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Wake-Up Call

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The sun sneaks through the blinds and one of the warm rays reaches down to caress my cheek. I yawn and stretch, rolling over onto my stomach quietly so as not to wake you. I smile remembering the party we had last night…good friends and lots of wine. My eyes flutter open and I greet the new day, propping myself up on my elbow to watch you for a bit. You lie peacefully next to me, sound asleep, unaware of my eyes skimming over your body.

I watch your chest rise and fall rhythmically as you breathe and in the silence of the morning I can almost feel your heart beating in time with mine. My hand rises unconsciously to touch your cheek, but I pull away at the last second, a mischievous grin making its way across my lips.

I lean over you, making sure you really are quite soundly asleep before I grab hold of the covers. Inch by agonizing inch I slowly pull them down, exposing your chest, your belly, your groin and your thighs. I sigh in contentment as i take time to look over every inch of you, every freckle, every dimple in your skin, nothing escapes my notice.

I bite my bottom lip to keep from moaning and waking you or your friend who is sound asleep on the living room couch having had far too much wine last night. Very quietly I make my way toward the foot of the bed pausing every time I feel you stir. I lay myself down on my stomach between your open legs, my elbows resting on the outsides of your thighs.

Holding my breath I make myself comfortable, breasts just resting against the insides of your thighs, hands on your waist feeling you breathe. My head tips forward, hair gently tickling your groin and my lips silently make their way around the head of your semi-erect cock.

“mmmmmmmm,” I purr, there’s nothing quite like morning wood.

You stir a bit and I freeze, not wanting to wake you yet. My mouth just barely makes contact with your cock until you settle again. I scoot myself up a little higher onto one elbow, and place two fingers of my right hand directly over your lips but not quite touching them.

Your cock slowly comes to life, growing steadily harder between my lips. You moan softly, still asleep and I know I need to make my move quickly. I gently lay two fingers across your lips to silence you as my mouth moves all the way down your cock and in one smooth motion your cock is settled deep in my throat. I begin to gently and slowly suck on your cock, sliding you in and out of my throat. I purr as I watch you, knowing your brain must be going into overdrive trying to decipher the sensations.

Your thighs squirm underneath me as you start to wake, caught between the fog of your dreams and the reality of my warmth around you. Slowly, you blink and your eyes open. You glance down and see me lying there with my throat full of your hard cock and you start to moan. I place my fingers more firmly against your lips, reminding you of our company passed out on the couch and the need for silence.

My eyes lock with yours and I begin to suck in earnest now that you have awoken. Head bobbing up and down on your cock, I gently suck on the tip then slide myself all the way back down until my nose is pressed up against your stomach. My left hand slides down to gently cup your balls as I work your cock faster and deeper, feeling it start to pulse. I move my fingers from your lips and take your hand in mine, bringing it down to my neck and placing it there so that you can feel your cock sliding in and out and stretching my throat to it’s limits. I swallow deeply and your cock jumps as the muscles in my throat massage and squeeze it tightly.

Moaning softly around your cock, I look back up at you and know without a doubt that you are close. I re-double my efforts, working every inch of your cock and groan as I feel the head start to expand. Suddenly your hands are on my head, holding me steady, cock buried deep inside me. I hear you panting and moaning under your breath, trying your hardest to remain silent.

I swallow two more times and almost without warning there are several warm gushes as you tense up, hold my head firmly and cum straight down my throat. I swallow, milking your cock for the last few drops of cum and then slowly pulling off I lick my lips and smile up at you, “Good Morning Master.”

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