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It was one of those late April days that act like a dress rehearsal for summer. The unusually high temperatures drove throngs of people to the southern California beach. Whole families looked like modern nomads, lugging coolers, easy up tents, and all implements required for beach fun, setting up camp along the miles of hot sand, Julian called home.

It was days like this that made him truly appreciate where he lived. He didn’t have to fight the traffic to battle for parking on the beach. All he had to do was jump on his beach cruiser for a leisurely pedal; shortly he was in nirvana.

Julian loved riding his cruiser. Nothing else relaxed him quite like a nice ride on the beach trail. He loved seeing all the different kinds of people that the beach attracted. He especially loved watching all the women it attracted, the young girls in tight bodies parading around in skimpy bikinis, the trophy wives and milfs showing off their new breasts; he loved the beach.

Now that he was single again, he tried to be at the beach as much as possible. The first few months after his divorce were tough. After being married for twelve years it was difficult to adjust to life on his own.

Thanks to California’s liberal divorce laws he was now pretty broke. On the bright side he was thirty seven, had no kids, and was free to do whatever he pleased.

He was never actually out of shape, but his love for beer had left him with a belly that embarrassed him whenever he passed a mirror. Since the divorce he had immersed himself back into running and playing beach volleyball.

It was an easy way to lose twenty five pounds quickly, and Julian felt great. He noticed that he was getting longer looks from lots of women, as he dove around the sand digging and spiking balls. It reminded him a bit of college, when his whole life revolved around the volleyball team, drinking, and girls.

He married right out of college and bounced around a wide variety of jobs while pursuing his real passion, coaching volleyball. His ex-wife would constantly nag him to become a teacher, so he could coach and teach in the same place, but Julian only cared about volleyball. Teaching did not seem like a great profession to him.

Instead he would work various service jobs to leave his days open to surfing, playing volleyball, or whatever outdoor activity he was into at the time.

Right now his activity was sitting in a beach chair watching the waves crash in on white sand. His muscles had that pleasant ache he loved after playing beach volleyball for hours. His picturesque day dream was broken by a familiar voice.

“Coach Lewis?”

Julian looked up and saw two of his former club volleyball players staring down at him. His eyes dropped from their faces and evaluated their incredibly toned bodies. Emily was a tall thin beauty. She had played middle blocker on his 16 and under team. Her light brown hair had grown down to her waist, and her chest had sprouted two perky little breasts that she now had tightly wrapped in a bright yellow bikini top. Her stomach was a firm six pack that he immediately wanted to lick. She flashed him a braces filled smile on her cute freckled face.

“She still has that baby face. Shit she must be 19 by now.” He thought, “Hey Emily, how are you doing?” He flashed a smile, as he tried to recognize her friend. He knew he had coached her, but couldn’t place exactly who she was until she self-consciously slouched while crossing her hands in front of herself.

“Stacy?” He questioned out loud. “Wow, I barely recognized you.”

She blushed and looked down at the sand by her feet. She was shorter than her friend and had a much more womanly figure. Stacy was the tomboy of the team. Julian remembered the other girls making fun of the shy dark haired girl who wasn’t quite able to control her body.

The woman that stood before him bore very little resemblance to that girl. Her dark, wavy hair had grown long. Her breasts had swollen into two beautiful examples of womanhood. Her stomach was flat, but lacked the muscular definition of her friend. Her hips flared out seductively, and Julian’s mind immediately went to a dirty, happy place.

“What are you doing here coach?”

“Just playing some volleyball and relaxing. How about you two? You guys still playing volleyball?”

“I am but Stacy quit. She is more interested in boys and partying.” Stacy elbowed Emily jokingly. Julian was devouring the gorgeous image of these two young bikini clad girls.

” I actually have a volleyball scholarship to Humboldt State.

“She is only going to Humboldt because it’s a stoner school.”

“Shut up, at least I didn’t drop out of volleyball to become a full time stoner.”

The girls started to giggle. Then Stacy tilted her head slightly and gave Emily a knowing glance. Emily shrugged her shoulders in response.

“Don’t you live around here coach.” Stacy asked.

“Yeah, just down the street. Why?”

“We were going to smoke a joint, but didn’t want to do it on the beach. Can we come over?”

Julian thought for a second. These two gorgeous young girls were inviting themselves to his house. His brain told him it was a bad idea, but his cock told him it was a fantastic one. His cock informed his brain that both girls were at least eighteen, and he was no longer their coach so there was no conflict of interest there. What was the worst thing that could happen opposed to what was the best thing?

“Sure. Where are you guys parked?”

After a quick exchange of directions, Julian grabbed his bike and rode home. His mind was reeling during the short ride home. What was he doing inviting two eighteen year old temptresses over to his house to smoke pot? Did he think that he was going to have sex with one or both of the girls? Or was he trying to convince himself he was just going to catch up. Either way, hanging out with some lovely ladies seemed a lot more promising than hanging out by himself.

He got home and quickly tidied up a bit before he heard the doorbell ring. He lived on the top floor of a modest condominium complex. All of the units surrounded a central pool, and Julian was sweeping the deck when he saw the girls walk up. The both had thrown on a pair of short jean shorts, but Emily’s was the high waist variety that was suddenly in fashion again. He couldn’t understand that style. Even Emily with her gorgeous long legs and thin waist looked a bit awkward it them. Emily also had on a very tight sleeveless t-shirt that accentuated her perky little breasts.

Stacy had on a loose fitting Tie-dyed t-shirt that did very little to conceal her large breasts. He went to the front door and let them in. They immediately showed themselves around his small condo, gawking at all the pictures on display. Emily found his bookshelf and started to snoop on his reading preferences reading the titles out loud.

