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My School Day

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Every person I mention in this story is fictional and everyone involved in this story is eighteen and older.


Hi my name is Tiffany Arnold. I was getting ready to switch from public high school to a private all girl school. I was kicked out from my public high school senior year for particular reasons and have to go to a private school for my senior year, you know the one with long plaid skirts and the uniforms and such.

Well first day of school comes around, I decided to change that. I decided to sexy myself up by hiking up my skirt to mid thigh, undo my bra and remove it, undoing the top buttons of my blouse to expose my big full breasts and really spruced up my gorgeous blonde hair to really turn heads. Just to let you know I am a lesbian and these girls just make me so horny. I looked in the mirror and I knew it was going to be a good day. I do one final check in the mirror seeing no flaw in my perfect body. But then I notice the granny panties sticking out of the back of the skirt. The white clump of panties sticking out of the back was just downgrading my hotness. The school permitted only that style underwear and they knew if you wore a g-string or thong underneath. So I say “That is not hot at all.” I look around, pull my hands up my skirt, put my hands in the elastic waistband and drop my panties to floor. “Oh this will definitely do,” I say as I turn around in the mirror noticing the imperfection now gone. My cute butt would definitely show when going up the stairs or when I get to excited. I then walk out the door, feeling the breeze blow gently on my exposed pussy reminding me of my dark secret. It just reminds me of the troubles I’m in for and the excitements that I will remember forever.

I arrive at the front steps and I see the head sister. “Oh here comes trouble.”

The head mistress walks over furiously, “What have you done to your uniform?” the bitch says.

“Head Sister Chambers, I bought this skirt from the school and I have many more like these.”

“But what about your blouse, Tiffany?” she snarls back.

“The blouses buttons are broken and my hair was a disaster so I needed to do it.” She finally gives in and says just for today. I run up the steps remembering to place my hands on the back of my skirt to be sure not to flash head mistress. I got wet with excitement knowing that I could get away with being panty less and wearing such outlandish clothing to a strict, all-girl, prepatory school.

I walk through the halls, feeling excited as I know that everyone is looking at my outlandish outfit and I just tell them that head mistress gave me the ok. I head off to gym class, the first class of the day. I get to my locker and totally forgot my gym clothes. “I am so fucked,” I say. The gym teacher made us play in our uniforms if we forgot our gym clothes. I scrounge around and cannot notice any spare clothing. “Well I guess I’m playing in my uniform,” I say to myself as how am I going to do anything in this very short skirt.

I reach the gym and all the girls looked at me in astonishment. They noticed that their uniforms being baggy compared to my very short skirt and undone blouse. “What are you wearing?” the gym sister says. “I need to tell head mistress about this.”

“Head Sister has given me permission to wear this. I have already approached her. So can we please start class?” I say very kindly.

She grumbles a bit to herself, eventually takes my word for it. Today we get to play basketball. This is my favorite sport for many reasons but for today I am not looking forward to playing in my clothing. I am covering this very cute petite girl named Tatiana. I notice that she has bigger breasts than my 34DD. So I decide to play some hard defense. I am placing my hands on her butt, groping her firm ass. She groans and I get called for a foul. She takes her foul shots and sinks both. I get the ball and now I plan to do more to this girl. I place my wet pussy on her leg and drive to the basket. Easy point and a bonus point for what that girl thinks of me now. I feel her starting to get into it now. Next time I get the ball she decides to place her hand inside my skirt and finger fuck me a bit. “That’s two shots for you,” she says licking her fingers.

Gym is over and we get back to the locker room. I remove my clothes and head to the showers and I notice Tatiana in a stall by herself. I slip under the stall door and cover her eyes saying, “You played some very hard defense.”

She turns around, embraces me, and kisses me passionately. “You are so awesome, Tiffany. You are wearing no underwear, risqué clothing, and proving to be an inspiration to all us girls. I just want to fuck you right now.”

“What is stopping you?” I say brushing my fingers on her pussy. She begins to taste my nipples and I begin to moan. I shift my hands to her hair and bite her ear. She creeps her hands down my sides and circles my belly. She grabs the soap and begins to lather me up. She starts with my luscious breasts and circles my hard nipples. She washes my back and washes down to my butt hole, sneaking her finger to my clit. I place my hands on my wall and she continues to wash my most private area. I am a very loud masturbator and I moan very loudly. She continues to scrub the walls of my vagina, rubbing off the sweat and dirt from gym. She sticks a finger in my ass. I go crazy with excitement and hump her fingers. She continues her finger fucking and pinches my clit. I am sent into a flurry of emotions and I cum all over Tatiana. We embrace each other and I get ready to repay my lovely assistant but she tells me to get out since people were getting concerned. So I close the curtains, leave her in there and walk out naked by myself.

