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Pleasing Kelsey

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Understanding Kelsey — I don’t suppose a lot of this story will make sense to you unless you can understand my relationship with her. And I don’t suppose even that will help unless you understand me.

I am cute. I walk by and guys will give a nod, you know the kind, a quick scan for large firm breasts or a glance when I pass them to check out my ass.

I never even used to catch it until I met Kelsey and she pointed it out to me. I’m only 5’2″, which pretty much puts me in the cute category by itself. My breasts are small at what I like to call a modified B cup, meaning they are an A but look like a B during a certain time of the month or with the padded bras I normally wear. My hair is chestnut brown, not really, it’s just brown, but chestnut brown sounds more exotic. My eyes are hazel, again, not really, just brown. I do, however, have a very nice little ass. At least I think so and most of the people who have given it a squeeze appreciated it. I wear corrective glasses.

So, piece it together, look at my profile pic, there you are. My name is Jessica.

Kelsey. Kelsey is the best thing that ever happened to me. I suppose like most girls with an inner yearning that is appreciated when kept in check in high school, I have a little lesbian inside me that was just dying to ‘come out’. And college is the time for such exploration and adventure.

Kelsey is gorgeous. Everyone notices her. Not to suggest that they aren’t many other women on my college campus that turn every head, but Kelsey also heads the cheer squad. Kelsey is the lead anchor on the college’s morning show filmed and produced by students. Kelsey is continuously on the honor roll. Kelsey also happens to come from a very rich family and drives a red sports convertible.

Kelsey is modelesque, not a word according to my spell check, I just made it up. She is 5’9″ and adding her normal heels, she towers over most guys, not to mention nearly all the girls at our college. She has blonde hair. By blonde hair, I mean very light blonde hair, not ‘dirty blonde’ by any stretch of the imagination. Her body is perfect. Her feet are perfect, every nail, fingers and toes, match and they are a different design every week. Her calves, her thighs, her ass, her hips, they are sculpted by a greater power than genealogy.

Kelsey’s belly? HA! More like a set of abs that segregates the two regions of her body that constantly summon all of mankind’s deepest desires. Her breasts are an absolute work of art on her perfect body. Those 36C cups would be monstrous on my frame, but they fit her … well… perfectly. Her neck is the most kissable expanse of flesh I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. Her earlobes are so sensitive and delicious. Her cheek bones are high, her chin is perfectly set on her jaw and elegantly curved.

Her lips… I lack the words to describe those plump, painted, permanently perfectly parted passageways to her mouth. I’ll try. They always appear to be wet. Having a seemingly unlimited means, she only uses the finest of beauty products, though I have seen her without any and I have to say they are not required. When those wondrous lips move, you are torn between hearing the words and losing yourself in the commanding presence of those moist full lips.

Kelsey’s eyes are the crystal blue of water in the Carribean. I have lost myself in those eyes many times. They are hypnotic, all encompassing orbs that reflect her mood and seem to penetrate your very soul. They read me like a book. They betray only what she wishes them to convey. It is like they are a separate entity unto themselves, but one that she controls without fail.

The way Kelsey dresses is impeccable. There is a line between enticing and slutty and she is above that line. She shows her body without showing her body. Her clothing is tight, but modest in its exposure. She almost looks professional, but she is still dressing for college. She wears a skirt or dress most of the time, but they are never above mid-thigh. You will never catch a glimpse of any article that she does not intend you to see.

So, perhaps you can tell, I was enamored of Kelsey. I was not alone in this respect for her beauty. However, like most people on the campus, I was more in a constant state of awe than of any remote dream that her interest would be returned. When she walks by, it is a wonder that half the school isn’t wearing neck braces from watching her closely and jerking their heads away and averting their eyes when she glances back with that smile on her lips. She knows. She always knows and she adores the attention, much the way I would think a Queen would adore being worshipped by her subjects.

I won’t go into the details of the year I watched her from afar with the masses. I won’t even go into the day and the way we finally met and eventually fell in love. She loves me. She tells me so every day. The problem is, Kelsey is heterosexual. I suppose that isn’t entirely true. Would any heterosexual love a member of the same sex? Would they allow them to service them sexually? Would they sleep with them in the same bed? Probably not. But, her parents and her position in the hierarchy of life demand that she be heterosexual and so she was.

This obviously creates an inequitable relationship. For one thing, I am not worthy of her from an aesthetic point of view. I’m not delusional. I know that she could have any man or woman that she chooses. I know that I am fortunate. I know that I am receiving a gift from her with every second of attention that she grants me. I am but a mere mortal granted the presence of a goddess.

Kelsey operates in the light constantly. I compare it to being a celebrity. Outside closed doors, she has an image which must be maintained and tended constantly. A diversion in her demeanor and prominence could easily unbalance her position at the top of the hierarchy of life. This was a matter of great contention between us in the early months of our relationship. It wasn’t so much that I wanted her to come out of the closet and lez things up with me in public, it was more that I wanted her to treat me with some manner of respect and dignity, not as her lackey.

But, I get her most intimate moments. Even her boyfriend, whom she publicly adores, will never know the secrets that I hold. Her parents haven’t an inkling about the inner most desires of the Kelsey I love. Her entourage sees me as a nobody, a nothing, a pathetic little girl who follows her around and amuses her, and sometimes them.

To understand our relationship, if it is possible, you also need to know this. I enjoy humiliation. I don’t go looking for it. I cry myself to sleep sometimes at the things she says to me or the tasks she ‘asks’ me to perform. But, as Kelsey has convinced me time and time again as she holds me afterwards and watches me bring myself to the most demeaning and powerful orgasms of my life, we are perfect together. She enjoys her part, I enjoy mine. The only difference is, I don’t always realize it and she does.

You should also know that she loves her boyfriend Jake. She doesn’t lie to me ever. There would be no reason to do so as she has been very clear about our relationship since the first day we spent any time alone. Neither does she lie to him. He knows all about me and I think, to a degree, even though he is absolutely gorgeous, he gets a little jealous sometimes and will put me in my place. Particularly if there is drinking involved.

