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Foxy Teacher

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Selma Fox looked at the Senior English Class and considered which lucky young man would be her boytoy that semester. The first and most rigid requirement she had was that he had to be at least 18 years old, because she didn’t want to get into any trouble with the law. Fucking and sucking off students was frowned on by the officials of the school district but, as long as nobody got hurt and no laws were broken, they would be willing to look the other way. Good teachers were hard to find, and Selma was one of the best.

For that reason, her penchant for frequently having affairs with some of her male students, as long as they were old enough, was considered to be acceptable, as long as it did not become public knowledge. For the last six years, the horny English teacher had shared extremely enjoyable sex with a few of the young men in her classes, with nobody being hurt, and no complaints, especially from any of those who were lucky enough to be selected.

Of the 17 male students in the class, six had passed their eighteenth birthday, or would do so soon enough for her purposes. One of those six was a star football player, and would be getting plenty of hot nooky from female students, so she mentally crossed him off the list. Another was known to be gay, so he was also not considered. Selma looked over the other four possibilities. One was small and pimply faced and generally unattractive, and another was too fat. Neither of those young men interested her, which left two, either of whom would be quite acceptable. They were both about six feet tall and appeared to be athletic and reasonably good-looking. One was named Lincoln Carver, and he was a broad-shouldered, muscular African-American with short, black hair, and the other was white, and more slender, with blonde hair and green eyes.

According to the records that had been sent from the school office, they were both 18 years old already, so there would be no waiting necessary for her to start selecting the lucky winner. She could begin that very day, and might not even have to choose between them. Selma would have no objection whatsoever to having the two young men take turns entertaining her after school. Even better would be having both of them pleasuring her at the same time in her apartment, if they were willing. Jacob Olson was the name of the blonde youth, and she decided, for no particular reason, to try him out first.

“Mr. Olson, there seems to be a problem with your registration for this class. Can you stay after the bell so we can straighten it out?” The English class was the last one of the day, which would mean staying after school, and she hoped Jacob Olson would be docile enough that he wouldn’t have any objection. She was certain he wouldn’t, once he knew what she had in mind.

“Yes, Miss Fox.” Selma was rather old fashioned, and believed in formality between students and teachers, at least during class, and always impressed this on her young charges.

In the few minutes before the end of the school day Selma prepared her desk for its anticipated use by clearing off all the books and papers, putting them into drawers and leaving the top bare. She always did this at the end of the day, whether or not she expected to entertain somebody on top of it, so nobody gave any thought to her doing it then.

The bell rang, signaling the end of the school day. Selma stood up and turned toward the chalkboard as if erasing something, but actually taking the opportunity to unfasten the top two buttons on her white blouse. This would expose some excellent cleavage to anybody standing above her, which Jacob would be doing shortly. As she sat back down, she also pulled up the hem of her green, knee-length skirt. Sitting behind her desk, Selma’s legs would not be visible but, after she had swiveled her chair to face the young man, he would have the choice of looking at her bare thighs and the crotch of her aqua panties or at the cleft between her luscious breasts.

Although fashion designers and some Hollywood big shots might have disputed the generally held opinion, the forty year old Selma had a sexy body, with curves in all the right places. She would have been elated if she had known of all the masturbatory fantasies that included her voluptuous body. Her breasts were large, completely natural, and topped with sensitive pink nipples that very much enjoyed the attentions of a tongue or other male organ.

Some people might have described her as being “thick-waisted” but no man or boy who had hugged her, either vertically or horizontally, had ever complained. Her ass and hips flared out quite erotically and tapered down to sturdy thighs that most men would love to be between. Although she would never be a centerfold, Selma Fox attracted a multitude of lascivious stares whenever she ventured out in her short, tight skirts and low-cut blouses.

She also knew how to put those assets on display without seeming to do so. After everybody else had left, and young Jacob Olson stood by her desk, she turned her chair to face him. As she looked up, Selma pulled her shoulders back, thrusting her breasts out and pulling the edges of her blouse back to expose their creamy skin. She smiled at the handsome young man. It was partly to put him at ease, and partly a reaction to the stirring she saw in the crotch of his tight pants. Going a little further, Selma pulled her skirt up farther to show off her legs, all the way to the hemlines of her panties, which were already wet in their crotch. Anticipation of what she and the young man would soon be doing had already started juices flowing in her pussy, and their aroma could be expected to arouse Jacob even more.

