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Falling for the Neighbors

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It was May in California; a nice, sunny, warm day, and it was time for spring cleanup. My wife took her parents out of town for the weekend to visit relatives, so I took advantage of the time and decided I would trim the neighbor’s overgrown trees hanging over our backyard fence.

I am a 49 year old, 5′ 6″, 160 pound hairy Italian guy, with salt and pepper hair. I’m in decent shape and like to keep my balls and ass shaved and my bush trimmed short; just the way my wife likes.

I put on a pair of shorts, tank top, and work boots and headed out to the backyard. I set up my ladder, grabbed my pruners, a saw, and our garbage can and I was ready to begin my chore. I climbed up a few rungs on the ladder and peaked over the fence to see if the neighbors were home. I could see that the drapes were drawn and I didn’t see any movement, so I got started. I thought if they came out I would be ready to explain what I was doing. I started hacking away at the first tree, trimming the branches as best I could, and as high up as I could reach. After about an hour, I finished cutting down all the tree branches that were low along the fence line.

It was about 10am now; it was getting a bit warm and I could already feel the beads of sweat dripping down my back, but I decided to continue. I went up to the top rung of the ladder and did the big “no-no” and stood on that very top of the ladder, the one that reads, “Not a Step.” Since nobody was spotting me below, I thought I would brace myself by placing one foot on the top of the fence while keeping the other on the ladder. I was stretching up and out a little too far and lost my balance. I knew I was going down, and on the neighbor’s side of the fence to boot. My first instinct was to throw the saw away from me so I didn’t land on it. What a mess that would be. I reached out to grab anything to break my fall and latched onto a branch with my left hand and, as I was looking up into the sky, I went tumbling over the fence. The branch slowed my fall some, until it broke, which left me to free fall about five feet to the ground. I fell right on my back with my leg and foot tucked under me. The wind was knocked out of me just before I hit my head on the ground. I saw beautiful stars and then felt a sharp pain in my head as it connected with the cement patio. I was in that position trying to catch my breath and mentally taking inventory of all my moving parts, when the back sliding door flew open and this huge man came running out.

The neighbors, actually renters, moved in a couple of months ago and because it was winter we were never in our backyards to introduce ourselves. Now was not the best time for that, I thought. I looked up and this guy was in my face asking if I was okay. I told him I was fine, but needed to catch my breath. Then I noticed he was a hulk of a man. He must have been six and a half feet tall and looked to be about 250-275 pounds of pure muscle. I could easily discern all that muscle by the protruding veins on his tree trunk arms. My eyes followed the heavily studded leather straps crisscrossing his massive chest all the way down his washboard stomach. The straps connected to a small leather g-string covering his very full crotch. He wasn’t wearing anything else. He looked like Conan the Barbarian.

Then this little Japanese woman stepped out into the backyard wearing a very short black silk robe and knee high leather boots. She could not have been more than five feet tall, and 100 pounds soaking wet.

As she walked across the yard I heard her ask, “Was he spying on us, Steven?” I started to sit up with “Steven’s” help and quickly started to explain myself, “No, no, I wasn’t spying. My name is Ronny and I’m your neighbor. I was just trimming the trees that were overgrown. I lost my balance and fell on my ass on your side of the fence. I’m really sorry. I was going to come over and let you know before I started but it looked like there wasn’t anybody home.” I told them we usually don’t wait this long to introduce ourselves, that the winter months got away from us. I explained that my wife was away for the weekend; otherwise, she would have been in the backyard helping me and they could have met her as well.

Steven reached out his hand to help me up and, at the same time, introduced himself and his wife, Jade. As Steven helped me up, I winced in pain as I put pressure on my foot. “Damn, I think I twisted my ankle,” I cried out.

Then the weirdness started. Jade told Steven to pick me up and bring me into the house. Steven looked me in the eyes, winked, and then scooped me up like a little boy. I had to wrap my arms around his thick neck to hold my balance. It was then that I felt how soft his skin was and how strong he was. I felt so insignificant in the arms of this man. He took me into the house and set me down on the couch. Then Jade came over and told me she was a nurse and said she wanted to look at my ankle. I thanked her and apologized for being a burden and interrupting their weekend. I tried not to stare at Steven when he walked away from me, but that g-string completely showed his naked ass. I turned back to see what Jade was doing and she totally busted me staring at Steven. “He has such a nice body, don’t you think Ronny,” she said as she winked at me.

