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Natalie Gets a Check-Up

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Natalie checked her make-up in the rear-view mirror of her little car. Today had been a particularly challenging day of teaching art at the local high school. Many of her students came from low-income families and were forced to steal or worse out of necessity, and were constantly in and out of juvenile detention.

This meant she always had to review information and extend project deadlines since so many of them missed class.

I think this is as good as I’m going to look today, Natalie thought to herself and sighed. She brushed a strand of wavy brown hair behind her ear. She was letting it grow, and it now reached just to her nipples. Her hazel eyes looked more green today, a sure sign that she was horny. It had been over a week since her encounter with Nick and James, two of her students whose massive cocks had stretched her tight white pussy till she had tears in her eyes. As painful as it had been, the experience had always been something of a fantasy for her.

Since she could remember Natalie had always been more sexually mature than those around her. Her first kiss had been in pre-school, and the first time she had seen a boy’s penis in exchange for showing her own private parts was in the third grade. Granted, it was strictly out of curiosity, not sexual interest that she did these things. But once middle school came around and her hormones took over, Natalie began to crave dick.

As soon as she accidentally discovered that touching herself between her legs made her pussy tingle that was what she did before bed every night. Natalie’s first boyfriend was much less interested in sex than she was, but she teased him by telling him her bra size, big even back then, and asking how big his cock was. Eventually, she allowed him to awkwardly slip his finger inside her, but he wasn’t nearly as good as her own hand so she stuck with that.

A loud honk from the road in front of the parking lot shook her out of her trance. Natalie realized she had been grinding her crotch against the seat of her car thinking about the men she had been with over the years. Now, at 28, she craved sex more than ever. Teaching and lesson planning took up a lot of her time so she couldn’t think about how horny she was all the time. But now, thanks to Nick and James, even school was no longer a safe haven!

By now her pussy was wet and ready to be entered, but then Natalie glanced down at the clock and realized she didn’t have time to bring herself to orgasm without being late for her doctor appointment. She giggled, thinking about how surprised her doctor would be to find her so wet. She had chosen a male gynecologist specifically to fulfill a fantasy of allowing a doctor take advantage of her naked body. Now he would be more tempted than ever…

Natalie stepped out of the car and pulled down her tight black pencil skirt. She normally tried not to wear tight clothing, in order to not tempt her male students, but she had the doctor appointment and then a date immediately afterward, with almost no time to change. As a result her top was slightly more revealing than usual – a coral V-neck sweater that was cut to emphasize her large C-cup breasts over a lacey white camisole. The high school boys’ jaws had almost dropped when they saw her in school today. She hoped the same would happen with her date…and perhaps the doctor.

“Natalie Kunningham, here to see Dr. Fuller,” she said to the young woman at the desk. The girl, whose name plate said Emily, looked to be fresh out of college with a long blonde ponytail and big blue eyes. Her full bosom was pushed up and impossible to miss in the deep V of her collared shirt. I wish I could dress like that every day, Natalie thought. Of course, none of my students would learn anything if I exposed that much cleavage.

“Yes, Ms. Kunningham. You can take a seat,” Emily said in a low, almost sultry voice that surprised Natalie. She had been expecting a perky voice to match per perky tits.

“Thank you, Emily,” she said, and turned toward the waiting area. As she turned, she noticed Emily’s eyes move down to her breasts which were, she realized, just as noticeable in the sweater as Emily’s were in her button-down. Natalie sat down in one of the chairs, crossing her legs. She looked up and saw the girl’s eyes on her crotch as she licked her lips. When she saw Natalie staring at her she jumped, obviously embarrassed by the blush on her cheeks.

The thought of the tight young woman getting aroused at the thought of her luscious ass and breasts made Natalie even wetter. She squirmed a little in her seat and let out a low moan as she rubbed her clit against the juicy lips of her pussy. Emily looked up with a smile, immediately knowing what Natalie was doing. Then, suddenly, she reached up with both hands and squeezed her tits, silently moaning in pleasure. Just as suddenly, she stopped as the door to Dr. Fuller’s exam room opened and he stepped into the waiting room.