“Well, Jake, do you like what you see? And smell?” Since she expected to be sucking his cock in a few minutes, Selma dropped the formality.

“Well, I, ah, er…..”

“Don’t be shy. I really like what I’m seeing.” This was a reference to the cock that was already producing a bulge inside Jacob’s blue jeans. To leave no doubt at all what she meant, Selma reached out and fondled it, exulting in its size and rigidity, both of which increased substantially under her touch. She knew she could have a really great time with the organ that was rapidly growing hard inside those pants.

First, of course, she would have to bring it out from within its denim covering, and she leaned forward and reached out her other hand for that purpose. Even as Jake watched, Miss Fox’s nimble fingers unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned and unzipped his fly. His cock was already too big and stiff to pull through the opening in the front of his jockey shorts, so she carefully pulled that garment and his blue jeans down to around his knees. The hard cylinder popped clear, aiming straight at her lascivious smile.

Although not as big as some she had enjoyed in the past, it was certainly more than adequate for Selma’s purposes. She held it briefly between her fingers while she admired its smooth, white skin and the pink, mushroom-shaped head at the end. Even as she fondled his cock, she felt it growing harder and bigger and pleasantly filling her hand. She knew it would fill her mouth and her pussy even better, and she was glad she had chosen to start with Jacob. Holding the shaft lightly and lifting her skirt clear of the floor, Selma slid off her chair to kneel in front of the young man and smile up at him. Leaning in closer, she started licking the end of his cock in concentric circles, until her tongue was caressing under the hard ridge.

Jacob Green looked incredulously at what his English teacher was doing. He had heard of high school teachers having affairs with their male students, but he had never expected to be lucky enough to be one of the boys chosen. There had even been a rumor about Miss Fox, which he had dismissed as not believable, but his opinion certainly changed that day. He looked down at her short, dark brown hair and the warm brown eyes that were looking up at him. Just like every other straight male in the school, he had lustfully noticed her figure, but he had never realized what a pretty face she had too, with her snub nose and creamy complexion. It became even prettier as she moved her head forward and started to envelop his cock in her mouth.

Whenever Selma sucks a man’s cock for the first time, she takes especial delight in feeling it glide into her mouth, forcing her lips apart as they caress all its sides, and it was no different with Jacob. She reveled in everything about the young man’s hard shaft in her mouth. As it slid deeply inside, her tongue caressed the smooth skin, enjoying how it was stretched so tightly over the hard roundness. The tip pressing against the back of her mouth brought a different kind of thrill, and when she changed the angle and took it down her throat, she loved the feel of his soft, blonde pubic hair against her lips.

She also delights in looking up at the man and watching the grimaces of pleasure flickering across his face, and she did that with Jacob. Besides giving his cock a great time, Selma was going to give him something to look at too. While she slowly stroked his cock between her lips, she unfastened the rest of the buttons of her blouse and slipped it off, tossing it onto the chair she had just vacated. Her hands reached up behind her back to unhook her bra, and that joined the blouse. Selma prefers as little constriction on her body as she can get while she sucks somebody off, and she also enjoys other things about her breasts being bare.

After a few dozen long, slow strokes between her lips, Selma started indulging in some of those other things. Temporarily removing Jacob’s cock from her mouth, she rubbed it against one of her rigid nipples, sending a different kind of sexual thrill through her body. Her other nipple felt just as good when the erect cock was used to caress it. Selma looked up at Jacob’s face, and saw he was relishing the contact as much as she was. Holding one of her succulent breasts in either hand, she squeezed his hard shaft between them and began moving them up and down. This felt good too, but Selma knew of a way it would feel better.

“Fuck my tits,” she told the young man standing above her. “But make it slow.”

With no hesitation, he started doing what she wanted, flexing his knees and stroking his shaft upward through the soft channel she was creating for him. Selma bent her neck forward and, when the head of his cock got close enough, reached out her tongue to lick it. As Jacob continued slowly fucking between his teacher’s luscious breasts, her face fondled the head in a variety of ways. Sometimes she stroked it with her tongue. Sometimes she caught it between her lips and kept it there, licking it all over, especially the slit. Sometimes she moved her head away so his cock would miss her mouth and caress the side of her face. It was fun for Selma, and she could see that Jacob was deriving tremendous pleasure, but she still preferred taking his cock as deeply into her mouth as she could get it.

