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Off Limits

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Okay, where the hell am I? I must have made a wrong turn somewhere… how do I get out of here? This must be an abandoned part of the hospital… nothing but empty exam rooms around here.


I turn around and see you standing there.

“Oh, hi… I think I’m lost, ” I say.

“I think you are too… this area is off limits, ” you say, but you are smiling. You are really cute and I find myself appreciating the way your curves fill out your little nurse’s uniform.

“Well, if it’s off limits, then what are you doing here?” I ask with a little smirk on my face.

“Oh, I sneak back here sometimes when I need to get away, take a break, you know, ” you say. “What brings you to the hospital tonight?”

“I’m visiting a friend of mine, she had surgery on one of her knees, nothing serious,” I say.

“Well, that’s good to hear, ” you say. I notice that you don’t seem to be in any hurry to leave, and you seem to be enjoying our little chat. I think you’re flirting with me, actually.

“So, if you’re sneaking around in an area that’s off limits, does that make you a naughty nurse?” I ask with an eyebrow raised.

“Ha ha ha ha… no, I’m a good girl and I’m always professional, ” you say, but you’re laughing. You’re definitely flirting now.

“Hmmm… that’s too bad, I was going to ask you for a sponge bath, ” I say, smiling.

You start laughing again. “I think every guy must have that fantasy, but no professional nurse would ever do that, sorry.”

“Damn, that’s too bad.” I say. “Where am I, anyway? What is this place?”

“It used to be used for recovery rooms and exams, but after they built the new wing, they stopped using it, and now it’s always empty. I like the peace and quiet.”

“I was just looking in this room right here… what exactly is this contraption here?” I ask.

I look over at you and I think you’re blushing a little bit.

“Well, um… actually ha ha ha…” you look flustered.

“What is it? Are you embarrassed? An embarrassed nurse?” I ask, teasing.

“No, I’m not embarrassed… this is for, uh, proctological exams.”

“For what?!?”

“Proctolog… it’s for ass examinations, all right!”

I burst out laughing at this. “Ass examinations?!? That is hilarious… they have equipment for ass examinations? That’s awesome. How does it work?”

“Well… you climb in there, put your knees there, and lean over here… so the doctor can, you know, examine you, ” you say.

“How? I don’t get it. Show me again?” I ask.

You stare at me for a long couple of seconds. “Are you up to something?”

“No, no, not at all, I just don’t get how it works. This is very funny to me. I want to know how the ass exam equipment works.” I am still laughing.

“Okay, you put your knees here…” As you are talking, you are climbing on to the contraption. “You lay down this way so your ass is up in the air so the doc can examine you, get it?”

I certainly get it. I am standing behind you as you lay face down on this table. Your legs are spread wide open and your gorgeous ass is sticking straight up in the air at me. Your little nurse’s skirt has ridden up a little bit and it just barely covers your ass… but I get a terrific view of your beautiful legs.

You are looking back at me and waiting. Oops. I’ve been staring directly at your ass.

“Okay, I get it… and you put your arms out like this?” I ask. I move around to the side of the table by your arms. You’re still laying face down on this table, though. You don’t seem to be in any hurry to leave. “What are all these straps for?”

“Well, not everyone wants to have his… or her… ass examined, ” you say. Are you blushing a little bit again? “So sometimes they have to strap you down.”

“Hmm… strap you down… like this?” I take one strap and secure your left arm to the table.

“Hey… what are you doing? Unstrap my arm…” you say, but you aren’t really struggling that much. Before you can stand up, I quickly walk around to the other side and secure your right arm to the table.

“Okay, this has gone far enough… you need to unstrap me now, ” you say, struggling still, but you are giggling a little and smiling. You wiggle against the straps but you are stuck now, face down on the table.

“No, I don’t think so… I think you need to be strapped down for the examination, ” I say, as I quickly secure your legs against the stirrups. You don’t offer much resistance. “You don’t seem like you want your ass examined…”

“Yes I do! I mean, no, I don’t… you better let me off this table right now…” you say, trying to raise up against the straps. “This is completely…”

“Off limits?” I say.

“Yes, off limits, ” you say, giggling a little.

“I’ll let you up when I’m ready, ” I say.

I am standing directly behind you now, in between your spread legs. Your skirt still barely covers your bottom. I reach out and rub my hand across your ass, and you gasp as I touch you for the first time.

“Oh, you like that?” I ask. “Maybe you do want your ass examined?”

“Yes… no… I don’t know…” you are breathing hard now.

“I think you do…” I am now rubbing your ass with both hands. I can feel your cheeks clench as I feel how tight and firm your ass is. You are breathing faster now.

