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Susan and the Shoe Salesman

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Susan Jackson, Anne’s friend was a bored eighteen-year-old horny senior. She was tired of the pawing hands of her male classmates who all wanted her to suck their cocks and fuck but had no idea about how to please a girl. They thought a lick at her crotch was all a girl wanted before being fucked for three minutes.

What Susan wanted was an adventure: a loving experience that she could treasure, not some quick fuck in the back seat of some sweaty boy’s car.

It was fun teasing her teachers, especially her history teacher. The time she had dropped her pencil on the floor and he had picked it up kept coming back to her mind over and over again.

She wondered, as she often did, if he would have buried his head between her thighs if they had been alone. Many a time she masturbated thinking of that moment when he crouched on the floor, his eyes focused on her crotch.

When Anne showed her the cell phone photos and she heard the slurping of her lover lapping away at her pussy she almost went out of her gourd. Who could she find who would satisfy her the way Anne was being satisfied?

Then a light bulb went off in he head and she knew exactly who it was going to be: not a handsome sexy hunk but a nice middle aged gentleman. She smiled as she drove the few miles between her house and a small strip mall.

She was humming to herself as she drove. recalling the once a year visit her mother made to a small independent shoe store that was located in that mall: a one man operation. It was not until now that she knew why her mother kept going back to that store: never buying but always looking, and being looked at, Susan grinned as she recalled those trips.

Well it was her turn and she was going to get more than her mother did. Her mom would try on pair after pair of shoes and the salesman, Mark something, would be so accommodating. He was so gentle with her mother’s feet as he slipped on pair after pair of shoes, all he while, Susan realized now, gazing with lust at her mother’s crotch.

Her mom, Susan realized now that she was eighteen and horny, needed some validation of her sexular appeal. Susan’s dad was a nice man, but not much in the romance department. He worked long hours and spent most of his free time playing cards with his friends or watching sports on television.

Her mother wanted a man’s attention, but not to the point that she would have an affair. The once a year trip to the shoe store sufficed.

Mark Waxman smiled at her warmly when she entered the store. “Can I help you?”

Susan smiled in return. She could not help it. Mark’s smile was so infectious. He’s cute, she thought, a little old, but the gray around the temples looks nice.

“Just looking,” she replied, as she wandered idly around the store. It was early on a weekday morning and she had the store to herself. Finding a pair of shoes with five-inch heels, she told Mark she wanted to try them.

“Of course, Miss. Please take a seat,” Mark told her as he brought the shoes to where she was seated. Without thinking why, Susan had taken a seat with her back to the rear wall of the store. She had a view of the street through the glass wall that separated the store from the mall itself.

The salesman brought the usual stool to where she had seated herself: sloping where she could put her foot, padded seat for the salesperson. She hesitated a moment when he sat down.

The stool was very close to her and she saw instantly that when she lifted her leg she would be exposing her leg almost to her panties. Grinning to herself, she put her foot on the stool. Well, this is what I came here for, she thought to herself.

A little tingle of sexual excitement ran over her body when she lifted her foot to the stool where Mark was seated. The intent way Mark, yes, that was his name, looked up her thigh as she raised her leg reminded her of her history teacher and the way he looked crouched on the floor looking up her skirt.

Shifting slightly in her seat, Susan managed to open her thighs a bit more, giving Mark a clear view up her thighs to her crotch. She licked her lips elatedly when she saw his eyes zoom up her thighs to her crotch.

This was fun: more fun than teasing her teachers. This man was all but drooling. And she was going to get more than a hungry look from him, she knew.

Mark could not believe his good luck. This young girl was giving him a clear look up her skirt. He looked up at her face and could see nothing there. Her eyes were wandering idly around the store.

His cock stirred in his pants as he fitted a shoe on Susan’s left foot. Her warm, soft, youthful foot felt so good, so damned good. He wanted to fondle it but restrained himself.

“How does that feel?”

Susan stood up and pressed her foot to the floor, testing the feel of the shoe on her foot. “OK. Put on the other one and I’ll see.”

Mark’s cock throbbed when she sat down, carelessly allowing her skirt to rise on her thighs. When she put her other foot on the stool he had an unobstructed view up her thighs to her crotch.

Susan let him take off her shoe and rested her foot in Mark’s hands, a smile flickering over her face as she looked at his face. “Your hands are so careful. I like the way you fit me.”

Mark’s face flushed as he looked into the girl’s eyes. Was there a hidden meaning in her words and smile? His heart thudded in his chest as he held her foot. Unconsciously, without thinking of what he was doing he stroked her foot and then placed it on his thigh as he reached for the other shoe which he placed on her foot.