I find my towel and dry myself off and place my short skirt and blouse on. I spruce my hair up since in got a little out of place from previous events. I walk out the door and girls are giggling as they pass. I notice that my skirt is pulled up in the back and pull it down very fast. “Hey sexy,” Trish, one of my best friends, says. She rubs a finger from my clit to my butthole and licked it. “Mmm tastes like strawberries. Just had a shower?”

“Yeah that girl, Tatiana, was definitely a treat for me,” I say.

“So how did you pull off this look and the no panties?” she says putting her finger under my skirt again and tastes her fingers. “Seriously the last girl that did that was punished in front of the whole school. Remember Lauren, she was spanked naked in front of the whole school and she still managed to cum in front of everybody. Seriously that was my lesbian awakening,” she says holding herself and beaming from the erotic experience that shocked the school.

“I convinced the head bitch somehow. I know how to deal with people,” I say with a wink. “You should know me by now that I can convince anybody if I set my mind to it.”

“Nice so you ready for class? You are the model today remember?” she says sticking her finger under my skirt for the third rime and licking her fingers. “Still the whole no underwear thing is a bit over-the-top.

“Stop tasting my pussy and I’m not wearing granny panties around the school with them hanging out the back,” I say grabbing her hand and putting my hand under her skirt, feeling a g-string. “What the hell is this? Are you wearing a g-string?”

“Yeah, I never wear granny panties. Hardly, anybody does. That is why I was surprised to see you not wearing any underwear,” Trish says as she reveals a yellow g-string to me.

“Well I like no underwear better anyways,” I say revealing my naked pussy.

“Well I do too,” says Trish with one last taste of my pussy juices. “I swear it’s just like ice cream to me.”

I look at her with a very devilish look and say with a laugh, “C’mon lets go to class.”

So we arrive in art class and I take my seat up front. I have to convince my art teacher again that I already discussed this with the head mistress. So everyone is at their easels and I take a seat on my stool. I strike a pose and decide to split my legs. I notice that I am getting the student who sits in the front row horny. She must see that I’m not wearing any panties. Her name is Larissa and she notices my wet pussy. I wink and blow a kiss to her; she goes along with it and catches it. She rubs her nipples through her shirt and I lick my lips to show my affections.

I am told to change my position and I turn to her and spread my legs so that she really got a good view at my pussy. Her face lit up and I could tell that her love juices were definitely brewing. I place my head on my hand and really look at her. Larissa is feeling me and begins to massage her pussy, but I usher her to stop and tell her to save it for later.

I change my position many times that reveal my bareness only to Larissa. Anyone else looking could not tell and finally the bell rings. Everyone clears out for lunch and Larissa asks, “Can I stay a while longer to finish my painting?” She gives Larissa the ok and asks me if I can stay as well. Of course I have no problem with staying back and I go to look at her painting. I notice that it’s a blank canvas. She asks, “Can I paint you now, without any hindrances like your clothes?” I give her a wink and approach the door for complete lockdown. I close the blinds on the door and lock it. I begin to strip and take off my blouse, very slowly and sexually. I strip off my heels, licking the heel in anticipation of what is to come. I turn around and slide my skirt very sexually, only revealing my plump butt to her. I turn around slowly and strike a pose oh the stool. I begin to hump it and let my sexual desires take over. I look to her as she paints my body and she has removed her panties, hanging them on the easel, to enjoy the experience and shove a few fingers up her pussy. She continues to paint as we masturbate. I start to grind my pussy on the stool, moan, and throw my head back violently. I feel the heat coming from my pussy as the juices pour out and saturate the stool. I thrust my hips into the stool and continue for ten minutes. I notice Larissa turns her canvas to me and asks me to place her cum in the spot that is left blank when I finish my lovely masturbation. I start to grind the hell out of the stool, tickling my clit on the corner, shortening my climax time. I hump and hump hearing my pussy releases squishy sounds from touching the puddle of juices on the stool. I finally hit climax. I pump my load out on the stool and lay back on the ground. “That was amazing,” she says, having finished much earlier than me. Larissa picks up the puddle, placing it on her beautiful naked portrait of me. I notice Larissa begins to kiss my pussy thanking me for completing the master piece.

I bring her to my level and kiss her lips saying, “No problem my sweet, but I must go now.” She gives my pussy one last taste and returns to her station. I begin to put my clothes back on and made sure my skirt was down this time.