You breathe in quickly as I reach down and slide your nurse’s skirt up over your ass and up around your waist. You are wearing white panties with a sexy french cut and a hint of lace.

“Hmm… you have a beautiful ass, ” I say, sliding my hands over the silky fabric covering your bottom. “I am really looking forward to this examination. Are you?”

“No… please stop…” you say, eyes closed, breathing hard.

“Hmm… I’m not convinced you really want me to stop, ” I say. “Let me check…”

I take one finger and, through your panties, slowly trace it along the slit of your pussy. You moan loudly and your ass clenches again. You strain against the straps. I can feel you are very wet even through your panties.

“Mmm… I think you do want the exam after all, don’t you?”

You say nothing. I trace my finger along your slit again and you clench your body again. “Do you want me to examine you? Hmm??”

You are breathing very heavily now. “Mmmm… okay, yes…” you say.

“Good.” I quickly grab your panties and tear them off of you. You gasp again as you hear the fabric rip and feel cool air on your ass. You are face down on an examination table, your legs spread, your skirt hiked up to your waist, and your naked ass pointed straight up in the air. I can see every inch of you as I stand over you and look down at you.

“Mmm… very nice.” I say. “You have a beautiful ass and pussy. Do you like the fact that you are spread wide open for me?”

You say nothing… your naked ass is tensing and releasing.

“Hm? Do you like being spread open for me?” I ask again, now tracing my hand over your bare bottom. I can hear you moan as my hand slides smoothly over your tight round ass.

“Mmmm… yes I do, ” you admit, embarrassed.

“Very good. I think it is time to begin the exam now, ” I say.

You look back and you can see me kneel down behind you. You can’t tell, but you think I must have my face just inches from your pussy. You squirm against the straps but you can’t move at all. You feel your pussy getting even wetter.

Suddenly you feel my tongue against your pussy lips. “Ohhhh…” you gasp as you feel my tongue slide deep into you. From your position and angle, I can push my tongue very deep into you… deeper than you’ve ever felt a tongue. You feel me licking the inside of your pussy and my chin pressing against your clit… and you suddenly feel a sharp orgasm explode through your body.

“Oh my god!” you say as your hips buck against my tongue. You can’t ever remember cumming so fast… it’s only been a few seconds since you felt my tongue slide into you. I keep my tongue in your pussy while you cum, feel your pussy shudder against my tongue. Finally you stop cumming and I pull my tongue out of you.

“Feeling better?” I ask, smiling.

“Oh my god oh my god oh my god…” you are trying to catch your breath.

“I guess that’s a ‘yes.'” I say. “Glad you enjoyed the first part of the examination.”

The first part….? you think to yourself.

You are still lying face down, strapped and secured to the proctologist’s table. Your legs are spread open in the stirrups, your skirt hiked up around your waist, your naked exposed ass pointed up in the air. You are still feeling tingles in your pussy from your orgasm… but you are suddenly aware of how exposed and vulnerable you are.

“Okay… let me up… I have to go back to work… untie me!” you say, in between heavy breaths.

“No, not just yet, ” I say from behind you. “I’m not quite through with my examination.”

I am standing behind you and you feel both of my hands on your ass again, squeezing each of your cheeks and kneading your muscles. You feel your pussy, already wet from before, moistening again. As I spread your cheeks apart, your can feel your pussy lips open and you are suddenly very conscious that your pussy and asshole are both very exposed and open to me. You feel a little embarrassed and wish you could cover yourself, but you are helpless against the restraints and there is nothing you can do to stop me.

“Mmm… now what should I examine next?” I say, my hands still on your ass. “Any requests?”

“No… please… let me go…” you say.

“I think I will examine your pussy some more, ” I say. “I only got to examine it for a moment and then you were coming… you came very fast, didn’t you? Do you like being examined like this?”

“Yes… no… please…”

“Well, maybe this will help you make up your mind.” I say.

Suddenly and without warning, you feel the head of my cock against your pussy!

“Oh my god! No… wait… I don’t even know you…”

“Well then let’s get to know each other.” You feel my hands spread your ass even farther open and my dick slides smoothly into you. You moan again as you feel how hard my cock is. “Ohhhh….” you moan as I push my cock deeper and deeper into your pussy. You feel my dick push all the way into you until I am buried all the way inside you.

“Mm…. you are so wet, I just slid all the way into you, didn’t I?”

“Wait… I don’t know you… you aren’t wearing a condom…” you gasp in between breaths.

“No, I like feeling your bare pussy on my cock, ” I say. I am still holding your ass as I start to pump my dick in and out of your pussy. “I think you like it, too.”

