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Neighbors on a Train

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I was sitting in my compartment on the southbound train, heading for Los Angeles. I hadn’t seen my girlfriend since she left for UCLA ten months ago. Why am I taking the train? I’m terrified of flying and I fall asleep while driving. But the expense was worth it to have my own compartment where I could stretch out to sleep. I’m six-six and the chairs in the cattle car just aren’t conducive to sleeping. Also, I could shut out the kids.

We actually left Seattle on time, passing Safeco Field and heading south to Tacoma. I had a great book but wanted something to drink so I headed to the club car to see what was happening. I was lost in contemplation, thinking about Angela. We hadn’t been together since last summer. But I remained faithful. I looked and I had a prurient fantasy or two, but I kept it in my pants. I really thought she could be the one. We met while at the University of Washington. I got my degree in finance and got a job at the software giant (you know which one I’m talking about) while she wanted to further her education and went to LA. Well, this was my first chance for a vacation and I couldn’t wait to surprise her.

When I got to the club car, it was packed. I slowly made my way to the counter so I could get a drink. But the milling crowd caused me to bump into someone. I turned to apologize and looked into the eyes of my neighbor, Alan. I smiled at a familiar face and we started talking. He told me he was on his way to San Diego to meet his brother’s ship when he got to port in a few days. I asked why the train and he told me he hated flying. I smiled and agreed. We were chatting back and forth and I asked him to come back to my compartment, the bed was folded into a couch and there was a comfy armchair there as well. He agreed and we set off down the halls of the train. Once in the compartment we talked some more. I told him I was going to surprise my girlfriend.

We talked through several stops, and then decided to have dinner once we passed Eugene. Over dinner we talked about the apartments where we lived. It was a great old building in Pioneer Square near downtown Seattle, the area hardest hit by the earthquake two years ago. From my apartment I could see the Pike Place market and the ferry terminal. Alan lived across from me and didn’t have a view. But as I was leaving in the morning, over time, I had seen a couple of guys leaving, in various states of undress. I knew he was gay and I could care less. Alan was an EMT and worked for the city. He was maybe a year or two older than my twenty-four. He was tall, about six-three and was strong, but you would have to be to do all that lifting.

When dinner was done, Alan made to go back to the cattle cars where he was sitting. But he was almost as tall as I and needed that extra space. Plus, I really wanted someone to talk to. So I invited him to stay with me. He smiled and said he really appreciated it. He was lonely too. When we got back to the compartment, the porter had turned the sofa into a bed. My plan might have hit a snag. There was no upper birth, the sofa turned into a queen-sized bed. Well, what the hell. I invited Alan in and I sat in the armchair and he got comfortable on the bed. We talked some more and I realized that I really liked him. We had talked in the hall a few times, but I found that he was a great guy. When we were both home, I was going to make a point of spending more time with him.

Alan leaned back against the wall and was watching the view as we passed through the mountains from Eugene to Klamath Falls. I watched him. Like I said he was almost as tall as me and definitely stronger. But he was also handsome. His skin was like milky porcelain. He had a very smooth face; almost beautiful complexion that I knew many women would kill for. His lashes were long and thick. But he wasn’t feminine looking; he was definitely a man. He had a dark five o’clock shadow and his cheekbones were more masculine then feminine. He had dark, golden brown hair. His fingers were long and graceful while being strong as well. His legs were long and his feet were big. I mentally shook myself, what the hell was I thinking?

I had messed around a little with my freshman roommate. I wanted to try it and see. We kissed a little and jerked off together. I let him suck me often, but I only tried it once. He was so excited he shot off almost instantly and I choked, and then puked. That kind of killed the passion for me. The year ended and we parted friends, but I hadn’t met any other guy or even had an urge to be with one since. But I was starting to think about it. Then I felt guilty because of Angela. Again, just a prurient thought or two, but I would keep it in my pants.

Once we passed Klamath Falls, it was past eleven. We were both tired. We would reach LA tomorrow afternoon and I wanted to go to bed. The next few minutes were awkward. I normally sleep in the raw. Alan admitted that he did too. But we agreed skivvies would do. I shucked my jeans and shirt then turned. I really felt inadequate. I was not even close to being as muscular as Alan. I was toned, more like a long-distance runner, but he was really buff and very defined. I was so much hairier too. It coated my chest and belly, up my arms and legs. My ass was so hairy, all the way up to the small of my back. Like the rest of my hair, it was dark brown, almost black. But I was skinny, almost gaunt compared to Alan. I turned red. Alan just looked at me and smiled. He had a light sprinkling of golden hair on his chest and a thin trail from sternum to belly button before it fanned out into the waistband of his briefs. Well, inadequacies are one thing, but all we were doing was sleeping. So I crawled in first, facing the wall and Alan followed, facing the opposite way.

