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Revelation Day

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Well what an interesting day the 26th of March turned out to be for me! In simple terms, the wanderlust hit me again, the first time for a while and I decided to go visit a submissive for the first time.. About a month ago I had visited a Mistress to see what being a submissive was like and while it was a lot of fun and gave me an initial introduction to what a dungeon band und submissive was like,

I realised that the urge to control and for power was very much writhing in my chest, so I left that session feeling invigorated, with a sore ass from a good spanking and wondering what it would be like to properly begin the path to being a “Top”, “Dom”, “Master”, whatever you want to call it.

So I got paid on the 26th and I was sitting at work and I had that feeling come all over me, a combination of adrenalin, shortness of breath and anticipation which characterises these events for me and I thought FUCK IT! This has characterised some of my more evolutionary moments such as when I first went to a brothel in Richmond many years ago.

So I called and made a booking and there was only one submissive available (as the other would be in mid-session) and her name was Layla. So off I went after taking several hours off work and turned up to the professional dungeon. Layla answered the door and she was breathtaking. She was a tall lithesome woman who was wearing a very nice ‘little black dress’ dress which accentuated her curves. Lovely to look at and I was delighted to find out that she was going to be my very first submissive.

I was able to get my erection and big cheesy grin through the front door and we sat down together in one of the downstairs dungeons where we discussed protocols and boundaries. I told her that I had been with Mistress Britt (at the same place) as an introduction to the whole BDSM concept and that I now wished to have a submissive. She asked me if I wanted to be submissive or if I was talking about a submissive female and I said yes, I wanted to go through an educational process in how to handle a female submissive in a “safe and sane” manner. She told me that there were protocols of behaviour, such as the slave has to look down towards the ground at all times and that she would ask permission to speak to tell me what I needed to do or I could tell her to explain items and actions to me. She also told me that she does not do oral and does not do penetration, but did do hand relief which I told her with a big cheesy grin was absolutely fantastic as far as I was concerned.

So the madam of the house came in and she recognised me from my last visit and said that they were happy to see me again. We then made our way upstairs where she told me that the upstairs dungeon, which was larger than the downstairs ones was available. She told me that she had just changed clothes from when she was playing “doctor” and took me to the upstairs dungeon.

I knew that this was going to be something special as soon as I saw what the upstairs dungeon was like. This was a much larger space than the other dungeons and had a great deal more equipment. Ropes, slings, belts, floggers, straps, restraints, it even had a proper swing and restraint system connected to the roof which was of course absolutely delightful to see. This was all done in very menacing shades of black and red leather. What a delight!

So I had the obligatory shower and made sure that I was scrubbed clean so I had a nice fresh smell and wrapped a towel around my waist and a towel around my neck and sat down ready to go. Layla took some time to come in so I started to read a BDSM magazine which looked like Cleo except it was all BDSM and read some articles. There was a fascinating one about Breath Play which basically said don’t do it as it is fucking dangerous and can all to easily kill you. Another article talked in depth about Shiburi or the art of rope binding which was very interesting to read. Then Layla walked in.


She was wearing the same black dress that she’d had on downstairs but with her long hair brushed back She looked absolutely fabulous. Stunning and breathtaking and I knew that for the next hour or so she was all mine. (I’m grinning maniacally as I write this as you can imagine).

She took up the slave position, on all fours on the floor and I pulled up my chair next to her and put the magazine on her back and told her that I was going to finish reading the article as she was kneeling there and that I would eventually get to her. I relished this, thinking about this gorgeous woman on her hands and knees, waiting for me to finish what I was doing. It felt like my heart was going to leap out of my chest it was so exciting.l

Then I told her to tell me a masturbatory fantasy while I started running my hands over her shoulders. She told me that the last one she had, she was masturbating with her vibrator and imagining that there were two people, one with their tongue in her pussy and the other with their tongue on her clit. I asked her if these were of a particular gender and she said no, they were just heads with tongues. I thought this was interesting.

I then told her as I started playing with her hair, gathering it all up together , to tell me how what she would consider to be a ‘good’ session . She told me that it would start with her master stroking her to establish trust and make her relax and then would lead to some spanking and flogging with nipple clamps being used. I then told her to stop talking and while she was still on all fours, to start reading aloud from an article in the Secrets magazine which I threw down onto the floor in front of her.

