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Young Blonde’s Birthday

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I walked in to a dimly lit room where the windows had been well covered and a few candles were placed here and there. My eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness and I saw what was perhaps the prettiest young blond I had ever seen in my life. There she was, sitting on the edge of the bed wearing a blindfold and nothing else except waves of thick long blond hair which covered both breasts, and hung down to her thighs.

Her hair was perfect, in natural looking long draping curls. It looked as if she has spent time preparing for some special occasion like a high school prom. She smiled as her husband introduced me saying, “Honey this is Joe. He’s here to have sex with you for your birthday, but don’t worry, I’ll be here in whole time.

I asked myself, how could I be so lucky. It all started when I answered the want ad asking for a male in good physical condition, 25 to 35 years old, 7″+ cock preferred. The ad also asked for a guy in good healthy, with good personality, and ready to pleasure a young wife. And, “…must like long blond hair!” Hmmm. As I later found out, the husband being a bit undersized, wanted to give his 18 year old wife something special for her birthday. They had been talking about this fantasy for a number of months. I had been selected from the large number of responses and now the time had come.

Ed (her husband) asked me if I wouldn’t mind if he just sat in a chair beside the bed and watched. He also said he might masturbate and asked me if it was ok. I said, “sure, no problem”.

It seems that the blindfold was part of the deal, but I did not mind, I could already tell this girl was a knockout. Ed gestured, urging me to go to his wife.

I could not believe what I was seeing. Ed’s teenage wife seemed more and more stunning as I approached. She licked her pouty pink lips beneath an upturned nose and full round cheeks which were caressed by locks of velvety light blond hair. Upon hearing me come near, she parted the length of her locks and arched here back exposing a set of perfectly shaped breasts. She asked in a sweet little voice, “Do you like what you see here Joe?” Her breasts seemed a bit large for a woman of her petite size. Her quarter sized nipples turned up at the ends were puckered and hard. She was probably all of 5 foot tall. Her hair flowed over her young body like water. I wanted to just sweep her up and plant my mouth on her titties, her lips, everywhere! But all I could do is offer a goofy sounding response, “Yeah, very much!” She replied, “Well then, come closer.”

As I stood in front of her, she reached out for me and felt along my waist. She seemed a bit disappointed that I was still dressed. Her solution was to expertly unhook my belt, unbutton, unzip, and slide my pants and underwear to the floor. I removed my shirt as she did this. She was clearly on a mission. My dick sprang up and caught her under the chin as she pulled down my underwear. She made a cute little happy sound that only served to make me even more erect. Then she placed a her hands squarely on my thighs and started to play a kind of game. I stood there watching as this wonderful girl was attempting to find the head of my cock with her kissing lips. I maneuvered a little to make it easy for her. She moved her head forward, found the tip of my shaft then puckered and kissed my dick directly on the tip. She did this tenderly as if it were a shy little kiss on a first date. At that point I was rock hard and dripping.

She being so young, I was hoping she would not get turned off the salty taste oozing from my hard shaft. But I apparently not. She started rolling her lips around the head of my shaft as if she were applying lipstick. Weting her lips with her toung occassionally, then applying more stick ooze from the head of my dick.

She reached her hand to feel the length of my manhood which was not pulsing as it met her pretty pouty lips. Then she seemed to be measuring my rod’s girth with her forefinger and thumb. I heard a cute little “ummm humm” of approval. She then continued to rub the tip of my shaft around the curve of her pouty lips applying her lipstick of my pre-cum. Occasionally long thin sticky string of goo would stretch between us.

Wiping her lips for a second, she turned her head and said, “Honey can I take off this blindfold now, I’ve just got to see this man’s thing.” Ed responded in the affirmative and I reached down and pulled it off for her. I smoothed her soft blond hair where the blindfold had been. She looked up at me smiling with my hard-on resting on her upturned cheek. Her large beautiful sparkling eyes were no surprise but nevertheless made my heart jump. This girl could be out there winning Ms. teenage beauty contests. But instead she was here with my throbbing erection resting on her smiling beautiful face.

She giggled and said, “Hi there.”, then turned her attention back to my cock studying it’s shape, occasionally letting a finger glide up and down it’s length. Just then without further hesitation, she scooped up two handfuls of thick curly hair and began gently pressing her locks up to my ass and balls. Touching me in that most sensitive areawith her hair as if to see what would happen.

I watched as she proceeded with her experiment, snuggling my balls and the base of my shaft in her soft wonderful curls. For the longest time she rolled her small fingers under her hair massaging the area between by balls and my anus. She finally asked, “Do you like that?” My heart was beating wildly. I just smiled. She licked her lips again, but more slowly this time. Her eyes now widening as she focused all her attention on the tip of my cock. My shaft was pointing out from the soft nest of her blond hair, stretching, aching to touch her soft round pink lips. Gaud this was almost too much. I spread my legs a little. She said, “Yes, that’s good.”, then she reached way under to spread my butt cheeks with her long blond locks flowing through her playful fingers. “Is it okay if I do this?” She asked.

