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The Guest House

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It was my girlfriend, Emma’s birthday. She’d hit twenty a few months before I did, and her folks had let her invite as many people as she wanted. I’m sure the unspoken terms of the agreement included not inviting me. They’d looked none too impressed when I’d shown up, glowering at myself and their daughter in turn before they headed off to hide in some distant wing of their giant house.

Watching Emma’s blonde curls bob as she swanned between the dozens of friends and hangers-on present, I couldn’t help but smile. One of the last times I’d gotten a good look at the back of her head I’d been a little bit closer, her bare, gym-toned body down on her elbows and knees on her parents’ bed, half a bottle’s worth of baby oil squelching around my cock as I slid in and out of her lovely backside. There’d been a particularly pleasurable conclusion to that particular evening, and she’d joked after that I must have filled her tummy with cum from the bottom up. The thought made me smile a little wider.

“What’s so funny?”

I turned to see who’d addressed me, my gaze meeting a pair of soft brown eyes, looking up at me from a pretty face. Nadia was about as different to Emma as it was possible to get — where my girlfriend was tall and fair, Nadia was petite, still only coming up to my chin in a pair of heels. Her mother was white, while her father came from some Spanish isle that had been visited by every race and ethnicity imaginable. Her golden skin seemed to glow, and she had a pair of lips that featured prominently in every discussion guys had about her when she wasn’t around. She’d worn her long black hair loose that night, letting it tumble down over her narrow shoulders.

I shrugged. “Nothing,” I said, “just waiting around. Emma’s popular tonight.”

Nadia wrinkled her nose. “Her friends are bitches,” she said, quickly adding, “But she’s lovely.”

I kept grinning, deliberately letting my eyes wander up and down Nadia’s small yet busty frame. She wasn’t wearing a bra, her nipples poking against the fabric of her top. She’d obviously hit the gym since I’d last seen her, braving the cold to show off her narrow waist and flat, toned tummy.

“Sure,” I said, “she’s lovely, but somehow I’m happier standing here and looking at you than I am talking to her.”

Nadia gasped. “I can’t believe you’re flirting with me at your girlfriend’s birthday party,” she said.

“What can I say? I’m a bastard.”

Nadia ran her tongue over her luscious lips, eyes gleaming. “You got a hundred dollars?” she asked.

“Yeah. Why?”

Nadia giggled. “Can I have it?”

I frowned. “What do I get out of it?”

“I don’t need the money.” Nadia bit her lip. “I just want to borrow the bill.”

I rolled my eyes, fishing out my wallet and removing a nice, crisp new bill. I looked over at Emma, just in time to catch her scowling at me. She glanced at Nadia and mouthed something at me. I shrugged, and Emma turned back to her conversation.

Nadia hadn’t missed this little exchange. “Busted,” she whispered to me, plucking the bill from my hand. I watched her gorgeous little derriere wiggle under the fabric of her skirt as she made for the bathroom. There was a nice roll to her slim hips. I feared she was about to look over her shoulder and catch me ogling her ass, and then was a little disappointed that she didn’t bother to check.

Emma had her back to me and was making a point of not looking in my direction. Something about her body language told me that my little chat with Nadia was something I was going to pay for later. A few of the friends Emma was chatting with shot me dirty looks, which I pretended not to notice as I looked around the room.

Most of the people present were Emma’s friends. A few familiar faces, but none that looked friendly, particularly amongst the guys. From the lingering glances they shot my girlfriend, I figured that a lot of them were jealous. I’m sure it would have consoled them to know how much more popular they would have been with Emma’s parents.

There was a girl standing by herself toward the back of the room. Long blonde hair, slender, about as tall as Nadia was in her heels. She was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans that could have been painted on and a striped sleeveless top that accentuated her slim frame. Nadia was cute and Emma was strikingly beautiful, but this girl was special. She radiated a curious mixture of innocence, raw sex appeal and something else.

“See something you like?” asked Nadia, appearing at my side as if by magic. She followed my gaze, whistling appreciatively. “Oh wow, she is cute. Too bad you’re taken!”

“You know who she is?” I asked.

