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The following story is informed by real experience, but borrows liberally from long held fantasies and the promise of more. It is the first session of a D/s couple that will be followed by several more before their relationship reaches its peak.
It wasn’t the most gradual start to a relationship, Jack mused as he shook hands with the dark-eyed receptionist who had given him directions with an easy smile and seemingly genuine good cheer.

Raising his eyes to take in the rows of spectacular globes of light hanging from metal wires, he bit the inside of his lip at the side and took a few blind steps backwards before turning to walk towards the elevators.

It was certainly a night of firsts; he’d never been in a skyscraper on any business but tourism before. This one had an aura of vacancy that was characterised by the glow of default windows XP screensavers and a few cupboard lights left on when the workers went home for the weekend. At the top of the building were apartments that, Jack had been told, had the privilege of South East views of London. Tower Bridge would be in the backdrop during tonight’s meeting. He wasn’t sure if he would even notice. He clasped his phone in his left pocket as was his nervous habit, and he took a deep breath. The reality of his situation would not become evident until he stepped into the apartment on the top floor and surrendered his control.

The receptionist had been the proud owner of a calming, almost lullabic tone to his voice and Jack looked over his shoulder at his uniform-clad back as the brushed metal doors of the lift drew open mechanically before him. He stepped in. The man had no idea that Jack would soon be in the hands of another man for the first time. Would he care if he did? It was a thought he’d had about every person he’d met since stepping off the train in the city. Would anything be changed after he’d made love to a man?

“Of course not.” Jack spoke to the empty cuboid which represented his last bastion of privacy. He was determined to fit in as much reasonable thought as possible before it all began.

He had never been a homophobic man, nor had he been raised in, or associated with, a community that advocated such perspectives. Still, he couldn’t help but wonder how he would be perceived if his secrets were open to all. His curiosity for cock would probably be the least of it, if it came to that. His confidence in his desires wasn’t something he was one to question. Sex, unlike most aspects of his life, was something he thought himself sure of. Though he was not as experienced as many people his age, he had made attempts to convert his vivacious imagination into scribbles in his diary. Tonight was just the next step in that windswept and careering train of experience.

With ten years of online erotic roleplay and discussion through frequent visits to chat rooms, building relationships involving deeper and more complex fantasies became normal. A hidden life that was content to stay hidden formed the foundations of Jack’s psychological interest in sex. His potent curiosity in the fetishes and turn-ons of his online partners led him to build philosophies surrounding the concept and act of exchanging power in the bedroom.

‘Power Play’ as he termed it, seemed to be the underlying mechanism of almost all forms of kinky exploration. From the use of restraints to the haunting popularity of incestual roleplays and stories; lovers grappled, traded or released their control over their own situation. Perhaps, he wondered, this was one of these traits that seem to apply universally but may be a symptom of Western society. Perhaps those who lived in a civilisation which was yet to normalise abstract approaches to sex, could only be fully aroused when their play involved some sort of excuse for their release. A reason for the partners to claim helplessness, “but I was tied to the bed and gagged. I had no power to stop the orgasms from coming”.

A ping from the elevator console indicated that he had passed the 60th floor and was now entering the mixed business and private floors. It shook him from his contemplation and left him with the line of reasoning that had compelled him to pursue this opportunity. Submitting to another man was another form of power exchange. It would fulfil so much curiosity and give him that chance to find the release he longer for. That longing might be the scorn of more enlightened lovers, but they were not reaching the final stop in their journey to the clouds. A burning slice of sunset fire opened over Jack’s chest and enveloped him in the time it took for the doors to part.

“I have seen you many times through a monitor, boy. Your presence in my home makes those images, once greatly enjoyed, obsolete.” The man standing on the other side spoke confidently. He was a tall silhouette, wrapping himself in the darkness that only the sun can gift a man who knows how to use it. Jack had promised him that he would do his utmost to surrender his discomfort about showing physical intimacy to the opposite sex, but what a tall order when the object of his desire was so imposing.

