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Tennis Night

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My Friday night tennis matches were always fun. It was mixed doubles, with an equal number of men and women playing, and after each set we changed partners. After this particular night’s five sets of tennis were over, I was taking my time leaving the courts. I had played unusually well, and I was sitting on one of the benches, just sort of reliving my good playing.

After a bit I noticed that everyone else had called it a night and gone home, but when I picked up my tennis bag and was headed out the gate I noticed that there was someone walking along the far end of the courts. I waited a moment and saw that the other person was a woman and she seemed to be peering around looking for something.

“Well, maybe I can help,” I thought to myself and walked over to her. I knew most of the regular players, but this woman was a stranger, although I had seen her playing in other matches tonight. When I got closer to her I could see she was attractive, in her late twenties perhaps, short dark hair, and maybe about five foot five, but with a worried look on her face.

“You look concerned,” I said as I walked up to her. “Can I help you look for something?”

“My tennis bag,” she answered. “I’m new to this group, in fact I was just playing this one night while my husband is in the area on business. But I put my bag down while I was playing and I guess someone walked off with it. Maybe I’m too trusting, but I didn’t think a fellow tennis player would do that!”

“Well, I know most all of these tennis players, and you’re right,” I said, “I don’t think any of them would take a bag that didn’t belong to them. Let’s look around some more.”

Even as I said that, I noticed a dark shape under one of the benches at the far end of the courts. “Over there, under that bench, could that be it?” I asked as I pointed across the courts to the bench at the far end.

“I don’t think so,” she answered as we walked in that direction, “I wasn’t over in that area at all tonight, I don’t think.”

But sure enough, there was her bag, tucked away under the bench where it couldn’t be easily seen. “Oh, my gosh,” she said, “I guess I must have been over here. These are new tennis courts to me, and I must have gotten confused as to where I had been. Thank you so much,” she said as she took my hand, stood on tiptoe and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Oh, you’re quite welcome,” I said gallantly. “Let me walk you to your car. These tennis court lights are on a timer, and since all the other players have left, these lights will go out soon and the only light there will be are some low-intensity security lights.”

“Oh, that’s nice of you,” she said as we walked toward the parking lot.

While we walked I learned that her name was Gina, and that she and her husband lived out of state, but that he traveled on business to our area fairly often.

“I love to play tennis,” she said, “And I play a lot at home, but until tonight I never found a group in this area that I could get in with.” As she said that, sure enough, the tennis courts lights went off, and the area was bathed in the soft glow of the security lighting.

“How romantic,” Gina said, as she squeezed my hand. We stopped at a van that was parked at the end of the parking lot. I leaned against it, waiting, like a gentleman, to open the door for her when she got her keys out.

“I just love the tennis exercise,” she said, then after a pause she added, “Exercise makes me so horny.” Instead of getting out her keys, Gina took a step closer to me, then reached around me and slid open the van side door. To my astonishment, she then reached up under her tennis skirt, pulled down her panties, stepped out of them one leg at a time and tossed them into the van. I got a wonderful view of her bare ass as she climbed in after them, then her hand reaching out to me.

“C’mon, silly,” she said. “What are you waiting for?”

I didn’t need a second invitation. The back seats of the van were down flat and the floor was covered with the kind of padding that movers use to cushion furniture. Gina was on her back, and getting in, I straddled her. I pulled the van door closed as she was unbuttoning my shorts. She quickly had my hardening cock out as I pulled up her tennis top and pushed up her bra. Her nipples were already hard and ready, but before I could play with them too much she leaned up and took my cock in her mouth. I let out a deep sigh as I felt her warm wet mouth tightening around me, and soon she had a rhythm going, stroking my cock with her hand in time with her mouth bobbing up and down. I reached back under her skirt and ran my fingers along her pussy lips. She was so already so wet that my fingers slipped easily between her lips. I tried to run my fingers along her in time with her mouth on my cock, but her mouth and hand felt so good that I lost coordination with her strokes.

