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The three-day shoot for the lingerie catalog had been completed, and Monica was able to take the day off and do some shopping in Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Life as a young lingerie model had been good to her, and Monica’s success at it had enabled her to buy a small but very cozy beach cottage in Malibu. Everyday she thanked the gods for that perfect body of hers, for those stunning good looks.

She let herself into her cottage, dressed in a perfectly fitted pair of French jeans she had purchased that afternoon, topped by a lovely Italian silk top. Home now, she put down her bags and relaxed a moment. Then she began to undress, pulling off the new jeans, lifting off the top. The frilly half-bra and the bikini panties were leftovers from the last lingerie job, two very sexy French numbers. Monica admired herself a moment in a full length mirror. Yes, her tall, slender, well-toned body, topped with a surprisingly full pair of breasts, certainly did to justice to the sexy undergarments!

Now she unsnapped her bra, letting it fall to the floor. She was glad to have gotten away to that Mexican topless beach for a few days earlier that month where she was able to let her titties acquire the same deep golden glow as the rest of her body.

Then she pulled off her panties, revealing a bottom that was as tan as her top. And revealing too the surprisingly lush and dense tangle of curls between her legs, covering her pussy. Some women, especially models, liked to shave down there, or at least to keep it very trim. Not Monica. She shaved only to the panty line. But otherwise she liked to have a luxuriant growth cap her mound. Plus, her lover Cherise happened to very turned on by Monica’s thick, golden shag.

Monica smiled to herself as she thought of what was next. On the slow Pacific Coast Highway crawl back to her beach cottage Monica had consumed a full liter bottle of French mineral water, and part of a second. Her bladder was feeling pleasantly full. Now she went to the kitchen, opened the fridge, and retrieved yet another liter bottle. She poured herself a big glass and gulped it down. Yes, full. Very, very, very delightfully full indeed! Her eyes suddenly went bright and her lips curled in a sly smile. She had an idea. Suddenly, she knew just what she wanted to do next. And so now Monica put her panties and jeans back on, but left her top bare. She grabbed the bottle and a glass and went out on the porch, stretching out on a deck chair as she poured herself another big glass of the fizzy mineral water.

Soon she had completely downed the bottle. Now Monica was feeling it. Not just full, but utterly, profoundly bloated! She had to go! She had to go real, real bad! Monica loved this moment, her bladder to the bursting point, squirming, desperately holding it in. Often this was out of necessity; she’d be driving or in public and far from a toilet. But now, here, the toilet was only a few feet away and this time Monica was holding it in for the sheer, pure pleasure of it. She was about to indulge in a very, very special and very private fetish, one she indulged in occasionally. It was one of her two secret vices. When she could finally bear it no longer, when the urge to relieve herself, to finally piss became overwhelming, Monica was not going to rush to the bathroom. No, she would stay right where she was, stretched out on her deck chair and sunning her perfect breasts while she pissed in her jeans!

“Oh God! Oh God! Now!” she groaned to herself, as suddenly, she let go, Instantly she could feel the warm wetness between her legs, then soon down her thighs, her legs, soaking the seat of her new jeans. She looked down at the wet stain quickly spreading as she urinated. She was so full and her flow was so strong that she was pissing a stream right through her panties and jeans, and she could hear it splash against the concrete floor.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she moaned, cupping the crotch of her jeans, utterly soaked.

Finally, after what seemed like endless minutes, her flow slowed to a trickle. She stood now and went back inside, straight to a full length mirror.

She admitted that all models are narcissists, she no less than any other. And so now she stared at her own image almost lovingly, deeply aroused by the view. Above the waist, her supple, naked, bronzed torso. And below, her brand new French jeans. Except they were wet now, utterly soaked. The crotch, the inside of her pant legs, the entire seat when she turned and looked over her shoulder, were drenched with piss.

She loved the way it looked, and she craved the way the wet, warm fabric felt clinging to her smooth skin. Slowly she pulled down her wet jeans, then the soaked panties, bringing them up to her nose to savor the scent, to feel the warm dampness against her cheeks, her lips. Yes, Monica loved that sensation of being full until she could stand it no longer and then relieving herself. Especially now, when she relieved herself while clothed, not letting her piss escape freely into the toilet bowl, abandoning her. But trapping the copious urinary flow in her garments, feeling it wet against her for many delicious minutes.

Naked again, Monica set the wet panties and jeans aside and thought now about her other secret vice. This too was about being bloated with liquid until she could stand it no longer. And then, finally, relieving herself. Except this time the liquid was to be introduced into her sleek body from the other end. No, this liquid she would not drink. And this water would not come from a refrigerated bottle. No, it would be soothingly warm and come from the bathroom tap. This water would be introduced in the form of an enema!