“Female Erotic Fiction, Urban Tantra, quite a purvey collection coach.” She commented with a giggle.

“Don’t judge me,” Julian reacted defensively.

After careful inspection of his entire condo, the girls plopped themselves on his big leather couch. Stacy procured a rather large joint from her pocket and placed it in her mouth.

“What do you guys want to drink?” Julian called from the kitchen.

“Margaritas please.” They called back in unison.

He didn’t even hesitate preparing drinks for these two under aged girls. He thought,”If they can smoke pot, they can drink.”

He made up a pitcher of margaritas, adding a little extra tequila floater on top.

He set three large glasses and the pitcher on the table in front of his former students, before he plopped down on the loveseat next to the couch. As soon as he sat down Stacy sparked the joint and after several well orchestrated tokes, got it burning uniformly before handing it to Emily.

“Not your first time I take it.”

The girls began to giggle nearly uncontrollably.

“Coach I don’t think I was ever sober at practice.” She answered.

Emily looked odd holding the joint. Her facial features looked so innocent and pure, yet she obviously was right at home toking away at the comically large joint.

Julian poured everyone a large sampling of the stiff margarita, and held up his glass for a cheers.

The girls raised their glasses to his.

“To some wonderful refreshments on this beautiful day, in the company of a couple of gorgeous ladies.”

The girls giggled as they toasted, and their drug fueled day of debauchery had begun.

The pot hit Julian harder than he had expected, but he compensated by drinking more of the margarita. He used to be able to smoke all day long and still function, but he hadn’t smoked pot in months. He only fell back into his stoner habit when he was hanging out with some of his old college buddies.

Most of the conversation was directed by the girls reminiscing about their club volleyball days and filling their former coach in on their lives and future plans. After they dove into the second pitcher the conversation turned to Julian’s personal life. Why did he get a divorce? Was he dating anybody, how often did he date, and other probing questions.

“You know the whole team was hot for you.” Stacy finally blurted out.

“When you would hit balls at us, your shirt would ride up showing off your abs. That’s why we had so much trouble with that drill. We were all too distracted.” Emily added as the girls broke into a cacophony of cat calls.

Stacy lit another joint. This one was a bit smaller, thank goodness.

“Let’s play a game.” Emily suggested as she exhaled a dragon like cloud of smoke.

“Yeah!” agreed Stacy.

“Let’s play Truth or Dare.”

A game of truth or dare with two gorgeous young girls? Julian was not about to pass up this wonderful opportunity.

“Let’s do it.”

All parties were in agreement.

“Ok,” Emily began. ” Coach, truth or dare?”

“Truth.” Julian wasn’t sure where this game would take them, but he was anxious to find out.

Emily was searching Julian for a question. “How often do you smoke pot?”

“That’s an easy one. Maybe a handful of times a year.Usually only with a couple of my old college buddies.”

“Ok, I guess I go next.” Julian plotted his next move. “Stacy, Truth or Dare?”


“Do you have a boyfriend?” He gave her an easy one.

“No.” She answered as both girls broke out into giggles.

Stacy looked hazily at her friend and said, “Ok Emily. Your turn.”

“Truth.” Emily chose and then took a big swig of her drink.

“How often do you masturbate?”

“What?! Come on.” She playfully struck her friend on the shoulder while covering her mouth with embarrassment with the other.

“You wanted to play Emily.” Julian chimed in.

“Fine.Never.” She started to giggle uncontrollably.


“No cheating Emily.”

“Fine. I don’t know.” Her long brown hair fell over her eyes as she fidgeted. She brushed it away, and suddenly she had a very serious face. “I would say I masturbate on average, about three or four times a week.”

“Wow, horn dawg.” Stacy teased her. “Four times, no wonder you are always checking out guys. You are always horny.”

“Shut up, I am sure you masturbate all the time too.”

“Not four or five times a week you pervert.”

“Fine Jerk.”

“Ok coach. Your turn, truth or dare?”

“I will try another truth.”

“Ok coach. How often do you play with your cock?”

Both girls started laughing uncontrollably.

“Now that I am divorced, at least once a day.”

The girls gasped at the revelation. Julian tried to rapidly change the subject.

“Ok Stacy, truth or dare?”

“Every day. I hope we are not cutting into your masturbation time.” She laughed as she leaned forward giving Julian a generous view of her large breasts hanging free in her large t-shirt.

“Keep teasing me with those breasts and its going to be way more than once a day for the next week or so.” The girls looked at each other after that comment and got awkwardly quiet.

“Dare.” Stacy took a big swig finishing off her drink. “And then you have to make us another round of margaritas.”

“Dare, now we are talking.” Julian thought to himself. How was he going to utilize this opportunity. He wanted to start steering these hot girls to something fun, but he didn’t want to rush anything. He decided to keep it playful, while throwing some more sexual tension in the room.

“I dare you to flash your breasts.”

As soon as the words left his lips, Stacy ripped her large shirt up exposing her gorgeous rack. Her breasts were huge C-cups that bore the tan lines of a skimpy bikini. Her skin was so naturally dark, even the tiny triangles were a beautiful light brown. She had tiny areolas and her nipples looked small in their unaroused state. Before Julian could drink in the sight any more, her shirt came down.

“You slut. You love showing off your tits.”

“You’re just jealous.”

“I know. I wish I had your beautiful breasts.”

“Yours are fun too.” Stacy exclaimed as she reached over and grabbed her friend’s tiny little breasts.

