tongue inside my mouth as if she were searching for my tonsils.

The kiss became hotter and our tongues lashed back and forth at one another. I could feel her magnificent mammaries against my chest. Ms. Honey slid her right hand down my stomach and unzipped my shorts. I felt her hand slip inside and pull out my already turgid cock. She wrapped her hand around it and slowly jerked it.

Pulling away from me, she looked down at my cock. She gave it two good pulls, saw it grow even bigger in her hand, and exclaimed, “Oh, yes, dumplin! Ms. Honey’s going to do a number on this lovely cock!”

She kissed me again more passionately this time, and Ms. Honey’s hand slid down further until her fingers and palm began rubbing my balls.

“Oh my God! You’ve got the biggest balls, dumplin!” she said. “I bet you’ve got the mother load there too. That’s a lot of unnecessary weight for you to carry around. I know it must be bothering you, but now don’t worry one bit because Ms. Honey is going to empty them for you!”

She moved away from me and, grabbed my hand, and said, “C’mon, let’s go into the bedroom where we can get your lessons started!”

We hurriedly made our way into Ms. Honey’s big bedroom. As Ms. Honey went into the bathroom, I stripped and got on the bed, which, I noticed, was already set up with the strategic placement of pillows for my body.

I lay on the bed; my head propped up with a couple of pillows running parallel with my body, and, a couple of pillows directly under the small of my back. I was so hot, thinking about Ms. Honey’s big boobs I began jerking my cock.

I thought to myself, ‘Whew! I’m so horny I can hardly wait! I sure hope she sucks my cock!’

At that, my head turned as I looked at Ms. Honey coming out of the bathroom. She had removed her nightgown. I kept jacking my cock as she came up to the foot of the bed.

“Mmmmm,” she said, “that looks delicious!”

Very sexily and without taking her eyes off of me, she placed her hands on her hips and slowly started moving them along her sides to her big boobs. She cupped them as best she could, but their size made them overflow her hands. She slowly spread them apart and carefully rolled them around in circles. She leaned forward a little, and, with her hands back at the sides, she slowly began pressing them together.

“Keep jacking that cock dumplin, I want it nice and hard for me,” she said.

I jerked my cock faster, as I watched her manipulate her bodacious boobs. After putting on a show that had me hard as a rock, I watched Ms. Honey crawl up the bed on her hands and knees. Her boobs swung and Ms. Honey hunched down so they touched the sheets, rubbing her nipples against the cool fabric. She paused there for a few seconds, moving her upper body from side to side so that her nipples grazed across the sheet, obviously enjoying the effect that had on them. She began crawling toward me on her hands and knees, now staring intently at my throbbing cock and bloated balls.

“Open those legs real wide, dumplin! Ms. Honey needs lots of room,” she yelled.

I opened my legs to the point I could feel some strain in the inner muscles of my thighs. Ms. Honey continued crawling up to me. She moved between my outstretched legs then slid her knees in under the pillow that my butt was on. She straightened her body from the waist up so that the base of the length of my cock pressed against her stomach. She hunched in and wiggled. I looked up at her and from my angle could now see her boobs hanging over me. She looked at me, smiling, and began slithering her tongue back and forth along her luscious lips.

Grabbing her boobs, she once again spread them apart, at the same time leaning forward so that my cock began to slide between them. She leaned further and further forward, until my cock was pressed against her chest and between her boobs. She bent her head forward and I felt her tongue lash all around the head of my prick. I moaned aloud.

“Oh, yes! Oh, yes! It tastes far better than I had ever dreamed!” she cried.

Again and again, she flipped her tongue from side to side, then in circles, all around the head, stopping occasionally to press her tongue against the tip! Ms. Honey did it again and again as my hips began to move up and down and side to side. She closed her eyes and smacked her lips, moaning.

She looked me in the eyes and said, “Now, dumplin, is that lovely cock and those big balls all ready for Ms. Honey’s boobs? I hope so because Ms. Honey is going to give this scrumptious cock one hell of a tit fucking! Ms. Honey is going to make you cum and I am going to swallow ever last drop! Are you ready for Ms. Honey’s big boobs, and, hot, juicy mouth?”

Shaking from excitement, I sputtered, “Y-y-y-y…. Y-y-yes!”

