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She Speaks in Tongues

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“You need something, Maryann?”

“Could I have something for pain?” Her voice was small and hesitant.

“I’ll check. If you can, I’ll bring it and then let it take effect and then,” Sharon Caswell, R.N., paused with a whimsical smile of her face, “we’ll do your bath.”

Maryann Hollander sort of laughed and then groaned, “Sharon don’t make me laugh, it hurts.”

“Okay, babe, sorry. I’ll be right back.”

Maryann Hollander lay back in her hospital bed and waited, hoping, praying, it was time for something for pain. She had been in a bad car accident and had spent the last eight weeks in the Intensive Care Unit.

The first week in the Unit she was unconscious for which she was very thankful. She missed the worst of the post-operative pain from having her spleen removed and her leg in traction. This was her first day on the Orthopedic floor with her leg out of traction but she was still in a fair amount of pain.

“Okay, babe, here you go.” Sharon was back, holding out a medicine cup with two white pills and a smaller yellow one.

Maryann took the cup and looked inside while Sharon poured her a cup of water. “What’s this?”

“Two oxycodone’s and a Valium.”

“What’s the Valium for?”

“Muscle relaxation. You’re going to be walking today with PT.”

“Ohhhhhh,” Maryann groaned, “no one told me.”

“Yeah, fun with Physical Therapy begins today. Sorry.”

Maryann popped the pills in her mouth and Sharon handed her the water. “I’m going to take your catheter out in a while, too.”

Sharon pulled Maryann’s covers up around her chin, lightly touched her forehead and said, “I’ll be back in a while. You rest.”

Soon Maryann felt the pain begin to melt away and she felt like she was floating.


Maryann heard the curtain go around her bed and then felt her covers come back and her hospital gown come up around her waist but she didn’t open her eyes. She was still floating, very pleasantly.

“Hey Mary, wake up.” Sharon said gently.

Maryann opened her eyes and then involuntarily shivered. “I’m cold,” she complained.

“Here, I anticipated.” Sharon laid a blanket from the warmer over Maryann’s upper body and then another over her legs leaving her upper thighs and hips uncovered. “Time to take the cath out.”

“Will it hurt?”

“Nah, might feel a bit funny for a few seconds but it’ll be over before you know it.”

Sharon reached for the valve on the catheter and stuck a syringe in it.

“I itch down there,” Maryann said, half embarrassed.

“They shaved you. I think they thought they might have to so some surgery in your pelvic area. I’ll put some lotion and powder on it when we bathe.”

Sharon pulled the water out of the balloon that kept the catheter inside Maryann with the syringe and then looked at Maryann, “Okay, here we go.”

Sharon pulled the catheter out and Maryann involuntarily tried to close her thighs as the catheter passed by the sensitive area of her urethral opening and she felt the urgent need to pee.

“There. Not so bad, was it?”

Maryann smiled a small smile, “No. Not so bad.”

Sharon moved the bedside table over the bed and pushed the button on the bed rail to raise the head of Maryann’s bed so she was almost in a sitting position. There was a plastic basin with water and several washcloths on the table.

“You want to do your front and then call me and I’ll do your back?”

“Uh, Sharon, do you, uh, have the time to do it all?” Maryann was hesitant.

“What’s the problem, Maryann?” Sharon looked at her patient with concern.

“Uh, I…no problem. Really.” Maryann stuttered in her small voice and pulled an arm out from under the warm blanket and slowly reached for a washcloth.

Sharon pulled the washcloths back just out of Maryann’s reach. “Funny, it sounds as if there’s a problem.”

Maryann blushed. “I…uh, well, I…”

Sharon looked down at the floor and quietly said, with a hint of question in her voice, “You don’t want to waste your high, you’re a little lonely and you like the way it feels when someone else bathes you? Those ICU nurses spoiled you, didn’t they?”

“I’m sorry. I know it’s wrong to feel this way. I’ll do it.”

“Whoa! What do you mean it’s wrong?”

“Being high, wanting someone to touch my body…being naked for you…isn’t that all a sin?”

Sharon looked at her patient for a moment then she pulled her chart off the end of the bed and looked at Maryann’s admitting sheet.

“Ah. I think I understand,” Sharon said gently, “I’ll be right back.”

Sharon was back in a minute with another nurse who looked slightly older than Maryann and who had long, black hair down to her butt. “Maryann, this is Jeannie. She’s going to have you in a day or two when I’m off. She used to go to the Apostolic Church. I wanted her to talk to you about bath time. Okay?”

Jeannie stepped up near the head of the bed and casually pulled the covers up so they covered Maryann’s naked pelvic area. “Hi, Maryann. Sharon tells me the ICU nurses spoiled you and now you’re having a little problem with your conscience.”

“Ummmm, well, uh, this is wrong, isn’t it?”

“Listen Maryann, my daddy was a Pentecostal preacher and watching TV and going to movies and listening to rock music was all a sin. Sound familiar?”

“Uh, yeah.” Maryann looked away.

“Anything that might make you happy was generally bad, right?”

“My daddy’s a preacher too. Yeah, he tells us those things are bad.”

“Where is your daddy?”

“Mom and Daddy have kinda shunned me since I moved here. They were here for a while when I was in ICU but they went back home. It really upset them to find out why I was in the wreck.”

“And why was that, hon?”

“I was riding with one of the few friends I’ve made since moving here. She was drunk. I, uh, was a little drunk, too.”

“Hmmmm,” Jeannie bent down close to Maryann’s face, “Now listen to me honey, okay? You’ve been through a lot and you’ve still got a lot to go before you’re completely well. You’ve got a lot on your mind right now too. So you need to kind of set your conscience aside and let us take care of you and let your body feel good. Will you do that? No one here is going to judge you.”

“I’ll, uh, try.” There was a glimmer of relief in her voice now.

“Good. Now, I’ve got to talk to Sharon for a minute and then she’ll be back to give you a bath, okay? You still in pain?”

Maryann crinkled her face and wrestled with her conscience, “Uh…no…”

“Maryann,” Jeannie said sternly, her voice rising in pitch.

“Yeah, I still hurt a little,” she lied.

“Okay, tell you what. We’ll see if you can’t have a little something in your IV. How’s that sound?”

“Uh, good.” Maryann smiled.

Jeannie and Sharon left the room together. “Jesus, what a trip she’s had laid on her!” Sharon was disgusted.

Jeannie was a little more forgiving, “Yeah, but as long as she was inside her church family she was okay. Now, she’s seeing what the world has to offer and she’s feeling the tug and then her conscience is beating the holy shit out of her.

“I’ve been through it. It’s not fun.”

They stopped at the med station and Jeannie checked Maryann’s med record. She could have a shot of Morphine. Jeannie pulled out the Morphine tubex and squirted 8 mg’s of Morphine in the air, leaving 2 mg’s in the tubex. “2 mg’s, wasting 8,” Jeannie said and Sharon verified.

Sharon took the tubex. “Thanks.”

“Sharon, uh, be careful with her, you know?”