Now Monica reached into the bottom drawer of her dresser, under a pile of sweaters, and retrieved a plastic bag. Taking a deep, excited breath she pulled out of that bag the instrument of her second secret fetish, an enema kit.

She stared at it a moment, knowing that a secret, somewhat depraved and profoundly intense excitement was imminent. For some reason — maybe it was the enemas an attractive aunt had administered to her when she was young, administered and forced her to retain while locked in a closet — Monica was deeply, deeply aroused by giving herself enemas while she fantasized and masturbated.

Now she headed to the bathroom with the enema bag and a parcel she had brought back home with her from her shopping trip that afternoon.

First she made sure to clamp the hose of the bag, then she turned on the tap, adjusting the water temperature until it was just right. Finally she filled the bag to the brim with water — she knew it held just over two quarts — and hung it from a shower hook.

Now she reached into the parcel and pulled out a big red enema nozzle she had purchased earlier at an adult toy store that catered to lesbians, and was about to use for the first time. So excited that her fingers were trembling slightly, she attached the nozzle to the end of enema bag’s hose. Enema kits normally come with a thin nozzle, one that does the job. But this special nozzle was imported from Germany, where, Monica had heard, enema sex is said to be big. It was much larger and thicker than a standard nozzle and just the sight of it had thrilled Monica when she saw it down at the store and purchased it.

She removed the bath mat off the rim of the tub and placed it on the floor, then opened her medicine cabinet and reached for a jar of petroleum jelly. Breathing deeply now, her excitement rapidly mounting, Monica dug a finger into the Vaseline and, getting down on her knees, she reached back and worked a big dab of the petroleum jelly into the crack of her ass, rubbing it in there, lubricating her asshole, working a stiff finger inside to get some of the grease in deeper. She loved preparing herself like this, lubricating and fingering her ass. Again, maybe it was those early experience’s with her aunt and her aunt’s nozzles, but Monica was fixated on anal pleasuring and as long as she had been masturbating — which though she was just twenty-one now, had been for many years — Monica liked to play with her anus as well as her pussy whenever she sought pleasure with her own fingers.

At that moment a BMW pulled up to the cottage. It was Monica’s lover, Cherise, a tall, stunning black beauty. Like Monica, Cherise had worked as a lingerie model, but had moved on to men’s magazine work, making more money by shedding the lingerie and revealing her sleek, dark, sinuous body for all to see. Little did all those men who stared at her luscious body in magazine layouts, stiff cocks in hand, realize that Cherise had little interest in men. It was pussy, rather than cock, that intrigued her.

Cherise led herself into the cottage, thinking no one was home. Monica had parked the car a little way down the street when she had come home and found her driveway partly blocked. So Cherise hadn’t seen Monica’s car. And Monica wasn’t expecting her. Cherise, in fact, had told her she wouldn’t be back from a late shoot until around Midnight. But a power failure at the photo studio brought that day’s shoot to a sudden halt. So now Cherise was home.

Meanwhile, Monica, oblivious to her lover’s unexpected arrival, was down on her knees on the bath mat, reaching back between her cheeks, nozzle in hand. Taking another deep breath, she slid the nozzle into her anus and released the clamp, letting out a sigh as she felt the warm water rush in and begin to fill her. For Monica this was one of life’s sublime moments, and she closed her eyes now to savor it.

At that very moment Cherise turned a corner, heading towards the bathroom.

The bathroom door was open and as Cherise peered inside she was met by quite a sight. There was her lover, moaning and groaning, down on her knees taking an enema, her fingers buried between her legs as she masturbated in a frenzy of excitement, completely oblivious to Cherise standing in the doorway, watching.

“Monica, whatever are you doing down there?”

A shocked, stunned Monica gasped, whipping her head around to see Cherise watching her. Her face instantly reddened with humiliation at being caught in such a compromising position. Cherise was rather stunned herself, but the sight of her lithe, striking lover down on her knees naked, with a nozzle stuck up her behind, was strangely arousing. And the pink blush of Monica’s embarrassment at having been caught like this only added to the allure.

“I… I… I… was giving myself an… an enema,” Monica mumbled in a shaky voice.

“While playing with your pussy?” Cherise smirked wickedly.

That only made Monica blush a deeper shade of pink as she now clamped the enema hose and pulled the nozzle out of her ass, turning around on her knees, and throwing her hands over her face

“Oh God Cherise, I feel so, so embarrassed. I didn’t think you’d be home this early.”

