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Sandie had just turned eighteen a month ago but she was so tiny – barely 5′ 1″ – and with such a pixy face, that she could have passed for 12 or thirteen. Adding to the image of youth was her long sleek black hair, which hung straight to her waist. Whenever I saw her lounging by their pool in her one-piece bathing suit over our neighbouring fence, I swore she had no breasts to speak of.

She was a very shy girl and even when I initiated a casual wave or hello while I was working in my garden or cutting the grass, the best I would receive in return would be a wan smile or slight wave. She never had friends over that I could see.

Chapter One

One morning (as a semi-retired man in my early fifties having made a small fortune before the dotcoms’ took their dive, I had lots of home time), there was a knock on my front door. I put down my paper and coffee cup and walked from the kitchen to answer the door. Standing on the stoop was Samantha, Sandie’s mother. I had met Sam at a couple of Neighbourhood Watch meetings and a few times in the mall or grocery store and we had even stopped to have a coffee together after one such meeting. At that time, she told me about Sandie and her loneliness since her father had left the scene some three years before.

“Good morning, Charles. Have you a moment to spare?”

“Of course, Sam. Would you like a coffee – it’s fresh in the pot?” I offered.

I pointed her to the kitchen and followed her nicely turned out form down the hallway. Samantha is a well-proportioned woman in her mid forties with short blond hair (slightly streaked with grey) and sadness in her eyes. The hurt from her husband’s betrayal with his much younger secretary (a tale so trite but so often true) was still obviously hurting. I had never become more than a friend to her since I wasn’t ready for a relationship of any kind nor was she. Besides, I was quite content with my lifestyle; I was well off financially and I occasionally accepted short-term consultancy contracts that often involved travel to exotic locales.

After we were settled at the butcher-block kitchen table with the warm sun streaming through the open patio doors, I asked what was on her mind.

“I hope you don’t mind me unloading on you Charles but I am worried about Sandie”

“Please tell me about it and I will see if I can help. You know that I think the world of that little girl. She has a great future before her”

“That’s partly the problem” I refilled her coffee mug as she continued. “Sandie is still so naïve and shy and afraid of her own shadow that I am truly afraid for her when she goes off to college in the fall. She has been in a blue funk since her father left – she worshipped the bastard – and since then she has retreated so far into herself that we hardly talk any more. I fear that she will be taken advantage of in so many ways”

“I must admit Sam that I don’t see how I can help you out”

“I am embarrassed to ask this favour of you, especially since we are not that close but I am truly desperate. My baby needs a father figure – a man she can talk to and learn from. I was hoping that since you at least know her – we have been neighbours for 8 years – and she knows you that you might be willing to try to connect with her. If there were any other relatives I could turn to, I would”

Sam looked so distraught that I thought tears were on the way so I handed her some Kleenex and let her work it out.

Once she had recovered, I asked what she had in mind. Since there was three months left before Sandie left for college back east, Sam was thinking that I might start with visits to their place and engage her daughter in some grownup conversation and then progress to the point of going out for coffee or dinner until she finally opened up. This was not a bad plan in as far as it went but I had my doubts as to its success in such a short time – to undo three years of harm in three months?

We agreed that I would come to their place for dinner the following night at 6:00 and stay for a few hours into the evening to try and see what happened. I was willing to invest the next three months in such a challenge since I truly felt sorry for the deal mother and daughter had been dealt. So the deal was struck – I was soon to be a father figure, something completely foreign to me since I had never married and had children of my own. I guess I was just too tied up in business and making money to have the time or inclination. Dating (with the occasional overnighter) had suited my purposes to now.

Chapter Two

The next evening, I arrived at their door at 6:00 as agreed. I was wearing tan slacks and a black turtle neck sweater with black loafers. Sandie opened the door and I was once again overcome by her natural radiance. She was wearing a light green sundress with her hair shining in cascades down her back. She was barefoot and shyly smiled a greeting to me “Good evening Mr Roberts”

“Please, Sandie. Mr Roberts makes me feel so old; please call me Charles?”

