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Worth The Wait

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This is a story I wrote a while ago, while I was still crushing on one of my friends big time. It is a goofy story where I attempted to convince her that we could work. Let’s just say in real life distance won. Please vote and comment.



It was a spur of the moment decision, Kay got home from work that Wednesday night and packed her bag, she put it the trunk and pulled out of her driveway in Roodepoort and headed for the N1 heading to Bloemfontein. With just one phone call and hearing her best friend’s voice she knew she just had to see her, without disclosing her plans to Chantal she made that impulsive and immediate decision to go.

It was a four and a half hour drive and Kay only stopped twice to stretch her legs that cramped if she stayed in the same position for too long. At the last stop she refilled her car and went to the bathroom to fix her hair and pull herself straight. She stared into the mirror, she was a good looking woman, even if she ha to say so her self. Her black hair was cut into a mohawk, short at the sides and spiky all the way around her head, her librette had spikes at each end as it curved around her lower lip, her blue eyes had a tinge of hazel around the pupils and her button nose was the tiniest bit skew after it had been broken during a fight in school three years ago. She loved going to the gym so she had a very toned body with muscles visible through her pale blue skinny jeans and her black ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ T-shirt. Her right lower arm was covered in a half sleeve tattoo consisting of fictional creatures like dragons and her upper left arm was covered in another half sleeve consisting of the theme. She gave herself another once over and walked back to her Audi R4, she stretched once and slipped in behind the steering wheel to make the last 100km of the trip.

When she finally reached Bloemfontein it was just before nine at night and she immediately headed to Langhovenpark, the area her friend lived in. When she reached the security gate at her friends complex she dialed Chantal’s number, after Kay almost hung up, Chantal answered, “Hey my bol!”

“Hey my poef, listen how much do you trust me?” Kay asked.

“Way too much, why?” Chantal’s voice was suspicious.

“Will you do me the favor of opening up the gate then? I sent someone to deliver something to you.” Kay kept her voice impartial.

“Okay? I’m opening it now, what did you send?” Chantal felt excitement fill her, Kay was always doing these sweet things for her.

“You’ll just have to wait and see.” Kay waited as nervousness filled her.

The gate opened and Kay hit the end call button as her car slowly hummed over the rail of the gate. She took a few turns and finally arrived at her friend’s apartment, she was waiting outside and when she saw the car she started screaming. Before Kay could out of the car Chantal jumped on her and she fell back against the car. “Slowly, my muscles are in spasm.” Kay said jokingly as she laughed at her friend’s reaction.

“What are you doing here?” Chantal couldn’t believe it, here Kay was and Chantal’s heart was beating out of her chest.

“I missed you and decided to drive down.” Kay smiled at her, ‘God she’s beautiful,’ Kay thought.

“I’m so fucking happy that you are here,” as Chantal said that she pulled Kay in for another bone crushing hug.

“Are you making coffee?” Kay asked as she removed her bag from the car and walked up the few steps to the front door.

“Only because you drove all this way to see me,” Chantal held the door open for Kay.

Chantal put the kettle on as Kay carried her bags to the spare room. The apartment looked the same as she remembered it, white walls and off white carpets running through out the apartment, in the living area she had her large flat screen TV with a decent surround sound system and way too many DVDs. The large brown lounge suit called to Kay to just lie down for a while, but she ignored that urge and joined her friend in the kitchen just as Chantal poured the water in the mugs. Chantal couldn’t wipe the smile off of her face and it pleased Kay.

She always found Chantal the most beautiful when her full, light tan colored lips curled into a bright smile that reached those mesmerizing dark brown eyes. Kay simply stared at her friend, her long dark brown hair touching her shoulder blades, the cutest button nose than you’ll ever see and that athletic body. God, every time Kay looked at that body she just wanted to get her naked. Chantal had full B cup sized breasts that perked high on her chest and her white tank top showed them off perfectly and her toned legs in those blue sandblasted jeans made Kay feel weak. The jeans also accentuated her round and small, but perfect ass.

“Are we going out for a drink? You just have to come with me and shock the shit out of the bitches in this place.” Kay admired how much confidence Chantal had in her, always wanting her to show the local lesbos that she didn’t fear them.

“Okay, we can go have a drink tonight, but tomorrow night it’s just me and you and some DVDs. Deal?”

Chantal almost jumped on top of Kay, “Thank you! Considering that they always want to gossip let’s give them something to gossip about.”

“I don’t live here anymore, I don’t care what they have to say. They made life hard enough for me when I lived here, if I didn’t have to see them at all I would be happy.” Kay said dryly.

