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The Soft Sweetness of Janet’s Voice

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To this day, years later, Nancy wakes up at night, her long, slim hands rushing to her totally flat chest, slender fingers covering her tiny nipples, breaking out into a cold sweat. Her eyes open, she realizes she is safe, and a sudden stream of wetness flows between her legs reminding her over and over again how her orgasm under Janet’s control was the Mother of All Orgasms.

Janet is the Mistress of all Mistresses. Her unbounded creativity crashed the most powerful orgasms onto all who served under her. All her subs are unanimous in their assertion that Janet was undoubtedly the finest Mistress ever. And what strikes them all the most was the softness of Janet’s voice as she tenderly encouraged her subs to reach the highest peaks of ecstasy attainable by any woman. Janet would be riding her sub with abandoned fury, the heavens crashing down upon her subs, and yet the soft sweetness of her voice would drive them to oblivion, such was the contrast between her fury and her softness. The sub could be tied down, spread-eagle, the most horrific screams coming out of her mouth, and Janet would drive her beyond the limits of endurance with her voice, so soft and so distant that at times it seemed only a vagina at the limits of its endurance could hear her.

Janet, standing tall and proud at six feet, with long, straight black hair, beautifully expressive blue eyes, a face as smooth as silk, and a sensuous mouth. Her breasts are very large, hanging with that generous pendulous fullness that only having breast-fed our children can award. Her waist is relatively slim, her ass is ample, and her thighs have long lost their firmness. Her toes, nails always so nicely painted in bright red, are long, hinting at an abnormally long clit, matched by equally long fingers, convince even the most uninterested observer that Janet is a woman to respect.

Having married a man much older than herself, a man of extreme wealth to tend to all her material needs, her marital sexual activity was focused exclusively to intercourse for the purpose of childbearing. The intervening months were total abstention, allowing Janet infinite absolute freedom to explore alternate forms of sexual exploration, physical expression, and sensual pleasures. Once the children were in school, Janet was able to devote her free hours of the day to take her natural creativity and insatiable curiosity to the extreme, and this she did with a succession of progressively bolder and ever more aggressive domination of compliant subs who appreciated the value of extreme domination and the discretion of daytime sexuality. Sub after sub succumbed to Janet, their lives never again returning to normal after a session with Janet. Word gets around quickly in the world of female domination, and soon Janet’s control was so eagerly sought after that she hardly had time to think of a new control before the next subs were lined up in a waiting list.

Nancy was fortunate to get a session scheduled. She was never ever to regret it.

For Nancy, Janet had planned her domination in excruciating detail. Nancy thus found herself one midmorning standing totally naked (of course), her arms loosely yet quite securely fastened overhead. Her eyes were covered with a hermetic blindfold. Not a ray of light entered her eyes. Her ears were covered with headphones, so cleverly designed that not a sound reached her brain. At times, very far in between, the only thing she could hear was the sweet softness of Janet’s voice whispering into her head tender words of encouragement. Nancy had been given what seemed to be a huge amount of water to drink during her preliminary examination and initial interview. Now, as she stood tall and straight, hands overhead, she felt a slim tube placed in her mouth. A steady trickle of water flowed incessantly. Nancy sipped and sipped and sipped again, that tiny trickle gradually filling her until she felt bloated. Her bladder was full beyond words. She did not know if she was alone in the room, she did not know if anyone was watching her, she did not know anything about herself. Shyly, not knowing if it was permitted or not, she relaxed her muscles just a bit. She felt a tiny trickle of warm pee slide down her thigh. It helped relieve the pressure just a bit. But it was not enough. Emboldened by the darkness and the silence, she released a little more. Her bladder felt a tiny bit better for a moment, but soon the pressure was again too much to bear. Boldly, she let it all out. It felt so good! She did not care that her legs were wet, that she was standing in a puddle of warm pee, that maybe someone was watching her. It just felt so good!

Nancy started humming softly to herself. Janet’s voice was almost quiet as she whispered into the headphones telling her to shut up. Nancy was shaking with the most delicious excitement. Janet was with her! Somewhere, some place Janet was there! Nancy could not believe her good fortune. It was short lived. She felt hands massaging her distended belly, so bloated from all the water. It was not just one or two hands, of that Nancy was sure. Many hands were kneading her tummy. The pressure to pee was unbearable. She did so, at first very shyly, then slowly more boldly until she could pee with abandon. Whoever was there with her was surely getting splashed. Nancy could not care less.

