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Two Years

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Jessica Turner glared out of the window. She had been planning this day for months and then a sudden downpour had wreaked havoc on her plans. Her brother was back from college today after a solid 2 years of not seeing his family and Jess wanted to make this a day for him to remember.

She dejectedly ran a hand through her long, flaming red hair. Her father joked that her mother must have been having an affair, as neither her father Jesse, her mother Angela, her brother Michael or her twin sister Anna had any hint of red in their dark brown locks.

Jessica slowly went through the motions of getting ready for the day. She turned the radio on and heard Mark’s song: ‘For whom the bell tolls’ by Metallica. She, like her brother had always been a fan of rock music and constantly had the stereo tuned to the local rock station. Her mother, father and sister leaned more to the popular styles of music but this was Jessica’s way of differentiating herself from her family whilst at the same time having something to talk to her older brother about.

She and her non-identical twin had just graduated from school, whilst Michael had finished college. He was studying a computer course and when Jess had moved into his old room there had been a number of computers lying in various states of repair in the closet. Jess smiled at the memory, knowing how typical it was for Mike to start something and never finish it. Frankly, she was amazed that he had managed to stick to his computer course without growing bored.

Jess continued getting ready, pulling a tight sweater on and then pulling on a pair of jeans. She had never been the ‘girly-girl’ of the family. No, that had always been Anna. It had been a source of annoyance to her mother that her first born daughter was not interested in shopping for thin tops designed to show off the maximum cleavage. It didn’t matter that she preferred to wear clothes that showed off her figure but left a lot to the imagination. No – Anna was the favourite daughter. But not the favourite sister.

Michael had always been very close to Jess, even crying in front of her on several occasions, an act unheard of in front of every other member of her family. They would both happily watch a movie in the cellar together, feasting on pizza and candy, talking about everything they could think of. Jess shared more with her brother than anyone else and her brother was the same with her.

She had grown up with the knowledge that he was a very good looking boy, then a very good looking man. Then as she hit the age where she started developing, she suddenly saw him as something else. She saw him as a heart-achingly desirable lover. Then suddenly after this revelation she found herself dating guys that bore a resemblance to her brother. She soon realised that she was in love with him and stopped dating altogether although this was not through a lack of male attention. Jess was, herself, a very attractive female, and when she dressed to impress she often left males speechless and gasping for air. At 5’6″ she wasn’t what you’d call tall, but her size contributed to her flowing good looks. When she wore tight clothes her figure had a very nice breast to ass ratio and she didn’t have an ounce of fat on her.

Jess did not shower in the mornings, disliking the feel of water on her skin after she’d woken up, and so she walked downstairs, the smell of coffee assaulting her nostrils. And it smelt amazing she thought. Once down the stairs she headed straight for it, pouring herself a mug. Jesse Turner was watching her with a smile through his own tired eyes, knowing that she truly was his daughter. Jess’s actions perfectly mirrored her fathers in the morning.

Jess sighed in appreciation, leaned back against the worktop and looked over her mug at her father. She nodded at him as if she didn’t trust her voice. She knew the day was starting and she was getting butterflies just thinking about her brothers perfectly toned body walk through the kitchen door, walk straight towards her with a blazing look in his eyes, pick her up, lean his face into hers and –

“Jess!” her mother called, shattering her day-dream.

“Yeah mom, just a sec” She groaned, draining the mug and winking at her father who just smile knowingly.

Angela was sat in the sitting room with Anna debating a top for Anna which would look best.

“Jessie, which do you think would accentuate her curves more; this or this?” She asked, holding up a blue satin-type top and a red cotton blouse. Jess knew that both would have Anna’s breasts spilling through them, but she didn’t give a damn either way.

“I don’t know mom. I just woke up, give me a few minutes!” Jess replied with a grim look on her face.

Her mother immediately bristled. “Just who in hell do you think you’re talking to young lady?!”

Anna laughed softly to herself from behind Angela and interjected “You know she’s like dad. She can’t function before 7 gallons of coffee in the morning mom. It’s an unhealthy addiction Jessica, you really should give that up”

Jess flared up and was going to reply with a healthy stream of insults, but just at that moment Jesse made his presence known and thrust a cup of coffee into her hands. She drank a mouthful and walked back into the kitchen. Jesse walked behind her laughing softly.

“You know, you really shouldn’t antagonise your mother like that. Please Jess, I don’t want to ruin today for Mike. I really miss him” he finished with a sigh.