I thought for a moment she almost smiled and I could see the words forming on her lips ‘But you are old’ but instead she bespoke in the sweetest soft voice “of course. Charles”

She closed the door and we went together into the kitchen where the smells of home cooking invaded my senses and started my mouth watering. I’m a pretty good cook but it seemed that Sam had gone the extra mile to make me feel at home. We spent a very pleasant evening discussing a whole bunch of relatively innocuous subjects until around eight-thirty. I left but was invited back several more times in the next couple of weeks. Each time, Sandie became more and more animated and open and once even sat on the front porch with me after dinner (while her mother cleaned up) and told me a little about her father and how she felt lost about his leaving. She cried openly that night for the first time (as I learned later from Sam) and I held her and comforted her until she stopped sobbing. She kissed me on the cheek and ran into the house with a whispered good night.

Finally, about a month and a half of these dinners – I had even ventured to cook for them at my house a couple of times but we agreed that Sam was the better cook – I was over at their house again. At that time, since Sandie had become so much more relaxed, I took the lead from Sam’s look and asked Sandie if she would favour an old fellow by she and her mother joining me for dinner the following night. We would go out to my favourite restaurant for dinner and perhaps a little dancing. She was hesitant at first but seeing her mother’s enthusiasm she soon agreed.

The next evening, dressed in my best pin striped suit, I picked my dates up for the evening. Sam was wearing a simple black dinner dress while she and Sandie had been shopping that day for her special dress. It was bias cut leaving one shoulder bare and in muted vertical multi-coloured stripes that gave her the appearance of added height. The colours were like a rainbow and the hem ended about two inches above her knees. With 3″ heels finishing off the ensemble, she looked very much the young woman she was. She blushed prettily as I complemented her and helped the two ladies into my Cadillac Seville.

Chapter Three:

Dinner was wonderful! Sandie and her Mum were pampered and fussed over by the owner and staff of Prado, my favourite Italian restaurant. We went with the chef’s recommendations for the full meal and were chatting incessantly throughout. Sandie was really opening up and feeling surer of herself already. It probably helped in loosening tongues and inhibitions that we managed to finish a couple of bottles of wine with dinner.

As our plates were cleared, the lights were dimmed even further and the small orchestra began to play. I started by asking Sam to dance and as we traversed the floor, she thanked me for doing this for Sandie. I assured her that I was enjoying myself as much as the both of them and that it had been a long time since I had been out with one, let alone tow, such beautiful women. It was Sam’s turn to blush and she hugged me and kissed me lightly on the cheek.

I walked her back to the table and held out my hand to Sandie; she hesitated, looked at her mother for approval and then rose gracefully and into my arms. I held her gently and as we glided around the room, she laid her head on my chest and sighed deeply.

“Thank you Charles for such a beautiful evening” she whispered.

I kissed the top of her head – what a wonderful sweet fragrance she was wearing – and drew her snuggly into my arms as we glided around the dance floor to the slow melodic tunes. I could almost feel her heart beat against my chest and as she pressed herself closer, I could feel myself becoming aroused. I tried to think about anything to take my mind of this nubile beauty who was so young and fragile but she seemed to press even harder against me. I was sure it was the wine that had lowered her defences and made her this aggressive but I couldn’t help responding.

We danced together – with Sam’s tacit approval judging from her nods and smiles from the table – until the band shut down for the night. I held her hand and led Sandie back to the table to collect her mother and we headed for home. I walked them both to the door and received a soft kiss of gratitude from Sam who entered the house first. That left just her beautiful young daughter outside in the balmy summer night with me and suddenly, Sandie raised up on her toes, threw her arms around my neck and kissed me hard on the lips.

I was taken aback by her display of affection by didn’t hesitate to hold her tightly and return the fervour of the kiss. Who knows how often I would have such an opportunity in my lifetime?

With a final kiss and words of thanks whispered in my ear, she turned, smiled and ran into the house, I stood, somewhat stunned, on the porch before returning to my car and driving next door and home.

Chapter Four:

After undressing, I pulled on my silk robe and sat in the reading chair by my bedroom window. Turning on my small reading lamp, I picked up the novel I was working on to try and get that last kiss out of my mind. What was I thinking? She was young enough to me my daughter (if I had one) and I was getting disgustingly horny for a veritable child!

