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Convince Her!

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I have two cell phones. One has a number I freely give out to family, friends, business associates and one that is used just for a side business. No one in my family except my brother knows about that number. Now that my parents are gone and my wife is an ex-wife my brother is my family. It rings about three times a month and when it rings I know I’m about to enjoy my work.

If I had a business card for the business I share with my brother it would say, “Nick… Convincing Clients, Inc.” and would list the cell phone number. That is a good name for our business; “Convincing Clients, Inc.” That’s what we do.

Let me give you an example of what I’m saying.

On March first last year the phone rang at 0922. I answered as I always do, “Speak to me.”

At the other end a male voice said, “I was given this number by Michael Storm. He said you could help me.”

“Tell me what problem you want assistance with.” I said.

“My wife. I make a good living, but she doesn’t want to control herself and she’s spending us into the poorhouse!”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Convince her to stop spending so much.”

“You need to be specific. How much did she spend in January and how much in February?”

“She spent eighty-six hundred in January and at least eight thousand in February. I don’t have the bills all in for February yet. For 2009 she spent a total of $104, 712 on herself.”

“Why don’t you just cancel her credit?”

“I did that months ago and she got the accounts reopened or started new ones.”

“What would happen if she left town for a couple of weeks?”

“You mean would she be missed? Yes, she would. She has a beauty salon appointment every Thursday. She gets a massage on Tuesdays at the Beverly Hills Spa. She has lunch with the hens club on Mondays.”

“Ok. I get the picture. I’ll email a form to you. Fill it out and email it back to me. I’ll do some checking and get back to you by the sixth. Then you can decide what you want to do. At the top of the form is an account number for an account at Bank of America. Before you do anything else you will deposit fifteen hundred in that account. That will cover my expenses to evaluate your situation and set things up to convince your client.”

“Fifteen hundred just to evaluate the situation and us?”

“No. I will need to begin preparations for your wife to receive special therapy, designed especially for her that will solve the problem for you, forever. That and I will be checking you and her out to a depth the loan officer at the bank would not. For both our sakes, I need to be careful.”

He gave me his email address and I sent him the form. It was more than a data sheet for a loan. It asked for details of their marriage, things they liked to do together, family dynamics and other personal details.

On Monday afternoon at 1310 the fifteen hundred was deposited in my account. I moved it to another bank before 1400 (two o’clock in the afternoon). At 1335 (1:35pm) my computer dinged. The form was back. I read and printed it. My work had begun.

On Friday the sixth of March I called him. I told him what I had planned and what result I assured him would be produced. His wife would never spend over a thousand a month without his permission, would never nag him about money, would return to being the submissive woman she was when they married.

He liked what I promised and asked how we would get started. I told him to call her and let her know that as a bonus he had been given a two week cruise for two on a private yacht, beginning next Friday. Tell her the cruise is to ports along the Mexican coast. Then on the appointed Friday they should arrive at a slip in Marina del Rey and would be welcomed aboard a hundred-ten foot yacht. I would lead them on a tour and he should excuse himself to use the head (bathroom) and instead of using the head he should exit the yacht. When we came back up on deck we would be safely out of the harbor and at sea. Two weeks later we would be back and her therapy would be complete.

He asked, “What will you do to her for those two weeks? No, wait. I don’t really want to know. I just want the problem solved. Michael says you are great, I trust him, so… just do it.” He asked about our fee and I gave him the news. He didn’t balk for even a moment.

I called my brother and had him rename our yacht. No one would see the new name until Friday morning when we were within an hour of departing the marina. All the special supplies were already aboard. He bought and stocked the yacht with all the food and other supplies for a two-week cruise with no stops at any ports.

Her name was Jannie. She had been raised in Meridian, Mississippi in a double-wide mobile home. She met her husband while she worked as a waitress in a Hooters near the college where he was a student. Some of the young women working at Hooters padded their qualifications for their job. Jannie didn’t need to do that. Her home grown double “D” cups and big smile were all the qualifications she needed.

They married two days after he graduated. They moved to Houston for two years and he became successful in the oil business. After Houston he relocated to Los Angeles and took an executive position with another oil company. They had tried for three more years for Jannie to get pregnant and it hadn’t happened. Her husband, Mark, put on the form that they had concluded that she was infertile. My research discovered that she had surgery to tie her tubes shortly after they moved to Los Angeles. It had been done through her vaginal opening so there were no external scars.

I dressed in white pants, dark blue shirt, white tie and dark blue blazer to meet them as they came aboard. My brother was in white pants and white t-shirt.

When Mark parked he called my cell and I sent Pete with a cart to help with the luggage. I started the engines so the noise and vibration would be natural and then I watched as they walked to the yacht. Jannie was in a sundress, heels and a wide brimmed hat. She walked like she believed herself entitled to whatever wonderful things might happen. Mark wore a white shirt, maroon tie and gray slacks. He was smiling and even though I had never seen him face-to-face before the smile looked fake to me.

I greeted them formally and welcomed them aboard. Pete started lifting the bags aboard just after we were aboard. I asked if they would like something to drink or to have the tour. Jannie answered that she wanted the tour. Pete stopped moving the luggage. I led Mark and Jannie inside the cabin and down below. Mark asked where the bathroom could be found.

“There are four heads aboard.” I said, “Two down on this deck and two up on the main deck.”

Mark said, “I’ll use one up there. You continue the tour. I’ll be back in just a few minutes.”

Jannie watched him start up the stairs and then smiled at me. She asked about the accommodations on the yacht and I showed her the various cabins. When we were at the door to the most forward cabin I was about to turn us back without opening that door when Pete rang the bell.

The bell was our signal that we were no longer in the marina. I opened the door to the cabin and helped Jannie inside. The other cabins she had seen were bedrooms. This room had no bed, no fancy dressers built into the walls. It was padded, floor, walls and ceiling and had only a hatch on the ceiling, no windows. As soon as she was inside I closed the door.

The sound of the door latching had her turn and face me. “We should leave the door open so Mark can find us.” She said.

“Mark will have no trouble finding us.” I said. “Do you have a cell phone?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Would you test it and see if it works, please?”

She pulled it out of her purse and flipped it open. She studied the face for a few moments and said, “I’m not getting any bars.”

“May I see it?” I asked, with my hand extended.