Sharon paused and looked at Jeannie. “Uh, want to be more specific?” There was a little guardedness in Sharon’s voice.

Jeannie looked down at the floor. “I know you’re new in town so you haven’t quite got the feeling for the scene yet.” Jeannie hesitated for a moment, “I saw you at Buddies the other night.”

Sharon starred at her for a second and then blinked.

“You mean you saw me going in?” Sharon was thinking fast for a believable excuse for going into a lesbian bar.

Jeannie pulled on the front of Sharon’s scrub jacket, pulling Sharon against her body. Jeannie face was at Sharon’s shoulder level. She took a deep breath of Sharon’s scent, closed her eyes a moment then tilted her head up to half whisper in Sharon’s ear, “I mean, you fucking dyke, I saw you at the bar hittin’ on all the fems and I saw you leave with a pretty little volley ball jock from the college.”

“Jeannie,” Sharon stuttered, “I, uh, never imagined!”

Jeannie let her hand slide down the inside of Sharon’s jacket, running the back of her hand over Sharon’s breast and then gave Sharon a friendly smirk, “Was she good?”

Sharon was momentarily disoriented from finding out that not only was Jeannie gay but that Sharon had been found out, “What?”

“The volley ball jock. The only reason I noticed you is that I had my eye on that sweet little bitch and then you snapped her up. Was she good?”

Sharon got her wits back and eyed Jeannie with a new appreciation. “She was sweet. Very, very sweet.”

Jeannie smiled, “Well, be careful with Maryann. She’s carrying a lot of emotional baggage. It would be unethical if you tried to turn her on, you know?”

“Yeah, I know,” Sharon was indignant, “Christ! I’m a professional!”

Jeannie smirked again from getting a rise from Sharon, whispered, “So am I but taking care of her is going to be hard, if you know what I mean,” and then Jeannie winked at her new “sister” and moved on down the hall.


Sharon swabbed the IV lock in Maryann’s arm and then plunged the needle in. “Okay, Mary, just relax as you feel the medicine.” And Sharon slowly pushed the plunger of the syringe.

Maryann’s eyelids fluttered and she sighed as the Morphine hit her blood.

“I’m gonna get some more hot water and some more warm blankets. Don’t go anywhere.”

“Hmmmmm,” was Maryann’s reply through a sleepy smile.

Soon Sharon was back with the water and blankets. Sharon took a washcloth, dipped it in the basin, wrung it out and gently touched Maryann’s face. Maryann pressed her cheek into the washcloth and smiled with her eyes closed. God, this felt so good, Maryann thought.

Sharon worked quickly but gently bathing Maryann.


Maryann was 23 years old, 5’9″, long chestnut brown hair and a lean, lanky, athletic body with small, firm breasts, a toned belly and slim, sleek thighs.

She had moved from a small town in central Arkansas to the “big city” of Joplin, Missouri, ostensibly to go to the state college there. Instead, unbeknownst to her parents, she had gotten a job waiting tables in a restaurant along the Interstate. And from there, the temptations and wonders of the world opened up to her.

Until the car accident she was doing well. She’d made a few friends. Had her first beer. Smoked her first cigarette. Watched cable TV and even went to a movie.

She was enjoying herself. But then the car accident stopped everything cold. And as she laid in the ICU she had plenty of time to consider that the accident may have been God punishing her for her wickedness.


Sharon gently pulled Maryann’s gown off her shoulders and out from under the blankets and then she barred Maryann’s belly and breasts.

The warm, soapy washcloth gently sliding over her breasts and ribs felt divine. When Sharon moved the washcloth to Maryann’s belly Maryann felt lightheaded and she also felt her private area flush with blood.

Sharon was silent as she bathed Maryann but Jeannie was right, being professional with this girl was going to be tough. Sharon felt her nipples hardened and her sex fill with blood as she rinsed Maryann’s lithe torso.

Sharon pulled the blankets up around Maryann’s chin. “How you doin’ babe?”

Maryann opened her eyes and looked at Sharon, smiling, “This is so nice, thank you.”

Sharon smiled but didn’t comment. She pulled the blankets back that covered Maryann’s legs and washed Maryann’s legs quickly, taking extra care with her broken leg.

Sharon pulled the covers back over Maryann’s legs and then silently took a deep breath as she pulled the blankets down from Maryann’s waist to slightly above the middle of Maryann’s thighs.

Maryann flexed her good leg, opening the area around her sex more. Sharon started with the inner thigh on Maryann’s good leg, working the washcloth in small circles, not coming close to Maryann’s sex.

Sharon starred at the sight before her. The Trauma team, thinking that they might have to work on Maryann’s pelvis, had shaved her mound. Someone in ICU had kept her shaved until the last few days. Now there was a tiny bit of fuzzy stubble covering her mound and Maryann was complaining of the itch.

Maryann was obviously turned on. Her inner labia were well swollen and dewy and her clit was peeking out clearly from its hood.

“You’re a professional Sharon!” Sharon furiously thought to herself, “Start acting like it!”

“Okay, Mary, I’m going to clean your genitals. Is that all right?”

Maryann appeared to be sleeping lightly under the narcotics, “Hmmmmm.”

Sharon ventured, “You know, I could shave you down there after I clean you. It would help with the itching.”


Sharon got a fresh washcloth, dipped it in the warm, soapy water, wrung it out and started again at Maryann’s inner thigh. She worked the washcloth to Maryann’s perineum and slowly moved the cloth up between Maryann’s swollen lips to the top of her mound.

Suddenly Maryann arched her back off the bed and began loudly speaking gibberish.

Sharon, raised as an agnostic and wanting nothing to do with organized religion, had no idea what was happening. It flashed through her mind that maybe Maryann had gone into cardiac arrest and she started to reach for the phone to call a Code Blue. Maryann did have a long bone fracture and it wasn’t unusual at this point in recovery to throw a fat embolus and cause an arrest. But she wasn’t arresting.

Then she wondered if Maryann was having some sort of seizure. She hit the nurse emergency light and then took Maryann by the arms and gently but firmly called her name.

Maryann was still babbling though the volume was going down and the words were starting to be replaced by gasps of breath.

Jeannie was the first nurse to respond to the emergency light. She quickly stepped to the head of the bed, reached down and pulled Maryann’s blankets up covering Maryann’s bare lower belly and sex and put her hand on Maryann’s forehead.

“Maryann,” Jeannie said firmly, “you need to calm down. Come on, baby, it’s okay.”

Other unit staff and a doctor were now in the room. Jeannie quickly turned to them, “It’s okay, she’s Charismatic and she’s just doing a little talking in the Spirit. We just gave her some Morphine and tried to change her position in bed and made her hurt a bit.”

The staff nodded their understanding. The charge nurse turned for the door, holding up her arms, “Okay folks, show’s over. Everyone back to work.”

Maryann looked dazed. She turned to Jeannie’s voice and opened her eyes. She was panting now more than babbling.

“Maryann, settle down.” Jeannie’s voice was firm but kind.