This article was called “S&M is …” with a series of quotations. I was really fascinated by the soft skin of her upper shoulders and neck as well as with the feeling of the sound of her voice while I had my hands softly but firmly wrapped around her throat. By this I mean the vibration of her voice through the skin of her neck as she spoke was incredible. It was something that I found extremely erotic and aesthetically pleasing. I realised that this was, for me, the real deal. This felt like putting on a well fitting suit, a role and actions that I felt worked for me on a level that nothing else had in the past. The rush with this was incredible.

Layla kept talking, quoting the article which said things like: S&M means always going to the gym even if you don’t want to S&M means making your slave put on a metal cock ring before you go through airport security

All the while I kept playing with Layla, holding her hair in a firm grip that was not pulling but made it clear that I was holding it. I told her to describe how she felt the session with me should continue. She told me “this slave would like to establish trust by being held and caressed, then to have nipple clamps applied, then a flogging increasing in intensity and then whatever my master would like to do”. I have to say that I enjoyed hearing that. Wow.

So as she was on all fours, I continued caressing her while holding her hair. She was wearing her little black dress which came up over her breasts and around her neck., leaving her back bare. I ran my hands over her neck and through her hair, doing a semi head/neck massage and then running my hands along her back and down over her ass and along the back of her upper thighs. It was a heady feeling as this beautiful tall woman was on her hands and knees in front of me. All sorts of thoughts were running through my head as this went on. What should I do next, what did I feel comfortable with and what was I feeling. Everything was rushing through my head so quickly it was a real rush.

I then asked and then caught myself and told Layla to get to her feet and to stand to attention while I had a close look at her. I was really impressed. I have always had a certain weakness for tall women and I told Layla this. It was here that I decided that rather than try to force myself into a mould of your classic BDSM Master, I decided to be myself and to just let my desire for control to manifest itself fully and out in the open for the first time.

I laughed then and told Layla that finding tall women was easy to do as I am relatively short. This made me laugh again at the idea of being a short person with a Napoleonic complex living out his fantasies in a commercial BDSM dungeon here in Melbourne. I told Layla that one of the good things about being short was squeezing your way through a crowd of good looking tall women in a crowded nightclub. I then expanded this by looking into her face and saying that this always meant that got a huge face full of woman’s breasts and I could see the beginnings of a smile forming on her face beneath her properly downcast eyes.

I then told her to go and choose the instruments or items that she would use in an introductory session so that she could instruct me in their use. She sinuously walked over to one of the walls of the dungeon where there were several racks with all sorts of items that were hanging in their appointed places throughout. She brought over several of these, making a show of picking them up and bringing them over to one of the leather benches that were there at chest height.

As I was watching her do this I perused the items on the wall racks. These included a wide selection of whips, cuffs, collars, blindfolds, canes of different sizes, hoods and masks but there was one item that stood out with sinister purpose. It was red in a sea of black leather and I shuddered looking at it as it was A BOTTLE OF TOBASCO SAUCE! I thought, “how the fuck would you use that?” and shuddered again as my ever active imagination gave me half a dozen examples of what you would use it on and how. I made a mental note as I shuddered to always exclude Tobasco sauce from play and then brought my attention back to Layla.

Layla came back with several objects. The first one she had was a flogger made of about nine or ten leather strips bound together into a handle, with an overall length of my arm. She also had two wrist cuffs with a range of metal rings hanging off them. She also brought over two nipple clamps.

Now these nipple clamps were somewhat different from any which I had seen before on film and television. These were in effect two wooden pliers with a spring connecting the two handles. The tips of the pliers had large red rubber cushions over them and they looked march larger than the smaller metal ones which I had seen in the odd porno before.

I told Layla to put them on and she said “yes Master” and she pulled her right nipple taut, pulling it away the breast and carefully placing the nipple clamp onto her breast. She had a grimace on her face when she told me that the clamp needs to be placed behind the nipple. I asked her what impact this had on the sensitivity of her breasts and she told me that it made the nipple highly sensitive but it reduced the sensitivity to the rest of the breast. She told me that you can lick and touch the nipple while it is in the clamp and that when the clamp is released, it is very painful and that it helps to kiss and lick/caress them immediately afterwards. She also said in response to my next question about how long they should be placed on the nipple that they should be placed anywhere between six to ten minutes maximum.

