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Reunion Night

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I could feel the champagne warming my body as I drank from the glass you poured for me. We celebrated your return to me that weekend with a clink of our glasses as I leaned into you with a long, tender kiss, setting our drinks aside when that kiss grew more hungry. You’d been gone too long this time and I couldn’t wait another second to feel your lips everywhere—anywhere—on my body. I pressed against you and my hair, slightly damp and smelling of shampoo, fell across your face as our lips and tongues hungrily explored one another’s.

You fell back into the plush sofa pillows and allowed me to cover your face and neck with my kisses as you untied the sash of my silky robe, discovering the smooth black slinky nightgown underneath. Your hands roamed freely over my body, pressing into the fabric and feeling me respond beneath it, finding my breasts and using your thumb to brush against my hard nipples before slipping the strap down my shoulder and eagerly taking first one, then the other, into your warm and waiting mouth. It felt as if the very center of my sexuality was right there between your lips, the light nipping at my breasts, the swirling of your tongue over my nipples, the way you have of gently squeezing both breasts together so you can lick and suck both almost at the same time. I felt my pussy grow warm and wet in anticipation of where you were going to lick and suck next…but nothing prepared me for what was to follow…

You slipped my robe off but left my nightie intact…you had plans for that. Barely breaking our kiss, you positioned me so that I was facing away from you, on my knees. My arms rested on the back of the couch and I felt slightly vulnerable with my back arched and my ass and pussy in a prone position for you to do with what you pleased. It excited me that I couldn’t exactly see what you were about to do, so I closed my eyes and let my hands wander to my breasts, squeezing my nipples through the silky fabric. You started to massage my ass and hips with your strong hands, rubbing up and down and enjoying the thin barrier that separated you from the heat that eminated from beneath. You knew me so well, you knew exactly how wet and hot I was becoming, and you knew exactly how to make me squirm. You let your fingers slip just below the fabric and slowly, agonizingly, you lifted my gown as you continued to rub and caress my body. I felt the fabric raise slightly above my hips, knowing that you were enjoying the view of my bare ass just inches from your face. I felt you move closer toward me, your breath warm and uneven as you lowered your mouth onto my pussy and let your tongue barely trace the outline of my lips, before suddenly plunging in full force and licking every part of me, swirling my clitoris with your tongue, lightly sucking on it, causing my hips to buck with pleasure before moving downward to my pussy to lick every wet drop from me. I arched my back even further as your tongue began to fuck me from behind, your hungry low growls of pleasure vibrating inside of me. You loved the taste of me, you loved having your tongue deep inside my pussy, fucking me with your mouth, and I knew it. I was squeezing my nipples harder and wanting so badly to come inside your mouth, yet wanting to make this feeling last as long as possible….and you must have sensed that….

You let your tongue travel from my tight, wet pussy, to my sweet upturned ass and you couldn’t wait to taste me there. You kept a firm hold of my round hips as you gently pried me open and massaged me with your tongue, using it as a gentle probe at first, softly licking and letting me feel the warmth of your tongue in my forbidden area. Soon, though, as if you couldn’t help yourself, you hungrily pressed into me, your tongue inside my asshole, fucking me hard and fast with quick, firm strokes, as your hand moved down to my pussy and you inserted your thumb inside of me and used your index finger on my swollen button. Now I felt the intense pleasure of being fucked in both my ass and my pussy at the same time, as your tempo increased and I felt your hard tongue moving in and out of my willing asshole while your hand massaged me to ecstacy. I felt my first orgasm begin as a low, faraway wave deep inside my body, building quickly as you continued to fuck me with your mouth, bucking wildly as I finally let go and came furiously, and as you drank in every drop…..

You gave me another glass of champagne and let my body recover as we lay entwined on the couch, your rock hard penis never letting me forget just how much you always enjoy my body to the fullest. Soon you were dribbling little drops of champagne onto my nipples and sucking gently, and I felt my pussy begin to stir once again. You left me on my back and moved between my legs, resting my feet on your shoulders. You ran your finger up and down my wet pussy, down to my ass, each time lubricating it more and more. As you leaned in to gently lick my pussy, to take my clitoris between your lips and lovingly suck on it, you allowed your wet finger to penetrate my asshole, just a little at first. You felt my clit grow large and hard as you moved the flat part of your tongue to rub against it…and that must have excited you because suddenly you were pressing your finger deeper inside my ass, moving slowly in and out, then a little faster still, always keeping your lips on my pussy and driving me wild with pleasure. I was going to come again, I couldn’t help it, but I didn’t want to just yet. I wanted to feel your big hard cock inside me first. I begged you….please fuck me baby….please fuck me now….and I didn’t have to beg for long. You reluctantly stopped licking me and moved up to plunge inside of me…deep and hard and fast as I gasped at the intensity. Those first quick strokes were replaced with long, slow thrusts as I felt your hard penis fuck my pussy, and still again, you had other plans….

I was so incredibly wet, and when you pulled out from my pussy and moved your cock down to my ass, I spead my legs wider and welcomed you. Your warm probing tongue and finger had made me more than ready, and you pressed against my ass slowly at first, letting me get used to the size of you, the head of your cock entering me. Soon the gentle pressure gave way and you plunged inside of me, my tight ass taking your hard cock all the way in, your hands underneath me kneading my ass cheeks, my hands on my pussy rubbing where your lips had left off. You fucked me slowly, until my pleading eyes and soft pleasurable moans let you know that it was okay to go faster, harder…and you did. You couldn’t help yourself by then, my tight ass pulling you inside of me as you fucked me, your cock harder than it’s ever been, fucking me deeper than you ever had…I wanted to come right then, I wanted you to feel my asshole constrict against your penis. Again you let your fingers plunge inside my pussy, play with my button because you knew I would come, and as you felt my ass tighten around you, you exploded from the pleasure….you came harder than ever, it felt like it would never stop, as I let my ass pump you again and again…and when it was over, as we lingered over a long hot shower together, you began to grow hard again…and we knew my ass wasn’t finished with you yet……………..

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