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Real Selfish Lover Karen

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March 2001

I first encountered Miss Chapman at school. She was the home economics teacher and a guidance teacher too. Teachers tended to view me as a generally intelligent pupil who inexplicably did stupid things to get in trouble occasionally. One such occasion when I was in my second last year resulted in me waiting to be called into Ms Chapman’s office for trying to play truant that afternoon.

When she opened the door, something just clicked into place for me. I had always kind of liked Ms Chapman and seeing her angrily opening her door for me, in that skirt suit was turning me on. I entered and sat opposite her desk, while she came round to sit and face me. I reckon Ms Chapman was at this time about 31, almost double my age. She began to scold me and I nodded shamefully but my mind was trying to picture those legs again under her desk.

Ms Chapman had short hair, light coloured and a nice face. Her body was in no way some sex vixen but she always wore skirts and I loved the way her full figured legs looked in them. My fantasy became very particular, heightened now in her office; I wanted to go down on her. I don’t know why I felt the need to do that most of all, but I did. The telling off lasted not much longer before I was dismissed but Ms Chapman did say she thought I was on the road to success and was disappointed I had got into trouble.

School finished 2 years later and I went to Uni. I returned for summer, which gave me 13 weeks off in total and to earn extra money, I worked at the local wine shop, for a couple of weeks. On my second day, I was out on van deliveries and arriving at a house, I rang the bell. Ms Chapman opened the door, dressed as she had at school in jacket and skirt.

“Oh hi Ms Chapman, what a pleasure! Um, how are you?” I gushed.

Ms Chapman did a double take; I had started to fill out and at 19, I was still slim but muscle tone was evident and I was as fit as a fiddle. She eventually gave me a warm smile. At 33, she looked fantastic to my eyes!

“Well Dominic, hello. Um, I thought you were at Uni?” she asked me.

“I am but I’m home for 13 weeks and I’m actually a bit of a wine enthusiast so it made sense to work in the shop downtown and buff up on my knowledge while earning extra summer cash. It’s only for a couple of weeks though. Um, can I bring the box in? It’s a little heavy, I’d rather you didn’t strain” I offered her.

“Sure, follow me to the kitchen” Ms Chapman said and I followed her through.

My eyes were watching her legs and ass all the way to the kitchen when I suddenly realised the hallway mirror allowed Ms Chapman to see behind her. She was now aware I had been blatantly ogling her and laughed loudly.

“Boys are all the same I guess” she surmised with amusement.

“Sorry Ms Chapman” I offered.

“At your age, you’ll ogle anything” she declared, clearly thinking this remark would kill the conversation and I’d be on my way.

I realised that I wanted to be honest though and had to blurt out what was on my mind.

“Um, I don’t know about other guys but I’ve always thought you looked fantastic” I spluttered.

“Well, thank you very much! I’ll treasure that compliment” she said warmly but I thought she looked quite pleased I’d said it regardless.

I thought I what I was about to say and do would either earn a slap or a request to leave but I pressed on anyway.

“Ms Chapman, I mean it. I’ve always thought you look great, especially now. And well, you do know I’m 19 now, I’m not a kid anymore. I guess what I’m trying to say is, can I take you out sometime?” I offered.

Ms Chapman looked surprised, but not annoyed. She smiled but then looked surprised again.

“Wow, I wasn’t expecting that. Out for a drink? Gee, I don’t know what to say” she responded.

“How about yes?” I quipped cheekily and she laughed at that.

I approached her and stood in front of her.

“Um, look even if I said yes, there’s too many people who might see us and think oh she’s a teacher and he was at her school” she warned sensibly.

“That’s true. Well, okay, how about I bring round a bottle of wine tomorrow evening and we have that?” I traded.

“Why not. Okay, make it 7.30 then. And seeing as we’re both adults, call me Karen for goodness sake” she said finally.

“7.30 it is then Karen” I said, taking her hand, kissing it then backing off.

You can imagine how excited I was about this but I hadn’t expected her to say yes. I wanted to get it off my chest and things had worked out not bad. I finished at the wine shop and rushed home, showered, changed and drove to Karen’s house, ringing the bell while holding a bottle of Chablis. Karen answered and I was pleased to see she had kept up her skirt wearing habit. It was an A line skirt this time with more flare than her work attire, accompanied by a light long sleeved top.

“Mhmm, Chablis. You know your wines anyway” she announced as I went to kiss her cheek lightly.

We went through to the lounge and I tried to be grown up, empathising that a lot of students don’t get the hassle teachers have and talking about our mutual appreciation of wine. I also asked about Karen’s background. We laughed, clinked glasses and and before long, the bottle was gone, much to Karen’s disappointment.

“Hang on, I have a sauvignon in the fridge” she told me, heading to the kitchen.

On an impulse, I followed her and as she withdrew the bottle from the fridge, I leaned forward to kiss her until she was pressed up against her worktop. She didn’t push me away at first, but pushed me back gently after a while.

“Well, that was a surprise” she replied, again making me feel that little bit more excited that she wasn’t furious or anything.

“I’ve wanted to do that for ages” I told her.

Karen was cooler than me about it, but perhaps it was a mixture of the wine, the compliments and feeling a little excited herself, but as I began to apologise she stopped me.

“Don’t apologise” she said and surprisingly, she kissed me this time.

I felt quite elated when her hand didn’t push mine away as I felt her ass but we stopped again and I followed her through to the lounge. This time, I joined her on the sofa, where before I had been sitting in the seat across from it. Karen went to the blinds and slatted them to hide the world outside the windows, before sitting down close to me. We clinked glasses and talked again but I was feeling like a bull ready to charge and moved in for another kiss. Karen returned it with interest before we pulled apart again, both feeling a little light headed about it all but it was a comfortable atmosphere and I was glad I didn’t feel as awkward as I thought. Karen seemed quite in the groove too and when we refilled our glasses, we kissed again.

“This isn’t the only place I want to kiss you” I declared huskily.

Karen let me nibble her ear.

“Really? Where else?” she quizzed me.

I stopped and pulled back, a little embarrassed. Despite my bold talk, I hadn’t figured on saying anyting blatant.

“You can probably guess” I said to her.

“No. You have to tell me” she insisted, her voice betraying the giddy effect the wine was having.

“Um” I said looking at her skirt.

“Where?” she pressed.

“In between your legs” I said, a little embarrassed.

“Where?” she asked again, leaning for another kiss.

“Your pussy” I said before quickly kissing her.