Janet’s voice came over the headphones, soft and so sweet. “Show me her tits.”

Now, Nancy is totally flat chested. Very tall, dark hair and huge black eyes, she is extremely thin. The one or two ounces of body fat that maybe may have passed for breasts were totally absent as her arms were raised over her head. She felt fingers tug at her nipples. It felt so awesome! Tugging harder, kneading them between those anonymous fingers excited Nancy to no end. Again, Janet’s soft voice, now a bit more urgent, “Show me her tits, I said.” Someone, maybe more than one woman, was desperately tugging her nipples, pulling them out, trying to get some semblance of breasts to appear.

Janet’s voice came again, just as softly, “I said, show me her tits.” Now, the fingers were practically yanking her nipples, coarsely massaging them, fingernails digging deep into those tiny nipples, vainly trying to form nonexistent breasts. Nancy felt her nipples raw and tender, their skin alive, and their nerve endings wildly excited. Janet wanted to see tits; Nancy had none to show. The other woman (women?) present was valiantly trying to get something out of her. It was to no avail.

Janet’s voice came one more time, “Freeze her tits.”

Nancy cringed with despair at hearing this soft command: its sweetness belied a tinge of firm harshness to it.

She felt ice cubes rubbed over her raw nipples, the very cold water dripping down her chest, past her distended belly, down between her legs. She could not control her pee stream. And yet the mysterious hands continued to ice her red-hot nipples until she could no longer feel them, cold numbness setting in. only the pressure and the motion of those unknown hands told her that her nipples were continued to be iced.

She heard Janet’s voice again, even softer than before, “She is ready.”

Nancy trembled with apprehension. Ready for what, she did not know. Only that Janet said she was ready. Nancy felt something like a bar brought forth and pressed against the middle of her tummy, just at her waist height. She felt her legs spread apart and tied down to the floor. A set of hands gently untied her wrists from above, and she was very gently bent over the bar, her hands now tied down, again wide apart, to the floor. Nancy understood. Her legs were wide apart and held firmly in place. She was totally bent over, her hands tied down, her virgin ass plainly exposed. She did not have to see past the blindfold: Nancy knew she was totally in view of whoever was there.

Janet was wild in her imagination!

Her nipples were numb: whereas a moment ago they had been raw and tender, now she could not feel them. They had been iced.

She felt a set of hand spread her ass. She felt a cold lubricant squeezed generously out of a tube all around it. Nancy realized she was being prepped for anal penetration. She had never felt it so welcome before. She tried her best to relax her virgin ass; ready to do whatever Janet wanted to her. And Janet’s voice was not long in coming, “Fit my strap-on.” Nancy swallowed hard, ready for anything. And Janet was masterful.

Very slowly, Nancy felt what must have been Janet’s strap on approach her tight little ass. It pressed just barely. Nancy tried to move back to take it in. she was too tightly bound. Janet was very good at this. She pressed just a bit harder. Nancy could almost feel it trying to come in. she tried harder to open herself, to let it in. Janet held her place, driving Nancy crazy with desire. It was oh so close and yet refused to budge in!

Very slowly, Janet pressed a bit harder. It entered just a bit. Nancy was in tears of joy! Her virgin ass was almost no more! Just a bit more! Just a fraction of an inch and Nancy would be deflowered! Oh, how good Janet was!

Nancy felt the start of an orgasm approach from a distance. Janet whispered ever so softly, “I think she is ready.” Nancy was beyond herself. Janet was pushing just a trifle harder every time, what must have been a huge strap-on entering her ever so slowly and yet relentless in its forward movement. It seemed like hours passed, every fraction of an inch of that massive strap-on making its inexorable entry. Nancy did not know when or how but she sensed that she was now wildly dilated, that that wonderful object of womanly love was already way passed the gates of her virginity, making its inexorable passage into the very depths of her existence. Her clit was dancing with wild joy, throbbing savagely. Nancy was perhaps having a continuous orgasm: she had never before felt like this so she had no way of expressing to herself what was happening to her or what was being done to her!