It wasn’t long before I had that familiar feeling, and thinking I had better warn her that I was about to cum, I said “Gina, if you keep that up I won’t be able to hold back.” She took her mouth away and just looked up at me with a little smile on her face as she kept on stroking me with her hand. Just that smile was all she needed to say, then her mouth was back on me, and with her hand and mouth she urged me on.

This was all so improbable that I lost all senses except that what was rising along my cock, and a second later with a primitive grunt I felt myself spurting into her mouth. Her hand strokes urged every bit of cum from me, and she took it all except for the final spurt which she aimed at the corner of her mouth. She held my cock out and licked the last few dribbles of cum from the head, then gave a giggle like she was having a great time. I certainly knew that I was.

I took a few seconds to regain my breath, and then slid down along her body so I could take one nipple in my mouth while teasing the other with my fingers. Her breasts weren’t overly large, but they were more than I could fit in my hand, and while I sucked on one nipple I pulled and pinched the other. Her breathing got heavier, and if anything, her nipples got harder. I pulled my head up and played with her tits with both hands and watched her face. In the dim light I could see that her eyes were closed and her head was tilted back in enjoyment.

I moved down further, pushed her legs apart, and darted my tongue just along the edges of her pussy lips. I felt her give a little shudder as my tongue found her clit, and I ran my finger along the edge of her lips. She was so wet that my finger slid easily into her and I added another finger, also very easily. I slid my fingers in and out of her as my tongue massaged her clit, and I could hear her making sounds like a kitten would make, just little mews. She started bucking against my fingers, and she was so wet that the moisture ran down along her ass, and as she started pushing hard against me I pushed against her asshole with my thumb. Her mews turned to groans as she came, and on her final push my wet thumb slipped into her ass.

“Uhh, uhh, uhh,” she groaned, gave a final push, and shuddered again and again, then just seemed to collapse with my fingers and thumb still in her.

Needless to say I was almost hard again by this time. She was still coming down from her orgasm as I pushed her legs up as far as they would go against the roof of the van. I entered her all the way up to my balls on the first push, and just ground myself against her pussy. I moved back almost all the way out, and then slammed into her again. She recovered from her orgasm pretty fast, and in a few moments we were matching stroke for stroke.

“Ahh,” Gina grunted on each stroke. “Ahh. Ahh. Ahh.”

I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer at this rate, so I decided to change the pace. I slid my cock out of her and said, “Roll over.”

“Wait a second,” she answered. She grabbed my cock, and in a moment she had it in her mouth. She slid her mouth up and down on it, the same now rock-hard cock that a moment earlier had been in her hungry pussy. The soft wetness of her mouth was different than the soft wetness of her cunt, but both were so good that I knew I had to stop her before she put me over the edge again.

“God,” I exclaimed, “You’re just too good. Now c’mon, over on your hands and knees, I want to do you from behind.”

Obediently Gina rolled over with her chin on the mats of the floor, and her soft round ass up in the air. I didn’t really slide into her because it was more like her pussy came after my cock, but in a second I was buried in her again. We began a slow steady fuck with Gina rocking back against me as I pushed into her, and in the soft light coming through the van window I could look down and see my hard wet dick moving in and out of her almost hairless pussy. I couldn’t resist wetting my thumb and running it around the dim pucker of her asshole, and I slid out of her once and rubbed my cock around that puckered hole to get it wetter with her juices. I pushed back into her pussy and at the same time I touched my thumb against her asshole. I pushed against the resistance there and my thumb went in just up to the first knuckle.

“Umph,” exclaimed Gina as I fucked her with my thumb and my cock, but she didn’t move away, just continued to push back against me as we resumed out slow fuck. In a few moments she reached down into her tennis skirt pocket and handed me a small tin. The light was dim, but I could see it was a tin of lip balm that she must have used while she was playing. I opened it and found that it was soft, almost oily, and realized then what she wanted.