As Jade squeezed my ankle and I let out a little grunt, she said, “It’s not broken, just sprained. Steven will help you get home, but first let me make sure you don’t have any other injuries. Let’s get this shirt off.” With one quick motion she lifted my shirt up and over my head. Then she started running her small dainty hands over my shoulders and arms. She pressed on my chest and stomach and then she felt around my hips, twisting and turning my body. As she was leaning over me, lifting and moving my hips, I was able to see right down into her robe. She had no bra on. In fact, she had nothing on underneath the robe and I could see her pert little tits. This started to get me aroused. I wondered if I interrupted them screwing.

Steven came back from the kitchen with a glass of water and a couple of aspirin, so I thought. I thanked him as he handed me the pills and I swallowed them right down. I was now eye level with his crotch and could see that his body had no hair on it at all. There none sticking out the sides of the pouch on his g-string either. A lot of body builders shave I thought, but it made him look that much more seductive. I could smell the leather from the straps on his chest and his g-string. My head started to swim a bit. Jade looked at me and said that I bumped my head and I should lay still for a bit. I told them that I felt fine. That was that last thing I remembered as I tried to sit up.

When I woke up, I wasn’t on the couch anymore. I was in a bedroom lying on a large king-size bed. My head was pounding and when I sat up the room started to spin, so I fell back down and promptly passed out.

When I woke up again, it was dark and I thought I must have slept through the whole day. Jade came walking into the room still dressed in her black silk robe and asked, “How are you feeling Ronny? You took a bigger fall than we thought. You’ve been sleeping for 4 hours now. With our black-out window coverings it feels like night time doesn’t it?” I just stared at her as she continued to talk, “Steven and I are both nurses and we work the swing shift so we need to sleep during the day. We thought you would be more comfortable in here rather than the couch. I hope you don’t mind that Steven moved you?”

I finally started to get my wits back and said, “No, no, that’s fine. I feel like a fool and a burden to both of you. You’ve been very nice, thank you.” It was then that I noticed the bed had very soft silk sheets. As I attempted to scoot myself up to a sitting position, I also noticed I was naked under those heavenly sheets. “Um, where are my clothes Jade?” I asked somewhat shyly.

“Oh, Steven undressed you. Your clothes were muddy from falling on the lawn, and we didn’t want to get our sheets dirty, so we took your clothes off and are washing them for you,” Jade said as if that should make total sense to me. “Oh my god, you two are so nice, I can’t believe how sweet you are,” I managed to say while my head was still trying to clear.

Just then Steven walked in, still in his g-string and leather harness, and said, “Oh good you’re waking up. How do you feel?” I told them I felt ashamed and embarrassed. Steven came over and sat next to me on the bed and said, “No worries little guy, we’re nurses because we like to take care of people, besides we have been dying to meet our new neighbors.”

He had put his arm around my shoulder and pulled my face to his chest. He was laughing at his little joke. As he laughed, my lips pressed against his hard nipple, and as my head bounced on his chest my lips continued to rub against it. I was starting to get hard under the sheets. Damn, now is not the time for anymore embarrassments with the new neighbors.

I could hear Steven and Jade talking to each other while Steven was still holding me. “He took a harder fall than we thought. He needs to stay still for a bit longer before we get him up on his feet,” Steven said. “I agree. Lay him back down and give him a nice back massage to relax him,” Jade said, in what I thought sounded more like an order than a request.

My head was still foggy when Steven told me to lie back down and turn onto my stomach. I was glad to do that since I could hide my hard-on in that position. I turned over under the covers and lay on my stomach. Steven pulled the covers all the way off me. “Don’t worry, we’re both nurses. You don’t have anything we haven’t seen before. Besides I can’t massage those aches and pains out of your body through the sheets. And I don’t want to get massage oil on the sheets, so just lay there and relax,” Steven instructed.