Cherise knelt down by her lover and pulled Monica’s hands away from her face, lifting her face and kissing her tenderly.

“It’s okay, babe. If playing with pussy while giving yourself an enema is something that excites you, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Monica’s eyes suddenly glowed as she heard Cherise reassure her like this.

“Really, Cherise? Really? You don’t think it’s too kinky?”

Cherise stroked Monica’s silky, blonde hair.

“Hell, it may be kinky. But kinky can be fun, right?”

Monica laughed, thinking that she and Cherise had tried what others might think off as kinky play, spanking each other, using all sorts of toys, especially inside one another’s bottoms, even pissing on each other and tasting each other’s pee.

Now Monica brought Cherise’s lips close to give her a loving, passionate kiss.

“I’m glad you understand.”

Monica hesitated saying something else.

“What? Tell me?” Cherise said, sensing her hesitation.

“Maybe– maybe you’d like to help me– help me do it? Help me to give myself an enema?”

Though she may never have thought of it herself, Cherise instantly loved the idea.

“Sure, babe. I’d be glad to help. Why don’t you turn around like you were.”

Monica turned around and offered her firm, pretty, perfect bottom to her lover as Cherise reached down to caress and kiss the smooth buttocks.

“Ahhhhhh! Yes!!!!” Monica sighed, always loving any attention paid to her rear end, especially the attention of her foxy, svelte black lover. Once Cherise convinced Monica to let a trusted photographer, a woman who took spread shots of Cherise for the men’s magazines, to photograph the two of them in soft-core poses, just for their own personal enjoyment. Monica had become particularly enchanted with one image, an image of Cherise stretching her long, mahogany fingers over the smooth pale surface of Monica’s pale buttocks, spreading those buttocks apart so that Monica’s puckered anus was revealed as Cherise stared at it, licking her lips. Monica had masturbated many times to that deeply exciting image.

Now Cherise spread apart Monica’s cheeks to see her hole slick with lubricant. She probably didn’t need any more, but Cherise could not resist adding just a bit more petroleum jelly to her lover’s arousingly exposed asshole. And Monica, retaining the portion of the enema she had already given herself, loved to feel her lover’s fingers digging into her bottom, knowing that bottom was already partially filled with warm water.

“Oh Cherise,” Monica gasped. “I always love it when you finger my little asshole like that. I should have known that my enema fetish was something I could share with you.”

“Yeah, that’s right,” Cherise said. “You know how I can’t keep my fingers away from your foxy little butt, babe. Knowing that you want to stick things up that tight butt of yours while you’re all by yourself really makes me excited.”

Hearing those words thrilled Monica.

“But now it’s me that’s going to stick something up there!” Cherise said, grabbing hold of the nozzle with a wicked grin on her face, waving the nozzle provocatively in front of Monica’s face.

“What would you like me to do with this?” Cherise purred sexily. “Oh Cherise, you’re going to make me say it. You love to hear me to talk dirty, don’t you?” Monica said. Though she was a total sex freak, when Cherise first met Monica, Monica, like a lot of women, still had a rough time talking bluntly about sexual things. And Cherise had been determined to change all that. Which she managed.

“What should I do with this nozzle? Tell me, Monica. Say it.”

“Well, why don’t you start off by sticking it up my shithole!” Monica hissed, her eyes blazing with excitement, her face brightening with a lewd smile.

“You want it up your shithole?” Cherise whispered in an innocent voice.

“Yeah, stick it in my shithole, shove it up my ass!” Monica just about barked. “Shove it up there, then release the clamp and just let it flow!”

Her lips curling up in a lewd, wicked smile, Cherise did just that. Even though she’d never before handled enema equipment, it didn’t take much to figure out how to release the clamp… and what would happen then.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Monica sighed softly as she felt the warm water resume its flow into her already somewhat bloated rectum.

“You really like it, don’t you? Taking an enema?” Cherise asked.

“I love it!” Monica gasped, turning her neck to look back at Cherise.

“It feels good, huh?” Cherise said, working the nozzle in and out of her lower’s anus.

“It feels incredible! Give it to me!” an excited Monica hissed, pushing her bottom back against the nozzle, looking up to watch the bag as its contents emptied into her bowels.

“From now on, any time you feel like an enema, you don’t have to keep it a secret,” Cherise said. “You just let me know and I’ll be glad to help out.”

“Oh Cherise!” a happy Monica said, looking back at her lover, her face glowing with contentment. “I’m so glad you feel that way. That you don’t think it’s too weird.”