“Well I want you to come with me, we won’t talk to them, I just want them to see that I am with you.” Chantal gave Kay her mug and took a seat next to her.

Chantal always gave off so many mixed signals that Kay never knew how she truly felt about her, they could talk about sex and Kay would joke about she would make Chantal scream after Chantal denied that she was a screamer, the next moment Chantal would put a picture of her and some other girl on her profile. Kay gave up trying to figure it out, Chantal never gave her straight answers in any way.

“Oh, so I’m only a trophy that you get to parade around with?” Kay loved pulling Chantal’s leg, because she was so sensitive to how Kay reacted to something she said.

“No. that’s not what I meant! I love you, you know that and you’re my best friend!”

Kay burst out laughing when Chantal tried to explain, she hit her with a fist on the shoulder and Kay almost fell out of the chair in pain.

“You are a real fucker sometimes, do you realize that?” Chantal said as she pulled her arm back.

“Ouch! You hit way too hard for a femme! Jesus, little less benching!”

“Just because I don’t hit like a bitch doesn’t mean that I’m going butch!”

She turned on her heel and walked to her room to get ready for the drink, leaving Kay there massaging her shoulder. She downed her coffee in one gulp and walked to the spare room to change and put some deodorant on. She pulled her shirt over her head, kicked her black and red DC sneakers of and pulled down her jeans, she looked in the mirror and admired her latest tattoo. It was a tribal phoenix with musical notes in the wings, this tattoo had special meaning to her, it represented life and death and her beliefs in reincarnation. Like the phoenix, Kay believes that the day she dies she will be reborn from her ashes. Kay liked to admire her body, because she worked so hard to get it in this form and to maintain it.

Her flat stomach bulged where her six pack showed, her v-line ran with perfect lines into her boy short underwear and her legs showed her muscles, even her ass was toned, but no part of her looked manly in any sense. She was simply more toned than the average woman, more or less like the more feminine athletes, she had B cup breasts, not as full as her friends, but clearly visible in her black and lime sports bra. Chantal burst into her room as she unpacked her bag to get her ripped jeans and black tight fitting tank top.

“New tattoo?” she asked as she plopped down on the bed and watched Kay in her underwear.

“Yeah got it about three weeks ago, you know for how long I’ve wanted it and I finally found someone who did the design perfectly.” Kay mused looking at the tattoo.

“It looks good on you.” Chantal almost her next thought aloud, ‘that body makes the tattoo look good.’

Chantal let her eyes drift freely over her half naked friend, suddenly wondering what it would be like to have that toned body under her tongue, each time she saw Kay, she seemed to get hotter. Kay caught her wandering eyes as she pulled her top over her head.

“Are you gonna keep staring?” Kay eyed her suspiciously.

“I’m not staring, I am simply appreciating the view of my best friend in her underwear.” Chantal blushed a little.

Kay burst out laughing, “Is that why you are drooling?”

Chantal immediately touched the back of her hand to her mouth and Kay laughed even harder.

Chantal reached for Kay’s hair spray and threw it at her, it hit her on her right hand.

“Ouch, fuck! Do you always have to be so violent? I will need that hand to make you scream later, you know.” Kay said holding her hand.

“I don’t scream and your hand won’t be going anywhere that could make me MOAN.” She said it simply but her eyes were daring.

Kay pulled her jeans on and tightened her black belt, “Keep telling yourself that.”

“You won’t be able to handle all of this,” she stood up and pointed to her body.

“Honey, I’ve had much more and a lot more kinky than you will ever be. This white bitch can handle anything you throw at her.”

Chantal blushed, Kay laughed as her tanned skin turned red. She stepped into her sneakers and touched her hair up.

“Let’s go miss you-can’t-touch-this.” Kay said as she walked out of the door.

Chantal followed Kay out and locked the door while Kay started her car. “Thank you for opening the door for me!” Chantal shouted at her.

“You have hands, so you can do it yourself.” Kay mocked her.

“Still the same Kay, just less romantic and chivalric,” Chantal concluded.

Kay turned her stereo up as ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ started playing, singing along to the song she drove toward 2nds. This had to be one of her favorite songs of all time, but it made her yearn for Chantal even more. They reached the club and Kay pulled into the parking lot behind it.

“Make sure no one comes close to my car!” She told the car watch as she walked toward the entrance.

“Yes, sure thing.” He said moving closer to the car to keep an eye on it.

They walked past the large windows and Kay immediately saw one of her foes, Gizelle, playing beer pong with her other foes, Freddy and Kay’s ex Nora.