“Sir…” He replied, determined not to forget his manners in this new context of their relationship. He squinted with his eyes to see through the veil of passionate colours and witness the man he had pleased so often online. Was he the sort of man he could let himself be taken by? What was that sort of man, actually?

“Thank you for allowing me to enter your home, Sir.” Jack said, lowering his eyes to the man’s feet to relieve them from the sun’s rays. Blushing as he realised how shy it made him look.

“No need to thank me, boy. I’m sure you will earn the invitation” he smiled widely, wickedly. “Won’t you?”

“I certainly hope so, Sir.” Jack replied, finding it easier to keep his eyes lowered so he would not have to learn how to read the intimate and sexual intentions from a male face. It was a childish defensive manoeuvre, but he was so far out of his element it was hard to act with full maturity. “I… I need to earn the right to be your slave tonight.” He added. The worst conclusion to the business would be to go silent and let the night end in awkwardness instead of exploration and satisfaction.

“Of course. Though I certainly would not demand your respect before earning it. I believe I have done so online, but as you are no doubt becoming aware, servitude in reality is an entirely different dynamic”.

Jack breathed and nodded quickly. “Thank you for being so understanding, Sir.” The man took a step towards him and reached out his hand. Jack knew that if he remembered nothing else, it would be that first sight of his Master’s forearm. It was muscular and rough in the way of men who are innocent of an idle lifestyle. His fingers had been wrapped around tools and the skin of his palm had the toughness that came from consistent heavy labour.

“You may call me Kain or Master, boy.” The man said, introducing himself in the same way he had done so online. “Take my hand, and follow me into my home.”

Jack reached out, physically shivering with the nerves of novelty, and placed his hand in that outstretched palm. It closed and tugged him without force but without relent towards the grand wooden double-doors leading to the only apartment on that floor. This was the man he has chanced upon online. The man who had earned his subservience online was a millionaire at the very least. He wasn’t going to think about that too much. The resources he had access to were intimidating, but he was here for the ‘resources’ that any man could share with another.

“You’re…” Jack began, as he followed Kain into the open-planned warehouse of a home. Kain was already chuckling in the manner of one who was used to the gasp that shot from guests’ lips as the 360o view of central London, glistening in metallic reflections of a summer dusk seeping gradually into night.

“The stars come from below, when you are this high boy.” Kain grinned. “When the city disappears behind the light from the streetlamps and cars, we will be left suspended in the night sky. Alone to make our private decisions. Alone with our passion and our serenity.” Jack held this man’s hand as he gestured at the world beyond the glass around him. “In these moments, you are mine. Do you understand, boy?”

“Yes, Master.” Jack replied in a whisper, the glow of the apartment already coming more from the subtle lamps and candles placed around it, than from the sun. It was a magical moment for a man who embraced sexuality as an expression of wonder and compassion.

“Tell me, boy. Are you wearing what your Master commanded?” Kain asked, turning his attention fully towards Jack, the glowing world of landmarks switching to second fiddle in the presence of the young man who was here to please him. He walked around Jack, sizing him up at close quarters.

“Yes, Master.” Said Jack, standing with his back straight, broad shoulders relaxed and arms by his sides. His eyes lowered again, to avoid witnessing the inquisitiveness of the older man who wanted him. It was in equal parts terrifying and exciting. “I would be happy to strip for you, Sir.” He offered.

Kain smirked, seeming pleased with what he saw but far from ready to give his new plaything any benefit of the doubt. “It’s Kain or Master, like I told you a few moments ago, boy”. He grinned, taking Jack’s chin in his fingers and lifting it to force him to look him directly in his face. It matched the hands, rough skin with a number of small scars, white against the darker tones. His facial hair was sharp, curving from sides around the chin and upper lip in stubble that may have been ‘designer’ a few days before but had been left to grow deliciously rugged. Jack held his breath despite his parted lips. Kain wasn’t just holding his chin, but forcing the first true sexual consideration of another man’s face that Jack had ever had. It threw him utterly out of his baseline of security and he found himself flustered and blushing more than he had since his first kiss.

