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Nouveau Soleil

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Looking down at the crescent nail marks gouged into my hand, I made a rueful mental note to get you drunk before we took off next time. Turning my face towards the warm sunlight streaming in the window, I sighed, it had been far too long since I had been back. I could see the islands growing bigger across the clear bright aqua water.

My parents started their second marriages together in front of a 4’5″ island priest from The Island Church of the Heart on the porch of a small villa here on St John. They had returned twenty years later, after retiring, to buy the same tropical bungalow. Now that they were up in the States visiting my sister and spending time with their new granddaughter, it seemed the perfect chance to come back. I hadn’t been here since they moved 5 years ago but I could still remember the feel of the soft sand of Cinnamon Bay between my toes and the smell of the garden after it rained. I wanted you to experience the same blissful feeling I got here and I knew I would love it even more with you here too.

Kissing the top of your head as it rested on my shoulder, I debated about waking you to see the picture perfect beauty out the window. Yet, remembering what take off had been like and your fear of heights, I figured it would be better to let you sleep. Hopefully you’d be out all the way through the landing. The captain’s voice came over the loud speaker informing the passengers that we would be landing in about twenty minutes. Smiling into your soft brown hair I calculated that all the Jim Beam minis would probably keep you out for at least that much longer.

Feeling your head move a little in your sleep, I reached up to run my fingers through your hair to quiet you, loving the quiet sigh that escaped your slightly open lips. As my fingers brushed the ends of your hair, resting on the tops of your round c cup breasts, I regretted not having the chance to induct us both into the Mile High Club. Perhaps you’d be used to flying by the time we headed back to the States and I’d be able to keep you awake to cuddle under the blanket. I was pretty sure if I got that far I’d be able to convince you to come with me and squeeze into the bathroom. Images of you sitting on the counter as I knelt between your spread legs flooded my mind. For the moment though, I could set aside my need for you in interest of your mental state.

A small lurch in my stomach informed me that the plane was losing altitude. I glanced back out the window to see the sandy beaches and lush tropical plants of St. Thomas almost beneath us. I could already feel the hot air against my skin, wetter and more fragrant than the stale recycled stuff the plane was blowing on us. The captain came back on to ask the flight attendants to take their seats for the final decent. The ground came rushing closer and I felt a thrill rush through me, I knew I was almost back. With a solid thump the plane touched down and your head shot up, blue eyes wide open. I could see the fear in your eyes and the tension in your body as your nails dug into the seat. I reached over to stroke your cheek and turn your face towards mine, catching your eyes with mine. “We’re here, that was just the landing,” I said quietly, leaning over to kiss your lips softly. Pulling back I whispered against your mouth, “Welcome to the Caribbean love. Look outside.” I smiled as I leaned back in my seat so you could see past me out of the window.

I knew you were amazed when you couldn’t make one smart-ass comment about the bright sunlight. Grinning at the thought of you speechless for once in your life, I turned back towards the window. Your hand found mine and squeezed tightly, not in fear this time, but anticipation. As the plane taxied to the gate, you placed your hand on my knee and leaned over me to look out the window. The neck of your tank top dipped open and I couldn’t help but stare at the pale skin revealed, contrasting with your black satin bra. I wasn’t sure if you knew what you were doing, but my eyes shot up to catch the devious look in yours as your hand slid up to the bottom edge of my short but still decent skirt. I squirmed slightly in my seat as your fingers lightly traced patterns on my inner thigh, just above the hem of my skirt, out of sight of everyone else. I guessed now that we were back on the ground you were feeling better. You were still leaning over, pretending to look out the window, even though there was nothing to see other than the airport building. Reaching up to the nipple that was practically in my face, I gave into temptation and flicked it gently with my nail. I leaned towards you and whispered “I’m going to have a hard time getting us through the rest of the trip if you keep that up.” Running my tongue lightly around your ear lobe, I noticed your fingers creeping higher under my skirt, almost coming up to my panties.

The captain’s voice came back over the system, vague in my ears, something about thanks for flying and have a good trip. The scuffle of people getting up and collecting their belongings finally broke through my hazy mind. I realized that people will start to notice us soon and pulled away from you, pushing your hand out from under my skirt. You looked slightly surprised at my movements and I nodded my head to point out the people now disembarking from the plane. As you pulled back to gather all the stuff around your seat I suddenly felt a wave of nauseous nervousness. What if you didn’t like the island? What if you didn’t like Nouveau Soleil? Hell, you didn’t even like sunlight with your pale skin. Catching my breath, I fought and urge to cry and busied myself collecting my books and other time wasters. You heard me and glanced my way, “You ok baby?” came your voice. I nodded mutely and your voice came again, this time full of concern, “No you’re not. Leigh, look at me. What’s wrong?”