“Stop, you are so bad.” Emily slapped her friend’s hands away as she continued to laugh.

“OK, I guess another round is in order. I need a drink after that show.” Julian rose to get a round a drinks.

“Coach, aren’t Emily’s breasts the cutest.” Stacy called out as she squeezed her friend’s perky spheres.

“I don’t know, we need to keep playing so that I can find out.”

“Good idea. Truth or dare Emily.”


“Truth? You are such a wimp. Ok, How many times have you masturbated while thinking of coach?”

“What! You bitch Stacy.” Emily began to slap her friend playfully while Julian’s ears perked up.

“Hey, you picked truth, not me.”

“Fine.” There was a long pause while Julian grabbed a bunch of beers and threw them into a bucket for the girls.

“I don’t know, more than ten times, ok! You are such a jerk Stacy.” Julian’s cock twitched with the revelation.

“Your turn coach.Truth or Dare?”

“Ok, I will go truth.”

“Have you ever masturbated while thinking of one of your volleyball players?”



“Wow you answered so fast, who was it?”

“I am done with my turn.” Julian said defiantly. “Stacy, Truth or Dare?”

“Dare.” She grabbed a beer, popped of the cap and took a few hungry gulps.

“Damn girl you do love the dares.” Emily was obviously starting to get drunk.

“Ok, I dare you to pull down your shorts and get spanked for being such a tease.” Julian dared.

“Easy.” Stacy popped up off of the couch, unbuttoned her shorts, turned and dropped them as she bent over. She still had her bikini bottoms on, but they were riding up her ass, so most of her firm round butt was exposed.

“What a cute ass. This is for grabbing my titties. Emily jumped up and slapped her friend’s ass playfully. Her hand hit with a loud slap followed by a yelp from Stacy.

“Bitch!” Stacy exclaimed a bit bewildered in her pot and booze induced state.

“You love it you little slut.” Emily kept smacking her friend’s ass until Stacy fell over and the two became a massive tangle of laughing limbs. Julian just sat back and enjoyed the show.

Eventually the two gathered themselves and Stacy propped herself on her knees and rubbed her ass which was turning a dull red under her tanned skin. She rubbed her gorgeous ass and winced. “Your turn Bitch, Truth or Dare?”

“I am definitely not trusting you with a dare now that you are so mad, so Truth.”

“You are such a wimp. Fine, how many guys have you had sex with?”

“You jerk you know the answer to that.”

“But coach doesn’t. That’s what you get for spanking me you bitch.”

“Well, I am not a slut like you, just one and you know that. And just once, and it sucked!”

Stacy turned to Julian with a suddenly serious face. “The guy Emily gave up her virginity to came before he even could get his cock all the way in her. Then he kept apologizing.”

“Stop it Stacy.” Emily hit her friend softly with the back of her hand. She was obviously embarrassed and her now red cheeks showed as much.

“Then he tried eating her out to give him time to get hard again, but it just tickled her so much that he got embarrassed and couldn’t get his little cock hard again.”

“You are such a bitch.” Emily yelled through the hands covering her face with embarrassment.

Julian felt bad for Emily so he spoke up. “Ok, back to my turn, and I will take the heat off of Emily. Dare.”

“Ohhhhh.” The girls cooed in unison.

“I dare you to take your shirt off.”

“Done.” Julian happily stripped out of his shirt exposing his shaved chest and rippled stomach.

“Mmmm, not bad for an old guy.” Stacy chimed it.

Emily added, “Not bad for anyone. Damn coach. You are in even better shape now than when you coached us; and you were in good shape then.”

“Well I have lots of spare time now.” Having the girls practical drool over his chest made him feel amazing. And it was starting to show.

“My turn, and I chose dare.” Stacy chimed in trying to get the attention back on her.

“Of course you would.” Emily slapped her friend on the leg playfully.

“OK, I dare you to take off your shorts.”

“What!” Stacy tried to act shocked although she was secretly pleased and moist.

“Come on, we already saw that you had your bathing suit bottoms still on.” Julian coxed.

“Yeah, show off that booty of yours.”

“Fine.” Stacy stood up and unbuttoned her shorts. She looked at Julian seductively as she opened them up and slowly unzipped them.

“You tease.” Emily commented.

She had to wiggle out of her shorts because they were so tight. The whole time Julian enjoyed watching her full breasts shake erotically. Emily noticed her old coach staring at her friend and she began to feel a bit jealous.

It was her idea to approach their coach on the beach in the first place. She had to convince Stacy that they should go over and talk to him. Stacy knew she had a crush on her former coach and now she was practically doing a strip tease for him.

Stacy had to sit as she pulled her shorts entirely off. It was more of a plop on the couch than a sit. The alcohol was definitely kicking in.

Julian eyes dropped to her crotch as she pulled off the shorts and he noticed that her bikini bottoms had been sucked into the cleft between her legs. He could just make out the lips of her vagina and the smooth white skin of her shaved pussy peaked out from the sides of the bathing suit. His cock instantly grew hard at the sight.

Once her shorts were off, Stacy stood and nonchalantly pulled the pink bikini bottoms out from her pussy. She gave a quick little dance in which she shook her round little ass as much as she could. She certainly had all of her curves in the right places.

“Now we are playing. Your turn Emily.”

“Dare.” Emily answered with a little venom in her voice.

“Oh, finally you decided to have some fun. I dare you to go kiss Coach’s chest, and suck on his nipples.”