You close your eyes and surrender. Your pussy wide open and dripping as you give your hot cunt to me. I hold your tight little ass and fuck your pussy very hard, pulling almost all the way out before shoving my prick back in. The angle again makes my dick plunge deeper into your pussy than you’ve ever felt.

“Oh… my.. god… oh… my… god… oh… my… god…” You gasp for breath with each stroke. All you can think about is my cock pounding into your pussy, over and over again.

“You may cum, my dear, ” I say, never slowing down. As soon as you hear my words your pussy contracts and another orgasm sweeps over you. You cry out as you cum on my cock, clenching and milking me with your pussy as the waves of pleasure roll over you. I keep thrusting into you in time with your orgasm and keep my cock buried deep inside you until your orgasm begins to subside.

“Oh… oh… oh… oh…” You are breathing very fast, your face pressed against the table as you try to catch your breath.

“Are you enjoying the examination, my dear?” As you come back to your senses, you suddenly realize that my cock is still very deep inside you, my hands still holding your ass very far apart.

“Yes, that was amazing… who are you?” You start to wonder again if I am staring at your asshole. How could he not be? you think to yourself, the way I am bent over this table and the way he is holding my ass. You start to feel a little embarrassed again, but also a little naughty and excited.

“Oh, that’s not important, is it? The important thing is that you are enjoying the examination. Are you?” I ask, still deep in your pussy.

“Yes…. I came so hard… this position… amazing…” you are still a little out of breath.

“Very good, ” I say. “Now let’s begin the third part of the examination.”

“Third part?!? What do you mean? Wait!”

You are still strapped to the proctologist’s table, still naked, your bare ass still pointing upwards… and a man you just met a few minutes earlier has already made you cum twice, once with his mouth and once with his penis, and he’s still inside you, his hands still holding your ass.

“What do you mean, ‘third part’ of the examination?” you ask, trying to look back at me. All you can really see is your own ass pointed up in the air and me standing behind you, smiling with a naughty twinkle in my eye. All you can really feel is my cock in your pussy and my hands on your ass.

“Hmm… I’ll let it be a surprise, ” I say, and start to thrust my cock in and out of your pussy again. Your pussy is still so wet from cumming and my dick feels very hard as it slides in and out of you. You close your eyes and give yourself to me again… when suddenly you feel my finger very gently stroke across your asshole! You feel something like a shock wave of electricity travel up your spine and your ass clenches involuntarily.

“W-What are you doing? Don’t touch me there…” you say, embarrassed. You wish I would move my finger… but I keep it pressed lightly against your asshole as I slowly slide my cock all the way into your pussy and hold it there.

“But my dear, this is what this table is for!” I say. “Of course I have to examine your pretty little asshole!”

“No… I’m not into that… please…” you say, breathing hard again.

“You’re not into… this?” I say as I stroke your asshole again. You breathe in sharply as another shock wave hits your spine. You wish I would stop touching your asshole! You feel so dirty… you wish you could cover up so I wouldn’t be able to see and touch your asshole so easily. But you can hardly move and you know that your little puckered hole is stretched open and exposed rudely to me.

“No… it’s dirty… please… I don’t like that…”

“You don’t like this? Well what about… this?” as I slide my finger into your ass. “Oh my God!” Your ass clenches again and your hips buck against the table as an even bigger shock wave travels through your spine and down into your pussy. And now my finger slides out… and then back into your tight little asshole. Another shock wave. You can’t believe what you are feeling.

“Please… no… it’s dirty…” you say as my finger slides in and out of your asshole… and my cock slides in and out of your pussy. The shock waves hit you, faster and faster, as I fuck your pussy and finger-fuck your ass. You try to squirm away, to close your legs, but you can’t really move at all… and you can’t do anything to stop me as I stroke, stroke, stroke… you’ve never let anyone do anything like this before! You feel so embarrassed… but so excited too. You hate to admit it to yourself, but you keep thinking… god, his finger feels really good… and his cock is so hard…

And suddenly I pull out of you… completely. You look behind you and I am still standing behind you, smiling down at you. You can feel that your pussy and asshole are still wide open to me and there is nothing you can do about it.

“So you don’t like me stroking your asshole?” I ask.

“I’m not a dirty girl… I don’t like anal sex…” you gasp, but you start to think about the shock waves.

“Such a shame, ” I say, “because you have such a pretty little asshole.” I am staring right down at it and you feel so embarrassed… but you are completely helpless.