I waved my hand to gesture that I was fine, but you grabbed it and pulled me around to face you. Your hand caressed my cheek, thumb wiping away the tear that had escaped. “Sweetie, we can try again. Don’t worry. This vacation is to relax. The doctor said it was probably stress that kept you from conceiving.” You kissed me gently and said, “We’re going to have fun baby. The rest of the world doesn’t matter for the next two weeks.” I nodded again, but remembering how sweet the doctor had been when the test came back negative made my eyes tear up more. I heard you sigh as your arms wrapped around me. I knew it was hard on you too, not least of all comforting me. It was the third time we had tried artificial insemination and despite my family histories of easily conceiving, I still wasn’t pregnant. Feeling my tears against your neck, you stroked my hair and held me close, rocking gently.

“Is everything ok ladies?” came a quiet sweet voice. Recognizing it, I looked up to see the flight attendant who had served us through the trip. We had talked a bit when you had been asleep and she was full of understanding for your nerves. Now she was gazing at me with a look of concern.

“We’ll be ok. Thanks Elisa, for everything,” you replied as I wiped my eyes.

She nodded and smiled at us, “Have a good vacation. It’s so beautiful here, and peaceful. Take care of her Jina,” she said to you as she walked back to the front of the plane.

You turned back towards me “Oh, I will, always. Come on baby,” you said. “They want us off the plane and I, for one, want to get off it.” Your joy in getting off the plane was obvious in your voice and made me smile a bit. You stood, grabbed your carry on bag and reached for my hand. “My Lady?” you asked. That brought a full smile to my lips and I lifted my bag as I reached for your hand. You brought my fingers to your lips and kissed them, making me melt inside. You were right of course, this was a vacation and we both deserved a break from our daily stress and troubles. Leaving my sorrow behind on the plane, I walked up the aisle and off the plane, waving goodbye to Elisa as we walked by her.


Already we had adapted to island time, lazily strolling towards the baggage claim while my hand stayed entwined with yours. We got there long after all the other people from our flight, predictably though the luggage still hadn’t arrived. Island time was a beautiful thing as long as you weren’t in a hurry. You leaned back against a wall and I leaned back against you with your arms around my waist. My arms draped over yours so my fingers could toy with your rings, tracing around the edge of the one that matched mine. I let my head drop back to rest on your shoulder, titling my head to whisper in your ear “Hello love.” You smiled and squeezed me tight, bending your head down to nip the base of my exposed neck. A small shiver ran along my spine and your arms relaxed as you whispered back “Hey baby.” Settling back in your arms I sighed happily, knowing we were almost there.

Ten minutes later the bags arrived and finding ours only took a second. The royal purple ribbons made the otherwise average black rollers stand out in a crowd. Each of us grabbed one and proceeded towards the customs area. “Still have the passports, baby?” you asked, teasing me since I had checked for them at least 20 times between leaving the house and checking in at the airport. I stuck my tongue out at you and pulled them out of my purse. Your eyes flashed as you leaned over to whisper, “Watch what you offer, my little slut.” I felt myself grow hot at the memory of the spanking I had received after my last bout of petulant impertinence. Luckily the line was short and we were at the counter before you could mention my now flushed cheeks.

After the typical questions of how long we were staying, if we were bringing any food or plants, and two stamps on each passport, we were done and headed for the door. The moist heat that was the Caribbean reached out to envelope me as we left the air-conditioned interior. Your frantic scramble for your sunglasses had me grinning mischievously. I had planned ahead and had mine pushed back in my hair, I just had to pull them down as I did after I blissfully enjoyed the warm sunshine on my face for a few moments.

Hearing the flick of your lighter behind me, I turned, still grinning, in time to see you exhale your first breath of smoke. A jolt of desire shot down my spine to curl in my lower stomach. I might not smoke, but for some reason I loved watching you do it. Your lips pursed as you blew out a stream of gray smoke. I couldn’t watch your mouth without wanting to kiss it. Your pale pink lips wrapping around the cigarette before a breathy sigh of contentment and a flick of your fingers to knock off the ash. I couldn’t see your eyes through the dark sunglasses, but I knew they were half lidded in pleasure, after all it had been at least 8 hours since you had been able to smoke. Your head tilted back as you exhaled, letting my eyes wander along the graceful column of your neck, lost in the pale flesh that was so sensitive to my mouth.