Maryann moved her gaze to the other side of the bed. Sharon was gently rubbing Maryann’s upper arm. “I’m…I’m sorry…I didn’t mean…”

Sharon reassured her, “It’s okay. Nothing to be sorry about.”

Jeannie addressed Maryann again, “You okay now, Mary?”

“Yes, yes, I think so.”

“Okay, Sharon and I are going to go talk a minute. We’ll be right outside the room. You call if you need us. We’ll be right back. Okay?”


“Sharon,” Jeannie said sternly, “in the hall a minute.”

Sharon was in shock. She’d been a nurse for almost fifteen years and she’d seen a lot but she’d never seen anything like what she’d just witnessed. Plus, she couldn’t help but feel guilty, as if touching the girl’s genitals had triggered the episode.

“What in the Hell did you do to her?” Jeannie hissed angrily.

Sharon was speechless. She looked blankly at Jeannie and shrugged her shoulders.

Jeannie realized Sharon didn’t have a clue as to what happened. She couldn’t keep up the angry act and broke into laughter.

What?!” Sharon demanded, feeling as if she’d just been had.

Jeannie started to talk and then broke into laughter again. When Sharon saw tears lining Jeannie’s eyes she knew she’d been had and didn’t like the feeling.


“You’ve been a big city nurse all your life, haven’t you?” Jeannie asked wiping her eyes with the sleeves of her scrub jacket.

“Yeah? What of it?”

“And you’re not religious are you?”


“You were cleaning her labia when this started, right?”

“Well…yeah. But I swear to you I wasn’t doing anything to her!”

Jeannie hugged Sharon, who was still mystified as to what just happened.

“Oh, God, Sharon,” Jeannie started to laugh again and then suppressed it, “I think you probably gave the girl her first orgasm and she responded by speaking in tongues.”

“And what the hell is ‘speaking in tongues’?”

“She was raised in an Apostolic Pentecostal church. You might know them as ‘holy rollers.’ Part of their faith revolves around speaking in tongues – the Holy Spirit speaks through them. Sometimes we call what she was doing ‘ecstatic utterances.’ Her joy was so overwhelming to her from what was doubtless a new experience that she spoke in tongues.”

“Oh, come on, she’s 23. You’re telling me she’s never frigged herself before?”

“Yeah. I doubt whether she’s touched herself down there with anything except toilet paper or a wash rag and she’s never been aroused – at least not that she’s known.

“I’ll bet you drinks tonight at Buddies that Maryann has no idea of what just happened to her. She probably doesn’t even know what an orgasm is.”

Sharon looked at Jeannie incredulously and thought this was a sucker bet, “Okay, you’re crazy but you’re on.”

The two nurses went back in the room. Maryann was once again dozing blissfully.

“Mary, hon,” Jeannie touched Maryann’s forehead.

Maryann opened her eyes and smiled sleepily.

“We’re going to finish your bath and let you sleep some more before PT gets you up, okay?”

Maryann nodded happily and looked over at Sharon, “I’m sorry for causing such a fuss. Sometimes the Spirit just moves me.”

Sharon smiled, “No problem.”

“Maryann, can I ask you a personal question? You don’t have to answer,” Jeannie asked.


“Do you, uh, know what masturbation is?”

Maryann blushed and furrowed her brow as if in deep thought. “Uh, well, I know it’s a sin but I don’t really know what it is. Is it something a person does sexually?”

“Yes,” Jeannie smiled down at Maryann thinking she looked like an angel, “Do you know what an orgasm is?”

“Well,” Maryann blushed deeper. These were personal questions but she was eager to please the nurses who were being so kind to her this morning. “Uh, not really but I think it’s a sin too.”

Sharon couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She started masturbating right after her first period and though it was a while before she got all the “terminology” down she sure as hell knew what an orgasm was.

“One last question. Have your privates ever felt like they felt right before Sharon started cleaning you up down there?”

This was a very personal question but she averted her eyes from her nurses, took the end of a bunch of her long hair and began nervously curling it with her fingers. “Only a couple of times since I’ve moved here. I thought maybe I ought to see a doctor but, uh,” Maryann giggled and nervously shrugged her shoulders, “I wouldn’t want a man to see me down there, you know?”

Jeannie touched Maryann’s forehead again to get her gaze back. “It’s okay, you don’t need to see a doctor about that. It’s normal. Okay then, let’s finish your bath. We’re going to clean and lotion your back.”

“Okay,” Maryann said happily.

Quickly they rolled Maryann up on her side and Sharon washed Maryann’s back and applied lotion with a slight massaging motion. Sharon was semi-terrified; she didn’t want to set Maryann off again.

Jeannie noticed the razor on the bed table and had noticed Maryann’s peach fuzz growth on her mound.

“Maryann, would you like us to shave your privates?”

“Please, Sharon said she would.”

Jeannie looked across the bed at Sharon. Sharon looked back with a look that said, “I am never going to touch this girl below her waist again.”

“I’ll do it. I keep my privates shaved and I can do it pretty quickly but you’ll have to relax and try not to let the Spirit move you, okay?”

Maryann smiled, “Sure.”

Jeannie and Sharon rolled Maryann to her back. Maryann once again flexed her good leg to accommodate more room around her privates.

Sharon just starred as Jeannie quickly soaped Maryann’s mound and vulva and with obvious skill shaved her clean in just a few minutes.

“There. All done. Now let’s get you back in a clean gown and tucked in bed.”

With Maryann’s gown on and her blankets tucked snuggly under her chin Sharon pulled the bed rail up, “Your call light is right here on the rail. You press it if you need me, okay?”

“Sure. Thank you for doing this today.”

“Not a problem. I’ll check in on you in a bit.”

Sharon blew out a long breath as she walked out of the room with Jeannie.

“I like Marlboro Reds and I drink Jim Beam straight up,” Jeannie said as she elbowed Sharon in the hall.

Sharon shook her head in disbelief. “I thought we were talking beer and I still can’t believe what I heard come out of that girl’s mouth.”

Jeannie laughed, “Hey, I’m a high maintenance bitch, but you’ll find that out. Tonight at 8 okay? Buddies?”

“Sure. I need to go home and change.” Then Sharon grabbed Jeannie by the arm and pulled her toward the hallway wall. “So, even though she doesn’t know anything about her sexuality, surely she’s not still a virgin at 23. I mean, god damn, she’s so beautiful, surely some hillbilly boy from the heart of darkest Arkansas has stuck his cock in her.”

Jeannie crinkled her eyes and nose in an impish grin, “I didn’t loose my cherry until I was 22 and a half. Bet you dinner she’s still got her cherry. Wanna go ask her?”

“No way. You, missy, are absolutely incorrigible!”


Maryann’s recovery was uneventful. Jeannie and Sharon got to know her better. There were no more “incidents.” All the nurses loved Maryann.

Six weeks after she was dismissed she was back at her job waiting tables and her life was getting back to normal.

One night several months later Maryann sat in her car at the edge of the hospital’s employee parking lot. She saw Sharon come out and head for her car.