Nadia shrugged. “Never seen her before,” she said, pressing my hundred dollar bill — now rolled into a tube — back into my hands, “but I’m going to find out!”

I watched with interest as she strode across the room, whatever she’d just snorted up her nose giving her an extra boost of confidence. A few of the guys turned as she walked by, eyeing her up and down. One or two stepped in a little closer, hoping to attract her attention, but she breezed past as if they were invisible. She only had eyes for the blonde, and although I’d never known Nadia to be interested in girls, I couldn’t blame her.

I watched as Nadia introduced herself. The other girl seemed a little surprised at first, then smiled and returned her greeting. I watched them talk to each other for a few minutes, being careful to check over where Emma stood every thirty seconds or so. I was clearly still being punished — my girlfriend didn’t turn around once. After a while, Nadia seemed to ask something. The other girl paused, then nodded and made for the door outside. Nadia followed closely behind, and I almost missed the brief glance she shot me as she nodded toward the door.

Outside, the night air was cool and clear, a stark contrast with the smoky, stifling interior of the house. The two girls were stood on the path that led to the driveway, conversing softly as I approached.

“Oh hi, John,” said Nadia, pretending to notice me for the first time. “This is Bella.”

I smiled at the blonde, and almost melted when she grinned back. Up close she looked even better, a natural beauty with the air of a free spirit about her.

“Like to come and smoke some weed with us?” asked Nadia.

I grinned at her, going along with it even though I wasn’t sure she even had any weed. “Sure,” I said, “I know the perfect spot.”

The guest house sat a fair distance from the main property. Emma’s brother had lived here until about a year ago, and as far as I knew it had stood empty ever since. When Emma’s parents were around, this was our main bolt-hole when we needed a place to run off and fuck. I tried not to think about how tacky it was to take these girls here as I retrieved the key from behind the third step leading down to the doorway.

Inside, the furnishings were even more minimalist than I remembered. A mattress, an Ikea wardrobe, a rug on the floor, and a door leading to a tiny closet-sized bathroom. Nadia sat herself down on the rug, while Bella perched on the mattress. I took up a seat alongside her, our hips almost touching. Nadia shot me a look that could have meant any number of things.

“You’re eighteen, right?” she asked Bella with a frown.

Bella nodded. “How old are you guys?”

“I’m twenty-one,” said Nadia. “John’s nineteen. A baby, like you.”

“So how do you know Emma?” I asked Bella.

“I don’t, really,” said the pretty blonde. “She’s my big sister’s friend. How about you?”

Nadia answered before I could. “We’re friends of the family,” she said.

Bella frowned. “Both of you?”

“Sure,” said Nadia, hooking her arm in mine. “John’s my step-brother.”

I bit my tongue to stop from laughing, but something in Nadia’s lie excited me just a bit, too.

Bella’s big blue eyes flicked between us sceptically. “Really?” she asked.

Nadia turned to me. “Is it cool to use the guest house?” she asked, neatly changing the subject.

“Oh, of course,” I said. “Why else would Emma tell me where to find the key?”

Bella relaxed a little then, and she relaxed even further when Nadia produced a joint from her purse. We sparked it up and passed it around. Bella nearly had a minor coughing fit when it was her turn, the worldly front she’d put up crumbling a little.

“Oh wow,” she said sheepishly, passing the joint back to Nadia to finish. She seemed to relax a little on the mattress, and then, heaven help me, she rested her pretty blonde head on my shoulder. Nadia raised an eyebrow as I hooked my arm around Bella’s slim shoulder. Before I knew it, I was pulling the girl in for a kiss.

Her eyes widened as our lips met, but she didn’t pull away. We made out for a while, my hands rested on her sides, reaching up to stroke her blonde hair. I was dimly aware of Nadia giggling, then the mattress shifted as she joined us, kneeling behind Nadia, wrapping her arms around the other girl. Bella cried out as Nadia’s arm snaked around her, popping one of the buttons on her blouse.

“Hey, what are you doing?” she asked, breaking the kiss.

“You’ll have to forgive my sis,” I said. “She’s severely frustrated and thinks everybody is as horny as her.”

