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Julie’s Fantasy

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You, my sweet wife Julie, have occasionally shared some of your fantasies with me in moments of post coitus intimacy. It seems to be our time together when we share our most inner secrets and sometimes, hidden, desires.

One which has come to the surface several times over the past few months is a scenario of you watching me make love – not just participate in having sex – but truly making love, to another man while you watch.

You claim to have had erotic dreams about this and would love to experience it in real life. I have to admit to some serious reservations in the matter. For one, I don’t know of any male friends (I don’t have that many in the first place) who would be so willing, Secondly, just how far did you expect this to go – oral, anal?

After much discussion and, as I realized this was really a deep seated wish of yours, I knew I could never refuse you anything – that is the depth of my love for you. So we started to work out the details.

As to the man, Julie assured me this was no problem. You have a very good friend Guy (pronounced as the French do since he was from Quebec) from your former workplace. This was a younger man (likely in his mid 40’s), very good looking and who happened to be gay. I had met him at some social events Julie and I had attended and he was my height and build and not at all flashy or feminine in his gestures. Frankly if Julie hadn’t told me, I never would have assumed anything but heterosexual.

When I asked you, my love, what made you think that Guy would be interested in your little plan, you told me that on one of our latest meetings, he had taken you aside and commented to the fact that if you weren’t in my life, he would want to try for me himself; apparently, he was turned on by my more mature look and white hair. Go figure!

Although I had only had one bi experience before (the one you had arranged with your twin brother as a surprise for me), I had to admit the idea of you watching and being turned on while I made out with another guy could be exciting. However, I did have misgivings and needed a little time to consider.

After you gave me a couple of days, you raised the subject again, this time after exhausting me totally in a three-hour session of lovemaking. I was weakened but more intrigued by the idea so I agreed to let you organize it.

You told me that you had already arranged for Guy to come over to our place for a dinner on the following night; pretty presumptuous of you I thought. However, you ensured me that it was only dinner and wine and quiet interaction to see if there was any chemistry on my part. If not, Guy would leave and there would be no ill will. This I could agree to and we fell sleepily into each other’s arms for the night.

The next day at work dragged by; I couldn’t get the mixed feelings of trepidation and anticipation out of my mind. One moment I was getting cold feet and the next, I found myself fully erect and aroused at the thought. Truly a day of confused thoughts!

I arrived home about six to find both you and Guy in the kitchen laughing as you worked on the preparation for dinner. I stood quietly for a moment, leaning on the doorframe, and watched the interaction between the two of you. You were obviously good friends and comfortable in each other’s company so that would certainly make this evening flow better – if it is to happen. I coughed lightly to get your attention and you ran into my arms to give me your usual warm sexy greeting.

As we turned together to Guy, you re-introduced us and we shook hands warmly. His grey eyes, flecked it seemed with flashes of gold, were mesmerizing and I had a hard time turning my face from his. It seemed like an eternity until we parted hands and our eyes unlocked from each other. There was definitely something there and I felt a flush of excitement flow through me.

The three of us quickly finished the preparation of the meal as I pulled two bottles of Chablis from the wine cooler. Over dinner, we exchanged banter and stories until we were all feeling very relaxed together. Guy had many interesting stories of his younger years growing up in Quebec and his accent still hung in after more than 20 years away.

After dinner, we shared cleanup duties and soon retired to the living room where I put on some soft relaxing music and brought another couple of bottles of wine to relax out inhibitions further. I took you into my arms and we danced closely and necked as Guy watched. After a few moments, we turned towards the sofa and held our arms open to him and as he came into the fold we three swayed together. For the first time in years, I felt the light touch of another man’s lips brush mine; it was electric! Your lips followed and soon it was a continual rotation of exchanges of kisses, mostly between Guy and me while you leaned back and smiled.

Soon, you led us each into our bedroom where you circled the room lighting each candle in turn. Within a few moments, we were bathed in that flickering of two-dozen fragrant candles. You moved towards me and, drawing Guy with your hand, you both started to undress me. As my shirt was unbuttoned, you moved across my exposed skin trailing soft kisses and licks. My nipples came into view and were soon administered so much attention that I found my hands twisted in both your hair pulling you closer and urging you to suck and bite me a little harder. My moans gave away the extent of my arousal as did my rock hard cock hanging down my pant leg.

I heard the rustle and snap as my belt and pants were undone and looked down to see Guy on his knees pulling my slacks and briefs over my hips. He had to have seen the stain on the pant leg where my precum had leaked through! As I felt the cool air on my exposed cock, I felt my shirt being pulled down my arms and looked sideways into your blazing eyes. You were already getting excited at what was going to happen!

Guy slipped off my shoes and socks and then eased my slacks over my feet and through them to the side. “Magnifique!” he murmured as the first sight of my fully erect cock, flowing with precum, tapped him on the lips. His tongue snaked out to capture the dripping juices and drew them into his mouth for a first taste. He grinned in appreciation as he stood again before me and started to undress. My darling wife had other ideas! You slapped his hands aside and you and I proceeded to slowly expose his heated skin. Like myself, his body was mostly hairless which was a turn-on for me – I do not find furry men attractive at all and would likely have been turned off had he been that way. Of course you, my darling, share the same feeling for clean men and we both enjoyed tasting each exposed inch of Guy’s body. His nipples were even more sensitive than mine and grew to almost a ¼ inch when hard. As we each sucked hard on a raised nub, I ran my hand down Guy’s leg to check out his ‘package’.