“Weird? I think you look so sexy with a big nozzle between your buns.”

“Do you, do you really? I’m so glad it turns you on.”

“It sure does. And it would turn me on even more if you kept playing with yourself the way you were when I walked in on you. I want to watch you beat off while I give you an enema,” Cherise told Monica. Though they enjoyed torrid sex with each other nearly every night, and often once or twice during the day as well, these two turbo-charged sex freaks liked something else. When they first met they admitted to each other they were masturbation junkies, they liked to beat off all the time. And that each had a voyeuristic and an exhibitionistic streak. One of the things they loved to do most was watch each other play with herself and climax like that. Cherise, especially, loved to see Monica’s long, slender fingers disappear into the dense tangle of her bush down there. So now Monica was happy to bring a hand between her legs and start strumming her clit again as Cherise worked the nozzle in and out.

“Oooooh, yeah!” Monica panted. “Stick it in me, twist it around.”

Monica quickly realized how she loved not having to hold the nozzle in place herself, to have her lover work it in there for her. Plus, this new nozzle was a nozzle you could really feel inside you.

“This nozzle’s pretty big, pretty thick,” Cherise said. Though she hadn’t had any experiences with enemas herself, she had seen enema kits in sex stores, with their standard nozzles, but had never seen an oversized nozzle like this one.

“Yeah, you know how I like it nice and big and thick back there,”Monica said with a sassy smile, looking over her shoulder at Cherise. If there was one thing Monica loved it was to have her sleek, foxy black lover strap on a big dildo, one the same chocolate-brown hue as her own skin, and to fuck her hard and deep up the ass with it, having Cherise barks things like ‘I’m going to ram my big black dick up your tight white ass’ while she took it from Cherise, hard and deep. Now and then Monica would strap on one of her own and fuck Cherise’s ass too. Cherise was another one who loved taking one deep in her bottom.

“Maybe later I’ll stick something else that’s nice and big up there, huh?” Cherise said, “something a lot bigger than this nozzle.”

“You promise?” Monica cooed sexily, pushing her bottom back at Cherise.

“First a good flushing, then a good fucking, okay?”

“Sounds like a plan!” Monica cheered enthusiastically.

Both looked up at the bag now to see it was emptying out.

“Oh babe, I was so bad to hide this from you, doing it all by myself when you weren’t home,” Monica purred provocatively as Cherise took up the familiar cue.

“Yes, you were. You were very bad.”

Monica gave Cherise a coy, sexy look.

“Show me, show me just how bad I was!”

Cherise knew just what was up, embarking on one of their favorite fantasies as she brought the flat of her hand down sharply on Monica’s smooth, perfect buns and began to spank her.

“Uh huh! Spank me! Spank my naughty, nasty ass!” Monica shrieked. “I’ve been so, so bad, giving myself enemas behind your back.”

And that’s what Cherise did, giving her lover one of her solid, patented spankings while the enema continued to flow inside, Monica groaning and gasping in kinky revelry, whipping up a froth between her legs.

“Oh God, I think I’m in heaven!”Monica cried, rubbing her clit raw.

After another minute of this Cherise looked up to see that the bag was empty and Monica could feel the enema was no longer flowing inside her.

“Looks like you’ve taken it all, every last drop.”

“Sure seems that way, I feel so fuckin’ full!”

Cherise slowly pulled the nozzle out of her lover’s ass, gazing at her little jewel of a puckered asshole, a jewel she especially adored, looking so good nesting between those deeply tanned, perky buttocks. Tonight that asshole had served as an entryway for a couple of quarts of warm water. Next it would serve as an exit for those same quarts, now bloating Monica’s bowels.

What Monica liked to do after she gave herself an enema was to hold it in as long as possible. She liked the feeling when she began to get cramps, the growing discomfort mixed with the certainly that delicious relief would soon follow. “What now? Ready to go?” Cherise asked, uncertain about the routine.

“I like to hold it in a while,” Monica told her. “Maybe you can help. Go get a buttplug and stick it in my ass, okay?”

That’s what Monica would do to herself sometimes when she gave herself an enema, jam a buttplug in there after she was full, ‘forcing’ herself to hold it in.

Big smile on her face and ready for whatever was next, Cherise got the buttplug out of the cabinet, greased it up, and slid it right up Monica’s ass. This is something she did all the time, since one thing Monica just adored was having a buttplug in her ass while her pussy was being eaten.

“Now spank me some more!” Monica begged as Cherise gladly obliged.

