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College Sanua

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At 19, I was still a virgin and half way through my freshman year at college. I had managed to make a few friends, but had determined to focus on my studies. I was on an academic scholarship while most of the other girls were from rather affluent families and while they accepted me, friendship involved shopping and partying, neither of which would assist me in graduating. I guess I should describe myself. I am 5′ 7″ tall with blue eyes and blond hair.

My natural blond hair at that time fell far below by breasts. My breasts had “blossomed” as my grandfather had said. Blossomed indeed, my bra size was a “38C” and my breasts were firm enough that I didn’t really “need” a bra; however I was hardly ever without one; mostly for fear that my large sensitive nipples would respond to something and reveal themselves to others through the material. I could not stand the thought of others knowing how large my pink nipples were. I was taller than most girls and ran track in high school, so my long legs were in great shape. I hardly ever wore a swimming suit, so my “bush” was blond and full. My parents, especially my dad had tried to help me with my shyness, at every opportunity my dad had tried to tell me how beautiful I had become, thinking that my problem was “low self esteem.” I knew that I was pretty and had a good body, but that just complicated the problem of my shyness.

I had chosen to attend one of the few all women colleges left in the US; mostly to avoid the complications of sexual tension and focus on my studies. The studies were much harder than I had expected. Several girls had mentioned how the “mini spa” in the basement of the dorm helped them relax after a long week or a hard day. It was not a real “spa” just a sauna and large hot tub. Finally, the stress level had reached the point that it overcame my shyness about my body enough to give me the needed courage to sneak down to the spa. I had purposely waited until nearly midnight Saturday, as I was sure everybody else would either be on wild dates or fast asleep.

There were no lockers in the spa room. Only hooks on which to hang a robe. So I undressed in my room. My robe had big pockets, so I kept on my matching teal bra and panties reasoning that I could remove them and tuck them into the pockets once safely in the spa. I made my way down to the spa. I saw nobody until I was nearly there. As I was opening the stairway door to the basement, I heard the front door of the dorm open and turned to glimpse two girls that I recognized as sophomores. I had not met them, although I had seen them around campus. I quickly stepped through the door and rushed to the sauna.

I peered in the window of the large wood door to the sauna and noted that it was empty before I hung my robe on a hook outside the small heated room. I then glanced back at the door to assure myself that I was alone before unhooking my bra and wiggling out of my matching panties. I wrapped my beach towel around myself and pulled open the door. There were two tiers of wooden benches. The room was very hot, but despite this I kept my towel around myself and sat down on the lower tier, I reclined back, placing each arm up on the top of the upper tier. I closed my eyes and was enjoying the warmth.

Although my eyes were closed, I sensed the change in light and temperature, even before I heard the voices and opened my eyes to see the two girls who had returned to the dorm during my trek to the spa. “Hi” said the shorter of the two girls. “I’ve see you around, but I don’t think we have been introduced, I’m Tina.” At about 5’5″, with a medium frame, Tina was pretty enough. She had short cropped red hair and smaller “B” cup breasts. She was not fat, but she was not one of the hard bodied supermodel types that so abounded on campus.

“I’m Rebecca.” I answered politely.

“I’m Kathy.” Said the other girl. She was somewhat taller than I, was perhaps 5’9″ with dark brown hair. Her breasts were slightly larger than mine, a full “D” cup.

“Nice to meet you both.” I said then breaking eye contact.

After the introductions, they both turned and pulled their towels off and placed them on the upper tier before sitting on them, naked. I was somewhat aghast by their actions. Tina sat in the corner with her back on the wall. Her right leg was bent at the knee and pulled up, her left leg outstretched on the bench. Kathy sat at her feet, her back too against the wall, but her legs hung over the side of the upper bench, resting on the lower. I tried to avoid looking at them. But it was difficult as they were in conversation.

Finally, I could resist no longer as Tina spoke. “You don’t come down here much, do you?”

“Never before; this is my first time.” I admitted. “How did you know?”

“Because you have your towel around you! The sauna is best used without a towel, you are defeating the whole purpose.” Kathy added.

My heart skipped a beat. I was forced to either overcome my shyness or look the fool. “Oh, I said. I have only seen photos in magazines and on television, I thought everybody had to keep their towels on.”