“…but I forgive you. It was just an error of speech, I’m sure.” Kain growled with his lips an inch from Jack’s, making it very clear that a second transgression of that sort would not be met so kindly. “Good boy, you have succeeded in your first task.” He added, referring to the clothing orders. Releasing Jack’s chin, he walked over to a chair by the south-facing window on the opposite side of the room from the door, leaving Jack standing on the carpet in the centre of the room wondering what to do. As Kain sat and stretched himself out in a relaxed posture, he called across the distance; “Now let’s put you through a few hoops and see if we’re going to get along.” He grabbed a remote, pointing it as an indiscernible point behind Jack, and sensual music started to play.

“I would like to see you dance, Jack.” He stated clearly. Giving no more detail and clasping his fingers together.

Jack raised his eyes ever so slightly, smiling in an amused manner. “Your first order is for me to dance, Sir?” The music came from speakers hidden throughout the room and seemed to be soft soul. The bass reverberated almost as much for the skin as for the ears, and it was, as Kain had no doubt intended, extremely seductive. That said, the idea of dancing in a room made up of glass walls for a man intent on having sex with him was unnerving.

Kain grinned and laid back even further, ready to take in the show. His legs were parted, indicating he had nothing to hide and that he was in perfect conform. Perhaps as a visual counterpoint to his slave’s discomfort. “Yes it is, boy. Dance. Now!” His eyes slipped over Jack’s frame, taking in every curve as he began to dance. Jack had never been a wonderful dancer, but was extremely willing to please Kain in that moment. So for the millionaire, he began to sway. His feet stepped together and apart as he curves and rotated subtle to the music. He tried to lose himself in the movements and music, feeling lusciously subservient, imagining someone looking in and seeing him dance for his Master’s satisfaction.

“Begin to strip. Prove to me you are wearing what I demanded, boy.”

As the music continued and Kain leaned forward, interested, Jack began to move with a bit more confidence, emphasising his strength through strategic tensing of muscles when he could. It was not elaborate but he hoped it was pleasant to watch. His hands looped under his black t-shirt, pulling it up over his head in a swift motion. He made sure to hold his stomach muscles firm and arch his back to give the best view of his shirtless form.

The t-shirt flew through the air with a toss, before the belt followed. Jack didn’t make eye contact with Kain, shyness and subservience in equal measure, but he did sneak glances at his arms, his lap and his relaxed posture. As his fingers tangled with his belt and he slid it loose, he focussed on the bespoke suit that Kain wore. The contrast of a strong gentleman in his forties and a young man in his twenties stripping for him… Jack was beginning to get turned on, and as his jeans went the same way as his t-shirt, the tight black briefs that Kain had ordered him to wear were already displaying a slight bulge. He reached to slip off his socks, and finally stood naked but for his briefs and the gaze of his Master.

Kain smiled at him, and gestured towards himself. “Good boy. You danced very well and I had enough time to appreciate your body in a way I never have done before. Now, give me even more. Crawl to me. Grind on me. Show me just how much you crave my attention.” Jack began to shiver. Not due to cold, because the ambient temperature was a blissful radiating warmth, but from the first command that involved intimate touch of a man. This was it, a milestone that would be followed by many tonight.

“Oh, and Jack?” Kain called to the boy lowering himself to his hands and knees in the centre of the room. “I want you to look me in the eyes as you do.”

Jack’s heart beat faster at the command. The ease at which his Master gave it stuck him as a good sign. “Y-yes Sir. Master! I mean” he managed, nervous despite himself. He lowered himself to the floor, trying to give the impression of a prowling carnivorous cat, a tamed predator. His hips swung slightly and his broad shoulders stuck out. He knew, in the back of his mind where pride had already surrendered to lust, that he looked more like an excited dog returning to his Master.