“OK my lovely stud! Hold on to the bed, here comes mama!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

As I looked on incredulously, I watched Ms. Honey slowly start squeezing her boobs together and a second later, I started to feel the soft, warm, meaty, boob flesh begin to press tightly around my cock until it was completely hidden from sight. I moaned again, much louder this time!

She began moving her upper body slowly up and down, up and down, keeping her boobs wrapped around my cock! I watched Ms. Honey throw her head back as she moaned loudly. She began to pick up the pace of hunching her body up and down, her boobs sliding up and down, wrapped totally around my cock!

I moaned and moaned, pumping my hips up and down a little faster. It seemed we were in rhythm. When my hips went up, Ms. Honey’s body would be hunching down, rubbing her succulent boobs along my cock. As I moved my hips back onto the pillow, she would move up so that only the tip of my cock was still enveloped in those luscious mounds of female flesh.

“Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! Its so good!” I yelled. The feeling was incredible not to mention the sight of my cock fucking those incredibly gorgeous boobs.

“You like that?” she said, “You like Ms. Honey’s boobs squeezing you? Feel good? Filling your balls for me, dumplin?”

“God yessss,” I screamed in reply.

“Now tell me how you like this,” she said.

Ms. Honey took a boob with each hand and began moving them in opposition to one another while holding her body steady! When raising one boob with one hand, she would lower the other while keeping both in close contact with my throbbing cock! Faster and faster, she did this!

She then squeezed her boobs together and started working them up and down in unison while raising and lowering her body. I continued arching my hips up and down, fucking those glorious tits. The feeling drove me wild, as did the sight of my cock totally consumed by her boobs! My cock throbbed and grew harder.

Now Ms. Honey looked down and could see, on my thrust upward, the head of my cock come into view at the top of her cleavage! She leaned down and gave the head a good lick, then straightened up and began working in earnest, applying everything she knew about tit-fucking!

She whipped and rolled and scraped her big boobs against my throbbing cock! Her beautiful body raised and lowered against her heels. One moment she would ride those marvelous mounds up and down along my cock and then, in another, she’d slam her boobs together and release them, only to slap them together again like two loaves of bread wrapped around a link of kielbasa. She continued this onslaught, giving my cock the titular workout of a lifetime!

She shaked and baked and rocked and rolled those boobs every which way but loose. On and on she went, administering excruciating pleasure to my cock by rolling, whipping and waving and pounding those big boobs in every direction along the entire length of my cock!

Looking a t the show she was putting on in disbelief, I glared at Ms. Honey’s boobs in complete awe. My balls began receding against the lower part of my cock! I was real close now!

Ms. Honey knew this also. Holding the ends of her boobs together around my cock with one hand while still continuing to hump her body up and down, she reached under me and began rubbing my huge, cum-filled balls! This babe sure knew her stuff.

I moaned and cried out, “I’m getting’ close! I’m ready to spew!”

Ms. Honey screamed out, “Give me all that delicious juice, dumplin! Shoot it! I want to see you spew!”

That did it! In just a few seconds I hollered, “I’m cumming!”

Immediately, I felt Ms. Honey slide her boobs down, exposing the crimson head of my cock while holding her mouth like a baby bird waiting for its dinner. With the head of my cock poking out from the top of her boobs she continued to rub my balls with one hand. With one final squeeze of her hand, the volcanic eruption began.

The first blast of cum was right on target, spewing directly into Ms. Honey’s luscious mouth. As my cock recoiled to prepare for the second shot, I watched her swallow the first load. A second later, another long, thick load of creamy cum shot into her waiting mouth!

I took her head in my hands and pulled her mouth down onto my throbbing cock just as another blast rocked into the back of her throat. Faster and faster she continued to roll my balls! Faster and faster she swallowed my cum. My balls continued unloading, and she took every drop I could muster. But very soon I noticed her cheeks begin to swell! The immensity of my load was now becoming too much for her!

As if sensing it, she tried, with renewed vigor, to accommodate my massive, unending orgasm without losing any cum! She had never met a load she couldn’t handle and surely wasn’t going to fall victim to this mere boy! She gulped quicker and with more frequency, but her cheeks continued to bulge!