“Great start to the night!” Kay moaned.

“Ignore the idiots, they are constantly looking for attention just don’t give it to them. If they come close to you I will kick this place down.” Chantal smiled and took Kay’s arm. She would protect Kay forever, event though Kay hardly needed it.

Chantal hooked her arm into Kay’s as they walked in, the bouncer hugged Kay and lifted her off the ground. “Long time, no see!”

“How are you Pete?” Kay asked, laughing.

“I’m good, just missing you! Now there’s no one to carry to their cars or keep from beating someone up. It makes life boring.” Pete complained jokingly.

Kay laughed, “And here I thought it relieved your stress.”

As Kay stepped over the threshold one of her friends ran to her and almost caused her to fall backwards as she jumped on her.

“My dimples!” Nads shouted.

“Hey my smiley. How are you?” Kay said hugging her.

“So happy that you’re here!” Nads hugged her tighter.

Nadz went on to hug Chantal and they left for the bar, Kay could feel the eyes on her. Everyone came to greet her at the bar, even, to her amazement, her ex. She still looked the same, tall, skinny with light brown hair and dark brown eyes.

“Hey how are you?” Nora asked, genuinely.

“Uhm, great and you?” Kay felt unsure about her presence.

“I’m good. What are you doing here?” She asked as she touched Kay’s arm in a flirty way.

Chantal stepped in, “Visiting me. Now please go back to your group, because you had her, left her and now that you miss her it’s too fucking late!”

“What the fuck is your problem?” Nora asked, anger audible in her voice.

“You are my problem…” Chantal stepped closer her, her eyes shooting fire.

“We are going to go dance, enjoy your night,” Kay took Chantal’s arm and led her to the small dance floor where all their acquaintances were gathered.

“I still wanna smash her head in!” Chantal said angrily.

“She’s not worth it, let her go on her way.” Kay tried to calm her down.

“If she comes close to you again she will need plastic surgery when I’m done with her.” Chantal was fuming at the guts of that bitch.

Kay didn’t know what to say, so she simply hugged her shaking friend. “You know what I don’t get Kay? She hurt you so badly and you just keep being nice to her. I was there wiping away your tears, cleaning your cuts and picking up the pieces and there you stand and let her touch you and flirt with you!”

“Please calm down, babe, she means nothing to me and I appreciate everything you did for me. But why are you so upset about what happened?” Kay felt her options of calming her friend drain.

Chantal almost voiced what she had felt for so long, she wanted to yell at Kay and tell her that it was because she was jealous, because she has loved Kay since the first day she met her and couldn’t stand the fact that Kay was dating such a self-absorbed bitch, but all she said was, “Because I care about you!”

“Okay, I won’t speak to her again. Can we drink now?” Kay asked hugging her again, she had hoped it was because of jealousy.

With that the party started, shooters and drinks were running and at about three that morning Chantal and Kay went home. When they got there they simply passed out together in Chantal’s bed, wearing only their underwear because they were too drunk to put there PJ’s on.

Kay woke up at the sound of an alarm and saw Chantal draped over her, her leg over Kay’s thighs and her arm across her torso with her head on Kay’s chest. “Shit, my head hurts!”

Kay laughed, “Because you wouldn’t leave the shooters alone. Want some coffee?”

“Yeah that sounds great.” Chantal massaged her temples.

Kay made the coffee and took a glass of water with two aspirin with her to the room, she handed the water and aspirin to Chantal and she drank it with the entire glass of water.

“Thank you, now I need to shower and get to work.” She sat up and fell back down.

“Call in sick, you are not going to survive this day.” Kay said, playing lazily with Chantal’s hair.

“I can’t stay home, I have too many appointments.” Chantal wanted to take the off day so badly.

With that she went to shower and left for work half an hour later after Kay fed her tomato cocktails and all of the hangover fixes she could think of. Kay spent the day with Nadz and a couple of other people, they went to places that had the most memories for them and ended up at the monument for women in The Anglo-Boere war. There they had a picnic and played their version of soccer.

Kay left for Chantal’s place when she phoned to say that she was on her way home.

“What a day! But I have to say that your hangover mixes saved me.” Chantal happily hugged Kay.

“I’m glad they helped, so are we gonna go gym?” Kay asked, she couldn’t go a day without a gym session.

“Yes, let me change.” Chantal just wanted to see Kay’s muscles flex under those weights.

They left for the gym and arrived there just after six, once there they both hit the treadmills. Kay took her shirt off after the run because she was getting too hot. After the run they hit the weights and Chantal stared in amazement as her friend’s muscles flexed every time she lifted a weight, again those thoughts popped into her mind. She really needed to be with Kay, to feel her lips, to taste her and hold her.

