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Mr Valens Back Door Policy

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Mr Valens reached towards the numbers on the alarm panel inside the front door of his modern, two storey home. The red light was not flashing. He paused and cast his eyes around without moving, noting the gleaming kitchen bench, the bleak smell of domestic cleaner. Then he remembered. Today was Wednesday – Sharni Peller’s cleaning day.

Every week he scheduled his work day in order to get home in time to catch a glimpse of his cleaner’s slender, athletic body and enjoy her blush when he greeted her. But he was neck deep in a shitty murder trial which had wiped any pleasurable thoughts from his wired brain.

Surely the efficient young woman hadn’t forgotten to reset the alarm, he thought.

Apprehension sang in his ears. Ten years in courtrooms, listening to what people did to each other, had screwed with his head. The thought someone had been here in his house, or hurt that lovely girl, heated his blood.

“Sharni?” he called. He listened with his head cocked, but heard only the steady hum of cars, the ticking of his kitchen clock.

Silently he placed his briefcase at his feet and walked with a slow, careful tread down the hallway towards the rear of the expansive lower floor.

He froze when he saw the bucket and mop on the black, marble tiles outside his bedroom door. Sharni would never leave her gear lying around. She was as careful with her equipment as she was with her appearance; immaculate sandy blonde hair always in a tight coil on the crown of her head; figure-hugging cleaning dress and flat shoes that made a soft squeak as she moved around the house.

Chest drumming with adrenaline, Mr Valens took a deep breath and moved towards the doorway.

Sharni’s fair hair lay fanned out on his navy blue, silk pillowcase. She made the whole room appear darker in contrast, but a million times better, he thought. The delicious, sweet creature was in his bed, apparently asleep.

He strode over and stopped, watched for the rise and fall of the covers over her chest where the fabric peaked gently between two perfect nipples. His eyes took in the softness of Sharni’s sleeping face, without the guarded expression he was accustomed to.

It pained Mr Valens that Sharni seemed intimidated and keen to leave when she saw him. He had resigned himself to the fact that the girl; in her early twenties and almost through an Engineering degree, was not available and not interested. So why, Dear Lord, was she in his bed?

Mr Valens examined an unfamiliar pile of neatly folded clothes on the floor. He recognised Sharni’s grey and white uniform, but there was also a pair of cream-coloured, lace panties and bra. He smiled. Sharni Peller was naked between the same sheets he’d climbed from this morning after three hours sleep. Fantasies really do come true, he thought.

The adrenaline that had made his heart pound when he arrived, was now causing a raw urgency that had nothing to do with fight or flight.

“Sharni?” Her eyelids fluttered and she inhaled deeply. He watched her stretch and turn to face him. Shock replaced her peaceful features.

“Oh Mr Valens!” Sharni clutched the covers and pulled them up under her chin. Her blue eyes were so wide that Mr Valens regretted waking her. Not a good start. He held up his hand intending to calm her.

“It’s okay,” he said, “I’m sorry I frightened you. Are you alright?” The girl’s cheeks coloured. Mr Valens chest filled with desire. Gosh she was lovely.

Sharni nodded but her face grew pinched as though she might cry. Mr Valens sat down on the bed beside her.

“Please don’t worry,” he said, “I’m just glad you’re okay.” He smiled gently. “I just thought the worst when I found the alarm system wasn’t reset.”

The girl’s eyes widened and her hand emerged to cover her mouth. He watched those clear, blue eyes brim with tears.

“Mr Valens; I’m so sorry,” she said, “I was just-.” She stopped herself.

“Tired?” he asked. She nodded too quickly, lifting her head off the pillow. A ray of excitement shimmered across his groin. He allowed himself to wonder what this gorgeous young woman had been doing before she fell asleep.

“Do you like the feel of the silk?” he asked and ran his hand along the edge of the bed. “I ordered it online.” Sharni looked distracted as she watched him.

“It’s lovely,” she said quietly, a hint of a relief softening her expression. “Warm and cool at the same time.” Then she looked worried again. “But I’ll wash the sheets,” she said quickly, the tendons standing up in her neck. “I always-.” She froze. Mr Valens watched the pulse in the girl’s neck, saw the rapid rise and fall of her chest under the covers.

