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The Moment

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Did I have enough nerve?

After all, we were in my bedroom – just the two of us. We had reached a line. Do I cross it? It had taken a long time to get here as I stood at the foot of my bed with Brian holding a tube of lubrication in his hand he just found in my bedside table. He acted shocked. The question was he really shocked?

You see, Brian was my best friend. We had known each other since High School. Initially, we attended separate colleges. But recently he had transferred to my college and was looking for a place to stay.

I had an off campus apartment and my roommate had just graduated. So inviting Brian to come over and consider being my roommate next semester made sense.

He wanted to try out for the Track and Field Team. I was on the Swim Team.

I know you’re thinking the swim guys are all gay. Well, we aren’t. But we are comfortable with our bodies as we are in slim suits all the time.

Brian wasn’t gay either. But once after high school we jacked off together while watching a porno flick celebrating that we both were no longer young teenagers and were about to go off to college.

It started innocently enough. I saw Brian rubbing his dick through his pants half way through the sex scenes.

“Man, I’ve got to relieve myself. Do you mind?” He finally said.

It was the first time I had actually seen his dick. He pulled down his pants and knelt down on the floor in front of the TV. I was oblivious to the naked bodies writhing on the screen as he grabbed his hard shaft with his hand and started massaging the length of it.

It felt awkward for a second with me rubbing my own erection through my clothes as he slowly jerked off with his pants down. So I knelt down next to him and started doing the same.

He was getting into the movie. Slowly he’d massage his dick. I would glance over to watch while stroking my own erection.

Before long Brian lifted up his shirt with his other hand to give him more room. Suddenly, my heart leapt as his washboard abdomen came into view with the flickering light of the TV casting shadows of him masturbating. I hadn’t been attracted to the male body to that point in my life. But every time that image appeared in my mind – I became aroused.

I remember like it was yesterday. Brian looked over and saw me staring at him masturbating. He then looked at me masturbating. His eyes drifted to my dick then back to my eyes. Slowly.

“You have a nice dick, Chris.” He said.

“You do too.” I said.

I guess the images and my young hormones were too much. Suddenly, I started cumming. Streams of white fluid spurted from my dick. I heard Brian grunt and his cum soon crossed over the beads I had deposited on the floor.

We never said anything more about the incident after that day. But I thought of it often. Especially, now.

Brian and I were real comfortable with each other as best friends usually are. So when he stopped in to look over the apartment it was like old times. We visited each other’s schools and saw each other fairly often. So he felt immediately at home.

As I was freshening up in preparation for going out – Brian leaned back on my bed to wait. When I came out of the bathroom I noticed he was opening my bedside drawer. I didn’t think anything about it, as he was just bored. Until he came out with the lube he found there.

“Hey, dude. Got a kinky girlfriend or is this your girlfriend?” He said.

“What do you think it’s for?” I said,

“Hey, man. If I’m going to be your roommate I just need to know.”

“What, you afraid it’s for you?”

“You wish.”

We joked quite a bit so the exchange was nothing out of the ordinary. But as he leaned back on the bed smiling at the lube, I saw it. His toned abdominal muscles were peaking from underneath his shirt as he leaned back.

His legs were stretched out and crossed at the ankles. I could see a slight bulge in his pants and suddenly begin to wonder if his dick was still as gorgeous as it had been years earlier.

“Yea. Maybe I do.” I said. It just came out.

“Do what?”

“Wish it was for you.”

“It was a joke.” He said.

“You started it.” I said.

“Okay. I’ll put it back. I was just kidding.”

“No. Leave it out.”

“What? You need to jack off now?”

“Whatever you had in mind. I know how you like jacking off.”

“You’d like to watch me jack off? You ain’t turned gay on me at this college have you?”

“No. But that’s not how you felt after High School.” I said.

“Oh. When we jerked off that night? As I remember you blew your wad a little quick.”

“Well. I’ve grown a bit. And you enjoyed it.”

“You are the one that enjoyed it. You liked looking at my dick.”

“You took your clothes off first as I recall.”

“I’m just not shy.” He said.

“Gay. Shy. Whatever you want to call it. You sure were happy to show off your dick.”

“Just ’cause I jacked off with you, it don’t make me gay.”

“You forget what you said?”


“You liked my dick, too.”

“You would have been too scared to jack off back then. Good thing I was your friend to show you how it’s done. That’s all.”

“You liked it. And you liked being naked in front of me.”

“Like you’ve got guts enough…”

“Guts, enough to what?” I said interrupting him.

