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Working Off His Debt Ch. 02

Category: Incest
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The following story is fictitious, of an explicit and adult nature. This story is not meant to be viewed by anyone under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, offended by adult material or such material is barred by the standards of your community, please leave this page now.

Note: To fully understand this installment in the series, please read “Working Off His Debt” before reading the following. Thank you.


Gerry Flaherty dragged himself from the subway, three blocks down Lexington Avenue, to the glass high rise that he may as well have called home for the past ten years. Today was another steamy New York City summer’s day. Not even eight forty-five in the morning, and the naked sidewalk temperature was already eighty-six degrees.

As he passed through the revolving glass door and made his way beyond the guard’s desk, the steamy caustic summer air was rapidly replaced by the recycled refrigeration of a modern office building. Gerry shivered as he dashed for the elevator to the forty-fifth floor.

A broker by trade, Gerry made the transition from the big brokerage house to being an analyst at a small, private, venture capital and hedge fund management group. Gambling was part of Gerry’s nature. His job allowed him to gamble with other people’s money. But in his spare time, he gambled with his own money. Sports betting. While he had middling success with the investments that he made on Wall Street, Gerry was not so lucky when it came to football, basketball and baseball. That is why the women in his life were now for Tommy Desalvo to use as he pleased.

“Hey, Ger. When can I get a look at the numbers on Great Basin Mining? My guy in London is being a real dickhead”, inquired Robin Gunnerson with great anticipation.

“Great Basin? I can have those numbers for you before lunch.”


Gerry opened the door to his office, set his briefcase sown beside his desk, sat in his padded leather chair and logged into the company’s computer system. He called up the file on Great Basin Mining and went to work. He never even noticed when eleven thirty rolled around, but he was just about ready to send his work product to the printer.

Gerry fished his cell phone out of his pocket as he clicked on the “print now” button. “Home”, he commanded the small, silvery cell. After a brief silence, the phone rang … and rang … and rang.

“Hello?” A man’s voice snarled, followed by the man briefly clearing his throat.

“Hello?” Gerry inquired, startled.

The man began to chuckle. “Is that you, Gerry boy?”

The cobalt and salmon light of reality’s dawn broke over Gerry’s consciousness. It was Tommy Desalvo. Tommy had answered his home phone.

“Can I speak to Megan?”

“Megan’s a little busy.”

“Well, can you call her to the phone, please?”

“Well, Gerry boy, she’s right here, if you want to know the truth. Her mouth is full at the moment, and we all know that it’s impolite to talk with your mouth full. She’ll call you back.”

After that, only silence. The call ended.

Visions swirled through Gerry’s consciousness. A dizzying torrent of images. Gerry imagined himself as Tommy.

He lay in the comfortable pillow top bed. No pants, his hands lazily folded behind his head. He felt the warmth of Megan’s body between his knees.

Megan held his cock out of the way, and he felt her searing hot slick tip of her tongue dancing over his sack. First along the side of one of his balls toward the crease of his groin, but then feeling her tongue’s metamorphosis from liquid to rigid, outlining the contour of his balls.

Megan slowly snaked her tongue up the underside of his shaft and licked the head like an ice cream cone. She took the head in her mouth and just held it there, fluttering the tip of her burning tongue under the head. His cock began to swell in her mouth.

“Hey, Ger. Thanks for the Great Basin data. Looks great.”

The sound of Robin’s voice and his knocking on the office doorframe slingshot Gerry back into the reality of the here and now. His here and now. Gerry was at the office. He had no reason to believe that Tommy was just having some fun at his expense. No reason to believe that his wife wasn’t sucking on another man’s cock at that very moment. That was the bargain that was struck. Everyone agreed. It was better than the alternative.

Gerry had his secretary call up the Golden Phoenix and had her order Monday’s usual Kung Pao chicken combination platter for lunch. It didn’t take long for the delivery boy to bring stapled styrofoam trove of tangy, spicy peanut laden treasure to the office.