Bella was flushed, smiling a little nervously, squeezed between Nadia and I as we sat on the bed. “Look,” she said, “I think you’re cute, but I just broke up with a guy and I’m not looking for a boyfriend or anything …”

I shrugged. “Who said anything about a boyfriend?”

Nadia stroked Bella’s bare shoulder. “This is just for fun, okay?”

Bella frowned. “Is this why you brought me out here?” she said, giggling nervously.

“Pretty much,” I said, and Nadia and I both laughed.

I pulled Bella back in for another long, wet kiss, while Nadia reached between us, fumbling with the buckle of my belt. Bella didn’t protest again as the other girl undressed us, but I still didn’t break the kiss for fear she’d chicken out of taking this wherever it was headed. For the first time in a long time, I just plain needed to screw this girl.

In our slightly pot-addled state, we started peeling each other’s clothes off. She was a little shy, trying to pull the single threadbare blanket up over her slim form once I had her down to her bra and panties. Nadia giggled and gently tugged it away from her.

“Don’t be shy now!” said Nadia. “Nothing I haven’t seen before …”

I raised an eyebrow at this, my cock twitching in my boxers. I lay back as I reached up to start undoing Bella’s bra. She was skinny and her tits weren’t quite as big as Nadia’s, but still made for pleasant perky handfuls, topped with gorgeous little pink nipples. I leant up and took one in my mouth, sucking gently, teasing with the tip of my tongue, loving the way Bella gasped as her nipple hardened instantly in my mouth. Reaching down I started tugging at Bella’s panties, almost tearing them in my insistence to get them off. She yanked my boxers down roughly, gasping as my hard cock sprang free to poke against her thigh.

“Yes,” was all she said.

Bella spread her long legs and wrapped her arms around my neck, leaning up to give me a long, passionate kiss. She pulled me down on top of her as our tongues twirled together, and I could feel my cock poking against her soft yet firm tummy. She giggled into the kiss as she noticed my erection, adjusting her hips until the head of my cock was nestling against her soft, wet lips. I moaned happily as she shimmied her little waist from side to side, teasing me with what was about to happen next. Breaking the kiss, she looked up at me, her lips slightly parted. I felt her legs slide up, wrapping around my waist.

“Wow,” said Nadia, reclining next to us, “this little bitch really needs it!”

Bella gasped in mock outrage, then cried out as I pushed my hips forward. She was so wet I slipped up into her hot little snatch quite easily. She purred as she lifted her butt up off the mattress, her hips bumping against mine. I pulled out slowly, one hand resting on her hip, stopping her from impaling herself on my cock again, teasing her with just the head.

“Please!” she begged, her tight young body straining against my grasp.

“That’s right,” I said, rolling my hips slowly, keeping nothing but the tip inside her, “I want you to beg.”

Nadia giggled, reaching over to trace her long fingernails down my side. “You serious, John?” she asked. “Look at this girl, you should be the one begging.”

I couldn’t argue. Both Bella and I moaned in pleasure as I sank back into her pussy. I kept my hands on her hips, gripping them tight as she pushed up to meet me, desperate not to have her move too fast. With my dick inside this little blonde angel and a sweet babe like Nadia cheering us on, it was all I could do not to blow my load that very second.

The sex was ecstatic. Bella moved underneath me like it was something she was born to do, lithe and attentive, her hips meeting my every thrust. Nadia leant in, peppering her pretty face with little butterfly kisses, until Bella turned and their mouths met. I leant back a little to give them room for their make-out session, Bella moaning into Nadia’s mouth every time I thrust back up into her slick little box.

“I’m fucking close,” I moaned, feeling my balls starting to draw up and tingle.

Bella broke the kiss, looking up at me wide-eyed. “I’m not on the pill!” she squealed.

It was almost too late, the first spurt of seed almost out of my cock before I managed to pull out, splashing a warm load of cream on the sexy little blonde’s flat tummy. I reached down to keep stroking myself, emptying my balls across her ribcage and young tits, painting her upper body. She moaned, squirming from side to side as I sat back, sated.

“So much,” said Bella. “You must have been waiting a while!”