Susan, who was a virgin but not stupid bout sex, realized instantly that the salesman liked to touch her feet. She did not know what a foot fetish was, but knew straight away that her feet were turning this man on. It excited her and she felt her pussy leaking love juice down its channel as she stood and took a few steps, emphasizing the swing of her hips as she did.

“These are nice, Mark, but I’d like to try on these open-toed shoes to see how they look.”

Mark obligingly went to the back of the store and brought back a pair that would fit Susan. Seated once again with her foot on the stool Susan decided to turn the heat up a notch.

Mark rested her foot on his thigh once again as he reached for a shoe to put on her foot. Pretending she was unaware of what she was doing, Susan slid her foot up his thigh to his crotch, letting her toes rest there. It was exciting to feel him there: it was nice and warm and soft and then her pussy pulsed when she felt his cock with her toes.

Mark took in a breath sharply when he felt Susan’s fot in his crotch, her toes resting on his cock. His hands trembling slightly, he took her foot in one hand and moved it to a position where he could fit the shoe on her foot.

Mark felt sexual excitement run over his body as he looked into the innocent face of this sexy girl with pretty feet. Was she so innocent as to not know what she had done and what her toes had pressed against?

He licked his lips as he fit her with both shoes, pretending not to know or feel what she had done.

Susan stood up and, looking down at Mark, gave him a dazzling smile as she twisted her ankles, testing the feel of the shoes. Exaggerating the swing of her youthful hips, she strode around the store, pretending to test the feel of the shoes.

“They are nice, but I’d like to try on this pair,” she told Mark, pointing to another pair of shoes. Mark found her size and took the shoes to her seat dutifully where he gently removed Susan’s shoes. While he was removing the new shoes from their box Susan lifted one foot and put it on his thigh near his crotch. She slid it up and down seemingly unaware of what she was doing.

Mark licked his lips as he fitted her; his hands now openly stroking her feet at he did so. She knows what she is doing, he told himself. His cock was now leaking into his shorts as his mind whirled, wondering what this sexy girl was going to do next.

What she did was to try on pair after pair of shoes. By the time she had tried on a dozen pair Mark was openly stroking and fondling her foot and ankle as he fitted her.

Deciding to make a more forceful move, Susan smiled at him sweetly as he fondled her foot prior to fitting her with yet another pair of shoes. “Do you like my feet? Are they pretty?”

Mark swallowed. “They are pretty.”

“And you like to touch them?”

Mark looked into the eyes of this hot teen, eyes that were now looking steadily into his in a way he had not experienced for some time.

Now his hands were openly caressing her foot and ankle and letting his fingers slide up and down her calf. “I do,” he responded carefully.”

“I like your touch, Mark. You make me feel very excited. Is there a more private place where you can enjoy my feet?”

Mark’s cock jumped in his shorts as he listened. My God. This kid is something else. How far does she want to go? He licked his suddenly dry lips and nodded. Going to the front of the store he put the “closed” sign on the door.

Smiling shyly, he led Susan to the back of the store where there was a cot and a reclining chair. “Please take a seat in the chair and I’ll be glad to massage your feet.”

Susan complied with his request, lying back in the chair. She opened her thighs and raised a foot for Mark.

Mark, his hands trembling with the sexual excitement that filled his body took her foot in his hands and began to massage it gently. Slowly his hands moved over her foot, then moved up to her ankle and then her calf.

“Ummmm. That feels nice Mark. I see you like to massage more than my feet.”

Mark, now feeling more confident as to where this was going, grinned at her. “I do, young lady. I’m very good at giving a massage.”

And what else do you want to do? Susan wondered,

Susan smiled at him and then blew his mind away. She lifted a leg and slid her nylon-clad foot slowly across his cheek, caressing it softly before running her toes across his mouth, her eyes holding his as she did.

To Susan’s delight, Mark took the hint, taking her foot in his hand and kissing it. A jolt of sexual exhilaration ran over Susan’s body as she looked at Mark as he licked and kissed her foot. And she felt on fire when he opened his mouth and sucked on her toes.

It felt so weird to have him suck on her toes through the nylon. A feeling of supreme sexual joy filled her body as she raised her other foot to his face, sliding it salaciously over his cheek, teasing him with her toes.

Mark held both her feet in his hands, alternately kissing and licking and sucking on her feet and toes.

“Would you like me to take off my pantyhose Mark?”

Mark swallowed and nodded. The sight of this long-legged red head reaching up under her skirt to remove her pantyhose mesmerized him.

“This is awkward, Mark. Would you help me?”

Her words blew Mark’s mind away. Saliva filled his mouth as he leaned forward, his trembling hands pulling at the waistband of Susan’s pantyhose. His face was only inches away from her crotch. The urge to kiss her there was almost overwhelming.