I get ready to leave and I see her climax as she looks at the portrait, she cries, “Fuck me, Tiffany, fuck me!!” I decide to let her be and walk out the room.

“Wow two girls in a day. Are you trying to set a record?” Trish says. “That was pretty hot and you’ve got me horny. I’m surprised no one got concerned because you are the loudest masturbator ever.”

“Well I do enjoy a good fucking. How much is the record?” I say jokingly.

“I believe it’s six during a school day. You only have half a school day left to fuck five more girls,” she says. “I mean if really want to break it.”

I think this through and try to schedule out the next five girls I could fuck. I decide that I could get Liz at cheer practice and Jess, the girl I tutor today. I have two more classes today though. Lunch is pretty much over with the time I took to finish my masturbation in the art room.

“Hey, what is your next class?” I hear Trish say to me, she has been finger fucking me and my body has just responded to it.

“Hey, stop that. Not in the bathroom, that is really unsanitary. I got drama next. We are practicing for our recital, Romeo and Juliet, which is happening in a few weeks,” I say.

“I don’t even need to help you with that one. Oh, thanks for the meal,” she says when I notice how wet I am from Trish’s foreplay.

“You jerk,” I say chasing her out of the bathroom. Head mistress notices us two and comes to rebuke us.

“Miss Arnold, Miss Tokunaga, stop fooling around in the hallways. Miss Arnold you are dripping as well…Are you not wearing any underpants?”

“Of course I am wearing underwear Head Sister Chambers. You should know I wouldn’t do anything that adulterous,” I say with the upmost confidence.

“Well then prove it Miss Arnold. Lift up your skirt, you should know that we have the right to issue skirt checks,” the old hag says, knowing she’s won.

“Yeah I’ll prove to you that I’m wearing underwear and start to lift my skirt. Is this where the day ends? Am I gonna become another Lauren? Just before reaching my pussy. Trish lifts up her skirt showing her yellow g-string to head mistress.

“Miss Tokunaga, this is unacceptable. Miss Arnold you wait here while I deal with Miss Tokunaga.”

Trish waves me to get the hell out of here and just head to the next class, she will think of a way to deal with this. I bolt out there, forgetting to hold down my skirt and showing the world my very wet vagina and plump butt.

I am off to drama class, not the best class that involves lots of movement and standing on a high stage. I am playing Juliet, due to my beauty and adept ability to act. Heather is playing Romeo, she is a bit big breasted to be playing him but she is a very cute co-star. Today, we get to do the sex scene, or where we fake it. I plan to make it very real. I slide a dildo under the pillow and close the blinds getting myself ready. She comes in and sees me. She gets ready to pretend the kiss by kissing to my left. I bring her lips to my lips. She whispers, “What are you doing? We are gonna get in trouble.”

“Shove this into me,” I say handing her the dildo. “Plant thou seed into me, Romeo!”

She kisses me and shoves the dildo into my vagina. She turns it on and its begins to rotate very slowly in my pussy, slapping from wall to wall. I start to grind on the vibrator, thrusting my hips and rotating to the rhythm of the dildo. She increases the speed; I increase the rotating of my hips, and she pinches my clit. I am sent to heaven as I feel Heather begin to get into it. I close my eyes and the juices pour out onto the bed. We kiss one last time and she thanks me for such a good show.

“Bravo, Bravo! It looks so real! It couldn’t have been any better than that,” says the sister in charge of the theatre.

I bow over and flash the girls behind me, who see my abused pussy dripping juices out cum down my legs. We finish the part of the play and are let out early.

I run off early to my last class, Calculus. I usually masturbate quietly in the back pew. I notice Jerry, a senior walk in and gesture her to sit next to me today. “Oh what has gotten into you today? I heard that Trish saved your panty less ass from some real deep shit.”

“Well I’m trying to break the masturbation record during a school day. Want to be my next victim? I usually masturbate during her lecture anyways,” I say, but before I can say anything Jerry’s hand has invaded my pussy. I hold back my moans as her hand goes to work like a guitarist plucking strings. Her foreplay was tantalizing, I felt my back arch as my pussy was being abused my these magical finger movements. I grip the bench and gyrate on her fingers. She looks at me and plunges her fingers deep, I bite my lip as I want to scream out and moan to her touch. My legs tremble from the inability to moan and I thrust my hips on her fingers. I hear the teacher call my name. “Yes?”

“Miss Arnold, please don’t fall asleep today.” Jerry continues her finger fucking and begins to pinch my clit.