“Let me just suck it now,” she told him. On the next stroke, she let it glide between her lips and took it where she wanted it, letting Jacob’s cock glide between her lips until it pressed the back of her mouth and slipped down her throat.

The horny English teacher continued sucking her student’s cock, using slow, deep strokes to make the blow job last a long time. Her tongue caressed the entire length of his shaft as she enveloped it and again as she withdrew her mouth, and her lips exerted the perfect pressure. Selma reveled in the way the young man’s cock filled her mouth so perfectly, allowing her to truly enjoy its presence. Finally, she felt the thick cylinder start to throb, and knew he was getting close to cumming.

This meant changing her stroke slightly. Selma wanted to be sure to catch Jacob’s cum on her tongue, allowing her to savor its taste and texture, so she stopped giving him deep throat and tightened her lips, not wanting any of his delicious semen to leak out. She sucked faster also, and made sure her tongue would be in a place where it would catch the delicious treat he would be giving her any second. After a minute, she felt Jacob’s shaft jerking inside her mouth, and positioned her tongue so the head of his cock thrust across it on every stroke.

“I’m getting ready to cum,” Jacob told the kneeling woman. Because of the way she had changed the strokes of her mouth, he thought she probably already knew, but he wanted to avoid doing anything that might surprise or distress her. He was having too great a time to do anything that might jeopardize any possible future after-school sessions with the sexy English teacher.

The first big gob of his cum spurted into her mouth exactly where Selma wanted it, on the center of her tongue. She left it where it had landed, relishing the flavor, and started sucking his cock more slowly. Another gush of the young man’s semen joined the first, covering her tongue and starting to drip down into the lower part of her mouth. Selma believed there would be more, and she was right. A third burst of the viscous fluid spurted into her mouth. She continued sucking, but there were no more of his delicious juices forthcoming.

Gently taking it in her fingertips, Selma removed Jacob’s cock from her mouth, holding it up so none of his precious fluid still inside would drip out. She savored the taste of the cum she had collected, and swirled it around in her mouth so she could enjoy the texture. After relishing everything about the mouthful of cum, Selma swallowed, enjoying the way it slid down her throat. She smiled up at the man who had gifted her with it and started licking everything off his cock, which was almost as hard as it had been when he ejaculated.

After her tongue was through cleaning off the outside of Jacob’s cock, Selma went after the cum that was still inside. Placing her thumb on the underside and her fingers on top, she brought her hand slowly toward her mouth, squeezing out everything and relishing its flavor when it landed. When her fingers were right at the head, she poked the tip of her tongue against the slit, wanting to get every droplet available. Once again she swirled Jacob’s semen in her mouth, relishing everything about it, including how the viscous fluid felt sliding down her throat. The blow job was complete, and Selma smiled up at the beneficiary of it, wanting to continue their sexual fun.

“Well, Jake, I’ve sucked you off, and I see you enjoyed it. So did I, and I hope you’ll do the same thing for me.”

“Well, ah, ah….”

“I hope you know how to eat a pussy. If you don’t, I’ll teach you, because it’s something every man should know how to do, if he wants to please his girl friends.” She was aware that some foolish youngsters thought it unmanly to eat a pussy, and Selma always took special delight in showing them the error of such an opinion.

In preparation to make good on her offer, she arose from her knees and unbuttoned the side of her skirt. After pulling down the zipper, she bent over to push the garment down, stepped out of it and folded it to place it on the edge of the desk. Selma was wearing nothing but her panties, and she made sure Jake saw how the crotch was soaked with her pussy juices.

“See how wet you’ve already gotten my pussy. I hope you know what to do about it.”

The empty desk top would give her plenty of room to lie on her back with her legs dangling over the end, and she got her purse out of a drawer and placed it where she could use it as a pillow for her head. Selma placed her hands on her desk and leaned her weight on them. “Put your fingers in the waistband of my panties and pull them down and around my ass,” she instructed her pupil. “Yes, like that.”

With her ass bare, Selma sat on her folded skirt and raised her legs. “Okay, now pull them down and all the way off.” With that done, she was sitting naked on her desk, her dripping pussy ready for the young man’s mouth to give pleasure to them both.