He reached Kain’s legs, stretched out off of the leather armchair. Looking up at his Master, he was again captured in his powerful gaze, and he made the choice to introduce his stubborn consciousness to the happily surrendered part. He leaned forward and stroked his cheek against the calf of the right leg, sighing to convey pleasure at the first touch. The sides of his body followed, brushing over the inside leg as he placed his hands on the side of the chair, grinding his briefs, his hardening bulge, against Kain’s leg. He looked straight in Kain’s eyes, letting him see his unhindered passion for this. Letting him know that he belonged as a submissive slave.

Kain caught the naked lust in Jack’s eyes and seemed to decide that whether it was real or an act, it didn’t matter. “Oh you are a very good boy…” He sighed under his breath, making Jack strain to hear the praise. “You are complying with my wishes expertly.” He smiled wickedly and leaned back once more. “Very good, boy. Very very good. Though you haven’t convinced me yet…”

Jack continued grinding, lifting himself up to curl over his Master a little, mainly so that he could grind up to his inner though, allowing him to see clear evidence of his boy’s incredibly firm erection. Jack was proud of his penis. It was a decent length and had a girth that felt good when gripped or when taking a partner, but he had never been in a situation in which it would be directly compared to a lover. He knew Kain’s was sizeable, but it was hard to judge exactly how it looked on web cam, and he was anxious in that childish-but-understandable way that all men are about their partner’s satisfaction. Would he be pleased with his slave’s dick? Jack never stopped looking at Kain, and his lips parted slightly as he began to groan, his breath fresh but hot. He finally straddled Kain’s waist, swaying his hips and thrusting slowly to the music, desperate to convince.

“This is not an act, Master.” Jack moaned, deeply. “I want you.”

Kain smirked and slowly slid a hand up Jack’s leg. It was now fully dark outside and the promised star field had emerged. Jack was too indisposed to appreciate it, but as the moon emerged from behind a cloud, the skin of the curious submissive shone in ivory light that revealed the shimmer of sweat that had begun to form on his chest and down his smooth back. It was beautiful, and the physiological reaction made it so clear to the experienced Dominant that the boy was genuinely enjoying himself so far. Kain’s rough hand squeezed Jack’s thigh, before a long finger slowly made its way up his inner thigh. A moment later it found his still-trapped shaft underneath the black cloth straining to contain it.

“Well, a part of you certainly does…”

Jack gasped and, in his abandon, began to try and stroke his constrained shaft against Kain’s hand. The music taking him over in combination with the drug of Kain’s Dominance.

“This is not about my pleasure, Master. I desire to please you…” Jack said, arching his back, showing himself to be utterly captivated by Kain’s grip on him. His eyes needful, his cheeks flushed with the exertion. Kain nodded and whispered in reply to Jack, his voice just barely carrying over the music. His tone full of confident control. “I know. And who says that I’m not pleased by watching my new toy writhe and moan for me? I’m not the average Dom, Jack.” His fingers slowly clenched down on Jack’s throbbing cock, making the sensations even stronger, grinding the cloth of his briefs into his shaft.

His full grip around the aching, straining member felt so blissful to Jack, who was wrapped up in allowing himself to be delighted by the attentions of a member of the same sex for the first time. It had a taboo element to it which only enhanced the readiness to submit. He could barely focus on how exciting it was to be satisfying this man without even really touching him. He began to rhythmically ‘fuck’ the tight fist, groaning in uninhibited pleasure at his Dominant allowing him the pleasure.

“Thank you, Master. Oh… Oh please.” Jack sighed, knowing he was reaching the point where he had to make a choice to hold something back, or to completely let go and follow through with it. Kain’s voice was almost more intense than his grip on Jack’s cock. His calm severity was such an admirable trait in a dominant man. Jack tried to find the right word for it, but could not get beyond “sexy”.

“Oh please, what?” Kain replied, raising his eyebrow at the panting slave who didn’t know enough to be checking his Master for an erection, or for the signs of arousal in his voice. Both things that were oh so very present at that stage. What, boy? What do you need? Tell me what you are craving.”