Mr Valens looked off through the window with a light frown, like he did when he had the Jury hanging on his every word during a summary speech. Only there was no jury, no perpetrator, no crime; just a gorgeous woman in his bed by her own choice.

“Do you make a habit of getting into clients bed’s when you’re cleaning their houses?” he said. She shook her head like a scared rabbit.

“Oh no, no,” she said. Her hair swung around her shoulders, covering the creamy skin. Mr Valens kept his expression neutral, masking his excitement.

“So it’s just mine?” he asked. He cleared his throat as the last word threatened to catch there.

Sharni bit her lip and nodded. Then she exhaled, dropped her head back on the pillow and turned her face toward the window.

“I’ll leave as soon as I’m dressed,” she said in defeat, “I don’t expect to be paid.”

Mr Valens moved his hand across the bed so the back rested into the curve of her waist. She turned towards him, her eyes suddenly wary.

“That’s not necessary,” he said, “You do an excellent job of cleaning my house, and I think you improve the appearance of my room. But could you please tell me one thing?” Sharni inhaled and shrugged slowly.

“Of course Mr Valens,” she said. Her large eyes were still wary and so, so beautiful. He lifted up his hand and rested it palm down on her belly. Her eyes flickered down to his hand then back to his face.

“What do you do in my bed?” he asked.

Sharni grimaced and covered her face with the sheet.

“Oh my God,” she said, shaking her head under there.

Mr Valens smirked. Very good, he thought. That was the exact reaction he wanted — the reaction of a guilty, ashamed woman who had been doing something naughty like touching her beautiful pussy in her employers’ bed. He could hope.

“No matter what it is, I promise not to fire you,” he said, keeping a straight face. She peeked out from under her sheet.

“I’m so embarrassed,” she said, uncovering her face. Her cheeks were rosy.

Mr Valens felt the withheld smile ease across his face. He touched her cheek with the back of his fingers. Sharni’s eyes searched his. “I think you know what I was doing, don’t you?” she said. He nodded and moved his other hand from her belly, up across her ribs and between her breasts to her bare shoulder. He felt her stop breathing and the shudder of her heartbeat under his hand.

Mr Valens took the sheet from her hands and slowly drew it down toward him. His breath caught as he saw the little hollow formed at base of Sharni’s throat; her smooth, creamy skin. He pulled the sheet further until her small breasts, with their rosy pink nipples, were uncovered.

“Beautiful,” he said.

Sharni watched his hand but did not try to cover herself. Mr Valens wondered if she was as excited as he was, or didn’t resist because she was scared of him. He prayed it was the former.

Slowly he lowered a soft, cupped hand over one breast and watched for her reaction. She held his gaze and licked her lower lip. He smiled and caressed the plump swell, loving the firm nipple that teased his palm. He rolled the nub under his thumb.

“Is this what you do when you’re in my bed?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

Sharni licked her lips before she spoke.

“Sometimes,” she said in a small, quivery voice.

Mr Valens moved his hand lower, pushing the sheet as he went until her belly button was under his hand.

“So this is not the first time?” he said. Sharni shook her head and looked away.

“Relax sweetie,” he said.

Sharni gave him an anticipatory look, laid her arms by her sides and took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. Mr Valens rewarded her with a smile.

“Do you mind if I touch you?” he asked, circling the indent of her umbilicus with a finger. She bit her lip and rolled her head from side to side.

“I want you to,” she said in a whisper.

Mr Valens pulse hammered. She was all his to pleasure and seduce. He didn’t need to be asked twice.

Mr Valens slid his hand over Sharni’s smooth, level belly to the bare mound above her pussy. She was hair free, clean and immaculate; just the way he liked. Heaven, he thought. He trailed his fingertips across her skin and smiled when he heard her snatch a breath.

“Here?” he asked and slid his index finger down between the outer folds of her pussy until he found the warm, wet place by feel. Slowly, he pressed his fingertip inside. Sharni’s eyes fluttered as she exhaled.