There was a bit of tension in the air. It had started out as friendly banter seeing who would back down first. But we just stared at each other for a moment.

“You’ve not got guts enough to be open like that. You know, jack off with a buddy. Whatever. That’s all.” He said.

“Or guts enough to admit you’re curious about having sex with a man.” I said.

There was silence again. He was right. He was always the open one for the most part. He’d talk about his sexual conquests with women. But he was pretty free about pulling his dick out to take a leak when we were together and he certainly was free about it that night after high school.

But I always sensed his focus on sex with girls and his comments even tonight joking about me not turning gay was all pretenses. It was a cover for some deeper thoughts.

“Well, you would never take your clothes off just like that. I know you.” He said.

“You want me to?” I said.

“We’re not in high school.”

“Yea. Like you said, you would be the one to drop your pants if it were back then. But we’re grown now.”

“Go ahead.” Brian crossed his arms and leaned back. He seemed satisfied I would now back down. We had now reached what I called a line. Do I cross it? And if I do, then what happens?

His muscular abdomen peaked out again as he leaned back. I actually think the bulge in his pants had grown a bit with our exchange. I looked at the lube he had placed on the nightstand then back at his abdomen – then his bulge. I looked down and had a bulge of my own. What to do?

I grabbed my shirt and in one motion pulled it over my head. I kicked off my shoes and socks then started unbuckling my belt.

As I unsnapped my pants and began unzipping them, I watched Brian’s eyes. His pupils seemed to enlarge and he gazed steadily at my groin as I unzipped.

Slowly I let my pants fall to the floor. I was now wearing only white underwear. Jockey type. My abdomen was washboard tight from many laps in the pool.

“Those are tight.” Brian said.

I looked down. The outline of my erection showed clearly through the fabric.

“You like it?” I said.

The atmosphere in the room had changed. Brian’s voice had a more serious tone about it. The joking prankster in him who didn’t want to back down was gone.

“You’ve grown.” He said.

“Look Brian. It’s hard for me to joke around standing nearly naked in front of you. So I have to confess and if it messes up our friendship, I’m sorry. I’m not gay. Or at least, I don’t think I am. But ever since you masturbated in front of me, I have fantasized about you. If you want me to put my clothes back on and if it messes with our…”

“That’s okay.” He said.

“It’s okay?”

“Yea, listen. If we’re being honest tonight, I’ll confess too, all right? Honestly, I would have had sex with you that night back then.”

“You would?” I said.

“Yea. In fact, I was going to suck your dick but you shot your load by the time the thought entered my mind.” He said.

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Didn’t want you to think I was gay or something.”

“What difference does that make?”

“Well, maybe it was rejection. Can you imagine me saying something and you not feeling the same way?”

“But you took your clothes off first.”

“Yea. I figured during a porno movie was the best time. Other times I just joke around. You know, trying to feel you out.”

“So you like what you see?”

Brian didn’t say anything for a moment. His eyes moved from my face to my erection and back.

“Can I see more?” He said.

I put my thumbs inside the elastic of my underwear. They slid off easily. My erection bobbed in front of me.

Silently, Brian stood beside the bed. His shirt came off first. The rest followed quickly until we were both naked.

It is a moment I wish could be packaged in a bottle. It was electric. Magical even.

I know that sounds corny. But imagine two friends of the same sex standing naked in a bedroom for the first time. There had always been chemistry between us. We joked around a lot, but tonight’s joking had led to us being at this point- a point revealing hidden feelings and curiosities.

My heart raced. I walked over to my friend. He had an erection.

I reached out to touch it. It was warm and smooth. It was odd feeling another man’s dick.

He touched mine. Then smiled.

“You know how long it’s been since I wanted to do that.” He said.

“You sure have an odd way of showing it all these years.” I said.

Brian then sank to his knees. Slowly he took my dick into his mouth. It was warm and wet. He ran his mouth up and down the shaft. His head bobbed slowly back and forth.

I touched the hair on his head. Then ran my fingers through it. It was odd the manner in which I did it in fact. As my friend, we generally slapped each other on the shoulder. But here I was gently stroking his hair in a loving fashion. Though it would seem odd, it seemed so natural.

I became lost in the feelings. My dick was warm and wet. Soon I had the desire to move my pelvis toward his mouth and I did. I knew we had to slow down to make it last.

“Brian. Don’t make me cum yet.” I said.

He then moved his mouth to my balls. He licked for a bit before returning to the tip of my dick to lick the glistening pre-cum there.

