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Second Male Massage

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Sex with my wife had been as hot as ever since my first massage with Alex. I wouldn’t say the experience has directly made our sex life any better or worse but I do feel a more confident.

My concern that is would alter my sexuality was unfounded. I still found my wife extremely attractive and arousing. My wife has a great body and I look upon it with lust every time I see her.

I was comfortable that I wasn’t gay; despite having had what one would have to admit was a gay experience.

I still occasionally recall the memory of that first instant when I inadvertently touched his erection. I was glad I had the experience and was proud that I had done something that most men would be reluctant to do.

In the end it was just a great sexual experience, but one that I had no burning plan of repeating. It happened, I enjoyed it and I moved on.

Three weeks ago, my wife asked me what I would like as a gift for my upcoming birthday. I couldn’t think anything in particular so I suggested that she just surprise me. Over the following couple of weeks I did try and look over her shoulder to get a glance at her web searches before she shooed me away exclaiming it wouldn’t be a surprise.

We were both been busy with work and I had not given my birthday any thought until my wife rang me at work. She told me that I would receive my gift tonight so that we could spend the whole day tomorrow in bed together for my birthday. The prospect of a whole day of sex would be a very welcome present on its own so what could tonight’s present be? I started to ponder the possibilities on the way home.

I arrived home from work at the designated time and kissed and hugged my wife and thanked her for her plans for the next day.

“Into the shower you go right now!” she commanded with a hint of fun in her voice. “I want you clean and dressed in what I have laid out on the bed for you in one hour.”

“… and don’t come out till I call you” she added in a stern voice.

I took my time in the shower making sure I was clean from head to toe, the thought of what she might be up to arousing my curiosity. I put on the cologne she loved the most and stepped into the bedroom to retrieve the designated clothing.

The only thing there was my robe. Well, this looks promising I thought as I did up the robe and sat on the end of the bed waiting for further instructions. I looked around for any hint of what she had planned. No new sex toys in the dresser. No new costumes in the wardrobe.

I heard her call me from the living room so I headed out to find the room lit only by candlelight. I was curious and excited with my adrenaline levels high with anticipation.

The furniture had been pushed to the sides of the room. She was sitting on the edge of one of two massage tables in her robe which was open at the front. Her apply cleavage and only partly covered breasts caught my attention immediately. She looked like a goddess in the flickering candlelight.

It was now pretty obvious what my gift was. I stood between her open knees and kissed and I thanked her for organising such a great surprise.

I agreed with her that this would make us nice and relaxed in preparation for our day together tomorrow.

“So where are the masseuses?” I asked her cheekily while looking around to see if anyone else was here. After all there are two tables.

“The masseurs are in the kitchen getting ready” She said in a correcting tone.

I missed her point but it became very obvious when two young men entered from the kitchen with towels and bottles of oil on trays. I was startled as this was not what I expected. I had mentally pictured two lovely young women in tight white uniforms with their ample bosoms fighting to escape their skimpy tops.

I felt a little disappointment that my fantasy didn’t unfold and after all the anticipation I had gotten very aroused and was looking forward to getting off tonight. In any case, I reconciled; a nice massage will get me ready for a good session of sex with her later tonight and all day tomorrow. Good planning on her part I reflected.

I sat on the side of the other table facing her and looked unashamedly at her naked body, only partly covered by the robe, while the masseurs set up their gear.

They came to stand either side of us between the tables and when they started to introduce themselves I looked up at their faces and now realised that one of them was Alex! I must have gone beet red. I was shocked.

“My name is Alex and this is Jacob. Tonight we will be giving you the Sensual Twins Experience” said Alex in a forthright manner, giving no hint that we had met.

“Oooh, that sounds enticing doesn’t it Darling?” she exuded pretending she had no idea of what she had already planned with them.

“Yes, Sounds exotic” I said encouragingly, trying to hide my confusion and embarrassment.