Maryann’s heart skipped a beat. She followed Sharon as Sharon pulled out of the lot.


Sharon was nursing a long neck beer at a corner table in Buddies waiting for Jeannie to come in. Sharon and Jeannie were not a couple, per se, but they spent quite a bit of quality time together since their initial meeting over Maryann.

Some nights they would be cruising for the younger women who came in the bar. On the nights they both scored the new foursome might all go to one or the other’s apartment or they might split up for the evening.

Other nights they were quite comfortable with themselves. Maybe they would go home together or maybe they’d go their own ways, alone. It just depended upon how they were feeling that night.

When they went home together – usually to Sharon’s apartment – they might watch a movie and sit and cuddle while eating popcorn or they might have a wild night in bed; Jeannie and Sharon switching off on being the Domme – they both loved rough sex when they were in the mood.

For Sharon, tonight was feeling like a “go home alone night.” Work had been rough. She was tired and a little bit out of sorts. She just wanted to have a couple of drinks with Jeannie and go home.

“Hey, girlfriend,” Jeannie said as she sat down at the table, “What’s up?”

“Aw, nothing much. You missed a hellacious day at work today. I got floated to ICU. It was pretty hairy.

“You want your usual? I’m buying.”

“Oooo,” Jeannie cooed, “I hate to pass that up but I think I’m just going to have a beer and call it a night. My sister wants to do some shopping for my niece’s birthday so it’s off to Wal-Mart and unfortunately I need to be sober.

“You doin’ okay?”

“Yeah, just tired. Like I said, it was a hellacious day. We had a two codes and a fresh suicide attempt.”

Jeannie ordered her beer and lit a cigarette. She smiled at the waitress who brought her beer, blew out her drag long and slow and then noticed Sharon.

Sharon had suddenly perked up. She was looking toward the door.


“Does that girl who just came in look familiar?”

Jeannie turned around to look at the door area. “Which one?”

“The tall, lean one in the white tee shirt and jeans with the leather jacket. Jesus! She’s got nicely cropped hair. I said god damn, girlfriend!” Sharon was most definitely excited.

Jeannie turned slowly to face Sharon, she was very excited too, “Oh my god! Don’t you recognize her?”

Sharon was a bit irritated; “Listen, darlin’, I think I’d remember if I ever had that beautiful face between my legs or that body pressed underneath me fucking her silly.”

Jeannie gasped as she got a closer look at the girl; the girl was headed for their table.

“Oh Jesus, Sharon, look again. Imagine long hair like mine and think fractured right femur.”

Sharon peered closer at the approaching girl and the realization hit her. “Oh my holy Christ! Is that…?”

Before Jeannie could answer the girl was at the table.

It was Maryann.

“Hi guys,” Maryann said with an odd mix of embarrassment and innocent enthusiasm, “may I join you?”

“Maryann, is that really you?” Sharon asked.

“Yeah, it’s really me.” Maryann was beaming. She took her jacket off, held her arms out and did a model’s turn.

Jeannie could see the interest in Sharon’s eyes.

She smiled to herself. Maryann was indeed attractive and she wouldn’t mind sampling Maryann’s body but she had a fair idea of what was going on with Maryann without even asking and she could see Maryann was obviously interested in Sharon.

Sharon said, “Sit down, darlin’,” and she waved for a waitress.

“What are you drinking? I’m buying.”

Maryann sat down next to Sharon, ran her fingers over her cropped and shiny hair and said, “Uh, Jack Daniels?”

“Jack Daniels it is,” Sharon said as the waitress arrived. “Rocks or straight up?”

“Oh, straight up, please.”

Jeannie blew out another drag and smiled, “You’ve come a long way since the hospital. Jack Daniels instead of beer?”

Maryann blushed a bit and smiled coyly, “Yeah, I’ve been learning.” Maryann fished around in the pocket of her jacket for her cigarettes – non-filtered Camels – and her lighter, a brass Zippo. She tapped one of the small cigarettes on her lighter then lit up.

The waitress delivered the shot of Jack and after blowing out her first drag Maryann picked up the shot glass and downed it in one gulp, wiping her lips with the back of her hand. She looked at Jeannie and Sharon.

Sharon was amazed, Jeannie was not. Jeannie watched Maryann with a cynical smile.

“Mind if I have another?”

“Uh, no, not at all.” Sharon held up the empty shot glass to the bartender.

“Smoking non-filters? Wow. How’d you learn that?” Sharon asked.

Maryann took a long, slow drag then blew it out quickly, “I found out I have a ‘black sheep’ uncle living over in Pittsburg and I’ve been learning a lot of things from him.” Maryann added demurely after another drag, “Things daddy wouldn’t approve of, if you know what I mean.”

Sharon nodded, not quite knowing what to say to follow up.

“So, Maryann, right before you came in Sharon and I were going to hit the ladies room. We’ll be right back. Don’t go away.”

“I’ll be here,” Maryann said with a smile as she looked at Sharon.

Jeannie hit Sharon’s arm. “Ladies room. Come on.”

“What?” Sharon demanded standing in the ladies room.

“I just want you to know a couple of things that you may not have picked up on.

“First, Maryann is a carbon copy of me when I was her age. When us Apostolic Pentecostal girls go ‘bad’ we tend to do it in a very big way. Anything and everything is open to her in her mind. Things could get out of hand very, very quickly – or be very mundane.

“Secondly, it’s obvious to me – though probably not to you – that she’s sweet on you, sweet as in a crush. Lover, you are likely to score big tonight, very big.

“Thirdly, you’re looking more like a virgin dying to get her cherry popped rather than the thirty something predatory Dyke I know and love.

“So,” Jeannie hesitated as she looked Sharon in the eyes, “all I’m saying to you is don’t either of you get too drunk, be careful with her and,” Jeannie hesitated again, looked away and then back at Sharon, “I’m going to Wal-Mart after I say goodbye to Maryann.”

Sharon wondered if Jeannie was jealous. “You okay with this?”

Jeannie kissed Sharon tenderly on the cheek then, pressing Sharon to the wall with her body – her upper thigh firmly pressed into Sharon’s crotch, she took Sharon’s mouth. Slowly and deeply.

Another bar patron came in just then and commented, “Jesus, take it to the stalls or find a room you two.”

Jeannie broke the kiss, looked over her shoulder at the interloper and laughed. She took Sharon’s face in her hands and smiled warmly. “What do those kisses and this smiling face tell you? Have fun, lover. Just be careful. Someone could get their heart broken and it may not necessarily be sweet Maryann.”

Jeannie kissed Sharon on the nose. “Okay?”

“Uh, yeah, sure.”

Back at the table Jeannie said her goodbyes. Maryann hugged Jeannie tightly. Jeannie kissed Maryann on the cheek and whispered, “You be careful with my girl, okay?”

Maryann giggled and returned the kiss, “You know it.”

“Good girl. We’ll hook up sometime and talk.” Jeannie whispered.

“I’d like that.”


Things felt incredibly awkward.