Monica craved the mix of internal fullness and the sharp sting of her lover’s strong hand coming down on her buns until, finally, she felt she was close to her limit.

“I better go now,” Monica gasped, turning to looking back at Cherise who just kept tenderizing her bottom. Monica was now breaking out in a sweat.

“Just a little more,” Cherise said wickedly, catching on that forcing Monica to retain her enema was part of the excitement. She kept up the spanking for another minute until she pulled away, letting Monica stand on wobbly, unsteady legs. And now Cherise couldn’t help noticing that Monica, who normally had an athletically-toned, flat washboard stomach, looked as though she could’ve been a few months pregnant.

She realized it was the enema that was bloating her like that, making her stomach suddenly seem so appealingly rounded.

“Let me pull it out,”Cherise said, reaching between Monica’s buttocks to unplug her bottom. Unplugged now, Monica immediately rushed to the toilet. Neither was particularly modest and it was second nature for them to piss and shit in one another’s presence. But never before had Monica expelled an enema with someone watching and never before had Cherise been witness to such an expulsion. That gave Monica, always an eager exhibitionist, an idea. She held it in another few moments as she lifted herself off the toilet seat and turned around before lowering her bottom back down, that bottom now facing Cherise and in sight, rather than out of view. Not only that, but Monica reached back to hold herself open, vividly exposing her anus.

“Here goes,” she said, as suddenly the enema rushed out of her in a torrent, Cherise’s jaw dropping in stunned amazement as she saw her gorgeous young lover expel the big enema.

“Oh man, I don’t know why, but that just looks so sexy,” Cherise said, unable to keep her eyes off the explosive cascade.

“Glad you think so,” Monica said, eager to show off, knowing how obscenely lewd all this was. She was amazed. When Cherise had walked in on her and surprised her, Monica had felt so embarrassed to be exposed taking an enema. And now here she was brazenly showing off as she relieved herself and expelled it.

Finally, after a few false starts and stops, the enema was expelled to the last drop. Now Monica reached over to clump up some toilet paper.

“Let me,” Cherise said, grabbing Monica’s wrist, taking the toilet paper from her. “Let me wipe that pretty little bottom of yours.”

“Sure, go ahead, wipe my ass, wipe off my shithole” Monica giggled, sticking out her bottom provocatively as Cherise worked the toilet paper between her buns and wiped her.

“Nice and flushed,”Cherise said as Monica stood and the two laughed.

“Feels so good too,” Monica cooed.

“How about now I strap on a nice big one and fuck that flushed-out butthole of yours?” Cherise said, standing up, whispering huskily into Monica’s ear.

“I’d love that,” Monica said, turning around to face Cherise. “But first how about something else. How about first I give you an enema?”

Cherise was a little taken aback. Monica had given herself dozens and dozens of enemas, but Cherise would be a newcomer to the vice. Though after the excitement of administering an enema to Monica, it didn’t take Cherise more than a moment to agree enthusiastically to the suggestion.

“Sure, give me one, I’d love to try it,” Cherise said as, without any delay, “but before anything else I’ve got to pee something awful. I’ve been needing to go since I got in my car an hour ago. I don’t know why I waited.”

Cherise was about to unbuckle her jeans and plant her lovely rump on the toilet seat when Monica stopped her.

“I got a better idea,” Monica said with a provocative smile.

“What could that be?”

“See that?” Monica said, pointing to the pile of piss-soaked panties and jeans, deciding then and there that since Cherise just learned about her enema fetish, she might as well know all about Monica’s other wet vice.

“I needed to piss too when I got home, needed to real, real bad. So I decided to piss in my jeans. Sometimes I like to do that; it really turns me on. Want to try it, Cherise? I’d love to watch you soak yourself.”

It’s not like this was utterly shocking. The two of them enjoyed wet piss games and once in a while let it all about and pissed on each other.

“Sure, baby,” Cherise said, giving her lover a kiss on the lips, smiling lovingly. “I”ll piss in my jeans; I’ll soak myself for you.”

Cherise stood there brazenly, hands on her hips, feet wide apart.

“Oh yesss, I need to go so, so bad,” Cherise moaned playfully as Monica’s eyes were glued to the crotch of her jeans, a pair of light-colored and very faded denims.

“Shit! Look at that!” Monica gasped excitedly as, suddenly, she watched the dark stain spread from Cherise’s crotch, down her thighs and legs.

“I’m making myself all wet for you, sugar,” Cherise purred as she kept peeing.

