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Two Sisters, One Second

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This is an edited version of the original. A comment mentioned that the ending of the original didn’t really fit and after reading it a few times, I realized he/she was right and I changed it. I hope you enjoy.

“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get – only with what you are expecting to give – which is everything.” – Katharine Hepburn, Me: Stories of My Life

Love can be defined in a infinite number of ways.

1. A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.

2. A feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.

3. Sexual passion or desire.

4. A person toward whom love is felt; beloved person; sweetheart

For me, love is all these things. Love is when you look at someone, you feel warm and tingly inside. When you are close to that person, you want to touch that person, you want to hold that person close. When that person kisses you, when that person holds your hand or even when that person smiles, your hart skips a beat, everything around you seems to vanish, nothing else matters anymore. Only that perfect creature, that perfect mix of looks and personality that sits in front of you.

Love is when you can’t contain your emotions, your actions. Love is when you have the need to embrace, to kiss, to give your entire soul. That tender touch, that soft skin, those divine lips and that godlike love making. Love is perfection.

Hi, my name is Lana and I’m here to tell you a story. A story about how one second can change your life. This is the story of how my sister and I fell in love.

It was a hot day. A really hot day. Sun shining, beautiful weather, but being the silent, indoors girl I am, I stayed inside. I was 18 years old and had just finished high school. Window open, sitting on the bed, controller in my hand, Xbox 360 on, playing a first person shooter. That’s what I liked to do. You probably wouldn’t tell by my looks, but inside I’m a bit of a geek. Games, books, movies, computers, comic books you name it. The closet against the farthest wall in my room was half filled with comic books and half filled with normal books, mostly sci-fi and fantasy and I had another small cabinet filled with games. This got me the attention of 90% of the boys in class. I could understand why. Either most girls didn’t play video games or they just didn’t talk about it. But even with all the attention, I never dated one. I guess I just wasn’t interested in them. Because of that I began to think that I may have been a lesbian, but it was the same with the girls. No one seemed interesting. I came to the conclusion that I just hadn’t found anyone fun yet.

“Still loving those video games huh?”

I jumped at the sudden noise. I looked over my shoulder.

“Brianna!” I jumped off the bed and hugged my sister. My sister was three years older than me. She just finished college without any problems and now came back home looking for a job. “It’s been way too long.” Her college was far away from home so she stayed there. I would only see her on school breaks or special occasions like Christmas or new year. Last time I saw her was in April for my birthday. She came all that way to surprise me.

My loud reaction may not suggest that I’m a quiet person, but that’s because it was my sister. We were always close. I mean, we did have some fights like normal siblings had, but those things were quickly forgotten. If I ever had any problems in school or whatever, she was the person to go to. When we were little we were inseparable.

“Congratulations on passing your finals sis.” I said.

She hugged me back. “Thanks Lana. You too.”

I let her go. “So, tell me about your last months in college.”

She chuckled. “Tonight Lana. Mom and dad will be gone, I’ll make you your favorite spaghetti and then we’ll talk.”

I grinned. “Thanks.” I made a motion towards the TV. “You wanna play something?”

She walked over to my Xbox, took the second controller and let herself fall on my bed. “Sure you can handle the disappointment?” she joked. I threw my pillow at her and we both laughed.

Six o’clock downstairs in the living room. Our parents were packed and ready to leave. They were going on a trip through parts of Europe and they would be gone for a month. They had a flight around 9 o’clock and it was a long drive to the airport. They hugged us both. “Okay, there’s food in the fridge, if you need something just…”

“Mom, mom,” my sister cut her off and smiled, “we’re adults, we can take care of ourselves. There’s no need to worry.”

She nodded. “Yes, I know, I’m sorry. I’m just going to miss you.”

“We’re going to miss you too mom.” I answered.

She hugged us again and they took off. “Bye.”


They loaded their stuff in our dad’s car and left mom’s car behind so we… well so Brianna could drive somewhere if one of us needed to be somewhere. We waved again and they were gone.

I wasn’t as close with my parents as I was with my sister. Don’t get me wrong, I loved them, I couldn’t have wished for better parents, and I had some serious talks with my mom from time to time, but it wasn’t the same like with Brianna. Brianna always seemed to understand me more. Maybe because she was younger.

“Well then,” my sister said as they faded out of view, “I guess I’ll start on that spaghetti.”

I lay the table and after about forty minutes, dinner was served. My mouth watered at the aroma of spaghetti bolognaise. I rolled a bunch of spaghetti onto my fork and put it in my mouth. Delicious.

“So Brianna, tell my about your last months in college.” I mumbled with a mouth full of food.

She giggled. “What?”

Oh. I bit on the spaghetti and swallowed it. “Sorry,” I grinned, “tell me about college.”

“Well, not much to tell since the last time I saw you really. Just that I passed my finals. The last few weeks were a lot of studying so there wasn’t much room for other activities.” I nodded. “But what about you? You finished high school. How did it go?”

