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Worshipping Wally’s Prick

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Wally and I were roommates in college when I realized who I truly was sexually.

Before Wally, I had been with girls. Hell, I liked being with girls a lot and loved eating pussy particularly. Hardly the resume of a gay bottom, but maybe the way I lost myself in the act of giving pleasure to women should have been a tip-off to me somehow. There was something submissive about the way in which their pleasure became my pleasure.

Anyway, one drunken night in the bedroom Wally and I shared in our off-campus apartment, I recounted to him some gossip that had made its way to my ears. “One of your recent conquests is spreading all sorts of wild rumors about the size of your dick,” I told him, laughing. “Apparently, she’s been calling it the eight wonder of the world.”

I was teasing him, saying the girl hadn’t been on campus very long: “I hope you enjoy this adulation while you can, before she has something to compare it to.” He was taking my digs in stride, but after awhile I guess I had gone a little too far. He looked up from his bed and said simply, “You know, it is pretty big.” Drunk as I was, that got me laughing really hard. “I’m serious,” he said, doing nothing to stop my cackling. Finally, with a frustrated look on his face, he got up out of his bed, crossed the room to where I was sitting on mine, and, looking me straight in the eyes, he dropped his shorts.

I found out later he just wanted to shut me up, but, in that moment, he changed my life. There it was, his huge dick only a foot or so from my face. It stopped my laughing pretty quickly, I can assure you.

My mouth went dry as I gawked at his flaccid, meaty 8 ½ inches. I glanced up and saw him staring at me, seeming waiting for me to say or do something, anything to break the tension. I looked back at his dick. Almost involuntarily my hand started to reach for it, but he backed away almost imperceptibly and I froze. Unable to tear my eyes away from his beautiful cock, I asked robotically, “How big is it when it’s hard?” I was barely able to hear myself speak.

Saying nothing he slowly reached up and began stroking. My heart was pounding in my chest, but I didn’t move a muscle. The whole world seemed to stop as his hand moved back and forth rhythmically. In almost no time at all, his dick was hard, the head level with my eyes and only a few inches from my face. Before long a tiny drop of pre-cum formed and began to bead at the tip of his cock. I knew what I wanted: almost whispering I said, “Let me see you come.”

His hand began moving faster and after that it didn’t take long. His eyes closed, and I could see his body tense in anticipation. Bursts of cum flew from his dick and landed hot and wet on my face. Before long my whole face was covered in his sticky fluid. I was shocked, shaking like a leaf, and it took me a minute to realize I had come in my pants. I hadn’t touched myself, hadn’t even realized I was hard. Between the dousing my face had gotten and seed congealing in my pants, I felt like I was covered in jizz.

I was totally overwhelmed. Part of me was in heaven, as sexually excited as I’d ever been. Another part of me was completely embarrassed. Without even looking at Wally, I jumped up from my bed and ran to the bathroom. Locking the door, I stared at my come-covered face for a minute. Slowly, I inched my tongue out towards some of the semen that had come to rest on my upper lip. Compulsively, I licked at it, tasting its saltiness. Still staring wide-eyed at the mess on my face, I lowered my pants and grabbed my own dick, hard again already after having just come. Stroking it, I thought about how much smaller it was than Wally’s. I couldn’t believe how excited I was thinking about his amazing prick and staring at my cum-covered face. I orgasmed as hard as I had ever in my life, yelling “fuuuccckkkk” at the critical moment, hoping Wally was outside the door hearing me, hoping he was realizing what he had done to me. As that orgasm hit me, I knew there was nothing I could do: I worshipped his cock. His cock was my master now, and there was no going back.

After that there was nothing left to do but clean myself up. As I left the bathroom, the embarrassment was taking over again, and I was relieved to find Wally in his bed with the light turned out and his earplugs in. I don’t know what I would have done if he wasn’t there, but I also had no idea what to say to him right at that moment. All I could do was go to sleep, hoping the morning brought some clarity.

It didn’t, though. When I woke up, he was already gone, and I spent the day worried that he was upset with me, with what happened. When I finally saw him that night, though, he was the same as ever. All the butterflies that had built up in my stomach all day began to disappear. Weirdly, neither of us mentioned what had happened. I just figured he was OK with what we had done, but didn’t want it to happen again. Needless to say, I did, but I was too afraid to lose the friendship to do anything about it.