It was then that I felt Jade move closer to me. She bent down to where her face was by my ear and she whispered, “Just relax Ronny. Steven has the best hands in the world. Just let yourself go and you will feel like a new man when he gets through with you.” As she breathed this into my ear, her soft hand brushed the side of my face and I could smell her sweet intoxicating perfume.

I felt Steven get off of the bed and then quickly return. I guess he was getting the massage oil because as I felt Steven’s big hands touch my back and shoulders I felt the wet and coolness of the oil or cream being spread on my skin. As soon as he grabbed and kneaded my shoulders I was in heaven; his hands were of the gods. I started to feel relaxed as he massaged his way down my back. Then Jade started massaging my left arm and leg while Steven was on my right side. They even massaged my feet, though my ankle was still tender when it was rubbed.

As they slowly worked on my legs and feet they also spread them further apart. I felt like a wish bone, but figured it was because of the way they were sitting on the bed or something. I could feel Steven step over my leg and now he was behind me rubbing my back again. This answered my question; they spread my legs so he could get in between them for a better position to continue my massage. I felt him pour more oil on my lower back. As it started to run down the crack of my ass, I told Steven so it wouldn’t get on their nice sheets. Steven quickly grabbed one cheek and Jade grabbed the other and they pulled my ass apart while Steven ran his finger up the crack of my ass scooping up the excess oil.

“Thanks for letting us know. We will just rub it in so it doesn’t drip down onto the sheets,” Steven said as he massaged the oil up and down the crack of my ass. Then Steven started to massage my hole. The oil started to get warm all over my body, and my hole started to get warm and itchy. Not the kind of itchy to scratch, but tingly horny itchy. I started to get a little restless, and wiggled my ass against their hands to stop the tingling.

Jade must have picked up on this and explained that the oil was a warming solution to help relax my muscles. She told me that one of the side effects is that it will make my body more sensitive at the same time. I just lay there and kind of moaned as I told them that it all felt wonderful. Steven kept working on my hole and applied a little more pressure; it felt so good I let out another moan.

My body was on fire now; all sensations were amplified. I could feel my hard cock ache as it pressed into the silky sheets. My ass felt like it needed to be scratched. As Steven worked my hole, I pushed back to get him to ease the itching. “Oh, he is really relaxed now,” I heard Jade say. Then she told Steven, “Go ahead, help him out some more. It will make him feel really good.” Steven kept one hand on my back rubbing in circles and used the finger of his other hand to slightly probe into my hole. I let out another moan and pushed harder back. I wanted more of his finger inside me. Here I was, married for over 25 years and now I am being fingered by this god-like man with his wife sitting next to me rooting him on.

Jade was coaxing Steven now, “Oh yeah Baby, his pussy is hot. He needs it bad Baby. Shove it all the way in. He can take it. He even wants it. Look at him push back on you.” So Steven pushed his big finger further in and I could feel the tip of it pressing against my prostate. As I felt the pressure of his finger, it made my head spin that much more. I was in a state of euphoria. My sex drive was out of control. I lifted my ass up and pushed back onto Steven’s finger. Steven pushed his finger all the way in. I could feel his hand against my ass. Then he wiggled his finger and massaged me from the inside. I was almost crying in ecstasy. I felt myself whimpering and wiggling my ass against Steven’s finger.

Then Jade was at my ear again breathy heavy, “That’s it Baby, give it up to Steven. Give your boy pussy up to a real man. Steven will make you feel good. You want that Baby? You want Steven to fill you up? You want a real man to scratch that itch?” I was out of control and whimpering in pleasure, “Yes, yes, please Steven, fill me up. I need more,” I heard my voice, but I couldn’t believe it was me saying that.

I felt Steven shift his body weight on the bed as he got on his knees behind me. His big hands wrapped around my waist and he lifted my ass up off the bed, leaving me face down in the pillows. Then I felt a huge pressure push against my hole demanding entrance. I wanted to clinch my muscles, but nothing seemed to work. In fact, they worked the opposite; the more I wanted my ass to tighten, the more relaxed it became. I was a ragdoll in this man’s hands. I was folded over, being suspended by this huge man.