“Oh yes,” she breathed.

“You like that?” he asked catching her earthy, sweet sex smell. She nodded and caught her lower lip in her teeth as he pushed his finger into the slippery channel to his second knuckle. His eyes held hers as he slid his finger as far as he could inside her, withdrew it a small way then thrust it back in. He watched Sharni’s eyes glaze, her small, fine head nestled on the pillow in the indent left by his head.

“God you’re wet Sharni,” he said. She followed him with her eyes, her cheeks darkening. “Why didn’t you wait for me to get home?”

“I didn’t think you wanted me like that,” she said, “you’re always-.” He thrust his finger inside her more forcefully and grinned. She tried to smile back, breathing rapidly. “You’re always so polite,” she finished.

“I don’t feel polite right now,” he said, “I feel like I want to flip you over and fuck you.” Sharni gave a tremulous smile. “Do you want me inside you Sharni?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said softly.

Mr Valens adjusted his bulging pants as though uncomfortable. Sharni drew up one leg and pushed the covers down to her ankles with the high-arched foot of a ballet dancer. He reached between her knees and pulled them apart. She lay there, accepting his finger inside her small, slippery cunt, then two fingers. Beneath her pert breasts, her ribcage rose and fell.

Mr Valens fingered Sharni’s sweet, young cunt until his cock became engorged. He undid the button on his waistband of his grey suit pants with one hand.

“Oh here, may I?” said Sharni, curling the top of her body forwards to reach for his waist.

He straightened, let her unzip him and pull his boxers below his cock.

“I’ve wanted to taste your cock ever since I came to work for you,” said Sharni, taking his erection in her small hand. She leaned over his lap and sucked his cock into her exquisite mouth.

Mr Valen’s admired Sharni for a moment- the curve of her backbone like some miracle of nature’s architecture – then he closed his eyes. His buried fingers became less coordinated; his thrusts rougher between her thighs as he concentrated on the long hair spooling in his groin and the wet, warm mouth enveloping his cock.

“Oh Sharni,” he breathed, “suck it deep sweetie, that’s it.”

She cupped his sack with her hand and he felt the tightness in his balls as his body pumped seed through his cock into her willing throat.

“Oh God!” he cried. He heard her swallow, felt her hand milk his shaft until he was spent. Oh, she was so good! But it was much too quick. He needed to pleasure her fully, and he wanted more; much more, for himself.

Mr Valens saw the brightness had faded to early evening outside the window as the sun slipped lower, screening its light behind a row of fig trees. He smiled at Sharni as she lay there looking up at him.

“Sorry,” he said, exhaling. “It’s been a while. Man, I needed that.” She gave him a wide smile.

“I’m glad I could help,” she said. She sat up as though she was considering getting dressed. Mr Valens held her fine ankle and shook his head.

“Sharni; I haven’t finished yet,” he said. The young woman’s smile faded but her eyes remained bright and anticipatory. He worried for a moment that she wouldn’t like what he liked; that she’d be scared.

She watched as he leaned forwards and opened the top draw of his bedside cabinet.

He placed two items on the top and then stood, pushing his pants down his legs and stepping out of them.

“Do you know what that is?” he asked.

She examined the item next to the tube of lubrication; the elongated mushroom shape with a rounded tip, and the flat, round base it stood on.

“It’s a butt plug isn’t it?” she said, “I’ve only seen a picture.” She met his eyes as he crawled onto the bed with his semi flaccid cock rocking against his inner thigh. He knelt between her legs, reached behind her knees and helped her bend them up.

“Yes,” he said, “I have certain preferences.” Sharni’s lip twitched, and then she nodded.

“I trust you,” she said.

“So you don’t mind my back door policy?” said Mr Valens. He smirked then gave her a wink before he lowered his face between her thighs. “Don’t worry,” he said, warming her wet pussy with his breath. “I’ll make sure you’re ready before I fuck your ass.”

Sharni exhaled as she felt Mr Valens line the outer lips of her pussy with a firm, wet tongue. He then lapped at her clit.

