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Out-of-town Visit

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He picked up the envelope, knowing what it contained and struggling to figure out how to justify its existence at the front counter to his friends.

“Hmmm, this must be the fax I was waiting for at the office yesterday, ” he said, “shit, I may have to do some work tonight.”

His friends groaned, rolling their eyes, commenting on his inability to have fun even while on vacation. He smiled.

He was having fun, but he intended on having more fun than he could readily admit to any of them.

“Well, at least you know you’ll have the room to yourself tonight since I’m sure your roommate will end up disappearing tonight,” a friend mentioned to him. Perfect, he thought to himself, it was truly a stroke of luck that it had turned out he was rooming with his perennially horny friend who did tend to disappear for the whole night and morning, doing whatever it was that he ended up doing on his own.

The rest of the evening went well, but slowly, since he didn’t want to go running off at an implausible hour so that his friends would comment on his work ethic to his wife. How long was long enough? Close to 11pm, and his patience was running thin. There had been no message with the keycard and the room number, but he was pretty certain that if he didn’t make it there soon, she would start taking care of business on her own. The image of walking in on her while she was pumping fingers inside a slippery wet pussy made him and his cock almost jump right out of the chair he was sitting in. He quickly downed his fourth beer, and pushed back from the table, excusing himself as plausibly as he could to the chorus of “lameass” and boos that he had to endure from his much more drunken friends.

He walked in on her lying on the bed, completely naked except for her stockings and heels which just accentuated the fact that she had been unable to wait to bury her fingers in her pussy before unclothing completely. He approached her, watching as she curved her back up, pulling and pinching at her nipples with her left hand as her right continued to thrust up into her body. Her eyes, half opened, looked at him with an abandon that almost made his cock tear right through his pants.

Her breathing was ragged, soft whimpers of the pleasure she was feeling backgrounded by the sound of slippery squishing from her pussy. He reached down and pulled her hand away from the steaming hole and very erect clit that jutted out from under its hood. Her hand was drenched, the pussy juices running from the palm of her hand down her wrists, the musky wet smell filling his nostrils as he bent down and lapped the cum from her hand, sucking on her fingers as he pushed his own fingers up into her. Her usually tight pussy felt more snug than ever before, and before she could say anything, his thumb brushed up against the round, smooth end of rubber stretching her tiny asshole wide apart.

He felt his heart pounding with mindless lust, the things he wanted to do to her overwhelming him for a moment, translating itself into soft tapping on the end of the plug that his wanton little anal slut had willingly filled herself with hours ago.

“I couldn’t wait,” she said breathlessly as her pussy tightened around his searching digits.

He cleared this throat. “Didn’t I tell you I wanted to see you using this on yourself for the first time? You just couldn’t wait to fill that filthy little ass with something, could you?”

She couldn’t respond, the sensation of him pushing the plug deeper into her was causing her breath to catch, her eyes glued to his as she tried to find the words to respond.

Instead, she reached over and ran her hand along his hard aching cock through the fabric of his pants, lingering at the tip which was completely slippery with precum that had soaked right through. She knew it and slowly ran her thumb around in circles through the fabric, sending shivers of pleasure through him. Two days with his buddies hadn’t exactly given him time to relieve himself in any meaningful way, and his cock had been aching since the morning when he had picked up the voicemail from his office that she was, in fact, headed into town for only one night.

“I’ve been having very filthy thoughts…” she said slowly, “and not all of them have been just about you.” She sat up, pulling him down towards her as she pulled her fingers out of his mouth, curling up and sitting on her knees to reach up and pull him towards her. She ran her tongue along his lower lip, grazing against him and running her hands along the back of his neck, not pulling, but caressing him closer to her open mouth. He pushed his tongue inside of her mouth, sharing the taste of her wet cum in his mouth with her for a long moment before he broke off.

More intrigued than surprised, he asked, “oh really, now who else could you have been thinking about?”

He felt her hands pulling his shirt out from his pants, one working its way down the buttons of his shirt while the other expertly unbuckled his pants. She was kneeling in front of him on the bed, and looked up at him while she was undressing him and smiled.

“Well, it wasn’t just about one person,” and she smiled sweetly up at him as she pulled his pants down to release his now painfully erect cock. Her hands glided down over his shaft, her lips parting to envelope his slick head. He could feel her tongue probing into his piss slit, licking and bringing as much of his precum into her mouth as possible. He loved the way she seemed absolutely enraptured by sucking on his cock, and he watched her, unable to tear his eyes away from what she was doing to him. She looked up, locking her eyes with his as she unswallowed half his cock from his mouth, lingering trails of her spit and precum trailing down her chin. She kept on stroking him with her hands as she continued.

“In fact, I was thinking about all your friends that you are down here with, what they would think if they knew that I had just flown down here to fuck your brains out for a night. Would they think I was a total slut for doing that?” she slid one hand down into her pussy again, feeling a gush of warmth as she stroked his cock to within moments of release. She lifted his shaft, moving her wet tongue and lips across his balls, coating them with warm slippery spit until she sucked them gently into her mouth, moving her tongue firmly around each. She then bent slightly, running her tongue hard up against the space behind his balls and asshole, pushing and stroking with her lips until he ran his fingers through her hair and pulled her back up.