This time it was all tongues as she probed my mouth and encouraged me to do the same. My hand wormed it’s way under her skirt and she parted her legs slightly. Eventually, I slipped past her knickers and felt her pussy. She stopped kissing me but didn’t ask me to remove my hand.

“Have you slept with a girl yet?” she suddenly asked me.

“Yeah, a few times” I assured her to which she smiled.

“Have you went down on a girl before?” she then asked me.

“I have” I continued and she nodded seemingly in acceptance at my answers.

“You know, I heard somewhere that guys reach some sort of sexual zenith just as they reach 20. Women generally tend to hit the same plateau from early to mid 30’s” I innocently declared.

“I’ve heard that too. Listen, I don’t feel awkward at all, but don’t go telling anyone you came round to visit me. It’s not that I’m not flattered or anything but well, some people might not understand, especially with my job, you know?” Karen said earnestly.

“I won’t say a thing to anyone and I mean that, you have my word. I was rather hoping I might see you again and I really don’t want to jeopardise that. My lips are sealed” I assured her.

We kissed again before she suddenly took my hand away from her pussy and pulled back.

“Not for long they won’t be. Come with me” she said and rose.

We walked upstairs and entered her bedroom. Karen let me approach her and I kissed her again, before she pushed me away.

“Take your clothes off” she told me.

I felt a little vulnerable but incredibly excited as I slowly began to take my top off, then my jeans. My socks were off in a flash and as I tugged my boxer shorts down, my raging hard on stood out like a silent salute. Karen pulled me closer and as she kissed again, she began to lower herself to the bed, pulling me on top of her. Peeing of her top, her bra followed and my mouth found it’s way to her neck. I began to kiss down and eventually reached her breasts. Taking one in my mouth, I suckled on it, while Karen wriggled her hands at her hips, deftly slipping both her skirt and her knickers off in the same movement. I moved to her other breast before her hand on my head helped me go down further.

Now I was gliding over her stomach and then her navel as my nose felt her pubes surround it. I kissed her mound then finally, my lips met her lips and I kissed her gently there before licking slowly up and down. I had went down on a few girls and really liked it, usually managing an orgasm from them and I tried to stop thinking about a technique and closed my eyes at moments to try and listen to what Karen was doing in terms of noises. I opened them to find her watching me lick her.

“Either you know what I like, or you’re really good” she informed me as I had at last ventured my tongue inside her velvety folds.

“I want to make this as enjoyable as possible for you” I admitted and she looked at me hungrily.

“Well, just follow my lead. Listen for my sighs and change when I ask you to change and you’ll be doing fine” she encouraged me.

Nothing was said and I took to my task with relish. They say when a man goes down on a woman, the excitement and his arousal tells his brain she tastes amazing and so it was with us. I thought Karen tasted better than any teenage girl I’d went down on and licked everywhere. As I began to drill my tongue in and out of her pussy, I thought about something else I’d fantasised about; licking a girl’s ass. One of my ex’s had let me when she was drunk, but no one else had and I figured tonight I might get the chance to do that.

“Karen, can I ask you something?” I ventured.

“Sure, as long as you keep doing this though” she bartered.

“Um, has a guy ever licked your ass before?” I asked her.

“Not often” she replied.

I kept going then she looked down at me again.

“Do you want to lick my ass?” she asked me.

I nodded, not daring to speak.

“Good. But keep doing this until I cum first” she told me, pressing my head into her pussy harder.

I resumed my consumption of her cunt until her thighs began to shake a little. Her sighs grew louder and soon, she had both hands on my head, mashing me into her as I moved up to take her clit in my mouth.

“Thats it, suck my clit until I finish” she urged me then she began a low moan that grew louder until she yelled out her orgasm, her thighs locked around my head as I struggled to keep hold of her clit and snatch a breath.

Finally, she stopped and I lapped at her for a bit longer, before she urged me up her body. Soon, my cock was bumping against her pussy lips and then I was inside her. She felt so warm and soft around me, like a jelly made from cashmere if that is possible! Karen groaned; I was 8 inches and she urged me to fuck her hard to start with. With my enthusiasm and youth, I fucked her for a good while before, she turned over, then got on all fours. I slipped back in and pistoned away. Karen was touching her clit while I fucked her and she began to cum again. I just kept going until eventually, I felt my own seed rise. Pulling out, I splashed over her back and she giggled as my hot cum touched her skin. She got some tissues from the bedside table and wiped my cum off, before turning around and we lay together, a little tipsy and both glowing with post orgasmic bliss.

“I feel pretty fantastic” Karen admitted.

“I feel like I’m in a fantasy I don’t want to end” I said honestly.

“I didn’t expect this. You dirty little sod. But we’ve only just started” she said to me and looked at me pointedly, her passion heightened by sex and wine, her confidence in full flow now too.

“You owe me an asslicking” she said, plumping up her pillows.

I slid down the bed until I was in between her thighs again and after kissing her pussy, I moved my mouth to her asscheeks. Licking between them, I sought her anus and immediately tried slipping my tongue inside. Once it had ventured thus, I took the the task if withdrawing slightly then thrusting in again.

“You’re a natural” Karen declared with a mixture of amusement and lust as I settled into a rhythm of rimming her asshole.

“You’re so sexy” I blurted out back to her.

We didn’t say any more but Karen sighed at my efforts, before we spoke again.

“I feel so horny having this done to me” she admitted finally.

“Aren’t I the lucky one” I assured her.

I was being turned on and even more so when Karen urged me up a little bit to tend to her pussy again. I went at it with eveything I thought she enjoyed and felt elated as she reached orgasm again. Karen didn’t stop me as I mounted her again I fucked her for as long as I could, alternating between slow and deep to hard and fast until once again, I withdrew and came over her stomach this time.

“Okay, I need a breather” she told me and I stopped and we just lay together.

“What things do you like in bed Karen and well, like do you have any fantasies or favourite things you’ve done or haven’t done yet?” I asked excitedly.

“Whoa, lots of questions. Mhhmm, well oral is my favourite, getting it I mean. But it doesn’t always have to be the woman just lying back, there are much more fun positions. Some of them I’ve done, some I’d like to do differently or in a different way. So aside from actual intercourse, what do you like?” she asked me.

“The same. Well, giving oral” I said without hesitation.

“Really?” she asked a little surprised.

“Yeah” I admitted.

“Well, this could be lots of fun. If I get turned on later, I might need a helping hand to get me back to sleep but for now, let’s get some rest” she said and we turned in for sleep.