“Ohhh,” said Sharni crushing the silk sheet under her hands. “Oh, that’s so good.” Mr Valens felt her pelvis rise to meet the thrusts of his tongue; he felt the tension in her toned legs as she arched her feet, pointing her toes into the mattress; saw her ribcage rise as she arched her back, and then he stopped.

He lifted his head and grinned at her lust filled, red face and loved the way she watched him closely.

“You’re ready aren’t you baby?” he said. Sharni caught her lower lip in her teeth and gave a slight nod. She looked nervous and he could tell she was imagining his cock inside her anus, wondering if it would hurt and whether he’d be gentle. But he sensed she was ready for his favourite style of sex. Anal: the one thing that took his mind completely off every other damn thing in the world.

His erection jerked as he tightened his inner muscles, put one foot on the carpeted floor and reached for the plug and lube.

Sharni lay very still on her back while Mr Valens opened her firm, pale buttocks with his fingers.

“Just go soft for me Sharni,” he said. “You’ll love it after the first bit.” He pressed the slippery point of the rubber against her puckered back opening then leaned his face into her pussy and sucked gently on her clit.

“Oh yesss,” sighed Sharni.

After a moment he increased the pressure with the plug, while swishing his tongue back and forth along her slit.

“Uhh,” she moaned. Then Sharni’s body softened and he felt moisture well from her pussy entrance. Perfect, he thought. Her body was responding just as it should.

He probed her crinkled anal opening and felt it give. The plug made several centimetres progress inside her. As the widest part of the device stretched her opening, Sharni tensed and took short, quick breaths. He moved his mouth to her cunt and lapped at the savoury honey oozing from her. Again she relaxed and he pushed the plug firmly inwards. It slid inside until it was almost buried.

“Aahhh,” she moaned. He pushed against the flat base, sliding it all the way into her. “Uh!”

“Good girl,” said Mr Valens, “It’s in Baby.” He then continued to lather her pussy with his slippery tongue. After a minute, he nudged the base of the butt plug so it was deep and firm inside her; forcing her little anal cavity to adjust to being penetrated; readying her for his cock.

“Uhh,” she breathed, pushing her head back into the pillow so all he could see was the underside of her chin. Her thighs trembled as he resumed kissing her pussy, lapping the swelling lips lining her juicy slit. Again she relaxed. She began to rock her hips.

Mr Valens used his finger to fuck her pussy while he let his mouth roam to the buried butt plug. He could taste the rubber as he licked around the edges, feeling the strain of her tight flesh as she writhed in response to his tongue. He gave the base a push with his finger and she tilted her hips as though to allow him deeper.

She likes it, he thought with satisfaction. He pushed his finger into her cunt and gave the plug a firm push at the same time. Again she tilted her pelvis, went up on her toes and widened her knees.

“Ohhhhh,” she moaned. He heard the need in her sounds; she was ready, wide open and waiting. Mr Valens forehead was damp with sweat when he gazed at her flushed face.

“Oh God, you’re wonderful!” he said. She smiled wanly. “Am I your first?” She nodded, taking short breaths. “So you’ve never been butt fucked before?” Sharni rolled her head to confirm. “I’m honoured.” He whispered. She gave a small giggle.

He was so hard now and he didn’t care; as long as she was willing to have him fuck her firm, perfect ass.

He gave her swollen pussy lips a lick that started at her clit and travelled all the way down to the swallowed butt plug.

He sat back and admired the gorgeous woman before him; her spread knees, her slippery pussy, shiny with juice, her darker anal flesh around the red flange at the base of the butt plug. Her mouth was slightly open as she accepted his gaze; his open admiration of her beauty; his desire for her body.

“Turn over,” he said. Sharni swiped her lips with her tongue and turned herself as though it took some effort. He saw her wince as she eased onto her belly as though the plug was still a strange, new sensation inside her.

“Good girl,” he encouraged. He pushed open Sharni’s thighs so he had room to kneel behind her ass.