After the gym they went home and showered, Kay chose a movie and Chantal settled in on the couch.

“That was an insane work out, I loved it!” Kay said smiling.

“It was pretty good yes,” Chantal moved up and Kay sat down, she leaned against Kay, resting her head on her shoulder and pulling Kay’s arm around her. Together they watched the movie and Kay loved having Chantal in her arms, she maneuvered so that they lay down and Chantal moved closer to her, pressing her body against Kay’s.

Chantal turned around and faced Kay, who was on the verge of asleep.

“Don’t you dare fall asleep on me!” Chantal teased.

“I’m trying really hard, how bout you do something to keep me awake then.” Kay said, her eyes still closed.

“You can’t handle me keeping you awake.” Chantal felt Kay’s slow breath on her mouth and she wanted to kiss Kay.

“Seriously? You really doubt me and my ability to…” Kay couldn’t finish her sentence.

Without warning Chantal kissed her, Kay was in shock as her heart beat against her chest and almost forgot to kiss back, her senses came back to her when Chantal started to pull away. She grabbed Chantal and pulled her back in. Chantal parted her lips and Kay let her tongue explore Chantal’s mouth and then their tongues met, Chantal expertly moved her tongue against Kay’s, as they both felt their urge grow and that tingling between their thighs get more intense.

Then Kay maneuvered herself on top of Kay and kissed her with urgency, her hands started to run over Chantal’s body, exploring every curve of her body, slowly running her hand up Chantal’s torso until it rested on the side of Chantal’s breast. Her heart almost leaped out of her chest as she felt the lump in her palm, then Chantal made a sudden move to attempt to get on top of Kay and they both fell off the couch as Chantal landed on top of Kay. They both burst out in laughter as Kay hit the floor with a loud thump.

“Ouch! Why is it that I always get hurt somehow when I’m with you?” Kay asked, trying to catch her breath.

“I’m just naturally rough and you said you can handle this.” Chantal said, straddling Kay’s thighs.

“Hmm, at that specific moment, you know, when you kissed me, I was talking about coffee. If you allowed me to finish my sentence I would have said my ability to consume caffeine.” Kay replied jokingly.

“Oh, so me kissing you wasn’t as good as coffee?” Chantal asked, pouting, half real and half pretend.

“I never said that, it definitely made my heart beat faster than caffeine ever could and it was so much sweeter.” Kay said smiling as Chantal’s eyes lit up.

“But coffee would have been better?” Chantal asked, still pouting, she knew her eyes betrayed her.

“No, you taste better, just one problem.” Kay said teasingly.

“What’s that problem then?” Chantal asked curiously.

“Now I simply want more.” Kay touched Chantal’s cheek, she felt complete in that moment.

Chantal smiled at that and leaned down to kiss Kay again, it was a short, simple kiss.

“Oh, is that all I get now?” Kay asked, not hiding her disappointment.

“Hmm, I don’t know. I’m still deciding.” Chantal wanted to never stop kissing her, but in the back of her mind she knew Kay had to go home again soon.

Then Kay had a spur of the moment thought and she tickled Chantal, after that a tickle war broke out, Kay eventually got on top of Chantal and she tickled her until tears rolled down her face from laughter. Chantal reached up and pulled Kay in for a kiss. Kay felt Chantal lips melt against hers, she tasted the sweet taste on her tongue and she hungered for more. Kay moved her hand up and placed it over Chantal’s breast and kneaded the soft flesh in her hand. A soft moan escaped Chantal’s lips as she reached for the bottom of Kay’s shirt and pulled it over her head.

She then rolled over and got on top of Kay, she removed her shirt and Kay reached up and cupped those breasts in her hands. She sat up and kissed Chantal’s neck all the way down to her collarbone as Chantal’s soft moans filled her ears. Chantal could never have imagined anything feeling as could as this felt.

Kay unclasped Chantal’s bra and broke the kiss for a moment to behold the beauty in her arms. Chantal’s breasts were perfect, they sat high on her chest, her dark pink nipples hard and erect, simply begging for Kay to take them in her mouth and she did just that. Chantal couldn’t contain herself, moans escaped her lips at every touch. Kay felt soft moans escape her lips as she suckled on Chantal’s erect nipples.

“Oh God!” Chantal moaned.

Chantal moaned as Kay fondled her breast while sucking on the other breast. Kay loved the taste of Chantal’s skin, the softness she felt under her tongue.

“Fuck that feels good.” Chantal breathed.