“Natalie Kunningham?” he asked, stepping forward to shake her hand.

Dr. Fuller was almost stunningly handsome, as cliché as it might sound. His olive skin was complemented by deep brown eyes and hair, and even with his lab coat on Natalie could see that he was muscular. He smiled as she shook his hand, and she noticed one dimple that transformed his smile from professional to sexy when she felt his thumb rub her palm, putting enough pressure to let her know he could tell she was aroused. She looked down as she stepped into the exam room and noticed how hard her nipples were. She was almost embarrassed, but she knew Dr. Fuller would know how incredibly horny she was the second he saw her pussy.

“Well, Ms. Kunningham, what brings you to my office today?” Dr. Fuller asked as he sat on a stool with his knees spread apart. Natalie noticed a slight bulge in his pants and realized he was turned on as well.

“Oh, you can call me Natalie. I just moved to the area and thought I should find a regular doctor. I have a pretty busy schedule so when I saw that your office was open on Saturdays I thought I’d stop in.” Natalie was looking around the room as she spoke, but from the corner of her eye she saw Dr. Fuller checking out her full hips and amazing tits with their rock-hard nipples. Her pussy juices were soaking through her white lace panties now. I guess I’m going commando on this date, she thought.

“We have quite a few patients whose schedules don’t allow them to come to us during normal business hours, Natalie,” Dr. Fuller explained, rolling the stool toward the exam table on which she sat. “And I love what I do, so coming in on the weekend isn’t a chore for me.”

“You love looking at women’s breasts and vaginas all day?” Natalie asked, faking shock. “You must be the first man I’ve ever heard say that!”

He laughed and said, “Yeah, I suppose it’s not exactly the worst job in the world. Especially when I’m lucky enough to have such attractive patients.” Dr. Fuller winked and laughed again, but this time there was a definite hint of an invitation.

He wants me to flirt back with him, Natalie thought, surprised. I might finally get to fulfill my doctor fantasy!

“Well thank you, Dr. Fuller. I’m sure your patients don’t mind having a handsome man touching them either,” Natalie finished the sentence softly, inviting him to lean in closer to her. Sitting on the stool his head was level with her crotch, and it was all she could do not to spread her legs right then.

“Yes, I’m sure,” the doctor said, his voice suddenly rigid. “I’ll let you get undressed and put on that gown there on the table, and then we’ll get started.” And suddenly he stood up and walked out of the room, with no explanation for the sudden change in his attitude.

Did I cross the line? Natalie thought, worried that she had jinxed this once in a lifetime chance. She undressed slowly, chewing her bottom lip in thought. First, she pulled off the tight pink sweater, grabbing it by the bottom and pulling it over her head, not caring that it messed up her long hair. Then she reached around and unzipped the long zipper of her skirt, letting it slide to the floor and gather into a puddle around her ankles. She stepped out of it and then slid off her flats. She bent over to pick up the skirt and shoes when she noticed her ass in the mirror of the exam room. It was slightly plumper than she remembered, giving her what some of her students might call “ghetto booty.” Natalie set her clothes, shoes, and purse on one of the chairs and was just straightening up when a quick knock on the door startled her.

“Ready, Natalie?” Dr. Fuller asked, entering the room. “Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t realize that you weren’t ready yet. Would you like me to give you a few more minutes?” Although his voice was perfectly professional, he raised his eyebrows and smirked, letting that dimple show that he enjoyed seeing her in the matching lacey cami and thong panties.

“Oh, that’s fine. I can just finish with you in here. It’s not like you aren’t going to see everything in a few minutes anyway, right?” she joked.