Does this mean she knows about Alex or was it a coincidence? Why didn’t she book 2 female masseuses or at least a mixed couple?

If she wanted this was to be a “sensual” experience, which she must have asked for, then why pick two guys. She must know. Perhaps she doesn’t. How could she know? Surely if she knew she would have said something.

I watched her face closely trying to uncover a hint but she gave no indication that she knew about Alex. She just looked at me with excitement in her eyes. She was up to something I was sure of it.

They were dressed only in shorts and were definitely twins. Same height, same build, toned, muscled and attractive, it was obvious why she looked excited. Her nipples were hard and pointing out of the open robe giving away her aroused state. I was surprised when I realised I was checking out their shorts and wondering if their cocks were the same size.

“Let us explain what you can expect tonight.” started Jacob as he stepped in front of my wife and put a blindfold over her eyes and tied it back. Alex did the same to me.

“The masks are to enhance your remaining senses.” he added before either of us had the chance to ask.

“As Alex and I are twins we do everything the same way. This is how this massage experience works. What Alex does, I do.” He explained as I was motioned to stand up and my robe was removed.

“For example, when I massage your shoulder, her shoulder will be being massaged and so on.” He added as I felt a hand on our shoulders.

“We will listen to your bodies’ responses and the massage will evolve as we go along. If at any time you are uncomfortable or want us to stop just stay the word NO and we will move on to something else.” explained Alex.

“Remember though, if one of you says NO, we will BOTH stop and move on to something else. In doing so you could deprive your partner of something they might be enjoying very much. We also ask that there be no other talking.” Jacob asserted in a warning but instructional manner.

I was busy trying to assimilate these rules as I was guided to lay face down on the table. I could hear my wife mount the other table. We were just a couple of feet apart.

My disappointment lifted a bit with the thought that here I was naked in front of Alex again, and even though my wife was here, she couldn’t see what was happening over here. My cock started to stiffen with the thought that I might be able to feel him again.

My arms were placed down my sides with my head face down in the hole in the table. I started to relax, ready for the skilful ministrations of Alex on my back.

I was expecting a towel over us but none arrived before warm oil trickled down my back and his firm hands moved up and down my spine. My usual response to the start of a massage is a low moan which I did not hold back on this occasion either. I also heard one escape from my wife right after.

As he went lower down my back I started to go over the “rules” in my head. I was thinking there is no way I am going to be the first to say “No”. I bet she chickens out first. Then I imagined some of the things that might happen and recalled what we did last time Alex massaged me.

If I feel his cock I can assume that she will be feeling Jacob’s. I didn’t mind that she might feel his cock as I am not the jealous type and I know our relationship is solid. So I would have no hesitation taking the opportunity to feel his big, fantastic cock again and even better if I can taste its soft, warm texture.

Did she set this up so she could feel his cock and tease me? Does this mean she knows about Alex? Is this her way of letting me know that she knows about Alex and now she wants to join in? Does she want to test my boundaries or is she just getting off on the thought of me touching another man’s cock without having to bring up a potentially embarrassing conversation. My mind was awash with thoughts flowing back and forth.

Then I realised what this meant from her point of view. If she was sucking his cock and I hadn’t said “No”, then that would mean I am also sucking cock and that I wanted to do it. I suppose I could say that I just did it for her. As Jacob said “I didn’t want to deprive her of the experience.” After all, if Jacob’s cock was the same as Alex’s then she would be in for a real treat.

I pondered the situation for a while, and then it dawned on me, was it Alex or Jacob massaging me? How could I be sure? What if I reached for his cock and it was Jacob and he didn’t know about the massage Alex gave me. He might be offended. This might be a legitimate massage and I am reading more into it than what is planned. After all, I am the one with the over-sexed imagination and she is a lot more conservative. I let it drop and decided just to go with the flow.

