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Mrs. Gumshot

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Chase wiped the sweat from his brow. Damn, but it was hot in this attic! He had promised to help his neighbor, Mrs. Gumshot, clean out her attic in exchange for her late husband’s jazz albums. Mr. Gumshot had been a bandleader and had a massive collection of old jazz hits.

Mrs. Gumshot did not offer to help. Looking out the attic screen, Chase could see her lounging on the chaise lounger. Her long shapely pale legs begging for the sun. Even at 63, she was a stunning woman. Chase rubbed his dick thinking about what it would be like to fuck that old white woman. At thirty, he had grown up living down the street from the Gumshot’s. And he had fantasized about her many a night.

Pulling some old clothes from a corner, Chase found a dusty old shoebox. He tossed it aside. The top flew off and some photos fell out. Thinking that they were just some old pictures of the Gumshot’s, he was about to put them to the side when he got a good look at them. The first one had Mr. Gumshot standing with his hands at his side. That would have been ok, except that the man was buck-naked.

Picking up the photos, he fanned thru them. Then he stopped. One photo had a younger Mrs. Gumshot on her knees with Mr. Gumshot’s dick in her mouth. There were a few more with her getting fucked or just showing off her naked body.

There was another set that was wrapped in paper. He unwrapped it and starred in amazement. Mrs. Gumshot was kneeling on the floor, and Mr. Gumshot was standing in front of her. Damn! He was peeing on her. Her dress was wet and she was smiling. In another one, her mouth was open and the stream of piss was going in her mouth.

Chase’s dick was hard. He couldn’t help but take it out and stroke it while he looked at the pics. Mr. and Mrs. Chase were freaks. He always thought that the man was a bit strange. And some of their friends were definitely a bit weird, but he never guessed that they did anything like this. There were even some pics of Mrs. Gumshot with other men and women.

Chase stuffed the pics into a box with some of the records he had packed up. He looked out the screen and Mrs. Gumshot was still on her lounger. Damn, he wanted to fuck her even more now. His hand was shaking as he continued to pack up more stuff. Then he found a box with videocassettes in it. They didn’t have any labels on them, and they were in another shoebox.

Chase stuffed that box in with some of his other stuff. He had to get home and look at the movies. If it was what he thought it was, he knew that he would be stroking his dick most of the night thinking about fucking Mrs. Gumshot. He tried not to show his nervousness as he trudged down the stairs and loaded his car with albums.

“Chase, are you stopping for the day? I know it must be stifling hot up there. Look at you! Your drenched in sweat.”

Mrs. Gumshot was looking at the young man. Chase had always kept himself fit. And she had admired his body with more than just a neighborly admiration. It had been two years since her husband had died. And Mr. and Mrs. Gumshot had been sexually active up until his accident and death. She missed the wild sex they had.

Was that a bulge in his pants? Damn! It was. He was hard and the size of his dick was unmistakable. Mrs. Gumshot turned away, but she was sure that he had noticed where she was looking. It seemed like his dick grew even larger. She felt that familiar itch between her thighs.

“Calm down old girl”, she thought. “He’s half your age and wouldn’t want anything to do with an old bitch like you. Besides, he wouldn’t know anything about the kind of things you had grown used to.”

Mrs. Gumshot sighed, as she turned away. Chase called out to her without turning to face her. “I’ll be back later this evening, when it cools off. I’m gonna take these home and go thru them.”

Chase had seen the way her eyes went to his crotch. And it made him even hotter and harder than he already was. His desire for her soared even higher! He looked in the mirror as he drove away. Damn! She was casually rubbing her tits as she looked at his car.

Chase spent the rest of the day, in his air-conditioned den. The pictures of Mrs. Gumshot served to keep him hot and horny. But it was when he played the videos that he really lost control.

The videos showed Mrs. Gumshot in many forms of nakedness. And not only did she allow her husband fuck her. She was seen being fucked by a number of men and women. And like in her pictures, peeing seemed to be something that was a part of all the videos.

Not only did her husband pee on Mrs. Gumshot; every man and woman that she had sex with peed her on too. And she seemed ecstatic, when she was shown doing the same things back to them. Chase almost pulled his prick off, as he jerked it over and over to climax after climax.

Chase made up his mind, that come hell or high water, he was going to fuck Mrs. Gumshot. And he would do the same nasty things to her that she had done in the pictures and videos. And he would let her do the same things to him.