The rocking of the train soon had me asleep. Even the occasional stop in Northern California couldn’t wake me. One of our first stops in the morning was in Sacramento. I woke up when the train had stopped. I found myself with Alan wrapped around me. I normally sleep on my back and he was lying with his head on my shoulder and an arm and leg thrown over me. I wouldn’t have cared regardless, but I was glad just to have someone in my arms. It has been a very lonely ten months. It’s so easy to get used to sleeping with someone beside me, but a bitch when they are gone. So I just lay there for a few minutes, savoring the moment. Then he woke up. He sat away from me and started apologizing.

“I’m sorry Bill. I just miss having someone to sleep next to.”

He looked vulnerable and a little sad. “I understand Alan. It’s been a long time since someone slept next to me too. Don’t be embarrassed.” He broke out in one of the largest grins.

We got up and got dressed and headed for the dining car as we set out from Sacramento, heading for the coast. Over breakfast, he started relaxing again. We talked a lot. We talked about his job and then mine. He was interested in it all. And I found myself just as interested in his work. We had a lot in common: music, movies, books, everything. We were still talking when we got to Santa Barbara. The six hours just flew by. We were heading into Los Angeles when I asked what his plans to get to San Diego were. He told me he was taking a bus. I told him that I was renting a car. Since it was Thursday, I knew Angela would have class tomorrow. I told him that we would drop off my stuff and I would take him to San Diego and come back and spend the weekend with Angela. He was hesitant at first, but I talked him into it.

We got to the station in LA and we got my car and drove to Angela’s place. It was about seven and traffic wasn’t too bad. We pulled up in front of the little house she was renting and we got out. I walked up to the door and rang the bell. But Angela didn’t answer the door. David did. He was a graduate student we both knew from our time at the University of Washington and who had talked Angela into going to UCLA during last summer. He looked shocked to see me.

“David. Is Angela home?”

“Bill. What are you doing here?”

“I came to see Angela. What are you doing here? Study session?”

He ran his left hand through his hair. I noticed a gold ring on his finger. It all clicked into place. I looked over at Alan. Pity flooded his face.

“So, when did you get married?”

“Last month. In Vegas.”

“I see. Well. I think I should go.”

David tried to say something but I just held up my hand. “Just tell me one thing. Did you and Angela get together after you got to Los Angeles?” His guilty look told me everything I needed to know. I just turned around and walked back to the car. I handed Alan the keys and had him drive. The self-pity party was in full swing.

“Pretty stupid, huh?”

“Bill. You couldn’t have known.”

“She stopped calling so often. She kept talking to me as if she were further and further away. I am such a fool.”

“Come on. She should have at least told you she was getting married. It also sounds like she was juggling you both. Oh shit. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…”

“Yeah. Pretty stupid.”

“Bill, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean…”

“It’s okay. Look. Can we just go find someplace for me to stay. I want to get really drunk and then I’ll take a cab back to the station and catch the train back to Seattle tomorrow morning.”

“Look, Bill. Why don’t you come to San Diego with me? You have this time off. You can come with me.”

“That’s really nice of you Alan, but I really think I should just call it good.”

“Come on, I don’t have to pick up my brother until Sunday. We can hang out and do stuff around here. What do you say?”

“I don’t know. I think I would be rather lousy company.”

“We’ll go get drunk tonight after we find a hotel. Then we will decide in the morning, okay?”


Alan drove for a couple of hours. We ended up in Anaheim. He told me it was closer to San Diego than LA and we could hang out and have some fun. We checked into a hotel with a restaurant and bar about ten blocks from the convention center. Alan got us a room and we headed for the bar. I’m not proud of myself, but I got absolutely pissed drunk. Unfortunately, it only took three drinks to do it. I don’t drink often and it showed. I don’t think Alan was even buzzed. He helped me up to our hotel room and he put me to bed. I was too buzzed and giggled a lot because I was embarrassed.

I woke up the next morning fairly early. Alan was already awake. He was on the floor doing sit-ups. I watched him flip over and do push-ups. He did over one hundred. I couldn’t stop watching the play of muscles in his arms and back. He was magnificent and now I knew how he was so incredibly well muscled. There was a knock on the door and Alan stood and got it. A room service cart was wheeled in and he noticed I was awake. He smiled at me and told me that breakfast was in order because he had a lot for us to do. So we ate, showered and dressed. I should have been surprised but I wasn’t when we walked the ten blocks to the gates of the happiest place on Earth. Within minutes we were laughing and jumping around like kids. We rode every ride; even the kid’s rides based on fairy tales, and ate hot dogs and popcorn.

That evening, while sitting in the back row of a boat floating through a lagoon infested with pirates, I stared at his laughing face. I came to the conclusion that this was one of the best days of my life. I reached over and grabbed his hand and squeezed. He looked at me and we were both smiling. Then the smile faded as we slipped over a hill into a cave. By the time we were passing a pirate ship cannoning the hell out of a town, we were kissing. His mouth tasted like the cotton candy we had eaten a few minutes ago. I was lost in the sensation of his tongue brushing mine. I sucked on it, pulling his tongue deep in my mouth. I felt his groan through his chest. Then he turned the tables on me, and my groan was wrenched from me. It was loud enough that I heard it over the singing robotic pirates. That split us apart, but the connection was still there. The fire was still burning. I had to keep touching him and him touching me, just a brush of my hand along his arm or against his thigh. Something had been unleashed between us. I just hoped that he would go along with it. I needed to feel close to someone and fate or some other higher power put him in my path.