The doctor chuckled with her and then motioned for her to continue undressing. Natalie nodded, then took a deep breath as she reached for the bottom of the camisole and pulled it over her head. Her large breasts were spilling over the cups of her bra and her hard nipples were impossible to ignore. Not bothering to turn away from Dr. Fuller, Natalie reached behind her and unclasped the bra, allowing her tits to bounce down to their natural state. She took off the bra and threw it on the chair. The whole time she undressed Dr. Fuller had watched her, and when he saw her huge tits he felt his dick harden. He didn’t bother to hide it, loving that she knew he was getting turned on.

Natalie stepped over to the table to put on the paper gown, but Dr. Fuller stopped her. “Panties too,” he said, his eyes glued to her mound.

Without saying a word Natalie pulled the thong panties down over her smooth thighs and kicked them in the general direction of her things. Her pussy was just as smooth as her thighs, smoothly shaved and almost pulsating with desire. Dr. Fuller motioned for her to sit on the exam table as he sat again on the rolling stool. As he moved over to her he glanced down at her panties, soaked through the crotch with her sweet-smelling pussy juices. His cock throbbed with anticipation at seeing that wet cunt.

“Put your feet into the stirrups, Natalie,” he said briskly, unable to hide the passion in his voice.

“You don’t want to start with the breast exam, Dr. Fuller?” Natalie asked coyly. She had seen him look at her panties and knew how excited he was to see her pussy. But she wanted to make him wait.

“Yes, yes,” he said, slightly shaken. “Of course.” The doctor was a little disappointed that he would have to wait to touch her dripping pussy, but as soon as he stood up and looked at her massive breasts blood surged into his dick. He wanted to fuck those tits too, so badly. He tried to remain professional as he felt Natalie’s bosom for lumps, but when he got to her nipples he couldn’t help himself. He squeezed one of them, making her squeak and twist a little. He continued rubbing the nipple around between his finger and thumb and Natalie couldn’t help but moan a little.

“Sorry, Natalie. It’s not uncommon for a patient to become aroused during an exam,” Dr. Fuller said in a deep voice, taking as much of her breast into one hand and squeezing her rock hard nipple with the other.

“I don’t mind at all, Dr. Fuller,” Natalie replied in a sultry voice. She squirmed her hips around as pleasure shot through her from the pressure of his fingers. “But I think I’m ready for the vaginal exam now.”

“Good. I’m ready too,” he said with another wink. He looked down and she followed his gaze. His dick was straining the fabric of his pants and she could see a dot of precum starting to appear at the tip.

“You know, doctor…” Natalie started, unsure if she was taking her fantasy too far. “If that’s uncomfortable you can always loosen your belt a little.”

Dr. Fuller stopped pulling in his white gloves, shocked that she would mention something so…naughty! And in her first session! Well, if she asked for it…

“Now that you mention it, I might do just that. If you don’t mind, that is,” he looked at her with his hands on his belt, waiting for confirmation. Her quick nod told him that yes, she wanted – needed – to see his dick. He undid the belt quickly but fumbled with the button. Wordlessly, Natalie reached up and helped him, undoing the button and pulling down the zipper. Then she laid back on the table and scooted her ass to the end of the table, putting her feet up in the stirrups and getting ready for her doctor to see the juices literally dripping out of her cunt onto the exam table.

Rolling over to the end of the table, Dr. Fuller noticed just that. He groaned in pleasure and instinctively reached to stroke his boner on top of his boxer shorts. “Natalie, you’re very…lubricated for the exam,” he said slowly, choosing his words carefully.

“To be perfectly honest, doctor, I was very aroused by your receptionist,” Natalie replied bluntly. “Those big tits look very inviting. Have you ever…?” she trailed off but moved her hips up and down, filling in the blank.

“Uh, no…Emily just broke up with her girlfriend,” Dr. Fuller said, explaining why he had yet to take advantage of working with such a voluptuous and obviously sexy woman. “But she’s clearly taken an interest in you. Would you like me to invite her in to assist us with the examination?” He had seen a little squirt of pussy juice come out of his patient when she moved, and wanted to see what Emily could do with this beautiful cunt.