Sharon was so taken by Maryann’s beauty and her mix of innocence and raw sexuality that she wanted to devour Maryann.


Sharon saw the flash in her mind’s eye of throwing Maryann on the floor, pulling her jeans off and fucking her as hard and as fast as she could with her strapon.

Maryann, while not knowing exactly how to characterize the feeling or even being able to fantasize about it, wanted to be devoured too.


Sharon sat in her recliner in her living room. Maryann sat on the sofa. Small talk was rapidly dwindling.

Finally, out of sheer desperation and sexual frustration, Sharon asked a question. “Uh, Mary, forgive me for being forthright but uh, did you want me to pick you up tonight so that we could get each other off?”

Maryann looked at the floor then smiled a small, questioning smile at Sharon. “Get off?”

“Yeah, make each other come.”

“Sharon, I’m sorry. I’m still pretty new to the world. I don’t know what you mean. I did want you to take me home. From here, I don’t know how to say what I want. Maybe I want to feel like I did when you bathed me that day.”

Sharon rubbed her forehead then ran her fingers through her hair. She could feel the blood heaviness of her cunt and her nipples ached for a touch, a tongue, lips…god damn it, anything!

Suddenly Sharon stood up, took two steps to the sofa, took Maryann’s hand and pulled her off the sofa and toward her bedroom.

Once inside Sharon’s bedroom Sharon asked, “Do you need to go to the bathroom?”

Not hearing an immediate response from Maryann Sharon practically flung Maryann on her bed. “Lie down,” Sharon commanded.

Maryann obeyed, lying on her side so she could watch Sharon. Sharon stood back from the bed and quickly stripped.

Sharon pulled her top over her head and unhooked her bra. Maryann’s eyes widened as she took in Sharon’s medium large, loose breasts complete with nipple rings and a motorcycle tattoo on her chest above her left breast.

Next came Sharon’s jeans and panties revealing relatively straight hips, a soft, full belly and a well-trimmed bush.

Sharon quickly advanced on the bed. Maryann started to shake as Sharon came near. Sharon pushed Maryann onto her back, unbuttoned and unzipped Maryann’s jeans and then tugged, without finesse or any preliminaries, Maryann’s jeans and panties down and off as quickly as she could. Maryann crossed her chest with her arms and lifted her hips to aid in getting out of her jeans.

With the jeans and panties out of the way Maryann laid trembling in just her tee shirt and athletic socks.

Sharon got up on the bed and laid against Maryann’s right side, Sharon’s right thigh came up to cover and hold down Maryann’s right thigh. Maryann gasped at the contact. Sharon could feel Maryann shaking but she said nothing to comfort or reassure her. And Maryann was not shaking from fear. She was shaking from anticipation.

Sharon’s right hand urgently slid under Maryann’s tee shirt, roughly groping Maryann’s small breasts then trailing her hand down her belly to her sex. Maryann made surprised noises and gasps at Sharon’s aggressive contact.

As Sharon’s fingers made contact with Maryann’s sex lips, sliding up and down Maryann’s already wet and swollen slit, Sharon pulled herself closer to Maryann’s body and ran her left hand over Maryann’s close-cropped hair.

After she had roughly rubbed her hand across Maryann’s scalp a couple of times while kissing and nipping at Maryann’s neck, Sharon took the short hair at the back of Maryann’s head and pulled back. Maryann reflexively arched her neck and opened her mouth wide to relieve the pressure.

It was at that moment that Sharon took Maryann’s mouth with her own and, after working Maryann’s clit, dipped two fingers along the top of Maryann’s cunt, feeling to see how wet and tight she was. Sharon couldn’t believe the tightness – nor the slick wetness. Maryann cried in pain and pleasure into Sharon’s mouth.

When Sharon broke the devouring kiss, sucking Maryann’s tongue as she pulled back, she slowly pushed the two fingers deeper then firmly drug her fingertips back across the roof of Maryann’s cunt and out.

Maryann screamed as the fingertips came out and Sharon sat up and urgently pulled Maryann into a sitting position by her tee shirt collar.

Maryann was dazed and breathless. Sharon noticed tears on Maryann’s cheeks and rather than slowing her pace it only inflamed her lust.

Rather than pull the tee shirt over Maryann’s head Sharon grabbed the collar with both hands and with a wild cry ripped the strong stitching then easily ripped down through the flimsy cotton cloth. Maryann’s breasts and belly were fully exposed.

Sharon jerked the shirt off Maryann’s shoulders and pulled the material partway down Maryann’s arms, loosely binding Maryann’s arms to her side.

Without hesitation Sharon straddled Maryann’s hips and with both hands roughly pushed Maryann back on the bed bringing another gasp from Maryann.

Sharon reached down and pulled on her clit ring and then with her fingers spread her lips and settled down flat on top of Maryann’s mound feeling Maryann’s smoothly shaved skin slide nicely against Sharon’s swollen sex.

“Come here, bitch,” Sharon hissed as she hauled Maryann up against her again, this time by the back of her neck.

Maryann’s head hung back limply, her eyes tightly closed as Sharon wrapped an arm around Maryann’s slender back. She was panting as Sharon began to kiss, suck and bite Maryann’s lips, cheeks, chin, throat and shoulders. All the while Sharon was slowly grinding her cunt against Maryann’s mound.

Sharon let Maryann fall back on the bed. Sharon slid her body down Maryann’s so that Sharon’s mouth could take Maryann’s breasts.

Sharon did not notice it.

She was lost in the lust and pleasure of Maryann’s supple body and soft, soap-and-water-clean scented skin.

Maryann had quit trembling and her panting and incoherent cries ceased. Replacing the cries came a low, spooky, quiet wailing noise. The vibrato was low and slow.

Sharon proceeded with her assault, using her hands and her mouth to caress Maryann’s delicate flesh below her breasts and down onto her belly.

The vibrato, pitch and volume of the odd noise increased the lower Sharon moved down Maryann’s torso.

Sharon repositioned to take Maryann’s slit with her mouth and as soon as Sharon’s lips and tongue met Maryann’s most sensitive flesh it was as if an electrical probe had touched Maryann.

Maryann arched her back high off the bed with a loud cry and went rigid. Maryann started “talking,” the syllables quick but unintelligible.

Streams of words: low and rhythmic.

Maybe they sounded Italian or Latin.

Maybe not.

They were hypnotic.

Sharon was occupied in the feast of Maryann’s fragrant and swollen slit but then she noticed the words.

Her desire only burned more intensely. She was consumed with the wild feelings flowing through her own body. Her sex felt so full and wet. Her nipples ached even more than earlier. She ground her mound and protruding clit ring against the sheet and she sucked Maryann.

Sharon was only aware of five things; nothing else mattered: the taste of Maryann’s skin, its smell, its feel, the hypnotic words she was speaking and getting to come. She needed to come.

For Maryann all time had stopped.

There was only the incredible feeling of Sharon’s body, mouth, fingers and tongue. Sometimes she would move her thighs so that they would press against Sharon’s head and Maryann would revel in the sensation of Sharon’s hair against her inner thighs.