“Fun.” Emily sprang up onto her long thin legs and bounded over to Julian. She put her arms on both sides of him and looked him in the eye trying to be as serious and seductive as possible. Her freckled baby face complete with braces did not help with her attempt to be seductive, but there was something in her beauty that really hit Julian deep.

“I have been waiting a long time for this.” She purred as she leaned forward and began kissing his chest.

“‘Suck his nipples baby!” Stacy called as she whistled and cat called. Emily immediately sucked a salty nipple in her mouth and felt it harden. She had never done anything like this, let alone in front of her friend. It was turning her on more than she could have imagined.

She took his other nipple in her mouth and began to wonder how far they were going to take this game, this afternoon. Would she get naked in front of her old coach? Would she see him naked? Would they fool around? The weed and the alcohol were egging her on to have a good time despite any consequences. Suddenly Emily’s thoughts were interrupted by a firm slap on her backside.

“That’s enough horn dog. Your turn coach.” Julian wanted nothing more than to grab Emily’s beautiful youthful face and kiss her plump lips while grabbing her tiny, hard ass, but he decided that patience was the best course of action.


“Ah coach come on. Ok, have you ever had a threesome before.”

Julian’s mind flashed back to his college days. One drunken night he somehow ended up with his girlfriend and her roommate all naked together. It was one of the most erotic experiences of his life, but he actually remembered little of the event. Too much booze and weed.

“One time, in college, but to be honest I remember very little. I was wasted.”

“Wow coach you stud.” Emily was still practically on top of him. She had sat back a bit and now was dangerously close to his cock. They both seemed to realize it at the same moment and she awkwardly stood and then plopped down next to him, rather than going back to the couch.

“No details coach?” Stacy pried with her bare legs crossed. God they looked amazing. Her tanned skin accentuated her muscular legs.

“Sorry, it is a blur. I remember little snippets here and there, but nothing really except waking up with naked women in the morning.”

“Were they random women?” Emily asked from his side.

“No, one was my girlfriend at the time and the other was her roommate. We had all been at a party earlier and we went back to their place to crash, but we were too drunk to sleep. We decided to smoke a joint and watch a movie. The next thing I know my girlfriend was sitting on my face while her roommate sucked my cock.

“Dirty dawg!” Exclaimed Stacy.

“Cool.” Emily chimed in.

“Ok, my turn and I pick Dare again.”

“Of course you will Stacy. You attention hog. Coach, dare her to come here so we can spank her for being such a little whore.”

“Emily, you bitch!”

“Oops. Not whore, I mean attention hog. Sorry, I am a little tipsy. Get over here and take your dare.”

“Was that a Freudian slip?” Julian teased. Stacy smiled guiltily. She sauntered over to Julian and then bent over the arm of the loveseat, thrusting her gorgeous round ass in front of Julian.

“I have been a bad, bad girl. I guess I should be spanked!” She purred as she wiggled her ass.

“You are such a tease.” Emily quipped as she gave her friend’s ass a hard smack.

“Ouch, not so hard.”

“Oh please. I will give you hard. Emily leaned over Julian squishing him between both girls, pulled aside her friend’s bikini bottoms exposing a perfectly tanned ass. She either sunbathed nude, or in a g-string Julian thought.

Emily gave the plump ass a hard slap, leaving a red outline of her hand on each cheek.

“Bitch! Coach is supposed to spank me.” Stacy said playfully with just a touch of anger.

“That’s right.” Julian spoke up enjoying all that was happening around him. He softly petted the young girl’s firm behind. It felt so smooth and taut. Julian let his hand wander to the sensitive area between her cheeks.

“Hey, I thought you were going to hit her.”

“Just getting my aim.” Julian reared back and slapped Stacy’s ass hard and quickly. She yelped at the force. Then he gave her four more smacks for good measure and stroked her reddening ass feeling the heat ooze off from her gorgeous ass.

“Ok, my turn, my turn.” Emily called impatiently with her hand firmly resting on Julian’s thigh.

Stacy stood up rubbing her ass and squinting.

“You guys are jerks. Truth or dare Emily, you bitch.” She grabbed the last beer from the bucket, opened it, and started gulping it down.

“Dare.” She answered as she began to rub Julian’s thigh unconsciously.

“Perfect timing. The shy girl is ready for another dare finally, and we are out of beer.”

Emily stood to get some beer.

“I dare you to strip to your bikini bottoms and go to the kitchen and fill this bucket with beer. You can be our beer bitch.”

Emily’s jaw dropped at the request. She was extremely shy about her body. Being a tall girl had always made her feel awkward. She always felt she was too tall, too skinny, and her breasts were too small. Now she was supposed to strip in front of her old coach? And after Stacy already showed off her big luscious breasts!

Stacy could sense her friend’s apprehension.

“Come on Emily show coach those cute perky tits and your luscious legs.” She turned to Julian. “She has the most amazing long legs and her ass if the best I have ever seen.”

Emily began to blush. She lowered her freckled face with embarrassment.

“Not only are her legs amazing, but I would love to see that amazing stomach again. Her perfect breasts would just be a bonus.” Julian couldn’t wait to see this statuesque beauty.

“Don’t ruin the game Emily.” Stacy pleaded.

“Fine.” Emily didn’t hesitate. She grabbed her tight t-shirt and pulled it off, leaving her in her bikini top and jean shorts. She unbuttoned the shorts and stepped out of them. Her stomach was so flat it was mesmerizing. It actually created a gap above her bikini bottoms the way she was standing. Julian just wanted to stick a finger in the gap, and rip them off of her.

“So much better without those shorts. God Emily you have such a rock’n body.” Julian encourage.

“Titty time!” Emily chimed in.

