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A Taste of Sherry

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Thoughts of her kept returning to me, time and again. Here I was, married with three children and lusting after another woman. She wasn’t just any woman, mind you. She was an absolute beauty. She was perfect in every way. Her face was that of a porcelain doll, delicate and soft; her hair was dark and flowing, like shimmering silk;

her body was slim and firm, the type of body that made you catch your breath and gasp from its radiance. Ever since laying eyes on her, she was a part of me. She invaded my thoughts, a constant echo in my mind. She was, in essence, beginning to consume me.

I didn’t feel like going to Curves but decided that missing one day could very well lead to missing another and then another, until I ended up not going at all. I reluctantly climbed up the stairs, leading into the gym and opened the door, only to see her there, working that luscious body of hers on one of the machines. She was red faced and sweaty and looking as beautiful as she always did. I smiled at her, waiting for some sort of recognition but received nothing but a blank stare and then the turn of her head in another direction. My first thought was that she was definitely stuck up and I decided that it didn’t matter how sexy I thought she was, her attitude had ruined that somewhat.

I got onto a machine directly across from her and was lost in thought when I noticed she had joined my side of the room and was jogging in place on the mat beside me. She smiled at me, as I glanced at her, and asked me if I had been coming here long. I told her since March and she said that she joined at about that time as well. I could smell a very faint scent of perfume on her, and thought about the ‘no perfume wearing’ rules that Curves strictly enforced. She’s a bit of a rebel, I thought and smiled to myself, thinking that she was just like me in that way. She mentioned that she was nearly done her 30-minute circuit and how glad she was, as she was tired and wanted to just go back home to shower and relax. I told her that I felt the same and had almost not even bothered showing up that day. We laughed at how lazy we both felt and how 30 minutes of exercise was really nothing in the course of a whole day.

In no time at all, I started to warm to her and realized that my quick judgment of her was way off base. She was nice and sweet, and perhaps just a little bit shy. She introduced herself as Sherry and I felt that it was just the most perfect, pretty name for her and told her how much I thought she suited it. She giggled and wanted to know how anyone can actually “suit” a name and I told her that her name was my favorite growing up, and that I would name all my pretty dolls Sherry. I told her that when I grew up, I was going to name my daughter Sherry, as well, and then added that my daughter’s name was Emily and we both laughed at how things change once we grow up. She told me that she had no children but had always dreamed of having daughters when she was a child. Her smile was wide and her teeth whiter than anyone’s I had ever seen. I liked her laugh, it was hearty and it made me laugh along with her, as if it were contagious.

Another five minutes passed and Sherry was done her regime. She smiled at me and said she was off for home and a nice long, hot shower. I told her to stop tempting me and she casually remarked that I was more than welcome to join her. I was shocked. I wasn’t sure if she was serious and if I should jump right in and take her up on her offer. I looked questioningly at her and saw that her face was dead serious, showing no hint of it being a joke. I smiled and said that I would love to. She smiled back and told me to follow along in my car. My legs suddenly grew weak and my hands were shaking with excitement. As I approached my car, Sherry called out that she didn’t live too far and that it might be nice if I could stay for lunch. I smiled and waved and said I would follow her lead.

I drove directly behind Sherry, paying close attention as she took twists and turns along a quiet subdivision. I felt keenly aware of the excitement building in the very pit of my belly and noticed the difficulty I was having holding on to the steering wheel, as my hands began to tremble and shake even more than they were earlier. I made attempt after feeble attempt to calm myself and mentally scolded myself for allowing nerves to take me over. As much as I was attracted to Sherry, I thought of how forward and wishful I was being to even think for a moment that she felt anything close to the same for me. For all I knew, she could be just a friendly girl, wanting a bit of afternoon company. After all, I was hardly experienced myself with women, the only sexual play being with my girlfriends after just entering puberty. Other than that, the rest was left up to me and my fantasies.

We were at her house in only five minutes; a tiny but very nice ranch-style home. We made small talk as we walked inside and before I even had my shoes off, she was handing me a fluffy white towel and face cloth. She told me to follow her, that we could use the shower in the bathroom, off the master bedroom. I wasn’t sure what to think or even how to act and I began to question myself as to if this was even really happening. As if she could hear my thoughts, she said that she hoped she wasn’t being too presumptuous but that she noticed how lustfully I had always looked at her and thought that she would be the brave one and make the first move. I felt a bit timid and my face grew warm from embarrassment but she seemed to know exactly what she was doing and exactly what she wanted. I watched her nice, tight ass as we walked toward the bedroom and felt myself getting wet at the thought of seeing her naked.