Her friends all know about our relationship as well. The other members of the cheer squad, her friends from back home, the on camera and behind the scenes crew at ‘her’ morning show and her other colleagues all know about me. They openly treat me with disdain for the most part. Though on several occasions, I have had one of them come up to me and comfort me for the sake of pity.

And though it breaks my heart sometimes at the things said or the pranks played on me, Kelsey does not let things get out of hand, and none of them would dare to cross her.

And so the groundwork is roughly laid to explain my relationship with Kelsey on campus as Halloween approached.

It was a cool Autumn day when this ‘adventure’ began. I use quotations as the meaning of the word is probably far different for me than for most readers or the dictionary. I would always, hereafter, remember this as our Halloween adventure. I was sitting on the ground, rubbing Kelsey’s perfect feet after a hard cheer practice. We were at the benches in the Commons. Kelsey, a few members of the cheer squad, Brianna, her best friend from back home, and a representative group of her sorority were present, discussing the upcoming holiday and the plans they had to make it a year to remember for all times.

I never really paid attention to these discussions. My opinion was unwanted, which had been told to me many times when I interjected in their conversation in the past. Even if they liked an idea I shared, they would diminish me and then Kelsey would re-suggest the same thing and they would hail it as the best, most original concept any of them had ever heard. Kelsey and I would laugh behind closed doors at their lack of integrity, but if I dared even snicker in front of them, there would be hell to pay. So, I stopped paying attention altogether at some point and concentrated on Kelsey’s adorable feet instead.

She would, on occasion, kick me if she wanted me to listen in and provide input for her amusement. I hated it when she did that. It was bad enough to be smirked at constantly by her circle without Kelsey forcing me to provide them with more fuel for the fire. However, this was one of those times. She signaled to me with a kick in my chest, not hard, just attention seeking, and I listened in while less enthusiastically rubbing her feet.

“I think we should do a haunted house on the first floor and hold the party out back.” Dina, one of the sorority sisters suggested. She was pretty. They all were actually. The sorority sisters, the cheer squad, the morning show people, Brianna, anyone that Kelsey hung out with was beautiful. It was good company to be seen with and accepted into.

“What if it rains?” Brianna asked. Kelsey usually did not speak in these meetings until she had the perfect combination of ideas or conversion of them into her own concept.

“Well, we could just rent some tents in the back” Dina suggested to support her idea.

I exhaled heavily and the breath alerted Kelsey that I was going to offer up an idea. I hated doing this. I hated being belittled like I knew I was about to be. The worst part is that my ideas were usually pretty good and Kelsey liked them. I wished I could just text it to her and she could introduce it as her own. But, judging by the smile on those beautiful red lips and the gleam in her blue eyes, she was looking forward to proving once again that her friends were lemurs.

“Why not use the old sorority house for the Haunted House? It’s run down and looks creepy at night and you could set it up well in advance and take it all down later instead of inconveniencing the actual Sorority and still hold your party there.” The old sorority house was abandoned about ten years ago when the alumni had pulled together the resources to move the sorority houses to a row closer to campus. This one still stood, though it had been uninhabited for years and was in dire need of a wrecking ball.

“Sure.” Brianna laughed and winked at Kelsey as she led the attack. I hung my head and squeezed my eyes closed. I did not want to cry in front of them, it would make things worse. So, I braced myself for the onslaught. “And while we are at it, let’s loosen some floor boards and ceiling fixtures so we can be sure someone actually dies. How great it will be if the whole house collapses on someone! Can you imagine the headlines! We will definitely be remembered forever. Great idea Jess!” The sarcasm was so thick I cringed at the proverbial knife in my back.

“Yeah!” Collette, one of the cheer squad jumped in. “And we could add a few more exposed nails in the walls too. Maybe use real torches since there is no electricity and burn it down in the process.”

“Hey.” Lisa, one of the morning show people added. “It really isn’t such a bad idea, we could fix the place up. If we had started a year ago.”

“How did you get into this school anyway?” Maggie from the sorority asked me. “I thought we had higher educational standards.”

I tried to zone out and Kelsey caught it and touched her toes to my lip to get my attention. I looked up at her with my sad eyes and she smiled at me. She purposefully motioned with her eyes for me to pay attention to Dina, who was asking what my major was, as if they didn’t already know from the last hundred times they had attacked me in force.

“English.” I whispered.

“OH!” Dina laughed. “That’s right. What a waste of daddy’s money.” She laughed.

“So does anyone have any GOOD ideas?” Brianna asked at a signal from Kelsey to ease them back off me a bit. I caught the signal. I always did. If it weren’t for the fact that Kelsey controlled it all, I wouldn’t be putting up with it, this time or any.

I listened, but concentrated on Kelsey’s feet more than the conversations. They were as perfect as the rest of her and provided an escape of sorts. She smiled at me occasionally, but focused most of her concentration on the bombardment of concepts hurled into the fray.

“I know a contractor.” Kelsey smiled, wiggling her toes to get me to refocus. “If we can raise the funds to recapture the costs, we could actually use the old sorority house.”

“Great idea” Brianna smirked. “When you actually have some way to make it work.”

I smiled and received a kick to the chin. It wasn’t hard, just enough to warn me to wipe it off my face.

The gates flooded with preparations and ideas to raise money. I was only half listening. I was a part of the sorority, but only because Kelsey had practically forced me to join. I was the least respected member, but I was a member. Kelsey voted for me, so my opinions were of little relevance in any democratic action of the sorority.


I waited as usual in Kelsey’s bedroom in the sorority house. Being Kelsey, she had a large room all to herself and I occupied my normal spot, laying on the thick carpeted floor doing my homework. I shared a room with three other underclass members of the sorority on the first floor, but seldom was there except to change clothes and listen to their giggles about where they assumed I had been all night. It was no secret. They all knew. Wearing a long flannel night gown to stem off the chill in the air, I finished up yet another bland homework assignment and glanced around me at the luxuries that surrounded Kelsey. There was probably little in this room I could afford. Kelsey was accustomed to the better things in life. I checked my phone. It was 10:35 and there was no message from her, so I went into her private bathroom and started her evening bath.