Although sexually inexperienced, Jacob was neither stupid nor ignorant, and knew what to do next. He knelt in front of his teacher, who placed her legs on his shoulders and slid her ass closer so his mouth was inches from where she wanted it. He wrapped his arms around her thighs and gazed, enraptured, at the pussy in front of him, because he had never actually seen one before, except in photos or videotapes. His sexual encounters had been limited to groping and/or being sucked off in back seats of cars and a couple of times in the dark with a girlfriend’s skirt pushed up and her panties pulled down. The lusty English teacher’s pussy was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

That wasn’t just his imagination, because Selma took good care of herself there. That morning, she had shaved her pussy with the thought in mind that she might find herself a boytoy that day. The clean-shaven skin was as creamy and flawless as her face, and her inner lips were a dusky pink and had already blossomed out from her slit. At the upper end of that slit he saw a shiny pink pearl. Jake knew, from bull sessions with other guys, that the pearl was what was called her man in the boat, or clit. He had also heard it was very sensitive, but he had never been told how enticing it was, as it peeked out from between her swollen lips.

Not only was her pussy beautiful, it also smelled great, with an earthy, musky aroma that was already calling to his cock and turning it completely erect again. Moisture was dripping from a pink hole, and he assumed that was part of what smelled so good. There was some of it smeared on the insides of the teacher’s thighs and, out of curiosity, he leaned forward and tentatively started to lick it off one of them. There was nothing tentative about the way his tongue finished sluicing it up into his mouth and doing the same to the juices on her other thigh. It was about the most delicious thing he had ever tasted, and Jacob wanted more of it. Greedily, he licked it from the English teacher’s belly and crotch and everywhere else he saw or smelled it.

“I’m glad you like the juice of my pussy, Jake, and it feels really good to have you licking it from me. I’ll have much more for you in a few minutes. Now, start on one of those outer lips beside my slit.”

Having already had a great time that afternoon, and expecting to have even more fun, Jacob had no problem taking directions from the woman with her legs on his shoulders. It was obvious that the rumors he had heard about Miss Fox were completely true, and he wanted to enjoy her favors as much as many others reportedly had. Moving slowly, he started caressing the soft skin of one outer lip with his tongue and realized that, good as she had looked and smelled and tasted, the way her pussy felt to his tongue was the best of all. Jake believed, adapting his very limited knowledge of sex to this particular variety, that moving slowly and making it last would be more fun for him and for her. After his tongue reached the end of the lip and was stroking against the soft mound above her pussy, he looked up at her body and her face to see how he was doing.

One of the joys about sex with her students, to Selma’s way of thinking, was teaching them how to properly please a woman. She was, after all, a teacher, and lessons didn’t have to be limited to formal classes. The young man between her legs was probably inexperienced, especially at what he had started doing, and she wanted to encourage him and get him to give her as much pleasure as she could. Besides deriving tremendous joy from it, she would give him the best time as she possibly could and teach him what to do with the women he would know intimately later in his life. She knew flattery would help with all those goals.

“That feels really good, Jake. I love the way your tongue feels on my pussy. Now, do the other side the same way, and keep taking your time. The longer we make it last, the more fun it will be for both of us.”

The young man started to do what she said, but he stopped because he smelled more of the juices that had been so delicious. After licking them up, his tongue meandered up the other outer pussy lip until he reached the end. This time, when he looked, the woman on the desk was writhing under his ministrations. Her pussy was almost as active as the rest of her body, as it squirmed under his face. The sexy English teacher’s eyes were closed; she had a big smile on her face, and seemed to be really relishing what was happening, maybe even as much as he was.

Encouraged that he must have been doing it right to produce such a response, Jake brought his mouth back to where he had started licking, and feasted on all the fresh juices that had been produced in the last few minutes. The fresher nectar was even more delicious than the others had been. After licking up all the treat she had for him, he began on one of the inner lips that had crowded their way completely out of the center slit.

“Yeah! Yeah, lick me there,” the teacher encouraged her pupil. “You’re really good,” she said, giving him even more positive reinforcement.

Jake lapped up the compliment, just like he lapped up the fresh juices that were steadily dripping from the pussy that felt and smelled and tasted so great. He continued taking his time, making the pleasure last as long as he could, just as she had when sucking him off. By the time his tongue reached the end of the first inner lip, the English teacher’s body was rocking from side to side on top of her folded skirt, and she was moaning in bliss. Once again, he brought his mouth back to below her dripping, pink hole and, after feasting on all the fresh nectar, gave the same treatment to the other inner lip.

Selma could feel waves of pleasure sweeping through her body from where her newest pupil was doing such a great job of eating her pussy. She could feel her body thrashing on top of the desk and, since Jake was doing such a super job, she gave herself completely over to the pleasure of the moment. By the time the young man’s mouth reached the end of Selma’s second pussy lip, her whole body was thrashing back and forth and she was fucking up into his face.

