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One Wild Night

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Alice van der Poole loved her boyfriend. Really, she did. Ben was perfectly handsome, perfectly sweet, perfectly… bland. Every kiss was preceded with a gentle, “May I kiss you?” and followed by a whispered, “You’re so beautiful.” At night, Ben would tell her how precious she was, how delicate and sweet and lovely. His fragile, perfect little rose. Alice wanted to scream.

I must be a terrible person, she thought as he dropped feathery little kisses across her forehead. I want to scream.

It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with sweet kisses and sweet words and sweet—ugh—lovemaking. It was… fine. But there was something in Alice’s soul, something raw and dark and alive, that craved something more, something other. She wanted to be thrown against a wall, have her clothes ripped off her body and her aching cunt ravished by a strong, faceless stranger who didn’t care if he left bruises, who didn’t ask permission, who wanted to use her like a doll and leave her sweaty and gasping and satisfied… Oh god.

Alice pulled herself out of her daydream, aware that her white cotton panties were now soaking wet and her cheeks were flushed a rosy pink. She loved Ben, really she did. But if she had to spend another night with him lying on top of her like a sack of bricks and gently nudging his cock inside her and then falling asleep wrapped like a snake around her, she was going to explode.

In the mirror, her reflection was a jeans and white-blouse wearing miniature of her mother. Of every sweet, apple-pie baking suburban housewife Alice had ever passed in the grocery store. She was twenty-two years old. She wasn’t ready for a life of anti-aging creams and sensible shoes, sex once a week and leftovers for dinner. It wasn’t enough. Should it be enough?

Alice whipped out her phone and stared at the keys, her heart racing in her chest like she’d just run a mile. She sent a text to Ben: Spending the night at Ally’s. See you tomorrow?

Two minutes later, she had her response: Of course, my sweet darling. Be safe and enjoy yourself; don’t drink too much. I miss your beautiful face already. Love you. XXX.

Alice shivered. Could she really do this? Could she even think about it? She crossed to her closet and fished through the cream colored sweaters and sheath dresses to where a pair of leather pants she had bought but never worn were stashed. She stripped off her jeans and blouse, tossed her white cotton bra and panties into the hamper. She pulled on instead the red satin thong Ben had asked her not to wear and the matching half-cupped demi bra; over that, she pulled the buttery soft, skin-tight, glossy leather pants. A tight black camisole and a pair of high-heeled black boots completed the ensemble; she traded her sensible peach lipstick and blush for thick lines of smudged black eyeliner and inky mascara that turned her sweet, pretty face into something else entirely.

In the mirror, Alice’s reflection was a stranger. A slender girl with mile-long legs and an ass that popped out behind her in a way that would make those apple-pie bakers avert their eyes. A tiny waist, perky 32DDs that bounced above her tiny red bra, and an expanse of luminous tanned skin that glowed in the evening light. Her face was seductive, feminine, feline: cat-shaped green eyes, luscious pink lips, eyelashes that sent shadows down her cheeks.

Her hair, tucked into a neat ponytail, was the only thing that didn’t fit. Alice pulled it down and brushed it until it tumbled around her shoulders in a waterfall of coffee-dark waves.

Alice smiled nervously at her reflection. She had so much energy in her veins, so much pent-up frustration…. She needed a release. Just this once. Just this once she deserved to fall asleep with her cunt sore and stretched and satisfied, her tits aching, her body used and exhausted. Just this once.

She slipped out of the apartment and took a cab to Brooklyn, to a club called Luxe she had always wanted to visit but never dared. It was shadowy and hazy and full of electric, bouncing energy and sexuality that emanated from the vibrating beats and bodies inside.

The bouncer looked her over and nodded her inside. Alice smiled. Her whole body was throbbing with anticipation. The room was full of beautiful people, laughing people, people who were alive.

Alice headed to the bar; the bartender handed her two shots of vodka without waiting for her order. She swallowed them quickly and flashed him a nervous smile.

“First time?” He grinned.

She nodded. “Is it obvious?”

He laughed, not unkindly. “I’ve seen worse.”

Alice felt a hand on her hip and turned to see a man—sharp cheekbones, broad shoulders, flashing black eyes—standing there. “Hello,” he intoned quietly.

“Hello.” Alice felt suddenly nervous. This man had the presence of a king. “I’m Alice.”

“Carter. It’s a pleasure.”

“Mr. Carter owns Luxe,” the bartender added quickly.

Carter shot him a look. “Lance.”

The bartender looked unashamed. “She’s new,” he explained.

Carter took Alice’s arm. “Would you like to come with me?”

Doubts flashed through Alice’s mind, but none of them were as strong as the fiery curiosity and explosive desire that were surging through her body. “Yes,” she answered at once.

Carter led her to a small room boasting leather sofas, ruby-colored carpets, and bottles of champagne chilling in sweating buckets of ice. He sat down easily on one of the sofas, lounging back against the arm like an emperor. Alice drank in the sight of him: the dark, sculpted stubble on his cheeks, the bulging muscles visible even through his suit, the bulge in his slacks that stretched the fine fabric and made Alice’s mouth water.