Chantal wanted to rip Kay’s clothes off and feel her under her tongue, taste what she had wished for, for so long. She squirmed with pleasure and Kay flicked her nipple with her tongue, rolling her nipple of the other breast between her fingers.

“If you continue with this you will cause me to spontaneously combust.” Chantal’s breathing became erratic.

“Hmm,” was all Kay managed as she feasted on the breasts before her.

Reluctantly she moved her mouth away and gently lay Chantal down, she then repositioned herself and pulled Chantal’s pants down with her underwear and then she took her own off. Chantal simply stared at the naked form of Kay, her tattoos seemed animated as she breathed and moved.

Kay pulled Chantal back onto her lap and continued her feast as her right hand moved between Chantal’s thighs and found that she was already soaking wet. She caressed the naked mound in her palm and ran her fingers down the slit to get them moist. Chantal almost jumped with pleasure when Kay touched her swollen clit.

“Oh my God.” Chantal moaned loudly.

Kay moved in slow circular movements around Chantal’s clit as her breathing eradicated, Chantal tried to moved her hips so she could Kay’s hand where she wanted it, but Kay foiled her plan and pushed Chantal back and she lay with her legs wrapped around Kay’s waist. Kay kneaded Chantal’s breast with her one hand as the other slowly penetrated Chantal with two fingers. She thrusted her fingers in and out slowly at first as Chantal’s need grew. Chantal couldn’t stand this, she needed Kay to fuck her. Chantal had to feel everything Kay could give her.

Kay wanted to savor every moment, to burn each image, each sound in her memory.

“Fuck me baby, please just fuck me.” Chantal begged.

Kay smiled at this as she increased her pace and rubbed Chantal’s clit with her thumb, Chantal moaned loudly and Kay continued to penetrate her. Chantal let out a moan as her muscles contracted around Kay’s fingers and a splurge of juice ran from her pussy.

“Oh fuck.” She gasped.

“I’m going to have you screaming tonight baby girl.” Kay reassured her.

Chantal sat up and pushed Kay down, she kissed her hungrily, desperately wanting to get Kay off. Her hands groped Kay’s breasts and she played with her nipples. She kissed down Kay’s neck and took the light pink nipple in her mouth, sucking on it as low moans escaped Kay’s lips. She ran her tongue down Kay’s torso, she loved the taste of Kay’s sweat and over the naked mound, down her slit and back up to Kay’s clit. Slowly she took it in her mouth, intoxicated by the womanly smell emerging from Kay and the sweet taste on her tongue. Chantal wanted more, she needed to taste more, she ran her tongue down Kay’s slit again and slowly penetrated her with her tongue and her fingers proceeded to stimulate Kay’s clit.

Kay felt indescribably good, she wondered if she was dreaming, because she ultimately believed that she could never be this happy and this complete.

“Oh shit. Fuck, you’re good at that.” Kay breathed.

Chantal increased her tempo and gulped as much of the juices as she could, Kay felt the climax build inside her, ready to tear from her. Kay’s body started shaking and she convulsed in a climax better than she ever had before.

“Hmmmmm, oh God!” Kay panted.

Kay’s muscles contracted around Chantal’s tongue as she lapped up all the juices she could manage. Kay arched her back and rode Chantal’s mouth and tongue until the subsided. Kay lay there, exhausted from the climax that roared through her body. Chantal came up and softly kissed Kay.

“I think I’m going to be making you scream tonight.” Chantal smiled a wicked smile.

“This night is far from over baby girl.” Kay said as she got up and picked Chantal up to carry her to the room.

Kay laid Chantal down on the bed, she crawled on top of Chantal and softly kissed her. Chantal grabbed Kay’s back, pulling her closer, she wanted to savor this moment forever. The gentle kisses that Kay placed on her mouth, Kay couldn’t stop kissing her. She loved the feel of Chantal’s breasts against her own and the way Chantal’s body fitted so perfectly against hers.

Kay moved her kisses down Chantal’s neck, she nibbled on Chantal’s ear, Kay realized that this as a hot spot when Chantal sharply inhaled at the touch of Kay’s lips on her ear.

“I want to try something with you,” Kay whispered, barely audible.

“What would that be?” Chantal asked in shallow breaths.

“Just wait here,” Chantal watched as the naked form of Kay disappeared, suddenly feeling a deep pining inside her to have this woman return, to feel Kay’s skin against her own.

Kay walked into her room, she ruffled through her bag found the scarf she was looking for and walked back down the hall toward Chantal. Chantal smiled at her return and quizzically looked at the scarf in Kay’s hand.