I made it hot so it would not cool down too much by her expected arrival at 11. If she didn’t show at the appointed hour, I would take on the continuing process of letting water out and refilling the reduced volume with hot water so that she was ensured a nice hot bath upon arrival at … home? Was it fair for me to consider this my home? We never really had that conversation. But I basically lived here and though it was a bit of a joke as to why I was here, I considered it more my room than any other, deferring of course to the fact that I would sometimes spend a night at the floor of her closet if she invited Jake over for the night. So, it was much more Kelsey’s home than mine.

I had packed up my books and stored them in the corner as the water ran. At precisely 10:54, I added the bath salts that would scent her skin the next day. Usually mine as well. One of the benefits of being Kelsey’s girlfriend was the access to delightful things to make me smell and look better.

She arrived on time tonight and I was waiting at the door to undress her. She giggled a little. She had a few drinks apparently. I did not like her drinking and we had fought about this before when she drove or rode with someone else who was drinking. I actually left her for a week when she came home wasted one night after driving herself back from a party. I told her I refused to sit there and wait to hear she had died in a car crash. She punched me in the face that night, though she was too drunk to connect very hard.

We made up over the course of the next week and she has not driven intoxicated since then to the best of my knowledge. And I would know except for the few times I have gone home for a weekend with my family.

“Jessica my sweet.” She laughed. “Waiting patiently to suck Jake’s cum out of my pussy. You are so devoted.”

I hated it when she was tipsy. She wasn’t drunk really, not this time. She was just using it as an excuse to humiliate me so she could blame it on the alcohol tomorrow when we fought about it. Nonetheless, I helped her off with her clothes and folded them neatly on the chair of her vanity. I was in charge of her laundry and would take care of the clothes later.

Her flimsy silk panties were indeed marred with the remnants of her copulation with Jake and I cringed at the task that always accompanies such a discovery. Though, she had at least warned me when she walked in the door.

“I wish you would make him wear a condom.” I sighed as I pulled her hands towards the bed, sitting her on a towel that awaited her arrival.

“You know he is faithful to me and I am on the pill, so I wish you would stop giving me the same stupid wish every time my boyfriend leaves you a snack.” She smirked.

“I love you Kelsey.” I sunk to my knees at her feet and placed a hand on either of her thighs. I could smell the sex stronger now, but it no longer gave me feelings of nausea.

“I know you do.” She smiled. “You are so pathetic Jessica.”

I pressed her thighs a little farther than necessary and she laughed at the jerking motion of my hands. I looked up at her, leaning just a little forward. Even with her slight inebriation, her eyes were so captivating. She looked into my eyes and they told me that she loved me too, though the words never left her lips. She smiled at me and pointedly looked down at her well fucked crotch.

I rolled my eyes and she giggled. But not for long. I know my sweet Kelsey’s body better than anyone. She has told me so many times. Though she would call me a liar if I dared repeat that to anyone else.

Her lips were stuck together by the stickiness of their cum. In all, it really didn’t make that much of a difference usually. Her cum was far more abundant and pungent than Jakes. Not as thick, but it would soon be a steady flow into my warm and loving mouth. I pressed my tongue against her slit and slid slowly up and down, letting my saliva dissolve the congealed juices that sealed off open entry.

It took a few minutes to work my way slowly in. The first few times she had introduced me to this ‘gift’ as she called it, I had rushed to get it over with and was admonished. I had since learned to put my jealousy for Jake aside and treasure my time with Kelsey. I slowly delved my tongue deeper on each upward and downward glide of my tongue. There was no licking at this point, just a slow, tempered movement of the stiffened tip of my tongue up and down the crevice of her inner lips.

There were so crusted drops on her outer lips as well, but I would get to them soon. I needed my love to feel me pleasing her before I bathed her. It took a good ten minutes of her patient panting and my gradual entry before I had her lips cleanly separated. Of course, it wasn’t just her on my tongue. It was largely him. I’m not sure I’ve been clear, but I don’t like him.

Kelsey just leaned back on her elbows and watched, sighing as the slow dance of my tongue invaded her inner folds. “Pillows.” She said in a commanding, but not harsh tone.

I paused my licking to gather some pillows and place them behind her back and head so that she could be comfortable and watch me pleasure her. I liked her watching me. When her eyes were open and she saw my face instead of imagining God knows what with her eyes closed, I felt completely loved and appreciated. I got back into my position at her feet and began the process of bathing her outer lips. Sure, it would be easier to just put her ass in the tub, but that argument had been lost too many times in the past. It would also be easier to scrape the crusted drops of Jake’s cum with my teeth, but that was likewise admonished on previous occasion with a slap to the head.

So, I used the flat of my tongue to soften the dried up sperm, disgusted as I was by the taste, I dared not show her any reflection of my true feelings on the effort. I worked it slowly and thoroughly, loosening and swallowing each dried up bit until her outer labia were clean and glistening with my spit.

She watched and I looked into her eyes, only sparingly looking down at the work ahead of me. She was smiling. I loved to see her smile.

“Be a good little ass licker now.” She grinned.

I never really minded this task after the first few times. And she truly enjoyed having her anus tongued, so I placed my thumbs on the lower corners of her ass and pushed them apart to enable access for my lips to her other hole. Fortunately for me, she never let Jake have this place. It was, for the most part, exit only for her, though my tongue found its way inside quite often.

I licked and suckled her crinkled entry for a solid five minutes, pressing the tip of my tongue inside and hiding the displeasure it gave me to have that malodorous residue tainting my taste buds. Anything from Kelsey was a precious gift to be cherished. There could be no outward appearance of distaste when she was concerned. Her contented moans were enough to surpass any opposing opinions I may have had of the act.

“Okay, finish up my kitty.” She smiled.

I returned my tongue up to her silky folds and pushed inward at her velvety, pink hole. Through a variety of exercises and some painful experimentation, my tongue had grown quite long since I met Kelsey. No time to reflect upon those methods of lengthening my long tongue now as it worked its way deep inside her to scoop out what Jake had deposited deep inside her.

One curled tongue full at a time, I sucked and slurped their joint sexual juices into my mouth and down into my belly. It always took some time. Although a man’s ejaculate was, in my opinion, miniscule compared to the flows a woman is capable of producing, Jake was above average in that regard.