“I would really love to fuck you,” he said simply.

Alice felt her lower lip drop.

Carter smiled at her, but it was the smile of a hunter, a gambler, a man who always got what he wanted. “The second I saw you, I knew I wanted you. So exquisite, so obviously uncared for.” He winked. “A girl like you should be taken care of.”

“What did you have in mind?” Alice’s voice shocked her by being steady and low, a lioness’s purr.

He stood up and placed his hands on her shoulders. “First, I’d like to get rid of this.” He snapped the strap of her camisole, then bent and took it in his teeth, drawing it down her arm and leaving her panting. The warmth of his breath on her skin, the tantalizing sting of his teeth…. She wanted him. She wanted this.

“I want you to hurt me,” she blurted out.

“Good,” he replied instantly, “because I’d like to.”

With that, he jerked her shirt from her body, the left strap leaving scratches on her shoulder. He unhooked her bra with a snap of his fingers and pushed her down on the sofa, straddling her as he bent to kiss her neck. He was biting her, sucking her skin too roughly, leaving bruises on her perfect skin. His hands dug into her tits, squeezing them hard enough to make her cry out.

“You don’t know what you’re asking for,” he growled into her ear.

“Good,” Alice gasped back.

Carter nipped at her nipples, pulling them with his teeth. Alice moaned against his chest, her fingers scrabbling to undo the buttons on his elegant shirt. He groaned with annoyance at her fumblings and tore the shirt off in one fluid movement, sending buttons dancing across the floor.

He undid his pants and dropped them to the floor; Alice stared in amazement at the length and width of his massive cock. Veins stood out against his smooth skin; the purple mushroom head was glistening with a bead of pre-cum.

“Suck me,” he commanded.

Alice didn’t hesitate. Her hands went to his shaft and her glossy lips enveloped the head as her tongue lapped at the tip, tasting the clean saltiness. He was too big for her mouth; her lips stretched cartoonishly wide trying to accommodate him and she couldn’t take more than half of him into her throat without gagging.

“Deeper,” he commanded.

“I’ll choke,” Alice gasped. Carter grabbed the back of her head and pushed his cock farther down her throat, making her cough and drool over his shaft. She fought back, trying to pull away, but he didn’t relent, thrusting farther and farther into her mouth. He felt her throat convulse around his cock, vibrating against his skin and milking his cock like the tightest cunt he’d ever fucked. He pulled out to let her breathe; tears were streaming down her cheeks.

He slapped her cheek hard. “Look at me while you’re sucking me!”

“Yes, yes, god yes,” Alice sobbed out, reaching out blindly for his cock again. She ached for him all over; she wanted to be slapped again, she wanted to choke on the length of his cock, she wanted to taste him, lick him, swallow him whole.

Carter pushed his cock into her mouth again, grabbing handfuls of her hair to anchor her in place. He fucked her mouth hard, watching her beautiful green eyes water as she looked up at him. Her full pink lips were shiny with her spit; she was drooling all over his cock. Her bra was still dangling around her waist; her nipples were standing out nearly an inch from her tits. Her tits bounced as he fucked her mouth, full, tan, smooth globes that begged to be bound and slapped and sucked and squeezed. Carter couldn’t get enough of her.

His entire cock was finally plugged in her throat; his balls were pressed against her chin. She was choking, gasping, begging for more. He plugged her nose, watching her eyes widen as her throat squeezed his cock even harder. With a deep groan he pulled out just as his cock sent spurts of thick white cum all over her lips, her throat, her tits. God, she looked so good.

Alice was gasping, coughing, grinning. “Oh, god,” she rasped at last. “Oh, god.”

He grabbed her around the waist and picked her up as easily as if she were made of rose petals. He dropped her on the leather sofa and carefully peeled her leather pants down, kissing and biting her legs as he eased them over her shoes. Her panties were soaking; her thighs were damp and trembling. He kissed her mouth, tasting her arousal on the red satin of her underwear.

“You taste amazing,” he growled. He pulled her panties down and dove into her cunt like a sex-starved god, making her clit quiver and her pulse race as he licked and sucked and lapped at her pussy’s dripping lips. Moaning and twisting on the leather seat, Alice bit her lips to keep from screaming with delight.

Carter pushed a long finger into her cunt, hard. “Don’t be quiet. Let me hear you.” He ordered. The tip of his thumb circled her asshole as he added another finger to her pussy. On cue, Alice screamed out, cumming in a vibrating mess of lust.

“God, you’re so hot,” she gasped out.

He pushed her onto her back and climbed on top of her, his cock already semi-hard. “You’re the hot one, baby. God, you’re such a sexy fuck.” His voice was rough and hard and honest, and it filled Alice’s body with more satisfaction than a hundred boring nights at home had. “Suck me, baby, I want to fuck that sweet little cunt of yours.”