Very impressive! I guessed about the same 7″ as mine but thicker so I was starting to get really excited about seeing what was in store for me. I dropped to my knees and quickly yanked down his jeans – he was wearing no underwear – and his cock hit me in the chin as it leaped free. “Wow!” was the best I could do as I wrapped my hand around its mighty girth. I could feel the blood pulsating through the veins as he filled up with his own arousal and my lips moved as if on their own to lap at his precum. The taste was salty yet sweet; I loved it!

I stood and we embraced for another kiss. Our well-lubed cocks brushed against the one another and we both groaned and shuddered with the feeling. Walking towards the bed hand in hand, we turned to look for you. Your clothes were lying on the floor and you had pushed the plush padded armchair from the corner of the room close to the bed. Seated in the chair, your legs splayed over each arm, your one hand was tracing lazy circles around a nipple while the other rested over your mons moving in slow circles. You nodded and spoke for the first time since we arrived in the bedroom, “Please make love to one another?”

I pulled Guy onto the centre of the bed and lay over him as I kissed him deeply for the first time. His mouth opened to mine and our tongues enmeshed and duelled for the upper hand. As we sucked each other’s tongues, our groins were moving together and you could hear the slapping and wet noises as two hard precum covered cocks moved together. Guy rolled me onto my back and turned into a 69 over me. Before I reached for his dripping cock over my face, I turned to you and saw you watching me fixedly as your mouth was open. Your fingers were buried in your cunt and furiously rubbing your clit. I could hear your cries of an orgasm striking you as I grasped Guy’s rigid member and took to tip into my mouth just as he dove onto mine.

I reached up to grab Guy’s firm ass to bring him down to me closer so I could get my mouth around that bulbous head. It was glistening and inviting and I became engrossed in trying to swallow as much of him as I could as I felt my cock fully engulfed in his warm mouth. He was bobbing up and down on me by now and slowly fucking my mouth as I wrapped my arms around his narrow hips. The timing of his strokes into me matched those of his mouth on my own cock and the tension of holding off cumming became overwhelming.

I was so turned on and the cries of “Yes! Oh God, yes! Suck those magnificent cocks for me!” coming from you were driving me to the point of no return. I lunged upward with my hips as I pulled Guy deep into my mouth as I felt him swell in size and then we filled each other with overwhelming amounts of man cum madly trying to swallow as much as possible! I couldn’t believe that either he or I could produce so much cum; it spilled out of my mouth even though I swallowed what seemed like pints of it. The thick syrupy flow down my throat was such a turn-on it seemed to drive me to cum over and over!

Finally, we fell to the side and licked each other clean. I was amazed at Guy’s staying power; he was still hard as a rock! He wasn’t all that much younger than I but obviously enough to do the trick. As he licked along my own still semi-erect cock, he carried some in his mouth to thoughally lube my ass hole. I knew what was coming next and I became hard with the thought.

He helped me to my knees and pressed my head to the pillow, turning my head to the side so I could see you as you came down from your latest orgasm. I could feel Guy’s long thin fingers as they slid into my relaxed ass. I was fully prepared for this so I was feeling no tension at all with the prospect of his cock inside me; I knew only that you would be so turned on by the sight that you would be insatiable later.

I heard the tear of a condom being opened and as I watched, Guy climbed off the bed and walked over to you. You reached out your cum covered fingers and first licking the end of Guy’s cock and whispering “Be gentle with my lover”, you rolled the condom slowly down his pulsating shaft.

I felt the bed shift as Guy mounted it behind me and I kept my eyes locked on yours as I felt the first probe against my sphincter. I forced myself to relax and tried to bear down to open myself for him until I felt his massive head slip inside me. My god! The pain was unbearable but I knew I had to have him all inside me!

With ever increasing pressure, Guy slid deeper inside me; my God, how full I felt! The pain quickly changed to pleasure as I felt the pulsating shaft through the thin membrane of the latex condom on the insides of my anal passage. I squeezed his cock with my inner muscles as I felt his slow strokes filling me to the core. As his cock reached its full penetration, I felt it massaging my prostate and the precum gushed forth from my straining cock to the sheets below me.

As his hands gripped my hips, he started to increase his strokes – long and deep – until he was pistoning me like a madman. I was returning the movements to meet him halfway as I screamed out “Fuck me! Oh please fuck me harder! I want to feel you fill that condom!”

You were matching my cries for release as your hands were a blur with both buried to your wrist in your streaming pussy. As Guy screamed that he was cumming and I could feel the condom fill to almost bursting, I spilled my own seed on the bed as you came in multiple orgasms. It was an amazing experience.

Slowly, after some minor aftershocks, Guy slid out of me and rolled me to the side to kiss me tenderly. Then, he rose from the bed and tossed the condom in the wastebasket beside our bed and passed by your exhausted body on the way to the bathroom to shower. He leaned down and, kissing you on the cheek, whispered just loud enough for me to hear, “Thank you Cherie; it was great!”

I reached out for you and you crawled out of the chair and stumbled to the bed falling in beside me as I pulled a sheet over our exhausted and sated bodies. Just as we were drifting off, Guy came back into the bedroom, quickly dressed and leaned over to give us each a deep kiss of thanks. He quietly left our room and we heard his car start up and pull from the driveway.

As you turned to face me in my arms, all you could say as you drifted off into a deep sleep was “Thank you, my darling husband, for fulfilling my fantasy!” Then silence except for the sound of your steady breathing the feel of your warm breath on my shoulder. Then darkness as I slipped away into my own dreamland.

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