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Injured Parties

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I was driving home from work a couple of weeks ago, a car ran the red light, totaled my car and put me in the Hospital. I was in sad shape but glad to be alive. I shared a room with a pretty nice guy named Chance, a little younger than me and funny as hell. He was always picking on the nurses and causing mischief, he kept us all smiling. One afternoon he wheeled himself back to our room.

“Come on follow me!” He said eagerly, that gleam in his eye that meant he was into something.

I got into my wheelchair and followed him to the Physical Therapy room, I looked around not understanding why he brought me here.

“What did you want me to see?”

He pointed at the Therapist, a cute blonde girl about 22, nicely built.

“OK, she’s cute, you drug me out here to see her?” I asked.

“Hell Yeah, ain’t she a beauty?”

“Yeah, OK , now I’ve seen her.” Then in my best Dustin Hoffman impression of him in Rainman I said, “Time for Judge Wapner, gotta watch Judge Wapner!”

And I turned to leave, almost running over woman in the process. She was close to 40 I guess and on crutch’s.

“Oh excuse me, I’m sorry ma’am!”

She just went by me, like I wasn’t there. When I got a better look at her I saw that she had lost a leg, right at the knee. Still no reason to be rude I thought to myself. I saw her a few more times in the next couple of days, so I went up to her and introduced myself to her.

“Hi, I’m James, everyone calls me Jim. You can call me clumsy after I almost ran you down the other day!” I told her with a smile. She looked at me like I was from Mars, then a glimmer of recognition sparked in her eyes.

“Oh yes, I remember you now. Look I’m sorry about being so rude the other day. Things haven’t been going so well for me lately with my Therapy. I didn’t mean to take it out on you! I’m Betty, it’s nice to meet you.”

I shook her hand and asked her if she wanted to go to the cafeteria and get some coffee, she did and I wheeled and she lead the way on her crutch’s. We got along fine and had some laughs and a couple of cups of nasty hospital coffee.

“So Jim what happened to you?”

“Oh a car wreck. Thankfully I came out better than the car.” I smiled. “And you? If you don’ mind me asking.”

Her eyes lowered to the cup of coffee, and she softly told me, “I have bone cancer. That’s why they took my leg.”

I saw tears forming in her eyes, and felt Sad for her.

“So Betty, do they think they caught it in time?”

“It’s still to early to tell they said, but I’m hoping!”

“Hell Betty, you look like a fighter to me! Uh, You wanna wrestle?” I grinned trying to lighten her mood a bit.

She broke out laughing, a nice hearty laugh. It made me feel good to hear her.

“Only if you let me win!” Her gray eyes sparkling.

“Done deal then, you name the time and place. And no substitutes!”

We finished our coffee and I rolled along beside her as she went to her room.

“Thank you Jim, I really needed that today. Thank you for being so kind!”

I blushed, my face turning bright red out to my ears. “It was nice to meet you Betty, I’ll see you later on hopefully!”

“It’s a date Jim!”

And I went back to my room thinking about her. Betty was not the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen, a woman that looked like a mother, not a beauty queen. One that had seen her children grow and leave, along with her husband I found out! I can’t say anything, I’m no babe magnet myself. Fairly handsome, but not anything to brag about, and at 48, I was in decent shape other than the bruises and broke leg.

Betty and I started getting coffee together and I would go to her Therapy with her to kill some time. I think she did extremely well with it, she was never happy about it though. I think she wanted it to go faster for her, but then who wouldn’t! I enjoyed watching her as she learned to walk with a prosthetic leg, we always had coffee after she was done, and I found myself watching her when she used her crutch’s, the way her round ass would swing when she took the step that was missing the leg.

She told me her husband of 23 years left shortly after finding out she had cancer and moved in with his young secretary! It had really crushed her, and she had found it difficult to deal with and had not tried to date yet. Not having tried that in so many years, and then the cancer thing seemed to scare men off. It didn’t bother me, and Betty had a real funny sense of humor. We had many fine afternoons together.