Susan was now on fire with desire. Mark’s sucking and licking her toes and feet had brought her to a sexual boil. Mark’s face, so close to her pussy, was too much.

When Mark had tugged her hose down her hips she put her hands to his head and pulled his mouth to her crotch. “I feel the need for a little different massage, Mark,” she told him, her voice soft, low, hoarse with sexual desire.

Susan’s hands on the back of his head, his face buried in her crotch triggered all the pent up sexual energy that had been building up in Mark’s body. His hands pushed her pantyhose down her thighs.

Not bothering to remove them completely, he put his head between her now exposed thighs, his mouth pressed against the crotch of her tiny bikini panties, sucking at her pussy through her panties, his hands fondling her ass.

A sigh escaped Susan’s lips when she felt Mark kiss and suck at the crotch of her panties. It felt so good, so damn good. She stroked Mark’s cheeks with her fingertips. She opened her thighs wide to give him complete access to her sex.

Mark was in heaven. After the initial rush of kissing and sucking at the tasty crotch of Susan’s panties, he began to make love to her thighs. With long sweeps of his tongue, he licked the tender skin surrounding her crotch. His lips kissed her gently as he did.

“God, Mark. You are going to make me cum just from sucking at my panties. Get my hose and panties off before I go out of my mind.”

Mark did, pulling the hose and panties down her legs and putting them on the cot. As soon as these offending garments were out of the way he put his face once again between her thighs, his mouth resting on her pussy lips.

Susan squirmed in the chair as Mark kissed and licked her lips, then felt a rush as he shoved his tongue between them and into her hot, wet, excited vagina.

Her hands went to the back of his head while she simultaneously raised her hips, shoving her pussy forcefully against his mouth. “Yessss, Mark. Fuck my pussy with your tongue,” she told him as she raised and lowered her hips, fucking at his face.

Mark’s cock throbbed and leaked precum into his shorts when he heard her voice telling him exactly what she wanted. He felt a rush to feel Susan’s pussy fucking at his face. He closed his eyes and let his mind focus only on his tongue inside this hot pussy and the feel of her hands on his head, holding him to her sex.

It felt so good to be between this hotties thighs. He buried his tongue inside her, driving it back and forth, feeling the pull of her pussy, the walls grabbing and releasing his tongue as he used it to fuck her pussy. Joyfully he put his hands to the outside of her thighs, hugging them closely to his cheeks: holding him between he thighs.

Susan’s eyes widened when she saw Mark hold her thighs to his cheeks. A stream of her lovejuice flowed down her channel as she realized the significance of what he was doing.

He wants to be where he is she enthused. He wants to get me off with his mouth. It felt so good to fuck his face. And then the tremors of an impending orgasm began to move from her crotch to the rest of her body.

“Lick my clit now, Mark. I’m going to make it,” she told him, pulling at his head, directing him, guiding him to do as she bid.

Mark was more than happy to comply. He loved to fuck and even more to suck pussy. There was nothing like the rush of feeling a woman orgasm when his mouth was around her clit, his tongue lapping at it slowly until the eruption occurred.

And it did. Susan had never felt so sexual in her life as she began to cum. She arched her back and lifted her hips, herhands holding Mark’s mouth to her pussy as the dam broke and her orgasm filled her body.

Mark was as excited as Susan and used his talented tongue to keep her cumming. His mouth around her clit, sucking softly, he used his tongue to caress her throbbing clit softly, prolonging her orgasm for far longer than Susan had ever felt before.

She let her thighs flop open, spent, exhausted, a thin film of perspiration covering her tummy. Her eyes closed, she luxuriated in the feeling of sexual fulfillment. Then her eyes opened wide as she felt Mark slide his mouth down from her clit to her now dripping pussy.

Putting his mouth around her lips, Mark joyfully sucked at her, pulling her cum down her channel and into his mouth.

Susan closed her eyes and purred to him, “That is so loving Mark, so very tender. It feels so good to have you suck on me like that. Ummmm. Lick inside me to get every drop of my cum.

Mark could not get over how mature this sexy teen was, how she knew what she wanted and guided him to do as she wished. He caressed her thighs with his hands as he sucked at her pussy, his tongue inside, lapping away at her soft, warm, wet vaginal walls.

Susan pulled his head up until his mouth was once again pressed to her clit. “Again, Mark. Make me cum again.”

And he did and Susan returned to his store again and again. The next time she lay on the cot and after being sucked and licked to many orgasms let Mark fuck her.

She was surprised to discover that he could cum not just twice, but four times. It was heavenly to feel his hard, hot cock inside her and when it exploded with cum she knew she had died and gone to heaven.

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