“I’ll say!” Monica gleefully hissed as she walked around to check out Cherise from behind, seeing how the seat of her skin-tight jeans was now all drenched with urine as well. Cherise had taken off her shoes when she got into the house and now was barefoot. Urine was cascading down her legs and forming a little puddle by her feet.

Naked, Monica pressed herself against Monica, playfully humping her butt, feeling the wet, warm fabric against her bare skin. And with a hand she reached around and cupped Cherise’s crotch. It was utterly drenched as Cherise kept pissing, making Monica’s hand very wet. Monica could actually feel the flow through the denim fabric and it excited her immensely, to be cupping Cherise’s panty and jean-clad crotch as she pissed.

“I think that’s about it,” Cherise whispered with a sexy smile.

Now Monica stood back to gaze at her lover. She looked as provocative as Monica herself had earlier, her jeans soaked. Monica had Cherise step aside, then threw a towel down on the floor to soak up the puddle of her lover’s urine.

“Okay, let’s get these off you,” Monica said, unbuckling and unzipping Cherise’s jeans, then slowly sliding them off. Naturally, the tight, soaked fabric clung to her skin and needed to be dragged off. She pulled off one leg, then the other. Now Cherise stood there in drenched panties. Like Monica’s they were a skimpy cotton brief, once dry and white, but now drenched and a pale yellow. Monica took a minute to take in the stunning, alluring sight of her chocolate-hued lover standing there clad only in a pair of piss-soaked panties.

“Now let’s get these off you,” Monica said, sliding the panties off Cherise, bringing them up to her face to savor, as she had her own. Then letting Cherise sniff and feel her wetness against her own cheeks.

“We are freaky, ain’t we?” Cherise cackled, and Monica laughed too.

Now, as Monica stood back, her favorite sight in the whole wide world was staring her in the face — her stunningly beautiful lover, standing there in all her vivid, naked glory. Monica was obsessed with that amazing body of Cherise’s, mixing all the virtues of an ideal centerfold and a seasoned athlete. Tall like Monica, sleek and perfectly proportioned like her too, the big difference was that Cherise’s skin was a deep mahogany color. Monica had always fantasized about having a black lover, and in Cherise she had achieved perfection. Her skin was as smooth as satin, with this deep, wonderful, lustrous sheen Beautiful shoulders and breasts and a smoothly muscled torso led to a slender waist and then, below that, to the most amazingly alluring of bottoms. Cherise’s gorgeously dark, brown ass was like a temple of sublime perfection to Monica. The firm, springy buttocks, the skin as smooth and unblemished as a baby’s, And, more than anything, the rich, deep, mahogany hue of that magnificent bottom drove her crazy with lust. And to top it all off, this afternoon that luscious body, below the waist, was gleaming with wetness, the wetness of Cherise’s own piss. And that’s how she would remain. Cherise wouldn’t be wiped off as they proceeded to the next set of fun and games!

Now Monica dropped to her knees behind Monica, staring at that stunning bottom, now more provocative than ever in its wet state. Monica took hold of Cherise’s cheeks and held them open. Whenever she spread apart those luscious buttocks and stared at the dark, puckered hole, her heart always seemed to skip a beat. How she craved to lick and finger that hole! They’d kid each other about who was more addicted to whose ass, licking it and fingering it, sticking things inside it. It was about an even match for these two anally obsessed bottom dwellers, they agreed.

“Oh yeah, let me have a taste,” Monica said, dropping to her knees, pressing her face into the warm cleft as she held open Cherise’s buns, snaking her tongue into the crack to find the hole. The crack, always a little humid, was now damp with Cherise’s piss.

“That’s it, lick it! Lick it! Lick my asshole! Lick my hot, young black ass! My hot pissy ass!” Cherise hissed, reaching back with an arm to press Monica’s face between her buttocks, greedy for the skillful tongue work.

“Oh, I love it! I love your ass! I love it so much!” Monica gasped, finally pulling away. “And I’m going to just love sticking a nozzle in it and giving you a nice big enema, your first.”

“I can’t wait!”

Now Monica had Cherise get down on the mat on elbows and knees, sticking her butt out provocatively, in just the same position as Monica had been assuming when Cherise walked in on her.

Cherise looked back over her shoulder to see Monica take down the enema bag and fill it to the brim with warm water before hanging it back up on the hook. Then Monica reached for the jar of Vaseline, scooping up a dab with a finger. Cherise, eager to oblige, reached back to hold herself wide open. They both loved doing this, showing off their bottoms to each other like two horny alley cats.