“It was pretty easy for the most part. I had a little trouble with math but nothing serious.”

“And now what? Are you going to go to college?”

“I don’t know, it seems like fun and it’s probably the smart thing to do, but I’m not sure yet.” I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life.

She took my hand and squeezed it. “Well, whatever you do, I’m here for you.”

I smiled. “Thanks sis.”

She grinned. “And how are things in the love department. Any romances?”

I shrugged. “Same old same old, still single.”

“How is that possible? You’re a beautiful girl and you’re a geek. Any boy would kill to be with you.”

I shrugged again. “I don’t know, I just don’t go out much and the boys in my class just didn’t seem interesting to me.”

“Well don’t worry, you’ll find someone,” she said smiling.

I chuckled. “I’m not worrying sis, I’m happy with what I have now. And what about you? Didn’t you have a boyfriend?”

“No that’s over?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. What happened?”

“I found out he was cheating on my so I broke up with him.”

“What a jerk.” She agreed. “I hope you find someone better sis, you deserve a lot more.”

She leaned over and kissed my forehead. “Thanks Lana, that means a lot to me.”

The discussion about our love interests ended and took other turns. We talked about our parents, just like with me, she hadn’t seen them in a long time, we talked about whatever we could come up with. Well, she did most of the talking. She’s not as quiet and shy as I am, in fact she’s way more open and outgoing. She can stand her own, but she would never hurt anybody. She’s always so sweet and playful, but when it’s necessary, she can be very serious. When dinner was finished, we did the dishes, watched a movie and went to bed.

I woke up the next morning, took some clothes out of my closet and made my way to the bathroom. I put my hand on the doorknob, twisted it and when I pushed the door open I had to close my eyes to let out a big yawn.

“Uhm, good morning.”

My eyes shot open immediately. My sister was sitting on a chair, naked, one leg on the side of the bathtub and a razor in one of her hands. I was startled and couldn’t move. My eyes flashed over her body. She had what looked like from here about B-sized breasts, a flat tummy and a trimmed patch of pubic hair. Her vagina was covered by her other leg. My eyes were glued to her body and then realizing I had been staring too long, I covered my eyes. My head had never been so red before and I became very nervous.

“Oh… sorry sis. I… I…” and practically ran out of the bathroom. Shit. I had forgotten she was here. Her body flashed before my eyes. Wow, I thought to myself, she has a stunning body. I hit myself on the head. NO, don’t think that, she’s your sister, stop. How long had I stared at her? I couldn’t have been longer than a second, could it? No, no maybe she didn’t even notice me staring. No she didn’t, I’m sure of it. Suddenly she came out of the bathroom. How long have I been standing here?

“Like what you saw?” she grinned.

I let out a nervous chuckle. “I… euhm… I forgot you had to use the bathroom too. Sorry.”

She laughed and waved my apology away. “Don’t sweat it.” Then she came closer to me and pinched my butt. “I’ll see you naked one day too, and then we’ll be even.” She smiled and walked away.

She was playing with me, I knew it. As we were growing up and hit puberty she began making sexual jokes from time to time. She would joke around like that sometimes. It didn’t mean anything… did it? Did she notice me staring? I tried to shake it off and entered the bathroom. I was washing myself and her naked body flashed before me again, but now I felt this tingling in my stomach and my vagina itched. What was going on? Then I saw it. Her pink panties she wore yesterday. They were lying there, on top of the dirty laundry. My body moved on its own. What was going on? I grabbed her panties. The silk fabric felt so soft in my hands. I had the same panties but in a different color, why did hers feel so good? The next thing I knew, I was sniffing them. The aroma was amazing. I couldn’t even begin to describe what it smelled like. I rubbed it against my cheek.

What was I doing? I threw them back on the laundry. Why was I doing this? Why did I have this feeling in my stomach, why did my vagina itch? Was it because I saw her naked body for one second? That’s not possible, and besides, she’s my sister, it’s wrong. There’s rules, there’s…. My hand was already reaching for it again. No! I filled the sink with ice cold water and splashed it on my face.

After I got myself together and put on my clothes I made my way down, a bit reluctant. Brianna was sitting on the couch and when I entered she smiled at me like nothing happened. My eyes scanned her body again and automatically, my mind was stripping her naked. A pretty face, breasts, a flat tummy, slender legs, but her vagina was covered by her leg again. My stomach felt tingly again and I felt myself getting a little wet. I couldn’t react so I quickly made my way to the kitchen to eat my breakfast. Wow, I thought to myself, this is gonna be one hell of a month.