She handed me the phone. I folded it closed and said, “Cell phones never work in this cabin. It’s Ok though. In this cabin you don’t need a cell phone.”

“Maybe it will work if we go back on deck.” The look on her face showed that she was a little afraid. Mark had been gone too long. The cabin was too strange. I opened the door and stood out of the way. She walked passed me and to the ladder up to the main deck. As she emerged onto the main deck she said, “We’ve already left!”

“Yes. We are about three miles from shore at the moment.” Pete said. She turned to see him standing at the wheel.

“Where is Mark?” She asked Pete.

“Last time I saw him he was pushing the luggage cart back towards your car.”

“What? He got off the boat?” She looked around, hoping Pete was wrong and that Mark was standing somewhere close by. When she didn’t see him she turned to me and said, “Give me my cell phone. I have to call him!”

I walked passed her and out on the open decking at the back of the yacht. She followed. She looked around and so did I. There were no other boats or ships within miles of us. I took the cell phone out of my pocket, opened the back cover and removed the battery. I handed her the phone.

“I need the battery too. It won’t work without the battery.” She held out a hand. They other hand propped against her hip. I looked at the battery in my hand and without saying anything tossed it into the water.

Jannie screamed and ran to the railing. She grasped the railing and looked at the water where the battery had landed and sank. We were moving at over ten knots so the spot disappeared quickly.

She turned to face me and said, “Take me back! This is kidnapping!”

“Didn’t you sign papers booking yourself on this cruise? If you did, this cannot be kidnapping. Someone paid for this trip. You came aboard of your own free will. We have it on video tape. No one expects you back for two weeks. You won’t be going back for two weeks.”

“Oh.” She stood looking at Pete and me without speaking for some minutes. Then she said, “So, where are we going?”

“Out on the ocean.” I answered.

“Not to Mexico?”

“We will be in Mexican waters for a while, but not long. You’re thinking about escaping when we get to port. The next port we’ll be in will be the one we just left. The big question is, will you be aboard when we get back?”

“Why wouldn’t I be aboard?”

“Remember when you went to school? What happened to the kids who didn’t do well in third grade?”

“Some of them got held back and had to do third grade again.”

“We don’t do that. If you don’t do well here, you don’t graduate. Now, if you decide at any time you don’t want to be here and don’t want to get the lessons we teach you are free to leave at any time.”

Jannie looked around and asked, “How? How can I leave?”

“Jump!” Pete answered.

“We’re miles from shore!”

While we had talked Pete had steered us in a circle. I pointed to the wake and said, “Which way is land? You can’t see it and you don’t even know what direction to swim if you jump overboard.”

She looked at the wake and realized she was stuck, between the devil and the deep blue sea. I got to be the devil. She sat on the deck and cried.

Pete got us back on course and I got us all some iced tea. I gave Pete a glass and I sat at a table with mine and Jannie’s. When she stopped crying she looked up at me and asked, “So, what’s next?”

“Iced tea.” I held her glass out in her direction. She stood up and accepted the glass from me. She didn’t say, “Thank you.” She lifted the glass to take a drink and I hit it out of her hand, hard enough to knock it completely off the boat and into the water.

Before she said anything I said, “Lesson number one. You will thank us for whatever you get or you will not keep it.”

Jannie stood stunned for a few seconds and then asked, “May I have some iced tea, Sir?”

“Yes. Hold out your glass.” I held the pitcher.

“My glass went overboard.”

“Then sit on the deck.”


“Sit on the deck. Lean your head back and open your mouth. I will pour some iced tea into your mouth.”

“That’s silly.”

I put the pitcher on the table. I got very close to my nose touching hers and quietly said, “No. Silly is not saying Thank you to someone who gives you something. There are consequences for everything. You need to drink. You lost your glass. I offered you a way to get something to drink. Did you accept the drink? No. Did you thank me for offering it? No. Pete, would you like more iced tea?”

He held out his glass and I filled it as he said, “Yes, thank you Nick.”

When his glass and mine were full I walked to the railing and poured the rest into the ocean.

Jannie sat for a long time, thinking about what was happening. The sun was quite warm and after sitting for a while she got up and moved into the shade. Pete and I finished our iced teas and I said, “Jannie, would you please take our empty glasses to the galley, wash them, dry them and put them away?”

“Am I now a servant?” She looked surprised.

“No. You are not a servant. I asked you to please take our glasses to the galley. That is something people who live together would do for each other. I made a pitcher of iced tea. I brought it out on deck and offered it to Pete and to you. Does that make me a servant?”

“Sort of. Yes.” I could almost hear the gears turning in her head.

“Were you a servant when you worked at Hooters?”

“I was a waitress.”

“Did people order you around or did they ask you to please bring them some chicken wings?”

“The nice ones asked please.” She got up, took the glasses and the empty pitcher and went inside. When she came back she stayed in the shade.

“Why are you staying over there?” I asked.

“I don’t want to burn.”

“That’s good thinking. Have you thought about lunch?”

“I thought about lunch while I was putting the glasses away.”

“I’m starting to get hungry. How about you, Pete? You hungry?”

“I could eat, but I’m piloting the boat for at least two more hours.”

“If Jannie and I make lunch could you take a break long enough to eat it?”

“I could. That would be great, thanks.”

“Jannie, would you like to help me make lunch?” I stood as I asked. She nodded and said, “Yes, Nick.”

She followed me to the galley and we made lunch. Two sandwiches for Pete, two for me and one for Jannie. A fresh pitcher of iced tea. Jannie opened the cabinet where the glasses stayed and asked, “How many glasses shall I bring?”

“One for each of us. Thank you for asking.” She brought three glasses and the pitcher. I carried the sandwiches and a bag of chips. We set the table and I sat down. Pete shut the engine down and joined me at the table.

Pete said, “Jannie, sit here by me.” She sat near him and thanked him for the invitation.

He faced her and spoke. His tone was soft and yet completely in control. Jannie understood that this was important and she didn’t move at all while he spoke.

“Since you discovered your situation I imagine you have thought about what being in this situation means. I want to tell you. The relationship you had with your husband is over. He is no longer willing to be married to the you, you have become. He had some options when he came to that conclusion. He could have contracted for you to disappear forever.” Pete paused to let the implications of that sink in. “He could have filed for divorce. He could have become violent and beat the hell out of you or paid someone else to do it.” He paused again.