She went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I was standing beside her bed, not knowing what to do next. She walked toward me and took the towel from my arms placing it onto the bed. We were facing each other, only inches apart. My heart was pounding so loudly that I was sure she could hear it and my legs felt as if they would buckle beneath me. Our still-clothed breasts were touching, when she gently held my face and pulled me closer to her. Her tongue traced my lips and in an instant it was inside my mouth, searching for my own tongue. Her full lips were soft and her mouth tasted sweet. We hungrily kissed, our lips opening and closing in perfect rhythm to one another’s. Our tongues twirled around each others and we alternately sucked and deep throated them. My hands ran down the front of her tight white t-shirt and I could feel her nipples, puckered and hard, with the palms of my hands. It felt foreign to me but exciting and delicious all at once. I rubbed my palms over them and then flicked them with my thumbs, making them stand out even more erectly. Sherry’s right hand slipped down my body, between my legs and I moaned with her tongue still in my mouth. She pulled away from my face for a moment and in a soft, quiet voice said how delightfully wet I was and how she ached to taste me.

Steam from the shower was beginning to fill the room making the whole scene before us, seem more exotic and sensual. Sherry unzipped my work-out jacket, revealing my firm round tits inside my thin white cotton bra. My nipples poked through, pink, hard and aching. I reached back and undid my bra and let my tits fall free, ready for her eager mouth. Sherry leaned down and held both my tits close together and began licking and sucking on them, getting them wet with her warm, sticky saliva. She pushed me back onto her bed and I could see the wetness soaking through her pants from her wet pussy. She smiled at my gaze and then reached down and slipped off my pants and pink thong panties. She propped up my knees and spread my legs wide so that my pussy opened up. I was dripping with wetness and my clit was swollen and desperate for attention. She pulled me closer to the bed’s edge and knelt down in between my legs. She told me to relax when she noticed my legs shaking and beginning to close. She told me how much she loved to eat pussy and that I should just close my eyes and enjoy. In the next instant, I could feel her tongue on my hard clit, licking gently all around the top and sides of the hood. I moaned with abandoned pleasure as she dug the tip of her tongue up onto my throbbing wet clit. Her licks began to increase in speed and my hips rocked from side to side and up and down in momentum. She darted her tongue up inside of me and sucked out my juices. I could hear her swallow and hear her own pleasures she was receiving from it. I felt dizzy and wanted to cum all over her, warning her I was close.

She stopped licking me and stood again and removed her clothing. The sight of her naked body, took my breath away. She was more beautiful than I ever imagined with white, almost translucent skin, round firm tits with nipples, the softest shade of pink. She had a tiny jeweled naval ring that glistened from the light in the room. Her dark pubic hair was trimmed short and only a line ran from the top, stopping at her slit. Her milky white thighs were tight and a bit muscular and were parted just enough to reveal her perfect little pussy. She smiled at me, with more lust and desire in her eyes than I have ever seen in anyone’s before. She kneeled down again between my legs, and licked her lips, reading herself for more. Her hands were hot on my thighs and she stroked me softly, feeling the texture of my skin, like satin beneath her palms. She smiled at me as she watched the rise and fall of my breasts, as they bounced softly and quivered. I could feel a tiny pulse beating in my neck building up speed and then beginning to pound harder and harder in anticipation of what would happen next. She ran one flat palm along the length of my leg, down my thigh, across my calf to my ankle and then lifted my leg high. She then twisted her body so that her legs were across mine like two pairs of scissors meeting, our pussies closely pressed together. She then held my ankle firmly and began to gyrate her hips against me. I followed her lead and moved my hips too, the pressure between us making our clits swell in desire and pulsate against each other.

Sherry’s free hand moved across the flatness of my tummy and up between my tits and then over each of my nipples. Her soft hand then came back down between us and spread our pussy lips wide so our clits were pressed even closer together. Our pussies were as close as they could get, our clits hard and throbbing. We arched our backs as we gyrated and moved in our own natural, sexual rhythm. Our bodies tightened and I could see Sherry begin to lose her awareness, just as I was losing my own. Our juices soaked our thighs and buttocks and the sheets were wet and sticky beneath us. I knew I was going to cum in a matter of seconds but I wanted to cum together, with Sherry. Just as I was about to give in, Sherry screamed loud and shrill, arched her back further and pushed her pussy down into mine as far as she possibly could. I released my own passions and felt the heavenly wave of lust take me over. We came together, our hot pussies pulsing and gushing cum into one another’s.

