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You call me as I sit in traffic and ask me to come over. I am excited at the idea of seeing you, but the traffic is bumper to bumper and my AC is out. I was already frustrated by my predicament and your call hasn’t helped settle me. I growl something noncommittal into the phone and feel a pang of regret at the let down sound in your voice when you say ok. I realize you need me there. I smile after a long moment but then grimace again almost as quickly.

I won’t be there anytime soon. I should call…I don’t call. I look ahead and notice the light. I turn at it fifteen minutes later and take the long way to your apartment. I relax a little as I escape that grind, and stop to get gas at a little Mom and Pop store. I purchase a Gatorade and drink it slowly, absorbing the stores cool AC and realize my anger is mostly heat and frustration.

By the time I reach the stoop of your apartment, I am no longer sweaty and my pulse has calmed considerably. I knock on the door. You answer, and you are wearing a smile that shatters the left-over pieces of my bad mood like a snowball striking hot pavement. I can’t help it, I grin back. I fold my arms around you and feel at ease.

Then I notice…you aren’t wearing a bra. Something in me clicks and I know that I want you. Now.

I step inside with you and the moment you close the door I rest my hand on your throat and push you up against the foyer wall. I stare at you, soaking you in, absorbing you, and you look alarmed for a moment until I drag my fingers through your hair. You start to say something but I stop you with a voracious kiss, pulling back slowly as I drag my teeth over your bottom lip. I wrap my hand in your hair and pull on it, leading you to the table. I pause to rub my free hand over your belly and ass, then I pull your head back and softly kiss your neck. I feel your excitement in the thrumming pulse of your throat as I swirl my tongue over it. I smile against your shoulder, beard rubbing your skin softly and murmur the word “Hi.” in your ear.

Then, suddenly, I’m pushing you roughly up against the edge of the kitchen in a burst of movement and force that leaves your hips pressed against the side and my hands on your wrists, looming behind you. My body is pressed up against yours, pinning you there, and I drag my teeth over your shoulder before pulling on the hem of you shirt, sliding it up over your shoulders and tossing it aside. I slide my rough hands up over your belly and find your breasts, squeezing them with building pressure, to the point of pain.

When you gasp I chuckle from behind you, bending you over the table with slow tenderness until your hardened nipples press into the tabletop and my hands slide down your arms to your wrists, pinning you there, face down on the table. I grind my hips against you again and pull on your wrists, lifting your breasts off the surface for a moment, and letting you feel the hard heat of me press into your ass before letting you down again. I release your wrists and rub my hands up and down your spine, caressing you as I move down your back to your hips now, hooking my thumbs in your pants and panties and pulling them down your legs.

I drag my nails down your back once your vestments are pooled around your ankles and unbuckle my leather belt. It slides out of its loops but close enough to you that the leather whispers across your right ass cheek, leaving a faint mark with the edge of it as I pull it free with a final tug of my wrist. I place the belt between your shoulder blades and push you down as the cold buckle presses against your skin and you start to move. I take a handful of your hair in my hand, wrapping the tresses around my grip and hauling back on your locks even as I press the hard head of my cock up against your pussy lips, teasing your wetness with my shaft. I feel you start to push back against me, hungry for it, and I push your hips away from me, rocking the table on its legs. I grip the back of your neck in my left hand and slide the belt off your shoulders, wrapping a loop in my hand with a flip of my wrist. I bring it down on your right cheek with an overhand swat before changing direction with the backswing and then I bring it down on your left. The sound is loud in the quiet room and I gaze down at my work with beastial pleasure as I see you slide your hands up and grip the edges of the table.

I rub the leather loop of belt over your red marked ass, watching the skin turn pink, and then drag the belt up and down between your shoulder blades as I press the head of my cock up against your wet pussy. I bring the belt down lightly on your right shoulder, and then your left, squeezing your neck tightly and then lean over you. My stomach is pressing against the small of your back, chest against your shoulder blades as my teeth sink into your skin, biting, dragging my mouth over your flesh as you tense with pleasure beneath me. I lean back up and run my nails up and down your sides and back, then bring the belt down on your ass and shoulders-1,2,3 lashes before sliding my hands to your hips and pulling you towards me as I fill you with my throbbing, hard cock.

I let my fingers sink into your hips, conforming to them even as I slowly ease myself into you

I feel you clamp down on me and I let out a laugh of primal satisfaction, one hand sliding up to the back of your neck and pinning you there as I piston in and out of you. Your hips slam up against the edge of the table again and again. Pain and pleasure blends together into one delicious melody as the bass thump of my cock inside you forms the beat.

I pull out of you and just as I’m about to enter you again, I wipe my cock off on your ass and slide my belt up and down your back and over your shoulders. My free hand goes between your legs and I rub the hardened nub of your clit up and down as I bring the strap down on your ass again, leaving thick red marks on your shoulders, lower back, and ass.

I ease back just enough not to injure you further, but otherwise leave you welted and gasping. I rub my hands over the red skin of your shoulders and whisper in your ear what a well behaved painslut you are. Then I thrust my way back inside you, bumping your hips against the edge of the table as I lean over you again and wrap my hands around your wrists, laying on top of you. My cock begins to thrust in and out of you again.

I pull your hands away and wrap my fingers around your wrists, holding your arms back behind you parallel to your sides and fuck forward into you. Your chest rises up off the table as I do, your breasts bouncing up and down as I relax your arms and I pull out, then haul back on your arms as I thrust back in as I begin to fuck you again. I take everything you give up to me and return it to you tenfold, my focus on what you want a narrow beam slicing through any other thoughts I might have, my attention fully devoted only to giving you what you crave.

I pull your arms to the small of your back and slip the loop of my belt over your wrists, binding them together and pulling the slack taught, then slide my hands to your hips and piston in and out of your tight, warm, flower.

I ask you if you’re close. You gasp that you are and I drag my nails down the back of your shoulders as I roll my hips inside you again. I grab your breasts and pull on your nipples as I thrust up into you, taking you. I feel you tighten around me harder than you have yet and feel you push against me. I know you’re close, so I pull you to a standing position. I brush the hair away from the right side of your neck and murmur the word “Cum.” in your ear as I thrust up, and I feel you surrender control of your orgasm to me in one long tremulous moan. I wrap my left arm wrapped around you, under your breasts, and wrap my right arm around your waist and hold you as the force of your pleasure causes your legs to buckle. I hold you close to me, against my body as I growl my approval in your ear softly, gently as your orgasm slowly plays itself out. Eventually your spasms slow down, and you start to shake slightly. I loosen the belt and let you free, carefully pulling myself from you. I then slide my right arm under the bend of your knees as I support your upper body with my left and carry you to the couch. I sit down and lower you in my lap and I stroke your hair and kiss you softly while you recover.

I rub your jaw and neck with the palm of my hand and smile at you. You look at me with half lidded happy eyes and breath, starting to get a sense of self back. You look up at me and bite your lip, “But you didn’t-”

“Shhhh.” I say, “I should have called.”

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