Softly, Janet’s voice came into the headphones. “Bring her tits back to life.”

Nancy suddenly remembered her nonexistent breasts, nipples numb from the ice. She felt fingers rubbing something on them, massaging what seemed to be a gel into them. It felt so good! Her nipples were recovering from the cold numbness. She could feel them come back to life. And all the while, that massively huge strap-on was pressing ever so slowly into her. Nancy thought a good six inches were already inside her!

Oh, how she loved Janet!

Nancy flew apart.

In the confusion that followed, Nancy simply flew apart.

The strap-on started pulsating wildly. Her ass was being shaken from inside. She could not control its muscles or sphincter any more. When a good seven inches were up her ass, a second part of the strap-on entered her shaking pussy, smaller, curved, also vibrating but at a different tempo and speed, pressing hard against her G-spot, shaking her clit from its foundations!

But then it happened.

Nancy realized what was happening.

Her nipples, numb and frozen, were thawing, their raw nerve endings totally exposed. And the gel that had been applied was something as vicious as Mineral Ice or Ben Gay cream. Her nipples had been massaged so coarsely and so avidly that the skin was raw.

The gel felt like it had set her nipples afire!

Nancy started to scream. The headphones were too clever: she could not hear herself, but she knew she was screaming at the top of her lungs. She struggled desperately to free her hands to protect her nipples. She bucked wildly to get those intruders out of her. Or deeper into her. Such was Nancy’s desperation that she could not possibly know what it was she wanted more. Or what she wanted less. She was going out of her mind.

Janet plunged savagely into her. The double strap-on was too good. Six inches of anal penetration would lead to a small vaginal penetration pressing her G-spot, spreading her labia like butterfly wings, and shaking her clit, before coming back out and back in again. The pulsations were different in tempo and intensity, almost isolating every single bundle of nerves to get the maximum out of each ending. And her nipples were on fire!

Nancy screamed and screamed and screamed as wave after wave after wave of orgasms came crashing down upon her. The heavens fell, the earth stood still, the sun and the moon disappeared, and Nancy continued to have an endless stream of orgasms.

Nancy realized that the slim tube that had been feeding her mouth with water all morning had now been fitted with the nipple from a baby bottle. Nancy’s throat was parched. She had to suck on that nipple with all her might to get s few precious droplets of water to quench her insatiable thirst.

Nancy continued to scream. For a moment she paused in her agony to suck a few more drops of water. In that moment of harsh silence she heard Janet’s voice, so soft and so sweet through the headphones. “Nancy, open wide for me, please.”

Nancy heard herself start to scream all over again. She was as wide open as possible. Her tall, six foot, 100 lb frame was completely open, she screamed again and again. How much more could she possibly open wide? With her legs spread wide apart and strapped to the floor, bent at the waist, arms strapped out, she was as open as a woman can possibly get and then even more. She could feel that anal dildo, thickly veined and deeply contoured entering her where no one had ever ventured before. Thick as an arm it felt, as it made its way to what Nancy presumed was her very thin waist. The more she screamed, the more acutely she felt the fire on her nipples, her labia butterflied open, her lovely clit tormented, and that marvelous anal dildo working its way in and out so slowly that Nancy felt every inch a torment.

Again she paused in that odd mixture of screams and streams of endless orgasms to sip some more water. Again Janet’s voice came over the headphones, now softer and sweeter than ever before. “You are doing just nicely, Nancy. Show me more how you can come.”

More? Nancy had not stopped! She could imagine Janet’s huge blue eyes, now blurred in the throes of her passion, affectionately looking at her as she plunged deeper and faster, pulling out even slower. Nancy was in total despair. Her nipples were on fire. Her vaginal penetration, she was now understanding would only start happening once the anal guest was a good six inches into her. Her entire body was being pulled apart in every direction. She was drenched in perspiration. Bent over, her long black hair was falling all over her gaunt face. And Janet continued her foray into the very depths of Nancy’s existence!

Again she had to pause in her screams to try to suck some more water from that nipple to quench her parched throat. Again she heard Janet’s voice, so soft and so delicately feminine. “Her tits need attention.”

