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Lust for My Workout Partner

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I have been working out at the same gym for awhile now and after my work out I always looked forward to hitting the showers because I loved to check out the other guys in the locker room and showers. One particular day stands out in my memory because it was the first day I set eyes on Bart. I was in the shower, eye balling a few of the other guys in there, admiring their cocks and ass’s when they were not looking. I also love to tease other guys, hoping they make eye contact and re-pay the favor of a good tease.

Having no luck with an audience, I was just finishing up my shower when Bart walked in. It was an instant attraction. Hell, I couldn’t end my shower now, so I started to soap up again. He had an average build, not rock solid but not out of shape either. Beautiful black clean-cut hair surrounded a very handsome face. His chest was smooth and very well defined. Moving down I saw a nice member between his legs, hanging limp a good four inches, resting on a nice set of fuzz covered balls. He walked past me to the shower across from mine and his tight semi-hairy ass was there for me to look and lust for. Nice small cheeks that had a little tightness to the that any guy would love to have their hands on.

Time for my show, I turned toward him and began to wash my cock and balls, turning around and washing my ass and making sure to bend over and wash my legs. Turning to face him again I noticed he was looking at me and quickly turned away. With a smile on my face I continued to finish my shower. As he turned back towards me I noticed a semi-hard cock now. That got my own cock stirring and lusting for his cock. He must of thought he better get out of there before he sported a full erection, so he hurriedly finished his shower and left. I too finished mine and headed towards my locker. Turning the corner to my row of lockers, I was pleasantly surprised to find Bart right next to my locker. Pulling up to my locker I extended my hand and introduced myself. He told me his name and that is was nice to met me. We exchanged some small talk, found out that he is also married and this was his first time at this gym. I could hardly stop my cock from stirring. This guy was turning me on so much that I had to fight not to get a major hard-on. He finished dressing and shook my hand saying it was nice to met me and maybe he’ll see me again. I couldn’t wait until that happened.

The next day Bart was at the gym when I got there. In the gym we talked more, spotting each other when needed and pretty much got along like we have know each other forever. After about a hour I was finished with my work out and headed to the showers. Later I said to Bart as I walked out the door. How I wished he would follow me into the locker room. Getting out of my sweaty workout clothes, I step into the shower and began to wash myself. Not soon after I began to wash, in came Bart, only this time he choose the shower right next to me. Smiling at him I commented on how good of a work out I had and that I enjoyed working out with him. I also told him that he looked like he took care of himself and that I would be his motivator if he wants one. He said that would be great and he would do the same for me. We decided that we would be each other’s spotters for now on. Again, I could not take my eyes off of him and just enjoyed the sight of his body.

He seemed a bit more relaxed, washing his semi hard cock and balls right in front of me and paying special attention to his ass as he turn away from me to wash it. What a nice firm ass I thought as I got a few good strokes in on my cock as he turned away. It seemed to me that he was now playing my game and teasing me. Well hell it was working because I could not contain my cock anymore and became fully erect. Not caring anymore, I just continued to wash and when he turned around he smiled and stared at my erect penis. I was worried for nothing because his cock was so fucking hard that the head was purple and his member was throbbing up and down. Deciding it may not be a good idea for two guys to be sporting wood in a shower room we got out of there and went to our lockers. I told him that my wife was gone for the day and if he wanted, he could stop by my house for some coffee and we could get to know each other better. He jumped at the chance and said he would follow me.

We got to my house, told him make himself at home and I would put the coffee on. I returned to the living room and sat on the couch next to him. I was so excited that I could hardly breath. We talked about our families and our interests. I found out that he has always been curious about guys even though he is attracted to females almost solely, but never had the nerve to approach a guy, that is until now. He said from the moment he saw me he could not stop thinking about me. Holy shit, my cock sprang to attention inside my jeans. I told him that I have had just a few romps with guys before, mainly oral and that I don’t find men attractive either, it is my lust for their cocks that gets me. But, with you I continued, you turn me on and I not only want your hot cock, I want all of you. With that we came together on the couch and began to kiss. I ran my fingers through his soft hair, kissing him deeply and with passion. I could feel his warm breath on his neck as he sucked my ear lobes. He smelled so good that I could not stop kissing him. Our prickly beards rub together and we sucked face in wild lust. I got down on the floor between his legs and stripped him of his pants. His cock was straining for release and made a nice tent of his skivvies.

Breathing my breath his cock, he quivered with delight as I sucked his pre-cum soaked shorts with my mouth. Not being able to take it anymore, I yanked his under ware off, springing to life his massive love tool. What a beauty I thought as I grabbed it with both hands and began a steady movement up and down. He must be at least 9 inches I though as I lowered my wanting mouth down on to his head. Purple with passion, his cock head passed my lips into my warm wet mouth. Slowly I worked his massive stiffy down my throat. Masterfully, I was able to take his cock deep down my throat until my lips were resting on the base of his cock. He was in heaven as I worked it in and out of my watering mouth. Pulling it out, I grabbed his swollen shaft and licked his throbbing love vein up and down the backside. Sucking his head, I was able to extract some of his sweet cock nectar. I wanted this guy and wanted him now.

Rolling onto the floor, he removed my clothes and went after my cock. Sucking it with the expertise of a man with many years of cock sucking behind him, he had me close to orgasm within minutes. He attacked my cock with wild want and couldn’t get enough of my 6-inch boner. We were both lost in our own love for cock and rolled on top then bottom, taking in each other cocks deeper and deeper with every suck.

Soon both of our breathing became heavier, and our cocks began to swell. Finishing with a fury, we sucked each other off until our cocks exploded in each other’s mouth. Filling my mouth with his hot cum, I could not swallow fast enough, filling my mouth with his love goo, spilling some out of the corner of my mouth. I exploded in his mouth; fucking his face harder and faster with every gush of cum. we continued to suck each other off, draining every drop of our love juice out of our spent softening cocks. Soon we came up to each other and shared each other’s cum with a kiss. We held each other tightly for a few minutes.

I told him he was a wonderful lover and that I look forward to the next time we could be together. He told me his wife was going out of town on business this coming weekend and maybe we could work something out. I told him I can hardly wait until I feel his warmth and smell his sweet musty smell again. He wanted to feel my cock in his tight ass he told me. We fell into a kiss again and my thoughts drifted to the upcoming weekend, I knew this was a guy that I was falling in love with.

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