Alice was already licking at his cock, swirling her tongue on the head and lapping at his shaft. He pushed her head farther down; obediently, she gently pulled each of his balls into her mouth and licked them, savoring the taste of his skin and the depravity of it all. She dug her fingernails into his thighs and the hard muscles of his ass as she sucked his cock, making sure to keep her eyes on his as much as possible.

He pulled her tangled hair from her neck and collected into a neat fistful, watching her eager tongue stroke his skin as his cock hardened into steel. He grabbed her hips and flipped her onto her knees, spanking each of her ass cheeks hard before plowing his massive cock into the tight, dripping hole of her cunt. He fucked her hard, hitting her ass until enormous red handprints were left on her skin. He forced her ass cheeks apart so he could watch his cock slam in and out of her little cunt and see the delicate pink star of her asshole. He wanted that hole next. He rubbed his thumb over it, gratified when she quivered under his touch. As she cried out and moaned from his cock, he pushed his thumb into her asshole, marveling at the incredible tightness of it. Alice was truly one in a million.

“Do it,” Alice wailed, on the verge of collapsing with the intensity of another orgasm. “Fuck my ass. Please, Carter, fuck my ass.”

Carter slammed into her pussy one more time, knocking Alice to her belly on the sofa. He buried his face between her round, flushed cheeks and pressed his hot tongue against her asshole. “This hole, baby?”

“Yes, please. Yes.” Alice moaned as he rimmed her asshole and then forced one, two, three fingers into her tight hole. She gasped at the strange, burning pleasure of it; tears pooled on the leather under her eyes. Her cunt was hot, throbbing, and delightfully sore.

Carter slid a hand under her and rubbed her clit as he pushed his enormous cock into her ass. Alice screamed into the pillows as his huge rod split her body and pushed her closer to another violent orgasm. He moved slowly at first, and then faster, finally fucking her ass as he spanked her and rubbed her clit.

Alice was trembling, about to faint, when he finally began to twitch and pulse inside her hot little ass. She felt him spurt deep inside her and went limp, utterly spent, on the leather cushions.

“Not yet, baby, not yet,” Carter chided her. “You’re going to get another orgasm if it kills you. But first, clean me up.” He pressed his cock against her lips. Alice’s eyes widened as if she might protest, but Carter forced his cock into her mouth and down her throat again. Obediently, she licked and sucked him clean. Shyly, she grinned up at him as she made one final row of wet kisses up and down his shaft. “It felt so good when you licked my ass,” she whispered, blushing, “I’d like to lick yours.”

Carter’s cock stiffened above her tongue as she slid down to his balls and then to his ass. Her tongue lapped, hesitantly at first, at his asshole, and then began to circle it eagerly. Alice was moaning, her cunt getting wet again, as she tried to stiffen her tongue to force inside his ass. She circled his ass again and then moved her lips back to his balls as she took his shaft in one hand and moved her other hand down to his ass. As she jerked his cock with one hand and sucked his balls, she circled his tight asshole with one finger and edged the tip of one manicured finger up his ass. Carter groaned as her finger twisted and pushed farther inside of his asshole; every once in a while, her tongue darted down again to lick around her finger.

He felt his cock begin to throb under her hand he jerked a handful of her hair to pull her head up, forcing his cock into her mouth as he filled her sore little throat with his cum. She gleefully licked up every drop, licking every inch of his cock and asshole again as she cleaned him up. He groaned low in his throat, satisfied and delighted by her combined innocence and naughtiness.

“Come now, baby, I promised you another orgasm,” he grinned, sliding off her body. He spread her legs and began to circle her clit with his tongue, pushing two fingers into her tight cunt again. He fucked her cunt with his fingers hard, making her cunt squeeze his fingers as juices ran down his wrist. He forced his third finger into her cunt, feeling her body tremble at the invasion, and carefully circled his fingers inside of her, curling them against the hot walls of her cunt. A moment later, he forced his pinky inside her too.

“It’s too much!” she cried out, shivering around his fingers. He hushed her, pushing the thumb from her other hand into her used asshole, feeling it contract, still trying to shrink back to the size it had been before his thick rod stretched it.

“I’m gonna make sure you don’t forget me, baby,” Carter whispered, feeling Alice cum yet again on his swirling fingers. In one smooth, slow motion, he balled up his fingers and forced his thumb into her cunt. His entire fist was now encased in the silky, shaking glove of her cunt; Alice screamed as yet another orgasm rocked her body. Juices squirted from her stretched little cunt as he fisted her, running down her smooth ass cheeks and forming pools on the sofa. Carter drew out his fingers carefully, grinning at the blissful, spent smile on Alice’s cum-streaked face.

She was covered in bruises, bite marks, her own juices, and his cum; her hair was a mess and her lips were swollen and red. Her cunt and asshole were still gaping slightly, and her entire body was shaking. She looked like an advertisement for sex, or possibly for happiness.

Carter watched in amazement as Alice smiled up at him beatifically. “Can we do it again?”

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