Out of the periphery of my vision, I saw a light flick on across the space between my house and Sam’s. It was on the second floor directly across from mine and the shades weren’t drawn. I saw a shadow pass before the light and suddenly, Sandie appeared! She was still wearing the dress that showed her figure so well but was in the process of undressing. I quickly turned off the light but was unable to tear my eyes from the vision before me. A mere twenty feet separated us and I could see her glowing face clearly. She was dreamily looking into the mirror facing the window with her back to me.

Slowly, she reached behind her and unzipped the dress letting it fall off the one shoulder to the floor. It became immediately obvious that she hadn’t worn a bra that night – why hadn’t I felt that while we were dancing? All she was wearing now was a tiny patch of silk bikini panties and as she bent at the waist, she drew these slowly over her beautiful bum and down those sleek young coltish legs.

She stood and slowly turned to the window as if no one could see her and I was awestruck – and fully erect – as I gazed over her lithe young body. Her breasts were small cones topped with cheery pick aureoles and firm little nipples. She was firm and toned from her morning runs and I could see just the tiniest trace of darkness at the juncture of her thighs. She looked like a child-woman and I was very turned on. At the same time I felt guilty for being no better than a pervert for invading her privacy.

I was about to leave the window when she did the most unexpected thing. She came to the window and pressed her fully body against the glass. Since her window was almost floor to ceiling, I could see her in all her glory. She knew I was watching her!

I could see the gleaming of her obvious arousal at being watched as it streamed down her thighs. She turned and pulled a chair right in front of the window and sat with her feet splayed on the sill. Her window was open, as was mine, to let in the seasonal breezes so the view was unobstructed. As she reached to gently stroke her breasts, she looked straight into my darkened room. Taking it as a signal, I flicked on my light and turned my chair towards the window as I doffed my robe.

Her mouth opened in wonderment as she gazed on my fully erect member and the precum flowing freely forth. It was her first, and even at a twenty feet distance, she was impressed. Although I am only a slim 7 ½ “, and not a young man any more, this did not seem to bother her in the least.

Chapter Five:

Her hands moved to her almost bald pussy and pulled the labia apart. Even from this distance, I could see the deep pinkness inside and I slowly started to stroke myself. As I did, she released her pussy and reached to her side. She lifted a portable phone and started to dial; the phone beside me started ringing and I grabbed it so fast, I almost fell off my chair.

A throaty voice echoed in my ear “Hi Charles! Do you like what you see?”

I croaked “Of God, Yes!”

“Can I come over to play?” she giggled.

“What about your mother?’ I asked worriedly.

“Let her find her own man! Besides, with all that wine, she is out for the night and half the morning. Go downstairs and unlock your back door right away” she ordered.

Where was the shy little girl from only weeks ago, I wondered as my cock led me down the stairs to the kitchen? I barely arrived and unlocked the door when Sandie sauntered in as calm as could be and as naked as she was a moment ago.

She leapt into my arms and wrapped her slim legs around my waist as she nibbled on my ear lobe and whispered “Which way to the bedroom, lover?” I laughed as I locked the door and carried the light as a feather nymph upstairs to my bedroom and dropped her on my bed. I turned off the light by the window, lit a candle beside the bed and climbed onto the bottom of the bed.

I slowly crawled towards her as she leaned back against the pillows and spread her legs. Once again, her hands split her outer labia and I could see the pearly drops of cum covering the fleshy flaps as well as coating the inner most folds. As Sandie reached behind her knees to pull her legs higher and further apart, I lay within inches of this paradise being offered to me and blew lightly across the heated opening. This drew a deep sigh from her and she begged me to taste her. She wanted me to be her first lover and I was so honoured, never mind turned on!

Her musky arousal permeated my nostrils as I bent to the joyous task before me. I slowly lapped up the glistening flow from her inner thighs, drawing ever nearer to her gaping flowing pussy. After cleaning up her soft silky skin, I drew closer to her inviting puss and ran the flat of my tongue along her slit from her anal ring, over her perineum and up one side and down the other. I kept repeating this – always avoiding her clit that was urging itself from its protective hood and yearning for attention – until she was thrashing back and forth so much I had to hold her hips still.