Maryann heard the endless flow of unintelligible words, heard their rhythm, heard their pitch and volume modulate in a hypnotic flow but did not realize she was creating them. To herself she felt as if she was mute. She was drinking in the sensation of every touch and caress of Sharon’s, silently holding her voice in awe of the feelings.

Sharon had an arm underneath one of Maryann’s thighs and wrapped around her hip and across her lower belly so she could manipulate Maryann’s clit from a superior position; pulling back Maryann’s distended hood to flick her tongue at the base of Maryann’s pearl.

At the first contact of Sharon’s tongue to the underside of Maryann’s clit the words changed. They took on a repetitive, prayerful quality.




Sharon’s desire to come and give Maryann an orgasm intensified with the pleading stream of words. Sharon again inserted two fingers into Maryann’s cunt, this time intending to push along the floor of Maryann’s cunt and reach her cervix but she hit an obstruction: Maryann’s hymen was still partially intact!

For the barest flicker of an instant Sharon thought, “Son of a bitch she’s still a virgin.” That moment of surprise gave way to an intense desire to break it the rest of the way. And she did.

Sharon pushed through the remnants of the membrane.

Sharon’s fingers moved straight and deep to the smoothness of Maryann’s cervical mouth. She rubbed it a moment and then ever so slowly pulled her fingers again back across the roof of Maryann’s cunt.

Upon breaking Maryann’s hymen the rest of the way the words stopped.


As Sharon’s fingertips came out of the girl a different stream of words started. They were eerily sotto voce but still filled with the same urgency, the same pleading.

Sharon’s fingertips brushed over a large swollen spot in the roof of Maryann’s cunt and she stopped to massage it. She put her lips around Maryann’s clit and started to suck and lick.

Maryann closed her thighs tightly around Sharon’s head, her calves crossing over Sharon’s back. Maryann used this position for leverage as she frantically worked her hips against Sharon’s face.

Sharon felt the rippling contractions against her lips and heard Maryann wail in the unrecognizable language.

And then there was quiet except for Maryann panting rapidly.

Maryann’s legs fell away from Sharon’s back, her body went completely limp.

Sharon slid away from Maryann’s body. Sharon was on her belly and as she slid back her clit ring caught on the comforter and that was enough to finally set off her own orgasm. One of Maryann’s calves lay near Sharon’s face and Sharon slid up slightly to nuzzle and kiss it.

As Sharon’s pleasure began to subside she slid all the way off the bed and onto the floor. She sat on her bedroom floor, her back against the bed, legs spread with one knee cocked up. She rested an elbow on the raised knee and ran a hand through her hair.

“Jesus,” Sharon whispered to herself, “that was different.” She’d had lots of sexual experiences in her lifetime and this, she thought, was unique.

“Sharon?” Maryann’s voice was small and quiet.

It took Sharon a minute to answer. “Yeah, baby?”

“Sharon, I’m sorry. There’s, uh, some blood on the sheets between my legs.”

“It’s okay, baby. You still had a little bit of your hymen intact.”

“Is that my ‘cherry’?”

“Yeah, baby. I took your cherry.” Sharon looked at the fingers that had taken Maryann and they had a thin coating of blood and Maryann’s cum on them.

Shit, Sharon marveled, she’d literally never deflowered a virgin before. She remembered Jeannie’s warning about things getting out of hand and she didn’t know if things were “out of hand,” per se, but this was definitely weird for her.

Sharon laid her head back against the bed and idly fingered her nipple and clit rings. Her breathing was starting to return to normal. She wiped sweat from under her eyes then ran her hands through her hair.

Time to get up she thought to herself. But just then she heard the distinctive sound of a Zippo coming to life and then the pungent smell of tobacco smoke.

Suddenly Maryann was at Sharon’s ear. “That,” Maryann breathed into Sharon’s ear, “was sooooo incredible! I didn’t even feel like that when you touched me in the hospital.”

Maryann looped Sharon’s hair back behind her ear with her finger and then kissed Sharon’s ear. Sharon closed her eyes and let the thrill run through her body. She wondered if she could come again.

“Here,” Maryann held out her cigarette to Sharon’s lips and held it as Sharon leaned forward to take a long, slow drag. Sharon felt Maryann kiss the top of her head.

“Come up on the bed and hold me? Please?”

God damn, Sharon thought, there was the tongue again.

“If you keep doing that with your tongue, darlin’, I’m going to come again.” Sharon slowly blew out a cloud of smoke.

Maryann giggled and breathed into Sharon’s ear, her voice low and sultry(?), “Really? Can I watch?” And then she ran her tongue around and into Sharon’s ear.

Sharon dropped her fingers to her slit, arched her throat and groaned. Maryann’s lips found the sensitive skin on Sharon’s throat with her lips.

Sharon came again.


Maryann had fallen asleep on Sharon’s breast with Sharon’s arms around her. Maryann’s body felt so relaxed and invigorated at the same time. She felt so good and happy.

She looked at the clock on the night table: 3:36 AM. She gently extricated herself from Sharon’s warm embrace. Sharon stirred, mumbled something in her sleep and then turned over in bed but didn’t wake up.

Maryann got out of bed and pulled on her leather jacket. She was wide awake and feeling adventurous.

She went to the kitchen and got a tumbler of water and then went to the living room. Sharon had one wall lined almost floor to ceiling with books, tapes, CDs and DVDs. It was an eclectic collection of nursing texts, books about psychology and politics, lesbian erotica, romance novels and music and movies Maryann had never heard of.

Maryann pulled a big book off the shelf and took it to the sofa. She opened the book and gasped. It had lots and lots of pictures, some in color and some in black and white. They were of men and women in various positions, women together in various positions and women lying alone, their legs spread, their hands touching their private parts and their nipples.

Some of the men and women wore leather straps and chains. Maryann was absolutely fascinated. The first male penis she had ever seen in her 23 years was large and erect. It was flat against the man’s belly, a ring piercing its tip and leather cock ring tightly encasing the base of the penis and the man’s balls – though Maryann had no idea they were “balls.”

The man in the picture was standing, legs spread and his wrists were bound above his head and attached by a chain to the wall. He wore a spiked dog collar. There was a woman clad only in some sort of leather harness standing in front of him, between him and the wall. She had three fingers of one hand in his mouth while the other hand pulled on a ring in the man’s nipple. The woman had a determined look on her face.

Behind the man was another woman clad in the same type of leather harness with a whip in her hand ready to whip him.

Maryann took a deep breath, giggled a little and then felt her nipples hardened against the satin lining of her jacket and her sex fill with blood.

She turned the page.

A woman was on her hands and knees. She was naked except for a dog collar. Behind her was a woman with a large, black fake penis jutting out from where her slit should have been.

My god! Maryann thought. Women do that?

The next picture, on the opposite page, showed the woman inserting the fake penis in the other woman’s privates – no! – in the woman’s bottom! The woman with the fake penis was pulling the other woman’s hair back as she guided the penis in. There was a look of pain on the kneeling woman’s face.