The rest of the day, and the rest of the week for that matter were kind of a blur. I spent most of the week in my room. That’s what I usually did when I she wasn’t home, but when she was home, normally I’d be downstairs hanging out with her. But I couldn’t. Every time I saw her I felt the same tingle in my stomach. Whenever we’d go out shopping or something like that, I would get nervous for some reason and I wouldn’t talk that much. It wasn’t my typical behavior around her and I’m sure she must have noticed something was wrong, but even if she did, she didn’t say anything.

“Do you have any plans for today?” she asked as we ate breakfast the next week.

“No, why?”

“Well, since it’s beautiful weather, how about we go to the beach? We could lay back and relax in the sun a bit. And the water will feel good.”

“I don’t know sis, you know I’m not a fan of crowded places.”

She took my hand. “Please,” she widened her brown eyes to form these puppy eyes I could never resist. “as a favor to me. We’ll go lay somewhere a bit quiet and if you want, you can bring a book.”

“Fine,” she seemed happy with my answer, “but only because you asked me to.” It wasn’t because the beach would be crowded that I didn’t want to go. I always liked the beach when I was younger, and if that meant more people around me than I was comfortable with, I didn’t mind. I didn’t want to go because I would see my sister in her bathing suit. I couldn’t get her out of my head. Her naked body kept flashing before my eyes, and even though she would be wearing her bathing suit, it would be enough for me to stare at her again. To feel a bit uncomfortable and to feel guilty for looking at my sister, my own blood.

“Thanks sis,” she said and stood up, “I guess we’ll better go put our bathing suits on.”

“We’re leaving the house in our bathing suits?”

She laughed. “No silly, put your clothes on top of them. That way we won’t have to get changed on the beach and there won’t be any creeps staring at us.”

I chuckled. “Okay, now I understand.” She smiled and ran upstairs. But there will be one creep staring at you sis, I thought, me. I ate the rest of my breakfast, put on my blue two piece bikini bathing suit in my room, covered it with my regular clothes, packed whatever I needed and went back downstairs. Brianna was already jumping up and down, very excited. We put our stuff in the trunk of the car and drove off.

The beach wasn’t so crowded like I thought it would be, and that made me happier, but it still took us a while before we found a place that was relatively quiet. Sweat was already pouring down our skin when we set foot on the sand. Brianna laid out her towel on the sand, while I folded out my beach chair. I had a towel myself, but I brought a book and it was easier for me to read in the chair. I was busy setting up the beach umbrella when my attention was drawn to her. She was taking off her clothes. She pulled up her tank top to reveal her flat tummy. It looked so smooth. Then, a pink bikini top faded into view. It matched perfectly with her brown eyes and bright blonde hair. And as if she was teasing me… no, more like torturing me, she turned a bit, her back towards me and started pulling off her short skirt, bending forward as she does it. She slowly revealed her pink bikini panties. It didn’t cover her whole butt, part of her butt cheeks were bare naked. I practically drooled right there and then. When she turned around to get some sun block, I quickly turned to the umbrella, pretending I was busy… hoping she didn’t see me stare.

God dammit Lana, I thought to myself as Brianna put on sun block, stop staring, she’s your sister for crying out loud. I put on sun block myself and sat down in the chair. By now my sister had put on her dark sunglasses, her eyes were impossible to see, and was laying back, relaxing in the sun. My eyes were already going over her body, I couldn’t stop myself. Long, slender legs, perfect hips, a smooth tummy, hills on her chest that formed her breasts and a perfect face. Another tingling in my stomach and vagina.

People said we looked somewhat alike, but I disagreed. While she had bright blonde hair, mine was a bit darker. That was the only thing I found to be somewhat similar. Where she had brown eyes, I had bright blue. I had a bit of a small nose which I didn’t really like, but most people thought it was cute. I also had thinner lips than my sister. And where she had a natural athletic body, I didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, most people said I had a stunning figure and some of the girls in class were jealous, but I always thought that Brianna had a better body. And she had around what looked like B-sized breasts perhaps even C and I had A-sized ones. Overall, I couldn’t really complain about my body.

I lay down in the chair and took out my book, a fantasy novel about dragons and stuff. I didn’t put on my sunglasses because it would be almost impossible to read the letters. I constrained myself from looking at her. I kept thinking she was my sister and that I wasn’t allowed to do that. It was really hard, but I managed for the most part… at least until after a while she asked me something.

“Hey sis,” she began as she turned around on her front, her breasts swinging sideways as she did it, “do you mind putting some sun block on my back?”

No, no, no. Don’t ask me that Brianna. I managed to smile. “Sure sis,” I said with a wavery voice. I got up, straddled her legs and squirted some sun block on my hands. My arms moved towards her lower back. Her skin felt so soft and so delicate under my fingers. Again, tingling in my stomach. Her body was hot from the sun and my fingers just melted in her skin. I rubbed her lower back for way too long before moving on to her upper back. Even her shoulders felt both fragile and strong. So soft, so smooth. My hands were glued to her body.

“Sis?” she suddenly said.


“Would you mind putting some on my legs and butt too?”