About a week after we had met I asked her on a date for when we got released from here. She accepted and passed me all the pertinent information, her address and phone number. I gave her mine so she would know I wasn’t just feeding her a line.

Betty was released a few days before me, and I got out on crutch’s. What a pair we made when we went out to Dinner, Me still trying to master the crutch’s and her laughing at me at my ineptness. We ate a fine meal of Steak and all the trimmings a really nice evening all in all. I took her home, Betty had a beautiful house, tastefully decorated. She offered me a drink and I accepted, she makes them strong I found out.

“Woo, Betty if I didn’t know better I would think you are trying to get me drunk. And in my drunken stupor I can’t be held responsible for my actions!” I winked at her. Betty had a pretty smile, and her face glowed when I said that. Then she seemed sad for a minute.

“What’s wrong Betty? Did I say the wrong thing? I’m sorry if I did!”

“No Jim, I just can’t believe a man would want me to take advantage of them. Not how I am now. My hair isn’t grown back from the Chemo, if it wasn’t for the wig I wouldn’t even leave the house. It’s hard enough when people stare at my missing leg, if they only knew how bad it hurt perhaps they wouldn’t, but who knows.”

“Oh Bah, most people have no manners now anyways, Oh Yeah the “Don’t Diss Me” crap, but they don’t mind Dissing anyone else! Screw them!”

She smiled and agreed with what I said.

“:And another thing Betty, I wasn’t staring at your leg or lack of, not in that dress your in. Hubba Hubba, You really look great tonight, honestly!”

She blushed and looked like a teenager when her head lowered in her embarrassment. I leaned over and gave her a kiss on her cheek, her eyes looked up at me and she said.

“You didn’t have to do that. I don’t want a pity kiss.”

“Betty, that was no pity anything! I wanted to kiss you and if you let me I’ll do it again!”

I kissed her on her red lips this time, her mouth opened and I felt her hot tongue as it crept into my mouth. I put my arm around her and she put her hands behind my head pulling each other to the other, our mouths were on fire. I had not been with a woman in months, and she had not had a man in over a year. So we were both ready for whatever happened.

I had to be careful, my leg in a cast I was not as agile as I could be. I’m a clutz anyway, I felt her hand run down my chest and unbuttoning it her hand went inside my shirt. It was warm and soft as she played with my nipples, we never broke our kiss as I reached to her breast. I felt the hard nub of her nipple poking in her bra and squeezed it lightly, she gasped at the feeling from another persons touch.

I lay back on her couch pulling her down on top of me when I did. I unzipped her dress and stuck my hand inside on her back, then unsnapped her bra. I ran my fingers on the marks left from her bra, rubbing them to soothe her. Betty was hot, she was ready I felt her hips grinding on mine as she grew hotter. Her good leg on the couch her stump on the side open to the room.

I put my hands on her ass, a nice soft ass, one that has some give to it when you squeeze it tightly. Betty held my face in her soft hands and looked into my eyes.

“Jim, are you sure you want to do this? I, uh, well, uh, well Jim it’s been so long for me, and never since my amputation. I just don’t want you to be disappointed with me.”

“Betty, if any one would be disappointed it would have to be you. I’m no John Holmes, and even if I was, who knows how long I’d last anyway. I’m no lover boy, so lets just see where we end up and we can hope for the best if you want.”

With that being said, she moved her body down my chest, kissing everywhere her mouth could reach. Her hot tongue licking my nipples then she sucked one in her wet mouth. I pushed her face down on it, I felt her hand reach down and touch my hard cock, giving it a squeeze she moved her head lower while undoing my pants.

I raised my hips up to help her take my pants off, my cock springing free she looked at it and smiled.

“Your right, your no John Holmes, but you’ve got more than enough to fill my needs!”