About 6am, I woke to Karen shaking me awake. As I came to, she rose up on the bed and I saw her swing a thigh over my head then her pussy begin to descend. Although tired, I was 19 and sleep wasn’t difficult to shake off. Not with such a tasty breakfast in front of me! As my tongue entered her, she sighed.

“I thought about doing this during the night I was so horny” she told me as I began to work my tongue on her.

“Best breakfast I’ve ever had” I joked as I ate her out.

“Mhhmm, you dirty sod. What are your plans then before you go back to Uni?” she asked me nonchalantly.

“Um, I’d love to see you again for more of this” I said in a flash.

“Aah, that’s really good what you’re doing now. Um, well that sounds pretty good to me. Keep your evenings free then” she asked me and I tried to nod although that wasn’t easy at present!

I felt her juices began to grow in volume and as I lapped at her slit, I swallowed the tasty nectar. Karen was in her element; she looked almost regal poised above me and on impulse, I reached up to grab her breasts, while my tongue stayed devoted to it’s task. Her asscheeks felt warm on my neck and I couldn’t believe my luck. I was possibly going to be pleasuring this sexy woman all summer! It was definitely one way to motivate me and Karen’s thighs locked to my ears as she ground herself to orgasm on my face, before slumping off.

“Shower” she managed to say and I got up to follow her.

We kissed and washed but she had to get ready for work; I tried not to think about the fact she was going to my old school and promised to be round that evening at 7pm sharp, before heading home to change and get to work. During the day, I was thinking about the night before and that morning and I was growing increasingly excited remembering it all. I texted Karen, who’s number I had obtained that morning and told her I was looking forward to supper as well as breakfast. She replied back, asking me if I had any other fantasies and assuring me that a lot of supper was awaiting me! I had to go to the bathroom and sat on the seat in the cubicle, stroking my cock as I replied to Karen that short skirts might seem obvious but just totally did it for me. Karen then responded back saying maybe she could treat me in that way but said that wasn’t really a fantasy and she wanted something nice and graphic to keep her going until evening. I thought about it and as I touched my cock and thought, it helped my mind think about various sexual positions. I smiled then started to text back. More than one fantasy tumbled out, as I said I wished I could be under her desk at work all day. I added that I had never had anyone sit on my face before and was really turned on by that before adding another, suggesting I’d thought about kneeling behind her too.

I didn’t get a reply until about half an hour later, my phone beeped. It was Karen. She said that my response had her quivering with excitement and couldn’t wait to sit on my face later, adding she would show me more things I could do to her while she sat on me like that. It went on, saying that it might be a bit hard for me to be under the desk at work but she loved the way my mind worked, especially kneeling behind her. I felt a little bit in awe of her. This wasn’t some submissive young girl, eager to bag me as a boyfriend. This was 100% woman, expecting a damn good time from me and I willed the afternoon to be over.

A week went by and my family figured I was at a girl’s house which was fine by them. I kept Karen’s identity safe and as we’d agreed, I was round there every night. The excitement was wonderful but after 5 days of sex sex sex, Karen was feeling a little tender. Not that she wasn’t horny, just unsure if she could take another night of her enthusiastic 19 year old lover pounding away at her relentlessly. So we decided to just do oral. Up until this point, I hadn’t really thought about blow jobs but I had been down on Karen an awful lot of times, always ending with an orgasm for her. She also felt quite confident about her new found sexuality and having her pussy descend onto my face was now a familiar sight. This night, she was in a position we’d only tried the previous night and she faced my feet. I would lick her pussy for a while, then she would move her hips and I would be presented with her asshole. She did this each time the excitement threatened a premature orgasm and then she leaned forward. Her hand took my cock and then I felt her mouth on it. I was in heaven and lay back to gasp.

“Hey, don’t you stop back there” she chided me and I immediately began to rim her again.

Karen would suck me then stop and pause for a minute, before doing it again. However, each time she did I gasped and eventually, she sat upright again.

“Sorry, that’s what’s so annoying about a 69. On paper, you think it’s great but having someone do something to you is distracting and you keep stopping when I do that” she told me.

“What’s it called when I just do this to you in this position then?” I asked her.

“There is a name for it actually. It’s known as a 68” she said excitedly.

“Mhhm, okay” I said.

“Hey, you don’t talk dirty much for someone with a dirty mind” she asked me suddenly.

“Well, I don’t want to say the wrong thing” I declared.

“Oh you won’t. Tell you what, I’ll use my hand on you if you keep doing this and talk dirty. Maybe what you like about doing this, or really dirty fantasies in detail” she asked me.

“Okay” I agreed.

Karen’s offer to use her hand was better than nothing and she seemed to think this distracted me less than her mouth. I knew it would be a night or two before her pussy recovered to need my cock again so I thought at least her hand was better than nothing. Her pussy was presented to me again and I licked while I thought about dirty things to come out with. Perhaps the heady mix of having her delicious pussy over my mouth and just fancying her so much gave me the inspiration she no doubt wanted me to have but I found my voice and before I knew it, any embarrassment was forgotten as I just poured out some really naughty thoughts.

“I’d love to just kneel in front of you if you wear a really short skirt and lick your pussy until you cum” I started by saying.

“That sounds fun” she agreed.

“And kneel behind you to lick your ass while you boil the kettle or something” I continued.

“Oh I do like a good cup of tea” she joked.

“I’d really love for you to just like be in charge” I blurted out.

That seemed to surprise Karen and she slid her ass back over my mouth.

“Oh? Elaborate a bit” she said and began to wank me as I grew in excitement at her hand.

“Um, for you to be in charge of the sex. And I do as you say and do whatever you want” I said then groaned as my cum shot out and splashed over my chest and Karen’s hand and wrist.

“Oh fuck, you are such a dirty boy. But that sounds great. I’d love to be a bit bossy. Right, build me up to an orgasm, this has got me so hot” she said and slid her pussy over my mouth again, sitting down more firmly.

My nose was practically between her asscheeks while my tongue worked on her and before long she was bucking on my face, her orgasm yelled out as I stayed with her to the end.

“So, you want a woman who’s the boss in the bedroom and you’ll do whatever she wants?” she checked, after her orgasm finally subsided.

“Exactly that. Well, specifically to do whatever you want, not just any woman” I added swiftly.

“You sure know how to suggest great ideas. Mhhmm” she said as she got off my face.

Karen didn’t ask me to talk dirty any more that night but I licked her out again later and in the morning, I slid down in the bed to give her a morning orgasm before heading off to work. Later that day, Karen called me.