You turned towards me, breaking my spell, and asked with a mischievous grin of your own, “What now love?” It dawned on me then that you had been teasing me. You had exaggerated everything on purpose, knowing what the effect would be. Smiling sweetly and already planning my revenge, I nodded towards the taxis lined up along the curb. The first driver in line, who had been leaning against the side of his cab, stood up and waved us over. Greeting us with a grin and an island accented, “Welcome to St Thomas ladies,” he took our bags to put in the trunk as you opened the door with overstated civility. Looking your gorgeous 5’6″ frame up and down, I took the bait and ‘accidentally’ brushed against your body as I slid past you into the car. Taking a last drag, you flicked away your cigarette and slid in next to me. The driver got in and turned to ask us, “Where to?”

“The St John ferry docks please,” I replied. As we sped away from the airport your left hand curled around my knee and slid to rest halfway up my inner thigh, just brushing the hem of my skirt. My head rested on your shoulder and my right hand was resting in your lap, entwined with yours. We trundled our way though Charlotte Amalie winding through the narrow streets. My eyes were open, glancing out the window once and a while, but keeping my head on your shoulder. You, on the other hand, were staring out the windows rather like an owl. “We can come back tomorrow Jina,” I said laughing after watching you for a while. You blinked and looked down at me smiling. “Do you like it?” I asked, feeling the ridiculous urge to start crying again. “It’s beautiful baby,” you said, kissing the top of my head. I sighed happily and blinked back my tears, watching the brick buildings with straw roofs and tropical blue and white houses pass by.


On the ferry ride to St John we were both rather quiet, the stress of the trip was catching up with me while you were caught up in your first time in the Islands. The Jeep Wrangler was at the docks where my parents left it for us and I pulled the keys out of my bag grinning a bit. “Sure you don’t want to drive babe?” Your only answer was a glare. “Not my fault you can’t drive stick,” I said, sticking my tongue out.

“Oh, I can drive stick baby, just not that kind,” you replied smoothly. “Besides, I might just have to learn anyway, with the way you drive.” I smiled and shook my head at that, proof you were closer to normal again, you bitch. We tossed our luggage in the back seat and climbed in, and started weaving up and around the hills that make St John. We stopped on our way through Cruz Bay to grab groceries and by the time we were half way up the mountain you were used to the hairpin sharp turns and the 45-degree tilt of the road and had relaxed your grip on the Jeep a little bit.

Pulling into the driveway, I turned off the Jeep and hopped out, my feet crunching in the gravel of the walkway. Walking around, I reached in the back for the suitcases and felt you come up behind me. I swiveled to the side to avoid your hands and turned, grinning at you. “Babe, I don’t know about you, but I want to get our stuff inside before that nice little rain cloud heads this way.” That made you scurry a bit, you always joked that you would melt in the rain. In truth it was to cover a fear of storms, but I knew this was just the daily little afternoon shower. Grabbing one of the suitcases I rolled it down the path to the front door. Digging around in my purse for the house key, I caught your glance and raised an eyebrow at your amused look. “Oh nothing, just wondering if there is anything you can’t conjure out of that bag,” you said.

“I’m sure babe, for instance an umbrella isn’t popping out anytime soon,” I said with a grin, sticking my tongue out at you as I found the key. I unlocked the door and we made trips in, taking the suitcases to the master bedroom and the groceries into the kitchen until the Jeep was emptied. I pointed you around the house quickly and then grabbed a towel and jumped in the shower to wash the smell of airplanes off my skin while you headed out to the porch for a smoke. I was still lingering in the hot water pouring over me when I heard the bathroom door open and saw you walk in. I shut off the water, after all it was a precious resource and I knew if you got in there with me it would be running for a long time. Grabbing my towel again, I wrapped it around my body and stepped out, kissing you softly on my way back to the bedroom. I dried off and wrapped the towel around my long hair to dry a bit. Unzipping a suitcase, only to realize it was yours once I saw all the black clothes in it, I reached for the other and opened it, riffling through my clothes until I found the white cotton tank dress I wanted and pulled it on, careful not to bump the towel turban on top of my head. I smoothed it down my sides and figured it would work since I was pretty sure we weren’t going anywhere tonight. Sorting through my stuff some more, I found my bag of toiletries and pulled out my brush. I flipped my head over and let the towel unravel, rubbing my hair dry more as the towel fell out. Brushing out the tangles and knots, I left it loose, flowing down my back the way you liked it, and headed out to the garden to smell the flowers and see the view.