“He didn’t do any of that. He called us. Our job is to see if you can be trained to be the wife a man like Mark deserves. Mark loves you. At least he loves who you were when he married you. He either wants you to be the wife he deserves or he never wants to see you again. The choice is yours.”

I added, “Do you understand what Pete just explained to you? If you do, explain it to us.”

Jannie looked at each of us and then said, “Mark wants me to be the good little wife and do whatever he wants. He has options and one of his options is that sometime in the next two weeks I may fall overboard and never be heard of again.” She took a deep breath and said, “Shit! Either I become what he wants or I die!”

“You did well. You got the message. Now, you understand what’s at stake. You won’t like the training. You won’t like what we’ll ask you to do, at first. But if you keep in mind the alternatives you just may see Mark again. You just may visit the beauty salon again, buy a new dress again, and eat in a fine restaurant again.”

“I understand.” Jannie said.

“Eat your sandwich, Jannie. Drink the entire glass of iced tea.” Pete said.

She said, “Thank you for my lunch.” Picked up the sandwich and took a bite. Pete and I finished our sandwiches. Pete returned to the controls and started the engine again. I stayed seated near Jannie.

I said, “You got lesson one earlier. You will thank us for everything. Lesson two: You will obey without hesitation and without question. The exception to this is if you didn’t understand what was being asked of you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Nick. I understand.”

“Good. Take off all your clothes and give them to me, please.”

Her eyes dilated as she stood. She reached behind herself and unzipped the dress. She lowered it to the deck and stepped out of it. That left her in panties and shoes. Her skin showed the outlines of her bathing suit, which consisted of three triangles. The suit left her entire butt exposed and therefore tanned. She stepped out of the heels and bent to remove the panties. When she was nude she gathered the shoes, panties and dress and handed them to me.

“Do you recall how much the dress cost?” I asked.

“Yes, Nick. It was twelve-hundred-eighty-dollars. Thank you for asking.” She held her hands over her pussy and didn’t stand quite as straight as when she was dressed.

“And the shoes?” I asked.

“They are Giuseppi Zanotti’s and were seven-fifty. Thank you for asking.”

“That’s two thousand thirty dollars so far. The panties?”

“Fleur of England, ninety-eight dollars. Thank you for asking.”

“Two-thousand-one-hundred-twenty-eight dollars plus tax. We’ll round it to twenty-three hundred for the outfit. Who bought these things?”

“I did. Thank you for asking.”

“No! You didn’t buy these things!” I was screaming at her. “Mark bought them! Remember when you worked at Hooters? Remember how huge the checks were that you took home? I did some checking. The biggest check you ever took home was for four-hundred-seventy-three dollars. This outfit would have cost you five weeks work at Hooters!”

“Mark bought the outfit for me. I did the shopping. Thank you for pointing that out to me. I get your point!” The last sentence was said with sarcasm.

Hanging off the back railing of the yacht was a stainless steel barbeque. I took the dress and panties to the barbeque and put them inside. I used steel clips to hold them in place on the grill. Pete slowed the boat to a crawl and I soaked the dress in lighter fluid. I walked to Jannie and handed her the propane lighter we used to light the barbeque.

“Light it, please.” I said.

She walked to the barbeque crying, extended her arm to the dress and pulled the trigger on the propane lighter. In a whoosh the dress burst into flames and burnt. As soon as it caught, Jannie stepped back and watched. The dress and panties burnt quickly and the ashes fluttered off the grill and into the water. When the dress was gone Pete pushed the engines back to life and we were back on course. I put the lid back on the barbeque. The seven-hundred-fifty dollar shoes were still in my hand.

I held them out to Jannie. As she took them from me she thanked me.

“Throw them into the ocean.” I said. She looked horrified and looked at the shoes. Seconds passed then she tossed them into the ocean. They hit the water and disappeared.

“Sit, right where you are, please.” I said.

She looked for a chair. There wasn’t one close so she sat on the deck, legs crossed. I moved a chair and sat near her.

“You lost those things because you didn’t deserve to have them. You didn’t appreciate them. You have been acting like Mark works hard so you can have all the things you think you want.”

I paused. When Jannie looked up I continued, “You spent twenty-three-hundred for an outfit to wear to the boat. What have you done to deserve Mark spending that much on you?”

“I’m his wife! He’s supposed to take care of me.”

“And, aren’t you supposed to take care of him?” I leaned towards her.

“I do.”


“I manage the house. I go with him to the functions he needs to attend. I make sure the house and I look good for him.”

“You manage the house? How? Do you cook his dinner?”

“We have a cook. She makes our meals.”

“What is Mark’s favorite dinner?”

She looked up at me and said, “I, I don’t know.”

“How many dresses do you have in the closet at home?”

“Maybe a hundred.”

“How many of them are Mark’s favorite color?” I asked.

Pete asked, “What is Mark’s favorite color?”

She hesitated. “His favorite color used to be green. I have at least ten green dresses.”

“What color green is his favorite?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” Tears were sliding down her cheeks.

“You don’t cook. You don’t know what his favorite dinner is or his favorite color. Do you at least clean his home?”

“We have a housekeeper.” Her voice sounded more like a little girl than a woman.

“What good are you? What do you do to take care of the man who pays for everything you have?”

“Had.” Pete corrected.

“Right. What did you do to take care of the man who paid for everything you had?”

“I, I slept with him, had sex with him, went places with him.”

“Good! Now we’re getting somewhere. In the month of January how many times did you invite him into your body?”

“That’s between us!”

“He told us. Your life is on the line here. How many times did you invite him into your body in January?”

“At least a dozen times.”

“Is that a dozen times you had sex or a dozen times it was your idea?”

“Some of those times it was our idea.”

“So how many times was it your idea? You offered to take care of him, blow him, screw him, massage him, give him your ass?”

“Maybe twice.”

“Your husband is a businessman, correct?”


“Tell me how much business sense this makes. The benefit of having you around is that you sleep with him and twice a month you offer him sex. That’s thirty nights in bed and two sex events. In January, not counting household expenses, you spent eighty-six hundred dollars of Mark’s money. That comes to about two-hundred-fifty dollars for each of the thirty-two events. You think it’s worth two-hundred-fifty dollars to sleep next to you in bed?”

“But, he could have sex with me any time he wants!”