After she placed the second nipple clamp on her right breast, I leant forward to lightly lick Layla’s left nipple, throbbing within its wooden clamp and I just breathed hotly on it, then running the tip of my tongue delicately over her taut nipple. She responded with an involuntary gasp. I moved over to her right nipple and did the same, this time eliciting a low moan from her lips. I stopped and then gave each nipple a big wet lick and then slowly breathing over each nipple separately and watching Layla’s face react to each breath. Then with my thumbs I lightly caressed each nipple at the same time. I knew through experience that this would ignite an electrical connection with her nervous system all the way down to her pussy and smiled at the reaction I received.

Layla was a very good slave, except for quick flickering glances, she kept her gaze down at the floor the whole time I was caressing her., answering yes master to my questions over protocol and technique. I told Layla to tell me how the clamps come off and the sensation associated with this. She told me that it was painful and that it is a very intense feeling. She said that some people take them off slowly and that the more quickly they came off, the more intense the pain. She asked me if I would like to take the nipple clamps off and I said “no, you take them off and I want you to take them off in the same way that you would take them off if you were me”.

Layla wasn’t expecting this. She had to think about this for a moment and then tentatively reached for the clamp on her right nipple. She licked her lips a bit nervously and then closed her eyes and then closed her fist around the handles of the clamp and opened the rubberised grips, taking all of the pressure off her nipple.

The effect of this was profound, she gasped in pain and then with pleasure at the power of the sensation of my tongue running along her swollen and throbbing nipple. She then did the same with the next clamp, except this time there was more hesitation, but she gathered her will and then did as she was told and then rewarded for.

It was then that we moved to the flogger. I had never held one before and it was very well made, with about nine or ten quite long strips of leather from a well bound handle. Slave Layla told me how to use it properly, to get the right distance so that the last few inches of the leather strips hit where you are aiming for and to get the distance right so that the strips don’t bend around where you don’t want them to go. She also showed me the right way to use the flogger on the breasts, to hold the flogger about two thirds of the way down so that you have a finer control over where the leather strikes the tender breast flesh.

I then told her to put on the cuffs so that she could be chained to the wall mounted brackets that took up one end of the dungeon. She had difficulty in putting the second cuff on properly so I put them on her myself. These cuffs were a very heavy studded leather with large rings encircling the outside leather, along with a very simple slide clip to allow them to be attached to an anchoring point wherever you needed. I was very impressed by these and I resolved then and there to purchase a set myself.

I told her that I’d brought my very own fetish object, a thick black, heavy belt that I purchased from Rivers ™ here is Australia for my office clothes. I told her to stand still and she lifted her hair out of the way as I lifted my belt and placed it loosely around her neck, tying the ends of the belt in a loose knot that sat securely between her luscious breasts.

I then secured the compliant Layla to the wall anchorage points and then stepped back to admire the tableaux.

This was my revelation.

The sight of Layla, tall, beautiful, with luscious hair and heavy perfect breasts standing proud on the slim taut flesh of her torso, with her black dress pulled down over her chest and gathered up over her hips revealing her lace panties and incredible legs going all the way down to her high heels, WOW!

I had been excited leading up to this point, the anticipation, the entry into the dungeon and meeting Layla, the whole thing was extremely arousing but THIS! I felt such a feeling of power, surging through my heart into my brain, it was such an incredible feeling of joy of sheer blind liberation. This was what I’d been missing all these years, this was what I’d had tantalising glimpses off with past partners writing in pleasure while tied up in my bed, THIS WAS MY THING! I felt the same way I imagine anyone feels when they find that missing part of themselves that they knew was different to most people, different from their friends and past sexual partners, THIS WAS IT FOR ME!

In purely selfish terms, this enlightenment, this illumination, this moment of self realisation made me understand that this was my kink, this was my scene, this was my special thrill that I would remember for the rest of my life. It felt almost like an intellectual and emotional full body orgasm.

Layla sensed something was going on as I probably stood there with an ecstatic grin on my face for a little bit too long, so I told her that this is what had happened. I then walked over to her and ran my hands over her body as a prelude to the flogging to come.

I started gently, flogging her thighs and breasts the way that Layla showed me, alternating between more and more forceful lashes, eliciting moans of pain and enjoyment from Layla. Every now and then I’d stop and lick her breast or run my fingertips over her thighs.