“Hi loverboy, listen I’m off work this afternoon and I’m off tomorrow too, I forgot to tell you. I’ve got some shopping to do in the city today and then I’m meeting friend for dinner through there, so I’m going to just get the train and then get a late train back. You’ll have to amuse yourself tonight but can you get tomorrow afternoon off?” she asked.

“Sure, that shouldn’t be a problem. What do you want to do?” I asked.

“Aside from ride your face? Well, one area you could do with improving in is impressing a lady outside of the bedroom. So you can take me to a hotel. Somewhere nice, but I don’t want you to break the bank. Maybe you could look tonight” she offered.

“Of course, just leave it to me. So what are you buying today?” I asked her.

“You’ll find out in good time. And I remember what you said last night. I can be very bossy when I’m in the mood. And tomorrow you’re going to do exactly as I say, aren’t you?” she answered sexily.

“Yes Ma’am” I replied, turned on.

“Ma’am sounds ancient. Karen will do, but just say it with respect” she told me then hung up.

I booked a nice country hotel for us on the Friday night and on impulse, made it a 2 night booking. She wanted me to come up with ideas, well I would do so! I finished work the following day and with my small suitcase packed, I drove to Karen’s house to pick her up. She surprised me at the door, with a lovely summer dress, which really made her figure stand out. It looked great on her and I reckoned it would suit dinner at the hotel or daytime use. Bearing in mind we hadn’t had intercourse for 2 days, I was climbing the walls with horniness and she probably knew it. We drove to the hotel and checked in. The girl on reception was about 30ish and looked at both of us. Karen looked superb for her age and I had donned a suit jacket and shirt, giving me just that little bit extra in terms of maturity but it was clear I was younger. The desk clerk smiled almost enviously at Karen as I’d booked the four poster suite and Karen acknowledged it with a smile back. We checked in but Karen asked me to wait until night time until we had intercourse. Instead, she sat on the bed as I knelt in front of her and licked her to orgasm, then we went out for the afternoon. Strolling around, Karen pointed out lots of secluded places in the hotel grounds before we returned to our rooms and showered before dinner.

The restaurant was discreet and we looked like any other couple. Wine was excellent and we had a bottle before ordering a whisky straight to finish off with. Karen downed hers in one and I did the same before we rose. We got to the front desk and Karen dropped our room key as it was handed to her. I knelt down and went to retrieve it as the desk clerk looked over to make sure I managed okay.

“Wait until we’re back upstairs” I heard Karen say as my head had inadvertantly brushed her skirt as I retrieved the key

I went red as the woman at front desk grinned at Karen before wishing us a good night. We got into the room and I knew I would do whatever Karen wanted in order to fuck her. After having me strip naked, she undressed herself and walked to the window. We left the lights in the room off and I knelt behind Karen and began to lick her ass as she looked out over the moonlit grounds.

“You love my ass, don’t you?” she asked me.

“I love it Karen. I love licking it, I love the fact you let me pleasure you back there” I said and I meant it.

I concentrated on the task at hand, taking her cheeks in both hands before attempting to spear my tongue as deep as possible into her. I repeated this manoeuvre until I felt I really couldn’t get any more into her and she sighed a little as I did so.

“Okay, go and use the mouthwash, then come back and lie on the bed. And hurry, I’m feeling bossy” she added.

I jumped up and after a quick gargle, I lay on the bed, just in time for Karen to mount my face. I licked with as much enthusiasm as I could muster and she smiled down at my efforts.

“Mhhmm, I never pictured myself in this room, doing this a month ago. Just goes to show, you never know the delights that await” she mused excitedly.

“I never thought I’d be with someone I’ve had the hots for” I replied.

“Did you fantasise about me sitting on your face?” she quizzed me.

“Quite a lot. I’d never done it before but I thought about doing it with you” I replied, lapping away at her slit and starting to now swallow her familiar tasting juices.

“Well I’ve got a few ideas that turn me on too. This turns me on, but that’s not what I meant. I went shopping for some nice things yesterday and if you’re a very very good boy, I might let you see some of them over time, starting with tomorrow” Karen teased me.

“I’ll do anything you wish me or tell me to do” I assured her honestly.

Karen grinned then and as her arousal increased, she began to ride my face a little harder until I was valiantly staying in place while she rode to orgasm. After it was over, Karen gingerly removed her sticky pussy from my face and I watched her recline on the bed. When she put her arms out, I leapt to them and her legs slid over my hips as I was fucking her at last. I avoided rushing to cum, although I really wanted to and varied speed. I would stop to kiss her then start again and eventually it was Karen who urged me to cum. When I was close, she pushed me off her and descended on me.

“Don’t cum and if you can’t hold back, warn me” she said then shocked me by taking me in her mouth.

I wasn’t expecting it as she had never done this before and showed no desire to do it but I wasn’t complaining! I’d had blow jobs a few times before but it was from girls my age and they happily went down until I came. Karen kept up her oral work for about 5 minutes before I warned her I was going to cum then she directed it at her breasts as I finally erupted. I fell back spent and she got up to wipe herself before returning to bed. In the morning, I slid under the duvet and began the day by licking Karen out. She feigned sleep at first but then just settled back to enjoy what I was doing and it was ages before she eventually came. Thankfully, she wanted me inside her and I moved up faster than a sidewinder.

After breakfast, Karen showed me her first surprise. She returned to the room and put on a mini skirt; with her supple thighs my eyes were on stalks as I stared at her and she smiled as she walked up to me.

“Lets get in the car before you end up on your knees” she whispered to me and I nodded.

I drove off and we ended up stopping at a village pub for lunch. It was a lovely spot and we were the only people seated outside on the lawn next to a river.

“You look amazing” I finally said.

“Thanks. This is a little treat for you” she told me grinning.

“Well, I think I could thank you for it” I said amourously.

“Dessert follows the main course, not before” she chided me jokingly.

“Karen, um, I’m just so, I mean jeez I always thought you were sex on legs but I feel like that cat that got the cream. I’m just glad you don’t feel awkward about it all” I added.

“Well you’re a young man, not a boy and we’re not doing anything wrong. I don’t think we’ll be going out for meals in our hometown, certainly not this summer but there’s always days away, weekends and of course we can eat in. But no, I don’t feel at all awkward. I’m not that old I’m on the scrapheap. This is fun for us both, isn’t it?” she added

“Absolutely. And I’m not some immature kid who’s fumbling around life. I know what I like and I’m, well, you know how much I’m into you” I told her.

It was nice to kiss outdoors and I stroked her leg under the table as we finished our meal and had a tea to wash it down. Then we stood up to go and headed back to the car. Karen could feel my eyes on her legs and ass and looked over her shoulder at me.