Emily was most embarrassed by her small breasts, but all of the encouragement she was receiving was beginning to melt away her hesitancy. Not to mention all of the alcohol and weed was crumbling her remaining inhibitions. She reached back and undid her top. She took a deep breath, and let her top fall to the floor.

“Wow those are amazing.” Julian exclaimed.

They truly were. Emily had perfect tennis ball shaped breasts. Her areolas were tiny and a light pink, as were her nipples which were now pointing towards the ceiling.

“I would love to suck on those.” He continued.

“Coach, you pervert.” Stacy teased.

“Sorry but I would. Not to say that you weren’t great too. They are both so different and so wonderful.”

Emily began to stand a bit straighter with newly acquired pride. She bent down and grabbed the bucket of beer. Then she turned to Julian gave her perky breasts a shake, winked and said. “Maybe if you play your cards right.” And she sauntered out of the room, swinging her hard ass side to side as she went.

“Now who’s the tease?” Stacy said to Julian and the two broke out into raucous laughter.

When Emily came back she was exuding confidence. Her back straight, shoulders back, thrusting her little breasts forward, she seemed to be beaming. She sat the beers down on the table and took a seat next to Julian. She grabbed her bikini top and began to put it on.

“Ah, you aren’t going to hide those gorgeous breasts, are you?” Julian asked.

“Fine. If you are topless I can be too.” She plopped down on the loveseat next to Julian as comfortable as a clam. Julian realized his cock was not going to remain unnoticed in his boardshorts, if it kept growing like it was.

“Ok coach, your turn.” Stacy spoke up.

“I will have to go with Dare.”

“Give him a good one Emily.”

“Ok Coach, I dare you to read us a story from your little erotic novel there.” Emily was pointing at the bookshelf with her big toe as she practically lay on top of Coach.

“Great one! I love a good dirty story.”

Julian had no choice. He got up carefully, so-his swollen cock wouldn’t be too obvious. He wasn’t rock hard, but he definitely wasn’t soft either, and his board shorts did not hide much.

He quickly grabbed the book then had a decision to make. Stacy was sprawled out on the big couch, and Emily was dominating the love seat. He suddenly got an idea. He went up to the couch and nudged Stacy with his foot.

“Move over lazy bones.” He could see disappointment in Emily’s face for not sitting back down next to her, but he wasn’t done.

“Emily you come sit over here by my side as I read a dirty story to my two beautiful girls.”

He tapped the couch and winked at her. A big smile popped up on her face with her braces glistening. She jumped up and Julian enjoyed how her tight breasts barely shook, as he plopped on the couch between the girls. Stacy begrudgingly sat up, but then got excited to hear a dirty story.

Julian picked a hot story about a threesome between college students. As he began reading he noticed Stacy pull out a baggie full of weed and lean forward and begin to carefully roll a joint on the table.

The story started off slow enough, some college students flirting at a party. Then the girl invites the boy home and they start making out. She pulls out his dick and starts blowing him when suddenly her roommate stirs from her bed.

Julian got a strong whiff of marijuana smoke as Stacy exhaled like a dragon and passed it to him. He took a big drag, held it, and then passed it to Emily who was gripping his thigh tightly as he read to her.

He continued trying to read the story exhaling as little as possible. Emily snuggled up to his side as he read.

The roommate was angry at first but then saw the boyfriend’s big dick which was completely shaved and got excited. She joined in on the blow job, and soon the trio was naked. The boy started to eat the girls out one at a time.

“Are you shaved down there Coach?” Stacy pried while puffing away on a big joint.

“I chose Dare, not Truth, so you will just have to wait.”

“I bet he is.” Emily chimed in. “He shaves his chest.” She ran her fingers on his firm chest. “You can kind of feel the stubble. I am sure he doesn’t stop manscaping there.” Her hand drifted down his flat stomach to the waistband of his shorts. “He trims his happy trail too, so I bet he trims his bush and then shaves his cock and balls.” She started to giggle when she realized she was getting over her shyness.

“I am sure you two shave as well.”

“No Coach we have big seventy’s bushes.” Emily said with a laugh; her adorable little breasts jiggling so remarkably as she did.

“Emily is as bald as a baby.” Stacy teased as Julian’s eyes drifted to her tight little bikini bottoms. He licked his lips imagining what the smooth skin below looked like.

“You bitch. At least I don’t have a landing strip because I like guys to cum on it.”

“I am not embarrassed about that. I like watching guys cum there. At least the only guy I ever fucked prematurely ejaculated onto my snatch!”

“You are so mean.”

“Can I continue, or are you two going to keep bickering?” Julian said in a fake authoritarian tone.

“Yes Coach.” They said in unison. Emily snuggled up to him even tighter than before and Stacy put her head on his shoulder.

The story began heating up. The boyfriend began fucking his girlfriend while the roommate sat on his face and he licked her cunt. The story was very descriptive and Julian could feel the girls hanging on his every word. Suddenly as he was describing the boyfriend rubbing his cock up and down the roommates wet slit he was interrupted.

“Look Emily, Coach is sporting some major wood now.” Stacy reached down and boldly squeezed Julian cock firmly. “Fuck he is hard as a rock and big as all hell.” She started to laugh at her own comment.

Emily just gasped. Seeing the coach she had lusted after for so long, sitting next to her with his cock straining against his shorts was too much for her.

“Can you blame me, that story was pretty hot.”

“Finish the story Coach, please.” Emily pleaded.

Julian kept reading trying not to focus on his raging hard on. He would steal a glance at the girls every once in a while and noticed that they were both looking at his cock nearly the whole time.