Then Jade’s naked body came into view. For the first time, I drank in her beauty; her long dark black hair, light brown skin, small perky breasts with large dark brown areolas and pointy hard nipples sticking out like little cocks. Her smooth perfect body was a vision, down to her hairless pussy which had dark lips that were swollen and wet with excitement. Jade sat in front of me on the pillows, at the top of the bed. Leaning back against the wall, she reached forward and grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me down to her pussy. “Eat me whore. Stick your tongue deep inside me and get your surprise,” she said in a firm demanding tone.

The smell of her pussy was intoxicating. My head was in a cloudy haze. My body seemed to be moving in slow motion. My sexual desires were so amplified; I felt I was going insane. I opened my mouth and pushed against her pussy, feeling the wetness of her all over my face. I stuck my tongue out and came into contact with the hottest, juiciest, wettest pussy I had ever touched. She was delicious, in looks and taste. I started to suck on her pussy lips, licking all around her pussy.

I felt Steven again push his cock into my ass. I was so into eating Jade’s pussy that my body had no time to tense up and fight the assault. It felt like a tree was being shoved up my ass, but it didn’t hurt one bit. It slid in smooth, but it was stretching my ass to the max. Steven kept pushing more and more cock inside me. I thought how long was this guy? His hands were on my hips holding me steady, as he fed his cock into my virgin hole. I moaned into Jade’s pussy. “Oh yes Steven, this pussy boy likes your cock Baby. Make his first fuck a good one. Stretch his hole as much as you can. When you’re done I get him with my strap on. I want to fuck this pussy boy too and make him beg for more,” Jade screamed out as she continued to grind her pussy into my face.

Steven pulled his cock out and then rammed it all the way back in, forcing my face to cram into Jade’s pussy. I could feel his big balls slap against my balls, spanking them each time he rammed his cock into my ass. This went on for a while, his stamina was unreal.

Then Jade started to cum. She pushed my face into her pussy and cried out, “Here it comes baby, start sucking hard. I’m cumming baby and I want you to drink it all up.” I felt a warm flood of thick cum forced into my mouth. It was creamy, thick, and hot. I loved the taste. It was nothing like my wife’s, the rare times she allowed me to eat her. I didn’t know women could cum so much.

Then Jade let me in on her little surprise as she continued to orgasm, “While you were napping baby, Steven fucked my pussy good and filled me up with a huge load of real man cum. Now you are drinking his manly spunk out of my pussy. It tastes good doesn’t it baby? That is nice hot, fresh, man juice being fed to you from my pussy.” I just kept sucking the juice out; it tasted wonderful, and Steven’s cock was pounding my pussy harder and harder. Then Steven pulled his cock all the way out. I cried out, I wanted it back inside me so much, “Please don’t take it out. I need your cock in me. Fuck me more. Please fuck me more Steven.” Steven and Jade both laughed as they explained to me that the drug they gave me was really working wonders. Drugs? That was why my head wouldn’t clear, I thought to myself. But now I didn’t really care, I just wanted to be fucked more. I wanted Steven inside me, to feel his big cock in my pussy again.

Then Steven flipped me onto my back. Jade quickly got on top of my face and started to feed me her pussy again. “Keep eating pussy boy. I haven’t cum nearly enough and I think you haven’t gotten all of Steven’s cum out of my pussy yet,” she commanded in a very authoritative tone. I pushed my tongue back in Jade’s pussy. I found myself searching out, not so much to make her cum, but rather to taste more of Steven’s cum. Then Steven grabbed my legs and lifted them up over his shoulders and shoved his cock back into my waiting pussy. “AAHHHH,” I screamed into Jade’s pussy. It felt good to have him back inside me. This angle was completely different; more pressure in different places I didn’t even know existed. His cock went further up inside of me; I felt so full. Jade started to buck again and started cumming hard, flooding my mouth with her juices and the last of Steven’s cum. I drank it all up.