I froze. Come on, say something. “Euhm…”

“You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.”

But that was the problem. I wanted to do it, but for the wrong reasons. I tried to speak but my throat was blocked. I swallowed and tried to hide my nervousness. “Sure, no problem… I mean, what are sisters for, right?”

she smiled. “Thanks Lana.”

My body shaking, I got off her legs, spread them and got on my knees between them. With trembling hands I squeezed some sun block on my hands and moved towards one of her calves. So far so good, I said to myself, these are just your sister’s calves, there’s nothing erotic about that. Done with both her calves, I moved upwards towards her thighs. This was getting harder. So soft and smooth, just like the rest of her body. Then came both the best and worst part. Her butt.

I squeezed some more sun block on my even more trembling hands and moved them towards her tush. My heart was pounding and sweat was dripping down my forehead. I almost gasped at the softness of her cheeks. My sister definitely didn’t have a big butt, in fact it looked firm, but I had never been so wrong before. They were like jelly, my fingers sank down her flesh. I caught myself just holding her butt in my hands, not moving them and spreading the sun block. I took a deep breath and moved. My fingers dug even deeper. I had to keep myself from pinching it. One of my fingers slipped under the fabric and accidentally brushed her hole. I swear I heard a small moan. I literally got lost in her tush. My hands kept moving on their own, not wanting to stop, not wanting to let go. She felt so perfect.

“Sis,” she smiled and pulled me out of my trance that was the wonderful feeling of her behind, “I think I have enough sun block there now.”

I blushed again, harder than ever before. “Oh yeah,” I said, quickly taking my hands off her butt and making my way back to my chair while trying to talk to her, falling over my words, “sorry.”

She didn’t say anything and just grinned before putting her head back down, facing me, and relaxing again. I took my book, but I had trouble reading. I constantly lost attention and kept glancing at Brianna, especially her butt. I knew I sat there a long time, but I hadn’t even read a single page yet before she said something. I heard a distant voice, but my mind and gaze were fixed on her body.

“Sis.” she said with a louder voice.

I almost jumped out of my chair. Oh God, I was staring again wasn’t I. She saw me, she definitely saw me. Oh God, I’m screwed. No, no she probably didn’t see me. “Yeah?” I said, dreading her answer.

“I asked if you wanted to go swimming.”

“Oh, sorry, I was… I was a bit focused on my book,” I lied, “but sure, sounds like fun.” And maybe it would get her out of my head.

“Great,” she said and jumped up. Her breasts bounced up and down and swung sideways. “race ya there.” She took off in a run. The flesh of her butt bouncing up and down as she ran. I followed it until she was in the water. I closed my eyes and rubbed the side of my head. “God Lana,” I said to myself, “stop thinking about her.” I stood up and made my way to the water. I was positive the fresh water would help me. And I was correct. It felt good in the warm summer sun and it helped me get my mind off Brianna a bit.

That was until we got out of the water. It was as if she was a goddess rising from beneath the sea. A queen I read about in one of my books. The sunlight shone on the water drips gliding down her body and made her skin sparkle. She was already drying herself off before I got out of the water.

“Wanna go home?” she asked when I arrived.

Thank God, I thought to myself, if we stayed longer I would go crazy. “Okay.”

Once home, watching TV after we both took a shower, I just had to ask her. I had to know what this feeling meant.

“Brianna, you’ve had a few boyfriends right?”

She looked away from the TV. “What are you implying by that?”

“Oh no, no I didn’t mean… I wasn’t trying to…”

She laughed. “I’m just kidding Lana, what do you want to know?”

I tried to smile back, but I couldn’t. “How do you know when you like someone?”

The corners of her mouth rose and formed a smile. “Anyone caught your interest?”

“No, no, no,” I quickly answered before I slipped something out, “no I mean, maybe someone did and I just didn’t know or something.”

She stared at me for a few seconds and then shook her head. “No, if you really like someone, you’d know. If you like someone, you’ll feel something inside you, you know like when they say you get butterflies in your stomach, you’ll get tingly and warm. And when you look at that person, you’ll automatically smile and feel happy. And if you really like someone, you wouldn’t be able to keep your eyes off of that person. Wherever you are, everything around you will lose meaning and all your attention will be focused on that one human being.”

I knew it, but I was too afraid to admit it. I just nodded.

My reaction must have looked sad because she took my hand in hers. “Look sis, you will find someone like that. And when the time comes, whoever it may be, that person will not be able to resist you.”

Yeah, I thought to myself, I think she will.

The days crawled by. By the end of the week I had come to terms with the fact that I was falling in love with my sister. Now I was not only angry and disgusted with myself for doing so, but I was also sad. Sad because I could never be with her. You can’t date family. Siblings aren’t supposed to be together, to sleep together. But I kept torturing myself… I kept hoping.