“Okay, you can’t stop staring so lets do something about it shall we?” she asked me.

I nodded and in a trance, got back in the car. I had a hard time not looking away from the road as she had deliberately let her skirt go even higher to distract me. We made it back to our hotel and went straight to our room. As soon as we were in, Karen leaned against the wall as I slipped to my knees. I felt incredibly excited and turned on as I slipped her knickers down her legs and held her short skirt up before leaning in to lick. Karen’s hands came down and took hold of my head while my own hands held her thighs on each side, my tongue already far inside her wet slit. A mechanical arm wouldn’t have been able to prise us apart; her juices filled my mouth and my head was intoxicated with the sight before me, her insistent hands pressing my head against her whenever I withdrew to breathe and of course her taste.

“Make me cum then we can be really dirty” she muttered as her sighs grew louder.

“Yes Karen” I acquised and sought her clitoris as her thighs shook against my face and I sucked and licked through her orgasm.

As it calmed down, I lapped lower and lower until she pushed me away. I grinned up at her and she walked past me, then glanced back.

“That was just for starters” she said and I followed her to the bed.

As soon as I lay out, she lowered her crotch to my face and as my tongue shot out, she moved forwards. Her scent was much stronger now as my nose slipped into her wet pussy and my tongue sought entry to her asshole, being welcomed after a few attempts.

Karen was really into it now and I felt her settle over my nose and mouth as she audibly sighed. Lifting just a little, she then pressed down again and began repeating this process. I kept my tongue ramrod straight and it let her asshole close over it and as she rose, my tongue withdrew almost fully, before being engulfed by it as she sat down again. It also meant her pussy did the same thing with my nose and being so enveloped in her taste and smell had my cock also standing to attention, although I guessed I would have to wait a bit before we got down to intercourse!

We continued like this; I was so involved in her aroma and taste, I just couldn’t get enough of it and thrust into her ass as vigourously as I could. Karen seemed to be really enjoying it too, pausing on the downstroke and gyrating just ever so slightly, along with a lot of umming and ahhing. Eventually though, she looked down into my eyes intently.

“I want to fuck your face” she said her voice full of lust.

“Mmhhmm” I tried to say in agreement and nodded, which must have looked silly pinned under her.

Karen gathered I was up for it though and smiled as she slipped forward first, then back, bringing her sopping pussy over my mouth. I attacked it with gusto and she let me lick for a while before moving again. This went on for a while; I would pleasure whichever orifice was over my mouth then find her moving again. Karen started to use my chin too and I could feel the excitement building. I just concentrated on staying calm and making my tongue and face available while she gradually moved more and more on me.

As her arousal built, her movements became more pronounced until after half an hour she was literally fucking my face. Finally I felt her thighs tighten and she came hard as I tried to stay with her through it.

We were both still horny and she got up and bent over the chair at the window. I didn’t need a 2nd invitation to come up behind her and slip into her wetness. Karen just leant forward and sighed as I filed her up with my cock, taking hold of her hips and slamming into her. I wanted her to know I knew how to satisfy her in every way and it felt great as she just relaxed and let me really fuck her.

“Oh, this is something else” she hissed at one point as I kept going.

“You are sex on legs Miss Chapman” I told her and she groaned as I began to slow down but go deeper.

After a while, both of us needed to change position and I took her to the bed and sprang on top of her, continuing where I’d left off. Eventually, I could hold back no longer and pulled out, shooting over her as she lay there. I was good to go again after a 5 minute breather and this time I lasted longer but we took things slower. Karen reached orgasm too with me stroking her clit while my cock filled her up and we took a short nap.

After dinner we had a couple of drinks in the hotel bar and the wine loosened our tongues or certainly the subject matter.

“Um, have you er, ever done role play?” I asked tentatively.

“Years ago, I dressed up for an ex boyfriend but I haven’t made a habit of it. Why?” she asked me.

“Just I thought I should think of ideas you might like but I’d only want to do things you like” I added quickly.

Karen thought about it and smiled to herself then spoke up.

“You know what, maybe I could pretend to be teacher and you could be my bad student. Mhmm?” she asked me.

“Anything you wish. You’re the boss” I said letting her know this.

She didn’t say anything more but we kissed. I looked at Karen and she was miles away so I thought I’d ask what she was thinking about.

“Anything on your mind?” I ventured.

“Mhhmm? Oh just thinking about stuff” she said absently.

“What, like us?” I asked.

“Yeah. I mean, it’s great at the hotel but we’ll have to keep being careful at home. Not that I don’t like being with you, but we couldn’t walk into your local pub for example. People know me and they might say, oh she used to teach him at school” she said.

“Don’t worry. There will be loads of opportunities to spend time together and to be honest, I’d rather go away somewhere. I’m free and obviously, you’ll be off for summer with school soon so we’ll be able to see each other almost every day. But you look like you’re thinking of something specific” I pushed naughtily.

“I was” she answered with a stare right at me.

“Tell me” I tried to press.

“I’ll tell you if you tell me why you asked about role play and if you wondered about anything specific. I’ve already suggested being a teacher. You tell me and I’ll tell you what I was thinking about there” she challenged me.

“Okay. Well I brought it up because, well, you know I fancy you rotten and well, I thought we should do some role play. I’d love it if, well I don’t actually mind what you dressed up in, but if you were um, quite dominant and um” I blurted out courageously.

“Um, what? C’mon I’m on tenterhooks now” she asked me.

“Um, well maybe going down on you an awful lot, you getting all the pleasure. I’d be putty in your hands if I saw you in a miniskirt” I managed to finish.

“Really? You have a dirty mind, but well, we should talk about this more. I’m definitely up for doing that. Although I’d probably wear those skirts indoors. Me getting all the pleasure? Mhhmm” she concluded excitedly.

“And what were you thinking about?” I asked her.

“Well, I thought about earlier when I was fucking your face and how much I enjoyed doing that and I think I’ll probably want to do it plenty more times” she said and stood up at that point.

I followed her upstairs, trying to hide the fact I had a hard on! When we got in the room, both Karen and I seemed to have the same thought and she sat on my face straight away. We had sex afterwards and curled up for a nice night’s sleep in the hotel. I woke pretty early, having not had much to drink the night before and being young and sprightly. I wanted to eat Karen straight away and slipped down the bed under the duvet so I could begin to lick her out. Karen woke up after a bit and I couldn’t see a thing under the duvet but I could feel my way about. We spent a good hour with me just slowly licking her asshole and pussy under the covers until she came against my face but I kept thinking about role play and really hoped Karen would be up for a bit of short skirt wearing over summer! We had checked out by noon and both of us had work the next day; however, we only had a week left, Karen at school and me at the wine shop. As we drove back, the subject of holidays was brought up and we decided it would be great if we could head off for a couple of weeks. Karen said we should go on her pc one night to book something and we began to look forward to that.

