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Two Sisters and a Surprise

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Having the double headed dildo halfway inside her sopping wet pussy hole. Adrienne was looking down at her sister who just wrapped her mouth around the other end and started sucking on it fast and hard. Adrienne could feel the dildo move inside her, rubbing and pushing against her soft insides as her sister Julie was moving it with her tongue and mouth. In their bedroom when they should be asleep, but what is going to bed and sleeping without a good cum?

Looking down at her younger sister, Adrienne threw her head back to let out a soft moan as she felt the dildo move slowly around inside of her. Feeling her juices leak out onto the rest of the exposed dildo to be licked up and tasted while sucking it. Pinching and pulling at her nipples, she let out soft moans and low grunts not wanting the rest of the house to possibly hear her and come barging in seeing what is happening. Closing her eyes and rubbing her small breasts, she let the dildo softly rub and move around inside of her as her sister sucks on it and rubs her own hairless pussy kneeling down in front of her.

Julie kept her mouth wrapped tight around the dildo, moving it back up with her tongue and mouth to keep from slipping out of her sister’s drenched pussy. Taking hold of Adrienne’s butt, Julie took more of the cock inside her mouth and found her lips touching wet pussy lips and tasting the juices on the wet dildo. Sucking hard now on the dildo, the taste of pussy driving her crazy, she pulled the dildo out of her sister’s pussy hole and heard a pop with the speed of being taken out. Adrienne moaned feeling her pussy feel now empty and looked down long enough to see Julie’s face disappear between her legs and a tongue sliding across her wet labia.

Softly moaning feeling the tongue lick around and dipping in and out of her pussy, she fell to the bed with Julie not missing a lick and following with her sister. Sitting at the edge of the bed with her legs open wide, Julie kept licking at the soft, sparse haired pussy and felt the hairs rub her nose and cheeks. Julie kept rubbing Adrienne’s hips and taking in the softness of the skin while licking the wet, softness of her pussy.

Adrienne wrapped her legs around Julie and pulled her closer and felt her tongue go inside her pussy again creating her to moan more and buck her hips faster. She felt herself about to cum and tried to tell Julie to get ready, but couldn’t find the time before Julie kept dipping her tongue in and out of her pussy hole faster and deeper before Adrienne let loose and felt an orgasm hit her drenching her young sister’s face.

Falling back onto the bed catching her breath and recovering from the orgasm. Julie came up beside her and began licking and kissing her nipples and running her hand over her soft stomach. Adrienne was enjoying the attention and looked on while her young and beautiful sister serviced her tonight. Her half dry red hair hanging over on one side and flowing down hitting her own shoulder. Occasionally looking in her blue eyes when she would look up to smile with her tongue still rolling in circles around her nipple. She was cute and she loved her to death. She has a soft body and stands around five-four and very full figured for her age. Julie is eighteen and already had a C-cup and healthy sexual appetite, well, with her anyways.

Adrienne on the other hand is nineteen and same grade as her younger sister who started school earlier due to an advantage with her age being in a month she could start ahead a year early. She loved it though, having her sister in the same grade and most the same classes. They have always been close and the whole making love with one another started a long time ago, probably due to constant showering together and just about everything else.

The first time started when Adrienne was dumped by her boyfriend and Julie came in for the rescue. Julie had offered a massage during a hot shower and then a movie afterwards with a lot of ice-cream. Adrienne agreed to it, not wanting to turn down her sister’s offer and maybe hurt her, she was only trying to help and why turn the cold shoulder to the wrong person? In the shower it started off innocently enough, Julie was massaging her head while shampooing her dark red hair all while under a relaxing, hot water stream.

Julie kept the shampoo in and grabbed the soap and began rubbing her back first, hard, but a soothing hard. Reaching around, Julie cupped her wet little breasts with her soapy hands and began rubbing them, lathering the soft little breasts. Adrienne felt her breath begin to shorten and closed her eyes for a minute letting the feeling complete relaxation take over. When she came to, Julie was crouching behind her running her soft, still soapy hands up and down her silky legs and palming her pussy cleaning that too. She felt the heat of excitement come over her and let out a deep sigh.