“Jessica, you are so disgusting.” Kelsey laughed softly. I cringed. She was moaning as she said it, so I knew she enjoyed it, but she was in one of her moods where she needed me to feel humiliated while I brought her pleasure.

“What kind of deplorable cunt face sits around all night waiting to suck my boyfriend’s jism from my pussy? Have you any self-respect at all?” She egged on. I was going to take the bait if she didn’t ease up soon. That meant I would get up and scream and cry and she would laugh and eventually I would burn out on my fit and end up right back there. Right back where I belonged. I hated it when I let myself succumb to her taunts.

“Awww, is my little slut going to cry?” She saw it. She knew I was close, but I shoved my tongue inside her again and subconsciously squeezed her thighs. “You can leave.” She laughed. Technically, I could leave. I wasn’t chained up. But we both knew I wouldn’t.

“That’s it my little cunt licker. Just keep doing the only thing you are good for. Cleaning out Jake’s cum so my sweet puss can smell fresh. Does anyone ever ask you why your breath smells like a guy’s cum while you are nothing but a lesbian slut?”

I grunted. She attacked. “Oh, did someone smell it? I can’t imagine they wouldn’t. I tell them you know. I tell them all. They all know how you sit up here and wait to suck Jake’s cum out of my pussy every night. They think you are the most disgusting creature on the planet. Brianna wants you to start sucking cum from her pussy too. Would you like that slut? Maybe I should let the whole sorority use you as a clean-up girl. Oh God!”

I had some power too. Like I said, I know her pussy better than anyone and I can reach her G spot with my tongue. I can shut her up with an orgasm anytime I want. Well, not entirely, but it gives me some satisfaction to interrupt her bullshit.

“Yes!” Kelsey screamed out to be sure all her neighbors heard her. “Yes you talented little cunt face, get that tongue up in there… Yes!” And with a loud scream of orgasmic bliss, she crested, as I knew I could make her do. As I knew Jake did not always make her do. As I knew she relied on me to fulfill her when he could not.

I tongued her to a couple of smaller orgasms following the big one as she calmed herself and lay back on the bed. Her chest heaved and was a beautiful pink color. I softly sucked and licked her pussy clean as I watched those beautiful globes rising and falling with each breath. When she was fully recovered, I stood up and helped her to the tub.

It wasn’t hot enough, hardly my fault since she had wanted to debase me instead of get her orgasm and into the tub, but it was still blamed on me as I eased her into the warm water. I washed her until she shooed me away and lay back to enjoy the feeling of warmth on her body. I waited at the side of the tub with a thick, soft towel while she closed her eyes and smiled.

“Jake wants a blowjob tomorrow at 2:30.” She said without even opening her eyes. Kelsey did not give blowjobs, in case the purpose of the statement was lost on you.

“I have class then Kelsey, you know that.” I replied. She knew my schedule very well, having me work the past semester’s class schedule around hers to give us as much time together as possible. “Well, that is a problem. I guess I’ll get someone else to do it.” She smiled.

I did not mind in the least. I hated sucking Jake off. He usually held my ears when he did it and if you’ve never been throat fucked with a guy holding your head by your ears, I do not recommend it at all. And, of course, I didn’t like Jake anyway.

“Fine by me.” I had to open my mouth.

“Oh?” Kelsey’s crystal blue eyes flickered open and looked directly into mine. “Maybe we are done then Jess. I have really enjoyed you, you were the best. It will be hard to replace you, but I’m sure with enough time and devotion, any of the little lezzie sluts can learn to do what you do for me.”

I felt the tear and got pissed off at it. She wasn’t going anywhere, she just wanted to fuck with me. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth hard, fighting off the inferno building inside. It escaped my eye though and when I opened my eyes again, I knew she saw it from her victorious smile. Like blood in the water.

“2:30 Cuntface, in his room.” She smiled.

“No.” I answered. “I’m not going to skip class for HIM.”

Kelsey’s smile turned down for a second. “Jessica, who do you think Jake would rather have suck his cock? Me or you?”

I was pissed now. At least this was some new tactic. “You! So why don’t you do it as his girlfriend instead of making me? I don’t like it. I hate it!”

She stood up and I wrapped the towel around her and dried her off as the anger flushed my face red. “So, would you be doing it for Jake then?” Kelsey asked. “Or for me?”

“Damnit Kelsey.” I whispered. “Why do you have to involve him? If he loved you, he wouldn’t want to cheat on you! He wouldn’t ask you to make me suck his fucking dick! I love you, you love me, you know you do!”

Kelsey frowned and her eyes flashed dangerously. “Brush your teeth and come to bed.” Kelsey said and left me to cool down, as she exited the bathroom in her towel.

I brushed my teeth like they were causing the conflict. Rough, fast and hard like the toothbrush would rip the enamel right off them. I brushed like I could somehow scour Jake from our lives with the bristles. I spit savagely into the basin and then washed it out and returned it where it belonged. Did Jake have a toothbrush here? No, but I did.

I grabbed the sink and stared into the mirror and watched the rage in my features. I hated doing this for her. I hated sticking that thing in my mouth. I hated the way he treated me. I was not going to give in this time. With a determined look at myself in the mirror, I dabbed my lip and headed to the bedroom.

Kelsey was laying in her king sized four poster bed, her back propped up against pillows against the headboard, so she was in a comfortable seated position. The look on her face was not anger, but it was not happiness either. I knew that look too well. I muttered under my breath.

“Jessica, I am not going to leave Jake for you. We have discussed this how many times now?” Kelsey started in.

“Seventy-eight.” I answered angrily. It was a point of hers that I was to keep count of everything. How many times have I licked her pussy, eight hundred and ninety-seven; her ass, one hundred and seventeen; how many times have I orgasmed since I met her… a discouraging number.

“So, am I going to break up with Jake?” She asked.

“No, but you should.” I answered venom on my tongue.

“Look at me Jessica.” She was keeping a very even tone. It left me off balance. I looked at her. “Do you think I need you to tell me what I should and should not do?”

“No, of course not.” I replied.

“I do love you Jessica. But I love Jake too. And Jake gives me something you never can.”