“What’s that for?” Chantal asked half scared.

“Where do you keep your scarves?” Kay asked rummaging through Chantal’s cupboard.

“Never mind found it,” Kay said almost to herself.

She retrieved two and walked over to Chantal, “I want you to give in to only four of your senses. Mostly one, touch,” Kay said and Chantal looked at her questions in her eyes.

“What?” Chantal asked shocked.

“I’m going to take away your sight and your control.” Kay replied with a sly smile.

“You want to do what?” Kay was already maneuvering Chantal where she wanted her.

“Do you trust me?” Kay asked her, her voice a whisper again.

Chantal swallowed, “Yes,” She watched as Kay tied her one hand to the bed post.

Kay moved to the other and when that was tied she leaned in and kissed Chantal deeply, once again she marveled at the softness of the woman in front of her, how badly she wanted to make this last forever. Chantal found herself having similar thoughts, giving up her fight she relaxed and gave her all in that kiss. Kay broke free of the kiss and smiled a smile that made Chantal’s insides turn.

Slowly Kay tied the remaining scarf around Chantal’s eyes. “Oh God, I’m so nervous right now.”

Kay kissed her neck, “Relax baby girl. Forget about everything and just feel every touch.”

Kay’s voice made the last tense muscle in Chantal’s body relax and she simply went with it. She hated that she couldn’t predict what Kay was about to do or see where her hands were about to touch. Then she felt Kay’s touch on her jaw line and she almost held her breath after she realized how much that simple touch affected her. Why had she denied herself for so long?

Kay followed the touch by a kiss, along her jaw line, down her neck and simply started making love to her collarbone. Chantal gasped as she felt the soft sensual kisses traveling along her body, Kay silently smiled into her skin as she kissed her way over Chantal’s body, refusing to leave any part untouched. Kay continued her slow assault on Chantal’s body, kissing up each arm, around each breast and in slow circles approached Chantal’s nipple.

Chantal wanted to go out of her mind, she thought that she would explode with this insane build up, her senses were being assaulted by a soft sensual mouth. As much as Chantal wanted this to continue she wanted Kay to just release everything that built up in her over the years.

“Are you torturing me?” Chantal breathed.

“Hmmm,” was all she got in return, she gasped and moaned aloud the moment Kay touched Chantal’s nipple with her mouth.

“Oh God, that feels so good.” Chantal moaned as she arched her back and pushed more of her nipple into Kay’s willing mouth.

Chantal fought the restraints to push Kay down, but failed miserably, then she felt Kay smile against her nipple. Kay continued her kissing every inch of Chantal’s body, by the time Kay reached Chantal’s naval she was panting like crazy, fighting her restraints.

“Calm down baby girl,” Kay’s breath against Chantal’s stomach almost sent her over the edge.

Chantal could only imagine how wet she was, she felt the juice flowing from her like water from a tap.

“Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaseeeeeeeee,” Chantal begged, “I can’t take anymore, just make me cum.”

Kay almost laughed, but she continued her trail, she kissed over Chantal’s mound, along her thighs and down her leg.

“Noooooooooooo!” Chantal almost screamed.

Kay made her way up the other leg and when she reached the honey pot, she saw the wetness glistening on Chantal’s shaven mound, her lips were swollen with arousal and her clit was erect as it could possibly be. Kay felt herself ache with desire; desire to taste Chantal for the first time and desire for her own release she desperately needed.

Chantal panted and when she felt Kay’s lips touch her sensitive spot. Kay flattened her tongue and ran it up Chantal’s slit as a loud gasp escaped Chantal’s lips. Kay felt intoxicated by the musky smell that erupted from Chantal, she felt immediately addicted when the she tasted Chantal’s juices. The sweet yet salty taste that landed on her tongue made her head spin.

Kay slowly stuck her tongue into Chantal’s love canal, “Oh fuck! That feels so good.”

Chantal didn’t think she would last long after the intense build up and Kay’s tongue that so expertly moved around her most sensitive spot, just when she thought that Kay pumping her tongue in and out of her couldn’t get any better Kay curved a finger and started massaging her clit, before she could stop herself she shouted incoherently.

Kay smiled and slowed her pace as she helped Chantal ride through her intense orgasm while Chantal rode her face. Chantal saw stars and before she could properly calm down Kay had already built her up for orgasm number two and a lot more after that, the stars never left and then everything went black.

Kay watched Chantal’s face as she rode through orgasm after orgasm until her body went limp, Kay smiled to herself and nursed her sore jaw, after she untied Chantal’s restraints and cuddled up next to her.