“Ok. He has sex with you a dozen times a month. That’s over seven-hundred dollars a pop! Are you that good?”

“I think so.”

“There is a true story about the cattle business. On a cattle ranch where the business is breeding cattle the rancher only needs one bull for all his cattle as long as he doesn’t have more than 365 cows. That one bull will impregnate all the cows for him. But, the bull is smart. Once he does a cow he won’t have her again for a year. No matter what the rancher does he cannot convince the bull to do her more than once a year. Mark would have sex more than twelve times a month, especially if he could have twenty different women each month.”

“Not if he wants to stay married to me.” Jannie said. I sat still looking at her. After a couple of minutes she said, “Oh.”

“Men were designed like bulls. Our sex drive wants us to deposit seed in as many wombs as we can. A man’s sex drive wants him to create babies, everywhere he can. Women and our society want us to limit our sex drive to deposits in one womb. To do that the one womb needs to convince us to keep coming back. That womb needs to convince us that she’s worth giving up all the other pussy in the world.”

Jannie sat at my feet looking at the deck. I knew she had been listening to me. I let her sit and stew. I got up and went to the galley bringing back two glasses of iced tea. I gave one to Pete and took a drink from the other one.

I resumed my seat by Jannie. “Before Mark married you did you suck his cock?”

She looked up at me and nodded.

“Did you do it because he begged?”

She shook her head, slowly.

“Because he offered you money?”

She shook her head a bit quicker.

“Then why?”

“I thought he wanted it.”

“When was the last time you sucked him because you thought he might want it or like it?”

“I can’t remember.”

“Last month?”


“It’s March. Was it sometime this year?”

“No, and not last year either.”

“You expect him to keep coming into your barn and spending time in your stall when it costs him nine-thousand a month and he doesn’t even get a suck?”

She started to open her mouth. I stopped her by saying, “Has he stopped asking for you to suck him? Is that your excuse?”

“He doesn’t ask for it. He knows I don’t like it.”

I looked over at Pete. He was smiling. So was I. I stood up and said, “Jannie, help me take off my clothes, please.”

She stood and helped me out of my clothes. When I was naked she asked what she should do with my clothes. I had her put them on a nearby table. I sat back in the chair and asked if she was thirsty. She looked at the iced tea glass on the deck.

“Yes, Nick, I am thirsty.”

“You can have the rest of the iced tea in that glass if you suck me to completion and swallow all the seed I give you.”

“I’ll pass, but thank you.”

“The glass will still be there when you are thirsty enough to change your mind. It may not be iced tea any more. It may be sun tea by then. It’s your choice. There will be nothing offered to you until you accept what has already been offered. No other drink and no food.”

I stood and walked to the cabin door with my clothes. When I was inside I closed the doors and locked them behind me. She was left on deck with Pete and the glass of iced tea.

After I put my clothes away in my cabin I went to the galley and drank some more iced tea. I took a fresh glass to Pete, locking the doors to the inside of the yacht so the three of us would stay on deck.

I sat in the shade and started reading a book. Pete and I had practiced and he knew when to say something. The tenth time I turned a page in the book Pete asked, “Nick, would you watch the wheel for me or go get me some more iced tea?”

“I’ll get you some iced tea. No problem. It’s pretty warm here on deck.”

I took his empty glass and went to the galley. Ice and tea clinked all the way back to him. He thanked me and drank. Jannie watched and didn’t say anything.

When I sat back down she moved to me and asked, “Nick, may I suck you?”

“I’d like that.” I spread my legs. She knelt between my legs and took my cock between her finger and thumb. Her head slowly bent to the head of my cock and she touched it with her tongue. Over the next few minutes she worked hard to stimulate me without actually doing anything to stimulate me.

When I had enough I asked, “Is what your doing making me hard?”

“No.” She sounded angry.

“Know why?”


“Do you have nice tits?”


“May I touch them?”

“No. A wife should only be handled by her husband.”

“He gave you to us. You might not have thought about this but in the next two weeks you are going to suck us both, fuck us both and beg us both to have your ass as well. Or… you are going to swim.” I paused. “May I touch your tits?”

She nodded. I said, “Say the words, Jannie.”

“Yes, thank you Nick. Please, touch my breasts.”

I touched both of her tits. Measured their weight in my hands, squeezed her nipples, squeezed the globes individually and performed a pretty through breast exam on each breast. When I was done I let go and asked, “Did that turn you on? Did you feel like I was in awe of your breasts? Was I loving them and therefore you?”

“No. I felt like I was being given a breast exam by a gay man.”

“My I touch them again, please?” She nodded. I waited and she said, “Please, touch me again.” I began by only touching her left breast with just the tips of my fingers. I tenderly looked and touched her breast. I leaned forward and kissed all over her breast, finally kissing her areola and nipple. I moved all that attention to her right breast. When my lips touched her nipple I moaned and sucked on her, gently. Her nipple and areola tightened. I released her.

“What’s the difference?” I asked.

“You wanted to enjoy my breasts the second time.”

“When you touch my cock I need to believe you want nothing in the world but the taste of my jism in your mouth. You need to convince me that you’d rather suck my cock in front of a crowd in the Hollywood Bowl than to have another pair of Giuseppi Zanotti shoes! Think you can convince me?”

“I can try.”

“No! Trying won’t get it done. Put my cock in your mouth.” She did. She didn’t suck or move her tongue around, she just held my cock in her mouth.

“Pete, set the timer for an hour. If I haven’t cum in Jannie’s mouth by the time the timer goes off, toss her ass in the water. I’ll give Mark back his money.”

“The timer is set.” Pete said. I looked down at the pitiful sight of Jannie looking up at me with my limp dick in her mouth. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. Jannie wasn’t even trying.

Pete announced, “Fifty-five minutes left.” I looked at Jannie. She had tears running down her face. I pulled my dick out of her face and helped her stand up. I walked her to the railing and said, “Why should I wait another fifty minutes to toss you over? You aren’t even trying much less doing the job.”

“I don’t know what to do!”

“You’ve never sucked Mark off and had his cum in your mouth? Never?”

“No. I tried it twice before we were married and I gagged both times. He gave up after that.”

I took her back to the chair and I sat down. “Get a pillow from the other chair. Put it between my legs and put yourself on it.” She did.