A new day. I found myself in the bathroom and was staring at my sister’s panties that were on the laundry again. There were new panties every day, and every day I took them in my hands. Soft black silk, my sister’s scent. Time and time again I took in the aroma. The scent found its way deep into my nose… delicious. I moved my hand to lay it back but something deep inside held me back and instead of putting it away, I put them on. De fabric felt incredible as it slid against my thighs. I was going too far and I knew it. Wearing my sister’s panties was too much, but it was the only way to feel her.

Even though my bra didn’t match her panties at all, I put on the rest of my clothes and went downstairs. There was a note on the table.

“Out for groceries. Home at around 11.”

I sighed and had to smile. “Well, that means a little less staring today,” I said to myself. But I was wrong.

Brianna arrived a bit later than 11 o’clock. “Sorry,” she said while carrying some bags, “I went shopping too.”

“What did you buy?” I asked, looking up from my book.

“I’ll show you this afternoon,” she said while putting the bags down and getting the food from the car, “but I got some pizza to eat. You want some?”

“Sure, sounds great.”

It was somewhere in the afternoon before my sister showed her new clothes. None of us are big fashion diva’s, but that didn’t mean we never showed each other our new clothes. She hadn’t bought that much, just a few tops and skirts and of course she was beautiful in every single piece. But then she yelled something from the kitchen where she changed clothes.

“The next thing is a bit different, but I want your honest opinion OK?”


I nearly fainted when she appeared. The only thing she was wearing was lingerie. She had black panties with red ruffles and a matching black and red bra. My eyes almost fell out of my head just by looking at her. “Wow.”

“So, you like it?”

I nodded heavily without talking, afraid I would say too much. I could already feel myself getting wet.

“I also brought something for you.”

“You bought me lingerie?”

“Just a bra. When I saw it I immediately thought of you,” she said while walking to the kitchen, “just close your eyes.

I didn’t know what she meant when she said that she had to think of me, but I did as she said and closed my eyes. After a few seconds I felt her placing something in my hands. I open my eyes and burst out laughing. She gave me a bra with on the left cup the left side of a Xbox 360 controller and on the right cup, the right side of the controller. It took a few seconds before I had control over my laugh. “It’s beautiful, thanks sis.”

“Why don’t you try it on?

My eyes shot up. “What, now? Here?”

“Lana, I’m standing here in my lingerie…”


“Just think of it as a preview for when I see you naked one day,” she said with a grin.

I stood up quickly and turned my back to her to cover my red face. I removed my top and bra and put on the new one. “It fits perfectly Brianna,” I said while turning back to her.

Now she had to laugh herself. “It’s the perfect bra for you.” I looked down a bit ashamed. “So Lana, what do you want to do today?”

We were watching television that evening. It was already dark outside but it was still incredibly warm and Brianna walked around all day in just her lingerie. She made it very hard for me to concentrate on something else. My eyes always searched for her body and I always wondered how the rest of her body felt. I wanted to plant kisses all over her body. From her little toe to her earlobe and from her mouth to her vagina. I wondered what she would say if she could read my mind.

Suddenly, everything went dark. The lights and the TV turned off and there was total silence. Brianna stood up, walked to the window and pulled aside one of the curtains. “It seems like the entire neighborhood suffers from a power outage,” she took a step back, “I’ll go look for a flashlight.”

She came back after a while, not with a flashlight but with candles in her hands. “I didn’t find one so we’re going to have to do like in the old days,” she chuckled and put the candles on the table. She went to the kitchen to get matches and lit them. The flames of the candles made for a dim glow, but it was enough to see. “Now what?”

An hour later after we already finished one board game, we were busy playing monopoly. We sat on the floor close together to see the board in the dim glow, me still in my skirt and bra and my sister still in her lingerie. Hear bare leg always slid against mine when she moved her pawn as if she did it on purpose. Our conversation started out with random stuff but turned to more romantic and sexual things later on, specifically about the first kiss and about the first time.

“How does your first kiss feel like?” I asked while moving my pawn.

“You never kissed someone?” she asked a bit bewildered. I shook my head. “But what about that boy, what was his name again… Adam?”

“That was in like primary school and if I remember correctly it was a dare in truth or dare or something like that, that doesn’t count.

She stared for a while, making me a bit uncomfortable. “So you never kissed anyone?”

I shook my head again, this time red from embarrassment. “No.”

She took my hand in hers. “That’s good Lana, je shouldn’t throw something like that away, it’s much better if it’s with someone you like.”

I smiled. “But how does it feel?”

“That’s something I can’t describe baby sis, you’ll have to experience it for yourself.”

I sighed, a bit disappointed that I still didn’t know. “Okay then, what do you do when you want someone to kiss you?”

She chuckled a bit. “I usually take the first step.”


“Yeah, most guys don’t know when to take a hint so I figure I’d help,” she smiled.