“Maybe I should go.” I whispered and started to cry. It was never enough for me. I don’t know why. I wanted her exclusively though we had discussed this to the point of breaking things in her room. She was not a lesbian. She wouldn’t even outwardly admit to being bisexual. Her appearance was more important. I knew this. It was who she was. If not for her stature, would I have ever fallen for her?

“Come to bed. You’ll feel better after a good hard cum. You don’t want to leave and I know I don’t want you to leave. You love this and if you don’t love it anymore, then let’s talk about it and maybe we need to add a rule. I don’t want to lose you Jessica. You mean the world to me. But I won’t sacrifice myself to make you happy and I don’t think you should do that for me either. So, if sucking Jake off is too much for you, let’s discuss it.”

She was serious, of course. However, I already knew how our ‘discussion’ would end before it started. She would turn my words against me until I agreed that I truly loved sucking Jake off for her. I did not like arguing with Kelsey. She always won. Always.

“Forget it.” I wiped my tears. “Can I just sleep in the bed tonight please.” “If you want to discuss it yes. But, I will not sleep in the bed with you while we are fighting. You know that.” Kelsey answered plainly.

I climbed onto the bed and sat cross legged facing her. “I’m sorry I yelled at you.” I offered.

“Yes, so am I.” Kelsey answered. “Who were you dating when we met?”

I hated drudging this up. The hurt must have shown in my face. “Greg.” I answered, not wanting to elaborate, though I knew she would.

“Did you love him?” I knew this was the next question even before those sweet red lips released the words.

“Kelsey…please.” I started to tear up again.

“Are we going to discuss this or would you like to sleep on it?” She pressed.

“I didn’t know what love was until I met you.” I answered, trying to dissuade this line of reasoning.

“That is sweet. I feel the same way about you Jess. Did you think you loved him?” She wasn’t letting me off easy. She never did.

“Yes. Fine. I get it.” I mumbled. “Please forgive me. I was wrong to push you.” I looked at her hopefully.

“Jess.” Her eyes softened and I shook with tears that I had disappointed her, I had disappointed our relationship again. “How many times did you suck Greg’s cock?”

“I don’t know Kelsey. You know I don’t know. I didn’t keep track of things back then.” I replied.

“Guess for me.” She smiled.

“Fifty times.” I blurted.

“How many cocks have I sucked in my entire life?” she followed up with the clincher too soon. I was glad she wasn’t going to prolong it this time.

“One.” I answered and started bawling. I was such a bitch.

“Who’s was it?” she asked.

“Mine.” I mumbled, hating myself for leading us down this path again. It was a strap-on, of course, I don’t really have a cock. Her mouth was the first thing to ever touch it and that was the only time it ever had. After all, it went into other places after that and Kelsey’s mouth was too perfect to be fouled by the slightest remnants of those other places.

“Okay. So, who should suck Jake’s cock when he wants a blowjob? Do you want me to start doing it? Do you want me to take away the thing that I have only ever done for you?” She wasn’t being mean. She was being sincere. She knew she had me.

“I should do it.” I whispered. “But Kels… not during class. I don’t want to skip class for …” I almost said him, but it was for her. And I’d do anything for her and she knew it. I knew it. “You are right. I’ll do it. 2:30 tomorrow.”

“Do you want to try to cum tonight?” She smiled.

“I’d rather just snuggle.” I answered and wiped the tears away again.

“Kiss me then.” She smiled. And I nearly leapt into her arms and we made out like teenagers on the first date. *************

An hour later I was crying a different kind of tears. I wanted to cum so bad I would have sucked Jake off a thousand times just to get off once. She was in a ‘good little doggie’ mood. I hated this game. It reminded me of the time… well, it reminded me of a very ugly thing I did that does not deserve repetition to a civilized audience. I was on all fours, barking like a little yip-yip dog. She was steadily feeding me doggie treats.

She would start at my cunt. I have a cunt. It is open and used and not a puss or kitty or sweet honey pot like hers. It is a vulgar hole for vulgar things. I was soaking wet and my juices were absolutely pouring down my thighs. She had the twelfth treat now halfway inside me as I fucked myself onto it. “Please.” I whimpered and tried to ram back onto it.

“My turn again already?” She smirked and tossed this saturated biscuit into the dog bowl at the side of the bed with its predecessors.

I scampered around on all fours and she stood up and held onto the crossing bars that criss-crossed above the four poster, spreading her legs wide in the process. I dove into her sweet kitty and sucked and licked her for all I was worth. She came quickly on this, the thirteenth time tonight. Nine hundred nine in total since I met her.


It had been two weeks since the Haunted House planning began and the numbers were staggering. Kelsey assured her dad that she would recapture the thirty-seven thousand eight hundred forty-two dollars spent to hire inspectors, shore up the structure, re-establish electricity, put in doors and another set of stairs and build out the attractions. The end result was, of course, one of the most amazing haunted houses ever built. How the hell she expected to earn that much money was well beyond my ability to understand.

It was now mid-October. Just two weeks before the big party was scheduled. She showed me the costumes that she had bought for herself and Jake. I had sucked him off nearly every day in the past ten. It seemed Kelsey was too busy with the contractors and her school work to see to his needs. He took advantage of the situation as he, I guess, did really like my blowjobs.

They were going to be sexy super heroes. Batman and Catwoman. Full coverage, but very tight, accentuating every delicious curve of her body and every grotesque muscle of his. Jake is gorgeous, really, I just don’t really like him so I get my hits at him inside my head. Me? I choked on my own spit when she showed me the tiny outfit she had already purchased for me. There was an argument, a long one, which she eventually won. And I ended up going down on her for about two hours to make up for fighting her on it in the first place.

But, I would be going as a German bar wench. The top was going to make my breasts look nonexistent and the bottom was going to basically reveal my bottom. I stopped arguing with her when she threatened to replace the petticoat with one that would push up higher and take away the boy shorts panty from underneath it, basically showing off my cunt all night.

She then told me I would be helping out Thursday through Saturday nights at the Haunted House for the next two weekends as they had decided to open it to the general public to recoup the costs of the construction. They were going to sell tickets, food and drinks. All the talent was to be volunteer from the sorority and our affiliated fraternity.