Nadia leant forward, a devilish grin on her pretty face. Leaning down, she slurped some of my sperm off Bella’s tummy, making the pretty young blonde giggle. Encouraged, Nadia began licking her clean, dragging her tongue across Bella’s tummy like a little kitten.

Bella moaned, one hand sliding down onto Nadia’s back. “It tickles!” she cried.

I smiled as I watched, some of my load still dripping from the end of my cock. Nadia was licking lower and lower, drawing little lines across Bella’s tummy, chasing blobs of sperm with her tongue. Inevitably, she paused as her mouth hovered over Bella’s still partly-open pussy lips, flicking her tongue up and down the wet, freshly-fucked slit.

“Oh my god!” squealed Bella, pretty bare feet drumming against the mattress.

Nadia moaned, her hands sliding up to rest on Bella’s sides as she began muff-diving with a vengeance. I was a little shocked — in all the years I’d known Nadia, I’d never seen any evidence of these proclivities. It might have been the cocaine, it might have been the fact that Bella was no ordinary hookup, but Nadia’s enthusiasm spoke of experience.

“How about that,” I teased, “my step-sister’s going dyke!”

If Bella had any misgivings about this kind of thing, she seemed to forget them very quickly. Her slender legs rose up, thighs pressing against Nadia’s ears as she moaned, rolling her head from side to side. “Fuck,” she panted, over and over.

Nadia moaned happily, her tongue dipping lower still. I gasped as I saw her flick it down against Bella’s little asshole, teasing just slightly before returning focus on her pussy. A few moments later, she did it again, smooching her lips against Bella’s backdoor, then lapping up and down against the girl’s most private opening with her skilled tongue.

“Ah!” cried Bella. “What are you …? Oh my fucking god …”

I watched as Nadia’s skilled tongue did a number on Bella’s asshole, scarcely able to believe my eyes. If I’d thought her skills at eating pussy were well-honed, it was nothing compared to the rimjob I was watching her give. Bella was moving like somebody had covered her in live ants, squirming and writhing all over the bed. Almost unconsciously, her hands slid up to cup her tits, pinching and tweaking her breasts.

Perhaps detecting the other girl’s excitement, Nadia turned back to pussy-eating. Bella trembled, jamming her fingers into her mouth and biting down to muffle her cries as she came, her hips riding up and down spasmodically. Nadia ate Bella past the point of orgasm before surfacing, giggling a little sheepishly as she planted a kiss on Bella’s thigh.

“That was fucking amazing,” said Bella.

“You were amazing,” Nadia told her, sliding up to rest her head on the other girl’s shoulder. “Damn, what was in that fucking weed?”

I smiled at Bella. “Nadia’s right, you really know how to move those skinny little hips. Bet you’re popular with the guys!”

“I’ve never done a one-night stand!” said Bella, blushing. “I had a boyfriend for a long time, but I never did anything like … this, before.”

“Never with another girl?” asked Nadia, sitting up slightly and smiling sweetly.

Bella just blushed. “Hey,” she said, “you guys aren’t really step-siblings, are you?”

“Of course we are,” I said. “It’s a good deal — you think Nadia’s hot, you should see her mother.”

Nadia scowled and gave me a shove. “It was a joke,” she said. “John’s actually Emma’s boyfriend.”

Bella’s eyes went wide, a look of panic flickering across her gorgeous face. “I … I didn’t know!” she said. “Does Emma … would she be okay with this?”

I grinned, mentally cursing Nadia. “Well,” I said, “I think she’ll be just fine if she doesn’t find out.”

Bella frowned. “Do you guys do this a lot?” she asked.

“You’re our first,” said Nadia. She glanced over at me. “First for a lot of things.”

I rolled my eyes. “Sorry babe, you don’t get that good at eating out without practice!”

Nadia blushed and looked away. “Can you blame me?” she asked. “Look at this girl!”

“That’s a good idea.” I turned to Bella. “Want to give us a proper look at you, babe?”

Bella smiled a little shyly and sat up, getting up onto her knees, still a little wobbly from Nadia’s amazing attentions. She truly was a stunner, lean and toned, with the best pair of hips I’d ever seen. Nadia slid her hand up to the small of Bella’s back, gently nudging her forward.