He moved to the top of the table and massaged my shoulders. This was broken up by long strokes down my back. Each time he went lower. His hands went down over my buttocks and back up my bum crack. This was getting arousing. As his hands moved down my back, I could feel him against the top of my head but could not feel any specific anatomy, just pressure.

He moved back to the bottom of the table and lifted each leg, moving and placing them apart. Then touch on my feet. Heavenly foot massaging continued for some time as he worked my ankles and calves. Then his hands moved up higher towards my thighs.

I am lying there with my legs spread and I am sure he would have seen the end of my cock poking out under my balls. My wife’s pussy would have also been on full display. I bet she is aroused, lips all wet and swollen, a sight that would not have be lost on either Alex or Jacob.

As his hands flowed up and down my legs over my bum as they got progressively further down the crack each time until his fingers are brushing the side of my balls. I harden up more from this seductive touching. The next stoke was slower and went so close to my balls and the tip of my cock.

I heard a moan from my wife. He then pulled her leg further to the side exposing her even more. I felt his hands all over her ass cheeks and running his hands down the inside of her thighs.

I was hard as a rock. I was lifting my ass just begging for him to touch her clit but he just got so close teasing us further.

He moved to the middle of the table and now we could feel his skin on the back of our hands and down our sides. This was familiar I thought. I turned my hand over and took his hard cock in my hand and stroked it slowly. A loud moan escaped my wife as she felt the texture of the warm, firm flesh and the magnificent shape and size of his penis. It was a beautiful thing to touch, warm and smooth, hard yet soft. There is just something about an erection that ignites your passion. I love the feeling when my cock is hard, it builds my lust. Feeling his at the same time seemed to double the intensity.

A moan escaped me and I realised that she would know that I had his cock in my hand too. I held my breath waiting for the “No” but it didn’t arrive.

I recognised the moan from my wife. It was her “Oh my God that feels good” moan. I was listening intently to get an idea of what she was thinking. All I could hear was the oily hands gliding over our skin. My attention was drawn back to his fingers as they slowly moved closer and closer to my anus and around the edge of my balls. The teasing was intense.

Knowing my wife was getting the same pleasure only heightened the arousal. It felt like we were connected. I pictured what he was doing to her and felt it at the same time. His nimble fingers were massaging around her clit while my cock was being teased to bursting point. He stroked up through her lips and circled her anus teasing its opening. I was silently begging for him to enter us with his fingers. I was so aroused I thought I would explode right then.

A breath escaped her in and audible rush like she had finally arrived at a destination. A long, suppressed moan told me she had reached an orgasm. It was a sound I knew only too well and one I would really like her to vocalise more loudly at times.

I was sure she was going to say “No” now that she had been released; and I was afraid she was going to leave me on the edge. The twins moved to the top of the table again. My cock was throbbing and aching for release.

Slow, intentional stokes up and down my back and over my shoulders helped me relax me until I heard another familiar sound. I strained my ears to confirm it, but it definitely sounded like she was eagerly devouring his cock. He lifted and turned my head to the side and his cock touched my lips. That was all the confirmation and direction I needed.

His cock tasted even better than last time. I was again somewhat frustrated that I couldn’t get more of it in my mouth. The best I could do was about half way down before my mouth got so full it was uncomfortable. I concentrated on the smooth head and tried to return as much pleasure as I could. The sound of us both sucking cock was amazing and it became a bit of a competition as to who could articulate our arousal and approval of the others actions.

Unfortunately, the cocks were removed too soon for me and we were returned to our previous position on the table and I feared it was all over. I could tell he was getting close from his stifled moans and breathing and strangely I just wanted to make him cum. I just wanted to push it further in case she called out “No”.

I felt his hands on my feet again. They glided from our toes, up our legs, over our asses to our shoulders. As he moved along the side, down the length of the table, I felt the tip of his cock brush teasingly up my side. These boys really knew how to build tension. Each time, their hands ventured closer and closer to our sex, until they brazenly included the most intimate parts in their journey along our bodies. Every time his fingers circled my anus it involuntarily opened up trying to trap them and drag them inside.