Jess was shocked. Her dad usually kept these things to himself, preferring to be the rock on which the family rested. Her mother was more prone to being emotional.

Jess also knew how he felt. Mike’s absence was tearing her inside’s apart. She blamed his absence for the recurring dreams she was having in which he came into her room in the middle of the night and made love to her.

However, she had kept these to herself. She had just furiously masturbated until her pussy was sore and the bed was soaked. She had stubbornly refused to allow herself to masturbate until the dreams made her so horny she thought she would have died without a release. Now she was masturbating two or three times a night.

She sat down at the table next to her father. “I know dad, I really hate how he’s been away. We were so close before, but we’ve barely spoken since he went to college. I don’t know what happened. I just feel so shit without him, he was like my best friend.” She looked down at the table.

Her father let her profanity go un-chastised knowing how emotional she was feeling. There was a time a year ago where she’d slept for four days with one of his shirts, crying every time Mike’s name came up. He didn’t want a repeat. He thought it was terrible that Mike hadn’t even called Jess, knowing how close they were.

He stood up and embraced his daughter in a fatherly hug. She almost sobbed but caught herself at the last minute.

Her mother stood at the doorway of the kitchen, unwilling to break this moment for them.

Mike arrived at two thirty with his bags. Jess was upstairs checking her email when he dropped his bags in the kitchen. His father greeted him with a handshake then a hug. His mother commented on how he looked unhealthy, like he’d not been eating enough and announced that she was going to make him a proper mother’s breakfast. He smiled, and said he was going to drop his bags upstairs. Only his father noticed how his smile had a haunted look about it.

Mike opened the door to the guest bedroom, secretly dreading seeing Jess. She had enveloped his every waking thought since he had driven off the driveway when he first left. The dull ache did not subside with time, but grew into a raging inferno.

He walked in and deposited his bags by the window, thinking about his sister and throwing her onto the bed and fucking her.

He heard a noise behind him and whirled around. Jessica was stood in the doorway biting her lower lip.

“Hey Mike” She hadn’t intended to whisper, but that’s what came out. And despite the rain pounding the glass he heard her as though she was next to him. He took in her appearance, from the flaming red hair, flowing just beyond her shoulder blades, to the black Converse with smiley faces drawn onto the white toe caps. Michael couldn’t breathe.

He just pushed past her into the bathroom, trying to ignore the throbbing erection in his trousers.

Jessica burst into tears, running into her bedroom. She slammed the door and threw herself onto the bed sobbing into her pillow, soaking the material. She carried on sobbing.

Mike had the shower running, set to cold, hoping he could sort his head out. He felt torn up knowing he had likely hurt his sister by pushing past without a word, but he knew he’d intended to walk into her, take her into his arms and force his lips roughly onto hers, feeling their damp softness. He groaned and felt his cum spurt. He hadn’t realised that he had been masturbating. He cleaned up and climbed out of the shower, dressing quickly and rushing to his old- his sisters room. He knocked softly. When there was no reply he opened the door and entered. She was asleep, clutching a teddy bear. He recognised it as one he had purchased around 5 years ago for her birthday. It was clear she had given the bear a lot of love since he’d been gone. It had rested on a shelf in her room, looking brand new, and now it looked well used.

He looked at her and sat on the edge of the bed, feeling the pain, knowing he was responsible. He grabbed a blanket of a nearby chair and placed it over her, kissing her forehead before leaving.

Jessie kept to her room for the rest of the evening. Her father had looked in on her and told her mother to leave her.

Her mother had made dinner and shouted for her to come down, her dinner was getting cold.

Jesse looked up and said “leave her be Ang, she’s fine”

Angela made to walk up the stairs and Jesse shouted “I said leave her be! Now leave her the fuck alone!”

Mike and Anna knew not to cross their dad and Angela was aware of how his temper could flare at the slightest thing.

She sat down and the whole family made small talk. Mike was too aware of the empty chair beside him.

Mike slept fitfully, dreaming of Jess and murmuring her name on several occasions.

When he awoke around 6AM he knew his whole family would be sleeping, so he banished his impure thoughts and got dressed. 10 minutes later he was driving down the freeway, heading into the nearest city, looking for a flower store. He found one after driving for nearly an hour. He knew his way around the city but was struggling to get his mind to work and to string a thought together. His mind kept flicking to the look of hope, then look of heartbreak on Jess’s face after he’d stormed out.