We left the park and walked back to the hotel. The door had hardly shut behind us and we were kissing and groping each other. He pulled off my shirt and clawed his fingers through my chest hair. When he scraped my nipples my knees gave way and I sank to the floor. Alan couldn’t have known, but having someone run their fingers through the hair on my chest, slightly pulling on it, made me so incredibly hard that I could hardly breath. It had always ranked high on my turn on list. He followed me to the floor, whispering in my ear how hot I was, how hard he was. I shut my eyes and shuddered. Then I attacked him, removing his clothes, slipping them from his muscular frame. I had him down to his briefs. His erection pushed to the side over his hip, tenting the side of his underwear. He turned from me to pull down the bedding. I saw him from behind and I watched his ass move under the soft cotton of his underwear. Then I noticed the tip of his cock, poking in his underwear over his hip. He was long, very long if I could see it from a full back view. My mouth watered. He turned to me and his eyes were dilated and his breath was hitching.

“I didn’t travel prepared, Bill.”



“Oh. I traveled prepared.”

I went to my shaving kit in the bathroom and grabbed the strip of rubbers. I came back into the bedroom and saw Alan, lounging on the bed, one leg lifted and bent at the knee. He rocked it back and forth and I could see his erection rub into the tight cotton of his briefs that were a little transparent from his excitement. I had a feeling that if I reached down into my underwear, I would find myself in the same dripping condition. The thought alone almost had me lose it.

“I should probably wear two of these.”

Alan stopped moving and looked up sharply. “What do you mean?”

“It’s been a really long time since I had sex and my control is questionable.”

The look of relief on Alan’s face made me wonder. “Alan, did I say something wrong?”

“No. I was just having an insecure moment. I thought you were commenting on me. I didn’t want to take offense. But I am really glad you clarified.” With that he grinned.

“Alan, that was the last thing on my mind. I know you. This is unexpected, but I can’t imagine not being with you. I’m just so on edge I could shoot right here, right now.”

“That’s an idea.”

With that Alan stuck his hand over his cock and squeezed the tip. I heard him moan. And felt that simple caress deep in my jeans. Then I watched him cup his balls and run his thumb over them, separating and emphasizing each of his testicles. All the while, he slowly rubbed the head of his cock. I was breathing heavily, panting my desire. I was standing in front of the bed, wearing my jeans and underwear and nothing else. I watched as Alan removed his hand from his scrotum and moved up to pinch one of his nipples. Then he told me to do the same. I moved my hand up, tweaking the tight nub. The first twinge had me moaning. Then I watched him run his fingers through his chest hair.

I found my hand subconsciously following the same trail on my own chest. All the while, he slowly rubbed the head of his cock. His underwear was almost translucent from his pre-cum. He was breathing hard, his cheeks, chest, and neck was flushed. My jeans were so tight; I was so incredibly hard and trapped. It was torture. I shifted my feet and felt a moment of intense sensation. I gasped. Alan smiled then hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his briefs and shucked them down his legs and then flicked them off his ankle, hitting me straight in the crotch. My knees buckled and I landed on the edge of the bed. I looked my fill of Alan’s exposed body. He was physical perfection. His shaft was straight and long and stood so incredibly hard that it almost rested on his belly and he was only half reclined. I wanted so badly to take him in my mouth, my first experience not withstanding. But it wasn’t to be. Alan reached into my lap with his foot and squeezed me then pressed hard against me. I exploded. Each spasm had me calling out. I could feel each tremendous wave propel fluid from me into my pants. It was the most intense orgasm I had had in a long time. My vision was blank, my hearing gone. I was centered on the amazing sensations centered in my crotch. As my breathing slowed, my senses began to return. And then I felt the blush rise up from my chest until I knew my face was flaming. I looked up into Alan’s smiling, laughing face.

“That was amazing Bill. I have never seen anything so incredibly erotic as watching you cum. I hope it was as good as it looked.”

“It was amazing, one of the best ever. But it was kind of one-sided. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. The moment you said you were on a short fuse, I decided that I wanted the edge taken off.” He kneeled in front of me and unsnapped my jeans before pushing me back on the bed and pulling them and my underwear off my legs. “Because now that it’s my turn, Bill, I want you to last for a good long while.”

Those words had my still plump cock stand back at full staff. Then I watched as he picked up my briefs and licked at the sticky mess. When he looked at me and said ‘yum’ I almost shot again. I have never been this randy before. Okay, so I have only slept with three women and my freshman roommate. But my response was even more amazing than the weekend I discovered masturbation when I was sixteen (okay, so I’m a really late bloomer and don’t sleep around). But I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend an evening than exploring this explosive chemistry between Alan and myself. And from the gleam in his eye, it was going to be quite the exploration.