I could hear that my wife was close to another orgasm from her breathing and noises when again the touching stopped. My mind screamed “Don’t stop, make me cum now!”

I replayed in my mind to check if she had said “No” but I was sure it wasn’t there.

Moving back to the end of the table he placed a hand on each foot and traced up both legs slowly all the way up to her ass. Again, back and forth, long stokes, ending with teasing her swollen lips and entrances. My God this was going to kill us if we don’t cum soon.

Then the table moved and I felt his knees between my legs and his hands on the table either side of my waist. He hovered above me, massaging my buttocks with his chest. Moving further up with his chest each time up and down my back, the sensation was amazing.

As he got higher I could feel the end of his cock touching me. He then moved right up my back, his cock running the full length of my ass crack and with each cycle I unconsciously raised my hips trying to give his cock a closer path. This gave his cock a better trajectory and now it was rubbing right over my hole, the sensation was like nothing I had felt before and I didn’t want it to stop. Again I held my breath as I heard a noise of surprise and uncertainty from my wife. I was expecting her to end it. I froze straining my ears as if waiting for direction.

I was really on edge, aroused beyond belief but unsure where this was going. I just didn’t want it to end yet. I needed to cum so bad. What did she have in mind?

Still no sign of a “No” from her.

He knelt back up, still between my legs and pulled my knees forward and my hips up so my ass was in the air. I was exposed, but my arousal shielded me from any thoughts of being shy or embarrassed of being in that position. He then rubbed his cockhead the full length of my crack, teasing my hole, my balls and my cock. There I was with my shoulders on the table and my arse open to world while he teased me beyond belief. Up and down the crack it glided like it was on a quest, and then it came to rest right at my entrance.

I felt his heartbeat on my anus from the sole part of his body toughing me. No movement, no sound, the pause felt like an eternity, it just sat there throbbing rhythmically. It was like I was about to parachute out of plane. I was on the edge of a precipice and my pleading virgin asshole was urging me to jump.

It was a totally bizarre experience being in that position. For the first time in my life I was not in control of the sex and for once it wasn’t about me taking my pleasure in someone else. If he pushed forwards right now he would be actually using Me for His pleasure. It was different perspective to be on the receiving end for a change, not knowing what to expect, but needing something to happen just the same. Comparatively, when my wife blows me, I don’t feel she is really in control, she is just doing something we both like. Him being in control of the situation was way more intense, it was unpredictable, forbidden, uncharted.

Groans were forced from both of us as they penetrated us simultaneously. I felt like I was free-falling. My whole body was electrified and all points lead right to my ass and up and down my cock. Their girth took our breath away and forced that familiar “penetrated by cock” moan from her as they took us without protest. I couldn’t believe I had his cock in my ass, how had I let this happen, how did She let this happen, but there was no way I was going to stop. It just felt so fucking amazing.

Slowly they started to fuck us. I had no idea which hole she had filed, but I sure as hell knew mine was. I never thought I would ever have a man’s cock up my ass but this was just too intense to stop now. The overwhelming feeling of fullness, the heat of his flesh and the virility of his cock made me feel like I was going to pass out.

By neither of us saying “No”, we had effectively given each other permission to be fucked by someone else. Their cocks’ intention was entirely obvious when they were resting, poised at our entrances, yet neither of us had the capacity to stop the inevitable.

The sounds of uninhibited fucking abounded and the pursuit of orgasms became a united objective.

I was trying to concentrate on her sounds and the obvious pleasure she was getting but it was difficult with the monster cock stretching my ass. Finally he was in me to the hilt and his balls were up against mine. I now understood why this is my wife’s favourite position. Being totally exposed and having your inner being taken by the person behind and over you, filling you, using you to build their own orgasm.