I laughed at her, “SO, you’re a pervert huh? You know who John Holmes is. I’m shocked at you Betty!”

She grinned and lowered her hot wet mouth on my throbbing cock. I closed my eyes when I felt the heat coming from her mouth when she sucked it deep down. Her tongue swirled around the head and her lips pursed around it tightly when her head came up. I held her short hair in my hands and pushed her face to me, I felt her throat open and my cock slid past her tonsils. I had never had a woman that could deep throat before, and it was wonderful. Her throat constricted on my cock as her head bounced on me.

I felt, as well as heard her moan when I had my full length in her, and her warm hand tickled my heavy full balls. Her fingernails sharp as they drug under my balls and on the sides of them. Betty most definitely knew how to suck a cock, and she seemed to love to do it. In too few minutes of this extreme pleasure I was going to cum. I really wanted this feeling to last and last, but after being without so long I could not help it.

“Betty, I’m going to cum baby.”

I wanted to at least warn her in case she didn’t like it in her mouth. Her head only worked harder to take it, her hand lightly squeezing my balls as if she was trying to milk it to the surface. And then I saw stars as I felt my spunk shooting out the end of my hard cock. Her mouth sucking it harder as it hit the back of her throat in huge thick globs. She never missed a drop and actually moaned when I shot my hot load in her mouth, like she liked the way it tasted. My ex-Wife would never swallow, so this too was something new to me, and I held her face closer to my crotch until my orgasm had subsided to a light tickling sensation and I had to make her stop or die laughing at how much it tickled.

She lay her head on my cock as it pulsed with my heart beat and I held her soft short hair in my hand. Giving my cock a kiss and a light squeeze before she moved up and lay on top of me. I kissed her lips and her tongue attacked my mouth, her dress still on but half off now. Betty sat up and I sat up beside her with my arm around her, my dick still hanging outside my pants.

We finished our drinks and she had me follow her to her bedroom, I watched as her ass swung wildly while she was on her crutch’s and I stumbled along behind her on mine. Reaching her bed I undressed the rest of the way, and watched as she took off her dress. A slight bulge in her belly and her tits hung down, nothing to not make me want her yet. She dropped her dress to the floor and the slip followed, she was now standing on her one leg and I saw her stump for the first time.

Her hose was tied in a knot below it and her black panties barely contained the hair of her bush, I saw many of them sticking out the sides of her thin panties, the curly hair running down a couple of inches on her thighs. I still wanted to have this woman, I watched as she took her panties off and they hit the floor. I almost had to laugh when she hopped out of them on her good leg. Her breasts bounced high up on her chest and then again when she landed.

Betty looked at me,”Do you still want this?”

I grinned and said, “More than ever, come here!” and patted my dick.

She got in bed and crawled up beside me, Her hips opened and she had one leg on one side of my hips and her stump in between my legs. I felt her start to hump my leg with her hairy pussy, and her slick pussy left trails of her juice on my leg when she moved her pussy. It didn’t take long for my cock to get hard again, I had one of her hard nipples in my mouth sucking it deep and a hand on her soft ass pulling her to me.

She wanted me inside her and she sat up on her one knee and worked my hard cock to her wet slit, moving it around until I felt her tight pussy open and take the head in. She put her stump up by my side and she sat down on me, taking all of my 7″s in her. Betty sat there a minute, just enjoying the feeling of a mans hot hard cock inside her juicy pussy before moving her hips in small circles. Working my cock where it touched every inch of her hot wet inner tunnel. I felt my dick hit her cervix when she did, and she gasped and shoved harder on me, almost like she wanted me to get my dick in her stomach.

I reached down and touched her slick clit, she jumped at the unexpected pleasure it gave her. I rubbed it with my thumb and watched as her tits bounced in time with her movements. I unconsciously put my hand on her leg, or the missing leg I should say. I felt her stop and she looked at me, I didn’t think anything about her stump, it didn’t matter to me and told her so. I gave it a light squeeze and rubbed the end of it.