It was too cold to do anything in the commons anymore, so we were all sitting in the party room of the sorority house when the discussions were made for the various parts in the haunted house. I was going to be a head on a table. At least it wasn’t going to be showing off my ass or tits like half the sorority seemed to be willing to do. It was going to be a rather naughty Haunted House, though PG because they still wanted to let kids inside for the entry fees. On Halloween, it would be closed to the public and only open to the college.

I was going to be serving beer at the after party. I checked my rolled eyes before Kelsey could threaten my undergarments again.

On Wednesday night, Kelsey came home late with a load of Jake’s spunk for me to suck from her pussy and God help me, I know I’m an idiot, but I picked a fight again. Unlike last time, we didn’t make up so I slept on the floor, hogtied uncomfortably. **********

And thus it was that I found myself reporting for duty at 7:00 on Thursday night, a week and a half before Halloween. I was dressed as requested by Kelsey, aka instructed by Kelsey, in a black dress that came down to my knees. I wore black thigh highs because it was cold outside and I didn’t want to deal with pantyhose. Well, to be honest, Kelsey had forbidden me to ever wear pantyhose again and some things just aren’t worth fighting over.

Brianna and Kelsey met me at the door as they were setting people to their places and giving last minute instructions. “Oh yeah!” Brianna giggled. “It’s the star attraction.” She laughed.

I pointedly looked to Kelsey for some back up. I really wish she would keep her friends in check sometimes. She just smiled at me and took my hand to lead me to my place. It was a table on a platform with chairs all around with dummies. They looked fake as hell to me, but Kelsey told me when the lights went down, they would look much more realistic. I noticed a small light from the ceiling that she told me would trigger on a motion detector to light up my face. So it was very important that I stay quiet and keep my eyes closed until I got my cue.

I asked what my cue was and she just giggled and said she would show me. The table was pressed against a wall and we went behind the wall into a little room. It looked like there was a party planned here later because I noticed a case of condoms on the floor. I raised an eyebrow at her and she just laughed softly. “You know I don’t use them.”

She showed me why I was chosen for this job, since I was so short. I climbed under the table and put my head up through a hole. I looked around and could see the next rooms to the right and left. Kelsey started to say something, but I couldn’t hear her very well through the table. I ducked down and asked her what she said.

“I asked if you need to go to the bathroom first. It’s going to be a good five hours of standing there.” She smirked.

“Kels, I can’t stand there for five hours!” I exclaimed. “But I better go anyway. Where is it?”

She showed me, I went, I returned and climbed back under the table. Because I was going through the wall, and the floor was actually straight across because there was no platform where I was standing, it put the table right about waist height for me. I asked Kelsey if I could have a chair to sit on, but she said no, I could either crouch on bended knees, kneel down, or her personal favorite bend at the waist.

I went with crouching for the time being and figured I could move around a little as the night wore on. I found that I could actually move around a little and then she crawled down with me. “Almost show time.” I could barely see her in the light that shown through the hole in the table above us. I smiled at her and then she kissed me. Not a peck for good luck, but a good thorough tongue swapping make out kiss that turned my insides to jelly.

She was feeling me up a little too and I was wondering if this was going somewhere when she broke the kiss and said. “I love you Jessica. Remember that.”

I felt warm all over. “I love you so much Kelsey.” I answered. She frowned for a moment and it confused me.

She kissed me again and I sucked her tongue as it graced my mouth. She pinched my nipples a little as we kissed and said again. “Hey. I mean it Jess. I love you, don’t forget it. Now get your head up there cuntface.” She giggled and I reciprocated in acknowledgement of her term of endearment.

When I put my head up through the table, Brianna was there with a contemptuous grin on her face. “Are you ready for your big night?” She laughed.

“Whatever.” I wasn’t in the mood for her stupid mockery.

Then, I lost it. Brianna was laughing as my eyes went wide as saucers. Something closed around my neck and it was imbedded into the table so I couldn’t pull my head down. “What are you doing Kelsey?!” I screamed.

“She didn’t tell you huh?” Brianna grinned maliciously. “It would have been better if she had, but it won’t much matter now.”

“Told me wha—” I cut myself off as my right arm was pulled in front of me and I heard a distinct ‘click’ as my wrist was trapped straight out in front of me under the table. My hand was directed to a handle and I grabbed it, but didn’t think fast enough as my left arm was then pulled similarly. I jerked back, but two hands versus one is never a fair fight and with an echoing ‘click’ from beneath the table, that arm was similarly trapped in front of me.

“Okay, so now that you aren’t going anywhere. I want you to stand up.” Brianna grinned.

“Fuck you! You better let me out right now. Kelsey! I don’t want to be locked in here! Let me out now!” I screamed because I knew that was the only way she could hear me through the table. Then the blood must have run from my face because I felt the zipper on the back of my dress drawn down.

“NO!” I screamed. “I swear to God I will call the police. Brianna, you tell her. Tell her to let me go right now!”

Brianna smiled at me. “Too late babe. Kelsey is gone and I have no idea what you are talking about. So, if anyone is doing anything, neither you nor I nor Kelsey knows anything about it. But I do know about this.” She licked her lips and brought a small red ball to my mouth. “It’s a prop, an apple to make it look like you are a stuffed pig on the table.”

She went to put it in my mouth and I clamped my mouth shut. The bitch grabbed my nose and pushed my head back, forcing my mouth open and shoving a spongy ball into my mouth. Then she strapped it around the back of my head and let go. I was cursing her like a sailor, but she couldn’t hear anything due to the spongeball in my mouth.

“Now, this was my idea. Some of the other girls just wanted to put a regular red ball in, but I thought this would be more fun. Pay attention.” She slapped my face lightly and I stared daggers into her.

“A tube is coming into the side of your mouth with that strap, it goes inside the sponge. Whatever someone puts into that tube is going to seep into the sponge. It has red food dye in there, so if you bite down on it, whatever nasty fluid squeezes out will look a little like blood running down the sides of your face. Ingenious I know.”

Hands worked deftly to unhook my bra and next thing I knew, my dress and bra fell forward, leaving my back exposed. My eyes clinched and tears trickled out as I listened to Brianna and felt hands grabbing my hips and pulling them back, picking me up and making me arch my neck at a very uncomfortable angle in the process.