I couldn’t breathe; my mind was full of countless sensations at the same time. More than I had ever experienced in my life. My cock was throbbing, my balls pulsed, and the muscles at the base of my cock were hastily contracting. Cum started pumping out of my cock so hard I could feel it all the way from my balls to its rocketing escape out the tip. My ass twitched and contracted with each surge, forcing the previously quiet cock owner behind me to scream a massive orgasm right into my core. The feeling of his pulsing cock pumping hot seed into my clamping asshole kept my orgasm going and going. It didn’t abate like they normally do after I cum. His cock was hard up against my prostate and kept me right on the top of the cliff. Each time it started to drop off the next throb of his cock put me over the edge again. It was the longest orgasm I had ever had and we just milked each other with small movements. It wasn’t like any other orgasm, it wasn’t coming from my cockhead, it seemed like it originated everywhere and then focused behind my cock somewhere inside my asshole.

My wife was moaning and groaning obviously enjoying the big cock in her as well. His hips were now slapping her ass mercilessly. Then together, they screamed a shared orgasm that seemed to go on forever. They now joined us in post orgasmic bliss and a feeling of complete satisfaction while their cum escaped from our well fucked holes.

After a while his cock slid out of me and he demounted the table. I just stayed there resting and recovering in a fog of pleasure and ecstasy.

I pondered which was the greater sin, allowing my wife to be fucked by another man or having my own ass fucked by one. I was also concerned that she might not approve of what we had just done and what she would think of me. One thing was for sure though; that was the most intense pleasure I had ever felt in my life.

It wasn’t just that it was my first anal sex; it was the whole situation that unfolded. The culmination, I suppose, of what had started with that first massage and the portentous first time I felt a penis. My wife’s presence only made it more intense.

I felt a hand on my upturned bum. She gently touched and moved over it in a soothing manner as if to ask silently “How does this ass feel now?” She was running her fingers through the cum that had run out over my balls and down my legs. It seemed like she was curious to see and perhaps confirm what she had heard happening. I flinched a bit when her fingers circled my tender anus as she explored searching for the ultimate proof. She moaned and giggled a little as her finger entered me and more cum dribbled out. It was more a sound of accomplishment; I just wasn’t sure whose.

“Time for a shower” She said in an encouraging but commanding tone as she gently slapped my buttock indicating the fun was over.

I gingerly got off the table and followed her to the shower, my asshole a bit tenderer than I would have liked.

We washed down not saying a word. I had no idea what to say. After drying off she took my hand and led me to the bed. On the way I noticed the tables were gone and the living room was back to normal. The twins had obviously left.

We cuddled and kissed gently in silence.

“You didn’t mind him fucking me did you?” she enquired, breaking the silence.

“Are you sure that’s not the question I should be asking you? I confessed.

“It was so erotic knowing we were both feeling the same sensations at the same time.” she replied.

“I was surprised how far it went, but I figured if you didn’t want to you would have stopped.” She added.

“If you had asked me to do it before we started I would have said no, but it just built up to a point where it just felt natural and I too was surprised, that when his cock was touching my ass, all I wanted was for him shove it right up me.” I said as honestly as I could while trying not to give too much away.

“How much of that had you actually planned? Did you want them to fuck both of us?” I enquired after a short silence.

“We only planned the massage and some cock sucking, and the rest just kind of happened, I guess.” She explained adding as much innocence as she could.

“You planned some cock sucking?” I questioned sounding like I was only a reluctant participant.

“I read your story about your massage with Alex and how much you liked sucking his cock; I just wanted to see if it was true and if you would do it again.” She explained.

I was silent trying to think of a response, embarrassed by her disclosure that she knew about that massage. It was pointless trying to deny it, and given what had transpired earlier this evening it really paled to insignificance.

“How did you find him?” I asked innocently, trying to shift the attention.