He purchased the biggest bouquet of flowers he could see and ran back to his car, getting behind the wheel and placing the flowers delicately on the passenger seat. He turned the ignition key, slammed the vehicle into gear and was doing 50 before he noticed. He didn’t care about a patrolling Police Cruiser, he just wanted his sister.

Jess awoke to a vase of flowers on her windowsill. She had slept like a log after crying yesterday. She still had the dreams though, and the soaked bed was testament, even though she had a blanket over her now, which confused her fogged mind. Her gaze snapped back to the flowers and she felt the rage building up inside her. Before she knew it she had pulled her bathrobe on and snatched the flowers from the vase. She stormed downstairs, secretly happy her family weren’t up. She knew Mike was, though.

He was in the sitting room.

She threw the flowers at his feet and screamed “FUCK YOU!” at him.


Mike snapped. He dived at her, grabbing her face in his hands.

“AND THEN ON THE FIRST FUCKIN-” She was cut off when Mike kissed her.

And in that kiss was every drop of frustration, anger, sadness and every other emotion Mike had felt for years.

Jess almost fainted when he kissed her. She kissed him back furiously, but Mike pulled away.

She knew, her brother loved her, and she loved her brother.

Her parents announced over dinner that Jesse was taking Angela to dinner that evening.

Anna was going over to a girlfriends house for a girly evening.

Jess waited for what Mike was doing, almost too scared to breathe.

“I’m just gonna hang here today, maybe catch up with Jess?” He tentatively asked.

“I’m good with that” Jess managed to say.

They were alone.

For the first time ever, they were alone and being completely honest with each other.

As the door slammed behind Anna, Mike picked Jess up and forced his lips onto her. She responded just as aggressively, savouring the taste whilst hungering for more.

They broke apart after five minutes of this.

“I love you” Jess whispered.

“I love you too, so much.” Mike whispered back.

It didn’t matter she was his sister, nor he was her brother.

They didn’t even make it out of the kitchen before they were both naked.

They collapsed, kissing, onto the sofa. Jess spread her legs and pulled Mike between them, noting his 7″ length.

Mike also noticed her fantastically perky breasts and shaven pussy which was glistening with her juices.

There was no foreplay, no kissing and cuddling. They had both waited so long for this and both needed the release like they needed oxygen. Mike lined his cock up with her pussy and pushed. He knew she wasn’t a virgin and he was beyond being delicate. He slammed his full length into her pussy and she grabbed the sofa with both hands, clawing at the fabric, screaming at the top of her voice in ecstasy. He fucked her in the missionary position wildly.

They were both living out their greatest fantasy and loving every second of it. Then they heard a gasp from behind.

Mike jumped off, looking around.

His mother stood in the doorway.

“Mike, Jess. Get down here!” Jesse called.

They both looked at each other, terrified.

It was an hour after they had been caught by their mother, and they were dreading this.

They walked downstairs slowly.

Their father sat calmly in a chair. So did their mother. They sat down.

“Okay. Okay. Okay…”Angela struggled to start.

Jesse took over ” You love each other?”

“Y..yes” They both stammered, waiting for their father to yell.

“Okay. Well, here’s a story me and your mother never told anyone. We’re related. We’re cousins. I suppose you’ve wondered why you’ve never met your family, and this is why. After we were honest with them, they disowned us. But, we love each other, and not a day goes by where I think it wasn’t worth it. It was. And I want you both to know that you’re welcome to each other, and we’ll stand by you. I guess this wasn’t what you were expecting, but well… we weren’t either. But if you truly love each other, then you’ll find a way to make it worth it. I know you can never marry. We moved to this state because it was legal for us, but I’m unaware of anywhere siblings are allowed to marry, unfortunately. But, Mike, I know you’ll take care of her, so you both have my blessing” Jesse announced with tears in his eyes.

Three months later, the household had settled back into normality, with everything being the same except Mike and Jess’s relationship. He had moved back into his old room, with her.

Even Anna had seen it coming and wasn’t perturbed.

“Mike, I have something to tell you.” Jess announced one evening after they had passionately made love.

“Yes?” He said dreamily, tracing the side of her jaw with his index finger.

“You’re gonna have to learn how to do that around an obstacle” She declared, referring to their lovemaking.

“And why’s that?” Mike looked puzzled.

“Well, it’s going to start getting in the way for around six months” She said, indicating her stomach.

“And why’s that?” Mike said, unable to grasp what she was saying in his dreamy state.

“I’m pregnant.” She announced with tears in her eyes.

Mike grabbed her and kissed her furiously.


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