This was almost home to me too, I thought, so beautiful and calm. Lost to the world of time, I got caught up in my thoughts, of you, of us, of our, my, failed pregnancies and the doctor’s reassurances that it would happen when the time was right. I felt the winds change suddenly and glanced up at the sky. You were right, I thought, shaking myself from my sadness, it was time for a break and if I could get you on a plane, I could get you out in the rain too. I heard the shower turn off, and grinned thinking at least you were already wet. Going back to watching the clouds slowly roll in, I felt you behind me. Turning to see you on the veranda, nervously motioning for me to come inside with one hand as the other held up the towel you had wrapped around your body. Catching your gaze with mine, I slid the spaghetti straps down my arms and let the thin sundress slide down, leaving my body naked to your eyes. Pulled between your fear of storms and the offer of my body, you took a small hesitant step towards me. I reached out for you as your second and then third steps brought you a bit closer to me. I grabbed your hand and tugged you over to me on the soft grass. Cupping your face softly in my hands, I kissed you, brushing my lips over yours gently. Letting you hold onto your towel for the moment, I ran the fingers of my right hand from your cheek down your neck until I hit the top edge of your towel, tucked securely between your breasts.

I let my left hand drop from your face as I began to trace the line between the towel and your skin. Circling around you, I placed a kiss on your neck and then on your shoulder. Trailing my fingertips along your smooth skin, following the towel until it was covered by your upper arm. Lightening my touch until only my fingernails tease over your arm as I kissed your shoulder again, pivoting to walk behind you. Following the towel across your back, I placed soft kisses above the trail of my fingers loving the smoothness of your skin under my touch. Making my way back around to your front, I tucked a finger into the fold of the towel that was holding it up. Yanking hard I pulled it loose before you could protest and let it fall to the ground. I tipped my head up to kiss you as the first gentle raindrops fell from the heavens and your body tensed. Come on baby, I thought, I’m sick of watching the rain on my own. I ran my right hand up to the back of your neck to pull your mouth against mine, nipping your bottom lip with my teeth to get your attention off the rain and on me. You mouth fell open against mine, partially out of habit and partially out of surprise. My tongue slid into your mouth to tease yours as my hand slid up to tangle in your hair. Your tongue awoke under mine as the warm rain began to fall down on us. I traced the fingers of my left hand down your spine until I reached the upper curve of your ass and flattened my hand to push your body against mine. Your arms wrapped around my waist as you took control of our kiss and our tongues danced from your mouth to mine.

Pulling back, I traced gentle kisses down your neck, pausing to lick the hollow above your clavicle. I kissed your upper chest, finding each raindrop that had hit you and sucking it off, hearing your low purr of a moan in response. “Lay down with me love?” I pleaded, hoping you would for me. I looked at me, catching my eyes as if to read me as you so often did, and nodded slowly. I kissed you again, harder this time, out of joy and rising lust, caught your hand in mine and pulled you down to lay on the towel in front of me. You were so beautiful, stretched out, your hair loose and your body calling to me. I straddled your body, leaning down on my hands to kiss you again, my hair falling around our faces as our lips and tongues spoke in a wordless language of love and need. I kissed my way back to your chest, caressing your left breast with my hand as my mouth traced little kisses around your right nipple. Sighing happily, I let the warm air blow over your breast, teasing you before I stuck out my tongue to lightly flick back and forth over your nipple. I engulfed your breast in my mouth, running my tongue in circles around the hardened nub before sucking on it. Pulling back, I bit lightly as my right hand pinched your left nipple. I kissed my way across, switching breasts to lightly lick at your left nipple until your fingers tangle in my hair to try to pull my mouth down fully. Drawing it into my mouth, I suckled at your breast until whispered chains of curses escape your mouth involuntarily. I nibble gently as my hands caress the smooth skin of your sides, running over your stomach, dipping lower each time.