Chantal opened her eyes half an hour later and couldn’t help but smile when she saw that she was comfortably and safely resting in Kay’s arms, she wondered if she was dreaming. Then she remembered the events and couldn’t believe that she had passed out, never in her life has she experienced anything as intense as what Kay did to her the previous night. Kay moved in her sleep and Chantal leaned down and kissed those lips that simply begged for attention.

Kay didn’t respond so she kissed her again, longer this time, she heard Kay moan and watched transfixed as Kay opened her blue eyes and smiled at her.

“Hey,” Was all Kay said.

Chantal responded by kissing her deeply and puling Kay closer to her, she slipped her leg between Kay’s thighs and slightly moved her leg up and down as she felt the wetness build on her thigh. A moan escaped Kay’s lips and Chantal moved down to her neck, leaving wet, sloppy kisses as she moved down to Kay’s chest and to a breast. Chantal moved in slow agonizing circles closer and closer, while Kay arched her back and tried to get Chantal’s mouth where she needed it, but failed.

Kay put her hands on Chantal’s head and moved her to where she wanted her, “Please baby girl,” Kay almost begged.

“You get to tease but I don’t?” Chantal asked looking up, her eyes clouded with lust and a smile danced across them.

“Hmmm,” Was all Kay managed when Chantal locked her mouth around Kay’s nipple.

Chantal allowed her hands to travel all over Kay’s body as she gave equal attention to both breasts, she followed with a slowly journey down Kay’s muscled torso, softly blowing on the wet trail she left. Kay’s whole body erupted in gooseflesh as Chantal’s hot breath hit her and left a cold trail.

Chantal kissed across Kay’s naked mound and teased her outer lips with her tongue and soft kisses. Kay tangled her fingers in Chantal’s dark lock as Chantal’s tongue traveled the length of her slit. Chantal found herself amazed again at how much she liked the taste of Kay, she wanted more and never wanted to stop. She stuck her tongue out and entered the source of the heavenly juice that fell upon her tongue, slowly at first she pumped her tongue in and out as Kay bucked her hips to match Chantal’s stride.

“Oh God, that feels good,” Kay moaned breathlessly.

Chantal increased her pace and was rewarded with a shudder and the clenching of Kay’s muscles contracting around her tongue and a splurge of juice that flowed freely.

“Shit,” Kay breathed as her back arched and she threw her head back.

Chantal eagerly lapped up as much of the heavenly water as she could while she slowed her paced to help Kay come down from her high. Kay finally relaxed her arched back and pulled Chantal to her and kissed her eagerly.

“I’m not gonna stop until you scream,” Chantal breathed into Kay’s ear, following it with a flick of the tongue.

“Not tonight baby girl,” Kay said, her eyes pressed closed as she tried to calm her laboured breathing.

Chantal ran her hand down and Kay flinched from the sensitivity when Chantal touched her clit.

“Hmmmm, sensitive, very sensitive right now,” Kay moaned.

“Well then I’ll just have to make you scream tomorrow night.” Chantal softly kissed Kay.

“That’s just fine. I can’t you believe you passed out though.” Kay mocked Chantal.

“Me neither, that was freaky. It has never happened before.” Chantal snuggled onto Kay’s chest.

“But well worth it,” Kay kissed the top of her head.

“Definitely,” Chantal said as she ran her fingers in circles on Kay’s stomach.

“Aren’t you going to get dressed? I know you hate sleeping naked, since you love to share those types of details with me.” Kay asked her eyes closing from exhaustion.

“Not tonight, I feel safe with you. I don’t feel that same thing now like I usually do,” Chantal felt Kay smile into her hair.

“I’m glad I make you feel safe,” Kay squeezed her and pull her closer.

“I love you and I have since the first day I met you. I was just too scared to tell you then,” Chantal spoke against Kay’s chest.

“I love you too,” Was all Kay said as she fell asleep holding on to the one person she cared for the most in this world. Kay was startled by the sound of Chantal’s alarm and wanted to put it off before Chantal could hear, but before she could reach it Chantal stirred and yawned.

“Can’t we just go back to sleep?” Kay asked in a very sleepy voice.

“Tempting, we can do that tomorrow morning.” Chantal said as she rested her head on Kay’s chest.

“Pwitty pwease?” Kay asked with a mock pout.

“Huh uh, don’t do that. You’re just making it harder.” Chantal moaned.

“Fine, I’ll go and make coffee so long.” Kay said as Chantal shifted and she dragged herself out bed.

