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Alison. What can I say about Alison? She was eighteen, nearly nineteen actually, quite lovely, platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, excellent figure and, to top it off, she possessed a natural sexual allure that automatically turned heads.

Any male coming in range of her sensual aura was instantly drawn to her, irrespective of age, girlfriends or wives. It wasn’t her fault. It was just that indefinable something she had.

She was personable, articulate and friendly, and quite willing to lend a hand if needed.

As you can see, she had a number of good points going for her. Naturally, as with all of us, she had a few average and a few bad points to help balance out the picture.

One of the more average things about her was her intelligence. She passed her exams, but she was never in any danger of being considered a nerd. And despite a few cruel remarks, she wasn’t really a dumb blonde, even though she may have given that impression a time or two. It wasn’t a lack of intelligence that made her make silly decisions, it was a lack of using the intelligence that she did have to consider the consequences of any course of action she might choose to follow.

The real fly in the ointment was vanity. Alison knew she was lovely and she knew that she had sex appeal with a capital SEX. This knowledge, coupled with her vanity led her to try to attach every male she met, wanting to keep them all panting after her.

She wasn’t sexually promiscuous. In fact, according to rumour she was still a virgin. This naturally helped draw the wolves to her, all hoping to be the first.

Alison’s main delight was teasing men, promises insinuated but never explicitly stated and definitely never kept. She just liked to have them following her, anticipating the day she’d surrender to one of them.

This is partly where her lack of forethought regarding consequences came into play. Her vanity and her careless attitude meant that she just didn’t see that her friends and neighbours were getting tired of her antics. The women were especially tired of Alison coming on to and teasing their husbands and boyfriends.

A couple of her friends did try to hint to her that she was going too far, pushing her luck with some of these men. Alison’s ebullient self-confidence, allied with her invincible vanity, led her to just ignore these remarks. Lesser people were just jealous of her, she could handle men with no problems whatsoever.

Ron, on the other hand, was a completely different type of personality to Alison. Where she was spring and sunshine, he was midnight during a cold frost winter. He was the one man that Alison did not want to attach. When they met they tended to circle each other, a cat and dog meeting and mutually agreeing not to fight, but acutely aware of each other at all times.

Now, in Alison’s opinion, Ron was trying to stir up trouble and seemed to be deliberately trying to pick a fight with her. He’d actually walked up to her and told her that she was a trouble-maker and that she was to cease trying to flirt with Andy, Ron’s married brother. Alison was justifiably indignant. She wasn’t flirting with Andy, just being polite. As far as she was concerned Ron could go and — fly a kite. (Alison didn’t like to swear. She considered it crude.) Ron had just looked at her and told her she had been warned.

About a week later there was a pool party at Ron’s place, and both Alison and Andy were among the guests. Alison was in fine form, wearing a miniscule bikini and flirting with every male in site, completely oblivious to the increasingly resentful looks she was getting from not only the women, but some of the men. The men didn’t really want to find themselves having to explain ‘but she means nothing to me’ to angry wives or girlfriends. (And in a couple of instances, both.)

Seeing Ron giving her the evil eye, Alison decided to teach him a little lesson for daring to lecture her. Drifting over to Andy she started flirting, smiling and touching, giving him little come on signs. Alison could practically feel the anger coming from Ron, and for a finale she managed to have her bikini top come loose.

Not so loose that she was giving Andy an eyeful, or anyone else, for that matter, but loose enough for her to be able to make a fuss while quickly adjusting it, casting a ‘so there’ look towards Ron while she did so.

Ron, Alison found, wasn’t where he had been. Before she could turn her head to look for him what felt like a bear trap closed upon her ear, and Ron was leading her squealing and protesting through the crowd to a nearby seat. The crowd, adding to Alison’s fury and embarrassment, was laughing and cheering Ron on.

Reaching the seat, Ron sat, drawing Alison down and across his knees. Alison squealed loudly in disbelief, never having had it cross her mind that Ron, or anyone, would manhandle her. As for putting her across his knee, Ron wouldn’t dare spank her. He just wouldn’t dare.

It turned out that he would, and the experience was going to be even worse than her horrified thoughts had hinted. To the laughing cheers of the crowd, and to Alison’s horrified astonishment, Ron calmly pulled off her bikini bottom, leaving her bottom exposed for everyone to see.

Squealing and kicking her legs, Alison suddenly froze at a casual word from Ron.

“You do know that when you kick like that, you’re flashing your pretty little pussy to everyone?” he murmured.

“That’s better,” he added as she promptly clamped her legs together. “Now you just stay like that while I explain what I meant about not flirting with Andy and the others. This won’t really take long, although you’ll undoubtedly think it’s too long.”

Ron’s hand came down firmly on Alison’s bottom. There was an immediate cry of ONE from the crowd and more laughter. A second spank drew a frantic squeal from Alison and a TWO from the crowd. Then came the calls of three, four and five, each matched by wails and squeals from Alison.