Gerry’s cell phone tore through the lunch laden silence.

The caller ID read “Home.”

Gerry pressed the green “talk” button.

“Hi Megan, what’s up?”

All he heard was Megan’s breathless gasping. In the unspoken instant, fears of the worst entered Gerry’s head. What if Tommy had gotten too rough with his wife?

“Megan, is everything ok? Do you need a doctor?”

“Ohhhhh … his cock is in me, Gerry. He’s fucking me so good. I can’t stop cumming”, was Megan’s weak voiced reply.

Gerry listened for a few minutes as his wife sighed, gasped, groaned and grunted. And then the call ended.

* * *

And she was telling the truth. Tommy was fucking her, and making her cum. It was the most intense sex that she’d had in years.

After Tommy told Gerry that Megan would call him back, Megan turned around, keeping Tommy’s hardening cock in her fiery mouth. She straddled his face, and as she sucked him, he explored her Brazilian waxed pussy with his tongue.

He began by flicking his tongue all over the silky flesh of her outer lips. His tongue then probed deeper, running along the pocket under her lips and finally brushing her clit. He French kissed her sopping pussy, tonguing the underside of her swelling clit. His face became drenched with her musky wetness.

He held her close to him, squeezing her with his arms around her waist. But as he sucked and licked her clit, he could not see her head slowly rising and falling, bobbing on his hard cock. He felt Megan’s nose pressing into his scrotum, firmly anchored between his balls. His mouth filled with her viscous saltiness as she had her first orgasm of the day.

Tommy pushed her off of him, and stood beside the bed. Megan knew that he wanted to enter her from behind, and she was more than willing to oblige. She got on her elbows and knees on the bed. She pressed her face to the mattress, and felt Tommy’s hard cock slowly fill her up.

Tommy pounded her. The flesh of her body rippled in waves as he crashed into her, his sack slapping against her hard clit. She kept orgasming more and more, until the waves overtook her. It was at that point that Tommy handed her the phone, so that Gerry could hear everything.

When the call to Gerry was terminated, Tommy introduced Megan to something that she’d never tried before. While her pussy gripped Tommy’s cock, she felt something unusually cold and wet flooding the crack of her ass. It was at that point that Tommy quickly slid his cock out of Megan’s pussy and firmly pressed his slippery tool against her asshole. With just a little pressure, the head was inside.

Megan’s first instinct was to wriggle away, but Tommy firmly held her in place until her hot bowels had time to acclimate themselves to the thickness of his rigid cock. As he worked his way deeper and deeper in her, Megan began to realize that there wasn’t as much pain as she would have thought, and she began to enjoy his strokes and thrusts. Soon, Megan’s body involuntarily quivered with wave after wave of pleasure radiating throughout. For a while she could neither breathe nor see. Before Megan lost briefly consciousness, she heard Tommy grunt and felt his boiling juices flow into her guts.

* * *

What Gerry didn’t know as he stood in the packed L train, shuttling between the 4 and the E, was that his daughter Jenny arrived home about an hour prior. By that time, Tommy had about four hours to rest after his session with her mother, and Jenny wanted to have her session with Tommy while her mother prepared dinner in the kitchen.

The kitchen was designed to be an open space for entertaining. Megan, nude except for her white terrycloth spa robe, prepared chicken breasts as she watched her daughter suck and fuck in the living room. She heard all of the slurping noises that her daughter made as she sucked Tommy’s cock and his balls.

Megan watched Tommy for a moment. He was sprawled out on the couch, arms and legs akimbo. Though the far counter top blocked any significant view of Jenny, she could periodically see the back of her daughter’s tawny head rise and fall over the beige granite horizon.

“Meg, she’s licking my balls with my cock in her throat. In – fucking – credible!”

Megan had marveled at her daughter’s ability to do that since Jenny told her about it several years ago. As she seasoned the chicken breasts, Megan began to talk about her exploits with Tommy of that afternoon for her daughter, knowing it would heighten Jenny’s arrousal.