Maryann felt a thrill run through her body. She closed her eyes to feel it. Unconsciously her head tilted back and she whispered in a low, guttural voice, “Lascilo montarlo, il mio whore…”

She whispered it again, then a third time. When she opened her eyes her chest and face felt flushed. The feel of her nipples against her jacket lining was more pronounced and she felt the edge of the book acutely against her belly.

Maryann rapidly laid the book aside and went back to the bedroom. She watched Sharon as she turned on a small lamp on her vanity. Sharon didn’t stir.

Maryann opened a drawer in the vanity. Panties and bras. Another drawer held sweaters and jeans. The contents of the third drawer was what she was unconsciously looking for; she smiled broadly.

Among many items she didn’t recognize – handcuffs, thumb cuffs, chains, dildos – she saw a fake penis in a leather harness.

The penis was shaped a bit like an L, sort of a check mark shape. It was smaller in diameter and length on one end, the end inside the harness, and longer and larger on the end outside the harness.

Maryann stepped into the harness. As she pulled up the straps the short end of the penis easily slid into Maryann’s sex. There was a flash of pain as the penis slid over the area of her broken hymen but then as the penis filled her the pain melted into the background and was overwhelmed by a feeling of intense warmth and pleasure that spread through her belly.

She drew in a breath and her eyes rolled back.

“Ruhm dem hoechsten Gott! Ruhm dem hoochsten Gott! It was a rapid, whispered hiss. Maryann adjusted the harness so that the base of the L that formed a sort of flange was tightly nestled between her swollen lips and the short penis felt incredibly deep inside her.

Ruhm dem hoechsten Gott!” she hissed again as another wave of pleasure fanned out into her belly.

She opened her eyes and looked at Sharon sleeping. She didn’t know how to articulate the feeling but she wanted Sharon. She needed Sharon.

Maryann went to the bed, pulled back the covers and without the larger penis touching Sharon she slid along Sharon’s back, her hands resting on Sharon’s shoulders.

She looped Sharon’s hair back behind her ear and breathed softly into it, “Seu corpo e assim doce e agradavel. Sharon, bitten Sie mich, Sie zu besitzen! Sharon, Sharon.”

Sharon stirred slightly. Maryann nuzzled Sharon’s back, planting light kisses along her spine and then went back to Sharon’s ear.

Sharon awoke and looked groggily looked over her shoulder to see Maryann in her jacket.


Maryann reached out and took Sharon’s chin in her hand and tenderly kissed Sharon’s lips.

“Sharon,” Maryann’s face was kissing close to Sharon’s, “let’s be together some more.” It was an urgent whisper.

“Uh…” Sharon was a deep sleeper and she still wasn’t fully awake. She wondered if she was dreaming.

Maryann’s lips were about to take Sharon’s again. She closed her eyes as she felt another wave of pleasure, “Lascilo vaffunculo che gradite una femmina dolce, una femmina dolce.” After whispering this rapidly Maryann took Sharon’s mouth, quickly and deeply with her tongue.

Sharon sucked at the warm, wet tongue invading her mouth and then she felt something at her back. She broke the kiss, more awake – maybe – and twisted back farther.

“Jesus Christ! Maryann, where did you find by strapon?”

Maryann giggled, kissed Sharon lightly, “So that’s what you call this. I found it in your drawer.”

Sharon saw Maryann shiver and then her eyes rolled back as the pressure of the dildo against Sharon’s back transmitted through the flange and translated into the stub in Maryann’s sex and caused another wave of pleasure to move through her body.

Maryann’s eyes were wide and her pupils appeared dilated. She whispered rapidly, fiercely and just barely audibly, “Laissez-moi vous monter, ma putain!”

Sharon frowned in confusion but she rolled onto her back as Maryann slid away from her. When Sharon was fully on her back Maryann moved quickly between Sharon’s thighs and pressed her body to Sharon’s, taking one of Sharon’s nipple rings in her mouth, caressing the stretched nipple.

Sharon moaned at the pleasure. Maybe this was a dream.

In between her kisses, sucks and bites at Sharon’s breasts Maryann was whispering quickly and over and over, “Elemosinilo possederlo! Elemosinilo! Sous bocais ache, seus gritos do sexo para a liberacao!

Sharon was panting now. Maryann’s mouth and fingers were relentless. The feel of Maryann’s nipples pressing and rubbing back and forth from Sharon’s belly to lower ribs was making Sharon delirious with pleasure and desire.

Maryann moved up Sharon’s body to kiss her on the throat and lips. “Glauben Sie dem Hitzeaufstieg in lhrem Bauch!”

Oh my god, Sharon thought to herself, was she understanding the words Maryann was speaking?

“Yes, Maryann, I can feel the heat in my belly, please, take me…” Sharon whispered hoarsely.

Without acknowledgment of Sharon’s plea, Maryann sat back on her legs, the dildo bobbing in front of her.

Sharon raised her hips and reached for the dildo to guide it in. She positioned the head at the opening to her cunt and Maryann pushed Sharon back flat on the bed and guided the dildo very slowly into Sharon’s sex with small thrusts of her hips.

Maryann locked eyes with Sharon. There was a wave of fear sweeping through Sharon that made the hair at the nape of her neck rise. Maryann did not look like the sweet Maryann she had spent the first part of the night with. There was something different and undefinable in her eyes. But then Maryann inched the dildo forward and Sharon drew in a gasp.

“De-se a mim, de-se, a mim, de-se a mim…” It was like a chant and Maryann kept repeating it as she held Sharon’s eyes.

Maryann’s back and belly was bowed outward, one hand on Sharon’s belly and the other hand pulling one of her own nipples.

She had the dildo in Sharon as deeply as it would go and she was now pressed mound to mound with Sharon. The pressure on Maryann’s clit by the special flange of the dildo was beyond description. Each movement, whether by her or by Sharon brought a new electric shock wave of pleasure firing up through her belly and flowing warmly throughout her body.

Involuntarily Sharon flexed her hips and tried to establish a rhythm against Maryann.

Maryann smiled down at Sharon, an appreciative/ predatory kind of smile, “Yes…,” then her eyes rolled back again. ” Gekommen fur mich.

“Lass dich gehen, lass dich gehen. Gib dich mir hin, Sharon” Maryann hissed between clenched teeth, her back flexed even more.

Sharon’s fingers were pulling her nipple rings, she arched off the bed and sped up her rhythm in her hips against Maryann’s mound.

Maryann lowered her body to cover Sharon’s. She slid her arms under Sharon’s shoulders to hold herself tight against her. Sharon wrapped her legs tightly around Maryann’s slim hips and pumped for all she was worth.

Maryann continued a steady stream of strange words whispered hotly into Sharon’s ear as Sharon felt the maddening pleasure build in her thighs, sex, belly and breasts.

Maryann felt Sharon suddenly stiffen, heard her groan in pleasure. Maryann smiled to herself. As the pressure in her own body built she whispered slowly – and to Sharon’s brain it sounded tenderly – “Oblivion da sensacao…oblivion da sensacao, my lover.”