For the next ten minutes I talked her through what a blow job was all about. Where the nerves were in my cock, how she could stimulate them and what would happen when she did. Then I said she should put my cock in her mouth and do all the things I had talked about.

She put me in her mouth. I coached her. When my cock reacted to what she did she jumped and then got excited. When my cock began to swell she got more excited. I kept reminding her that she was doing this, she had the power to get me excited, to make me cum.

She wasn’t very good. But, before the timer sounded, I came in her mouth. Her eyes glistened and she swallowed every bit of what I gave her. She licked me clean and then thanked me for cumming in her mouth.

Pete threw the contents of her glass of iced tea overboard and went to the galley. He brought back a fresh, full glass of iced tea and handed it to Jannie. She smiled at both of us and drank.

“Was that worth a suck?” I asked.

“No. The iced tea is good and I did need it, but learning to suck was worth more. I didn’t know it was like that. I thought sucking a man was a way to demean a woman.”

“Now what do you think?”

“It’s a way to give a man so much pleasure he’ll surrender to me and the pleasure.”

I pointed to a cabinet near the wheel. “In that cabinet there are bottles of sun screen. You need to rub some on every inch of your body. Do it now, please.”

“Ok. Thank you, Nick.” She slathered lotion all over her skin. I watched and pointed to places she might have missed. When she was done she asked if I would like some rubbed on me. I thanked her and said yes.

She did a good job and didn’t miss any part of my exterior. When she was done she turned to Pete and said, “If you’ll undress, I’ll lotion you, too.”

He pulled off his clothes and she folded them for him. He stood at the wheel and she applied lotion over all his skin. Pete has some scars on his skin. As she applied lotion she asked about them. When all three of us were well coated she capped the lotion and put it back in the cabinet.

I took Pete’s clothes to his cabin. He shut off the engine. When I was back on deck he announced, “We are well over a hundred miles from the coast of Mexico on a line out from Ensenada. The water here is three thousand feet deep, give or take. The weather forecast is for clear skies through the next seventy-two hours and then a mild front will come through. We may get a little rain then.”

“Any ships within fifty miles?” I asked.

“Nothing. Close in to shore there are five ships. Three headed for the U.S. and two headed south towards South America.”

“If we drift all night where will we be in the morning?”

“Two hundred and five miles of the coast and about seventy miles farther south than we are now.”

I looked at Jannie and said, “We will shut off all the electronics and lock them out. No matter what you do, you cannot contact anyone. No ships are headed this way. We are a bit too far out at sea for you to swim, even if you knew which way to swim. I’ll help you on that. When the sun comes up it will come up in the east. The closest land is two hundred miles toward the morning sun.”

“I understand. Thank you for making it easy for me to choose to stay on board. May I ask, am I staying naked for the next two weeks?”

“Yes. Your suitcase never came on board. Neither did Mark’s. The clothes I had on are put away in my cabin. The clothes Pete had on are in his cabin. In case of an emergency we have a robe for you to wear. Mark promised to bring you some clothes if we call him before we dock.”

“Ok, then. Thank you for being so clear about the situation.” She sat on the deck.

I went back to my book and Pete went inside the cabin. At the end of the chapter I looked up and saw Jannie standing at the railing looking out west of us.

I stood and walked to her. I stood an arms length from her and asked, “What are you thinking about?”

“How screwed up I’ve made my life.” She took a deep breath. She turned her face to look at me and I saw the tracks made by tears that had already fallen. “I loved Mark. I bet my whole future on him, then I treated him like dirt. He hade us rich and I acted like he worked for me. His job was to work hard and get a heart attack. My job was to act like a princess and spend his money like it was mine.”

“He tried to tell you.”

“I know he did. When I was sitting over there on the deck I was thinking about how he sat me down four or five times in the last year to talk about my spending. I blew him off each time. In fact when he talked to me just before Thanksgiving I got angry and spent more to get back at him. That was when I bought those sandals for seven-fifty.”

“I hope they look good on the crab that’s wearing them now.”

“I wish I could take them back.”

“Not the store’s fault you bought them. Taking them back gets Mark’s money back but they can’t sell them to anyone else. No, this way you and Mark get the lesson, not a salesman or the store that sells shoes.”

“I think like a princess.”

“That can change. Think about all the princesses on planet Earth this very moment. How many of them are naked, do you think?”

“None, unless they want to be.”

“How many princesses have sucked a cock today?”

“Probably just me.”

“How many good wives sucked their man’s cock today?”

“Thousands!” She smiled. Then it fell. “But, you aren’t my man.”

“I’m the one that’s here with the job of training you. Me, and Pete. I want you to go inside and offer to help Pete make dinner. Beg him to let you help. Offer to suck him dry if he’ll let you help. When he says yes, suck him dry, then help make dinner.”

“You’re sure?”

“Rule number one: do as I ask… no hesitations.”

She turned and as she left she said, “Thank you.” I watched her go. It was nice watching.

It was dark when they came back on deck carrying dinner. Lasagna and salad with three beers in a plastic bucket filled with ice. Pete carried the lasagna, Jannie carried the rest. When it was all on the table or beside it Jannie asked, “May I sit on a chair for dinner?”

I answered, “Did you help make dinner?”

Pete said, “She did. First she gave me a suck then we cooked.”

“How was the suck?” I asked, looking at Jannie.

She said, “I enjoyed it.” Pete said, “She really doesn’t get it yet, but she can learn.”

“Ok, then.” I said, scooting my chair back. “Suck me and then you can have dinner.”

“Oh goodie!” She said as she dropped to the deck and reached for my cock. She took all of it in her mouth and started sucking as she bobbed up and down. I was quite aware that the enthusiasm was there, but the technique lacked knowledge. I coached her.

She slowed down. She learned to make appropriate noises and to use her tongue on the most sensitive parts of my cock. She pulled off a few times to ask good questions and overall did a much better job than that first suck. As soon as I came she cleaned me up with her mouth and smiled at me.

“I know you came, but did you enjoy it?” She asked.

Pete answered, “There is a saying we learned in the military. The worst I ever had was wonderful. The first suck you gave my brother was wonderful and he barely survived. This one… he actually enjoyed most of it.” I nodded.

“May I have dinner now?”

“You may. You may sit on a chair, too.” I said.