Jack blinked, sweat coating his body. “I am craving your control, Master. I wish to be owned by you. I want to know that I have been a good toy for you.” He tried to say, but before he finished, Kain grabbed his chin again, roughly this time, and leaned his face closer.

“Don’t lie to me, Jack. Sure you want to be controlled, I know that already.” His grip tightened a bit more on Jack’s penis. “What do you want right now, this very second?”

Jack purred at the further tightening, knowing that an orgasm was building, knowing that despite all his fears and years and curiosity, he would be able to come for this man if he let him. It was a unique moment, a completely singular experience that could never be repeated. Jack continued thrusting into his hand, their bodies suspended alone in silent stars; the music having stopped some moments before. He decided to surrender completely, letting himself become the real slave of this man.

It would be several more evenings together before he truly knew what that meant.

“I want to come, Master! I want you to make me come like your little slut.” Jack called out, gritting his teeth together as he flushed red at the admission.” Kain made his now-familiar smirk and replied, “Very good, Jack. Honesty is the best policy.” He leaned in even closer, his whisper almost a predatory growl and his lips a bare centimetre from Jack’s. His fingers curled under the rim of Jack’s briefs and tugged them down at the front, revealing his aching cock, glistening with pre-cum at the tip. Kain moaned at the sigh, making Jack shudder in pleasure in the hope he enjoyed it. He replaced his grip, this time around the naked cock of his toy for the first time, and he began to jerk it furious, his hand pumping over the soft shift, tightly gripping the shaft and head and pointing it upwards.”

“Come for me. Come hard. Scream out your pleasure and climax into your Master’s hand, slut.” He commanded, a serious expression as he pressed his forehead against Jack’s and demanded his gaze remain focussed. Jack gripped the sides of the chair tightly, his knees and legs squeezed and strained. They began to go rigid as his torso writhed in time with the thrusting of his hips against the hand of his Master, the first man to bring him to the edge. As Kain commanded, Jack turned his groans into louder and uninhibited screams of ecstasy – who the hell could hear him this high in the world? – and clenched his eyes shut as he began to come. He wrenched them open again to maintain eye contact with his Master, crouched on his lap and having a powerful orgasm at his order. His fist continued stroking over, milking every drop until it became too sensitive to keep going and he released it.

Kain chuckled as he watched Jack’s seed shoot from his pulsating cock and hitting his naked stomach and chest. He placed the palm of his rough hand against his chest and lent some support to the boy weak from climax. “Mmm, very good. You’ve done well so far, Jack.” He leaned back to watch Jack blink in shock as he recovered from the intensity he just experienced. Men could be very different after they came, and he was waiting to see the difference in his slave.

Jack stirred himself after a full minute of aftershocks tingling through his spine and to his extremities. His cock softened and he felt a growing affection for the Master in front of him who had spent the evening proving his skill at dominating him. It felt intimidating to knowing a man had that power over him. More terrifying when Kain continued.

“This first session, my slut boy, has been focussed on your comfort. It was your first time with a man and I had no intention of straining that limitation. However, I am not a Master who wishes to own a greedy slave. From our next session onwards, you will be putting into effect what you claimed earlier, that you are here for my desire, and not yours. Tell me now, honestly. Do you want to continue serving me?”

Jack felt weak over his lap, the post-orgasm sleepiness hitting him, but more powerful was his certainty. His curiosity was set alight, not quenched by his experience. He had the urge to serve Kain. “Yes Sir. I want to much more. I want to continue being your slave.”

Kain smiled widely, stroking his hand through Jack’s hair before gripping it tightly and pulling his hand backwards, exposing his neck which he placed his other rough hand around. Jack gasped but held back his natural reaction to flinch and push the hand away. He sat still, holding his breath and looking up at the ceiling, noticing for the first time a video camera on a panel in the roof pointing down at them.

“Good boy.” Kain whispered into Jack’s ear with a ense of exquisite finality.

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