“Oh silly, they couldn’t very well show pictures of naked people in those adds, could they?” Tina explained.

“Oh, of course.” I said as I loosened my towel and let it fall to my side, revealing my nakedness to the other girls. Now the playing field was even. With my body exposed to their gaze, there was no need for me to avoid looking at them. Tina’s smaller breasts were unlike any I had seen before. The areolas were not flat, they “puffed” way from the orb like a large fat nipple and her large nipple extended beyond that. I learned years later that this type of breast was called a “puffy.” I could clearly see her patch of red hair; it was trimmed but clearly visible.

Kathy’s breasts were more natural, her areolas were much larger than mine. Her nipples were about the same size as mine, but with the larger areolas they looked smaller. The most striking thing was that in her position I could see that she had no hair between her slightly parted legs. NONE! I had seen girls trimmed so that they could wear a skimpy swimming suit. The thought of removing all the hair “down there” had never crossed my mind, “Why would she do that?” I wondered to myself.

“It’s time for a shower!” Tina announced as she stood up.

Kathy stood up and both girls looked at me. I knew they expected me to join them. Kathy opened the door. Tina followed and I stood up and went with them to the shower area. It was a large area with several shower heads and no individual stalls. It was next to the sauna, so there were shower heads on two walls of the room and shower heads on the wall which housed the sauna. Kathy and Tina picked showers next to each other and I took one on an adjoining wall. I watched as Kathy and Tina washed each others backs. I was not sure, but I think that once I caught a glimpse of Kathy’s arm reaching around and washing Tina’s breasts, but I could not tell for sure.

“Do you need your back washed?” Tina offered.

Before I could answer her soapy hands were on my back. Kathy moved and said “Do me!” I could not refuse so I started to wash her back, as I did she washed Tina’s back.

“Let’s get in the Jacuzzi.” Said Kathy, as she and Tina started towards the large tub and turned the knob on the wall. The bubbles erupted giving the appearance of a bubbling caldron. We were all naked and I was amazed at how comfortable I was with Tina and Kathy. They were so relaxed and having such fun with each other. They got into the tub and Kathy leaned back against Tina. I stepped in and submerged myself into the bubbles. The water felt good against my tits.

We laughed and talked to each other until once again Kathy announced it was time for a shower. Another round of back washing and giggles followed. I hated to admit it, but I enjoyed having somebody else’s hands on my body. “It’s getting late.” Kathy said.

“Do you want to come up to our room for a diet coke?” Tina said.

The heat had taken its toll on me and I was thirsty and sharing a coke and a smile would be far more fun than the water I had in my room. So I accepted. They pulled on their robes. I followed their lead and donned my robe sans undergarments.

They unlocked their dorm room and pushed open the door. Both girls were behind me, I had no real choice but to enter their room. Unlike my room, the twin beds were pushed together to form a king size bed.

Tina went to their mini refrigerator and retrieved 3 diet cokes. We sipped the drinks and the conversation turned to boys and to sex. I confessed that I was a virgin and had never been with a guy, much to their amazement. Both girls had let their robes fall open. I was surprised at how comfortable they felt being naked in front of each other.

“It’s getting late.” I said. “Look, why don’t you spend the night?” Kathy said.

“I don’t have anything to sleep in.” I answered.

Kathy and Tina dropped their robes off their shoulders and placed them over the chairs, as Tina said “Don’t you sleep nude?”

As long as I could remember I had slept in something. “No, I don’t think I have ever slept in the nude.”

“Well you don’t know what you are missing.” Kathy said.

“Once you try sleeping nude, you will never want to be bothered with sleepwear again!” Tina joined. “Please stay; there is plenty of room in the bed.”

I didn’t want to stay. But I didn’t want to leave either. I was strangely drawn to these two friends. I had heard rumors about there being lesbians in the dorm, but nobody had ever come on to me before. I had always considered myself “straight” although I had not had much interest in dating during high school. They had not actually come on to me. They had just been “friendly.” Maybe I was reading too much into their actions.

“Come on stay!” There was a command in her pleading. “We can give each other a massage.”

With that the bigger girl stepped towards me and untied the belt to my robe. Tina was behind me and pulled the robe down off my shoulders. I wanted to pull it back on and rush from the room, but I was sandwiched between them. They were giving me no choice, but to remain.