Alan pushed me back on the bed and placed a pillow behind my head. Then he started kissing and raking his hands through the hair on my chest. I felt him move over me, reaching for the condoms still clutched in my hand. He tore one off then rolled it down me. The sensation had me groaning and bucking my hips. Alan told me to calm down and let him take care of everything. Then he threw his leg over me and sat, taking me into himself slowly, moving in scant millimeters down the length of me. Once seated, his ass resting on my thighs, he let out a long sigh, full of an almost unrecognizable contentment. Then Alan looked in my eyes and smiled. A smile of happiness and joy as he began to move, lifting himself up then moving down, gracefully, slowly. The muscles in his arms and chest bunched with energy as he grasped my chest, digging deeply into my chest hair, pulling slightly. The pain and pleasure of the simple connection was incredible. I was fisted in heat, a velvet sheath so warm and tight, I felt myself on edge again, close to tripping. I reached out and took his erection in my hand. I was amazed at the soft, silky skin, the texture and feel of it as it rolled beneath my fingers. I started to move my hand over him, moving over the velvety skin covering his incredibly hard shaft. But he brushed my hand away.

“Let it happen on its own.”

I moved my hands up to feel his chest, brushing my fingers in lazy patterns, discovering that he had more chest hair than I had thought. The golden red of it merged with his skin tone, making it appear he wasn’t as hairy as he was. I felt the muscles tighten in his chest and belly as I moved my hands over it. I could feel his pleasure as he started squeezing me as he moved. His entire body started to tense, curling in on itself. I watched as his cock stiffened even further, moving up higher and higher against his belly. His testicles began to lift up against his body. He kept squeezing my shaft with each rhythmic glide of his motions. I felt myself build, but not as fast as Alan. All of a sudden, he pulled hard on the hair on my chest, clawing at my pecs as his hands closed into fists. His head lowered against his chest as I saw his legs quiver. Then he raised his head to stare straight into my eyes and cried out as my belly became flooded with his release. Each pulse of semen that left his body I could feel as he milked my cock with his ecstasy. It was too much. I pulled at his hips, driving myself hard, grinding my hips into him as I came. Each spasm had my calling out my pleasure. Eight, nine, ten rapid pulses of fire left me. I was drained with pleasure, weak with release. Alan collapsed against my chest with enough exhausted force that my arms went around him with instinctual speed. The wealth of tenderness that hit me almost staggered me. It definitely stole my breath. I found myself stroking his back and cupping his face before lifting it so I could place a gentle kiss on his lips. Slowly we drifted off and I slipped into one of the most contented sleeps of my life.

I awoke the next morning to the sun shining in my eyes. I looked over at the table by the bed and couldn’t stop the contented grin from spreading across my face. There were four condom wrappers littering the surface. I remembered each and every one of those condoms and what we did to use them. It seemed that every muscle in my legs, hips and lower back had a pleasantly overused feel. I haven’t had a sexual workout like that since, well, never. I turned away from the bedside table, hoping to see Alan still asleep. But his side of the bed was empty. I got up and searched in the bathroom. It too was also empty. I rummaged through my bag and grabbed some clean clothes and went into the shower. I let the warm water pulse into me as I started to feel some rather heavy insecurities hit me. I got out of the shower and put on my clothes. I sat on the bed, in front of the television, trying not to feel how I was starting to feel. Then Alan walked in. The relief I felt was palpable. He had a smile and a bag filled with coffee and pastries. He had gone out and gotten breakfast. I swallowed a couple of times, feeling foolish for my doubts. But I wanted to know.


“Yes, Bill?”

“What happened last night wasn’t pity was it?” I know I sounded pathetic and vulnerable. He looked at me and smiled. He walked up to me and cupped my face before kissing me, teasing my mouth with his tongue before deepening the kiss. As it ended, he pulled away and smiled again at me.

“No Bill, it wasn’t pity. What we shared last night had absolutely nothing to do with pity.”

“God! I’m sorry. I know that was pathetic.” I lowered my head only to have him lift my chin.

“Hey, don’t worry. You had a really big blow to your ego. Of course you’re going to be a little unsure. Don’t worry.”

He kissed me again. Which led to more kissing. Which led to touching and undressing and the use of another condom. Then we had to shower. We decided to conserve water and help out the local economy by showering together. We ended up using another condom. By early afternoon, we were able to leave the hotel room and we went to Edison Field and saw an Angels’ game. They just happened to be playing the Seattle Mariners that day so we got to root for the home team. We ate popcorn and hot dogs and drank beer and had a really good time together.