Alison was twisting about now, trying to pull free from Ron’s grasp, not caring if she was flashing the crowd as she did so. The spanks continued, tears gathered, and the crowd continued laughing and counting off the sequence.

After eighteen, Ron paused. A voice from the crowd called, “I think she’s nineteen.” This was answered by a few more stating eighteen, nineteen and twenty. There was general laughter when Marie, Andy’s wife, spoke up.

“Ron,” she called, “Why don’t you just assume she’s under fifty and continue the count up to that point? Then you’re sure to get the right amount.”

Ron laughed and stood a scarlet faced Alison back on her feet.

“Enough is enough,” he said. Taking Alison’s arm he steered her towards the house.

“What are you doing?” Alison demanded. “Where are you taking me? My bathers are back there. I’m half naked!” she wailed.

“Don’t worry about your bathers,” Ron told her. “You’ll soon be completely naked. I’m taking you to my bedroom where I’m going to fuck some common sense into you.”

Alison promptly started struggling and protesting.

“No, you’re not. No way. I’m not going with you. I’ll scream.”

“Actually, you were doing a fair bit of screaming all through the spanking. Did you notice anyone rushing to help you?

Of course, if you prefer it, I could always bend you back over that seat and ravish you in front of everyone. You’ll probably find they’ll enjoy it and cheer you on. You never know, some of the men there might just want to have a turn as well.”

Feeling stunned, Alison went with him.

“They all know you’re dragging me in here to rape me, don’t they?” she said in a small voice.

“Don’t be silly. They just think that we’ve had a lovers spat and we’re going inside to sort out our differences in the time honoured way, with you gracefully yielding to me.”

“Why would anyone think we’re already lovers?” squealed Alison in shock and fury.

“I’m not sure,” said Ron, sounding genuinely puzzled. “But for some reason everyone thinks we’ve been lovers for weeks now.”

Alison felt stunned. “Why would anyone think that?” She put the question to Ron.

Opening the bedroom door and ushering her in, Ron shrugged.

“If I had to guess, I’d say Marie jumped to that conclusion from something I said to her and promptly spread the word to all her friends.”

“Wh-what did you say to Marie to give her that impression?”

“Let’s take off that silly little top. Um, what did I say to Marie? I think it was something along the lines that she didn’t have to worry about Andy sleeping with you because I was keeping you too busy to stray.”

Tossing her top to the side Ron eased Alison down onto the bed. She was looking up at him, appalled.

“You told Marie we were lovers?”

“Just anticipating what was going to happen,” came the reply, as Ron stripped.

Alison’s attention suddenly snapped back to her present predicament. Appalled to find that she’d not only been side-tracked but dumped naked on Ron’s bed while she was thinking, she gave an alarmed squeak and tried to sit up.

A pair of hand cupped her breasts and forced her back down onto the bed. Ignoring her protests, Ron settled down onto the bed next to her.

“Before I start, are you still a virgin?” he asked. “My honest guess is that you probably are.”

“Does it matter,” snapped Alison.

“Only to you. If you’re a virgin, I’ll start of slowly, giving you a chance to adjust to something new. If you’re not, I can drive straight in and let you catch up. Virgin?” He smiled down at her.

Alison quailed and nodded. She’d been tempted to deny her virginity, but that drive in and let you catch up sounded rather frightening.

“I’m not ready for this. I don’t want it. You know I don’t.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t care. You’ve been asking for this for too long. Better me than those two hoons who have been following you around.”

Even while talking, Ron was gently massaging Alison’s breasts. Her hands had closed on top of his to pull them away, but she found she couldn’t make the effort, just holding him while he was causing some very odd sensations within her. She didn’t want it, but if pressed she’d have to admit she liked it.

Alison gasped as Ron leant over and captured her nipple with his mouth, gently sucking on it. She could feel his tongue rubbing over it and his teeth brushing lightly against her flesh. She shuddered.

A stray thought crossed her mind.

“What two hoons,” she asked.

Ron raised his head and looked at her. “Those two idiots you attached at the pub the other week. They decided you were a sure thing and were going to take you into the park. I had to discourage them.”

Alison looked at him with surprise. “He’d been looking out for her?” Then she gasped, as a hand closed over her mound and squeezed. Actually, gasped is probably an understatement. Her whole body seemed to jump at that first delicious, forbidden touch. She’d always been highly practiced at fending off men before they could grope her, and now she found she had no experiences to fall back on. It was all going to be new to her.

Alison squirmed about, trying to push Ron’s hands away, protesting the entire time. Protests and wriggling were both ignored, while Ron’s insistent hands travelled over her body, touching her intimately. When one finger managed to slip between her lips and caress her internally, Alison gave a frustrated squawk and tried to drag the invasive hand aside.

To Alison’s indignation, Ron promptly turned the tables on her, capturing her hand and pressing it against his erection. Furious she snatched it away, which left her feeling rather foolish a little later when she found her hand, apparently of its own accord, had drifted back and was holding Ron’s cock.