“Yes maaaaaaaammm,” I say as I release my cum onto the pew.

“Are you ok, Miss Arnold?” she says. I reassure her that my foot was having a spasm and Jerry crawls under the pew and begins to eat my pussy. I fight the constant urge to just moan to the pleasure but it is somehow more satisfying to be quiet and discreet. Jerry’s tongue licks my pussy from back to front, left to right clean and bites away at my clit. I am tossing in my seat. “Miss Arnold what are you doing?” she says walking up the stairs to where I sit and sees nothing out of the ordinary. “Where are your notes?”

“Miss Brielle, she isn’t feeling very well so I’m copying down the notes for her so she can get them later,” says Jerry, who had got up nonchalantly.

“Young lady, where have you been? You need to return to your seat,” she tells Jerry.

“Yes, maam,” she says and returns to her seat. I think that it’s finally over but I feel something vibrating inside my pussy. That sneaky bitch snuck a vibrator into my pussy. I feel it tickle at a low frequency. Class continues until Miss Brielle calls me to go up and do a problem. I get up to walk down the stairs and Jerry turns it on medium. I grab the railing as my knees almost buckle on me. I reassure everyone I’m okay and watch as I amuse Jerry. I reach the board and get ready to start the problem when it turns to high. I fight the urge as the thing gyrates my inner most chamber of my pussy. I somehow manage to make it back to my chair and release another load. The bell rings and everyone but Jerry and I leave. Jerry pulls out the vibrator licks it clean and puts it back in her pussy. “You are definitely evil. How did you put that vibrator in my pussy without my knowing?”

“Sorry, I can’t tell you that. Just know that Trish told me to repay you with divine retribution and that you owe her big time for the hall matter. Head Sister is off the trail, for now,” Jenny says rubbing my cum from my legs and pussy.

“Well thank her for me,” I say with a wink. “I got cheer practice to head off too.”

School is over now I just need three more girls to fuck me, I think as I run to the gym for a second time. Thank God I have my cheerleading outfit, or so I thought. I share a locker with a girl and she decides to wear my outfit some days because she is too big for her uniform. Well I barely fit in her outfit. I strip myself naked; put the skirt on noticing it is even shorter than the skirt I had constructed from the school’s skirt. I put on the top, well more like trying to force a doll dress onto a pit bull. My boobs look like they are getting ready to bust out with the most basic movement. I go to the mirror and see my pussy is pretty visible if people look straight at me and my boobs are definitely ready to bust open the top. “Well I’m gonna enjoy this,” I say pulling down my skirt just a bit.

The head cheerleader, Mindy, says, “Why are you so late and what is with that scandalous outfit?”

“This is mine; I guess I grew a bit,” I say massaging my breasts. Mindy is a 34D, a cup size lower than me, she is so easy to play. “I’m just blessed in every aspect,” I say rubbing my hands down my hips to my firm butt. I flash my bareness a bit to her to let her know I mean business.

“Fine, just pair up and Tiff get over here already,” Mindy snarls at me. “You are holding me today and we will switch half way through.”

“Yeah whatever,” I say and get in my position. “Just get over here.” I put her up two hands on both of her legs; I decided to switch to a one hand hold right on her pussy. I slide my middle finger on the outer fabric of her panties. Mindy was wearing a red thong, very inappropriate for head cheerleader. Then again, I’m a co-captain with her and I’m not wearing any underwear.

“You fucking bitch,” she whispers to me. “Jack is the only person who can touch my pussy. So hold me the right way.” I keep holding her like that, and dig my finger under her panties. She begins to moan and I flip her down. “Now it’s your turn to go up,” she says in hampered breaths.

She vaults me up the same way, two legs first and switches to one hand. To her surprise, she is holding a very wet pussy. “You like what you are seeing?” I say down to her as she looks up to see my naked pussy, “How about you give me some punishment?”

She digs her finger into my naked pussy, flipping me down. “I’ll punish you later.” We get through practice and we get to ending stretches and as co-captains we are last to leave and stretch. She pushes my back forward saying, “Where are your panties, Tiff? I heard you didn’t even wear the uniform. You even tricked the head mistress.”

“I only had granny panties, with a short skirt, they don’t mix. I definitely like this feeling. Would you like to join me?” I say turning around feeling under her skirt for her string.

“Well, I won’t you have all the fun,” she says shyly as I slip down the orange thong down to her ankles, watching as she pulls her legs out very cutely. “Be gentle to me.”