After watching him drive away, Cassandra Gumshot, couldn’t stop thinking about the bulge in young Chase’s pants. Her pussy throbbed, as she thought about how it would feel lodged in her mouth. Would he know what she needed? Would he object to the kind of sex she really craved?

She walked into the house. Going directly to her bedroom, she grabbed two towels from the chair in front of her bed. She snatched her night table drawer open and grabbed the dildo that was inside. Not even taking off her sundress, she just lay back on the towels and opened her legs.

“You’re a nasty slut, Cassandra gumshot! You want that young black boy to fuck you. You want to feel that hard black cock pushing up into your pussy.” She talked out loud, as she pulled her wet panty crotch aside and pushed the head of the dildo in her already wet cunt.

“That’s it Chase! Fuck me! Drive that hard dick deep in my wt pussy. Fuck me hard, you big black bastard! Fuck this nasty white bitch!” Cassandra worked the dildo in and out, fucking herself harder and deeper. She was soon moaning and whimpering as she worked herself into a frenzy.

“Now Chase! I’m Cumming! Oh you black fucker! I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna piss all over your dick and balls. Argh! Ahhh! Oh fuck! Oh shit!” with a cry of desperation and pain/pleasure, she lifted her hips off the bed. Then she cried out once more and cuped her hand over her mound as she pushed the dildo in deep.

The sound of her peeing was loud in the room and she cried out from another orgasm. The hot liquid splashed over her hand and the dildo. And she quickly brought it to her mouth and licked it. She closed her eyes as she savored the taste of her own piss. She felt the towel become soaked, feeling the hot wetness begin to cool rapidly as it soaked her dress. And in her mind, it was the hot piss of the young black neighbor that she felt soaking her. She shivered with anticipation, as a big smile crossed her face. From the bulge in his pants, he had found her pictures.

It was about 5:30 when he returned to Mrs. Gumshot’s house. Walking in the back door, he found her in the kitchen, where she was usually seated. “I think these belong to you. I found them mixed in with the records.”

The way he placed them on the table, the pictures showed Mrs. Gumshot naked and getting fucked and peed on. She looked from the pictures up at him. Then she stood. Chase did not back up and Mrs. Gumshot was so close to him that her tits almost brushed his shirt.

“Oh My! I thought Harold had burned these long ago. I don’t have to ask if you looked at the videos, do I? I can only imagine what you must think of me. But Chase, you have to understand. The life and attitudes of band members is much different than that of the so-called “normal” people.

Harold enjoyed a different kind of sex. And being the good wife that I always was, I did whatever it took to keep him happy. I hope that I can count on you keeping this to yourself. I can count on you can’t I Chase?”

Chase looked into Mrs. Gumshot’s eyes. Then he smiled. “Well Cassandra, I certainly wouldn’t tell anyone that my neighbor, the sweet Mrs. Gumshot, is a dick sucking, pussy licking, cum and piss drinking slut! But I think that this involves a lot more than just the pictures.”

His hand reached up and he cupped her tit. Mrs. Gumshot gasped, and looked up at him. But Chase didn’t move his hand. In fact, he began to mold and caress her tit thru her thin dress.

“The look on your face didn’t show me that you were doing those things just to satisfy Mr. Gumshot. In fact, you looked like you were in orgasmic bliss. You loved it! And I bet you miss it. Don’t you Cassandra? You miss that hot liquid splashing against these tits. The bittersweet taste in your mouth as you drink. And you miss having a man or woman’s mouth glued to your wet pussy as you feel them drinking you.”

All the time he talked, Chase squeezed and tweaked her tits and nipples. Cassandra whimpered, as his hands became more insistent. She looked up at him then dropped her gaze. But she didn’t pull away. Or try to slip past him.

“When was the last time you had a man inside your pussy? When was the last time, you felt that sweet splash of hot piss against your tits? Do you miss the feel of your tongue sliding up and down another woman’s slit? Tell me Cassandra. Tell me now!”

As he talked, Chase had unbuttoned her sundress. His hands were hot as they slid up and down her stomach. Cassandra was breathing heavy, as he pushed her bra up over her tits. He tweaked her nipples hard and she moaned out loud.

“How long has it been Cassandra? Tell me.” Cassandra’s whole body shivered as chase slid his hand down into her panty. When his fingers found her we slit, she groaned out loud.