Right then and there I thought I would burst and shoot jets of white hot sperm all over her teenage smile. Seeing that I could hardly stand the intense pleasure. She turned to her husband as if to get approval to go further. I guess she got it because when she turned back, she pulled me forward. Her fingers were pressing gently into my butt as she angled me in toward her young face. Her eyes were smiling up at me as she parted her pouty little lips and took the tip of my manhood between them. I could feel the wet warmth as she began to encompass the tip of my shaft. She looked up into my eyes the entire time as she took me in every so slowly.

She continued to pull me forward slowly. Her mouth so small, I wondered how far she could take me. She seemed to answer my thought by parting her lips further, letting out some bubbles of drool that went rolling down her chin. Then she began to more forcefully push me in, breathing harder, flaring out her nostrals, filling the depths of her mouth with my errection.

Half way in now, she let her hair fall to the floor and reached around my waist to grab my butt for extra leverage. My ass cheeks spreading as she continued to bare down on me. I could feel her little tongue aggressively working on the bottom of my shaft. Unbeliveably I continued to enter her sweet young face. It was a very tight fit but she was making her best effort. Gentle, yet forceful.

This was tremendous. She was so petite, yet finally, swallowing inch after inch, she able to take me all the way to the hilt. Her little turned up nose nuzzling my pubs. My balls on her wet chin. I could feel her hot breath around the base of my cock. Her lips seemed to be reach for even more as they massaged the root of my fully extended prick. We were fully joined. Every pulse, every minor little push of my hips, sent her blond curls rippling in waves over her shoulders and down her back. I was deeply inserted in her cheerleader quality face. She was still grasping my butt, holding me in tightly. Then as if things COULD get any better, she pulled half way out and then pushed her lips down on me again, then again and again in a gentle pumping motion, stroking me with her wanting mouth. Massaging me with her tongue as her head pushed back and forth over the length of my manhood. I could feel her firm tits on my legs, her long blond hair caressing inner thighs.

She started to pump me harder. I separated her hair into two long pony tails, riding her wonderful face, holding her makeshift pony tails like handlebars on a bike. I pulled her locks to cover the sides of my legs as her little mouth came over the full length of my prick. She made sounds of approval. I pulled her hair a littler harder. She just went on face fucking me harder and faster. Pulling her blond locks away from her petite body, I could see her back and neck muscles really working at this task. She was breathing hot and hard.

Oh gaud,,,,, her little hands began spreading my butt cheeks again. I could feel her fingers working up to my ass hole. As I thrust my cock deeply into her hungry mouth, she begin to push one of her little fingers into my anus. Geeeze this girl was young but experienced! I stood helpless with my legs parted and trembling. Her curls caressing my thighs with each stroke. I could hardly stand any more. I know I was there to pleasure HER but geezzze. I looked across the bed to her masturbating husband. He said in a low whisper, “I think she wants you to cum now.” He smiled, “It’s okay if you want to.” A rush was running up my spine. She pushed her face to the hilt of my shaft over and over. Her finger diligently working in and out of by butt. Her small hand spreading over my bottom as with the middle finger inserted as if to keep me on the glide path to her heavenly lips. At times she held took me all the way in and just shook her head a little as if to drive me deeper. There were a million goose bumps running up my spine. She let my cock slip completely out of her mouth, she grabbed my rod with the other hand, pointed it up and kissed it all around underneath, then down way underneath to where her finger was still firmly inserted.

She licked her way around the side of my balls, covering every inch of my crotch with her saliva. As she did this my shaft disappeared into the waves of her thick long hair along the side of her face. With my dick nestled in her wonderful thick blond hair, she continued to vigorously kiss and lick my balls. With her middle finger inserted up into my anus, she must have been able to feel my lower muscles tightening. Knowing what was about to happen, with her free hand, she scooped up ribbons of blond hair streaming from the fingers and firmly grasped my rod and began pumping me rapidly. Jacking me off with her hair filled hand. With the head of my shaft aimed at her mouth, she arched back and said, “Come-on big boy put it right here!”. She parted her mouth wide and pushed her finger way up my grasping anus. I absolutely HAD to let go….. AHHHHH Bam! A stream of hot sperm shot out and splashed against the roof of her wanting mouth,, GEEEZZEE FUUUUCK. She swallowed and opened for more! Risking all, I grabbed her blond hair on either side of her face and buried by rod deeply between her pretty warm lips. Holding her in place, she moaned with approval as I let out jet after jet of white male climax. This teenage beauty only seemed to want more. Nuzzling against my balls and pubes as I shot my load down her sweet young throat again and again. She seemed sooooo hungry. Every time I shot, she swallowed squeezing and pumping the thrusting end of my dick.