Rubbing her butt cheeks now with both hands, Julie took her right hand and slid it down the middle of her butt and back up. This time she did it again, but sliding the side of her hand between her cheeks and she heard Adrienne let out another sigh and her hand move up towards her chest. Spreading her butt cheeks apart Julie looked at her older sister’s clean looking butt hole. Running her forefinger over the wet hole, she kept rubbing it in tiny circles and notice Adrienne was moving her hips in circles, almost rhythmically with her rubbing finger. Adrienne was wondering if what was going on was right to do, but it felt so good she did not want to ruin it and, well, she was hoping it went further.

That night it did, Julie found that her soapy finger and Adrienne’s relaxation made it easy for her to slide her finger inside the tight fitting warm hole. Julie couldn’t believe it, she has a finger inside her sister and it felt so good to her. Feeling her own excitement rush inside her, she dipped a hand between her legs and rubbed her little hairy pussy. Her fingers combing through her fine red hair, finding her pussy lips and rubbing between them like she would herself at night under the covers. Moving a little past her lips she found her own little ass hole and began rubbing it, at the same time she was moving her finger around inside her sister’s tight hole. She looked between Adrienne’s legs and saw her fingers rubbing fast and one kept disappearing, pushing in and out of her pussy.

Adrienne kept her eyes closed and felt the thoughts and memories of her now ex that dumped her away. She focused on her fingering, and her little sister’s fingering of her ass hole. Sliding in a second finger, she felt her pussy hole stretch to accommodate her two sliding fingers. She was so soaked from the cleaning Julie was doing while washing her, she grew wet in the shower from herself. She felt Julie’s finger slide out of her tight backdoor and turned around saw her put her finger in her mouth. Being the first time seeing her sister since they got in the shower, she was now even more turned on and felt her body shake with excitement and her fingers slid faster in and out of her pussy with rapid sloshing sounds. Julie looked on for a moment and Adrienne noticed so she leaned over a bit to give her a better view of her fingers disappearing inside the pink, soaked hole.

Julie reached back up and open her butt cheeks again and buried her face between her ass. Sticking her tongue out of her mouth slowly, she was hesitant at first afraid her sister might freak out with this ‘disgusting’ act. But she felt her ass be pushed in her face as almost welcoming to do whatever she pleased. With the soft push against her face Julie shoved her tongue right against her crinkled hole and started licking furiously as Adrienne fingered faster and felt herself cum the minute Julie shoved her face against her butt and tongued her ass. Rocking back and forth, Adrienne began moaning under the water, gyrating her hips against Julie’s face who was keeping up with the movements and kept her tongue licking and tasting. Her own fingers finding her asshole and dipping in and out of it, her underarm rubbing against her pussy and clit causing her to feel as turned on as Adrienne is.

Pulling her fingers out of her pussy, Adrienne moved them past her pussy and up to her ass where Julie’s mouth was and Julie caught the hint and began licking and sucking on them with her face still buried in her sister’s rump. Adrienne started sucking her fingers on her free hand and slide them up and down her wet chest and stomach bringing them back to her mouth to suck on and lick. Julie kept busy licking her other hand’s fingers and her ass.

“Oh my god!” Adrienne moaned softly under the hot water.

Pulling back and looking up at her sister, Julie returned her hands to her legs leaving her own ass to show her sister more attention. “What is it?” She asked, afraid she might be upset or something is wrong.

“I had no idea,” she felt the water hit her face now and her naked body. “I. . . oh my god, this feels so good and I had no idea you were, well, like this!” She said with amusement and some shock.

“You’re not mad I did this?” She asked with a relief. “I was just going to wash you and I saw your little butt hole and it just looked so, well, it looked good.” She laughed, looking back down to stop getting hit in the face and eyes by splashing water off her sister’s body.

“It felt so great and I have never came like that in my life!” She told her, rubbing her tiny b-cup breasts.

Turning around and seeing Julie still on her knees and now face level to her pussy, Adrienne pushed her hips a little forward and brought her hand down to spread open her lips to show Julie her wet, soaked pussy hole. Sitting down in the tub with her legs pressed against the sides, Julie spread her legs as far she could and opened her pussy lips to show Adrienne her hole. They were both hairy and it was fine red hair that fanned out. Adrienne looked at her sister’s cute little pussy lips and saw her hair didn’t help make it look as cute as it could be. “Have you ever considered shaving your pussy smooth?”