“Well, let’s try this…” I say, kneeling behind you again. You feel my hand against your pussy and my fingers caressing your clit, and you start to moan as the waves of pleasure start again. I am sliding my finger inside your pussy… but then you feel my tongue against your asshole!

“Ohhhhhh!!” you gasp. Your entire body tenses and you strain against the straps. “No! Don’t lick me there! My God… it’s…”

I lick your asshole again. Another shock wave.

“Ohhhhh! No… please… it doesn’t…” Again my tongue licks your asshole. And again. And again. The shock waves roll over you as I lick your asshole and my fingers stroke your clit. You can’t believe how dirty you feel… and yet how you don’t want me to stop. Again and again my tongue laps against your asshole.

“Mmm… I think you are a dirty girl, aren’t you?” I ask.

“Yes… No… God it feels so good… I never knew…” you gasp.

“You’ve never had your asshole licked before?” I ask. “What a shame.” Again my tongue slides rudely across your tight, puckered hole. You can actually feel it pushing into your ass, just a little bit. You feel delirious and dizzy.

Now I stand up behind you and put my hands on your ass again, spreading you apart.

“W-What are you doing now?” you ask, still reeling from the feeling of my tongue on your ass.

“I’m looking at this pretty asshole and it’s making my cock very hard, ” I say.

“It is… oh no, NO. Please don’t, I can’t do that, ” you plead, trying to look back at me.

“Today is the day you become a dirty girl, my dear, ” you say. At the same time, you feel my cockhead push against your asshole.

“Ohhhh God… no… I’ve never done that before… please…”

“So much the better.” I say. And slowly I push my hard cock into your asshole. You feel your sphincter contract, and then start to give way as my hard dick pushes into the opening of your ass.

“Oh my God… no… Ohhhh…” You feel so dirty but the tingles are starting again. Slowly, I push another inch of my dick into your ass. You feel your asshole stretch and your pussy tingle as I slide farther and farther into your ass.

“Ohhhhh…” suddenly you realize that it feels really good, as good as anything you’ve ever felt. You can feel the pulse in my cock against your asshole and the tingles are traveling down into your pussy at the same time. And the shock waves are back… up and down your spine.

“Oh my god…” Now my cock is all the way inside your ass. You can feel it throbbing and your cunt is dripping and throbbing. I pull out and then slide my dick back into your ass. Another shock wave. Another thrust, another shock wave.

“Mmm… do you like being fucked in the ass, my dear?”

“Yes… No… Oh… My… God…” I start to fuck your virgin asshole, hard now. I put my hands on your ass cheeks and spread them wide so there is no resistance. Every thrust sends another shock wave up your spine and down into your pussy. You are dripping wet. My balls are slapping against your pussy as I fuck your asshole, over and over.

You can’t believe this… you are going to cum again! You close your eyes and abandon all thoughts but my hard cock pounding into your asshole. You scream out and a shattering orgasm rips through you…. your pussy contracts on my asshole as you buck your hips against the table and cum, and cum, and cum.

I feel your asshole clench around my cock and I start to fuck you even faster… sliding my hard wet prick in and out of your ass. “Do you like it? Tell me! Tell me!”

You feel like an animal in heat. You abandon all common sense and reason. All you can think about is how good my cock feels… pushing into your ass. “Oh God, yes!” you say. “Just fuck my asshole. Keep fucking it! I want your cum in my ass… please!”

I hear your words and it sends me over the edge. I hold on to your ass and push my cock as deep as I can into your asshole. You hear me cry out as I begin to cum. You can feel my dick pulsing with each spurt… as I squirt 6, 7, 8 ropes of cum deep in your ass. You have never felt anything like it… you can feel every throb of my cock, every pulse of my cum. Your asshole continues to milk my cock as my orgasm finally starts to subside. I hold on to your ass and keep my cock pressed deep in your ass until finally I stop cumming.

Both of us are breathing hard, trying to recover. You feel my cock slowly slide out of your ass and it makes your pussy tingle again. You shiver a little bit. You can feel my cum trickling out of your asshole. You feel so dirty, like a wanton slut… but you’ve never felt this way, ever.

“Oh my God, I have never cum so hard in my life, ” you say, looking back at me. I am standing behind you and you can see my cock for the first time. It is still very hard and glistening with wetness. You can see a little drop of cum on the tip. Suddenly you feel dirty again… and you think you might like it. The tingles in your pussy and ass are still very warm and pleasant.

“Neither have I… and I don’t normally act this way, honestly,” I say, beginning to unbuckle the straps holding you down. “It’s just when I saw your perfect little asshole that I just felt like I had to fuck it.” I say. “I needed to feel my cock in your ass. Even if you thought it was… off limits.”

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