Sharon woke with the sound of her alarm. She put her arm out to Maryann’s side of the bed but there was no one there. Sharon opened her eyes and blinked.

“Christ, what a dream!” Sharon mumbled to herself as she rubbed her eyes and ran her hand through her hair. But then she looked at the sheets and saw the smear of blood and Maryann’s torn tee shirt.

“Maryann?” Sharon called out but there was no answer. Sharon got out of bed and went to the bathroom. The shower had not been used. What the fuck, Sharon wondered. She had to get ready for work.


“Hey, girlfriend,” Jeannie said to Sharon as she sat her lunch tray on the table, “where’ve you been?”

“Ummm, they floated me to Ob-Gyn this morning. It’s been pretty busy. A ton of admits.

“What’s up with you?”

“Pretty much the same. I sent three hips off to surgery this morning.” Jeannie smiled conspiratorially, “So how’d last night go?”

Sharon looked at her lover for a minute and didn’t quite know what to say.

“Uh, don’t laugh, okay?”

Jeannie started to look concerned. “Okay.”

“I did leave Buddies with Maryann last night, right?”

“Jesus Sharon,” Jeannie scolded, “I told you not to get too drunk last night. Yeah, you two left together looking like a couple of newlyweds.”

Sharon nodded. Okay, she thought to herself, I haven’t completely lost my mind.

“You remember how you felt the first time I fucked you with the Raptor?”

Jeannie giggled, “Oh, god, Do I! I could hardly walk for a week.” Then Jeannie’s eyes went wide and she whispered in concern, “Oh, Sharon. Oh, god, Sharon. Tell me you didn’t do Maryann with it.”

Sharon whispered back. “I requested floating to Ob-Gyn this morning. You know Suzie Collins, cute little dyke, works down there?

“Yeah, Suzie and I are, um, acquainted,” Jeannie grinned knowingly.

“Well, I asked Suze to do a pelvic on me in between admissions. I am so fucking sore this morning. She said I looked like I’d been gang banged and then the little bitch wanted the details. I made up some wild ass story because I wasn’t sure she’d believe the truth.”

“Wait a minute,” Jeannie interrupted, suddenly suspicious that she was being put on, “you’re telling me that Maryann did you? With the Raptor?”

“Well, I think so. I couldn’t find it this morning and Maryann was not in bed this morning. She’s gone, I can’t find her either. Just the blood stain…”


“Yeah, you were right, she still had her cherry. By the size of the opening and from what I remember from nursing school, I bet she’s never used a tampon.”

“Wow. So you honest to God took her cherry?” Jeannie whispered in awe. “I’ve always fantasized about doing that to some girl.”

“Well, maybe Maryann’s got church friends, darlin’. Anyway, there was the blood on the sheets and her ripped tee shirt.”

“You ripped her tee shirt off her?”

“God, Jeannie, I was so crazy with lust…I’ve never felt like that before. I just wanted to get to her skin and those beautiful little breasts of hers. And let me tell you, ripping the collar on a tee is not an easy thing to do either.”

“So,” Jeannie licked her lips, she was getting aroused, “what was she like, the parts you remember?”

“Well, she did that tongues thing last night. If I hadn’t felt so incredibly good and out of control I would have been scared. Hell, I was scared for a minute. Right before she mounted me she said something in tongues and she had this really strange look and I wondered if I was about to be fucked by God or the Devil himself. But I reached up and guided the Raptor, um, home to get her started.

“She looked so incredibly hot once she got the thing in me; her belly and breasts were bowed out and she was pressing into me. Christ, it felt so incredible! And then she started working me and from then on, things, uh, get a little fuzzy.”

Just then Maryann sat down at their table. Leather jacket opened down to the top of her breasts and jeans – her clothes from the previous night without the tee shirt. She was also sporting a hickey on her throat and one peeking out from the jacket along her collar bone.

“Hiya guys!” Maryann was all sweetness, innocence and enthusiasm.

Sharon and Jeannie were dumbfounded.

Maryann laid a small plastic shopping bag on the table. “Here’s your, um, thing.” She averted her eyes, smiled coyly and blushed when she said thing, “I forgot what you called it. Sorry I took it with me this morning. I wanted to play with it some more. It is soooo great!” She she was smiling from ear to ear.

“Mary, I was worried when you weren’t in bed this morning. Are you okay?”

“I’m sorry Sharon, I’m not a late sleeper. I had to go home and feed Tommy.”

Sharon thought for a second, she had to be up at 5:30 to make it to work. Not a late sleeper? But then the thought hit her and she couldn’t help but ask, “Feed Tommy?”

“Yeah,” Maryann enthused, “he’s my cat.”


“I’m sorry. You know, I’m new at this. I suppose I should have let you know I was leaving.”

“No,” Sharon said reassuringly, “it’s okay. I was just worried. So you’re feeling okay?”

Maryann blushed again and looked away. “Well, I am a little sore, uh, you know, down there. But I can’t wait to, you know, uh, be with you, you know, uh, that way.”

Sharon was still blown away by Maryann’s manner and their night together and didn’t know what to say to Maryann’s desire for more.

Jeannie filled the gap. She smiled seductively, which was wasted on Maryann, “While Sharon’s trying to figure out what to say maybe you’d like to spend an evening with me?”

“Oh! Sure! Can we use this?” Maryann patted the plastic bag with the dildo.

“Sure baby,” Jeannie was on the verge of having her very first orgasm without touching herself or being touched. “anything you want. Maybe you’d let me tie you up?”

Maryann giggled.

Sharon finally found her wits and her voice, “But we can do it at my place – if,” she looked at Jeannie for approval, “Jeannie doesn’t object.”

“You mean the three of us?! Wow. That sounds fun.”

Jeannie looked at Sharon with an “I told you so” look and smiled.

“Tonight at Sharon’s then?” Jeannie asked.

“Great. Uh, I have a little sister who’s coming up today to stay with me a while. She’s 22 and she’s kinda like me, you know, rebellious and stuff. Can I bring her along?”

Sharon heard Jeannie breathe out quietly. She looked at her and could see from the glazed look in Jeannie’s eyes that Jeannie was coming. This was fucking incredible Sharon thought.

Sharon smiled at Maryann, “Sure, bring her along. You know what they say, the more the merrier.”

“Super! See you guys tonight.” And as quickly as she had appeared at their table Maryann bounded off.

“Uh, Jeannie…,” Sharon said quietly, “as soon as you’re through, we need to get back to work, you know?” Sharon was taunting her.

“Hmmmm? Oh, yeah. Did she say she had a little sister or was I just dreaming?”

“You heard correctly,” Sharon smiled, wishing she could have Jeannie’s naked body pressed tightly to hers so that she could feel the shudders of pleasure Jeannie was experiencing, “Maybe your wish will come true.”

“Oh, god,” Jeannie shuddered into the start of a second orgasm, her eyes dilating, “you think?”

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