Finally, I allowed myself the pleasure – and gave the same to her – as I sucked at first gently, then more firmly on her inflamed clit. She bucked uncontrollably into a massive orgasm and flooded my mouth and face with the sweetest cum I had ever tasted. I love cunnilingus but had never experienced such a quantity and wondrous taste in my life and I savoured every swallow. I continued my assault on her pussy for at least 45 minutes until she begged me to stop she was so sensitive.

I lowered her legs to the bed and crawled up onto her body kissing my way until I reached those tiny breasts. I was able to suck an entire breast into my mouth as my tongue laved the nipple to extreme hardness. Her hands pulled me tighter against her chest as she experienced her first man making love to her in every possible way. I switched back and forth between the firm mounds for a time and finally kissed my way up her neck to her lips where she could taste herself as my tongue slipped inside her mouth.

She rested against my chest for a while until her breathing returned to normal and then started to kiss her way down my body. Her tiny hand encircled my shaft as she watched fascinated as precum flowed out the tip. With pillows under my head, I watched as she slowly stretched out her pink tongue to taste the glistening fluid. Obviously finding it to her liking, she proceeded to lap up the increasing flow and swallowed every drop.

Her curiosity was then turned to my cock itself and she carefully examined every pulsating vein and silky hard surface. Her tongue once again snaked out and licked at the pee hole as if encouraging more precum to appear. Instead, she discovered the first pearly white drop of my cum and tasted it to her satisfaction. As if she had always known, she started to stroke my shaft with her soft little hand while she cradled my balls with the other. Her mouth opened to suck in the head only of my cock and she sucked – if not with experience, then with enthusiasm. I was so turned on, I had to ask her to slow down or I would cum; I wanted selfishly to have my cock inside her first.

She pulled away from her task with some disappointment until I rolled her on her back and once again lowered my mouth to her vulva and brought to a few more orgasms. This girl was insatiable and I had my doubts about keeping up with her.

Once she was thoughally lubed, I reached to the nightstand and pulled a condom from the draw. I rolled it on and the lifted her ankles to my shoulders and positioned my cock against her moist lips.

“Darling, the first time will hurt so please tell me when you want to go slowly”

She giggled as she lifted her hips higher. “Silly man! I found Mum’s vibrator in her dresser two years ago and have long since taken my own virginity. I just have never had a man and I wanted you to be my first”

With those words, she reached up, grabbed my ass, and pulled me deep into her hottest core. She cried out as I stretched her small pussy around even my slim length. “Oh lover! It feels so great! I have dreamed of this ever since that first dinner!”

We made love that night for hours and just before dawn, wearing one of my shirts, she ran back across our back yards and up to her bedroom. We blew each other a kiss through our windows as the sun rose in the eastern sky and then collapsed in our respective beds to recover. We repeated our clandestine late night meetings several times a week until she left for college, a mature and confident young woman, at the beginning of September.


The day after Sandie left for college, Sam came to see me. We sat outside in the morning sunshine and sipped our coffee. I almost spilled mine when she spoke.

“I wanted to thank you, Charles, for making my little girl into such a beautiful young woman. You do realize I hope that my bedroom is right next to Sandie’s and I wasn’t able to sleep that night after our first dinner out. I watched as you and she talked on the phone and I was as turned on as she was. I picked up the extension in my bedroom while when I saw the light go on for her line and listened”

I started to apologize but Sam stopped me.

“Dear Charles. If not for you, Sandie would likely still be a frightened lonely girl but she has blossomed under your tutelage and I will be forever grateful. I will do anything to show my gratitude” Her grey eyes were smoky and very appealing and at that moment irresistible. We leaned together and kissed softly.

Three months later, we telephoned Sandie together to announce that we were engaged to be married and she was overwhelmed with happiness for both of us. We celebrated our marriage Christmas Eve and enjoyed our first family Christmas together.

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