“Let’s grease you up,” Monica said, slapping the dab of petroleum jelly between Cherise’s cheeks, spreading it over the rubbery surface of her anus, working some inside with one, then two stiff fingers, Cherise moaning incessantly, loving, as always, the anal attention. And Monica craving the sight of her white fingers stretching open the brown hole, the feel of Cherise’s hot, humid innards.

“I’m going to give you a big, fucking enema!” Monica hissed into Cherise’s ear, her kinky desires obscenely aroused now, all verbal inhibition utterly vanished.

“And I’m gonna take everything you got to give me, every last drop. So go ahead and stick that damned nozzle up my tight, greedy shithole!” Cherise urged. Cherise never turned down a challenge. She knew what it felt like to take a big, thick dildo deep inside her ass, and she loved it. So now getting her ass filled and bloated with a couple of quarts was a challenge she was eager to meet.

Monica reached for the nozzle as Cherise watched closely, breathing hard with excited anticipation as Monica brought the nozzle between her cheeks, rubbing it against the slippery surface of her lubed asshole, teasing her, loving the striking contrast between the big red nozzle and the deep, rich brown of her lover’s bottom.

“Here goes,” Monica said, sliding the nozzle in all the way.

“Oh wow, I’m really going to take one, aren’t I, an enema?”

“You sure as shit are,”Monica whispered, releasing the clamp as Cherise sighed at the sudden sensation of warm water rushing into her bowels.

“It’s going to feel a little strange at first,”Monica said.

“Yes, it does, fuckin’ strange but fuckin’ wonderful,” Cherise said, gazing at Monica with loving, aroused eyes as the enema began to fill her, Monica reaming Cherise’s ass with the nozzle as Cherise had reamed hers.

Silence took over as the two spellbound lovers concentrated on the task at hand, looking at each other, then up at the bag to see it emptying, Cherise groaning, biting her lip as she endured the new sensations.

“I’m starting to feel pretty full,” Cherise announced.

“You should be, you got at least half inside you already.”

“It feels so wild.”

“Do you like it?”

“I love it. I think from now you’re not the only one around here who’s gonna be taking enemas?”

“That makes me feel so good,”Monica said, giving Cherise a tender kiss, so happy to share this up-to-now very private fetish with her lover.

Suddenly Monica had a wild idea. The sight of her lover taking her first enema made her want another enema herself. So she clamped the hose shut, surprising Cherise.

“What are you doing?”

“You’ll see,” Monica said, taking down the bag and refilling it to the brim again before hanging it back up. Then she got down on elbows and knees right next to Cherise and reached over to pull the nozzle out of Cherise’s ass.

“I’m going to take some more, we’ll take an enema together,” Monica said, sliding the nozzle up her own ass again before releasing the clamp. Cherise watched in amazement, straining to retain what was already inside her as she witnessed Monica taking yet another enema, reaching over to hold the nozzle in place.

“Now this is what I’d call intimate,” Cherise said with a sweet, sexy smile.

“Isn’t it? Sharing a nozzle, taking an enema together,” Monica said, leaning over to kiss Cherise, lips separating, tongues meeting, mouths fusing in a passionate kiss.

“How about some more for you now?” Monica said after they pulled away, breathless. Now, after clamping the hose shut, Monica tore the nozzle out of her own bottom and slid it back up Cherise’s

“Ohhhhhhhh!!!” Cherise sighed as she felt the rush of water resume.

“Take it, babe, take it up your hot, tight, black ass!” Monica hissed excitedly jabbing Cherise’s bottom with the nozzle as the enema kept flowing.

“Spank me, spank my nasty brown butt, the way I spanked yours! Spank it while I take my enema!”

Monica obliged, the flat of her hand coming down eagerly and forcefully over the taut, smooth, dark skin of Cherise’s buttocks. It was usually Cherise who spanked Monica, but once in a while Cherise enjoyed taking a good, solid spanking herself. And this was one of those times, down on her knees, sticking it out, the nozzle inside her anus, her rectum ever expanding with the flow of the enema inside her.

They went back and forth a few more times like this, Monica refilling the bag another time.

“Ooooh, I’m starting to get cramps.” Cherise said, the nozzle back inside her.

So Monica clamped the hose and worked the nozzle back into her own rectum as she reached under to massage Cherise’s bloated stomach.

“Here, this’ll help,” Monica said, massaging Cherise’s belly, “and take a few deep breaths. That’ll help too.”

And it did help, helped enough so that soon Cherise was telling Monica she was ready for more, Monica reinserting the nozzle inside Cherise’s asshole, this time leaving it in there until the bag was empty.