I turned her around on the wall so that she had her face to the wall. I started flogging her ass, slow and steadily, moving faster and faster and faster until I was applying the whip with a will. I stopped and then started whipping her breasts again, licking her nipples in between strokes and then moving back down to her ass again. This was incredible fun.

I did overstep the mark slightly when whipping her breast lightly, Layla flinched and said “permission to speak Master”. I told her to speak and she said “generally when whipping the breast you avoid the nipple”. She maintained a very submissive demeanour while she said this which was very well done as what I’d just done had obviously hurt in a very non fun way. So I took careful note and proceeded with flogging this amazing slave woman.

After this was done I untied Layla and was looking for somewhere to sit down and I saw a strangely shaped bench and told Layla to show me how this was utilised. She climbed onto it and I saw that it was a bench where she could lay over the top of it, with the Y shaped end spreading her legs so that her ass was fully exposed and allowing me to stand there with my whip right between her legs.

This was too good to pass up so that I gave her a good whipping on her ass, loving every minute of it. It was so therapeutic as well. As I was whipping that gorgeous peach shaped ass I thought of all of those girls who made it their daily pleasure to give me a hard time, those ex girlfriends who had done me wrong and my general issues about life, the universe and everything. It was great. In between every sequence of strokes, I would gently slide the whip between her legs along her panties, which would make Layla moan.

I tell you what, if men knew the therapeutic benefit of this, you would be watching it slaves get a good flogging on the Dr. Phil show, followed by Oprah branding one of her male audience members!

Then I unlocked Layla from the bench of fun and told her to make herself ready for what was ubiquitously called “hand relief”.

I sat there in my chair, leaning back as she walked over to the rack and put on some rubber gloves and came back with the water based lubricant. Some people may have found this a little bit off putting but as far as I was concerned this was all part of the kink. She then covered by hard cock with the lube and started working her hand slowly up and down it. Her beautiful face was sitting just above and behind my cock and every now and then she would run her other hand underneath my balls, then lean forward and blow a cool stream of air across my rock hard, lubed cock.

This was just exquisite. She would lick her lips as she was wearing a wonderful shade of what my friends and I call “Cock Sucking Red” lipstick and then gaze at me beneath her long black eyelashes before looking back down at my cock in an appropriately submissive way. This felt just incredible and I stopped her a few times so that I could enjoy the feel of her hands on me without blowing my load too soon. Christ I’m almost coming in my pants just writing about this it was so good.

I told Layla to look me in the eyes as I was about to come and she brought a hand full of tissues around. I managed to strangle out a sentence to warn her that I was a “squirter” before I came in her hands. I hadn’t had sex or any form of masturbation for a month and I came so hard and so long it was incredible.

I had locked eyes with Layla as I came and I saw/felt the reflection of my sexual energy as I came, with her eyes widening and a gasp from her as I shook with the power of it all. I started laughing as I started to come down, feeling like my whole nervous system had been set on fire. Fucking amazing.

We had a great talk afterwards which made feel very relaxed and very happy with what had happened. I really appreciated this as it made the whole cleaning yourself up and getting dressed bit part of the fun.


This for me was an incredible experience, tying in my extensive research and reading on the subject and actually giving it a go was amazing. Unfortunately for those of us who’ve had to crawl out of the vanilla swamp, it’s very difficult to get any type of significant exposure to see if this really is what we’re looking for, so I have to highly recommend that “you seek professional help”!

I have to strongly recommend seeing a professional for your first time as they are friendly, extremely attractive and know what they’re doing. They will also be able to take you through the whole experience in a way that a gifted amateur or beginner just won’t be able too. It also ensures that you’re not introducing something into your daily emotional make up that’s going to freak you out too much. I greatly appreciated being able to pay my money and then walk away to assimilate this whole experience as it was a landmark moment for me and one that has forced me to question some deeply held beliefs about who I am and what I’m into. While in the future I now know that I’ll be one of those hairy bearded men with the leather hat and harness on, I know that I’ll be smiling and having fun along the way. As I told the amazing Layla, I’ll be remembering this for the rest of my life and I’ll think of this every morning that I put my pants on.

So if you’re ever in Melbourne, Australia where these things are legal and above board, I strongly recommend that you visit the Corrections Centre, whose friendly and deliciously unfriendly staff will show you what it’s all about.

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