I pulled him to his feet.

“You know what I’ve wanted to do?” I said.

“Anything.” He said.

I tilted my head to the side. Our eyes met. We both slowly leaned in. Our lips met lightly as we kissed.

Our hands rested on each other’s hips as our kiss deepened. Our tongues found each other’s and swirled around and around. It was as sensual as any kiss with a female.

We kissed for a long time it seemed. We pulled our bodies close to each other. My hand wandered down Brian’s back. I kneaded his ass cheeks.

Brian’s hand made it’s way to my ass cheeks as well. Only he found my puckered hole and began playing with it. I moaned.

I reached down and pulled on his erection. My lips moved to his neck then nipples. I sucked on each of them before sinking to my knees and taking his dick into my mouth.

First, I ran my tongue up and down the shaft before sucking him between my lips. His pre-cum was salty. I sucked my friend for a while as he moaned.

Soon he pulled me to my feet and we kissed again. It was more passionate now. As we kissed, I touched his face and ran my fingers through his hair. I pulled back and looked into his eyes.

“Do you want to fuck me?” I said.

“You sure?”

“If you had dug further in that night stand you would have found a dildo, Brian. I’ve wanted the real thing.”

Brian smiled as I crawled on the bed and he grabbed the lube off the nightstand. I laid on my back looking up at him. I spread my legs.

The moment was surreal. I was actually spreading myself and my best friend was rubbing lubrication on his dick. We both knew what was about to happen and we both wanted it. His washboard abdomen was tight. His pectoral muscles were tones.

My dick bobbed on my abdomen. Brian lubricated a finger and inserted it into my ass as he bent down to kiss my dick.

His finger was smaller than the dildo I had tried a few times. I had practiced alone relaxing my sphincter and I relaxed instinctively to accept Brian’s probing.

He then crawled between my legs. He pressed his dick against my puckered ass and moved it in slow circles as I relaxed. Then he moved his pelvis forward ever so slowly.

I could feel my ass relent. The folds of my ass began to envelope Brian’s dick. His smooth dick slick with lubrication began to fill me as I accepted him.

Sparkles flashed before my eyes. My heart pounded at the image of that dick I had so long admired now snaking its way within me.

It was at that moment we became more than friends who were experimenting. We were lovers.

Regardless of how we felt about being gay or what was taboo. That didn’t matter.

I was accepting him within me and there is something spiritual about that moment. It’s more than physical.

Once he penetrated me fully, Brian and I began to make love. His dick slid in and out of my ass slowly. I spread my thighs wide to give him access and lifted my pelvis to greet each thrust.

It was a vulnerable yet powerful feeling. It felt more than the act I had fantasized about. I felt as if I was actually giving myself to him and he was giving to me. For the moment, all that mattered in the universe was our union. It transcended our gender.

We fucked for an eternity it seemed. Soon Brian began to moan louder. It made my dick twitch with anticipation that I was giving him pleasure. I couldn’t seem to get enough of him. I raised my hips and spread as wide as possible hoping he would drive deeper and deeper within me.

“Fuck me, Brian.”

“I’m going to cum.” He said.

“Cum inside me, Brian. Cum in me.”

Brian’s strokes became longer and smoother. Like a piston he fucked my ass.

My dick begged to be touched. It tingled. My ass tingled. My legs were growing weak and my breath was now coming in short gasps.

Brian grunted.

It sounded like an animal. Sweat beaded on his forehead. Our flesh was melding together. His pelvis slapped against my ass.

Then I felt it.

His dick pulsated. I sensed him ejaculating inside me. My ass grew wetter.

I reached down and touched my dick, which had been aching. As soon as my hand moved down its shaft my body shook. Wave after wave of orgasm swept over me. White streams of cum exploded from the tip landing on my sweaty abdomen in line after line.

My body trembled.

I thought I would lose consciousness. But my head soon cleared. Brian leaned down and we kissed. The kiss was breathless. I reached up and stroked his cheek.

“Don’t pull out.” I said.

“Never.” Brian said. But as his erection began to fade it slowly began to slip from the grasp of my ass. We both were still trying to catch our breath. I could feel his cum oozing out with it.

We collapsed in each other’s arms. The moment was sensual. More sensual than I ever imagined two men could be. Our sweaty bodies pressed against the other as we simply caressed with our legs entwined and continuing to explore each other’s bodies.

“Does this mean you want to be roommates?” I said.

“Oh, yes.” Brian said.

I was so glad we crossed the line.

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