The next day, I was at work when my phone beeped to warn me of a text. I opened and read it; Karen had sent me a message and I read it eagerly. Hi lover, I’m sat at my desk and really wish you were underneath it, pleasuring me while I get on with teaching the class. Ah well, can’t be helped; just make sure you get straight over to see me tonight. And as for hols, I reckon I’ll wear as little as possible if we head off, how does that grab you? she put to me.

I responded that I couldn’t wait to see her after work and seeing her in very little clothes would have me drooling over her all holidays!

By 6pm, I was at her door and knocked before she answered. I was ushered in and Karen quickly the door and turned to me. I noticed she was still in her work attire, except her skirt which seemed to have been discarded. We kissed and I was quite happy to lick her out right there but she pushed me away when I was about to kneel down.

“Hang on eager beaver, you can do that soon enough. Come through to the lounge first” she told me.

I followed like a puppy and spied about half a dozen skirts over the back of a chair. Karen took one and put it on, then walked to the centre of the room and turned to me. It was a very short forest green and I knew her knickers were still off as I approached. Before Karen could object, I knelt down and immediately sought her pussy lips, kissing them then licking up and down. She let me do this for a minute or so, then pushed my head back.

“Um, you look amazing” I blurted out.

“Good. Okay, next one” she said and walked off, peeling the skirt off before donning another and walking back to me.

This time, I bent to kiss one of her feet before scattering kisses up her legs until I licked her pussy again. She pushed me away after only a moment though this time.

“Incredible” I announced and she smiled, walking away again.

The next skirt was yellow and I can’t recall the next colour but I repeated my devotions and Karen seemed to consider my actions almost as a seal of approval. A white one was donned next and she let me lick a little longer before finally changing to a tartan mini. As I saw her approach this time, I looked up at her first.

“If you wear that, I’ll be your slave” I stated without hesitation.

Karen laughed at that then sighed as I sought her pussy again.

“My toy boy slave. Mhhmm, not such a bad thing I guess!” she quipped but I could tell she was turned on and I’d sort of meant what I said.

As far as I was concerned, she was sex on legs and I adored going down on her and having sex with her. I had also just been treated to what was in my mind the sexiest striptease ever and really wanted to give her an orgasm to thank her for it.

“I’ll do this as often as you want, anywhere you want” I added, before sucking on her cunt lips.

“Aah, I’ve been thinking about your tongue being inside me all day. Ugh, that’s so good and so silky. If we go away on holiday then, we could do this every day” she continued, becoming more aroused.

“First thing in the morning, last thing at night, then during the day whenever you want me to do it” I added sexily.

“Yes! Mhhm, that would be great. Morning swim, sunbathing after breakfast, orgasm before lunch. A post lunch one, a bit more sunbathing, then one before dinner and plenty more when we get home after an evening out. Guess you’ll need some practice though” she added quickly.

“That’s probably for the best” I responded humourously and I felt her hands on my head, pressing me in as I began to sense her excitement approaching orgasm.

“Remember when we were having that 68 and you said you wanted me to be in charge? Well, I can really let my hair down if we go on holiday and well, I think I could really get into that sort of thing” she said as she neared her first orgasm.

“That would be amazing. I’d do anything to pleasure you” I said with total honesty.

Karen clutched my head as she came and then we headed upstairs, where the sex continued. The next evening, I came round again and we booked a holiday on a Greek island for 2 weeks. It would be ideal, before the rest of our summer break back home and we were both looking forward to it, as we were due to fly out the weekend coming, 1 day after finishing work. The day came round and I picked Karen up, before we drove to the airport. The plane was painless and we checked into our resort around 4pm. Both of us changed into swimwear and dived into the pool, before heading to shower. We felt so liberated being away from home and Karen in particular didn’t feel as awkward now, as no one knew us out here and she could do what she wanted with me. The afternoon soon became evening and after sex and a meal, we were both ready for rest. The next day dawned bright and I slipped under the covers, something I’d said I’d be happy to do each morning of the holiday anyway. Karen said that guys who tried to rush oral were obviously just trying to get it over and done with, something I never did. I stayed at a slow pace as she came awake and sighed as she realised she was being woken her favourite way. Knowing her taste and body’s responses to my oral ministrations pretty well by now, I dipped down and as I approached her asshole, I opened my mouth. Karen let out a half amused groanlike sigh as she realised I had began to french kiss her anus. It seemed to relax her and she purred contentedly as I kept this up for some time before moving back to her pussy again.

“If anyone asks on holiday, you’re 21 and I’m 31, okay?” she asked me.

“Yes gorgeous” I said quickly, already feeling so ready to please her any way she wanted.

“And we don’t have to sneak around out here, so be as affectionate as you like. I want to feel desired” she told me.

“No one will be in any doubt how much I’m into you” I assured her.

Not long afterwards, she reached orgasm and for a few minutes, my world consisted of thighs, ass cheeks, pussy and juices I was swallowing whilst continuing to work her clit. And of course her hands pressed firmly down on my head. Eventually, we got up and went poolside for a few laps before ending up at the resort restaurant for breakfast.

“Well, I hope that whets your appetite for the time being” Karen said smugly.

“I prefer eating you” I responded with a grin and she smiled.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be doing that every day here, several times a day. And tomorrow, we’re going to have that day we talked about. A day where you do anything I want” she added, before casually leaving me horny and walking to a couple of loungers.

It was a private beach and as a result, it was quite excluded. We went for a dip in the sea and kissed in the water, Karen really feeling a lot more open about being with a guy than she would be with me at home. It was a great day of sunbathing, lots of kissing and touching and by late afternoon we headed back to our apartment and went for a quick siesta before an evening of food and drink. Both of us were tired from doing very little in the sun so we dropped off for an hour. It was just the tonic, as when we woke, both of us felt a little more refreshed. Karen got up and made sure our curtains were drawn, before climbing onto the bed and letting her pussy settle on my face. I didn’t need an invitation and licked slowly to start with, before letting my whole tongue be engulfed by her wet lips. I sucked gently and lapped as deeply as I could before I felt Karen shift and her lips surrounded my nose, with my tongue finding her ass awaiting attention. I sought entry as I felt her rub her clit on my nose, then she slipped back to let me give her pussy some tongue work again. She didn’t say anything, just enjoyed what I was doing and when her excitement rose, she began to fuck my face until her orgasm beat out and I swallowed her juices as they flooded my mouth. After some post orgasmic devotion, she slipped off me and lay on the bed exhausted. I moved to fuck her but she stopped me.