“Two! It’s been two years since a man touched me. Not since Harold died. Oh chase! Please don’t do this to me. I beg you.” As Chase’s fingers stroked up and down her slit, Cassandra had to grab onto his shoulders to keep frm falling. “Oh fuck! It’s been so long! Oh chase! Please stop! You don’t know what you’re doing to me.”

Chase ignored her plea. “And how long since a woman has touched you? I recognized the woman in the video. It’s Janice Grenbert. And from the way you two acted, you two white bitches have enjoyed each other a lot. Has she been coming by to take care of your hot pussy? Have the two of you been drinking each other’s hot piss like in the video?”

Cassandra was fucking her pussy against Chase’s stroking fingers. She held onto him as she looked up into his face. “She came by a few times. But it wasn’t the same. She likes to have a man telling her what to do. Making her do what he wants. That’s what Harold used to do. He would curse us and force us to do it to each other. Then he would fuck us both, while he made us drink each other. Oh chase! I’m Cumming! I’m Cumming!”

Chase began to work his fingers in and out of the older woman’s dripping cunt. Damn, but she was one hot bitch! Harder and harder, he drove his fingers up into her cunt. Mrs. Gumshot was grunting with each thrust.

“You want to cum, you piss drinking slut? I’ll make you cum! But I had better feel that hot piss running down your thighs and splashing over my hand as you do. I’ll keep your secret. But in exchange, you will do the same things for me that you did for your husband. Both you and Mrs. Grenbert will take care of my dick. And I will take care of both your hot pussies. Now cum you cunt! Show me how badly you want it!”

Cassandra closed her eyes. Her body shook, then she began to fuck her pussy harder against Chase’s fingers. Her eyes flew open and she stared up at him.

“I’m Cumming! I’m Cumming you black bastard! You want me to cum for you? You want to feel my hot piss running down my white thighs? Those pictures and videos turned you on didn’t they? Did you think of fucking me? Pissing on me? Is that what you want to do with your big black dick?

You want me on my knees drinking from your dick? That’s what Harold used to make me do. If I do it, will you eat my pussy? Will you fuck me like he did? I’ll pee all over you. Just like I did to him. And you’ll eat my pussy and drink me while I pee. Ahhh! Here it is Chase! I’m pissing for you! Feel it! Oh you bastard! You lovely big black bastard! I can’t wait to feel you peeing up inside me as you fuck me.”

With that, she let it go. Chase felt the hot liquid splash all over his hand and fingers. Cassandra’s eyes rolled up in her head, and she bore down on his fingers. The sound of her pee splashing on the floor seemed to turn him n even more. Chase could feel it splashing onto his feet and legs. The puddle between her open legs grew wider and wider as her hot piss continued to fall. Then suddenly, she seemed to lose the ability to stand.

Chase grabbed her as she slumped forward. He eased her to the floor. She lay in the puddle of her own hot piss. Worried at first, chase bent down to make sure that the old bitch hadn’t died of a heart attack. Mrs. Gumshot moaned, and her hand slid over her stomach down to her panty.

She opened her eydes and smiled up at him. “Oh chase! That was wonderful. It’s been so long since I have been able to cum that hard. I played with my pussy after you left. I thought about you fucking me. Peeing on me. I even peed while I fucked myself with my dildo.”

Chase stood up smiling down at her. She looked on, as he unzipped his pants. When he took his cock out, she couldn’t believe the size. He was so much bigger and fatter than her husband had been. She watched as he stroked it with his hand. The color of his dick seemed to draw her hand to it.

Before she could touch it, chase groaned. “I’m gonna cum you bitch!”

“Yes Chase! Cum for me! Cum on me! I want to feel it splash on my tits, my face. Oh baby I need it!”

Chase looked down, as his dick seemed to explode. The first shot did splash on her tit. And she scooped it up and smeared it across her lips. The next shot hit her on the cheek. She lifted up, and opened her mouth. She placed her open mouth before his knob. She swallowed the next shot, and then with a whimper, she shoved her mouth forward to cover the head of his dick. Chase groaned as Mrs. Gumshot sucked and swallowed every drop of his hot cum.

The sight of this older white woman on her had him so excited, he didn’t think that he would be able to do what he most wanted. But he closed his eyes and concentrated n relaxing himself.

Cassandra licked her lips, tasting the remnants of Chase’s load. Damn, but this young black man had filled her with his hot cum. And from the look on his face, she knew that he was trying to give her even more. She sighed and lay back down.