She turned to me with a look in her eyes that I had never seen before and after a few seconds she said, “Turn to me.” A bit startled by the sudden change in her voice and eyes I did what she said and stretched my legs towards her. She stood up only to straddle my legs immediately. I didn’t know what was going on, but my breathing already became heavier. “Well,” she continued, “there are a few different kisses. There is for example a kiss that’s just pure lust. That’s the sort of kiss and tear each other’s clothes of kind of stuff.

She put her hands on mine and slid them up my arms and stopped at my shoulders. Her touch gave me goose bumps over my entire body. “Then there are these quick little kisses so you can tease the other person a bit.”

Her hands slid upwards, combed my hair and then rested on my cheeks. “And then,” she said while moving her head forward, “there is a passionate kiss.” She held her lips and inch from mine. My entire body was rigid. I was breathing hard, my heart beat in my chest like it was possessed and my lips quivered when I felt her hot breath on them. I looked into her eyes and saw the fire in them. “A kiss for someone you love, nothing can surpass that.”

She closed the gap. My entire body went limp when her lips touched mine. My heart was beating even faster and my entire body burned up. It took a couple of seconds before I could react and kissed her back. She was right, this feeling is indescribable. My lips melted into hers, her warmth pulled me into a trance. I had to wait far too long for this moment. Her touch brought my mind into total euphoria.

But then she broke the kiss. The cooler air touching my lips brought me back to reality. This beautiful girl was on top of me, the dim glow coming from the candles accentuated the gleam in her eyes… but then it hit me. My older sister and I just kissed. I felt terrible and miserable and started looking around nervously and mumbling to myself.

“Lana?” my sister asked, clearly very worried.

“Sorry,” I said to no one in particular and crawled from under her and ran in the dark upstairs. I locked my door and fell down on the bed. I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t.

“Lana.” A soft knocking and a troubled voice came from the direction of the door. I ignored it. I couldn’t face her now, it was to embarrassing. I wanted this for so long, but when it happened it was just too much. After a few more knocks I heard her leave and a single tear fell down my face onto the mattress.

I don’t know how long I lay there, staring at nothing in pitch black. But then, as if my body had a mind of its own, I stood up and went to Brianna’s room.” I knocked on the door.


Without saying something back I entered and crawled next to her under the sheets. She took one of the candles from downstairs and, just like downstairs, her room was lit just enough to see each other. She turned to my and began combing my hair with her fingers. “Why did you kiss me?” I asked averting my eyes. It was a stupid question, but it was the only thing I could say.

She moved a bit closer and pressed her body against mine. “Because that’s what you wanted, right?”

“How did you know?”

She shrugged for as far as possible laying sideways. “Ever since you saw me naked you began acting weird and you stayed in your room far more than you normally do when I’m home. You kind of avoided me and always blushed when I talked to you. Then I took you to the beach and when you always glanced in my direction I knew what was going on.”

I blushed again, I figured her eyes were closed and she didn’t see me looking at her. “I just thought it was because I’m still a virgin and when I saw you that it was just lust. But that feeling didn’t went away and when I asked you how you knew if someone liked you, that’s when I knew. But that was also the worst part because I knew that it could never work out because you’re my sister and I’m just a repulsive person who has sexual thoughts about his sibling.”

She moved her hand form my hair to my chin and made look her in the eyes. “Lana, if I didn’t want anything to happen between us, why did I let you massage my butt for so long and why would I pose in lingerie for you?”

A sparkle of hope burned deep in me. “Do you want to be something more than just sisters too?”

She smiled and nodded. “I don’t know why, but ever since that day on the beach, you were the only thing I could think about. I had some problems with it too, to be honest. Being in love with your baby sister isn’t really normal, but after a few days I decided that that didn’t matter, I just wanted to be with you. I had thought long and hard about how I would get my sister who is always so embarrassed and ashamed so far that I could kiss her, so I went for the lingerie. It was a risky attempt, but it was worth it.”

“I’m glad you took it.”

She rolled on top of me and looked me deep in the eyes. The same fire burned in her eyes as before, but now I kissed her. Al my worries about us were immediately gone. My big sister was as much in love with me as I was with her. She pressed her tongue softly against my mouth and when I opened my lips I felt her tongue massaging mine for the first time. She tasted unbelievably good. I wrapped my arms around her lower back and pressed her closer against my body. I never wanted to let her go. After a while she broke the kiss and stared into my eyes again. The only thing we could do was laugh.

She caressed my cheek with her thumb and even though she knew how much I wanted it, she teased me by asking, “Do you want to see me naked again?”

“Yes please,” was the only thing I could answer.

She straightened herself and straddled my hips. With a sly grin she began unhooking her bra. My jaw fell down when she threw her bra on the floor. “Wow, you truly have the body of a goddess.”

She stared at me with a strange look. “S-sorry, one of my characters in my books had such a beautiful body too.”