“Later, when we get back from tonight” she said breathlessly and I nodded in agreement.

Our evening was a drunken one in the end and both of us were feeling a little risque. Each apartment had it’s own small terrace and as we’d booked a pretty decent place to stay, there were only a dozen apartments so plenty of room. I couldn’t keep my hands off her but when we got back, Karen grabbed a glass of wine from our fridge and went outside to our balcony. We kept the light off so no one could really see us unless they were specifically looking but we were too drunk to have noticed that anyway. We kissed again, then Karen sat in one of our patio seats, her arms still round my neck. This had the effect of pulling me down too and I knelt to avoid falling over. When I felt her push my head, I dropped down and my mouth fastened itself to her cunt lips, one of her legs already over my shoulders before the other one joined it and Karen grabbed her glass to take a gulp of wine. We remained like this for a while, my efforts to make her cum being met with a drunken denial of her body reaching orgasm. Eventually, Karen put down her glass and gripped the edge of the seat with one hand, the other entwined in my hair, as she clenched her teeth to prevent a groan of lust escaping. Her feet drummed a rhythm on my back as I at last succeeded in bringing her off. We moved indoors and I had no trouble getting on top of her and slipping into her, such was my arousal.

After what seemed an eternity, I eventually pulled out and my cum landed over her back. Karen was already sleeping when I returned from the bathroom I followed her example and crashed out. The next morning, we woke and without even waiting for her morning orgasm, Karen wanted to have an early breakfast to shake the cobwebs away from the night before. We did so and then returned to our room. 10 minutes later, Karen was astride my face, towards my feet. She had the hangover horn and so did I. Occasionally, her hand would descend to stroke my cock or play with it, or she would just sit upright and let my tongue really work inside her.

“You taste so good today” I muttered as I ate her out.

“I feel so horny. I’m going to need a lot of orgasms today to bring me down to earth again. And you said you would do anything I wanted today. So let’s just make this one to remember” she breathed excitedly as she moved around on my face.

“I’ll do anything you want, put my tongue wherever you want it” I assured her.

Karen had me lick her for over an hour before she reached a massive orgasm. We then had wonderful sex before deciding to go for a dip in the pool. After about an hour, Karen told me we’d go back to our room again and had me get on my knees to eat her pussy again. As soon as she reached orgasm, she wanted to go back out and by the pool, she had me put suncream all over her body. I spent a great deal of time doing it and could feel eyes on me, no doubt wondering how Karen had managed to have me so utterly in thrall; it wasn’t difficult as she was so sexy!

It was after lunch when we went back to our loungers and sat by the pool again that she had me put nail varnish on her, then blow on her feet to dry it. The veneer was waterproof but I felt quite exposed as I went about my task while Karen half lay on her lounger.

“You really love my pussy, don’t you?” she said quietly to me.

“Yes sexy” I said equally quietly.

“And you want me to be a little more dominant and selfish? Remember you asked me to be like that a couple of weeks ago at home? Well, out here that could happen so easily. And if we both like the way it’s going, we might continue it at home, but we would have to see if it worked first” she concluded discreetly to me.

“I would love that sexy” I almost whispered back to her.

“I believe you, as amazing as that declaration sounds. Well, for the next few days, you do anything I want” she informed me.

“When do we start?” I pushed, more aroused than ever.

“Soon. When I decide” she said, then pushed me gently away, while she turned onto her front to doze idly on her lounger while I lay beside her on my own one.

The next few days were blissful. I was going down on Karen as much as she could handle and despite my tongue starting to feel numb at the base, there was no letting up. When I wasn’t pleasuring her, we were sunbathing, snogging outdoors, swimming or eating and drinking at night. By the 2nd week, we were tanned and enjoying our last 5 nights. Karen had gradually been less attentive to me and now our sex revolved solely on her pleasure. I would start each day by going down on her in bed. After breakfast, Karen might want another orgasm or choose to just have a swim instead. Then she would usually be in the mood for one either before or after lunch. She liked to have sex before we went out for dinner and that was my cue to fuck her and cum myself. Then after drinks, I would either go down on her in our balcony or indoors until she was tired enough for bed. Occasionally if she was really horny, she sometimes wanted me to fuck her first thing in the morning but last thing at night was about relaxation and that involved my tongue.

One evening, she was sitting on our balcony while I knelt between her thighs, just licking gently until she wanted to increase the tempo.

“You know, there are guys who have young girlfriends that blow them all the time. Like in the morning and maybe after work and every time they have full sex too. I guess this is just a role reversal” Karen surmised to me.

“I want to please you all the time” I assured her quickly.

“I know you do you greedy pussy licker! But how would you feel being like this when we got back? I mean, the thing is, I’ve sort of got used to this and well I think it would either have to continue or we’d have to make a clean split” she said.

I panicked a little at that and thought quickly.

“Please, I don’t want things to stop. I’d be happy to go down on you as much as you wanted at home, I swear to you. Please let me do this every day” I implored.

“Hmm, well, I just thought I’d be honest. As long as we keep it up then” she said happily and sipped at her wine as my mouth glued over her slit now.

Taking my time, I began to french kiss her there, while she gave a small sigh at my efforts.

“I love pleasing you” I said in between snogging her pussy lips.

“Good. It’s kind of nice to just enjoy an orgasm whenever I want, rather than have to wait. Hey, you might change your mind about me when you go back to Uni at the end of summer though” Karen surmised.

“I don’t want things to ever stop between us” I immediately stated.

“I’m not ready to go indoors just yet. Go down a bit for now” she said quietly and I went straight to her asshole.

Karen relaxed even more and came closer to finishing her wine as she enjoyed my efforts. About 10 minutes passed when I felt Karen’s thighs tighten on either side of me.

“Oh my. Go up a bit while I watch this” she said quietly and I moved back to her pussy at last.

“What are you watching?” I whispered up to her.

“You’ll never believe this; there’s a young couple below. They’re hidden by the bushes partly but it looks like she’s giving him a blow job. It’s quite hot watching it and they don’t know. Lick it faster” she said her voice betraying her lust.