Weeks went by. I was having sex with a girl I was seeing, thinking about him all the time. Eating her out after I’d come inside of her, wishing that cum was his, I’d imagine him behind me pounding my ass. For awhile, my fantasies far outpaced reality, but one night he came home early from a date. I was sitting my desk working, and I could hear him sort of banging around behind me, and I could tell even without seeing him that he was frustrated. My mouth started to go dry, and I wondered if tonight would be the night when I finally found out how he felt about what we had done the other night.

Finally, I heard him settle in his bed. After a few seconds or so without any sound, I cautiously turned around. He was staring me straight in the eyes, but I couldn’t hold his gaze. My eyes quickly took in the fact that he was totally nude, and they moved immediately to his big meaty dick sitting between his legs. It twitched a bit as I stared at it, and I knew he wanted what I did. Without removing any of my clothes, I climbed into his bed. Taking his rapidly hardening tool in my hands, I opened my mouth and licked at the tip, cautiously inserting the first inch or so into my mouth. It was my first time giving head to a man and I was in heaven. My own dick, still stuck in my pants was so hard it almost ached.

I didn’t do too well that first time. My gag reflex was too strong to allow me to take his whole length into my mouth, as much as I wanted to. Still, I managed to make him cum in my mouth, and I swallowed all of his sticky juice. Without even touching myself, I made mess in my own pants again. In the afterglow, we sat there for a minute, me wiping my mouth and his dick slowly reducing in size from monstrous to merely huge.

When it was over, with nothing left to lose, I looked him in the eyes and said, “I can do that for you anytime you want.” He looked away, stammering in reply, “I don’t, uh, want to return the favor or anything …”

Relieved he hadn’t said no, I slowly let my hand move back onto his dick, saying, “Oh, that’s OK.” And, with that, I took him back into my mouth and sucked him off to another messy orgasm.

For the next couple of months, that’s how it went. I gradually got better at giving head, eventually suppressing my gag reflex enough to deep throat him (practice makes perfect). When the time came, I didn’t have any trouble convincing him that he could have my ass, too. Feeling that huge cock in my ass, feeling every ridge as he rode me to an intense orgasm was an experience so amazing I still have no words to adequately describe it. I gave up on girls — none could compete. I knew he still had fun with girls on occasion, and I didn’t begrudge him, though in an effort to compete I did decide to seduce him while wearing slutty women’s lingerie.

I’m sure I looked pretty awful that first time as I dressed in the bathroom. Wally was in our bedroom waiting for the surprise I had promised him. Growing excited, I surveyed myself in the bathroom mirror. I was wearing a cheap black lace bustier attached to stockings that I had managed already to mar with a run in my nervousness. I didn’t shave my body—I wasn’t ready to go that far—but I carefully shaved my face, awkwardly applied some lipstick and topped off my look with a brown wig. Truthfully, I didn’t look much like a girl, but I felt kinky and wanton. The lingerie was good, but the real surprise was my final accessory: a collar with the word slut emblazoned across it attached to a short leash. Closing the collar around my neck, I walked into the bedroom to find Wally already lubing himself up for an assault on my ass. His eyes went wide as I handed him the end of the leash and said, “Fuck me like a dog.”

I got on all fours in front of him and without missing a beat he moved my g-string out of the way, yanked on the leash and rammed his dick in my ass so hard he knocked the wind out of me. He was careless of my needs, focused only on his own pleasure as he rode me, pulling so tightly on the leash I almost blacked out. Whenever I could gather enough breath, I encouraged him: “Fuck my cunt … ugh … use me … ugh … your dick’s so fucking big in me … ugh … I’m your slut.” On and on it went, his dick flying in and out of me for what seemed like hours. As I felt him begin to close in on his orgasm, I threw one more curveball. “Cum in my mouth,” I told him. Without missing a beat, he pulled his giant dick from my ass, flipped me over, crammed it into my mouth and began roughly fucking my throat. I was so excited I couldn’t even taste my ass on him. It was so extreme it was taking me over the edge, and he felt it to. Almost immediately I felt him spray the back of my throat. He pulled out and sprayed the rest of his cum all over my face and wig.

I knew he was mine now. No girl could compete with this: I was willing to do anything to him, anything for him. “I love you Wally,” I said quietly. He was taken aback, but it only took him a few seconds to reply. “Me too.”

A smile crept across my face. “Good. Get the camera and take some pictures of me.”

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