Jade rolled off of me and now I was looking at Steven. This big barbarian, with his big muscled chest dripping in sweat, towering over me; his nipples outlined by the leather straps that crisscrossed his chest and went down under his cock and attached to a thick leather cock ring. His arms looked so huge holding my little hairy legs over his shoulders. I looked down to see his, what had to be 8 or 9 inch long and thick as a coke can, cock move in and out of my outstretched pussy. I could see my pussy lips being stretched as they hugged his cock as it moved in and out. I was feeling each thrust pushing against my insides. My own cock was not hard but there was a huge puddle of cum on my stomach and more cum was pouring out of my cock each time Steven shoved his huge cock inside me. Jade followed my eyes to the puddle on my stomach. Then I saw her hand come down and scoop up some of my cum. She rubbed it on my lips and said, “See what Steven’s cock is doing to you? It’s making you cum without even touching that pathetic little boy cock of yours.” I was humiliated and excited at the same time. Steven was a real man, so virile and large. Jade told me to open my mouth as she pushed her cum-soaked fingers in my mouth. “Lick your juice off my fingers; eat your cum,” she demanded. I licked and sucked on her fingers trying to get every drop she fed me. Then she backed away as Steven leaned forward, his cock almost lifting me off the bed. As his face got closer to mine, he whispered, “Are you my little fuck toy Ronny? Can I fuck you with my cock anytime I want to?”

I couldn’t even answer before he pressed his lips to mine and shoved his tongue deep inside my mouth. His tongue searched my mouth, tasting my cum, his cum, and Jade’s pussy juice all at the same time. “You’re such a cum slut Ronny, but you taste so good,” Steven said as he lifted himself upright again. I just moaned wanting to be fucked more. Then Steven leaned back down and kissed me again. “I am going to fill your virgin pussy with my man juice. You are about to be filled up with my HOT….CREAMY…MAN…OH GOD…FUCK JUICE,” he screamed out as his orgasm swept over his body. As he forced each word out through gritted teeth, I could feel his cock swell to the point I thought I would be ripped in two. Then I felt his hot liquid shoot inside me like a fire hose. There was so much force and liquid that it actually squirted out of my ass onto Steven’s legs. Then an orgasm washed over my body and I started to shake. My cock shot more cum out, and it wasn’t even hard. I could feel my ass tighten around Steven’s cock, draining more cum from his cock. Steven collapsed on top of me. I tried to reach around his body, but I could only get my arms around his sides. I rubbed and felt all around his body, kissing his neck and shoulders, moving up to his face and kissing him all over. Then he sat up and leaned forward forcing his big pecks into my face. I quickly took the hint and started to suck on his nipples, licking one nipple then the other. “Bite them Ronny. Grab onto those titties and bite them,” he urged me on. I licked around the hard little nubs and then started biting down on them, chewing on his chest and nipples. The salty taste of his body sweat, the musky man scent, and his hard body pressed against my face was overwhelming.

I heard Steven’s commands, “Oh yeah, that’s it, suck and bite those man titties you pussy boy.” I felt his cock, which was still imbedded in my ass, start to twitch every time I bit down on his nipple. It felt so good to know I was making him horny again. Then Steven pulled out of my ass, lifted my ass high in the air and put his mouth over my hole to catch his cum before it landed on the sheets. Steven was eating my ass out. It was so wide open that I felt his tongue and nose moving around the inside of my hole.

I saw Jade coming through the bedroom doorway to get back into the picture. “Okay Steven, you got him nice and ready for me. Move over, it’s my turn,” she said as she climbed on the bed and pushed Steven away from eating my ass. I looked down at Jade. She was wearing a strap on dildo that was a foot long and the size of my arm. I watched as she got onto the bed and grabbed my legs. Steven had gotten me ready, but was I really ready for that big monster? As if reading my mind Jade said, “Don’t worry baby, after Steven fucked you, believe me, you’re ready for this.”

I felt the head push into my hole. It was bigger than Steven and harder because it wasn’t real. As Jade pushed her big cock into my outstretched pussy, I started to wiggle my ass around trying to get it to adjust and accept the intrusion. “Yeah that’s it, you little pussy boy, wiggle that little ass of yours onto my big cock. That’s it, keep it up,” Jade said as she fed me about half her cock. I started thrashing around on the bed. Steven’s cum was a great lubricant for Jade’s giant monster cock. Then I said it, “More Jade, give me more of your cock. Fuck me. Please fuck me with that big cock of yours.”