Natalie paused momentarily, weighing the pros and cons of inviting Emily into her fantasy. She hadn’t been with another woman since college and that had been one of the most orgasmic nights of her life. It can’t hurt to give it another shot, she thought, and nodded before she could change her mind.

“I’ll be right back,” Dr. Fuller said and stood up, leaning forward slightly and letting his fingers brush up against Natalie’s clit. She jumped and felt the tingling in her clit spread through her belly and couldn’t stop the moan from escaping her lips: “Ohhh doctor…”

As he walked to the door Dr. Fuller chuckled and prepared himself for a wet pussy – maybe two if Emily caved and let him fuck her as well.

“Emily?” he called out into the empty waiting room. “I need your help in the exam room please. We’ll need to close a bit early for lunch.”

Emily was a bit confused but hoped that the doctor was hinting that the sexy new patient was up for eating her out. Ever since she broke up with Lucy, her now ex-girlfriend of nine months, she had been aching to have someone’s head between her legs. She had told Dr. Fuller that if any patients showed an interest in eating pussy to call her in. He sometimes got lucky with the young female patients and Emily wanted a turn. He hadn’t promised anything, but she still hoped for the best.

She locked the doors to the clinic and put up the “Closed for Lunch” sign, then walked into the exam room. “How can I help you, Dr. Fuller, Ms. Kunningham?”

“Well Emily, Natalie here told me she was aroused by you in the waiting room. Why would that be?” Dr. Fuller was practically scolding her, and Emily stammered out –

“I-I was attracted to her. Sh-sh-she grinded against the chair for me. I couldn’t help myself – I grabbed my breasts…like this.” Emily demonstrated by cupping her breasts and squeezing, then adding another element and twisting each nipple while biting her lower lip in pleasure.

Dr. Fuller felt his cock throb against the fabric of his pants and knew he couldn’t go much longer without touching himself. “Very well, Emily. I want you to sit on the stool and go over to the end of the table. Then, you will examine Natalie’s pussy…” He paused, waiting until Emily started to move toward the rolling stool. “…with your tongue.”

Both Emily and Natalie stopped moving and locked eyes. Their thoughts were clear: Tongue? This is gonna be interesting… Natalie propped herself up onto her elbows so she could see Emily’s “examination” while Dr. Fuller stood in the corner, pulling his pants down so the women could see the fabric of his boxers stretched tight over his thick dick. There was already a good-sized wet spot at the head and he looked like he might burst any minute. Emily leaned down and began her exam.

First she kissed Natalie’s inner thighs, making her moan in anticipation. She moved closer and closer to the hot wet spot between her thighs, kissing and licking the woman’s trembling legs. Finally, slowly, she licked Natalie from asshole to clit, slurping up all the juices running down her lips and savoring each drop. Natalie trembled, already coming close to the orgasm she failed to give herself in the parking lot. “Mmmm yessss Emily…suck up those juices…”

Emily responded by sucking at Natalie’s swollen clit, softly biting it with her teeth, making her squirm and moan and gasp in pleasure, “Please! Please, fuck me Emily!” Natalie was on the brink of exploding into orgasm; she just needed something filling her pussy to bring her over the edge.

The receptionist looked over to Dr. Fuller standing against the wall for approval. He had been staring at Natalie’s wet cunt and Emily’s experienced tongue, feeling the cum swelling up inside of him. He knew that if he entered Natalie now he would finish in seconds. He nodded to Emily while pulling down his boxers, exposing his enormous member. Emily stopped, frozen by the sight of her boss’s monster cock.

“Natalie…” she whispered. “Look.”

Natalie turned her head and her eyes opened wide at the sight of her doctor’s huge dick. It was almost as thick as James’s dick – as big around as a soda can – but not as long. She was immediately thankful for her earlier encounter with the Giant Black Monster, as her student called it. Emily was not so lucky. She had been a strict lesbian for 10 years and although she and her girlfriends and hook ups used dildos and vibrators, she had never used one as fat as Dr. Fuller’s cock, with its big purple head glistening with precum.