That night, Alan let me explore. He lay back and let me skim my hands and tongue over his body. He passively sat back and let me feel the texture of his underarms, the taste of his nipples, the tautness of his belly. I discovered every freckle, every scar. I tasted and touched every square inch of him from head to toe. After several long minutes, he was panting under me. His body was strung tight with arousal as I took him in my mouth. I moved up and down on him, he cupped my head in his hands, sifting through my hair, coaching me slightly. I felt him thicken and tense against my tongue. I felt him swell and pulse as he shot volley after volley into my mouth while calling out his pleasure. When he returned the favor, I was in awe. No one had ever given so much to me before. The sensations were greater than any other I had experienced. It took scant minutes before I was clenching and spurting into Alan’s warm, talented mouth. We didn’t use any more condoms that night. We just lay in each other’s arms and slept, to regain precious energy that had been expended during the long, passionate night and day just passed.

The next morning, content and sated, we set out for San Diego to meet his brother. Strangely, I was nervous. I kept thinking about what Alan and I had shared this weekend and wondered if I would meet with approval. Not that we were a couple or anything. But I felt like what we had shared this weekend was out of character for Alan. Like I said, in the eighteen months we had been neighbors, I had only known him to have guys over maybe two times, perhaps three. I know he worked a lot and had little free time. During the hour or so drive south I wanted to ask Alan what it was we were doing. I wanted to know if we would be sharing more time together once we got home. But I kept silent about it. The truth is, even though I knew Alan didn’t sleep around that often, I didn’t know what he was looking for. I liked the idea of us spending more time together, but this was so new, so fresh, that I didn’t want reality to intrude too soon.

We met his brother at the shipyards. He was almost an exact copy of Alan. He was a bit shorter and a bit heavier, but the resemblance was uncanny. He also looked like he was about ready to explode. He was tense and I could tell he really needed to get off. He hugged Alan up hard and then told him that he loved him, but if he didn’t get his rocks off, he would end up killing someone. Just then, a young woman ran up and threw herself into his arms. She was dragging him away and he told Alan to call him tomorrow at his apartment. Well that kind of left us with no clue as to what to do for the next few hours. We ended up driving up the coast a little and stopped at a motel. It was a themed motel. You know, each room has a different theme decorated into it. We couldn’t stop ourselves. We pulled in and rented a room, we told them to surprise us. We got a couple of funny looks from the desk clerk, but we got a key and went down the hall to our room. We passed rooms with signs saying jungle or mountain. One was even pirate fantasy based. We got to our room. The sign on the door said it was the honeymoon fantasy. Alan swept me up into his arms and carried me through the door. His gesture had me giggling. But when we saw the room, we both dropped to the floor and started laughing in belly-rolling delight.

The room was a white satin concoction. There was a bathtub for two. The bed was round and draped in satin sheets, comforter and curtains. There was an intimate fireplace in the wall opposite the bed that was gas powered. On the bedside table, there was a basket filled with massage oils, lubricants and condoms in various colors and flavors. It was ridiculous. It was charming. And I couldn’t wait to try it all.

We decided to try the massage oil first. I had Alan lay down naked on the rug before the fire and worked the flowery oil into the skin and muscles of his back. I moved in kneading action from his shoulders to his feet, over and over until his muscles were a mass of relaxed jelly. Then he had me lie down and did the same for me. When my muscles were limp from relaxed ecstasy, Alan rolled me over and we stroked the other with more oil, bringing each other to orgasm amidst scented, slick heaven. I stood him up and we decided to use the bathtub. We crawled in and scrubbed with the heart shaped sponges and bath gel scented the same as the massage oil. I got up and dried him off then he did the same to me. I took his hand and led him to the bed. I pushed him down on his stomach and grabbed one of the sachets of lube and a condom. I took the condom and rolled it down my stiff shaft and tore open the lube with my teeth. I smeared the smooth liquid up and down his hairy cleft. I worked it into him with first one, then two and then three fingers, twisting and thrusting into him, making him ready for me. I pulled away my fingers and moved to lie completely on Alan. I pushed against him and he accepted me. I kept my body firmly planted over his, my legs and chest pressed into his thighs and back, pushing him into the satin. My goal, as I began to thrust, was that his cock would rub into the silky, soft texture of the sheets. I moved within him, thrusting heavily but slowly into his willing flesh. I felt him move with me, squeezing and grasping me, begging me to go deeper, fill him more fully. I loved the feel of all the satiny, warm skin below my chest. I liked the feel of his hands as they gripped mine and how his legs twined with mine as I continued to move, pillowed by the rounded mounds of his muscular ass.

Alan’s cries were a mixture of pleasured whimpers and passionate moans. I felt myself build and tighten, knowing the end was soon approaching. My stomach clenched and my hands pulled, moving tighter to my body, preparing for that explosive, vulnerable moment of absolute pleasure. What amazed me and filled me with pride was feeling Alan start to pull into himself, his body readying itself just as mine was. Then I felt the first groaned shudder leave his body, feeling his inner self grab me, announcing his release. I kept moving, timing my thrusts to match the rhythmic spasms racking his body. The pattern was familiar to my system and it triggered my own release, causing me to clench hard on top of Alan and spurt heavily into the latex surrounding me. My last spasm caused me to push far into him, hitting his trigger again in my last effort to bring him more pleasure. It caused a whimper of delight to leave his mouth before I collapsed completely and sated along the long line of his body.