“Hell Betty, this thing is harder than you made my dick!” and grinned at her.

She smiled and started fucking me in earnest then, her pussy was so slick as it slid up on me and the hair of her pussy tickling my leg when she sat back down. I had one hand rubbing her stump and one pulling her hard nipple as she fucked me. I really think it was turning her on that I was not repulsed at her missing limb and in fact I was actually turned on myself at feeling it.

Betty surely did like sex, that or she had missed it so badly that she was making sure this was going to be good. And believe me, this was fucking incredible. I was so hot for her and loved to see her face tighten when she was nearing her orgasm. Her eyes squinched tightly and her mouth opened while she pounded my crotch with hers.

“Oh My God, I’m cumming now Jim, Oh yes, now Jim, I’m cumming now. Fuck Me! Fuck me hard Jim!”

I did what I could, but Betty was doing most the fucking when she came, I mainly tried to hold on to her as she bucked on me roughly. Her pussy gripped my cock when she came and her head fell back, a loud groan coming from her, I flicked my thumb on her clit and then pinched it hard between my finger and thumb. It helped her to a stronger orgasm while her hips made circles on me. She was close to hyperventilating by the time she had stopped cumming on my cock.

I rolled her over as easy as I could, not wanting my cast to hit her or hurt her tender stump. I got between her open legs and looked at the hairy gash, it was opening and closing from her post orgasm, I had to eat that beautiful thing.

I put my head between her thighs, kissing her up each one until I reached my goal. I ran my face along the hair on her thighs, licking and kissing each one it seemed. The musky smell of her pussy drawing me to it, I licked her outer lips, flicking my tongue on her clit. Her hips shoved towards me face in an all out effort to make me lick her pussy. I teased her mercilessly, wanting her to suffer some, not sadistically, but only to bring her passion to a boil before letting her release it.

My evil plan worked, because the second I stuck my tongue inside her dripping slit she came, and she came hard. Her leg wrapped around my head and tried to wrap around her stump to pull me further in to her slick slit. Betty has the best tasting pussy I have ever had the pleasure of sucking, And this was a pleasure, I glanced up to see her pulling her nipples and pinching them roughly. My tongue stuck as deep in her gash as I could get it, I wet one finger with my spit and her juice then rubbed her tight asshole with it.

Not sure if she would like it or not, well she did. I slid it in and wiggled it in circles, the puckered opening trying to suck my finger in deeper. I took my finger out and moved my face lower and licked the puckered brown hairy hole, her hands grabbed my head and shoved me hard to her tight asshole. I stuck my face between her ass cheeks licking her hot ass then stuck my tongue in her.

“Oh my God, No one has ever done that before Jim. Oh Fuck, yes baby don’t stop. Don’t you dare fucking stop now! Oh God it feels so wonderful. Yes baby, Oh fuck yes. Lick my nasty ass Jim, fuck it with your tongue. Oh fuck me I’m fucking cumming Jim!”

I felt her asshole tighten on my tongue when she came, I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted too her hands held my face so far between her ass cheeks. She got so excited when she came she let loose a fart, right in my face on my tongue! Now that was something I was not expecting or really wanting but it happened, so I just held my breath and kept fucking her asshole with my face.

When she finally let me up, I moved up to her face. She was as red as a rose from her embarrassment from farting in my face. And apologized profusely for allowing it to happen. I laughed at the moment.

“Well Betty, at least we know it is relaxing for you anyway!”

She smiled and hugged me tightly, then put her hand on my hard cock and slid it in her well lubricated pussy. She had loosened up a bit but still felt wonderful as I slid into her. I slowly pushed my hips to her open gash, feeling every bump and crease inside her hot pussy as I filled her with my thick cock. I held her leg with the stump up to my side and her hands went to my ass, pulling me closer to her hot hairy pussy. I looked down and saw her pink clit, slick from her wetness and my spit still.