The finale of the story had the boyfriend spraying the two girls with cum and then watching them rubbing it into their youthful bodies.

“Hurray!” Emily cheered as she gave Julian’s leg another squeeze and let her hand drift closer to his hard on.

“Whew, it is definitely heating up in here. I need a beer and a Dare.” Stacy exclaimed as she reached her hands in the air in a big stretch that pulled her shirt tight against her large breasts, her hard nipples nearly pushing through the thin cotton fabric.

“Well, I can help you with both.” He handed her a beer. “I dare you to take off your top and put an ice cube on those hard nipples of yours for 5 seconds.”

“Coach, you just want to see her tits again.” Emily sounded a bit disappointed.

“She said she wanted to cool off, and I already have a gorgeous set of tits right here.” He reached up and gave Emily’s left little tit a squeeze, cupping it entirely in his hand. The unexpected touch warmed Emily’s whole body.

“Oh, Coach.”, she purred.

He wanted to bend in close and kiss her, but he had a game to play, and his prize would be to get both of these gorgeous girls.

Stacy finished chugging a beer and ripped her shirt off exposing her large breasts. They were about four times as big as Emily’s and her skin was much darker. Her areolas were huge compared to her friends and her nipples were thick and very hard.

“Oh yeah, you need to cool off those nips. Emily grabbed a couple of ice cubes.”

“With pleasure Coach.”

Emily leaned forward to get some ice cubes out of the bucket on the table and Julian couldn’t keep his eyes off her perfect tits. He glanced over at Stacy as she shook her head.

“No wonder you quit volleyball. It must have been hard to dig a ball with these big girls. He reached out and boldly stroked one of her firm breasts.”

Stacy responded with a sinister smile.

“Ok slut, time for you to cool off. Here Coach, one for you, and one for me.” Emily handed Julian and ice cube and then they both raised them to Stacy’s thick nipples.

“Just five secon….Wow that is sooofuck’n cold…..Ahhhh”

The ice melted quickly on her hot chest.


Water was running over her smooth, puffy areola.


Water was dripping from her reddening nipples.


Water was trickling down her toned belly.


Water was now running under her bikini bottoms.


“Eyeeee!” Stacy jumped up like a banshee. “I got ice water on my clit!” She was rubbing feverishly at the front of her bikini bottoms which were darkening with water and perhaps some of her own juices.

“Fuck that’s cold.”

“I would say it’s pretty damn hot.” Julian exclaimed. He wanted nothing more than to lean forward and suck a nipple in his mouth.

“Whew.” Stacy exclaimed as she shivered, sending her firm large breasts flying from side to side. “Ok Emily, what will it be, Truth or Dare?”

Emily was worked up from the alcohol, nudity, and erotic story telling. She was ready for some fun despite any consequences.

“Dare.” She said in a challenging tone.

“Feisty! I dare you to take off your bikini bottoms and show Coach your smooth little pussy.”

Emily’s face turned red with embarrassment at the idea of getting totally naked in front of her ex-coach. In fact she hadn’t really been naked in front of anyone. Even the one time she had sex, she had undressed in the dark and it was for only a few minutes.

“Fine.” Emily was ready to step it up. Without any hesitation she pulled the string on the side of her bottoms, and her little bathing suit fluttered slowly to the floor. She was completely naked and absolutely stunning.

Her long toned legs formed a smooth white triangle of skin containing the cutest pussy Julian had ever seen. She looked turned on and seemed to be getting more so by being scrutinized by her coach and friend.

Her pussy lips were delicate little folds that peeked out from a narrow pink slit that seemed to be calling for attention. Emily nervously shifted on her feet. She couldn’t believe what she was doing, but she loved it. It was so exhilarating to behave without consequences.

Julian and Stacy were both shocked into silence. Stacy couldn’t believe her shy friend would get naked in front of the two of them so easily, and Julian was just amazed that this fantasy was coming true. His hard cock strained uncomfortably against his shorts. He had to do something about that and soon.

“Wow, you are so fucking gorgeous Emily.”, he complimented her sincerely.

“Thanks Coach.” She was beaming at the genuine compliment.

“Ok, I guess its my turn and I choose Dare. Let’s take this party to another level.” Julian suggested.

“Ok, Coach.” Emily started. “I dare you to take your shorts off and jerk your cock so Stacy and I can watch.”

“Emily, you dirty girl.” Stacy smiled at her friend.

“Gladly.” Julian stood, undid the tie on his board shorts, and with the loud rip of Velcro undid his shorts and stepped out.

His hard cock sprang forward and Emily and Stacy gasped at its size. It was thicker than Emily’s forearm and nearly as long. Even Stacy, who had seen plenty of large cocks in her short, yet fairly expansive sexual exploration, had never seen one quite like it.

“Fuck Coach. You are so hot.” Emily was practically drooling.

“Ok, Coach, show time! Emily come sit here with me, and Coach you stand right next to us and stroke that monster for our pleasure.” Stacy, the only one still partially clothed, said as she motioned for Emily to sit next to her.

The two girls sat together on the couch. Stacy with her large breasts, curvy hips, and brightly colored bikini bottoms that clearly showed the outline of her now very aroused cunt sat on the left, and Emily with her tall thin frame as naked as the day she was born and nearly as hairless sat on the right. Julian felt as if he was inside one of his masturbation fantasies. He was way beyond excited.

Julian slowly walked up to the girls and then wrapped his hand tightly around his cock.