The puddle had grown cold, and she shivered as she felt the wetness on her thighs and back. She watched, as he seemed to take a deep breath. Then the tip of his black bulb seemed to swell.

The first splash, when it hit her stomach, seemed so hot, she groaned out loud. But that was just the beginning. She watched, as Chase grabbed his cock by the shaft and directed hit stream. It washed over her stomach, working up to her tits. She grabbed her globes, and held them up while he pissed right on the nipples. The hot droplets splashed her face, and she licked her lips tasting the bitter-sweetness of them.

Her nipples felt like the liquid was scalding them. But she wouldn’t have stopped him for the world. She watched as he directed his stream higher. Cassandra opened her mouth. She watched him smile. And then, the stream seemed to flood her mouth.

Chase watched as his line of hot piss fell into her mouth. She closed her mouth to swallow, and the stream splashed her face. Then she turned her head. “My pussy! Aim for my pussy. Hurry Chase! Now! Do it now!”

Her hands spread the swollen lips of her pussy open. Chase directed his stream right into her hole. Cassandra cried out as the hot liquid hit her center. Her thumb worked hard on her clit. Then she began to spasm. Her hips worked up and down on the floor, as she came hard. Then she slumped to the floor and shut her eyes.

“Chase!” Her eyes snapped open and she seemed like a woman demented. “Eat my pussy! Eat me now you big black motherfucker! Do it! Do it Chase!”

Like a man under a spell, Chase slipped to his knees. Her pussy was still leaking his piss, as he bent his head and licked the length of her slit. Her legs shot up and wrapped around his back, pulling him in deeper.

Taking a deep breath, Chase began licking and sucking on her slit. Then he sucked her clit between his lips. Even covered by her thighs, he could hear her scream. Then his mouth was filled with her hot liquid.

Chase swallowed, then swallowed again. Four times she filled his mouth. And four times he swallowed her hot liquid. Chase felt his dick growing hard again. He had to fuck her. Had to feel her hot pussy wrapped around his throbbing dick.

Chase pried her legs open and moving up, shoved his hard dick into her hole. Cassandra cried out, as her pussy was forced open. Fuck! He was so much larger than her husband had been.

Chase fucked her hard and long. And Cassandra found herself pushing against him to get him off and out of her. Chase! It hurts! Stop! It’s been too long since I fucked anyone. Please! Stop!”

Chase pulled out of her and watched as his stream of thick cum splashed her stomach. “Damn bitch! That was fucking great!” Chase rolled off her and lay along side her catching his breath.

Cassandra rolled on her side and looked at him. Chase turned to look at her and they both smiled at each other.

“So big boy! You like what you did to me? Did you like what I did to you? Do you think that you want more?”

Chase leaned in and kissed her. Then he drew back and sneered at her. “You nasty slut! You really do love the taste of hot piss in your mouth. Yes! I loved what I did to you. And I loved what you did to me. I want more. And I know that you want more too.”

Cassandra laughed. “Well then! I guess that I can expect you back here tonight. Then I’ll show you what it’s really like. Do you want to come back tonight and really have fun with me?”

Chase looked at her. There was no way that he wasn’t coming back tonight. He nodded his head. Cassandra smiled. She leaned in and as they kissed, her tongue slipped between his lips. Her kiss was sweet.

Cassandra got to her feet, her sundress dripping as she slipped it off and walked to the table. “Get up and go home Chase. I would recommend that you drink a lot of liquid for the rest of the day. I will see you back here around 8:30. I hope that you will stay the night.”

With that, she turned and walked down the hall to her bedroom. Chase heard the door close and the click as she locked it. As he walked out her back door, he heard her shower running.

Cassandra smiled as she heard her back door close. She watched as Chase got into his car, his back drenched. Cassandra laughed as she picked up the phone.

“Hello Janice!” Cassandra listened then began to laugh. “Oh! He is even more than we imagined. Yes, he’s coming back tonight. And after the way he acted, I think that we have a new puppy. Don’t worry! He’s coming over around 8:30. I will expect you to walk into the bedroom around 9:30. Yes! Puppies are so predictable! All you have to do is let them see a few dirty pictures. And their dicks take control of their minds. Yes! I will see you tonight. Don’t forget! Drink lots of fluids. I’m sure that Chase will love that.” Laughing she hung up the phone.

Yes! Puppies are so predictable. Both the males and the females.

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