“Play with your pussy Betty, I want to see you play with it for me! I love to watch a woman do that.”

Her hand went to it and the other to her breast, she was pinching and pulling both of them for me. Her eyes never leaving mine, unless I looked to watch her play with herself for me. Something about that drives me wild, to watch a woman touch their pussy, I could watch that all day or night. I gave her a fucking we would both not forget soon that night. I still had her stump in my hand, and I was rubbing it again. Never even knowing I was doing it, she rubbed my side with it as I did. I stuck it under my arm pit and squeezed it, she moaned at feeling it, her eyes staring at it when it disappeared into the hair of my under arm. Slick with sweat she moved it around feeling the wet hair on the stump.

She was getting as excited watching that as I was watching her play with her pussy. I felt her pussy quiver before she came again, and felt her flood my cock when she did. I mean she actually shot pussy juice out on me from cumming so hard. It excited me to no end and I fucked her harder and faster to cum also. Her stump was tickling my underarm and her finger was tickling her clit when I came in her pussy. It felt as strong as the first load I shot in her hot mouth earlier, my balls felt like they would never stop shooting my cum in her and my hips slammed on her crotch. Her cries of passion rang through her bedroom and into my ear as I fell on her grabbing her shoulders to shove my cock deeper in her as it continued to pump her hairy pussy full of my hot cum

Betty grabbed my face kissing it all over, tasting her own pussy when she did, and apparently liking it. I kissed her wet mouth back, out tongues entwined with the others letting our hot bodies melt against the other, our sweat mixing like our saliva and cum. I lay on her a few minutes just looking at her. As full a woman as one with both legs as far as I was concerned, even more so than with those I had fucked in my day! I rolled off her and she snuggled up to me, holding me tight, catching her breath also.

“Thank you Jim. Thank you so much!”

“Thank Me? No Betty thank you, that was without a doubt the most marvelous sex I have ever had. My God woman, you a sex fiend!” I grinned at her.

“Oh and your not? But honestly, thank you Jim. I never thought that a man would want a woman with out all of her parts. You showed me that I was wrong.”

And she kissed me softly. A smile on her face and a small tear in her eyes. We talked about everything, her divorce and mine, her cancer and treatments, my accident. She has 3 children all grown with kids of their own, I have none, not even a pet. As we lay on her bed, her head on my shoulder and hand on my dick, pulling on it and making it hard. She told me.

“I never had anyone do what you did before Jim!”

“What’s that Betty? Make you cum?”

“No Jim you nut. The other thing. You know, when you did that to my ass!”

“Ohhhh! You liked that did you?”

“Yes! Very much!” she blushed, telling me that must have really embarrassed her tremendously, but at least she now had the confidence to say it.

“Well then Betty, we may have to show you some things then. If you liked that maybe you’ll like something else more.”

And I kissed her soft mouth her hands around my neck. I looked on her night stand and saw some hand lotion on it and since we were both handicapped at the moment, I knew it would have to do for what I had in mind for her. I felt her soft ass and slid a finger in her still wet pussy, after fingering her a few minutes I stuck my finger in the brown hole she had waiting between her hot ass. I slowly stuck it in and heard her take a deep breath then felt her relax.

I began to finger fuck her ass and she licked my ear softly talking to me, asking me to be gentle when I took her there. She knew what was going to happen and she wanted it as much as I did. Her hips moved on my finger and I had one all the way in, I pulled it back and inserted another, slowly working it in her tight asshole. Her breath was getting deeper as my fingers slid in her. I moved them around trying everything I could think of to relax her, wanting this to be a good experience for her.

Her ass worked against my fingers, trying to get them further in her puckered ass.

“Oh fuck Jim, it feels so wicked, so wonderfully wicked!”