Alison found her mind going blank as she tried to tell herself to do something. What she wanted to do was push Ron of the bed, jump off herself and run away screaming. What she found herself doing was running her hand up and down Ron’s erection, while pressing her pussy firmly against his intrusive touch.

Excitement was building in her as she watched Ron suckling on her nipples, felt Ron slowly teasing and exploring inside her, felt Ron’s erection filling her hand, heat emanating from it.

All too soon, Ron was rolling on top of her, his weight crushing her to the bed, and his erection was pressing firmly against her. Alison could feel him lifting his hips, could feel the head of his cock moving lower, dragging itself down past her mons and slipping between her legs, where it rested against her pussy, gently pressing against her slit.

She lay there, looking up at Ron, shaking her head slowly, refusing to admit this was happening. Ron was smiling down at her, his hand between their bodies, gently easing her lips apart.

Alison was still denying that it was happening when she felt Ron making his entrance, slipping between her lips and pressing into her. Alison protested, loudly and repeatedly, knowing that it was all for show and she was about to learn what sex was all about.

Still protesting, Alison felt pressure building inside her, a solid bar was leaning heavily against her hymen, and she could feel something yielding within her. Her mouth finally closed and she just stared desperately at Ron as he slowly increased his pressure. Then she gave a soft wail as something tore, and the iron bar broke through her defences and surged triumphantly into her.

Ron laughed at Alison as she twisted beneath him. “Relax,” he murmured. “The worst bit is over and from here on it should just keep getting better.”

“Easy for you to say,” snapped Alison, a hint of a sob in her voice. “You’re not the one who’s just had a poker jammed up their ass.”

“It’s not your ass, and you seem to be accepting the poker easily enough,” came the laughing reply, while at the same time Ron pressed steadily deeper, filling Alison’s tunnel, then stretching it and filling it yet again.

Alison found herself twisting slightly from side to side, trying to help Ron’s entry. Her knees rose, repositioning her hips, giving Ron better access. She gasped as he drove relentlessly on, intent on filling her completely.

With a little slapping sound, Ron thrust fully into Alison, pubes mingling and rubbing against each other. He held her there, not just pressed against the bed by his weight but now pinned there, his cock a shaft that had firmly nailed her.

Alison felt Ron gently squeeze her breasts, while at the same time he pulled slightly away from her, then pressed back down. Funny little sensations started to ripple through her, the ones from deep inside her almost, but not quite, drowning out the funny feeling his touch gave as he caressed her breasts.

When Ron repeated the subtle movement, Alison found herself automatically lifting her hips to meet him. She liked the feel of him moving inside her, even if she didn’t want it.

Slowly but surely, Ron increased the speed and length of his movements, coaxing a reluctant response from Alison’s virgin pussy, a response that not so slowly turned into an eager acceptance and a keen desire. Alison found herself bucking under Ron, carried away by strange emotions, her legs rising and circling him, desperately clinging to him, a lifebelt in what was a sudden sea of turbulent emotion.

Pacing himself, Ron drove repeatedly into Alison, his hands clasping and working her breasts while his mouth closed over hers, his entire being wrapped around her while she responded, worshipping his body with her own.

Alison was lost to time. All she knew was that Ron was there, in her, possessing her, taking her to places that she’d never been but was now desperate to reach. Not just this time but repeatedly. She could feel him moving faster and strove to match him, eager to please this dominating master she had acquired.

Ron came deep within Alison, feeling her respond and come apart in his arms. Their mutual climaxes fed off each other, lifting them both higher until they both faded out and were gone, spent.

Lying there in the afterglow, Alison slowly came to her senses. What the hell was she doing here? She’d just been comprehensibly raped by Ron. Shouldn’t she be getting up and running away screaming? Or doing something?

“How can I go back to the party with them all knowing what you did?” she suddenly wailed.

“Are you talking about the spanking or the seduction?” came the laconic query.

Spanking? God, she’d forgotten all about that. Double god, everyone had seen her getting it and they’d all laughed. Seduction?

“Seduction?” she asked scornfully. “Is that a new word for rape?”

“Don’t be so picky,” drawled Ron. “Anyway, you’re not going back to the party just yet. I thought you might enjoy a nice shower, and then we can come back here and repeat the seduction. Or rape if you prefer to call it that.”

Alison blinked and looked at him. He could not be serious. She shook her head and looked at him again. He was serious. He was offering to rape her again.

“A shower will be good,” she muttered. “I’m feeling sticky. But if you try to rape me again I’ll fight.”

“That’s OK. You’re allowed to. Come on, the showers through here,” said Ron, ushering her into the en suite.

“As this is a day of firsts,” he told her, sliding open the shower door, “you might as well have your first experience of being ravished in the shower.”

He followed her into the cubicle, while Alison looked at him, eyes opening wide with shock and anticipation.

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