“I might have to break my dick-free streak,” Emily murmured, as if in a trance.

“I don’t blame you girl,” Natalie responded. “That cock is perfection.”

“What are you girls whispering about over there?” the doctor asked with his hand on his member. His fingers just barely touched and as he stroked himself he trembled, forced himself to stop so he could cum with Natalie.

“Just how excited I am to have both of you inside of me,” Natalie answered quickly. “How ’bout it, doctor? Wanna come over here?”

Dr. Fuller smiled in response and walked to the head of the exam table. He knew he would cum soon but doing it all over his patient’s face would be enough to get him hard again in moments. Natalie took his giant dick in both her hands, reaching her arms up and tilting her head back to do so. This caused her back to arch and her tits to perk up, nipples jutting toward the ceiling. Dr. Fuller took one breast in each hand, twisting and rubbing and sucking on Natalie’s nipples.

At the end of the table, Emily had her face buried between Natalie’s legs, her tongue sucking on her clit and one finger sliding in and out of her pussy. Slowly, she added a second finger…and then a third. Natalie moaned in pleasure around Dr. Fuller’s monster cock. “It’s a good thing that thing is so big, doctor. This one’s a little loose.”

Natalie sat up and spat out the doctor’s dick in anger. “That’s just because I had two huge black cocks inside me!” Then she immediately reddened, realizing how slutty that sounded out loud.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of, Natalie,” Dr. Fuller said. “I actually like that I won’t have to stretch you out before fucking you mad.” He said it so matter-of-factly that Natalie giggled. “I guess it is a good thing,” she said with a smile, laying back on the table to allow the receptionist and doctor to get back to work.

Within seconds, Natalie was close to climax. Her body trembled as Emily pumped her arm back and form, managing to squeeze her thumb into Natalie’s tight little asshole and causing her to cry out in surprise. At that moment Dr. Fuller thrust his cock deep down his patient’s throat, feeling it close around the throbbing head and shaft of his dick. It was enough to push him over the edge. The first hot thick spurt of cum went down Natalie’s throat before he could pull out to cover her face with stream after stream of hot white sperm.

He and Natalie orgasmed together, his hot cum shooting all over her face as her pussy juices flowed over Emily’s face, drenching her cheeks and chin. They all took a few moments to catch their breath, then sat up and looked at each other. The two women were drenched in cum and all three were covered in sweat. Dr. Fuller’s cock was still hard and when he walked over to her, Emily grabbed it and pumped another spurt of cum which landed in the middle of her cleavage. She wiped it off with her fingers, mixing Natalie’s cum with his and licked it off.

“Mmmm. I like the taste of that,” Emily said, squeezing her boss’s dick once more and licking the cum off the tip of it. She looked up at him and said nervously, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been with a man…let alone one this big. I just need a little time.”

Dr. Fuller bent down and kissed her forehead, saying, “Don’t worry, Emily. Whenever – if ever – you’re ready, I’d love to be the one to break that streak.” He glanced down at Natalie’s pussy and laughed, “The paper beneath you is soaked! We might as well lose some of these clothes and so-called protective covering if we’re going to continue.”

Emily took the first step and unbuttoned her shirt, revealing her DD-cup breasts straining against the fabric of her red bra. She unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it, revealing tan athletic thighs and cute cotton panties. When she turned around to set her clothes on the chair Dr. Fuller read the lettering on her toned ass. “‘If you can read this, it’s your lucky day’ … Lucky day indeed!”

Natalie laughed and met Emily’s gaze. She was clearly nervous about letting the doctor’s enormous cock inside her and Natalie tried to be as reassuring as possible when she said, “Don’t worry Emily. I’ll tire him out first. Now how about I repay the favor?” Natalie had gotten off the exam table and removed the paper covering which was soaked with her orgasm. She put the paper in the garbage can and walked over to Emily. Natalie reached out and stroked her arm, then pulled her in close for a hug.