“hmm…so you were thinking about all those other cocks you could be sucking like this, weren’t you my little cum slut? You’d love to have all those cocks just waiting for you to service them, covering your slutty body with cum. Well, I’m sure that could be arranged for you, if you begged me enough. But right now,” and with a sudden movement, he turned and pushed her on all fours, “I want to see you push that plug out for me. Slowly!” He slapped her ass hard for emphasis.

On all fours, she turned her head back and looked at him, partly in surprise by how hard he had smacked her ass, but mostly with a look of wanton pleasure that she couldn’t hide from him. She slid down further on the bed, one arm holding herself up as she brought her left hand to her dripping clit, pinching and stroking it as she tried to slowly push the thick bulb of the plug out of her hungry ass.

She looked at him watching her ass intently, his hands on either side of her hips, stretching her cheeks further apart with his thumbs. The visual of a thick black piece of oblong rubber raping her ass and stretching it impossibly wide riveted him. His breath caught as her asshole began to pulse, pushing outward, then inward, trying to expel the flared plug. He placed his finger through the ring at the end, twisting and turning the plug slowly as the lighter pink flesh of her anus flushed darkly in pleasure.

“Do you like watching me tear my little brown bud apart for you like this?” she panted as the building waves of pleasure from playing with herself and the stretching of the plug inside of her. He could feel her ass sucking in the plug, and expelling it out even further as she grunted and moaned face down into a pile of pillows as she came. Time seemed to slow down as he watched her lose herself in slutty abandon to his deepest fantasies. He barely registered when he had started to stroke his cock, given the haze of sensory lust he was fixated on: the smell fresh cum from her gushing pussy, the sight of its wetness coating her inner thighs and the plug finally being expelled from her shivering ass.

The plug hung from his finger, coated in a layer of her cum that gleamed wetly in the bright light of the room. He brought it up to his nose, the primitive smell of her ass and cum mixed with the sterile smell of rubber more intoxicating than he could have imagined. He leaned down and pushed it against her lips, and without a word, she looked into his eyes with desire as she reached out with her tongue and accepted the plug completely into her mouth.

It was enough, he knew what she wanted him to do at that moment, and what he needed to do to her very badly. He bent down, gently placing his tongue around her gaping asshole, the smell of pure filthy sex driving his tongue further into her as she began to back up onto his face, her moans muffled by the plug she continued to suck on as he lined his cock up against her wet, gaping hole.

With one swift deliberate motion, he entered her, steeling himself against the initial wave of pleasure that he was uncertain his tortured cock would be able to withstand after what he had witnessed. But instinctively, she seemed to hold herself completely still, the small whimper of pain she felt when he entered giving way to deeper breaths as she struggled to keep from writhing and milking his cock buried deep inside of her.

He grabbed a length of her hair, and pulled her back, gritting his teeth as the change in angle squeezed his dick hard inside her ass. “Is this what you wanted, my little ass slut? To feel my cock buried deep inside that insatiable asshole of yours?”

She could only nod as she continued to wrap her red lips around the base of the plug still in her mouth. He reached up and pulled it out, leaning forward to taste the mixture of her spit and assjuices on the rubber until he met her own searching tongue and kissed her deeply. He held her against him, wanting to hold the moment as long as he could. But the building pressure in his tight balls drove him past the moment, towards the release he wanted so badly.

He released her hair and pushed her back onto the bed, her arms spread out above her head, fingers wrapped in crumpled sheets, ass high in the air as he pulled slowly out of her, realizing he had only moments before the wave of pleasure he was fighting back would eventually overtake him. He held his breath as he pushed back in, feeling her bowels welcome his cock back into her with a breathtaking squeeze that almost pulled the cum straight out from his tense balls. He couldn’t stay ahead of his building orgasm, and started to plunge into her with deep thrusts that he was no longer in control of.

He pushed in further, feeling her entire body shaking, her head pushed deeply into the bed, mouth open, gasping, the flush and sweat of her body as well as the sensation of her ass milking the entire length of his cock, catching him by surprise. With just a moment of fighting back the sensation of his own orgasm swelling up, he let go, thrusting into her, filling her ass up with thick jets of cum that made his toes curl against the soft carpet. He felt the warm gush of his hot cum spread out between the two of them as he fell towards her on the bed, pulling them both on their sides. Her soft shivers of post-orgasmic relief slowly pushed his softening cock out of her along with another wet bath of cum.

“God that’s got to taste good right now,” she murmured to herself as she flipped around and moved down to his drenched cock, gently lapping up the mixture of ass and cum juices from his shaft, holding it in her mouth as she looked up at him, lying there with his eyes half closed. She moved back up with a mouthful of their mingled juices and hovered over him, waiting for him to open his mouth as she slowly let a stream of their filthy sex flow from her mouth to his.

As she lay down to face him, he turned towards her, their lower thighs pressing against each other as she casually draped her upper thigh over his hips. He was hard again, feeling the heat and wetness of her pussy sliding up against him and knowing that she was ready to fuck again with abandon. While they might not get a chance to enjoy all the unique sights of the city they were in, he was disinclined to spend much time away from someplace where they could continue to be naked with each other.

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