Chantal smiled as she stared at the naked form of Kay, how was it even possible for someone to look that good? She thought as Kay walked out to get her boxers and a t-shirt in her room. Kay yawned the whole time while making the coffee, wishing they could just go to bed and sleep for a while longer, so they could spend the rest of the day in a repeat of last night.

Kay handed Chantal her mug and they sipped their coffee in silence, Kay laid back on the bed and Chantal went to take her shower. She returned about twenty minutes later and Kay was soundly asleep again. Chantal leaned down and kissed Kay again to wake her up, Kay responded by pulling Chantal down on the bed with her and kissing her again.

“I have to go work, if you continue like this I’ll never make it.” Chantal moaned as Kay stole another kiss.

“That’s the plan,” Kay said between kisses.

Chantal pushed her off and kissed her one last time, before she left the room. Chantal almost ran out of the apartment to keep herself from turning back. The day passed in a blur for Chantal as she saw client after client, wishing the day away so she could just kiss Kay again.

Kay slept until noon and she finally woke up as her cellphone rang for the second time, “Hello?”

“Hey dude!” Allie’s voice eagerly said over the phone.

“Hey dude, what’s up?” Kay asked sleepily.

“I was wondering of you wanted to hang out today?” She asked excitedly.

“Yeah sure, I’ll meet in an hour at the mall.” Kay said, they said their goodbye and Kay showered.

She felt the strain in her jaw, the ultimate ache and smiled as she so clearly remembered every detail of the previous night, she couldn’t resist sending Chantal a text: “I so made you scream and beg last night.”

Five minutes later a response came through: “Fuck! I still can’t believe that.”

Kay smiled as she typed back, “I miss you.”

“I miss you more, can’t wait to just come home and see you.”

Kay’s heart fluttered as she read that and finished doing her hair as she left to meet Allie. The day passed agonizingly slow as she waited for Chantal to tell her that she was on her way home. At five that text came and Kay rushed back after promising Allie that they would join them for drinks later.

Kay arrived back at Chantal’s apartment Chantal’s car was already there, Kay walked through the door and heard music playing. She walked to the source and found Chantal sitting on the couch with a glass of wine.

“Hey baby girl,” Kay said as she walked closer.

“Hey,” Chantal said as she put her arms around Kay’s neck and kissed her deeply.

“Hmmmm, I wouldn’t mind being greeted like that everyday.” Kay smiled into Chantal lips.

They had a few drinks while they made small talk and proceeded to get ready for the night, once dressed they left for the only gay club in Bloemfontein at about half past ten arriving there just before eleven. After everyone greeted Kay with surprise and obvious joy they proceeded to buy their drinks and join Allie and the rest as a few more people came to greet them.

Kay and Chantal didn’t hold hands or do anything openly that would cause them to be seen as a couple, simply because Kay knew how Chantal felt about public displays of affection and not wanting to start another rumor, since they didn’t even know where this thing was headed yet.

The night proceeded well until one of Chantal’s exes arrived, Kay knew for a fact that Chantal melted every time that Ella talked to her and somehow Kay’s gut told her that tonight was going to be no different. But Chantal surprised her and let her ex down nicely and returned to Kay. The night then got better and they eventually left for home in the early hours of the morning, too drunk to do anything of use, so they simply passed out together.

Kay made Chantal some hangover mixes again the next morning and decided to play some guitar as Chantal joined her.

“I want to play you two songs,” Kay smiled as Chantal kissed her.

“Let’s hear it,” She said sitting next to Kay in the garden.

“I’m not a singer, so if it’s out of tune, just hang on to the saying of ‘it’s the thought that counts.'” Kay said and nervously started picking the strings of the guitar.

First she played Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson and follwed it with Trying Not To Love You by Nickelback. Chantal looked at Kay with tears in her eyes, they simply looked at each other for a long moment, their gazes saying more than any words could possibly say. Kay put her guitar aside and kissed Chantal deeply, putting everything she felt into that one kiss.

When they parted, Chantal breathlessly asked, “What happens when you go back home?”

Kay pondered on that for a moment, “Come with me.”

Chantal’s eyes got wide, “I can’t just leave here.”

“What’s keeping you here? I mean really?” Kay asked taking Chantal’s hands in her own.

“My work, my friends and my family,” Chantal replied simply.

“Okay, fair enough. Then let’s do this long distance for now and see what happens. That way we can give it a try,” Kay suggested, hoping that Chantal would agree.

“Okay,” Chantal said after a second.


Things were difficult at first, the distance and work made things hard on them both. By some miracle their relationship survived, Chantal moved in with Kay and in the end it all worked out perfectly.

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