A few hours later, we roused ourselves and Alan left to get provisions. He returned a half hour later with a couple of cheeseburgers and fries, a large chunk of chocolate cake and a tub of vanilla ice cream and a couple of bottles of champagne. We ate as if we would never see food again. Then we got creative with the ice cream, dribbling and licking it off each other. When the food was polished off and we were both hard and ready for more, I grabbed another condom and rolled it on. But Alan stopped me and asked if this time we could be a little rough. He wanted me to push his legs up to rest on my shoulders and pound in to him, fast and hard. I usually don’t go for the fast and furious, I prefer to be a little slow and plodding, knowing that the payoff is usually better for my partner. But he wanted it. I found myself lying about a foot above him, his thighs keeping me from lowering onto him and kissing him. I had no choice but to just pound into him. I moved fast, pulling out to the flared head then pushing all the way back until our pelvises ground together. I could do nothing but stare in his eyes as I pounded into him, hard and heavy. I was so thick and incredibly hard. I kept pounding down into his ass, watching as ecstasy unfurled on his face. I could tell he was close. I looked down, where our bodies were connected, watching my shaft retreat then enter his hole, over and over again. The sight was incredibly erotic. As I watched, Alan became stiffer and thickened, showing all the signs of impending release. I watched as he tensed, sending a stream of cum all over his chest and chin. I looked up to his chest, his eyes, and watched ecstasy spread over his face. He cried out in agonized moans of pleasure. It was a sound filled with so much joy, it brought my own release crashing down around me. I pulsed and tensed hard into the condom, flexing and twitching deep inside him. We collapsed side by side on the bed, trailing slight touches against our heated, sweaty skin. We drifted off eventually, still touching, still connected with the lightest of caresses.

I awoke several hours later. Alan was wrapped around me, holding me, cuddled up to my whole body. I had learned so much about myself, and my body, in the past few days. I liked cuddling. I liked being held. I loved how varied and passionate all the sex had been. I never knew that the world held such variety. Okay, I know that’s pathetic, but remember, I’m not that experienced. I found myself kissing the top of his head, reveling in the tender gesture. I moved my hand, skimming his back, reaching up to his chin, pulling it up for my kiss. The passion rose quickly in me and I was melding my mouth to his, kissing him awake. And when he met me kiss for kiss, I rolled him over, pushing him onto his back. I stretched over his body, moving between his legs. I felt him hard, digging into my belly. I could feel the hair on his chest rub against mine as I continued to kiss him. I felt the bumps of his tongue as it swept against mine. I pushed forward, searching for entrance, wanting to join my body with his. But his palms pushing against my chest had me pulling back. I lifted up enough to look at him and he had a concerned look about him. Alan reached over to the table and grabbed a condom. I had forgotten. As I rolled it on, I realized that it didn’t matter. I was willing to take the risk. I wanted to feel all of him gripping me. But it was unfair to ask him for so much. But I could ask him for something else. I rolled back in place, nose, chest, and hip meeting his. I pressed forward, willing him to let me in. He did. I pushed forward, gliding into place, feeling him stretch around me, grasping me, welcoming me. I stayed in place for long minutes, staring into his eyes, kissing him from time to time.

I slowly started to move, gliding in and out of his tight channel. I kept bumping a hard lump over and over, knowing I was stroking his prostate, stoking his pleasure, causing it to climb towards climax. The connection we had was more than the mere physical; it was emotional. I stared in his eyes when I wasn’t kissing him. His legs splayed on either side of my hips, grasping me. His hands skimmed and stroked my back. His lips met mine eagerly when I lowered to take them. When I wasn’t kissing him, I stared into his eyes, looking for every nuance of emotion to play across their liquid blue depths. They didn’t disappoint, we had been building something together the last couple of days. It was more than sex, more than the physical release. It was an emotional, soul-deep connection. It was all I needed to know. I stepped up my assault, moving faster and harder, pushing him, waiting for him to trip. I was more than ready to cum, holding on to it by sheer willpower. Each brush of his body, each pulse and tense twisted my pleasure higher and higher, causing me to gasp and moan in rapture. Then Alan reached up and pulled me to his lips, and I drank deeply of his mouth, causing my control to splinter as my orgasm exploded through me, causing my body to shudder over his. As the spasms slowed then stopped, I became aware of his release, pulsing and jetting onto my belly. As heaven receded and reality returned, my softened, limp penis slipped out of him and my heavy-lidded, drooping body relaxed. My head lowered into the nook of his neck. He rolled our bodies to the side and I kept myself wrapped around him: my arms about his back, a thigh wedged between his, and my head, pillowed on his shoulder. We both drifted off to sleep, with me content, having learned all I needed to know in that one illuminating moment of emotional vulnerability when I looked in his eyes.

The next morning, Alan called his brother. We left our hotel, that bizarre satin marshmallow that I know I will never forget. On our drive back to San Diego, Alan sat quietly, contemplating the scenery as it whipped by. His pensive air had me worried. But I waited him out, hoping he would open up and talk to me. Eventually he did.