But she wasn’t quite ready to cum yet. Between her moans and whimpers of pleasure, Selma gave more directions: “Spread my lips with your fingers and lick my slit. Stick your tongue right into the hole. Yeah! Oooo, yeah, like that! Oooh, that feels good!”

Jake was glad to follow instructions because he was having more fun that afternoon than he could remember ever having with any girl. He stuck his tongue into the wet, pink hole where the English teacher wanted it, and moved it around, while her gyrations increased. Slowly, he stroked upward, until his tongue was licking the pearl he had seen when he started. Then, it had been partially covered by its protective hood, but the succulent morsel had become even more swollen with lust, and had pushed its way out from under that shelter.

“That’s it, Jake. Suck me there. Suck my clit!”

Wanting to remain teacher’s pet, he did as he was told. Opening his mouth wide, Jake engulfed the adorable pearl and started to suck. It felt so good to his tongue that he licked the sides and the top and wherever else he could reach. The delectable aroma of her fresh juices reached his nose, but his lips and tongue were having such a wonderful time with her clit that he had to let the fragrant nectar remain where it was until later.

Selma was having a wonderful time too. The movements of her whole body, especially her pussy, became more strenuous, as she thrashed on top of the desk, her head tossing from side to side on her purse. Abruptly, she uttered a joyous but subdued cry as she started cumming. Her arms, which had been flopping at her sides, reached down, and she grabbed the back of Jake’s head and pressed his face against her pussy. Selma’s thighs added to his imprisonment, as they clamped tightly onto Jacob’s temples. While murmuring of her delight, her ass rocked back and forth and bounced up and down on the desk, jamming her pussy against his face.

He had no objection to that at all. Having the sexy older woman cumming directly under his face was one of the most thrilling things that had ever happened to him. He clung to her legs and kept his mouth wrapped snugly around her clit, sucking and licking for as long as the wild ride continued. The incredible aroma of more fresh nectar filled his nostrils, and he determined that he would feast on it as soon as the lady was through cumming.

It took a few more minutes, but it happened. Selma’s back arched, all her muscles clenched and she rammed her pussy against the mouth that had brought her to that state. After her orgasm, she completely relaxed on top of the desk, with her eyes closed and her lips parted in bliss. Selma remained in that happy condition until she felt a tongue greedily licking all the fresh juices from her legs, belly and crotch.

When he was sure that Miss Fox was through cumming, Jake slowly raised his face from her wet pussy, leaving her legs draped loosely over his shoulders. He gazed at her whole pubic area again, happy to see all the shiny juices that he knew would be so delicious. Starting with her thighs, his tongue sluiced them all up, reveling in their flavor, even better than it had been a few minutes earlier.

“Enjoy it, Jake; you’ve earned it,” his teacher offered. “But leave what’s in the hole. We’ll need it for lubricant when we start fucking.”

He was very glad to hear that, because Jake’s cock was as hard and ready as it had been when Miss Fox first took it into her mouth. He hoped they would fuck until he could cum again, but he would have been willing to forego it, if that had been what she wanted. After his tongue had carefully mopped up every drop of the nectar from those places where it wouldn’t be needed, he raised his head to wait for her further directions.

Selma didn’t make him wait long, because she considered the fucking that was about to start to be the main event. She pulled her purse from under her head, took out the new pack of condoms that she had made a point of putting there that morning and handed it to the young man. “I hope you know how to use one of these,” she said, and placed the purse back where she could use it as a pillow again.

Although not as sexually experienced as he would have liked, Jacob knew how to use a rubber. He opened the three-pack, removed one, and twisted the plastic wrapper open so he could take out the condom. The empty wrapper and the other two packets were left on the side of the desk so they could be removed when his special after-school lesson was over. After rolling the rubber onto his cock, Jake waited for the teacher to get into the position she wanted to use.

Looking down her body and seeing Jake standing and waiting, his cock hard and safely encased, Selma smiled at the sight. For some reason, possibly because she thought of the desk as being the domain of a teacher and, therefore, preferable to rolling around on the floor, she always chose to use its top. With her boytoy’s cock prepared, she slid her body toward the other end, keeping her skirt under her ass and her purse under her head, until her whole body was resting on its wooden surface. The desk was five and a half feet long, which was just Selma’s height and, when she was in position, she raised her arms in an invitation to Jake.