Julie looked questioningly at her. “You mean shave this all off?” She asked running her fingers through the short, soft hairs while being opened to a new idea she never thought of.

“Yeah. A lot of women do it, it makes them smoother and works really well to show off their pussy.”

Julie looked down at her thick, fanned out pussy hair and ran her fingers through it deciding if she should. Looking back up at Adrienne she smiled and gave the ok.

Stepping out of the shower real fast, Adrienne went through a drawer and grabbed a razor and shaving gel hurrying back in the hot water. Julie was standing back up and saw the razor and gel and started to get a little nervous. “It won’t cut me a lot will it?”

“No. Relax.” She soothed her with a hand on her hip rubbing up and down.

Turning the showerhead towards the wall not wanting it to wash off the gel and she was getting annoyed with it hitting her back, Adrienne got on her knees in front of her little sister. Applying the gel over her hair and between her legs over her soft, plush pussy lips. Adrienne felt her inside heat up again from touching her sister between the legs and feeling just how soft and plush her pussy really is. Lathering the gel up she took the razor and began shaving her. Luckily it was fine hair and fanned out it didn’t need to be clipped beforehand.

Taking the last few strokes with the razor, Adrienne scooted back a little to look at Julie’s now hairless pussy and saw her little slit between her legs and a smooth, bald pussy. “How do you feel?” She asked excitedly.

Running her hand over the smooth skin and not feeling her fingers comb through the hair anymore. Julie smiled and opened her legs wider for Adrienne to see. “Feel so soft.” She answered.

Adrienne took the shower head to focus back on them and washed Julie’s pussy off with the remaining gel and hair. Julie jumped a bit upon feeling the water hit her smooth, now bald pussy. It felt so different, and she felt different after tonight.

Back in the bedroom, Adrienne had Julie bent over the bed and spreading her butt apart circling around her tiny ass hole with her tongue. Julie kept moaning with her face buried in the bed feeling her sister push her tongue against her hole not quite yet going in but feeling it open slightly against the tongue invasion. Adrienne kept the pace up and a rhythm of licking up and down and left and right before pushing against her ass. Her hands held firmly on Julie’s hips moving them around and sometimes pulling them towards her to bury her face even more against her soft, round butt.

Julie wasn’t as thin as Adrienne was, she was a little on the chunky side and Adrienne was tall and lean. But Adrienne loved Julie’s soft body. She had weight in all the right places and looked full figured and a lot older than she really is. She sees a lot of their mother in her. Her butt was round and meaty, she often like running her hands over it feeling the softness and plumpness in it. Kneading it and massaging it, Adrienne loved and to feel it against her face with her tongue between her cheeks felt so great to her.

Keeping her hand between Julie’s legs rubbing her hairless pussy and keeping her tongue licking all around her butt hole. Julie kept rubbing her breasts against the bed, keeping her head buried in the quilt to keep from her moans and groans from being heard outside the bedroom. She felt it finally, the teasing stopped and Adrienne dipped her tongue inside her hole and moved it around before pulling it back out. Lifting up and looking back she asked why she stopped before she felt it go back inside her again. “Oh my god! Yes, fuck that. . . feels good.” She buried her face again.

Grabbing the dildo off the bed next to Julie, she finally gave her tongue a rest from the ass assault and began rubbing the dildo up and down her slit, between her plump pussy lips. Adrienne watched as her lips spread as the head of the dildo went between them, becoming wetter with each swipe she takes. Shoving it up deep inside her pussy, Julie bit the quilt and let out a long muffled moan feeling her pussy be stretched by the rubber dick. Happy with the results, Adrienne returned her tongue back to Julie’s ass and dipped it back and forth out of her ass.

Both the girls were so much into their oral fucking that neither of them heard their door open they forgot to lock before studying and homework tonight. The door open enough for their older brother to stick his head in with a question he was directed to them for. “Does either of you two have an-,” His eyes wide as theirs from what he just walked in on.

“Fuck!” Adrienne jumped up from Julie still bent over the bed with a dildo halfway up her cunt. Julie lifted her head and turned towards the door and froze at the sight.


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