“Give John a look at your booty,” she said. “I think he’s been staring at it all night.”

Bella giggled and bent forward, sinking down onto all fours and turning slightly. The view was breathtaking — her ass was a little flat, but her narrow waist and the flare of her hips made up for her dieting addiction. Nadia reached up and cupped one of Bella’s asscheeks in her hand.

“What do you think?” she asked.

It was all I could do to tear myself away. “Superb. Nothing else to say, really?”

“Inspire anything?”

I shrugged. “What did you have in mind?”

Nadia gave Bella’s butt another squeeze. “I think you should drill little miss angel here in her ass,” she said, sliding her thumb down to rub against the tiny little dot of Bella’s backdoor.

Bella squealed and started forward as if she’d been electrocuted. “I’m a virgin back there!” she said insistently. “I liked it when you licked me there, but I don’t think he’d fit!”

I thought I’d cum so hard that there was no way I’d be getting it up again that night, but the thought of doing this skinny blonde babe in the ass was like downing a lifetime prescription of Viagra. Nadia looked over at me, biting her lip as her eyes wandered down to my crotch and took note of my renewed enthusiasm.

“Don’t worry,” I told Bella. “I know what I’m doing.”

Nadia cooed and batted her eyelashes at me. “Somebody thinks they’re an anal expert!”

I grinned. “Not to brag, but I’ve already done it twice this week.”

“Really?” asked Nadia, her eyes wide. “Emma’s such a posh bitch I figured she would never go for it.”

“Well,” I said with a smile, “it took me a while to talk her into it, but now she can’t get enough. So what about you?”

Nadia blushed. “I’ve done anal with three of my exes.”


She pouted a little before answering. “Two one-night stands.”

Bella giggled. “And?” she prompted the other girl, taking my lead.

Nadia rolled her eyes. “And one of my mother’s boyfriends when she left us alone for the weekend.”

I grinned nastily at Bella. “Well,” I said, “somebody’s getting it up the ass tonight, and if it isn’t you or me …”

I trailed off, as Nadia clapped her hand over her mouth. “I know I said I’d done it before,” she said, “but that was years ago!”

“It can’t have been that long ago,” I said. “I knew your last ex, and that was only over last month.”

Nadia blushed. “Maybe not years, then …”

Bella grinned. “And?”

“And we hooked up last weekend, and I let him poke me in the booty then …”

I chuckled. “Come on then, girl,” I told Nadia. “Let’s show this angel how it’s done.”

Nadia bit her lip, and for a second I thought she was going to refuse. After a moment’s hesitation, she got up on her knees on the narrow mattress, flicking her long dark hair over one shoulder. Bunching the sheets and pillows underneath her, she leant forward on her elbows and knees, popping her deliciously bubbly ass back toward me.

“Hey Bella,” I said as I sank to my knees, nodding toward the bathroom. “Think you can check the cupboard for anything slippery enough to use as lube?”

The blonde got up off the bed, padding naked toward the bathroom. “Don’t start without me!” she called back to us.

“Don’t worry,” I said, “I want you to see everything …”

I groped Nadia’s ass through her skirt, unsurprised to find out that she wasn’t wearing any panties. As I tugged her skirt down, she reached up to slip out of her skimpy little top.

“You seem pretty well-rehearsed at getting naked,” I told her.

She giggled, still obviously a little nervous about what we were about to do. “Why shouldn’t I be enjoying myself?” she asked, reaching down to unfasten her heels and kick them off.

“Wait,” I said, “keep the heels.”

She giggled again. “Want me to be your little pornstar or something?”

I slid my hands around Nadia’s narrow waist, my cock so hard it almost touched my stomach. She bumped her round ass back against my shaft, giggling as she squeezed my cock between the cleavage of her asscheeks, trapping me like a hotdog in a bun. I sighed happily, dragging my cock up and down slowly. She moved with me, her little bubblebutt rocking up and down slowly.

“Found anything to use for lube?” I called to Bella.

Bella reappeared in the door to the bathroom, a jar of what looked like Vaseline in her hand. “Will this do?” she asked innocently.