“The story got me so hot thinking about his big hard cock, that it prompted me to see if I could set up another massage so I could enjoy it too. I followed your example and I internet searched for a masseur named Alex. I contacted him and once he read your story he was happy to play along. We swapped ideas but the one including Jacob and calling it the Twins Experience was sheer genius I thought.” She explained proudly pointing out her achievement before another period of somewhat awkward silence.

“Their cocks are amazing though, aren’t they?” she said enthusiastically trying to lighten the mood.

“So big, so hard, mmmm, there’s really nothing like cock filling you to the brim is there?” She added with a seductive purr.

I was about to say “I wouldn’t really know”, when I realised that I now did know.

She kissed me strong and deep, her tongue driving deeply into my mouth. The thought of his cock must have really turned her on, or at least it is now.

“So how did it feel with his cock up your ass?” she just blurted out surprising me with her bluntness.

I thought about it for a minute trying to work out exactly how I felt about having crossed that forbidden boundary. She had previously told me that anal sex for her was not that fulfilling, so I reasoned this was a fair question. “It felt amazing and I did cum really hard, harder than I can remember, but I am not sure I’d want to do it every day.” I said openly.

“What! Harder than you cum with me?” she countered in a mock accusing tone.

“No, it was different; it came from a different place, like, more inside me rather than from the end of my cock. Also, being on the receiving end is totally different; it’s like being the other person compared to all the sex I have had all my life.” I offered trying to explain.

“I am sorry I didn’t tell you about Alex earlier but I was afraid what you might think. It wasn’t something I planned it just happened and when I felt his cock I just had to see it and when I saw it I just wanted to taste it. I really don’t know why” I explained honestly.

She kissed me again. “I know, I read all about it remember. Its ok, I know you’re not gay and I love how you are able to try new things.” She said assuring me.

“It’s easier than I thought; you just let things flow and forget about the superficial boundaries. If it feels good then it’s worth trying. You never know where it might take you.” I presented as a point of view that she might want to use in the future.

“I’m just not as daring as you are. Like when you dragged me into that adult shop and bought me that dildo, I was so embarrassed.” She added.

“Yes, but you really enjoy it now you have it, you just need to let yourself go a bit” I pointed out to her.

“So tell me, if a woman gave you a massage like Jacob did tonight would you have let it continue and let the sex just happen?” challenging her to see it from my perspective and putting the concept out there.

“That’s different!” she said attempting to sound like the thought shocked her.

“Why? If a woman got you worked up like you were tonight and then got up onto the table into a 69, I bet that you would lap her like a starving cat and cum like a storm” I said painting an image that she might not have considered but could no longer ignore.

“I would have stopped.” She countered, her timid side taking over again.

“You say that now, but in the heat of arousal things are different. That’s all I am trying to say, just because I love drinking Coke doesn’t mean I won’t like the taste of Pepsi until I try it.” I offered as something for her to reflect on.

“Ok, I promise I will try to be more adventurous.” She said making it clear that she didn’t want to continue that line of conversation right now.

We cuddled and drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

I was awoken in the morning by the feeling of having my morning wood stroked. She greeted me with her wet fingers on my lips which I greedily sucked. It was very obvious where those fingers had been as I tasted the sweet nectar of her sex. Hard, passionate sex followed and we fell back asleep again.

Her phone rang waking me. She leaned over and retrieved it, answering it without giving me any initial indication as to who was calling.

“Yes, all good … Yes, I’m sure … Yes! he said it was Amazing … he said it was the best orgasm he could remember … No, it looked a bit sore but I’m sure it’s ok … Yes, it was very hot … Yes, very much, did Jacob enjoy it too? … My God, I loved his cock … We had the best time … This Saturday? … Ok, sure, what about Jacob? … Oh, ok … Ok, Sure … Yes, that’ll work … I guess … Cool, see you on Saturday.

I mounted her as she hung up, my arousal fuelled by her newfound assertiveness.

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