She laughed, pulled me up and kissed me again. My hands were already fumbling her breasts. They were so soft that my I lost my fingers in her flesh. I took her nipples between my fingers and pinched it softly which resulted in a soft moan. I left her lips and made my way south. I kissed her cheek, her neck, her collarbone and her breasts. She dug her fingernails in my flesh when I closed my mouth around one of her nipples. I glided my tongue over and around the already hard, little pink areola’s and savored the taste as she kept moaning.

As my tongue licked away at her nipples, I felt her hands gliding down my back and opening my new bra. It quickly fell to the ground and I was already on my back, moaning as Brianna’s tongue glided over my collarbone. She gave me the same treatment and closed her lips around my nipple. I moaned her name when she softly bit one. She enjoyed herself with massaging and licking my breasts for a while before moving downstairs. She licked from my breasts to my belly button only to stop there and give it a kiss. Then she began undoing my skirt. She slid it down my legs, threw it on the ground next to my bra and grinned.

“Are those my panties?”

Shit. I blushed again, my head red as a tomato, not knowing what to say. “Uhm… I…”

She moved back to me to kiss me and then whispered in my ear, “You’re a naughty little girl aren’t you?”

I had no time to react because she was already busy taking of her panties from my body. She had the panties in her hands and I was now completely naked in front of my sister. She lay back down next to me and held the panties in front of my eyes. “Look at what you’ve done,” she teased, “they’re totally wet.” She was right, her panties were drenched with my juices. Then she did something I wasn’t expecting. She put the crotch panel in her mouth and moaned. “Delicious.” I had no idea that she was so dirty.

“And then I’m the naughty one?” I playfully asked.

She laughed. “I like a little preview.” She took the panties between two fingers and let it dangle back and forth in front of my face. I took in my own aroma, I didn’t know I smelled that good. “Try it yourself, you taste delightful.” My juices oozed out of my vagina when she said that and without any hesitation I took it in my mouth… I tasted amazing. She grinned again and then whispered in my ear, “Yeah… you’re as naughty as I am.”

I giggled with the panties between my lips as she crawled back to my feet. I felt her hands gliding over my legs and thighs and then I felt her hot breath on my shaved pubic area. She kissed it softly and just to tease me, she avoided my clit. I moaned in expectation as she kept teasing me with kissed around my vagina. I was just about to beg before she licked my clit. My whole body shivered and I moaned louder. Again her tongue against my clit, again shivers. I bit the panties to control my moaning but my taste and aroma drove me wild.

She spent a lot of time on my clit and I thought I would have an orgasm until she spread my lips with her finger and drilled her tongue deep inside me. I arched my back and moaned her name incredibly loud. She pushed her tongue as deep as possible and started moving. I felt her glide against the walls of my insides and I dripped juices onto her tongue. Instinctively I grabbed my breasts and kneaded them to raise the pleasure. I yelled when I pinched my nipples and she simultaneously filled me up and massaged my clit with her thumb.

My eyes rolled back into my head and I surrendered my body to pleasure. I moaned and quivered while she filled me up and I enjoyed my own juices. Then I felt her tongue and hand leaving me only to be immediately replaced by two fingers. I clutched the sheets and screamed her name. Her fingers went way deeper and when she moved I shook harder than before. She spread her fingers and moved them, just as if she was looking for something… and then she found it. She softly pressed my g-spot with her two fingers and I went crazy. Sensations and feelings rushed through my body. My mind was blank and only focused on pleasure.

Without leaving my she moved back towards my and held her head next to mine. She began massaging my clit with her thumb, I screamed again. “Baby sis,” she whispered, “you’re so beautiful. Come for me.” She kissed me, her panties caught between the battle of our tongues, both enjoying my juices. Her fingers pressing against my g-spot, her thumb on my clit, her tongue entwining mine and her panties and the thought of her being so naughty pushed me over the edge. I broke the kiss, the panties still in my mouth and yelled it out. My back arched, I shook uncontrollably and my heart was beating incredibly fast when my orgasm reached it’s peak. I felt myself contracting around my sister’s fingers.

I fell back down on the bed. The orgasm kept me in trance and my sister fell down on top of me. After pushing my g-spot once more she slid out her fingers out of my pussy slowly. She brought her index finger to her mouth and licked it. Without thinking I took her hand and closed my mouth around her index- and middle finger and licked my juices from them, the panties still in my mouth. I moaned as I did it.

Brianna had to laugh and kissed me. She took the panties between her teeth and let it fall to the ground. “My quiet sister who’s always so shy,” she playfully began, “has just drenched her sister’s panties in her juices and then put them in her mouth without any hesitation.”

I had to laugh now myself. “That’s why I love you sis. You always manage to bring out a side of my I never knew I had.”

She stared back into my eyes. “I love you baby sis.”