“Looks like that’s about it,” Monica said as they looked up at the red rubber bag, emptied of its contents now, Monica reaching over to pull the nozzle out of Cherise’s ass, no longer needing to clamp the hose.

“Where’s that buttplug?” Monica said, looking around for it, then eyeing it. Now she took the plug, greased it up a bit more, and slid it up Cherise’s ass.

“Let me get another one for myself,” Monica said, reaching into the closet for a second plug, lubing it up, and then reaching back to plug up her own asshole.

Now they both stood and checked each other out. Cherise, a newcomer to this, bravely endured it, sweating, biting her lip, wincing, determined to retain her enema without complaint a while longer. Monica was amazed and overjoyed, not only that Cherise had taken her first enema as successfully as she had, but that she seemed to absolutely have relished the experience. And it was a nice big, enema too Monica had given her and which Cherise was now retaining.

“Oh shit, now I’ve got to go, I really need to go!” Cherise finally pleaded, gritting her teeth, more beads of sweat forming on her forehead. But Monica, the more experienced, was not going to let Cherise off so easy.

“Not yet, babe, not quite yet,” Monica said, sensually massaging Cherise’s rounded, bloated belly.

“But I’ve just got to!” Cherise groaned. “I’m so full. I just can’t hold it in any more, I really can’t!”

“Well, you’re all plugged up so I guess you don’t have much of a choice,” Monica said, a delighted, wicked smile lighting up her face. Monica was just as full as Cherise, so she knew how Cherise felt. But Monica had much experience retaining enemas, fighting against the desperate need to expel and empty herself.

“Please! Please!” Cherise begged.

Monica thought her lover looked so cute when she was desperate like this.

“C’mon, be brave,” Monica teased.

“Okay, I’ll hold it in, I’ll try,” Cherise said bravely.

“Good,” Monica said as the two of them stared into each others eyes, sharing the depraved but deep intimacy of the moment, their eyes drifting down now to see two bellies, one white, one brown, both appealingly rounded and swollen.

“So what do you think now that you’ve tried it?” Monica asked.

“I love it, I love it, I love it! We got two enema freaks living here now, not just one,” Cherise cried out, extending her arms, reaching out for Monica who now pressed close, the two hugging, kissing, caressing at they strained to retain the enemas bloating their plugged-up bottoms, Cherise suddenly better able to endure it despite the added pressure.

“Let’s go outside, shall we?” Monica said finally, taking Cherise’s hand and leading her to a secluded, fenced-in strip of sandy beach adjoining the cottage. Most of the cottage faced a public beach. But there was a strip to the side of the house that was fenced. That’s where the two sleek models often discreetly sunbathed in the nude. Now Monica thought about how that secluded strip of sand could serve another purpose.

“Come here, come close,” Monica said, pressing Cherise’s warm, sleek, smooth body against hers, Cherise wrapping her arms around her lover, kissing her, cuddling closely. Meanwhile Monica reached down and around and gently pulled the buttplug out of Cherise’s ass. Then she reached behind and pulled the plug out from her own ass.

“Okay, babe, it’s time to empty out, to relieve ourselves,” Monica said to Cherise, a sassy, tender smile lighting up her face.

“And man, do I ever need to!” Cherise cackled as at that moment the two of them began expelling their enemas, pressing closely, kissing passionately as they emptied themselves, the sound of water splashing against sand, bursting out of their swollen bowels like two rushing waterfalls, music to their ears!

“Oh wow, does that ever feel good,” Cherise said, deep relief in her voice.

“Doesn’t it, though” Monica concurred, continuing to empty herself.

Finally every last drop was drained from their bowels and they returned to the bathroom, soaking two wash clothes and wiping each other clean.

“Now it’s time for that big, black cock of yours,” Monica said, retrieving the thick dildo, helping Cherise strap it to herself.

“Let me at that ass of yours, babe, I need to fuck it hard and deep,” Cherise said, grabbing hold of the Vaseline as, once again, Monica assumed the position. Cherise slapped another big dab of petroleum jelly between Monica’s cheeks, working it well inside with three stiff fingers.

“Yeah, grease me up real good, grease me up and fuck me!” Monica begged.

A blistering rectal assault is what Monica craved right now, what she needed, as Cherise approached, provocatively fisting the instrument of that assault.

“Fuck… my… ass!!!” Monica yelped as Cherise brought the tip of the big, life-like rubber cock against her lubed asshole and, holding onto Monica’s hips, drove the full length smoothly inside.

“Take it babe,” Cherise hissed in Monica’s ear as she thrust forward, “take it up your hot… young… flushed-out ASS!!!”

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