I was nowhere near being through! With just a very slight pause, I continued to spew stream after stream from my boiling cock! Finally, she just couldn’t handle it! The white cream began, at first, oozing then streaming from the corners of her lips, which were pressed against the sides of my cock!

Ms. Honey continued to suck and swallow, doing her best to take it all. Her eyebrows curled toward one another showing her amazement at the voluminous cum I was unleashing and the shock of her inability to take it all! It was indeed the mother load!

My hips bucked upward, time and again, and the infusing of hot cum was so great it induced Ms. Honey to release her boobs and grab my cock with her free hand, taking more of my spurting schlong into her mouth in a vain attempt to plug the leak!

She leaned forward still more, allowing her massive boobs to wrap around my pulsing prick! Despite her failure to take all my cum, she was bent on draining me of every drop! Twenty-five seconds into the climax, my cock continued to buck out spurt after spurt and column after column of cum! More and more was now escaping Ms. Honey’s mouth as jets of it, like a squeezed water hose, began to fly out, landing on her massive boobs, on my stomach, and, running down my sides!

Without letup, she slurped and sucked, and I could see her ruby red lips, now coated with bubbly, foaming cum, working to try and capture what she was losing as well as trying to handle what was in the recesses of her mouth!

Thirty-three seconds into the climax, the amount of sperm shooting into Ms. Honey’s mouth receded quickly in intensity, until my big balls could relinquish no more. But still, Ms. Honey continued to suck and swallow. Finally she was able to move her mouth off my cock. She trailed her lips on down the length of it, slurping and licking up the creamy cum coating my shaft. She licked my stomach and my sides and in every other place she suspected there was still some of that luscious juice she loved to taste.

She reached her arm under her boobs and lifted them up slightly. They were practically covered with cum, looking like two sugar coated mounds of flesh. With her free hand she began using her fingers to scoop up the streams of cum. She would lick every drop off her finger then go back for more. It took her several minutes but she succeeded in consuming every last drop of my formidable orgasmic emissions.

She lay down beside me and said, “I had heard about you from Candy, but, never in my wildest dreams, did I ever imagine it could be like this.”

“Did you really enjoy it, Ms. Honey?” I asked.

“Did I enjoy it? Are you kidding? Does a bear like honey!” she replied.

I turned and looked at Ms. Honey and said, “I tell you what! I’d love to taste that luscious pussy of yours!”

Ms. Honey smiled and responded, “Yeah, I’ve got just the kind of pussy you’ll like, too! The kind with fat lips and a big clit, the kind where you can get your tongue way in deep!”

“Well let me at it!” I said.

“OK dumplin, but, first, I’ll be right back, ok,” she said.

“You better!” I replied.

A few seconds later she came back and found me with my head propped up on a pillow. “Mmmm I see you’re all ready for some pussy!”

“That’s right, Ms. Honey! Lay it on me!” I exclaimed.

“You got it dumplin,” she said.

Ms. Honey crawled up on the bed and swung her leg over my head. I looked up at that heavenly sight and slid my hands and arms up along her legs until I took hold of her butt cheeks. I loved the feel of them in my hand and lightly pulled Ms. Honey down towards my waiting mouth.

As she lowered herself towards me she reached out and grabbed the ends of the pillow beside my head. Ms. Honey lowered herself onto my waiting face while lifting on the pillow, forcing my mouth tightly against her dripping pussy! We both moaned, and Ms. Honey began pumping her hips!

“Mmmm Mmmmm get that tongue busy there now dumplin. Lick my pussy, lick it good,” she screamed.

I loved the feel of Ms. Honey’s rotating, pumping ass cheeks in my hands as I pulled her to me. I opened my mouth wide to give her a great big lick with the flat of my long, wet tongue, all the way from the bottom of her dripping pussy to her clit!

Ms. Honey gave an involuntary flinch at the incredible feeling of my tongue flat-licking her hot pussy! Her hands clasped the pillow tightly and pulled my face even tighter against her luscious pussy as I continued giving her long wet licks along the outer lips of her pussy! I loved the aroma of her and I couldn’t get enough of her as I alternated between flat licks and stabbing the tip of my tongue a couple of inches inside of her wet pussy!