Brianna started rubbing white cream all over my face so I would look like a prop. Then she grabbed my eyelid and forced it open and dropped red coloring into my open eyeball. I screeched into the gag and she repeated the same with the other eye, giving my tears the appearance of coming out as blood.

“Now. You are probably about to feel pretty panicky. Wondering what mean ole Brianna would want to put in that tube. I decided not to do anything. After all, you might call the police on me and your true love and that would end us in jail. But, supposing some less scrupulous person were to find their way to the access on the other side of the wall and empty, I don’t know… maybe a beer or perhaps a condom into the tube, well it would work its way down into your mouth.”

Brianna smiled viciously as my eyes sprung wide and I shook my head violently. “Oh yes, that would be, what was the word Kelsey told me you like to use?” She paused for effect. “Disgusting. Yes. That’s it.”

“Now, you be a good little girl and maybe when this night is over you will think twice about telling Kelsey what she can and can’t do. Who she should and shouldn’t see.” And with a final smirk, Brianna walked off in her sexy witch costume to take her place in the Haunted House.

My hips were hanging from a belt now. I had been strapped against the top of the table. It wasn’t hard like I thought it would be, there was some kind of foamy material pressed against my bare back. My small breasts were hanging straight down now and someone was pinching my nipples, though there was no way for me to be certain who it was. Then I felt the unmistakable pinch of a nipple clamp on my right nipple and I screamed into the sponge. Unsurprisingly, it was followed by a similar pinch of my left nipple.

I struggled and cried and ended up standing there, holding the hand grips to ease the pain on my neck. The next violation of my body came soon after I had calmed down. Someone yanked my panties down in one quick swipe and I was too slow to get my legs apart to stop the progress. I did react however slow and my ankles were then clamped one to either side of the door so my legs were spread at a bit beyond shoulder length.

I cried as I knew whoever was back there was now enjoying a free show of my private parts. I only hoped that it was just Kelsey and she was alone. That hope seemed dashed when I saw her a few minutes later escorting the first ‘guests’ through the room to my left.

I watched as she scared the children and seemed to fall back a bit to touch and fondle the men. She was dressed similar to Brianna in a naughty witch costume. You know the kind, short ragged skirt and striped thigh high socks with a solid glimpse of naked thigh in between teasing your eyes to look higher.

Then I noticed something that stopped me in my tracks. Kelsey was actually touching some guy’s cock through his pants and giggling quietly in his ear. Then she moved to another guy and did the same thing, pointing me out to the guy who’s obvious tent she was stroking. She leaned in and sucked the guy’s earlobe. I guessed him to be about thirty or so as he hung back while his children took in the sights and sounds of spookiness all around them.

They came into my room finally and I watched her in awe as she worked the crowd with an evil laugh at the feast on the table. I really didn’t know what I was supposed to do. Then it came to me. It wasn’t planned, but I screamed and scared the hell out of the lot of them. I think Kelsey even jumped a little bit. An electrical shock pierced through the clamps on my nipples and the scream was quite unexpected even to me.

As Kelsey backed away in surprise, I noticed her working a cock in each of her hands, then gliding to the side to flirt and fondle a different couple of guys. What the hell was she doing? She was not like that! How could she be so … slutty?

Suddenly, I was screaming again. Not in pain this time but in pure offense. Someone had put something in my pussy and squirted something inside. Then they repeated the effort on my asshole. I wept and screamed and thrashed though I couldn’t move much and the startled people were ushered by Kelsey through the door to the next room.

Then I felt it. I squirmed to get away, but there was something poking at my cunt. With the belt in place, I couldn’t move much, but I wiggled as much as possible to evade the attacking digit. It was hard to tell what it was at first, but imagining the worse I started crying and screaming around the gag in my mouth. Finally, after a long game of cat and mouse, where I wiggled my naked ass, I’m sure much to their delight, I was penetrated by what could only have been a real cock.

It was too warm to be fake, too thick to be a finger, but the contact was that of a condom wrapped cock. I struggled to pull forward and away, but there was nowhere to go and I was soon grunting into my gag as I was fucked from behind. I cried a river as everything I felt for Kelsey came crumbling down around me. I really thought she loved me.

Humiliation was one thing, but this was nothing short of rape. There was no way she could love me and do this to me. It was over. It was all over. I cried as my body was bucked, used as nothing but a hole to be savaged by the cock that repeated its entry unwillingly into my body. My ass was pummeled by the attacker’s hips and in a few minutes of rapid pumping, he grabbed my hips and held his cock deep inside me.

If I had my doubts about the condom, I had none now as I didn’t feel the hot cum splash inside me. I only felt the insistent twitching and widening of the cock buried deep within my body, spewing its release into the reservoir of the plastic divide between possible disease or pregnancy. Then, he withdrew and left me empty, waiting to see what would happen next.

An electric shock elicited a scream and I looked up to see another group being guided by Brianna. She likewise was stroking cocks through pants, but instead of looking at them and giving them attention, she glared at me laughing at my demise. I could almost hear her thinking how stupid I was to think someone like Kelsey could love something as hideous and meaningless as me.

I screamed anew when a new partner burrowed his thick meat into my artificially lubricated hole. This one didn’t last long at all and I was rewarded or rather penalized shortly thereafter by a grip to my hips as he throbbed wildly inside me. After leaning against my ass for too long, he withdrew and was instantly replaced by another.

I guessed I had been here about fifteen minutes and already a third cock drove into my honey hole. I wept freely until the tears ran dry and the thick man tubes pounded my poor defenseless cunt again and again. I counted, as had been my habit established by Kelsey. I had now been fucked by six different cocks and the flow continued inside the house. There were now about six naughty witches, Brianna and Kelsey included. They directed the traffic and kept working the men, stroking them, exciting them, enticing them to an end I figured to be my own.

Then it started. I guess with the little bit of cum added to whatever it was collecting it and the length of a tube that ran from the wall to my head, it would have to take some time for the thick ooze of man juice to flow into the sponge, but it finally made its way there like Brianna said it would and I got my first taste of the spunk in my mouth. It sickened me more than ever, given that I had no idea, would never have the knowledge, of who it was from.