She did. Dinner was quite good. Out on the ocean two hundred miles from land the sky is amazing. After we cleaned up dinner we sat out on deck and looked at the stars. We used the telescope I keep on board to look at the moon and at some stars. It isn’t easy because the boat keeps moving, but we looked at what we could.

At about ten by my watch I said it was time for sleep. Jannie stood and asked, “Where do I sleep?”

“You can sleep right where you are. Lie down on the deck and sleep. Or… you can have the cabin you saw way up forward. If you want that cabin you’ll have to pay for it by sucking one of us.”

She stepped top Pete and put her arms around him, asking, “Pete, Honey, can I suck your huge cock? Please?”

Before he could answer she had it in her mouth and was practicing everything she had learned that day. Fifteen minutes later she was locked in the forward cabin.

As we walked away from the cabin she thanked us for letting her practice on us. Pete and I slept well.

I got sucked as thanks for unlocking her cabin door. Pete got sucked for giving her the sunscreen lotion she spread on all three of us. She made breakfast and offered to suck both of us. We turned her down.

After breakfast we talked. We talked about how she treated Mark. We talked about how Mark deserved to be treated. We talked about how the housekeeper had to go, and why.

“She keeps our house clean.” Jannie said. “That’s all she does.”

“No. She does more. She keeps your house from being your home.”

“I don’t get it.” Jannie said.

“I know. Ever stay in a hotel?”

“Of course.”

“The rooms are clean, everything has a place and is in its place. And sterile. Hotel rooms lack heart and soul.”

She thought and said, “You’re right. It belongs to Hilton, not us.”

“When you have a housekeeper, the house isn’t yours and it isn’t hers either. It’s just a bigger hotel room.”

Pete added, “I remember when we were kids. Our mom did lots around the house. She vacuumed the rooms. I asked her why she vacuumed so often. The rooms looked clean to me.”

“What did she say?” Jannie asked.

“I want you to live in a clean, healthy environment. As I vac I think about loving you, your brother and your father. I vacuum the house as a way of telling you how important you are to me.”

“She made our house a home.” I said.

“She cooked for the same reason!” Jannie said.

“She did everything she did for that single reason. She sometimes wore threadbare dresses and didn’t care, but if my shoes were getting too small we got new. Her life wasn’t about her, it was about us.”

“Where is she now?”

“Home. We have a great place in Santa Monica. She lives there. She took care of us and now we take care of her. When we’re home we do the chores.”

“Where’s your Dad?”

“Dead. Died in a car accident nine years ago. We learned from him that he worked a job he hated for almost forty years so we would have what we needed to get a good start in life. He loved us.”

Jannie scrubbed a lot of the yacht over the next two days. She made the meals, cleaned the boat, scrubbed the heads and sucked Pete and me three times each per day.

Pete and I fished. We caught two bluefin tuna and a huge grouper. Jannie learned how to clean them and cook them. When we tossed the fish guts overboard she saw three large sharks. Jannie noticed lots of smaller fish seemed to like hanging around under our boat.

On the forth night Jannie said good night in her usual fashion, by sucking us both and being locked in her cabin. The next morning as we sat to eat breakfast she asked, “Would either of you be interested in fucking me?”

“Would you like to be fucked?” I asked.

“Yes. I feel like it’s wrong, but Mark put me here and wants me here so I should do what I can to learn while I’m here.”

“Ok. Tell us, what did you do at home if you wanted Mark to fuck you?”

“Nothing. I feel bad saying it but I stopped doing anything. I figured he knew I was there. If he wanted it, he could have it any time he asked for it.”

“So, how long has it been since you invited him to fuck you?”

“Too long.”

“Make believe you’re at home. Mark will be home in two hours. How will you greet him?”

“In a teddie!”

“What color?”


“Wrong! Mark doesn’t like red. He thinks you love red. Mark loves teal, purple and light green teddies. His form says so. When he got home from the dock he went through your closet and drawers and tossed out everything he’s seen you wear that he doesn’t like. I’d be willing to bet there are no red teddies in your house.”

“I don’t have a teal teddie.”

“Purple?” Pete asked.

She nodded. “Then wear the purple. What else?”

“No other clothes. A glass of wine and a big smile.”

“What will you say and what will you do?”

“I’ll meet him with the wine and a kiss. I’ll help him undress and lead him to the bedroom.”

“Do you know Mark?” I asked. “You’ll turn him off if you do that! Take him into the bathroom and shower him. Wash him completely and play with his cock while you do it.”

“Can I suck him?”

“Yes, but remember, if he cums he won’t be able to fuck you for at least an hour. A very frustrating hour. Suck him until he’s hard, then take him to the bedroom.”

“Then he’ll fuck me?”

“No. Then you’ll fuck him. You don’t just lie back and let him do all the work. You lie him back and climb on top. There are plenty of non-missionary positions you can use to fuck not just his cock, but his mind as well.”

“But, he likes the missionary position.”

“I like oatmeal for breakfast, but not every day. When sex is your idea, be in charge. Especially in the beginning. If you ride him in cowgirl position for a while and he wants to change positions, be submissive.”

“Ok. So we do different positions. Then what?”

“Listen and watch. His noises and body reactions will let you know when you’re doing something his body likes. Remember what he likes. A week from when his body likes something you can surprise him by remembering to do it again.”

“Can we fuck, please?” The way she was squirming I knew she had been rubbing her thighs together pressing her pussy lips together for stimulation. I also knew she had masturbated every night in her cabin.

“No. There are still lessons to learn first.” I got some restraints and gave them to Jannie. “Put one around each ankle and each wrist.” She obeyed without question or hesitation. I was impressed at how quickly she was compliant.

Pete handed her the sunscreen. “Do us first, then yourself.”

When her fingers dipped into her slit I said, “One application is enough. Please don’t masturbate.” She pulled her fingers back out, wet with both lotion and her own juices. She finished and put the lotion back in the locker near the cabin doors.

I said, “Come forward with me, please.”

She followed me forward and when we were near the bow I got a chaise pad from a lounge and put it on the deck. “Put yourself on the pad, Jannie. Face up, head to the bow or the stern.”

She picked and lay down with her head closer to the stern, feet closer to the bow. Attached to the railings were some ropes placed there by Pete earlier that morning. I took one of them and tied it to the wrist restraint on her right wrist. It extended her arm out from her body.