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Lick it up! Lick that pussy! Do me!” Ms. Honey yelled with ecstatic pleasure as she pumped her hips and ass at my face, grinding and mashing her boiling hot pussy against my mouth, lips and tongue!

For the next few moments, I continued licking her this way, making sure she got as hot and wet as possible. With a good grip on her ass cheeks, I backed off an inch or so. I wrapped my lips around her bulging clit and slowly began to pull on it. Ms. Honey’s hips and ass began pumping and rotating faster. I would pull, push back, then pull and push back. I alternated my tongue up and down and side to side across her clit. I could feel it getting harder and this urged me to continue my assault.

“Oh my God, yessss,” she screamed!

Ms. Honey was going crazy, screaming and moaning in sheer ecstasy as I felt an abundance of her hot juice start to glide along my tongue and fill my mouth! Eagerly, I swallowed and swallowed! With wild abandon, her body heaved, shook, and pumped so hard and rapid, I had all I could do to keep her pussy in my mouth. But somehow I kept up with her riding my face, maintaining a firm grip on her beautiful ass cheeks.

After sliding the entire length of my tongue deep inside and rolling it in circles against the walls of her pussy, I would pull my head back, wrapping my lips around her clit, pulling on it. I alternated between pulling on her clit with my lips and sliding my tongue up and down her very wet pussy!

I could feel her clit getting harder and this helped me to suck more of it into my mouth. I continued working her pussy and clit as Ms. Honey bounced and heaved on the bed! The sounds of the bed squeaking and her moans filled the air.

“Oooooohhhh!! Oooh! Oooohhhhhhh! Ooooooooohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!” Ms. Honey screamed out, her body jerked as if hit with a bolt of electricity that began at her toes and ran to the top of her head!

She was now completely lost in the throes of ecstasy as multiple orgasms overwhelmed her hot pussy! I kept swallowing her juice while still sucking and pulling on her clit and pussy.

With my head still on the pillow, Ms. Honey’ could no longer stay upright. Her body fell forward; her legs still spread apart straddling my head, and, her upper body flat against the bed, arms extended and her head to one side on the mattress!

Now Ms. Honey’s ass and hips pumped up and down against my head in extended movements as she literally fucked my face and mouth! Spittle began to roll from Ms. Honey’s mouth as one orgasm after another, in rapid succession, overtook her! I never let up, continuing to ravage the entire outer and inner recesses of her pussy, at the same time, managing to devour her clit with my tongue and lips!

For more than an hour, it continued, her body spasming in an almost constant orgasm. I thought Ms. Honey would pass out at any moment. After 46 incredible cums, Ms. Honey had no more cum to call on, but for fifteen more minutes, I continued to lick and suck her.

She lay there on her back completely satisfied! After a few seconds, she moved up alongside of me. We lay there together for a few minutes.

“I’m ready for action again Ms. Honey,” I said as I sat up pointing to my hardening cock.

I crawled on top of her, straddling her waist. I filled my hands with her big boobs and rubbed and rubbed them, pausing only to tease her nipples. Ms. Honey lay there moaning!

I bent forward, and lightly ran my tongue against and around her big areola! I took her nipples in my mouth and sucked them. I would flick them gently with my tongue like a butterfly before resuming my sucking. I just couldn’t leave them alone! Sometimes I would fill my mouth to the brim with her boob while continuing to rub her other one with my hand!

I rolled over on my back, carrying Ms. Honey with me so that she was now on top!

“Feed it to me, Ms. Honey!” I exclaimed.

Sitting with her legs around me, she grabbed one of her boobs with both hands and slowly bent forward directing her tit to my waiting mouth. Now with my mouth wide open, I played the baby bird, waiting for nourishment. Finally I felt her nipple and engulfed it with my lips and mouth!

“Oh, yes, dumplin! Eat it up! Suck my nipple! Suck it hard!” she exclaimed as she threw her head back; her long hair falling down her shoulders and back!

I sucked and sucked; slurping at her nipple while rubbing the other big, boob! After a few minutes of this, I reached down and grabbed my now hard cock and began sliding the head into Ms. Honey’s pussy! Finding the entrance to her pussy, I arched my hips upward and eased my cock inside her.