I lay back and she stretches my legs back, exposing my wet pussy. She gets close to my pussy, kisses it gently and licks it with great caution. I giggle as this is her first lesbian experience. “Here you do it like this,” I say shoving her head into my pussy. “Now just eat away at my pussy, just like eating an ice cream cone.”

She licks my pussy with confidence now, eating and licking up the juices. She decides to bring her pussy into mine. “I have always wanted to try this. I usually have a dick in here but I wonder what it feels like to stick two pussies together.”

“Baby, just hump me like you were humping a dick,” I say. She puts her wet pussy on mine and taps our clits together on accident. We make out from the pussies; I hump her as she throws her body back from the feelings of pure ecstasy. She runs her hands through her hair and she pinches both of our clits. I cry out as she her cum shoots into my pussy and I fire my cum into hers. She falls on top of me and kisses me, “That was fantastic. My pussy is still tingling from the rubbing of our pussies together.”

“I knew you would enjoy that,” I say rubbing my hands through her hair. “I got to go now. I am being used as a tutor for somebody,” I say getting up and putting her panties on for her. “I do love your lovely selection of underwear,” I say kissing her thong-covered pussy.

“Thanks Tiff. I feel great after that stretch,” she says with a wink.

I run to the locker room and strip myself and set my clothes on the bench behind me. I hop into the shower, clean myself up quickly and dry off just as quick. I get to my locker and my clothes are gone. Shit, where is my uniform? I look to where my cheerleader uniform was and it was missing in action as well. I look to the clock, Shit I’m late and put the towel on. I look in the mirror and see that this will do for now. I run out and run into head sister, “Miss Arnold, where are your clothes?” she asks in great annoyance. “You need to come with me.”

“I have no idea. I took a shower and my clothes were gone, honestly,” I say to her. “I got to go,” I say running off as I hold my towel from falling.

I see that I left her in the dust and arrive to tutor Kathy, a very cute girl from my Biology class. “Sorry I’m late,” I say holding my towel. “Someone took my clothes but I made sure I got here.”

Her face gets bright red and she turns away saying, “Um…sure…its fine.” I sit down next to her and get close pointing to this having my boob rub her arm. “I’m sorry,” she says. “Thanks for showing me how to do that.” I knock a pen to the ground near her.

“Oh I’ll get it for you,” I say leaning over sticking my butt in her face and dropping my towel. “Oh can you help me out?” I say turning my pussy to her.

She just stares at my magnificent pussy, and sticks a finger inside my pussy. “I’m sorry I just got to touch your precious pussy. It just screams ‘Touch me!'”

I lay back and spread my legs, “You better take responsibility for this,” I say, biting a finger. She takes her glasses off and licks from the bottom of my pussy to my clit. She digs in a bit deeper licking from top to bottom. She scrapes the walls of my pussy; I begin to grind on her mouth. I moan as the tutor becomes the student, she does things with her tongue that I have never felt before. I fling my head back, hump as her tongue digs deep into my pussy, penetrating the deepest crevices. She sticks her thumb into my butthole, causing my hips to thrust forward. She then bites my clit, sending my pussy into shock. I cum all over Kathy, releasing ridiculous amounts of cum.

I grab my towel and head out the door saying, “We will postpone this for a later time…” and I am grabbed by head sister.

“Miss Arnold, I saw what you did and that behavior is not permitted,” she says dragging me. “I am gonna have to punish you.” We get to her office and she grabs her paddle follow me.

“Wait, please don’t do this. Not in front of everybody…” I say convincingly. This is going to be so awesome.

“Student body please report to the chapel, please report to the chapel. We head to the chapel and I peek out to see all the pews filled. The curtains open up and I am naked in front of the student body.

Head sister says, “Today, I am going to have to punish Miss Tiffany Arnold for inappropriate exposure,” as she points to my naked self. “I must now punish you in front of the student body as an example for other students not to follow your example.”

She bends me over and smacks me with the wooden paddle. I feel the paddle slap my bare ass, I yell out. She hits me again and my pussy is slapped this time, I moan out as the hit send chills down my spine. She slaps me a few more times, slapping my pussy as my ass in slapped. She hits me one last time, hitting my ass, my pussy and my clit. I fall to my knees and lay back.

“See this is what happens to those who…” and before she can finish I release a load on the people in the front. I groan and moan as the cum just keeps coming and I lay there after my thirty second cumming session. “What have you done?” she says.

“Well I just set a record for having six people…actually seven including you make me cum.” I lay back, stick my fingers in my pussy and lick my juices. “Well, I am gonna get in some serious trouble for this,” I say with a wink to the girl who is licking the cum off herself. “I’ll make time for you next time.”

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