“Nice manscaping Coach.” Julian’s pubic hair was trimmed so that it barely showed, and his balls and cock were shaved smooth. “It makes your cock look even bigger.” Stacy boldly reached out and cupped one of his large hairless balls. “It makes me want to suck on one of these.”

“That’s not part of the dare, but definitely something to think about.” Julian squeezed his thick cock and a drop of pre-cum oozed out of its swollen tip. He stroked his hand slowly to his tip, massaging the drop of pre-cum out of his shaft. It started to drip, but it was suspended in midair by a sticky strand. Stacy moved her hand from his smooth ball, and carefully captured the sticky liquid on her finger.

“So hot Coach.” She said as she brought it to her nose and inhaled his sweet musky odor. She brought it to her lips, but then got an idea and reached it over to Emily’s lips. ‘Want a taste?”

Emily answered by almost inhaling the finger into her mouth. She closed her eyes with pleasure as she savored the forbidden flavor of her coach.

Julian was so turned on by this that he started to stroke himself inches from the girls’ faces as the watched intently.

“Very hot Coach.” Stacy spoke up. “My turn and I chose Dare.”

Julian was still slowly stroking his cock in front of the girls as he spoke. He hadn’t lubricated it yet, so it was a slow dry stroke. “Ok Stacy. Let’s see that landing strip of yours. I dare you to take your bikini bottoms off and stroke that pussy of yours.” Emily seemed a bit surprised by the brash dare, but Stacy just smiled and undid her bottoms in a flash, exposing her beautiful pussy.

Her lips were much thicker than Emily’s and very dark in color. She was obviously very turned on. Her whole sex glistened with moisture and was begging for someone or something to pleasure it. Julian stared intently as he slowly jerked off. His eyes were drawn to the young girl’s clit. It was huge, and fully erect, like a tiny penis. God, he wanted to suck on it.

Stacy wasted no time fulfilling the dare. Her finger quickly found that big clitoris and she began rubbing it roughly. She closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure.

“Fuck Stacy, you look so hot. Damn you are so turned on.” Emily put her hand on her friend’s leg. “Your pussy is gorgeous, and such full dark lips.” She reached out and stroked Stacy’s pussy lips. “And damn your clit is huge!”

While she stroked and commented on her friends pussy, her other hand slyly slipped down to her own pleasure pot and began to slowly massage it.

Stacy opened her eyes and took in the scene before her. Her ex-coach was slowly stroking his hard cock, while she played with her pussy, and her best friend did the same. “Fuck. I am so turned on. Your turn Emily.”

“Dare of course.” She answered.

“I dare you to put a big gob of spit on Coach’s cock, and stroke it for him.”

Emily’s face lit up with a huge smile.


She turned her body towards her coach and looked up at him with her hazel eyes and baby face.

“Let me help you with that.” She said as she laid her hand on Julian’s hot cock. Julian let go of his shaft and watched. She leaned forward and kissed his shaft and then very demurely (Nice word Jen!) drooled a messy gob of saliva onto his thick shaft. She wrapped her long thin fingers around his shaft, and began to jerk him off. All the while she looked up at him and smiled.

Julian was in heaven. His eyes went back and forth between the two girls. Stacy was enjoying the show while rubbing her clit with one hand while the other was massaging her big breasts, periodically pinching and pulling on her thick erect nipples.

Emily had picked up the pace on his cock, and Julian responded with a loud moan. His nirvana was interrupted by Emily’s sweet voice. “Your turn Coach, Truth or Dare.”

Julian looked down at the sweet baby faced brunette jerking off his cock. The answer was easy.


“Ok, I dare you to get down here between our legs and lick both of these beautiful pussies.”

“Nice one.” Stacy retorted. “I bet Coach eats a mean pussy.”

“He better.” Emily answered with her infectious giggle.

There it was.

Julian’s dream come true. He would be able to gorge himself on two gorgeous young pussies.

He wasted no time dropping to his knees and used his strong arms to squeeze the girls closer together so that their asses were touching. “Which pussy to eat first?” He thought, but his decision was easy. He brought his face down to Emily’s bald slit. It seemed to open further as he drew near.

He brought his mouth to within an inch of her sweet honeypot. He marveled at the smooth flawless skin around her hairless vagina. Her lips actually pulsed with excitement. Before diving in he looked up and saw both girls watching intently, Stacy still audibly rubbing her wet pussy.

He brought his face closer and dove towards her most intimate area, but at the last second he peeled to the side and planted a kiss on her soft skin. He gave another kiss above her lovely cunt, while Emily’s whole body was shaking with anticipation. Finally he planted a kiss directly on her lovely vagina, her soft lips feeling so hot on his own. He planted one kiss after another kiss, and then sucked her swollen left lip into his mouth.

Emily moaned with pleasure, her whole body writhing with the intense pleasure she was experiencing. Julian was taking his time, savoring every moment of this pussy eating session. He looked up at the young girl’s face. She was in complete ecstasy, eyes closed, savoring every moment. His eyes turned to Stacy. She was smiling a sinister smile while she plunged two fingers into her now sopping cunt.

Julian smiled and then returned his full attention Emily’s cunt. He licked her hard from bottom to top, then toyed with her hard little clit using his tongue. Emily was squirming beneath him. He reached up and cupped one of her firm little breasts. She squealed as he pinched her hard nipple.

Julian was savoring the taste of this young girl’s pussy, and the thought that he used to coach her everyday made the thrill that much greater. As he slipped his tongue into her cunt reaching as deep as he could go, he thought back to all of the long practices with Emily sweating her ass off in her tiny spandex shorts.