Slowly, Natalie reached around to unbutton Emily’s bra and felt her tense up. She pulled away a little and looked the woman in the eye, then kissed her full lips passionately. Natalie’s tongue probed to open Emily’s mouth and Emily let her in, exploring her mouth in turn. Natalie slipped Emily’s bra off and pressed her naked body against the sweaty body of the receptionist.

Dr. Fuller watched from the exam table, his dick in his hand, growing hard again at the sign of two naked, sweaty, beautiful woman touching each other. As Natalie brushed her nipples against the equally hard nipples of her partner, causing both women to gasp in pleasure between kisses, Dr. Fuller walked behind Emily and placed his hands on her hips. She tensed again at his presence, but he just kissed her neck until she relaxed again. Then he slowly slid his thumbs beneath the red and white fabric of her panties and slide them down her thighs.

The panties fell to the floor and Dr. Fuller gripped Emily’s firm buttocks in both hands, then slid one hand closer to the opening between her legs. Once he reached her wet spot, he parted her pussy lips and rubbed juices up until he reached her clit. Emily gasped as he pinched her swollen clit, then grinded against his hand to let him know she wanted more. The doctor slid a finger inside Emily’s throbbing hole, and finding it rather tight, pulled out.

“What’s wrong, doctor?” Emily asked with concern. She had clearly been enjoying the doctor’s touch.

“I think we need something to loosen you up, my dear,” he said while reaching into a drawer. He rummaged around for a bit and then pulled out a black vibrator, about five inches long and as thick as three fingers. “This is what Natalie will use to get you ready for me…if you want to I mean,” he added quickly.

“We’ll see, doctor,” Emily said coyly. She walked over to him and took the vibrator in one hand, and then grabbed his hard dick in the other. She gave it a few strokes and then bent down and licked the enormous head like a lollipop before taking almost all of it in her mouth and down her throat.

“Jesus! Oh yes, Emily, that’s amazing!” Dr. Fuller cried out.

Emily took her mouth off his cock with a pop and straightened to look him in the eye and say with a smile, “I might surprise you.” Then she walked over to the exam table and laid down on her back, spreading her legs with her feet in the stirrups to give Natalie a full view of her full pussy lips. She spread them with her fingers and said confidently, “I’m ready, Natalie.”

Natalie wasted no time taking the vibrator from Emily, turning it on the lowest speed and placing it against her wet hole. She leaned down and stuck her tongue out to meet Emily’s throbbing clit, flicking it back and forth. Emily moaned at the touch, then thrust her hips forward to meet the vibrator in Natalie’s hand. The head of the dildo pushed into her pussy causing her to gasp, then groan in pleasure as Natalie slid more and more of the dick into her cunt. Natalie’s tongue was still hard at work on the woman’s tender clit, sucking and swirling around to meet her moving hips.

Natalie felt Dr. Fuller’s hands on her own hips, then his hard dick pushing between her legs. “Think you’re ready, Natalie?” he asked.

She took her mouth off of Emily’s pussy to reply. “Be gentle, Dr. Fuller. Be gentle…at first. Then fuck me like you wanted to since I stepped into your office.”

The doctor replied by taking ahold of his thick member and placing its bulbous head between his patient’s wet pussy lips. With his other hand, he fingered her clit between his thumb and index finger. Natalie went back to sucking Emily’s engorged clit and prepared herself for him to fill her to the brim. Dr. Fuller slowly pushed the head of his dick inside Natalie’s cunt. Once he had the whole head in he pulled out. When she started to straighten and turn her head, he slapped his cock upward against her clit so that she let out a little squeak. He slapped her clit again and again and each time she squeaked in pleasure against Emily’s pussy, thrusting the vibrator further into her tight hole and turning it up a setting.