I struggled to keep my mouth wide open, to not release the viscous fluid into my mouth. But another electrically elicited scream ended that battle quickly. As I struggled for breath, the nasty slime slipped down my throat and I had to swallow to stay alive.

I suppose it was because of the working of the trouser meat by the naughty and gorgeous witches that they never lasted long after entry. They plunged inside me with their ram rods and pistoned them in and out a few times before shooting off inside a condom inside me before adding to the now constant flow of cum dripping like an IV into my mouth.

Time lost meaning as I was fucked over and over and over again. My mind was going, slipping away, but every few minutes another electrical shock to my nipples would bring my body back again. I was almost swallowing constantly now. Even when I did manage to fight the need to bite down on the sponge, the accumulation was simply too much and it flowed and flowed.

At one point, I saw Kelsey and Brianna talking at the door to my left and Brianna detained the next group while Kelsey approached me. She leaned in and looked into my eyes. She was smiling and laughing when she approached me. Then, she looked at my red eyes and focused. She opened her mouth to speak, but didn’t seem able to find the words and she turned away and ran out the right side, opposite of the way she entered. Brianna brought in the next group, stroking the men, entertaining the women and children and a woman whispered to her and she laughed and whispered back. They then shared a laugh which I knew to be at my expense.

I was fucked constantly now, having brief breaks between no longer an option as the line kept moving and apparently it was the most popular Haunted House in the history of mankind. I was so tired. I was absolutely exhausted and all I could do was hold tight as my body was violated again and again. I swallowed so much cum I thought I would vomit it up. I swore I could feel my belly expand with the creamy white liquid.

Finally, I assume the full five hours later, the groups stopped coming through. Then, perhaps another hour later, maybe longer, the fucking stopped. Finally, about a half hour or so after that, the flow of cum into my mouth ceased. I must have fallen asleep then at the halt of violations to my body.

I’m not sure how long I slept, but I did finally wake up only to find myself still strapped in place. I looked around and nobody was there. With my body so tightly bound into place, I did the easiest thing. I went back to sleep.

The next thing I knew was that the sponge was being removed from my head. My eyes fluttered open and I saw Kelsey looking at me smiling. Her eyes were bloodshot. It looked like she had gotten no sleep last night. She had probably partied and forgotten me here. I opened my mouth to speak, but my throat burned too much from screaming. She offered me a straw and I sipped on it hesitantly. It was just water so I started drinking loudly.

I didn’t realize just how thirsty I was as I drained a half liter jug of water in a few minutes. She looked into my eyes smiling and kept opening and closing her mouth like a fish outside of water. Finally finishing the water, I found my voice again. “Please Kelsey, let me go. Let me out of here.”

She looked at me with a frown. “I can’t Jess. I’m sorry. We made $7,500 last night on you and another $5,000 at the door. Just until Saturday night and it should be all paid for. I’m hoping we won’t have to do the Haunted House at all next weekend. Though you were a huge hit, you can have the money next weekend if we break even.” She forced a smile.

My eyes must have bulged. “Please Kels… just … I get it… I’m sorry… I’m leaving… you, school, probably the state… I won’t call the police, just let me go. I get it. You love Jake. I’m stupid. Let me go.”

She started crying then. She’s never cried to the best of my knowledge. But there it was, inches from my face. Kelsey’s beautiful, perfect face blotched in red, curtained in a twin stream of tears. “It’s bad isn’t it?” She asked. “You really don’t love me anymore do you?” She asked through her tears.

I looked at her like she had three heads. “What?”

“I knew this would be too much.” She sobbed. “I knew it.” Her whole body shook as she sobbed. “You… just wait a sec, I’ll get you out.” And she left my vision from the side door.

A few minutes later, I felt my ankles being released. I could barely get my feet to stand on their own and I suppose she realized it, because she released my wrists next, then guided me as she released my neck and finally my waist onto the floor in a near naked heap. I felt so weak. She wrapped me up in her arms and held me while I tried to get some semblance of feeling into my limbs again. I wasn’t sure I could get up even if she weren’t holding me and crying on my shoulder.

My throat was so hoarse I could barely recognize myself. “Why are you crying? Isn’t that what you wanted? You proved your point. I’m an idiot, a toy. Jake is the one you love and I was dumb enough to think it was me. Why the fuck are you crying!” I yelled and it hurt my throat and she just cried harder.

“No you ass.” She whispered into my ear as she held on as if she would never let me go. “It was just a stupid game. I knew you’d freak out, but you’ve done this for me before. I never thought you’d break. No matter what I did. I just never thought you would break.” She cried and I pushed away, leaving her on the floor as I struggled out into the other room.

I pulled my dress back into place and zipped it half way up the back. I couldn’t get my arms to work properly so I didn’t get my bra refastened or my back zipped up all the way. I looked around and gasped. In a bucket was a pile of used condoms. On the floor was one empty box and another opened one. There must have been about a hundred and fifty dicks up my cunt last night. I fell to the corner and puked up their cum in a vile pool.

As I knelt there and forced my stomach to heave again and again, I saw Kelsey climbing out of the hole and watching me.

When I felt I had puked up about three hundred balls full of cum, I sobbed. She put her arm on my shoulder and I cringed away. She took the arm back off my shoulder and we just sat there on the filthy floor crying. Together, but alone.

She did help me back to her room and I allowed it. I figured it was the least she could do for arranging my gang rape at the hands of a hundred fifty guys. I didn’t want to soil her precious sheets so I staggered to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and throat for about a half hour.

She stood at the door, phone in hand and offered it to me. “Call the police. It was my idea. I’m sorry Jess.”

I glared at her. “Call the police? Fuck you Kelsey.”

She looked at me surprised. “Okay Jess. What do you want? I’ll pay for you to transfer schools? Or whatever you need… I’m … what can I do?”

I glared at her hard and thought a long time. “Draw me a tub.”

And she did.


“Jessica, your whore is looking at me again.” Courtney giggled. Courtney and I were pretty good friends now at my new school.

I smiled down at the absolutely gorgeous blonde massaging my feet. Kelsey looked up at me and smiled. “I love you.” She said and giggled.

“I love you too cuntface.” I answered.

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