One item on his bucket list is to shake hands and thank the man who invented Spandex! For so long he imagined what lay beneath, but now he was actually able to taste it.

“Hey the dare was both of our pussies!.” Stacy interrupted.

Julian looked up and smiled. His face was glistening with copious amounts of Emily’s heavenly nectar.

“We can’t have that, now can we?” He turned his attention to Stacy’s pussy, and marveled at how different it was. She was so turned on she was gaping, and flushed. Her fingers were rubbing it ferociously. He lowered his head for his next treat, but was not forgetting about Emily. Slowly he brought his hand up to her cunt and began rubbing it skillfully.

He sucked one of Stacy’s large lips into his mouth and sucked hard on it. She surprised him by grabbing the back of his head and firmly steering him to her large erect clit.

“Fuck my clit with your mouth coach. I am already so close to cumming.” She panted.

Julian sucked her hard clit into his mouth. Stacy moaned immediately as he mashed his tongue all around her clit. As her body tensed, her grip on his head tightened, as she mashed his face hard into her cunt, while he feverishly lashed her clit with his tongue.

Stacy screamed so loud when she came Julian was worried his neighbors might come to investigate.

Finally her grip on his head loosened and he raised his head. He took in her form bathing in orgasmic bliss and then turned his attention to Emily. She was staring at him lustfully while absentmindedly stroking her drenched pussy.

“Your turn Emily, truth or dare?” Stacy called with eyes closed.

“Dare of course.”

“I dare you to sit on Coach’s cock until he makes that pussy of yours cum.”

Emily answered with a wry alcohol fueled smile.

“Lay down on your back Coach. I have been wanting to do this for years.”

“With pleasure.” Julian answered. He stood up and lay on the large couch, his head next to Stacy’s still crumpled body.

Emily stood and looked even skinnier than before, but she no longer seemed like an awkward teen. She had the determination of a woman. As Emily was mentally preparing herself to try to take her Coach’s big cock, she smiled a braces filled grin thinking about all of the times she had made herself cum while fantasizing about what she was about to do.

Julian took in the amazing view as she stepped over him and lowered her little bald cunt over his raging hard on. He pussy was open and ready for him.

Stacy finally spoke up, “Wait, I want to watch.”She popped up to Julian’s side, pressing her large breasts against him.” More than just watch, she began to take charge. She grabbed Julian s thick cock and started to rub Emily’s pussy with it.

“God, stop teasing me Stacy. I need him in me!”

Stacy needed no further prodding. She guided her Coach’s large cock to the entrance of her friend’s tight pussy and watched in awe as Emily squatted, forcing his cock head into her vagina.

Emily screamed with a mixture of pleasure and pain as her cunt was stretched farther than it ever had been. Stacy tried to help out the situation by rubbing her friend’s clit vigorously. She had never touched another girl before, but under the circumstances, it couldn’t have seemed any more natural.

The extra stimulation relaxed Emily’s cunt a bit and she allowed some more of her Coach into her. Without even thinking about it, Emily had reached up and cupped her two perky little breasts. She was in complete heaven. She looked down at her coach making eye contact and getting off on how much pleasure his face was showing.

“Fuck Emily, you almost have his whole cock in you. Damn he is stretching you out. Fuck, you are a champ!” She was rubbing her own clit as well as her friend’s. She had never been so turned on in her life.

Emily felt her pelvis hit Coach’s and she knew that she had taken his entire length. The feeling of having a cock fill her so fully was amazing. She began to slowly move up and down on his shaft as her friend ferociously rubbed her clit. She was in heaven, on the verge of the biggest orgasm she could ever have imagined.

Stacy straddled her Coach to feel a body between her legs and to hold her friend. Julian reached around the young girl and began to play with her cute little pussy. The combined sensation of Emily’s pussy being filled by her ex-coach and her clit fondled by her best friend too much. Emily’s body began to shake with an enormous orgasm. She screamed as wave after wave of orgasm rocked her body. The convulsions were so powerful that they forced Julian’s cock from her quivering pussy. Emily collapsed onto the bed in a heap of pleasure.

Stacy climbed on top of her and kissed her face as she stroked her hair.

“Wow that was a big one. Now its my turn.” She got onto her knees and presented her gaping cunt to Julian. She looked over her shoulder and called to him. “Get behind me Coach and fuck me.”

Without a word Julian got behind the gorgeous girl and positioned the head of his cock between the lips of her pussy. He looked at Emily who had just opened her eyes. She smiled, and he shoved his cock into Stacy.

Stacy yelped with joy as Julian began to fuck her hard and steadily. His big balls slapping into her clit with each thrust. Emily focused on her friend just above her. Stacy’s large breasts were swinging wildly as Coach fucked her, and her face was evidence of the pure pleasure she was experiencing. Emily put her hand on her friend’s pussy. She felt her Coaches balls slamming against her hand as she began to rub Stacy’s clit. That was all Stacy could take. She started to cum hard. Her muscles clamping down on Julian’s cock pushed him over the edge as well. They came together for what seemed like forever and then collapsed onto Emily.

They lay there panting in a pile of exhausted flesh. Julian’s cock plopped limply out of Stacy and Emily felt a flood of their combined juices flow onto her stomach. She reached down and rubbed it into her skin smiling.

When Julian finally opened his eyes, he saw Emily staring at him lovingly and it caused him to feel warm all over. He smiled at her and at that moment felt better than he had ever felt.

Sweet Emily opened her mouth. “You better rest up Coach. That was just round one.” She winked at him. Stacy opened her eyes shocked at what her once innocent friend said, and Julian smiled at the challenge.

The End

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