Emily moaned in pleasure, “I’m gonna cum, Natalie…do it harder…harder!”

Natalie turned the vibrator to its highest setting and thrust it in and out of Emily’s pussy with passion. She licked and sucked her clit and lips, loving the taste of her. Dr. Fuller saw the abandon in his patient and pushed the head of his dick back into her hot waiting hole. She pushed back and took in about half of its length, moaning as it stretched the walls of her pussy. Dr. Fuller slid in and out of Natalie, matching the rhythm with which she was fucking his receptionist. He felt Natalie’s pussy walls tighten around his dick and knew she was going to cum soon.

“Harder Natalie! HARDER!” Emily cried out, clearly on the brink of orgasming.

Dr. Fuller pulled his dick completely out of Natalie for a full second, then plunged the entire length of it into her wet pussy. “YEEESSSSSS!!” she yelled as he began fucking her in earnest, pumping furiously in and out of her. She followed suit and fucked Emily with the shaking vibrator until she tightened up and let out an almost animalistic cry as she climaxed. Hearing this, Dr. Fuller increased his speed and pulled his hand from Natalie’s clit to slap her ass. This was exactly what she needed to be pushed over the edge. She groaned and pushed back against his balls, letting Emily’s pussy juices flow around the vibrator and onto her tongue and chin as her own cum flowed around the doctor’s dick. Her orgasm shook her entire body and she tingled all over.

“You like that, Natalie?” the doctor asked when she stopped shaking. “‘Cause I love that big ass. In fact…” and he started to pull out.

“Oh no you don’t!” Natalie yelled. “You can cum on our faces if you don’t want to cum inside of me. That monster is not going in my ass. You don’t mind, right Emily?”

“Not at all. And I don’t blame you.” Emily eyed Dr. Fuller’s glistening rod, clearly picturing the pain it would have entering her pussy, let alone her tight ass.

“Alright, on your faces then,” he responded. He quickly pulled his cock from Natalie’s hole, noticing his cum-drenched balls. “But somebody’s gonna have to clean this mess up.”

The girls rushed forward to take the doctor’s dick and balls into their mouths, sucking the mixture of juices off of him. Emily took his shaft into her mouth while Natalie sucked on his sack. Then they leaned back and each placed a hand around the monster and started stroking. Dr. Fuller leaned his head back and moaned in pleasure, “Oh yes, girls…that’s right. Stroke that big fat cock.” He looked down and noticed their free hands. “Touch each other,” he commanded.

Natalie and Emily obeyed immediately. Natalie grabbed one of Emily’s massive tits with her free hand while Emily reached between Natalie’s legs to massage her clit. Together they stroked the doctor until they noticed his legs tense up. “I’m gonna cum…Fuck, I’m…CUMMIIIINNG!!” Dr. Fuller cried as the women moved into position. His hot sticky cum streams landed across their foreheads, cheeks, chins, and tits. As he showered them in sperm Emily used the cum as lube for Natalie’s cunt, as if she needed it. Natalie noticed and followed suit, because the dirtiness of it had pushed her close to orgasm yet again and she wanted Emily to feel the same way.

Dr. Fuller finished cumming and opened his eyes to see the girls drenched in cum, each with one hand still on his hard dick and one hand on each other’s pussy, rubbing and squeezing. As if they were reading each other’s minds, they each slipped three wet fingers inside the other and fucked furiously, still rubbing their throbbing clits with their thumbs. Simultaneously, they orgasmed, arching their backs and pushing their hips forward to get the fingers as deep inside as possible.

Once everyone caught their breath, Emily looked up, still covered in cum. “Hey, I still wanted to get fucked by that thing!”

“Oh, Jesus, Emily,” Dr. Fuller sighed. “I don’t know if I can go again.”

“I know something we can do to help…” Emily said with a mischievous look on her face. She got up and walked over to the same drawer Dr. Fuller had pulled the vibrator out of. She looked around for a bit and then found what she was looking for. “This looks like fun, don’t you think Natalie?”