Each girl took a hand and they led me the few feet to the bed. Within moments the covers were pulled back and I was in the middle of the bed between the two of them. “Get on your tummy!” Instructed Kathy. As soon as I rolled over there were two pair of oily hands on my back and shoulders. It felt good to have them massaging my tense muscles. It felt too good. There was suddenly warmth between my legs as I felt my clit start to harden and my pussy becoming moist.

It was not long before their hands were on my butt and then my legs. I wanted to roll over and push my hands down between my legs and put out the fire that was burning within me. I wanted to put an end to this, but in my position I was unable to change my fate.

“Turn over.” Kathy said as she moved away from me allowing me to turn on my back.

“You have really nice breasts!” Tina said as she reached down and cupped my left breast in her hands.

“Yes, they are just the perfect size.” Said Kathy as she took the other one in her hands. I could not help myself; I let out a soft moan as they “massaged” my breasts. They took the moan as permission to go farther and moved their heads down to my nipples. “Please, no.” I said. They had crossed a line. They were now being overtly sexual and I did not want to lose my virginity to a couple of horny college co-eds.

“You know you like this; you know your pussy is getting wet.” Kathy said.

She was right, I did like it. My pussy was getting wet. Were I to leave this very moment, I would rush to my room and finger myself to an organism.

“See if her pussy is wet!” Kathy commanded Tina. Tina responded by moving her hand between my legs and running her finger between the folds of my pussy lips.

“Oh, god is she wet!” Tina said with a wry smile. “Wet and hot.”

“No! Please don’t.” I insisted.

“Don’t what?” Kathy said. “Don’t kiss you?” She crawled on top of the left side of my chest. As her nipple hit mine warmth spread across my body. She placed her lips on mine. They were soft. She was gentle. I had not had sex, but I had kissed boys before and her kiss was unlike any I had experienced. It was slower. It was softer. It was sweeter. I opened my mouth to allow her tongue full access to mouth.

As she kissed me, Tina returned to licking my right breast. I so wanted to feel my fingers on my pussy, but to do that would be to admit to them that I was in fact enjoying myself. I could not; I would not admit it to myself, much less to them. I was NOT a lesbian. I was straight. I was going to get married, have babies, raise a family, and grow old with my husband. I had plans and my plans did not include becoming an old woman with cats and a live in “friend.”

Kathy pulled away from my mouth and as she did Tina moved up. She too placed her breast atop mine as she positioned herself to explore my mouth. As she moved up into a position which in effect held me down, Kathy moved down and kissed my stomach. Soon she was between my legs. Her mouth was kissing my inner thighs. Her hands were soon under my ass. I wanted to say “no” again. But it was useless. Tina’s mouth was on mine. Kathy had ignored my request to stop once; in fact she had turned it against me. They would not care; they were going to have their way with me. To make matters worse, I was starting not to care. My pussy was on fire now. I needed to cum and I needed to cum badly.

Kathy stopped kissing my thighs. Tina was still kissing me and her hand was on my exposed right breast. Then it happened. Kathy’s mouth moved to my pussy and she sucked my outer lip into her mouth and pulled her head back. She pushed her head back to my pussy, and licked her way up to my clit before sucking it into her mouth. It felt good. I took my free right hand and placed it on her head. My hips could not keep from moving. As Tina felt my body moving to Kathy’s oral action, she rolled off me. I took the opportunity to put both hands on Kathy’s head.

“Oh, god, yes, oh that feels so good.” I heard myself say out loud.

Kathy pulled back against my hands forcing her mouth away from my pussy. “Do you like this?”

“Yes.” I confessed, pushing my hands down on her head lightly in an attempt to force her head back down.

“Do you want me to make you cum?” She teased.

“My pussy aches.” I whispered.

“What do you want me to do about that?” She countered.

“I want you to do me.” I used the words that had made my high school boyfriends finger me.

“What do you want me to do to you?” She toyed.

“Eat me, eat my pussy, eat me until I cum, god I need to cum so bad.” I could not believe what I was saying.