It was an invitation that no straight man in his right mind could refuse, especially not Jacob. He had already scuffed out of his shoes and removed his socks for esthetic reasons. His pants and undershorts also ended up on the floor and, naked below the waist, he mounted the desk and walked on his knees until he was between the thighs that were spread and waiting for him. As he watched, the owner of those sturdy legs reached down and held her pussy lips open for him. Knowing what he wanted to do and knowing exactly how to do it were two different things. Jake held onto his cock to guide it into the wet, waiting hole, and tentatively leaned forward.

Until then, Selma hadn’t realized how inexperienced the young man was but, being such a good teacher, she was more than happy to further his education. “Hold onto your cock with one hand to guide it, and put the other beside my head to support your weight. Okay, now lean forward.”

With Jake’s cock a fraction of an inch from its goal, Selma held it in place with her thumbs and two fingers of either hand. Her pinkies continued to hold her lips open, and she rubbed the head of his cock in her wetness to spread the lubrication. When the tip was well-coated, she moved it to the center of the hole that was lusting for it.

“Okay, now give it a good push and get it inside me,” she instructed him, and gave a sigh of joy when the head of Jake’s cock wedged into the place where it was wanted. “Ooooo, that’s good. Now, take it slowly, and get your whole big tool all the way inside my pussy.” To expedite progress, she continued to hold her lips open.

Getting that big tool into that superb place was exactly the goal of Jacob Olson, because he was already experiencing the most delightful sensations he had ever felt. The muscles in the English teacher’s pussy were starting to massage the head of his cock and, after he thrust a little more of it inside her, they went to work on that part of his shaft too. Pleasure rippled through his body, something like what he had gotten a few times from a girlfriend and many times from his own hand, but infinitely better than either. He stayed like that for almost a minute, relishing the new, almost unprecedented thrills.

“I said take it slowly, not stop for lunch.” To soften the reprimand, Selma quickly added: “Your cock already feels so wonderful, I want the whole thing inside my pussy.” Although that was something of an exaggeration, it really did feel good, and she really did want his whole cock inside her.

Jake gave another thrust, and an inch more of his shaft slid into the wet hole that was demanding its presence. He realized that he no longer had to guide it, so he let go and placed that hand on the other side of Miss Fox’s face. In that position, he was supporting the weight of his upper body on both hands, allowing him to put more force into his thrusts. The next one squeezed almost another two inches into the squirming pussy under him, and her interior muscles went to work with skill and determination. They made his cock feel even better than her mouth had, and that was the best place it had ever been up until then.

It wasn’t the best cock that had ever been inside Selma’s pussy, but it was definitely one of the good ones. She no longer had to hold her lips open, so she removed her hands and placed her elbows and forearms on the desk top beside her. In that position, she would be able to thrust her body back and meet Jake’s strokes and, the next time she felt his cock surging into her, that’s what she did. Most of the rest of his shaft was engulfed, and Selma grinned and uttered a happy sigh at the great burst of joy that swept over her body from the way her pussy was being stuffed so well. She raised her arms and put into words the same invitation to the young man who was leaning tentatively over her.

“Slide your arms forward and curl them under mine so you can rest your weight on your elbows and forearms. Ah, yeah, like that,” she continued, when the full length of Jake’s body was above her. “Now I can move under you.”

And move under him is what she did. He drew back and paused and, when she felt his cock plowing into her, Selma held onto his upper arms and fucked back to meet him. As their bodies came together with a pleasant, wet sound, all the rest of his cock found a hospitable place, and their sighs of bliss formed a happy duet. Not only was Jake’s long, thick cock stretching his partner’s pussy and sending joy radiating from its entire length, his pubic hair was tickling her clean-shaven skin. He backed his cock away again, and the next stroke was as good as the one that had preceded it.

So was the next one and the next one and the one after that. For a long time, the teacher and her star pupil fucked on top of her desk, the only sounds being the juicy noises every time their bodies came together and the happy murmurs from both mouths. Selma could feel her pleasure mounting with every thrust into her pussy, like a volcano building up inside her body. She knew there would be an eruption soon, and she wanted it to the strongest one possible.

“You really know how to use your big, hard cock, Jake. You’re going to make me cum again!”

A feeling of pride flooded the young man’s chest at the compliment from a woman of the world like Miss Fox. “I’m glad you like it. You’re really good too.”