I knew, in that instant that I had to taste her. I gently rolled her onto her back and spread her powder-soft thighs. Her wet cunt glistened with the wetness from our juices, and the musky smell teased and played with my desire. I began licking her drenched pussy, cleaning up every drop of our mixed sweetness. I took her swollen clit in my mouth, sucking it off, as if it were a miniature dick. My head began bobbing as I continued to suck and lick at her pearl and I could feel her bucking wildly beneath me. My hands were persistent and I boldly stroked them down her sides beneath her buttocks and back to the front of her dripping hole. I sensually licked my fingers, a bit at first, letting her watch me before I rolled them into her juices and pressed them firmly inside of her. I moved my fingers deep inside of her, quickening in tempo, while my tongue flicked wildly and wantonly on her pussy and clit. She moaned and bucked, as I took her pussy fully in my mouth. I thrust harder and harder into her, as if possessed with my dirty deed. As I withdraw my fingers to the outer edges of her pussy, I fluttered them more quickly before thrusting upwards again, fucking her hard. She uncontrollably twisted and bucked, leaving me almost unable to hold her down, until I heard her loud, primitive cries as she let loose and came in drenching waves, almost drowning me. I drank in as much of her salty juices as I could, letting them drip and smear on my nose and chin. She tasted sweet and warm, like golden honey from the hive.

My cunt was dripping wet, a trickle of my own slippery juices ran down my inner thigh and I could feel my clit start to throb with desire. Without thought, I turned to Sherry and begged her to relieve me of my aching desire, to use me and have me in any way she wished. She gently, lovingly guided me to lay face down on her bed, to spread my legs wide and to prop my ass upward. I eagerly complied, dizzy and shaking with anticipation. In a soft, almost kitten–like purr, she whispered that she was going to fill my asshole and fuck it like it had never been fucked before. I gasped and in a panic told her that I was a virgin there and that I was afraid of the pain. She soothingly reassured me, as she gently traced a lubricated finger around and around my puckered hole. My ass cheeks tightened and I braced for the sting, the stab of pain that I imagined would come but instead, I felt Sherry’s soft, slippery finger gently enter my asshole and a wave of pleasure wash over me. She began to slowly fuck my asshole, entering deeper with each thrust. I very quickly began to relax, allowing Sherry easier entry into my virgin tunnel. My moans were loud and hungry, warm drool flowing down my chin as I opened my mouth, gasping for air. I had never felt such ecstacy, such deep sexual pleasure. I lifted my ass higher and began bucking and writhing and humping Sherry’s finger. I wanted more; more fingers, more speed, more of anything and everything.

Sherry immediately sensed my hunger and slowly slipped a second finger far up my asshole. I squealed from the intense pleasure, from the fullness of my hole, from the incredible feeling of my first ass fuck. I felt my clit swell and throb and just as I was about to reach down and start to rub it, I felt Sherry’s hot breath softly blowing on it. Then, in an instant, her tongue glided over it, pushing up the swollen hood and pressing intensely onto my hard, glistening pearl. I gasped loudly, bucking hard against Sherry’s face. Her fingers continued their frenzied fucking of my now loosened asshole, while her tongue teased and tickled at the puffiness of my pussy. I wanted this feeling to never end, to go on forever but try as I might, I could not prolong the high. I had to allow that wonderful wave to splash down on me, wash over me and saturate me with sex. My body stiffened and I cried out a warning to Sherry, alerting her of my approaching orgasm. Her soft moans accompanied my own and I could hear the wet sucking sounds of her luscious lips as she took my convulsing cunt into her mouth. A piercing scream came from the very depths of my being, as I continued to cum, over and over again, into Sherry’s ravenous mouth. Finally, her fingers slowly retreated from my pink open anus and found their way to my ass cheeks, softly, stroking them while I came down from my sexual high.

In utter exhaustion, I fell back beside her and we lay together on the bed, our hearts racing, our breath quick and desperate. The room was almost completely filled with hot steam and the noise from the shower quickly brought us back to reality. Sherry turned to me and smiled and said that we should shower and get some lunch before her boyfriend returned home from work. I smiled back and agreed. I could feel my pussy still pulsing and throbbing as I made my way to the shower and couldn’t help but feel that excitement again, as I watched Sherry step inside, just in front of me…

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