My mind was wondering what the scene looked like and I absently reflected that Karen seemed content receiving and had certainly never offered me one. However, on saying that, she was sexy as hell and fucking her was just amazing. And I did enjoy going down on her. She always made it such an event, that each occasion seemed exciting.

“Ugh, I’ve changed my mind. Make me cum out here before we go in” she said excitedly and I began to up the tempo.

Her legs held me more securely and I heard her stifle a gasp as her hands pressed me against her and she came hard. Finally, I was released and turned around to peer down in the dark. I could see a couple walking away now.

“I don’t think he came, they only did it for a minute” Karen told me and got up to go indoors.

I followed and we were soon in bed. I kissed her and was about to roll over to sleep when she gazed at me.

“I still want my usual one before sleep” she reproached me and I nodded, my head ducking under the sheet to kiss over her stomach.

When we returned to the UK, I had saved enough from my temporary job to still have spending money for summer and I’d returned to start writing a couple of short stories I was working on, part of a collection. Karen still had 6 weeks off too so pretty much most days were spent with one another. We were in bed after a fun day out and I was busily giving her head before we went to sleep.

“You know you said you wanted me to um like be more selfish and do anything for me? Did you really mean that?” Karen asked me in between sighs as I licked the length of her pussy.

“Yes. Every word” I assured her.

“I’ll have a think. I could really get into that you know. But I’m liable to get carried away, I mean if I’m excited and you’re being really submissive, it might bring out the monster in me from time to time” she checked.

“I would do anything you said” I assured her again.

“Well, let me decide how we go forward then. But if we do, I really might act quite aggressive, although you’ll know I’m enjoying it” Karen surmised and sighed again as I began to tongue fuck her.

I was round at her house again 2 days later and entered to find a new sight greeted me. Karen had a very short skirt on and a blouse, unbuttoned past her cleavage. She watched me enter the lounge and pointed to the floor. I knelt and she went to retrieve something from the table and as she approached me, I realised it was a leash. Swiftly, she hooked it round my neck then attached a leather strap to it before sitting on the sofa. I shuffled along and once in front of her, she glanced at her crotch, then my face. I was about to taste her when her hand whipped sharply across my face. It wasn’t sore, but was a little unexpected.

“Where are your manners?” she corrected me.

“Sorry Karen. Please, let me lick you” I implored her.

“It had better be good” she checked and let me begin.

“It will be” I stated with utmost sincerity.

As I licked, I could feel her eyes on me, looking down.

“Are you going to do anything I say, anything I want?” she declared lustfully to me.

“Anything” I assured her, trying to convey I really would in just one word.

Her hands pressed on the back of my head and her thighs now locked around me, pressing in too, mashing me against her pussy. I did all I could to fuck her with my tongue and kiss her pussy the way I would her mouth, all tongue and lips and sucking. It seemed an eternity until I felt her grip lessen just enough to gasp some air before she engulfed me again. I was surrounded by her taste and scent and became more turned on as I thought about the situation and this incredibly sexy woman was hungry for me to please her.

Karen began to sigh louder and then a gasp escaped her lips as I sought her clitoris. My face was soaked with pussy juice and perspiration, my nose and mouth so far into her pussy at points there were consumed by her.

“Ugh, make me cum my pussy slave!” she yelled and I latched onto her clit and felt her hands move too.

Now they tugged my hair back and forward, her hips mashing into my face and still I held her clit. At last, the orgasm his and her legs clamped me like a vice. Then slowly, everything softened and I managed to look up at her. Karen lay recovering for a minute, then her eyes returned to normal and she looked at me. A funny look came over her face and taking my chin in her hand, she slapped me again.

“You haven’t said thank you” she admonished me.

“Sorry Mistress Karen, thank you for the wonderful orgasm” I assured her and licked over her pussy, cleaning every drop I could get at with my tongue.

“Okay, go lower for now” she said and I moved down to lick between her asscheeks.

After a while, my tongue managed to worm inside her asshole and I felt her relax, her legs resting on me now.

“Mistress Karen, may I ask a question?” I put to her.

“Yes, but don’t stop what you’re doing” she said.

“Well, I really love going down on you and um, I just wondered would it ever be something you do to me? I mean, well you did that one time, but erm, I just wondered” I put to her gingerly.

“Truthfully? I’ve never enjoyed it. I only did it that one time because I was pleased at all the oral, but now I know you love doing it to me anyway. Let me put it to you this way, would you rather fuck me, or just enjoy the odd suck?” she asked back.

“I love fucking you” I said earnestly and truthfully.

“Well, that settles it, that’s what you get to do. But I do what I want” she added and looked pleased as I nodded agreement.

I settled into giving her a slow rimming and Karen seemed in no hurry to get me to do anything different.

“And obviously, I’m not into asslicking. But you are and I enjoy having it done to me” Karen continued.

“Yes. My tongue belongs to you” I agreed.

“Imagine if that were true legally, ha ha. I just feel so horny tonight. I’ve wanted to be like this with someone for ages and you have let me be myself. I might be a little self focused but it will be worth it” Karen declared to me.

After that, she pushed me away and I lay on the floor while she rose then immediately sank down to sit on my face. Her bumcheeks settled over my nose, her pussy over my mouth. Karen moved back at one point so she could let her pussy slide over my whole face then returned to let my mouth work on her. It ended with her fucking my face hard until she could no longer hold back her orgasm and yelled out with desired as my hands caressed her body and my mouth took her to heaven and back.

“Ugh, I could really get used to that. We’re going to have to sort something out” she said breathlessly.

“Anything, please just say and I’ll do it” I assured her.

“You’re going to have to move in with me properly. I want to go to sleep feeling like I do right now and starting the day off the same way would definitely help. I know you have university in September but we can work something out before then. Unless you want to run after young airheads on your course” she added.

“No, Karen, I just want to please you, for as long as you let me” I implored.

“Well okay, but there are definitely things we can improve on. Anyway, this is just so you can give some thought to these things. I’ve always wanted a young man to put my needs first and really please me in ways other men have just failed to do so far. I can see real potential in this” Karen mused.

I made excuses I was going to work with a friend for a couple of weeks and moved in with Karen. With both of us being off, it would be common for her to just enjoy an orgasm whenever the mood took her, in addition to the one she enjoyed before sleep and again in the morning. Soon however it was time to go back to university and Karen was back teaching. Amazingly we continued our relationship and every weekend I would worship in the temple of Karen’s body, before returning to my studies during the week. My weekends meant I never thought twice about girls at university, despite the obvious choice I had. I completed that year and had 2 more to do when I returned for summer and Karen’s house. We had looked into something and over summer, planned on doing something about it.


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