As I turned my head, I saw Steven walk back into the room with that beautiful cock waving back and forth. Steven barely fit through the door frame since his shoulders were so broad. The man was a vision. No matter what your sexual preference, you had to admire that body.

Steven came up to me and pressed his cock into my face and said, “Now, suck the man cock that just fucked your cherry.” My face was pressed just above his cock and where his pubic hair would have been instead his skin was soft and smooth. I took a deep breath and smelled a nice clean soap smell along with his manly musk sent. He must have gone to the bathroom and washed up. I moved my head down and ran my lips up and down his shaft. I marveled at how soft it was and how I could feel each vein. I forgot about Jade fucking me; I was so mesmerized by the cock in front of me. I reached the tip and ran my tongue all over its head, sticking my tongue in the hole that fed so much cum into my ass. Then I lifted his soft cock up and ran my tongue down the shaft of the underside. I let his cock lay on my cheek as I moved to his balls. I pressed my face into his big ball sack, again hairless, warm and soft.

Jade started ramming me harder and shouting, “Look at this pussy boy make love to your cock Steven. I think we not only have a new pussy to fuck, but I think we have a natural cock worshipper.” Steven moaned, “Yeah that’s it boy, worship the cock that fucked you. I am juiced out for now so you can spend your time getting to know my soft cock before you get your first mouth full of fresh man juice. Go ahead, explore my cock, and lick it all over. Suck on those balls. Mmmmm, that’s a good boy.” Steven just kept urging me to suck and I wanted to make him happy. Steven got on the bed and straddled my head facing Jade. I was looking up into his low hanging balls and those tight ass cheeks. Steven leaned forward and kissed Jade as she shoved that monster into my ass. My ass was numb from that huge cock being shoved into me. By now I thought I had to have the whole twelve inches inside me, but I was mistaken, she was short dicking me with about 8 inches.

That’s when Steven grabbed my ankles and lifted them toward me and sat on my face. My lips were right against his asshole. Steven gave me my orders, “Lick my ass boy. Tongue fuck me until I tell you to stop.” I stuck my tongue out and started to give his tight hole a massage. Steven started to moan. “Yeah, that’s it. Now work your tongue inside,” He instructed. I started to push against his opening and each time I shoved my tongue in his hole, it went in further and further. I loved it when his sphincter tightened around my tongue. It didn’t taste bad at all; Steven was very clean. I could smell soap and loved the taste of Steven’s body.

Then I felt a huge push as Jade rammed the rest of that monster cock in my ass. I screamed into Steven’s ass. I felt like my guts were being pushed up into my throat. The pressure was almost too much. Then I felt a warm mouth on my soft cock, and I could feel my cock spewing out more cum. Steven was sucking my cock and wiggling his ass on my face.

I heard Jade start to cry out as well, “I’m cumming baby, suck that little boy’s cock. Get all of his juices you cocksucker. Yeah, you like boy juice don’t you Steven? You like when I fuck your ass, but you like a real cock to suck on don’t you baby? OH GOD, YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM. SUCK THAT COCK,” Jade screamed out in climax.

Jade finally pulled out of my ass. We were all totally spent. My hole must have been open so wide a freight train could drive through it. I felt cold liquid being poured on and in my ass. “This will help with the swelling and make your ass get back into shape. There hasn’t been an ass we haven’t been able to repair,” Jade told me in a nice soothing voice as she applied the ointment. Steven was lying next to me now. I looked up into his eyes and he rubbed my face and hair as he leaned down and kissed me softly, gently rubbing his lips on mine. My body was still tingling and I felt all warm inside. My hands felt all over his massive chest. When he lifted his head away he hugged me and cradled me like a little boy. Jade told Steven to lift me up and carry me to the shower. So Steven got off the bed, leaned over to pick me up and then carried me in his arms, like a little boy being taken to his bath.