“Oh you, yeahhhhh!!” she hollered! “Fuck me, dumplin! Fuck me good and hard! Give me that big hard cock!”

I gasped at her ability to be able to pucker her outer lips, virtually grabbing my cock, pulling it in, and, milking it! I loved the feel of Ms. Honey’s tight pussy as it squeezed my cock! She began riding me, her hips and ass moving round and round and back and forth.

Ms. Honey pulled her boob from my mouth. “Work on this one for me dumplin,” she said. She grabbed the other boob and fed it to me!

She lowered her upper body atop mine, covering me and almost suffocating me with her boobs. Then in pile driver fashion, she began to slam her pussy down onto my cock. She raised up slowly until only the head of my cock was still inside her pussy, then she would free-fall driving my cock against the back of her pussy. The bed shook as her hips pistoned up and down, driving my cock in and out of her pussy.

While continuing to ride my throbbing cock, she screamed at the top of her lungs, “Suck those big boobs, dumplin! Suck them good!”

I felt the cum building, especially when the entire length of my cock was all the way in Ms. Honey’s pussy and my face buried in her boobs! The bed shook as I pumped and pumped, up and down! As I rose up with my hips, Ms. Honey lowered her body down, easily swallowing the entire length of my cock.

She rose up a bit pulled her boob from my mouth. She grabbed my head with her hands and put my face between her boobs, then used her hands to push them around my face. I lay there buried in boob heaven!

Ms. Honey’s body went back to work riding my cock, pounding her pussy down to bury me deep in her pussy, then raising up high and slamming back down! She screamed aloud and I felt Ms. Honey’s juices flowing all around the length of my cock now buried deeply in her pussy racked with spasms! She stopped moving with her hips just raised slightly and I went to town. I thrust, arching upward, driving my cock deep in her pussy. I grabbed her butt and began pounding my cock in and out and in and out.

The bed heaved and bounced as Ms. Honey’s juices flowed from her pussy unabated! The sloshing sound of my cock boring deep inside her hot, wet pussy could be heard clearly. This got me going even more and in short order I was ready to unload.

“Uhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhh! Aaarrgghhhh!” I bellowed as my cock throbbed. The first tremendous, thick, hot load of steaming cum blasted from my pulsing cock! The next jolt of cum shot from my cock like a cannon! Blast after blast, seemingly unending columns of thick cock juice gushed into Ms. Honey’s now over-flowing pussy! She bounced so high off my lap at one point that my cock popped out of her pussy in the midst of one of my eruptions! The abundant cream flew high into the air before it arched downward and landed with a splat on Ms. Honey’s lower back!

Ms. Honey whipped her hand back, grabbed my cock and popped it back into her pussy. Her anticipation of yet more eruptions prompted her to wiggle her lovely ass down hard against me, trying to capture every inch of me! I picked up on her move, bucking my hips up and off the mattress just in time for another high-volume blast of cum!

Ms. Honey urged me to roll over! I did so and was now on top! I slammed my hips forward, driving my rock hard cock deep into Ms. Honey’s convulsing pussy! Feeling my cock now pressed against the back of her pussy, a deep, guttural, almost inhuman bellow emanated from Ms. Honey, bouncing off all four corners of the room. She began to shake, spasm and shudder in another powerful orgasm.

I unleashed another concentrated stream of thick cum very deep into her pussy as my balls continued emptying into her! Our bodies were like wild men now, as we both continued to cum together.

Finally, it ended, but, not before Ms. Honey jumped off me, turned herself around and brought her head down to my stomach, abdomen, crotch, balls, and legs to lap up and swallow the prevalent excess cum which had gushed from her pussy!

“Mmmmmm! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!” was the sound of her lips, tongue, and mouth as she gulped down the still warm cum!

“Oh, damn! This cum is soooooo damn good! So delicious! Hmmm, I love it!” she moaned as I heard her sucking and swallowing.

After getting every drop, Ms. Honey turned around and came back up to me and gave me a big kiss, pulling on my lips and tongue, at the same time wrapping her body over mine!

In between kisses, Ms. Honey moaned, “I can’t get enough of you! I just want to have your cock between my boobs and in my mouth and pussy 24 hours a day! I want your delicious cum day and night!”

“So you think I need another lesson tomorrow?” I said jokingly.

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