I got the lotion and put some on my hard cock, then slid between her open legs, the hairy gash of her pussy pink and wet, the curly hairs matted together from our cum. It only made my cock harder seeing it, and I flicked her clit once before maneuvering the head of my dick to her virgin asshole. I eased forward with her laying on her back facing me, and I felt her sphincter pinch tighten to stop the intrusion, then she relaxed and my cock slid in halfway down its head. Her ass accepting what I was giving her. I watched as my dick slid past, it’s head popping past the tight asshole’s entrance.

I saw her grimace slightly when I slid in about an inch, but she didn’t ask me to stop, in fact she worked her ass against my cock trying to get more in her. I eased up the pressure I had been applying and let her grow use to the full feeling in her ass. Betty looked at me and smiled, the I slid another couple of inches in the tight hot hole.

After taking a few minutes easing into her, I began to fuck her hot puckered asshole slowly. Her face showed the pleasure she felt as I slid my thick cock in her. And she started to moan when I was fully in her ass, and sighed when I pulled out, taking my cock back to just the head. I watched and I saw the head half in and half out then pushed back to her. Her legs open, and her breasts bouncing slightly when I hit bottom.

“Yes Jim, fuck my ass, My god I never knew it could be so good. Oh yes it’s so fucking good.”

Her stump came up and was sticking straight up in the air, her good leg semi wrapped around me trying to pull me in her. The heat in her ass and the slick lotion mixing on my hard cock, making a warm goo as I fucked her. I leaned down and bit her neck and her hand pulled me to it and a sigh came from her lips. I never would’ve thought Betty would be such a wild fuck, but she surprised me at every move she made that night.

I put my hands under her shoulders and pulled her to me when I thrust towards her hot asshole, and she helped by pulling me to her. Betty was kissing my neck and face, I could feel her ass getting hotter and tighter, she was fixing to cum. So was I!

My belly slammed on hers and she cried out when she came, never having an orgasm from being butt fucked before, she went wild and I wasn’t about to try to tame her! My ass cheeks hurt from clenching the so tight when I rammed my thick cock in her tight asshole. I felt her hand go to her hairy pussy and she slide it between our bodies to reach her clit. As soon as she touched it her hips came off the bed, and she took a deep breath, holding it as she came violently.

Her puckered ass clinched and unclinched on my dick when she came and her voice cried out for me to fuck the living shit out of her. Well I fucked as her hard as I could and still hold on to her. I felt my balls drawing close to my crotch a sure sign of what was going to happen soon. I felt my spunk surge out in a mad dash to fill her ass up.

“Oh Shit Jim, I feel it, I feel your cum shooting in my ass! Oh fuck, I’m cumming again Jim, I never knew you could cum this way! Fuck yes, fuck my ass Jim, fuck it hard!”

I only had so much fuck left in me, but I gave it all to her as my sweat poured off me and onto her. Betty was panting hard trying to not hyperventilate, and I was pumping her ass with what was left of my cum. Her whole body was shaking when we had finished, and mine shook from exhaustion. I rolled off her and lay back, my cock still jerking from its workout. All I wanted to do was rest, but didn’t want to fall asleep like I was, So since it was easier for me I got up and got us a wash cloth. I got back to the bed and handed it to her.

“Thank You, Oh Jim I’ve never had so many orgasm’s at one time in my life! My goodness, I don’t know what all you did, but you did it right!”

“Well your very welcome Betty, and if I may say so, you one hot fuck yourself for an old cripple like me!”

We both smiled and I put my arm around her warm soft shoulder, her head on my chest. I pulled her face to me and kissed her goodnight!

We woke up to the doorbell ringing, It was her son, wife and their kids. I wasn’t sure her son was happy about me being there, He had to know what we had done last night, well not Everything, but he had to have a good idea. But he was polite enough to me. I left after giving her a kiss, and telling her we had to do this again and soon!

She agreed and kissed me back, then turning back to her family I watched her swing that ass before the door shut, her stump swinging with it!

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