In vain Nancy tried to jolt her back straight. It was useless: she was too securely tied. Fingers started playing coarsely in the general area that pretended to be Nancy’s breasts. Her nipples were tugged out harshly, rubbed deeply, that fierce gel rubbed deep into them all the way to their roots and beyond. Nancy screamed and screamed, wave after wave on massive orgasms filling her body, tearing her mind apart.

All motion ceased.

The world stopped.

Time stopped.

Quietly, she heard Janet’s voice, so soft and so soothing, “I think she is done.”

Nancy’s hands were untied. She stretched her arms. Her legs were untied. She cried softly as she felt Janet’s double strap-on exit her for good. She fell to the floor, crumbled in the cold puddle that had moments ago been her warm pee. She was drained, exhausted and limp as a wet rag. She felt hands remove her blindfold and headphones. In the light she blinked. Three other women were tending to her, damping her forehead with a warm cloth, caressing her face and hair, smiling at her as they took care of her. She blinked and stared. Standing over her was Janet.

The Janet she would love forever.

She smiled feebly.

Janet smiled back. Her voice was just as soft as ever, so tender and almost so quiet. “That was nice, Nancy.”

Nancy tried to stand to thank Janet. She was too spent to move. Janet leaned over and kissed her very softly on the mouth. “You were exceptionally good, Nancy.”

Nancy blushed.

One of the women was massaging her limbs back to life, alternating with rubbing a soothing gel over her devastated nipples, making them feel so fresh and so tight all over again. Another was drying her drenched body with a warm, plush towel. A third raised one of Nancy’s legs to clean her up a bit. Nancy felt her now no longer virgin ass now widely dilated and open for the whole world to come in. once a modest and shy woman, Nancy did not care that she was so totally exposed and vulnerable as the woman washed her ever so gently. The cool water felt good. Without a hint of modesty or embarrassment she did what she needed, her pee stream flowing easily and abundantly for the longest time. The woman simply held her leg up, letting it all flow out, and continued to wash and dry her genitals so softly and so carefully. Janet was watching. Nancy felt good that Janet could see what she had done. Nancy could not help but marvel at those huge blue eyes, so expressively proud of her accomplishment today. Nancy wanted it to last forever.

Soon she had to sigh and cry softly to herself. Janet turned to one of the women, speaking always so quietly. “Dress me. I must get going to pick up my carpool at school.” Nancy stayed on the floor, watching the other women dress Janet. Plain, non-descript white panties now hid her unkempt mat of dark hair. Nancy could see that a wet spot was starting to form. And in the distance, through those plain white cotton panties, she thought she could see the faint outline of a tattoo that was Janet’s initials, JJ. A simple bra encased her generous, pendulous breasts, nipples still alive with desire. Plain white slacks, a light blue, knit sweater, and sandals finished the dressing part. Nancy admired her. A plain woman with a thin face, huge blue eyes, large breasts that had long lost their firmness, legs that had once been tight, a tummy that had seen thinner waist lines, and all in all, the most beautiful woman Nancy had ever set sight upon. No matter what, Janet would forever exude an aura of unbridled passion, of unrestrained lust, of total domination with her soft, sweet voice.

Once more it spoke, “Hurry: my carpool is soon.”

Nancy realized she had spent a better part of six hours there. Janet was being a good mother now, just as she had been a perfect Dom all day.

The best she could manage was to whisper hoarsely, “Janet, I love you.”

Janet smiled back. “The women will help you get dressed.”

“Janet, will I see you again?”

Janet replied so softly, “You will never forget me.” And with that, she vanished back to the world of motherhood, of an older, extremely wealthy husband, a world absent of sex and love.

The women helped Nancy stand, still quite wobbly, and helped her dress. Nancy realized none had said a word all day. The only other voice she had heard, besides her own screams, had been Janet’s. Nancy thought about it long and hard. That meant a lot. Janet could be an absolute dominator just with the power of her soft, sweet voice. She thanked the women, as she was about to turn and leave. All of them praised her for her performance today.

And then one said something that set Nancy’s desires afire again. “Call next week for an appointment and bring a friend, another good girl like you with you. You will see how viciously creative Janet can be for her own pleasure.”

Nancy laughed and screamed again, but now with the joy of a woman in love!

Janet, the Mistress of all Mistresses, had shown her majesty and splendor yet one more time. Any sub flies apart as her voice shows her vicious creativity yet again!

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