Jannie watched me and didn’t say anything. When I moved to the other side of her and picked up the end of the matching rope on that side she said, “I’ll be helpless.” I could see fear in her eyes.

“This is not to hurt you. This is a learning experience. The quicker you get the lesson the less time you need to be restrained.”

When I released the rope her arms were outstretched. There was a little slack in the ropes. Inches, but not enough that she could touch herself or get loose. I picked up another rope and her eyes went wide, but she didn’t say anything. I knelt and said, “Give me your foot please.”

She spread that leg out from her center line and I tied the rope to the ankle restraint. When I moved to the other side she moved her leg into position to be restrained. I didn’t need to ask. When she was restrained I stood and she said, “Thank you for restraining me so I can learn something.”

“When you have learned the lesson please tell me what the lesson is. Would you like some water?”

“Yes, please.”

Eight feet above her a canvas was spread, giving her some protection from the sun. She had been slathered with sunscreen and a timer was set to remind us to give her more in two and a half more hours. I went aft and Pete took her a bottle of cold water and a straw. She drank half the bottle. He came back and we played cribbage for an hour.

At the end of the hour Pete went back to her and knelt beside her. “More water?”

“Yes, please.” She finished off the bottle and thanked Pete. He pointed a single finger and inserted it into her slit, slowly and gently, beginning at the top. When his finger slid into her vagina he reversed directions and brushed against her clit as he pulled his finger out. She watched him intently and said, “Thank you” when he stood up.

Without saying anything more he came back and we resumed our cribbage game.

Three times an hour one of us visited her, gave her water and slid a finger into her. When the timer rang we both went to her and untied her legs. We slathered lotion all over her from the waist down. We caressed the lotion onto her, gently, with massage pressures and care. We retied her legs and untied her arms.

“Hold your arms out.” We slathered her from neck to waist with more lotion. She thanked us. She said she needed to pee. We retied her after giving her a minute for each arm to be flexed, without touching any part of her body. She said it again, “I need to pee.”

“What will happen if you lie right there and pee?” Pete asked.

“I’ll get wet and my pee will run onto the deck.”

“It will drip into the ocean. I doubt it will kill any of the fish or harm the deck. So, pee.” He turned and headed for the rear deck of the yacht. I moved the two ropes holding her feet in place. They moved from being a foot apart to being two feet apart.

She thanked me. I knew she thanked me because she knew she was supposed to thank me, not because she knew what to thank me for, yet.

Twenty minutes later Pete went back to her and slid two fingers along her slit. They slid inside her opening easily up to his knuckles. He stood back up and as he left her she said, “Thank you, Pete. That felt really nice.”

Twenty minutes more and I went to her. Before I knelt she asked, “Please fuck me. I’d really like to be fucked.” I smiled. My two fingers traced the path from just above her clit, down across it to her vagina and deep inside, then back to just above her clit.

“Did you pee?” I asked.

“No. Not yet.”

My hand pressed on her lower abdomen, right over her bladder. I slowly increased the pressure. “I want you to pee for me. Do it because I ask you to.”

She looked at my eyes and then she closed her own. A dribble started and I pressed harder. A stream flowed out of her and splashed on the pad and onto the deck. I held pressure until the flow stopped. A bottle of water had been sitting in the sun for over an hour. I picked it up and poured all of it on her pussy. Warm clean water rinsed her and the deck. She thanked me.

When Pete slid his fingers on and in her the next time she thrust her pussy against him. She begged for more, for fucking, for anything that would get her off. He smiled and left her alone.

Ten minutes later I went to her. She heard me coming and twisted to see me. “Nick, may I please suck your cock? Or, fuck you? I really need to cum.”

“Can you cum by sucking my cock?”

“I don’t know! Please, help me.”

“I am helping you.” My fingers traced their path into her and she moaned and thrust her pussy up to meet my touch and beg for more. When they were back at the beginning I asked, “If I do that one more time, will you cum for me?”

“Oh God, I want to cum so badly! I’ll try.”

“If you don’t cum, I’ll have to punish you. You’ll hate the punishment. You have to be sure you’ll cum with just one more touch.”

“I’m not sure.” She was in anguish. Her body wanted more. Her body wanted me to pump in and out of her until she screamed. I stood and walked away. She screamed in frustration.

Ten minutes later Pete went to her. The scenario was the same for her. When he left her she was covered in sweat and thrashing on the pad. If she could have reached her own pussy she would have frigged herself to an orgasm in seconds.

As Pete walked back to me Jannie was crying. Sobbing in frustration.

I waited five minutes. I made noise as I slowly walked to her. She twisted around to watch me approach and kneel.

“Please!” She pleaded. “This is torture! Let me cum, I beg you.”

“How many strokes will it take?”

“Six! No more than six!”

“What if I give you the six strokes and you don’t cum?”

“Then punish me! Slap me silly! Do anything to me, just please give me six strokes!”

“You have to count them and thank me for each stroke.”

“I will! Oh, thank you, Nick!”

I put two fingers together and touched her just above her slit. “When my fingers get back here that will be one.”

“Yes! Thank you.” She was frantic. He hips thrust upwards and every muscle she had tightened in a supreme effort to get all the stimulation she could get. Her eyes closed. As my fingers slid over her clit and down into her soft places she moaned and began to tremble. As my fingers pushed inside her she thrust as much as her restraints would allow. I was not finger fucking her. She was using my fingers to fuck herself.

As soon as my knuckles touched her outer lips I started to pull back. She moaned and pushed harder, trying to keep my fingers inside as long as she could. I spread her wetness up from her vagina, across her urethra and up to her clit. She pumped as hard and fast as she could and moaned a very frustrated moan when my fingers left her clit. I stopped at the spot where I had begun and looked at her face, contorted in frustration. Her eyes popped open and she said, “Thank you, Nick. That’s one!”

I pushed my fingers back along the same path they had just finished. Jannie worked hard to cum. Sweat beaded all over her skin. Moans became louder and groans came from deep inside her.

I glanced at my watch and each pass had taken a full minute. I believed it would keep her on edge, close to the cum she wanted but never quite close enough.

“Two! Oh Nick, I’m on fire. I want to cum sooo bad!”

My thoughts had me thinking maybe I should let her cum. She really wanted it. She had been learning and hadn’t been nearly as resistant as our last client. By the time she said, “Three! Thank you, Nick.” I had talked myself out of it.