Natalie smiled when she saw what Emily had in her hand. It was one of those double dildos. She had seen one of them in a porn years earlier and always wondered how it felt. “I think it looks like the perfect way to keep the doctor here hard enough for your fabulous pussy.”

The women knelt down on the floor and Emily reached back to place the dildo right at her opening. Natalie scooted back until the other end was just parting her lips. Then, together, they pushed back until their ass cheeks touched and both cried out in the pleasure of fucking one another.

“Oh my god you two are so sexy,” Dr. Fuller looked breathless, truly surprised at how lucky he was. His dick realized this and started getting harder each time the girls stroked back on the dildo. “Emily…I hate to cut this short but if you’re ready….”

Emily looked up and saw the doctor stroking his cock back to its full length – and width. She turned to look at Natalie nervously. Natalie pushed the dildo a bit further into Emily’s cunt and said, “You’re ready. Besides, when are you going to see another dick like that?”

Dr. Fuller helped Emily and Natalie up off the floor and looked back and forth for a second, not sure what to do with them both.

“I think I’ll make use of some of these toys, if you don’t mind,” Natalie said, solving his problem. She walked over to the drawer and found a rabbit vibrator and turned it to maximum. “This little guy will give me what I need while you two provide the entertainment.”

Natalie walked over to the chair and draped a leg over the arm of each, placing the vibrator at the opening of her wet pussy. Emily laid down on the exam table and placed her feet in the stirrups, closing her eyes while the doctor stepped up to her. She felt him part her pussy lips with the wet tip of his dick and move it up and down, getting it wet with their juices. She opened her eyes and he reached up to grab a tit in each hand, squeezing and massaging the nipple to get her ever wetter. When Emily leaned down to take his dick in her hand, he knew she was ready. He slowly slid the head into her cunt, feeling how tight she was.

She breathed in a sharp gasp of air and Natalie reminded her, “Relax your body. It’s gonna be amazing but not if you’re tense.” And then jammed the full length of the vibrator inside her gaping hole. “UUUNNGGH! Just like that,” she said with a smile as the rabbit ears flicked back and forth on her clit. Natalie sat back with the vibrator buried inside her to the hilt, letting it do all the work.

Emily took her advice and relaxed, and Dr. Fuller pushed more of himself into her tight tunnel. Even though it was a slow and painful process, eventually they got to the point where he was able to thrust his cock into her, letting his balls slap against her ass, then slide out and thrust again and again while she moaned his name. He had wanted to fuck her since he hired her and had been so disappointed when she mentioned her girlfriend. The realization that his was the first dick inside her in ten years made him quicken his pace and reach down to squeeze her clit.

Emily squirmed under him and let the orgasm build inside of her. She was overcome by a mix of pleasure and pain as his huge member was stretching her like she hadn’t been stretched in years. She looked up at his face and realized he was coming close to orgasm again.

“You’re just so tight…” he said, apologetically.

“It’s fine, really! I don’t know how much more I could take anyway,” she replied, wincing as he pumped deep inside of her. “Would you wanna fuck my tits?”

“Absolutely,” Dr. Fuller responded immediately, and after one last, rough thrust into his receptionist’s tight hole, he pulled out. He climbed onto the exam table, straddling her waist. Emily pushed her huge tits together and rubbed around some of his cum that was still wet. Dr. Fuller’s wet cock slid easily between her huge melons and he pumped manically, the sight of his dick head popping up from her cleavage and into her mouth being too much to stand.

A cry from the corner made him stop and turn. Natalie was thrusting the vibrator in and out of her cunt while cum squirted from around the dildo. The sight of her squirting pushed him over the edge and he let loose one thick stream of cum that landed in the center of Emily’s cleavage. With that, he got off the table and collapsed into the other chair.

“I think we’ve found ourselves a regular patient, Emily,” Dr. Fuller said with a devilish wink.

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