“It was more than sex, right?” I looked up and saw the vulnerable uncertainty in his eyes. That same bone-deep weariness and loneliness that I recognized from the glimpses in my mirror just a few short days before, shone in his eyes. It was also that same shyness that was in my voice back in that hotel room in Anaheim after our first night together. But it was the question I was looking for, the one that I could open up and assure him that I wanted more than just this trip. It should have surprised me, but it didn’t. For once in my life, I had an opportunity for happiness and I planned on grabbing hold tight and never letting go.

“It was a lot more than sex. It was from the very beginning. I promise.” He smiled at me. It was a smile of promise and hope. A smile filled with warmth and tenderness. It was also filled with desire and, dare I hope, love.

We spent the next couple of days with his brother, Adam. I really liked him. He was funny and charming, now that the edge had been taken off his sexual hunger. But hell, I could understand. It can’t be easy being trapped away at sea for six months with nothing and no real easy way to relieve the pressure. Like I said, one really hot night in the sack and he was entirely different from the horny guy I met on the docks. He showed us around San Diego, letting us see the town in which he currently called home. It was a nice couple of days, relaxing and calm. We didn’t sleep together during the time we spent with his brother, but we did talk and share. I learned a lot of embarrassing stories from Adam about Alan. Tales from childhood, from school, all the things no one wants a lover to hear. But I loved every minute of it. Each word from Adam’s mouth cemented the bond that Alan and I shared.

The next day we set out for Los Angeles and the train station so we could go home. I had a cabin reserved and had Alan’s ticket upgraded so he could stay with me officially. Not that that would have stopped me. Our room was at the end of the car, with only the wall opposite the bed sharing with another room. The train set out, going in the opposite direction. By the time we hit Santa Barbara, we were kissing again, rolling around on the bed we had pulled out. I had slipped on one of the last condoms we had and was moving between his legs, getting ready to thrust deeply. But I missed my mark and plunged really deep when all I meant to do was probe at him. Then I went to pull back, but pulled out instead. I kept it up for a little while, thrusting too far then pulling back. Then I looked in Alan’s eyes and we started laughing, realizing that the rocking of the train was throwing the natural grace we had discovered off. While laughing, I had stopped moving. But the motion of the train had me rocking in him slightly. The slight movement had him arching his back in pleasure and me twitching in excited sensations. I braced my hands high enough so we only touched at the hips. I also kept my brace loose enough to keep from locking up and ruining the joy we had found. But it was cold on the train and I pulled the blankets over us. We were locked together, rocking with the train, writhing in pleasure under the blankets. We kissed often and he skimmed and stroked his hands over my body. In almost no time I was clenching and spurting in release. But Alan for once didn’t trip with me. So I moved down his body, moving under the blankets and taking him in my mouth, moving on him quickly, taking him over the edge with a few deft nibbles of my mouth. I took all that he had and tasted him. He was thick and musky, but good. I moved back up to kiss him, but he was already asleep. I removed the condom and curled around him, content to hold him while he slept, aware that the feelings blooming in my chest had just exploded into full-blown love. Amazingly enough I started this adventure so I could be with my college sweetheart. I ended up falling in love with my neighbor. Funny, but this is not how I imagined this week turning out, but I can’t complain. I prefer this; I think I found something so much greater than what I could have hoped for.

We spent the day and night, leisurely making love, holding each other, sleeping, getting up and eating from time to time. The following afternoon, while we were nearing Portland, I asked Alan to go to the club car for a couple of drinks for us. I had a plan and wanted to set it in motion while he was gone. I had palmed a few items while in our little satin motel room. I slipped off my clothes and opened a couple of the lube sachets and worked it into my cleft, smearing it over my ass and worked it into me with a couple of fingers. Then I slipped on a pair of white satin boxers I had found in a drawer in the motel room. I had one condom left and planned on using it as soon as Alan came back. I was waiting for him on the bed, lounging in the boxers, watching the view of Oregon City slip by as we broached the Willamette River on our way into Portland. Alan returned and walked in. The bottles of soda fell from his hands as he saw me, lying open in invitation. I smiled at him and crooked my finger at him, drawing him towards me. I watched as he slipped out of his clothing. I was again reminded of his beauty, his physical perfection. He knelt on the bed, skimming his hand in a long, sensuous trail from shin to neck. I felt goose bumps raise wherever his hand had once trailed. I was trembling by the time he slipped off my boxers. I lay before him, shuddering with desire and aroused to almost bursting.