Steven carried me into their huge marbled cave of a shower that had multiple shower heads. The shower was an obvious remodel compared to my house. Jade came in behind us and turned on the water. The room quickly filled with nice warm steam. The hot water felt so good on my body. Steven let me down on my wobbly legs and they both started to soap my body. Steven washed my back and ass and Jade worked my front, paying close attention to rub my nipples with soap. “I love those hard titties of yours Ronny. They are so big and suckable. I bet they would look good in silky lace,” she said, more as a statement to herself than a question to me. I just moaned at being touched. I think my cum was drained out of me for the next month. My cock was not going to get hard now, but the little trooper made me proud and did get about half hard. At least it didn’t look like a baby dick; although, I liked when they called it that. Jade moved her face into my neck and reached down with her soapy hands and started to wash my cock and balls.

She was talking low into my ear, “Did you like what happened, Ronny? Do you like being our new play toy?” I just moaned my affirmation, especially when Steven started massaging my ass again. Damn, I was actually getting hard again. I couldn’t believe it. “Oh look at this Steven, this little slut is starting to get hard again. You like all of this don’t you Ronny?” Jade said smiling at me. “God yes Jade, I love it,” was my quick response back.

Jade knelt down in front of me and engulfed my hardening member. Steven stood behind me and started to kiss my neck. I felt Steven’s tongue glide down my back as he made his way to my ass. As Jade deep throated my cock Steven began to tongue fuck my freshly fucked ass. Steven’s strong hands held me up at my hips.

Their two tongues fucked and sucked me until I could not take it anymore. My back arched backwards as I thrust my cock deep down Jade’s throat. Steven held my hips tightly as he shoved his tongue deep into my ass. I felt his tongue wiggle around my hole sending chills through my body. Jades expertise at giving head was unbelievable. I shut my eyes tight as another wave of orgasm surged through my body. My legs started to shake and buckle, but Steven held me up. I felt my cum speed through my cock and release a powerful explosion into Jade’s awaiting mouth. After cumming so much today I was surprised I even had anything left in my balls.

I started to come down off my orgasm as my cock quickly shrank down as Jade released it from her hot mouth. They both stood up and surrounded me in a three-way hug. Jade and Steven lead over my shoulder and started to kiss each other. They broke their kiss and Steven turned my head towards him and started to kiss me. As our mouths opened into each other, Steven’s tongue pushed its way into my mouth followed by a mouthful of cum, my cum. Jade must have transferred it to Steven when they kissed. Steven and I continued to share my last load until we finally broke apart. Jade turned to me and gave me a quick kiss, “Yummy huh?” and we all laughed.

We finished rinsing the soap from our bodies and then Jade shut the water off. Steven wrapped a big fluffy towel around me and picked me up and carried me back to bed. We lay down and Jade started to explain to me what happened. “At first, when I saw you falling from the tree, I thought you were a peeping tom wanting to see me fuck Steven’s ass. Then when we went out there, we could tell you were in pain. Once we got you inside, I felt that your ankle wasn’t broken and made sure you had no other injuries. We had just been fucking, so we were horny and wanted to play with you. You seemed to be interested in us as well; remember, I saw you look down my robe and stare at Steven. So he gave you a light sedative that you thought was aspirin. Once you were out cold, Steven took you to the shower and gave you a thorough cleaning, inside and out. Then we gave you a little shot of, well let’s just say it’s a sexual enhancer. It doesn’t make you do things you don’t want to do, it just enhances your sexual appetite and lets you free any inner demons. So you see, you must have always liked the idea of being fucked, sucking a man’s cock, and licking up a nice juicy cream pie,” she stated as if it was no big deal at all.

And as my head slowly started to clear, I could only think of one thing; that I wanted to have sex with these two again. So I told them, “Well, I’ve had fantasies before, but it was better than anything I ever imagined. If I had to let loose, the two of you are the perfect couple to do it with. Steven, you have to be one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen. I loved having you take my cherry; thank you for that. And Jade, you have the hottest body and the sweetest tasting pussy I have ever had, and I really liked eating Steven’s cum from your pussy. I hope we can continue to be good neighbors.”

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