I smirked. “Perfect,” I said, sliding my cock down to rub the head against Nadia’s well-maintained little asshole.

Nadia groaned, a shiver running through her tight body. “I guess we’re really doing this then,” she said.

I chuckled. “Doing what?”

Nadia buried her face in the sheets, her voice muffled. “You’re going to fuck me up the ass,” she moaned.

I took the jar of Vaseline from Bella, unscrewing the lid as she lay down beside us, up on one elbow, long blonde locks swept over one shoulder so she could watch her new friend take it in the booty. I took some of the cold, slippery substance and started applying it to my hard, thick shaft, just a little self-conscious to be touching myself in front of two such beautiful girls. When my cock was well-greased and shiny, I passed the jar back to Bella.

“Would you like to do the honours?” I asked her, nodding at Nadia’s tight little bottom.

Bella’s cheeks turned bright red, but she sat up eagerly, kneeling with me behind Nadia.

“How do I do it?” she asked.

“Put it on your fingers and rub it in,” I said. I smiled, stroking Bella’s back encouragingly as she smeared a generous dollop of lube onto the other girl’s ass. “That’s it, good girl.”

Nadia moaned and squirmed as Bella massaged the Vaseline into her little asshole. Bella seemed to become consumed by the task, leaning forward in concentration as she worked the lube deeper and deeper into her new friend’s butt, first using one finger, then a second. It took a few minutes, but seen she was working three of her slim, pale fingers in and out of Nadia’s well-lubed asshole, the other girl half-moaning, half-whimpering at the attention. I enjoyed the sight for a while, then grabbed Bella by the wrist. She looked up at me, still smiling eagerly.

“Probably slippery enough,” I said with a smile. “Don’t want her too stretched out when I put it in.”

Bella nodded, lying back down on her side, wiping her lube-coated hand against her bare thigh. I knelt back down behind Nadia, taking my rock hard cock by the

“Ready?” I asked, not waiting for a reply before I pushed forward.

Her slippery asshole flowered open quite easily around the head, giving way almost instantly. I heard her cry out and lurch forward, then press back against me as I sank into her booty. She wasn’t super-tight — even if she hadn’t told us, I would have known she was no anal virgin — but still pleasantly snug, and well-lubricated enough that she almost took my whole length on the first thrust. I eased back out, enjoying her soft whimpers before pushing forward again. Nadia moaned, her ass clenching like a fist around my shaft.

“Oh fuck …” I groaned.

For her part, Nadia rocked her ass back and forth, working me deeper and deeper, working her booty muscles like the anal princess she was, squeezing every inch of my pole. We both sighed loudly as

“Oh wow,” said Bella, “it’s all the way in!”

“Tell me something I don’t fucking know!” said Nadia, panting, her hands balled into fists as she squeezed the sheets.

“Be nice,” I growled, sliding my cock out of her tight ass then snapping my hips forward, loving the way she groaned as my balls rubbed against her wet, bald snatch. I slid out an inch or two then pushed home, repeating this action again and again, settling into a rhythm as Nadia groaned in protest.

“Please,” she moaned, “just take it slow, I’m too fucking tight …”

I ignored her, looking down at the back of her head, then shifting my gaze to Bella’s beautiful face. Bella eased in a little closer to Nadia as I buttfucked her, trailing her fingers gently across the other girl’s back, leaning in to kiss her shoulder.

“You’re so pretty,” she said encouragingly, “it looks totally hot.”

I grinned at this, picking up the pace even further, Nadia’s can clutching my cock as if trying to wring the blood from it. Her golden brown buttcheeks bounced against my abs with every thrust, and despite her protestations, she kept fucking back against me. The head of my cock was touching the end of her tight young ass every time I pushed in, making her yelp.

After one particularly hard thrust, she howled and twisted her head around to yell at me over her shoulder. “It’s too fucking tight,” she pleaded, “you gotta cum, okay? Just pull out and whack off on my back.”

I slowed down my thrusts but made no move to ease my cock out. “What if I have something else in mind?”

“Anything!” screamed Nadia. Bella rubbed her shoulder to comfort her.