Alan rolled to his back, pulling me half over him. I took the condom I had palmed and raised it to my mouth and used my teeth to tear the packet open. I stared in his eyes as I lowered my hand and rolled it down him. I kissed away his questions and confusion, begging him to understand what I wanted, what I needed. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, pulling him, rolling him on top of me. I pulled my legs up, cupping his body, cradling it between my thighs. I wrapped myself around him, begging him to end the torment. He reached between us, finding evidence of my ministrations. He kissed me deeply while pushing forward, parting me. I felt a moment of pure burning fire, before I opened and let him slide into me. He stayed in place, letting me adjust around him, gripping him and grasping him with my body. I must have given him an unconscious signal because he began to move. He pulled slowly out and then pushed back, rocking deeper and harder each time. And I felt nothing. I felt full, I felt like I was impaled. But I didn’t understand why he had found so much pleasure. I felt him move across my ring, stretching and scratching it with the slimy latex, but not any great passion that would have me writhing on the bed like Alan did. Then I wondered if perhaps he had been faking his response. But he came when I was inside him, many times more than once. Maybe I just wasn’t meant to find pleasure in this act. I wasn’t hard anymore; I was just there. I heard his cries; I knew he was enjoying it. It would be enough to bring him pleasure. Then Alan looked down in my eyes.

“You’re not with me. Are you?”

“I’m sorry. I don’t see what the big deal is.”

“Are you in any pain?”


He smiled at me then pulled my hips up and scooted down. Then he thrust up into me. I almost exploded. He hit something inside me and it caused me to cry out. I arched my back and felt the soft fur of his chest rub against me. He smiled at me and then did it again. I couldn’t catch my breath. He kept moving faster inside me, pushing me. I was tensing. I was curling in on myself. I wanted him to stop because I wasn’t sure what was happening. I felt a buildup that I didn’t know the outcome to. But Alan twined his hands with mine and chanted my name, telling me to let it happen. And I knew he had me, I was safe in his arms and I let go only to explode, feeling my body shatter with the exquisite orgasm taking over my body. For several long moments I was lost to sensation, twitching and quaking in release. Only after I took several deep breaths did reality start to intrude. I felt Alan still bucking into me. Ten, eleven, twelve heavy thrusts later had him shudder and call out as I felt his cock twitch heavily inside me, finding his own release. With his last pleasured gasp, he let go of me, collapsing on me and plopping out of me. I clutched him to me as he lay lazily upon me. I pulled the blanket over us and dozed.

I awoke after leaving Portland. There was a delay in crossing the bridge over the Columbia River. I looked over at Alan and kissed his sleeping lips. I skimmed my hand over him and found that he still had on the used condom. I slipped it off him and discarded it. When I turned back to him, I found Alan awake. I kissed him then took his hands in mine and raised them over his head. I took my time kissing him, with his arms imprisoned. Then I reached down with my free hand to find him hard. I spent the next few minutes stroking that silky skin, feeling the extreme rigidity. I kept stroking him, watching all the nuances of pleasure spread across his face. He was panting and his legs were restless. But I moved in such aching slowness that he had no choice but to follow me. I was in charge of his pleasure. He may have wanted more, but I wouldn’t let him. I kept stroking him, watching the ecstasy mount. His face became flushed, his nipples pebbled and his body kept writhing. He kept making gentle whimpers and pants of pleasure. I started kissing him, deeply. As I stroked him, up and down in long strokes, grinding the head into my palm and fisting him down hard to the base, practically grinding into his pubic bone, I felt his testicles brush up against my hand and they stayed, tight, signaling his impending release. I broke away from the kiss and looked in his eyes. “I love you, Alan.” And he came.

While Alan was replete, sated, glowing in the aftermath, I was aching. I grabbed the last sachet of lube I had and tore it open, smearing it all over my aching shaft. I rolled my chest on top of his. I looked in his eyes.

“Outside or inside. Your choice.”


“Out or in, Alan. The choice is yours. I don’t have another condom and I’m willing to take the risk.”

He hesitated. He bit his lip and it was trembling. “Out.”

I didn’t question and I didn’t hesitate. I rested my cock next to his and started grinding my hips into his. I was so turned on it only took a minute before I was spurting on Alan’s belly. I didn’t ask. I didn’t need to know. I still loved him. But he did explain. He works with the public and is exposed to a lot of people. He gets tested every three months, mandatory. He is always negative and doesn’t take any risks with his sex life, but the risk is always there. Just one infected person that he is called upon to help could infect him. I understood. Somehow I knew we would always make love with condoms, and it really didn’t bother me. He took extreme precautions at work, but I knew he would never forgive himself if something happened to me.

The train got into the station in Seattle just an hour late. We drove back to our apartments and he stayed that night with me in my bed. Over the next few weeks, more and more of Alan’s things ended up finding a home in my apartment. So when his lease was up after a couple of months, it just made sense to move the last of his things in with me. I look back on those two years we spent together in the little apartment with fondness. I learned almost as much about myself as I did about Alan. Now I sit looking out on the backyard at the house we purchased together. We still go to baseball games. And we have gone back to that little motel outside San Diego every year for our anniversary. We have tried just about all of the rooms there, but still find the satin marshmallow our favorite. And we always travel by train, knowing we can just lie together and let the simple motion of the train bring us joy. And all of this came about by coincidence, with two neighbors meeting on a train.

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