Mr Valens got a good grip on Sharni’s hips and lifted her up. Her knees slid under to support her as her chest and face lay on the bed and her rump was offered tantalizingly. He could see underneath her; the tiny breasts jutting forwards, her throat against the bed. The butt plug was a red target between her small, pale ass cheeks where he longed to thrust his cock.

“You look wonderful,” he said as he squeezed lubricant onto his hand. Without looking, he smeared it all over his cock. His eyes devoured the sight of the gorgeous woman in the most submissive position he could imagine; her luscious, little stretched anus presented for the taking. There was just one more adjustment needed.

He reached for each of her wrists and held them together behind her back. She permitted this without question.

“Okay,” he breathed, “Just relax; I’m going to slide my cock inside your ass.”

Sharni nodded against the mattress, utterly yielding, obedient.

He lined up his cock just below the butt plug and took the edges of the rubber between the fingers of his free hand. It needed a firm pull before it slid out. The flesh began to gather, to close her anus, but he was quick to slide the tip of his cock inside the small opening before it could.

“Uhg!” groaned Sharni.

Mr Valens tightened his hand on her restrained wrists and pushed his rigid cock deeper. “Mmmh!” she moaned.

He paused while she panted into the mattress, staring at his wide shaft disappearing into her.

He pushed deeper, paused, pushed again and kept up a small, consistent progression until his entire length was inside her rectum.

“Ohhh God,” she moaned.

He stilled to absorb the sensations; the tight hot grip of her flesh on his cock; the deep throaty sounds that came from her.

He breathed deeply through his nose; filling his senses with the earthy scent of ass and pussy.

“Oh, uh. Oh,” she whimpered as she adjusted to the burn in her ass. Her thighs trembled as he adjusted his grip on her wrists and grabbed her hip so he had traction. He gave a firm thrust into her ass.

“Okay,” he said gently. “I’m going to fuck your little ass harder now Sharni.”

“Ngh,” Sharni groaned face down into the mattress as though trying to stifle her involuntary noises.

“Sharni Baby, yell all you want,” he said, panting, “take that cock up your sweet ass like a good girl.” Mr Valens pulled back an inch and thrust again into that tight, slippery opening.

“Agh!” Sharni gasped.

Sweat beaded on Mr Valens forehead and began running down his temples. He licked his salty upper lip and began to push in and out, watching the wet width of his cock disappear then re emerge, only to slide inside her again.

Sharni pushed back against the hard shaft of his cock as Mr Valens fucked her ass; plunging it in, pulling a small way out, then ramming it back in.

“Oh God! Ung, Ung Ohhh.” She groaned.

He loved the sounds she made – a confused agony; the way she held firm, braced against the mattress as though hungry for more. God she was beautiful, sexy and taut, her anus stretched to accommodate his probing cock.

“Oh fuck Sharni!” he gasped thrusting heavily into her.

“Oh Mr Val- Oh!”

Mr Valens didn’t hold back and Sharni took that fucking like a goddess. He delved into that beautiful, young ass with a strong thrust in, then gave another push, forcing his cock as far as it would go. His thighs pressed against her buttocks as his engorged cock stretched her tiny opening with his broad base.

She whimpered, but still she held firm.

He withdrew a way and then, feeling his ejaculation roaring through him, surged hard into her, pulling her back onto his cock. He gave three quick thrusts and pumped her full of his come.

She collapsed beneath him, her hands still restrained, her buttocks surrounding the slimy, retreating cock.

“Did you come?” he asked after a moment. He heard her trying to catch her breath.

“Twice,” she whispered and then let out a sigh that turned into a giggle. They were both quiet as they regained their senses.

“Promise me one thing,” said Sharni as Mr Valens rolled off, leaving a thin, viscous trail across the back of her thigh. He faced her.

“This could be expensive,” he said. She gave him a wry frown.

“I don’t want your money,” she said. Mr Valens waited. Finally, she smiled. “Can you be here when I finish Wednesday afternoons?” she said.

He smiled and shook his head like he wasn’t sure of his luck.

“Absolutely,” he said, “But I think I’ll need a cleaner twice a week from here on.”

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