Slowly, I eased my cock out of Nadia’s tightly clenched ass, watching as her little backdoor winked shut almost straight away. She sat up, raking her fingers through her dishevelled hair.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” she moaned. “I don’t think I’ll be sitting down for a week!”

I smiled, my cock still throbbing after the number her ass had done on it. “You said something about anything?”

Nadia nodded, an almost desperate look on her face.

“Ever sucked a cock that’s just been up your ass?” I asked her.

She looked shocked, while Bella giggled. After a second, a resigned smile crossed Nadia’s pretty face, and she leant down. I could feel her warm breath against my throbbing shaft. Her hand wrapped gingerly around the base and I moaned as she squeezed, stroking me up and down. I reached down, gently stroking her hair, before resting my hand firmly against the back of her head.

“Go on,” I said encouragingly.

Her wetted lips pressed against the tip, then slowly parted to take my engorged length. I gasped, all the air seeming to disappear from my lungs as her expert mouth slid down around my cock. Her eyes closed in concentration as she bobbed up and down, and I brushed her long dark hair away from her face so I could enjoy the sight of the best pair of lips for miles gliding up and down my pole. Bella rolled onto her tummy, giggling as she watched.

“Do you want a turn?” I asked her, keeping my hand firmly on the back of Nadia’s head.

Bella wrinkled her nose and shook her head, but once the idea was planted, I knew there was no way I couldn’t go through with it. Tangling my fingers in Nadia’s silky black hair, I eased her off my cock. She spat me out and took a deep breath, looking up at me with a grin, wiping some drool from her chin with the back of her hand.

“Bella!” she called to the other girl, still stroking me up and down in her hand. “Your turn!”

Bella took her place and Nadia slumped back against the mattress, watching as the blonde knelt down in front of me. Her blowjob skills weren’t quite as out-of-this-world as Nadia’s, but the second her lips grazed the tip of my cock, I was in heaven. She looked up at me with her big blue eyes as her sweet, wet and willing mouth bobbed up and down. It was her tongue that did it for me, curling a little hesitantly around the head of my cock as if she was trying something she’d read about but had no practical experience with. I looked down to meet her gaze, finding something in her eyes close to a plain need to make me happy.

“Oh fuck,” I said, barely managing to get the words out before dumping the first few drops of my second load in this gorgeous girl’s mouth. “I’m cumming!”

Bella’s eyes widened but her mouth stayed attached to my cock, her head bobbing up and down as I sprayed my cum down her throat. I could feel her swallowing, hear her moaning as she gulped it down. Even when I was spent she kept me in her mouth, finally spitting me out as I started to soften, licking her lips as she looked up at me.

“Wow,” was all I could muster for a second, then all three of us were laughing as we collapsed on the mattress together. While we all would have loved to have stayed, the afterglow could only last so long. Bella got up first, crawling across the rug to start rifling through our assorted clothing. After a moment, she frowned.

“Um, you’ve got eight missed calls,” said Bella, holding up my phone. “And a message. Want me to read?”

I nodded, looking toward Nadia nervously. “I think you’d better.”

“It’s from Emma,” said Bella. “‘You bastard,'” she read, “‘I can’t believe you went home …'”

Nadia frowned. “‘Went home?'” she said. “‘Went home,’ what? ‘Went home with that skank?'”

“Wait, wait!” said Bella, flustered. “‘Went home … to watch the game.'”

Nadia giggled. “That was tonight?”

I ran my fingers through my hair, breathing out. “I guess so,” I said. “She’s going to be so mad …”

“Madder than if she knew the truth?” asked Nadia, sorting through the pile of clothes on the floor. She looked at me expectantly, throwing Bella her skinny jeans.

“What do you think?” I chuckled, reaching for my shirt.

“I think you should keep this quiet,” said Nadia. “Especially if you want it to happen again.”

I tried not to let the shock show on my face, amazed that such a thing was even on the cards. I looked over at Bella. After a moment she nodded, giving that shy smile again.

“Because of her,” she said, nodding at Nadia, “not you.”

I grinned and gave her a shrug. I couldn’t argue with that.

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