As Jenny listened to both her mother and Tommy recount the details of Megan’s first anal sex, she drew her head back on Tommy’s dick. She suckled his throbing head, feeling her mouth and tongue become coated with Tommy’s buttery pre-cum.

Time to fuck.

Megan reveled in her daughter’s moans, groans and sighs. The smell of sex hung heavy in the air as Jenny rode Tommy’s cock on the couch. She could see the gloss of Jenny’s juices running down Tommy’s cock and coating his balls, making the pillows of the couch wet and dark.

Tommy’s tongue flicked over Jenny’s nipples. His mouth would momentarily suck in her breast flesh as she bounced in her lap. Jenny’s moans and yelps rekindled the increasingly damp fire between Megan’s legs. Tommy and Jenny shifted position, and all Megan could see were Jenny’s legs wrapped around Tommy’s torso. Megan went back to her cooking.

* * *

As on any other day, Gerry turned the key in the lock of the front door and entered the Chelsea townhouse. His nose was greeted by the aroma of sautéing chicken, and an unfamiliar funk.

He entered the first floor living room at first, his eyes focused on Megan in the distance, preparing chicken breasts in her terrycloth spa robe. But then he noticed the movement much closer to where he was standing.

He never saw Tommy’s face. Rather he saw his daughter’s tender feet, slender ankles and rosy pink heels in the air. Her right leg was pinned to the back of the couch by Tommy’s hip, her left leg flailed in space with each of Tommy’s thrusts. Gerry’s line of sight tracked down to her thighs, where all he could see at the moment was Tommy’s ass rising and falling. His balls jiggled with each thrust he pumped into Gerry’s daughter.

Gerry marveled for a second at how wide Jenny’s pussy was stretched around Tommy’s fat cock. He noticed that Tommy’s cock was slickly drenched with his daughter’s gooey vanilla fem cum.

Jenny was sweaty. Her scrunched and contorted face, shoulders and breasts were crimson and her hair was matted to her dripping forehead. Gerry could hear his daughter breathe, gasp and let out almost inaudible yelps with each of Tommy’s thrusts.

“Are they going to do this all evening?” Gerry called tersely to Megan, who was still in the kitchen. Reality set in, and he realized that this was his daughter being fucked, not even a foot from where he stood.

“Tommy can fuck who he wants, when he wants. That was the agreement, remember?” Megan replied as she traversed the distance between the kitchen and the couch.

“I’m well aware of the agreement”, Gerry retorted, “But does it have to be right now?”

With that, Megan silently walked over to the humping pair. She placed her hands on Tommy’s rising and falling ass crack, spreading his cheeks. Megan’s liquid fire tongue darted over Tommy’s asshole. Soon she was French kissing his hole, drowning it in saliva.

Megan slowly slid her index finger all the way into Tommy’s asshole. As she finger fucked him, she bent down and began to lick the backside of his balls and that region between the scrotum and asshole. Tommy’s thrusts became erratic, and he began to grunt. Gerry could see that his cock was coated milky white, and he knew that Tommy had just cum in his daughter.

Megan swiped a little bit of the milky whiteness from a small exposed area at the base of Tommy’s raw, radiating cock. Looking directly into Gerry’s eyes, she sucked it from the tip of her finger.

“There. Now they’re finished.”

Tommy collapsed, and just lay on top of Jenny, breathing, his cock still inside her.

As Tommy’s cock began to soften, viscous juice trickled from Jenny’s raw waxed cunt, pooling on the couch cushions.

“Just let him lay within you until he’s completely drained”, Megan instructed as she swept the matted hair from her daughter’s soaking forehead.

“Don’t worry, Dad, I’m on the pill”, Jenny breathlessly smirked as she held Tommy close to her, her arms firmly wrapped around him.

“OK, playtime’s over. I’m going to wash my hands and put the chicken out on the table”, Megan stated matter of factly as she traversed the distance between the couch and the kitchen, her open robe flowing behind her.

* * *

To be continued …

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