I don’t know where the next thing came from, but I said it anyway. “It’s not over yet sis. Take of your panties and come sit on my face, I’m going to eat you like no one has ever done before.” She looked at me as startled as I was, not being used to my direct approach, but then grinned and did as I said. She held her panties just above my head just as she did with the other one but when I tried to bite it she pulled it away and playfully laughed. She licked it herself just to tease me, threw it on the ground and straddled my head. Her aroma went deep down my nose and she literally dripped on my face. Without any hesitation and teasing I began pleasing her.

I immediately pushed my tongue as deep as I could. Her taste and fluids oozed onto my tongue. She tasted divine. And being the louder girl she was, she immediately began moaning my name. “Ah Lana, yes… deeper.” I did as she said and pushed my tongue even farther. I felt her insides spread and I glided my tongue against her walls. I lapped at her pussy and her body shook above my head and I saw she was busy groping her own breasts.

Then I slid out her pussy and began licking her clit. With every touch I heard a deep sigh and a long moan. I licked it, I bit it, I did whatever I could come up with and everything resulted in loud moans and loud screams. She took hold of the head end of the bed to keep herself straight as my tongue was lapping at her clit. After a while I began switching back and forth between her licking her clit and shoving my tongue deep inside her.

She began rubbing her own clit while I drilled inside her over and over again. She breathed heavily and her juices kept dripping out of her and I knew she was about to come. “Ah baby sis,” she yelled, don’t stop I’m gonna come, I’m gonna…” I grabbed her thighs and began swirling my tongue harder against her insides. “Ah sis!” I never heard her scream as loud as she did. Her juices filled my moth and covered my face as her body trembled above me and she screamed my name as she reached her climax.

After a long time she fell back down next to me, panting, trying to breath. “Wow Lana, that was incredible.”

I gave her a long kiss and then thought of something. “Can I try something?”


I obviously don’t know if you have ever done it, but ever since that day on the beach I kept thinking about it.”

“About what?”

“Sit on your knees and bend forward, trust me.”

She did as I said and sat down on her knees, her head resting on the mattress and her perfect butt in the air. I put my hands on her soft butt cheeks to spread them a bit and then moved my head. Brianna moaned again. I pressed my tongue down her ass, slowly spreading her entrance. “Oh God, Lana!” she yelled. Ever since that day that I massaged her butt and I accidentally touched her ass I had the need to please her there as well. It was a bit tighter than her vagina, even for my tongue, but it tasted incredibly good.

After I drilled my tongue deep inside her ass a few times I took it up a notch and shoved two fingers in her pussy. Her ass contracted around my tongue and she moaned even louder. My own vagina itched and I moved my other hand and started fingering myself as well. My last orgasm hadn’t fully subsided yet and my fingers felt like a completely new one. I now moaned around her ass while I filled up both her entranced.

It didn’t take long before Brianna came again. “Baby sis… again… I’m…” And before she could finish her sentence, everything contracted. She clutched the sheets and screamed out her new orgasm. She fell down while I kept fingering her. I slid out of her and she turned in just the right time to see me switching the fingers that were in me with the fingers that were just in her. I moaned now myself as my orgasm grew closer.

Brianna took my other fingers, the one that were just inside of me, licked them off and then drilled her tongue down my throat. “Yeah baby sis, you’re so dirty,” she began as I moaned, “use you’re sisters juices to make yourself come. Come with my juices baby sis.” Her dirty talk was too much and I screamed her name for the last time.

I fell down next to her and we both laughed. “I had never thought of anal before Lana, but that was amazing.”

I kissed her again. After a long time of just silently laying next to each other, I suddenly said, “I think we’re even now, now you’ve seen me naked too.”

She giggled but shook her head. “No, I don’t want it to be even. When I said that I meant like seeing you once naked in the bathroom or something like that.” She glided her fingers over my tummy. “But now I don’t want to lose this, I don’t want to lose you.”

I smiled, blew out the candle and held her close to me in the dark. “You won’t lose me sis.”

The next morning, after we had some fun in the shower, we were sitting naked on the couch, our clothes in a pile on the floor. I never thought I could be this happy, but there was something bugging me.

“Now what?” I asked.

“What do you mean?”

I took her hand and squeezed it. “With mom and dad. They will never let us be together. And the people we know, everyone will avoid us and despise us.”

She leaned in and kissed me, which comforted me a little. “If the people we know can’t handle us being together, then screw them. The only thing that matters to me is you.”

“Thanks sis,” I smiled.

“As for mom and dad, they shouldn’t be home until next week. That gives us plenty of time to come up with an explanation.”

I nodded, now enthusiastic. I was positive we would come up with something good, or we would just be together behind their backs. As long as we could be together, I’d be happy.

“Come,” she said before kissing me and gently pushing me on my back on the couch, “let’s see how naughty you really are.”

I laughed and kissed her back.

Our passionate kiss broke when we were both startled from the sound of the front door opening and a female voice yelling. “Brianna, Lana we’re home!”


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