My mouth follows quickly as I kneel between your legs, kissing and licking my way down your body, fluttering kisses around your belly button as my hands run down over your hips. Lightly I dragged my nails down your inner thighs to your knees, before I ran them firmly back up your rain wet legs, spreading them open for me. I licked up the raindrops that were collecting on your splayed thighs, my hair, now wet again, dragged across your skin. Spreading your lips with my fingers, I found your swollen clit and slowly dragged my tongue flat over it. You arched up to me “Yessss,” escaping your mouth in one long drawn out syllable. Delighting in your wetness as it covered my tongue, slicker and sweeter than the rain, I searched for more. I traced over your inner lips before circling the tip of my tongue around your entrance. Feeling the vibration of your moan more than actually hearing it, I let my tongue slide into your warm, wet pussy.

Your hips rocked up towards my mouth, pushing my tongue further and making the tip of my nose brush against your clit. I curled my tongue slightly, weaving it from side to side, feeling your inner muscles flutter in reaction. I got lost in finding more of your flavor, more addicting every time I tasted you, until your fingers curled into my hair, tugging sharply. I ignored your tugging towards your clit and began to thrust my tongue in and out of you. Your thighs tensed around me as I reached one hand around to rub your clit with my thumb. Feeling your hips start to jog, I matched the rhythm of my tongue thrusts to meet your pussy each time you pushed it towards my. Increasing the pressure of my thumb, I ran it in quick circles over your clit. I felt myself get wetter as each moan escaping your lips sent shivers down my spine. Your inner muscles started clenching at my tongue and your fingers tensed, pulling me hard against your pussy. Sticking my tongue out as far as possible, I shoved it into you and pushed hard on your clit. Your hips hung in midair under me as my name broke from your lips, “Fuck, Leigh.” I felt a burst of pleasure as your pussy squeezed my tongue, your hips falling back to the towel as your body shook. I loved the look of pleasure that came across your face as your fingers relaxed to brush through my hair.

Pulling my tongue back to lick my lips, tasting you, I looked up to catch your eyes looking down at me. Grinning deviously, I leaned on my left side to bring my right hand between your legs and thrust two fingers into your wet pussy. Your hips jerked up as your head fell back with a moan. Still smiling, I placed soft kisses over the top of your mound and curved my fingers up to gently stroke over your g-spot. Lightly moving my fingers in and out of you, I kissed my way between your lips, stopping as soon as I had kissed my way to your clit. I placed an open mouthed kiss over your clit, swirling my tongue around it in an imitation of a french kiss. Your moan shot straight down my spine, making my clit throb as it screamed for attention and release. I pulled my mouth up to flick my tongue back and forth over your clit, your hips jerking slightly at each pass of my tongue. “Tell me what you want,” I whispered, looking up to see your eyes half lidded in pleasure.

“Fuck me hard,” you moaned, voice rough with arousal. I moaned at the shiver your response gave me, inadvertently vibrating my tongue against your sensitive clit making you gasp. I quickened the movement of my fingers in and out, fucking you harder. Sucking your clit into my mouth I ran my tongue over it in heard fast circles. “So close,” you whimpered. I pulled back my fingers, hearing your moan of frustration, before flattening my tongue hard against your clit, tucking another finger against the other two, and roughly shoving all three into you. Your whole body arched under me with a short scream. I thrust my fingers into you ruthlessly, pressing my tongue in heard circles over your clit, once, twice, the third time you came with a high pitched moan. Your pussy spasmed around my fingers as I held them deep inside you, pressing against your g-spot while your body shook as waves of pleasure rolled over you.

Letting you relax, I withdrew my fingers and licked them off. You curled a finger at me, calling my name softly. I crawled up your body to kiss you gently, your flavor on my lips. You wrapped your arms around me and held me tight. We looked up at the sky as the gentle shower stopped and the sun broke through the clouds, warm and bright. “Nouveau Soleil, my love,” I whispered, “New Sun.”


Epilogue – We boarded the plane to go home, this time you carrying the bags and I holding a hand over my lower stomach as if to protect the little one already there. Too many mood swings and sick mornings had made you suspicious of the last lab results and ever since you had made me take an at home test a few days ago, we had both been on cloud nine. Elisa smiled at us and we both grinned back, tanned, much happier and more relaxed than we were on the way down, though the relaxed would only last for a few months of pre-birth bliss before Halie was born with your volume, my craving for attention and a love of rain storms she shared with both her mothers.

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