Four was slower and the finger pressure harder. I forced her clit to slide between my finger tips on the way down and again when my fingers came back up. After she thanked me I began again. I asked, “Who owns this pussy?”

“I do!” She almost screamed it. Her back was arched, her eyes closed, her arms pulled at the ropes.

My fingers left her pussy and I stood up. Her eyes snapped open and she begged, “Please don’t stop! It’s my pussy but you’re in charge! Please let me cum!”

“It’s your pussy. Make yourself cum!” I walked away. As I walked I heard her peeing again. I heard her crying, sobbing.

Pete went to her after five minutes. She was still crying. She didn’t even notice his approach until his fingers touched her just above her slit. Her eyes opened and she said, “Thank you for coming back to me. I’ll do anything to cum, for you.”

“Who’s pussy is this?” Pete asked.

“Mine, but you and Nick are in charge of it!” His fingers began their journey into her depths and she arched to meet him. He moved swiftly and the entire journey took maybe fifteen seconds. As she said, “Thank you. That’s one” Pete stood up and left her.

She called after him. “Please come back! Please!” When he didn’t stop or return she cried some more.

As I approached fifteen minutes later she started talking to me. “Nick, I think I understand. A wife has a pussy, and it’s hers. A good wife has a pussy and it isn’t hers. She has hands, feet, legs and tits too, but they aren’t hers either. She has them to make her man’s life better. All of her belongs to him. But, not like he bought and paid for them. It’s like they are his because she gives herself to him… like a gift. She uses everything she has to make life wonderful for the both of them. It’s not my pussy! It’s yours. It’s Pete’s and hopefully it’s Marks!”

I knelt between her knees and positioned my cock at her open vagina. She watched without blinking. I leaned forward and slid into her.

“Oh My God! Oh-My-God! OHMYGOD!!”

When I was completely inside her she looked into my eyes and said, “Take anything I have! I give it all to you! I am yours!”

As slowly as I could manage I pulled out of Jannie. As my cock left her vagina she closed her eyes. I leaned forward and touched her opening again. As I slid inside I said, “Your cunt is mine! Your pussy is mine! You will suck me when I want to be sucked, fuck me when I want to be fucked, cum when I want you to cum!”

I hit bottom and pulled all the way back out, slowly. Again and again I filled her. She was trembling and looking into my eyes all the time, nodding agreement.

“When you cum, scream as loudly as you can. Totally let go! I don’t care if you pee all over us! Are you ready to cum?”

“Oh yes!” The tip of my cock just touched her opening.

“Then cum for me!” I slammed all the way in and pushed my thumb against her clit.

Her back arched, her legs tried to close on my hips, her arms pulled hard against the ropes and she screamed like someone had just stabbed her. She squirted from her vagina. She shook and spasmed while I pumped faster and faster until I came.

I kept pressure on her clit and she had one orgasm after another. When I pulled out and released her clit she dropped to the pad, released the tension to the ropes and closed her eyes. Softly she said, “Thank you. I can never say thank you enough.”

Pete came to us and I saw he had a water hose with him. He sprayed us both with warm water. Us and the forward deck. When he was done he said, “You are not being released just yet.”

She said, “Would you like to fuck your pussy too?”

“You aren’t too tired?”

“I am tired, but never too tired to give myself to you. Ever!”

Pete untied her legs. I untied her arms. I helped her stand and she held on. Pete flopped down on the pad and said, “Get me hard please and then ride me. I want to cum inside you.”

She didn’t hesitate. As soon as he was hard she straddled his waist and sank down, burying his shaft up inside her. She rode him as fast and hard as she could and when he said he was close, she went faster.

As Pete came inside her she stopped and exclaimed, “I can feel you cumming inside me! Oh thank you! That feels incredible!”

Jannie made dinner that evening. Pete taught her how to make one of the entrées Mark had listed on his form. She was more than willing to learn and to perfect her lessons. She about wore Pete and I out over the next few days. Sexually she was inexhaustible, innovative and more than willing. In the galley she was a good student and when we turned the boat for home I was sure she would be more than acceptable to Mark for the rest of their lives together.

When we saw land I put batteries in my cell phone and called Mark. He answered on the first ring.

“Mark, this is Nick. Jannie is ready to be your wife.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yes. She’s convinced. We need you to meet us at Dana Point Marina at about five. You may either take Jannie immediately or come aboard and have dinner with us before you go home or spend the night in one of our cabins. She will need clothes, including shoes before she can leave the boat.”

“What happened to the dress and shoes she wore when I left her?”

“They were damaged beyond repair. Can you meet us?”

“Of course!

He came on board carrying a small suitcase. Pete took it to Jannie who dressed and did her hair. Mark and I sat on deck and shared some iced tea and cookies Jannie had made. When she walked out on deck Mark stood and took her in his arms. They kissed and he started to apologize.

Jannie put a finger to his lips and said, “Mark, don’t apologize. I was wrong! You tried to tell me how to be a good wife and I didn’t listen. I will spend the rest of my life being the wife you want me to be.” She looked at the table and saw only one cookie left.

“Did you like the cookies?” He nodded.

“I made them for you.”

He smiled and kissed her again. When it ended he said, “I hadn’t decided about dinner when I arrived. I’ve decided to take Jannie home and spend the rest of the weekend just Jannie and me. Thank you both.” He shook our hands and Jannie gave both of us chaste kisses good-bye.

Pete and I watched them walk to his Lexus and watched her kiss him before she got in. As they drove away Pete said, “My dick will be tender for days because of that woman.”

“Pray for Mark. His will be tender for the rest of his life!” We laughed and went to dinner.

Jannie left our boat one year ago yesterday. A letter came to out post office box yesterday. Inside was a check for sixty thousand dollars, signed by Mark. A note said, “It’s been a year since Jannie went on vacation without me. Considering what I got and what I paid for, you deserve more. Cash this as a token of my thanks.” It was signed, “Mark.”

Today my cell phone rang. I answered as I always do, “Speak to me.”

A man said, “I work with Mark Hanson. He gave me your number and said I should call you.”

“Tell me what problem you want assistance with.” I said.

“My wife. If you look up the word bitch in the dictionary they have a picture of her next to the definition!”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Convince her to stop being a bitch!”

I smiled. Pete and I love our work.

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