Instead of retuning to my pussy, Kathy crawled back up the bed until she was inches away from my face. She had replaced her mouth with her hand and was rubbing my pussy. She placed her mouth on mine, as she did I smelled my sweetness on her lips and face. I had occasionally smelled my fingers after I had masturbated. I had on rare occasion licked my fingers on the pre-text of lubricating my pussy. As she kissed me my passion was raised to a new limit. She continued to work my pussy with her fingers. I could not help myself I pushed my tongue into her mouth. I then removed it and licked her cheeks.

“You like the taste of your pussy, don’t you.” Kathy teased. I turned red with embarrassment.

She moved back down to my breast and engulfed my nipple. Tina was between my legs, and my eyes opened as there was a vibration on my pussy. I could not see, but I knew what it was she had a vibrator.

“What is that?” I asked.

“Just my little friend.” Tina replied.

“Don’t put it in, please, I’m a virgin.” I tried to set up.

“Don’t be afraid. It is smaller than a tampon.” She said as she held it up for me to see. It was a little tube attached to a long wire. She placed it again between my legs and gave it a little push. It easily found its way inside of me. “Turn on your side a little.” Tina commanded firmly.

As I did she positioned herself with her head at my toes and her toes towards my head and moved herself down until her pussy was firmly against mine and held the pressure tight. As she pushed up towards me, I pushed down against her. It felt good. Her pressure against my pussy and the vibrations inside my pussy pushed me over the edge.

“I’m cum-ming, I’m cum-ming, oh god, fuck me, fuck me with your pussy.” I was commanding now, but Tina needed no instruction. She was grinding away with such passion as I have ever experienced.

I bucked forcefully as I came. Then fell back exhausted. I felt a tug as Tina pulled the vibrator out of my soaking pussy. Both girls worked their way to either side of me and kissed my checks and lips.

“How do you feel now?” Tina said.

I could not help myself. I wanted to be angry with them. But I had to confess; “I feel wonderful. That was the hardest and longest orgasm I ever had!”

Each girl rested a hand on my breast, softly petting my bosoms. “You feel better, but I am still horney.” Whispered Kathy.

“Yes, you may have came but we didn’t.” Tina said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I mean, it is your turn to ‘do’ us.” Tina whispered.

Now it was Tina’s turn to place her hand on my head as Kathy pulled me down towards Tina’s love nest.

“But, but, I don’t know how!” I stuttered.

“Don’t worry, just do what you feel. Do to me what you want somebody to do to you.” Tina whispered.

I did not want to. Having my pussy licked was one thing, but licking one was a whole other thing. Once my head was at Tina’s door, Kathy positioned herself next to Tina. I slowly put my lips to her moistness. I realized that the sooner I got on with it, the sooner I would be done with then whole thing. I started to lick and suck as Kathy had done to me. I felt Tina’s hand on mine and she moved my hand up to Kathy’s crotch. I ran my fingers on her moist pussy, trying my best to finger Kathy while eating Tina. Tina’s hands on my head controlled my movements like a joy stick. I could hardly breathe as she forced my mouth on her pussy. Her hips moved and she bucked as she came.

“My turn.” Exclaimed Kathy.

I moved to Kathy’s bare pussy. My tongue glided smoothly against her hairless crotch. My saliva mingled with her juices and she squirmed with delight as I licked her inside and out. “Oh yes, eat me, oh honey, you do so good!” Kathy responded to my tongue. I glanced up to see Tina sucking Kathy’s tits and then kissing Kathy and returning to the nipple, all the while playing with her firm breasts. “Oh god, I’m cum-ming now, I’m cum-ming now.”

With that I lifted my head, and crawled back between the two of them. We kissed each other and with me on my back, Tina and Kathy turned on their sides and placed their head on my shoulder. My arm was around each of them and they each cupped a breast in their free hands. It was not long before I fell asleep.

I am now married with 2 children and a very active sex life with my husband. That was the first night with Tina and Kathy, but not my last. We spent nearly every week-end together, until they graduated. My husband Matt came into my life about that same time. I have long since lost touch with my college “lovers.” I do not consider myself a lesbian or even bi-sexual. I did what I needed to do to get through college without having a dozen heartbreaks and or getting pregnant. I don’t regret it and I feel no need to find another lover, but some times, when I go to a spa I can not help my mind drifting back to my first sauna experience and spa days somehow always end with my husband giving me oral sex.

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