When I was finally spent, she fell back in a bed of her own beautiful curls. Streams of hair gracefully flowed gracefully over her tits, tummy and thighs. A back flush of my cum rolling down her chin. Suddenly her husband stood up and said “Excuse me for a second.” She scooted up for him. He straddled her face as her head hung off the other side of the bed. I could see her licking his balls and around his ass. He pumped his cock a few more times and let out streams of cock juice all over his young wife’s body. I could hear the thick white milky stuff hitting her face, neck and tits, and blending in with her waves of pretty blond hair.

This was such an amazing site, I found myself still erect and wanting more. Ed, now recovering, saw this, smiled at me and leaned forward to hold his beautiful blond wife down on the bed by the shoulders. (As if he had to!) She continued to lick the cum off Ed’s cock as she spread her legs wide for me. She moved the curtains of her long hair exposing a pretty little set of wet pussy lips surrounded by thicker than normal tuffs of tightly curled vanilla blond hair. I wasted no time in crawling on the bed, and lowered myself onto Ed’s lovely teenage wife.

My shaft barely touched her pussy lips when she suddenly thrust her hips up to capture apparently what she wanted most. I looked down to see glistening blond pussy curls parting around my shaft. I waited for a second, feeling the young warm tightness, then began sliding into this delight. I then arched my back, carefully sliding further into her smoothness, checking her for reactions. She squirmeing under Ed’s stong hold, she made deep sounds of delight as her pussy lips neared the hilt of my hard manhood.

I pulled out nearly all the way and entered her again slowly exploring this new sensation. She whipped her head from side to side slowly at first, but soon blond locks were flying over her face and shoulders. I begin sliding in and out, rhythmically fucking this beauty, and soon we were at a jack hammer pace. On her body lightly with all but my groin, I bounced her off the mattress with each thrust. Now I see why Ed was holding her down on the bed. He kept his sweet wife perfectly in place for this rather extreme pussy pounding.

Suddenly her womanhood seemed to grab my rod like a little velvet hand. Before I knew it she was violently climaxing, screaming and lunging her hips wildly. I could feel her own warm juices flowing down over my rod and balls. She opened her mouth to receive her husband who has shifted to one side and was now fully erect again. As I continued to fuck his wife, he started pumping her eager teenage mouth. I carresed the hair away from the side of her face as she took in her husband’s dick. His shaft continued to glide in and out of those wonderful lips.

This close up view only made me want to pound harder. Her beautiful tits were rocking up and down under waves of soft blond hair. I stopped my thrusting motion and burred my rod more deeply into this sweet beauty than ever. I pressed her sweet body into the bed and could feel her wonderful breasts and blond curls on my lower chest area. She never lost a beat, her groin still pushed against mine in rhythmic pulsing motions.

Just then her husband cried out, his shaft vanishing completely into her young insatiable mouth. At close range, I could see her drinking deeply from his shaft. It was clearly feeding-time for this young blond and she was enjoying every last swallow.

All this cause a deep rush to well up within me. Should I cum in this sweet princess? Would she mind? Would Ed mind? As I was contemplating this question, she turned from her husband and planted her lips square on my left nipple, wrapping her arms around me, not letting go for a second. Sucking and sucking first one pectoral, then the other, what was the creature doing to me? Ohhhhhh geeezzzz! I reached my fingers though her hair, holding her head up to accommodate.

Having my man-tits ravaged during this vigorous fucking seemed to answer my question. I forced here legs open even further with my thighs, now pressing my cock to the bottom of her sweet warm depths. With one final sweet rush I found myself firing off jets of cum deep into this heavenly teenage beauty. She let out a sweet cry of joy. With each of my climaxing thrusts she arched her back, driving her hips up with extreme youthful force, receiving very every last spurt in warm waves of hungry youth framed with long blond locks of beauty. Ed’s young wife was in total fucking bliss, as was I.

Afterward we all three lay there on the bed soaking up the afterglow. Ed’s wife was of course soaking up more than afterglow. She did not seem to mind the volume of sperm now rolling down her neck, perfect breasts and oozing from her pussy.

Dressed in only perfect blond curls laced here and there with streaks of sperm, she asked Ed if she could kiss me good night. Ed said, “Of course.” With that she moved closer and took my mouth with her’s in a long wet, sweet French kiss. I slid my hand under locks covering her chest, cupping her breast. She kissed me with more passion. I thought, “Did she still want more?” Just then Ed spoke up, still apparently enjoying the show, “She likes it when you put a finger in her pussy when you do that.”

Still kissing her deeply I reached for her plentiful (and very wet) blond pubs and I slowly began finger banging Ed’s wife. Her hands parted long blond locks once again, exposing her glorious teenage desire.

For the rest of the night, Ed and I took turns deeply fucking his wife. Cumming again and again in sweet blond waves of joy. It was clear that the girl just could not get enough of us.

It was a birthday party I would truly never forget.

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