I scooped out a bunch of the balm and rubbed it all around Gina’s asshole. I lubed up my finger real well and pushed it against her hole, and with a little extra effort it popped in. I moved my finger into her hot ass a little further, then out a little, then in a little further still until it was all the way in. My cock was out of Gina’s pussy by now, but she kept up the slow fuck pace, only now she was riding my finger in her ass. I lubed up another finger really well, and on her back strokes I managed to slide it into her also. She only missed one beat as she felt the extra finger, but then continued to ride my fingers, a little faster now, then faster still.

“Oh, Oh, Oh,” she cried as she suddenly shuddered through another orgasm, and I had to wrap my arm around her waist to keep her from collapsing down. I applied what was left in the tin of lip balm to my cock, tossed the tin aside, wiped my fingers on Gina’s panties, then tossed them in a corner. I put the tip of my hard cock against the rim of her asshole and pushed. After my fingers had partially opened her up, my dick slid in relatively easily. I went in slow but steady, feeling her sphincter muscle tight around my cock. I worked in and out, going deeper each time until I was all the way up in her.

“In my ass, oh, in my ass,” Gina moaned, and I couldn’t tell if she was talking to me, telling me what to do, or just telling herself what was happening. In either case, though, I was just going to keep on keeping on. I fucked her ass with slow, steady strokes, filling her with all that I had each time. The light coming through the van windows was feeble, but enough so that I could look down and see my hard cock stroking in and out of her ass. Just an hour or so ago I looked across the tennis courts and noticed this attractive woman, and here I was with my cock buried in her ass.

I picked up the pace, sliding into her faster and harder. Gina rocked back against me, again matching me stroke for stroke and we slapped together in a frantic rhythm. I could feel the cum rising in me again, and I knew as much as I’d like to fill this woman’s ass with my cum, I’d have to pull out or else she’d be leaking my cum all over her seat as she drove home. I pulled out of her intending to stroke myself and shoot my load all over her ass, but as I did, Gina turned herself around, looked up at me once, then bent her head and took my cock all the way into her mouth. Her mouth and hand worked up the same pace that I had in her ass, slurping up and down, urging the cum from my raging hard cock.

“Omigod, omigod, Gina, here it comes,” I cried as I erupted into her mouth. I think this time I came with even more force than the first time, as the overwhelming picture of fucking her pussy, fucking her ass, and now fucking her mouth, filled my mind. I came so hard I thought my heart would stop, but she swallowed every spurt as I stroked into her mouth, and as they had almost subsided, she took my cock from her mouth and wiped off the remaining dribbles by rubbing the tip of my cock along her lips and chin.

I collapsed, totally spent, onto the floor of the van, and she lay next to me, still stroking my softening dick gently with her mouth, then just holding the remains of the raging hard on that I once had in her mouth for just a few more moments.

“Oh, God,” we both said at almost the same time, then laughed at the coincidence. I found my underwear and shorts and was busy pulling them on as Gina rearranged her bra and top. We opened the sliding door and slipped out.

“Jeesh, we really gave your van a workout, didn’t we?” I remarked. Gina had been turned a little away from me, but her head snapped back around and she looked at me, wide-eyed.

“My van?” she asked. “This isn’t my van, my car is over a few spots. I thought this was your van!”

“God, no.” I answered, “My car is over on the other side of the van.” We both just stopped and looked at each other, suddenly realizing that we had been fucking in someone else’s vehicle.

“Lord, we could have been so caught, couldn’t we?” Gina finally giggled. I had to laugh too, at the thought of what we had gotten away with.

I walked Gina to her car, and as she settled into the seat and started it up, she turned to me. “It’s been many years since I was so thoroughly fucked,” she said with a big smile. “I’ll probably be back in a few weeks, and you can be sure I’m going to be looking for you again.”

“I can’t wait,” I replied, “And maybe next time we can pick some place that doesn’t belong to someone else.” I leaned in the window and kissed her on the cheek, then watched her drive off.

I headed over to my car and chuckled as I glanced at the van. As I was driving off I suddenly remembered something. Neither Gina nor I had taken anything out of the van as we had left it, so I hoped that whoever owned the van didn’t have a girlfriend or wife who would get too upset when they found a pair of panties and an empty tin of lip balm on the back floor.

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