They continued fucking for a few more minutes. When she maneuvered the two of them into position on top of the desk, Selma had made sure Jacob’s cock would slide in and out of her with a minimum of direct contact with her clit. She loves having her wet pussy crammed and emptied as many times as possible, and not cumming until the pleasure built up and she was ready, but she knew that time had almost arrived. Selma was still clutching Jake’s upper arms, and she pulled on them to add to her next instruction.

“Move higher up on my body. Yeah, like that. Now, really give it to me!”

He hadn’t moved much, but Jake could feel the difference, and so could Selma. In the slightly different position, his cock was plunging down into her pussy, making much stronger contact with her clit. It felt far better to both of them, but Selma wanted to reach a faster pace, one that would drive her to her orgasm.

“Faster, Jake. Fuck me faster.”

To emphasize, she started moving under him the way that she knew would result in a better and stronger climax, and he quickly caught on to what she wanted. Jake started fucking her faster, while still plowing his cock all the way into the pussy under him. Still clinging to the arms beside her face, Selma matched his increased speed, and her body started rocking from side to side under him.

“Uh! Uh!” she whimpered. “Give it to me! Give it to me hard!”

Realizing she was close to cumming and feeling his own climax approaching, Jake gave it to her the way she wanted. As he drove his cock in and out, he gazed lovingly down on the pretty face that was pitching from side to side on the purse she was using as a pillow. With every stroke into her, she fucked back to meet him, until she gave a soft cry of Joy.

“Yes! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Keep fucking me!”

Right at that moment, Jake wanted nothing more than to do exactly that, and he kept pounding his cock in and out of her pussy. The woman under him went wild, wilder than he had ever known a girl or woman to be. Her hands released their grip on his arms and grabbed onto his shoulders, digging their fingernails into him. It should have been painful, but the pride he was taking in doing such a great job of fucking and the pleasure he was feeling in his cock and his groin and his entire body made Jake ignore it, as if it weren’t happening. His partner’s legs squeezed his hips tightly and, when he drew back for another stroke, her body actually rode with him. When he thrust forward again, Jake squashed her against the desk top. She only moaned from the exquisite pleasure her pussy was getting, and her husky voice continued begging her young man to keep fucking her.

When she climaxed, Selma’s whole body spasmed; her back arched, and she jammed her pussy against the man who had just brought her to that glorious place. After her orgasm, she sagged onto the wooden desk, happy and satiated, but Jake kept ramming his cock into her for another dozen strokes, until his climax welled up inside him. He cried out gutturally, and ejaculated into his condom. Even then he didn’t stop, but kept plunging his cock into the slick pussy under him, until his cum had spurted twice more. Spent and happy, he relaxed on top of the woman who had just given him what was, by far, the best fuck of his young life.

They lay like that for almost ten minutes, the young man and the older woman feeling a happy, contented afterglow, while Jake’s cock softened and slipped out of the teacher’s wet pussy. Still between her legs, he got to his knees, gazing at the lovely pink hole in front of him and smelling the delectable aroma of the juices that he had just elicited from it. He wanted to lick off what he knew would be a fabulous treat, but he was reluctant at the thought that his own cum might be mixed in with the delicious woman-juices.

Selma knew what he was thinking. “Go ahead and lick them off me. All your cum is still inside the condom. When you’re done, I want to suck out all your juices too.”

Realizing the teacher knew best, Jake did as she suggested. It was as delicious as he knew it would be, and he relished everything that had spattered on her thighs, belly, crotch and, this time, from the pink hole that had been its source. When he was through enjoying the treat, his partner peeled the condom off his cock and wrapped it in some scrap paper while her mouth drained all the semen from him, as she had earlier, and swallowed it.

“You did a really great job, Jake. You really made me cum like crazy. Twice. I hope you can stay after school some more, and maybe we can even get together at my apartment sometimes in the evenings or on weekends.”

“I had a great time too, Miss Fox. I’d like to do it some more too, a lot more. Maybe tomorrow night?”

Selma Fox smiled at the eagerness of her pupil. He had done a good job of eating her pussy and of fucking her, and she definitely wanted more, but not quite that soon. For one thing, she still wanted to audition Lincoln Carver. What Selma really hoped for would be to get both him and Jacob together with her sometimes on Saturday afternoon for some long sex sessions in her bed, but that would depend on how good the other man was, and if they wanted the same thing. One way or another, it looked like a really delightful semester had begun.

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