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The Deepest of Intimacies

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Chapter One

“Annie is my 2 o’clock here yet?” Dr Janet Waters released the button on the intercom.

“Not yet. Shall I send him in when he gets here?” Annie replied.

“Yes please.” Janet Waters released the intercom button and took a glance out the window. Fall colors were beginning to emerge on the hillsides surrounding Salt Lake City. Moving her eyes to the traffic four floors below her office window, Janet thought that perhaps the heavier than usual traffic on the streets below were causing her next patient to run a little behind schedule.

And of course the parking in the downtown area had become such a hassle. She returned her attention to the sparsely populated lines on the client information sheet on the desk blotter before her. George Runyan. Age 76. He was referred through a family practice physician that she was unfamiliar with, and other than an address out in Pleasant Grove and a phone number, she had little to speculate on. Just as Janet turned her eyes back to the foothills, she heard a stirring in the waiting room. Subsequently there came a light knock on her office door, and the entry of George Runyan.

Extending her hand from behind her desk Janet introduced herself. “Hello, I’m Janet Waters”. George shook her hand, noticing her firm grip “Nice to meet you Dr Waters, I’m George Runyan, but I’d be honored if you just call me Skip.”

“Please have a seat Skip, and call me Janet.” She took a moment to survey her new client. At 6’2″ and perhaps 175 lbs, the broad shouldered man taking a chair by the window didn’t show his age. His hair was silvered for sure, but neatly trimmed with what she speculated was a “razor cut.” He wore a light brown tweed sport coat over an azure blue broad cloth shirt clasped at the neck with a darker blue striped tie. The image of the classic gentleman was most unusual to see during this day and age. Tan docker style pants with front pleats and brown wing tip shoes rounded out his look.

Janet gathered her leather bound note book and took a seat in the leather chair opposite George. “Tell me then, how is that you came to find me and what is the purpose of today’s visit?”

Skip took a moment to reflect, then took a deep breath with a slow exhale. Casting his blue eyes out the window he began. “I’m having some difficulty dealing with the loss of my wife. My family doctor, whom I’ve gone to for many many years, put me on some anti-depressant medication about three weeks ago. He also recommended that I get some counseling to help me get past my grief. He and I also belong to the same church, and since there are things that I need to divulge, that I don’t want to become common knowledge, I asked for a referral to someone here in the city. He did some research and you came very well recommended.”

As Skip concluded he brought his eyes to gaze into those of Janet. Pausing to gather her thoughts, Janet began “let me first explain that all psychologists take an oath to maintain patient confidentiality. What transpires in this room will be kept between us, I can assure you.”

“Are you married Janet?”


“Were you married for a long time?”

“About ten years.”

Skip paused a moment then began again. “You appear to be much younger than myself; would it be improper of me to ask your age?”

“49, however, because of the client and therapist relationship, you aren’t allowed to tell anyone that.” Janet’s face turned to a rather disarmingly broad grin, to which Skip responded by relaxing his shoulders, then a smile and a nod of his head.

“Point taken. Where would you like me to begin?”

“Tell me first a little about your wife. How long were you married, and how many children do you have?”

“We were married in 1958, so we were together for almost 48 years. We never had any children together, but I do have a step son. He was only three years old when Jillian and I met. I adopted him when we married, and raised him as my own. He took over the family business eight years ago when I retired. We haven’t always seen eye to eye about things, but over all I’m pleased with him.” George paused to reflect. Janet sensed by his breathing, that there was more to Skip’s thinking than what was coming forth. She took the opportunity to further relax Skip by asking a few standard questions.

“Skip, have you ever been in therapy before?”

“No, but there were times I thought I should be….but, well you know what it’s like being a church going man, father and company owner…..” Skips voice trailed off into nearly a whisper.

“Skip. I use several techniques in my practice. One of which is body language. For example, I can tell that your mind right now has a myriad of thoughts running through it. You’re finding it hard to put your feelings into words. What I would like you to do right now, is focus on the one thing that you don’t want to say, but want me to know.”

Skip took a deep breath, held it for a moment, then relaxed, closed his eyes, then began “Jill was a prostitute when we met……”

Holding back the sudden shock of Skip’s words, she relaxed back into her leather chair and for Skips benefit closed her note pad. Sliding the pad onto the end table to her right side, she placed her ballpoint pen next to the pad. Pausing for a moment to let Skip get more comfortable with his story, Janet began again to pierce the thoughts Skip was holding in.

“Skip, we make no judgments in our profession. I’ve heard many stories, many of which have involved feelings of guilt or betrayal. Marriage counseling and divorces are the bread and butter of our business. I can assure you that there is nothing that you can tell me that would come as a surprise. To be effective in helping you sort through your thoughts, the grief of your loss, I need to know the details of what you’re working through in your mind as we talk. Details are important.”

There was silence in the room for a moment, and then Skip’s demeanor seemed to lighten. He smiled back at Janet. Finally he began again with the words “then let’s get down to business.”

“If I start getting off track, just let me know. I was born in 1930. My full name is George Allen Runyan the third. My grandfather, George A. Runyan the first was a miner by trade. He started his life cracking ore with a pick axe. I don’t know how much of his old stories were true or not, as he and my father both had a tendency to embellish a little bit.” Slowly Skip began to relax, and it was obvious to Janet that he was having an easier time finding his words. Soon he was smiling and laughing, and even eliciting some laughter from Janet.

“Gramps started out in Butte, Montana learning the mining trade. He always thought that someday he’d strike it rich with gold or silver, but he never made his fortune that way. He did however acquire a mineral right to a hillside around Butte which turned out to be the largest lead deposit found in the US at that time. Are you familiar with lead?”

Janet was a bit transfixed with Skip’s story. “Not really. Heavy stuff. Paperweights”

“Lead used to be a major component of brass. Zinc as well. Many uses at the time, but around World War One, brass was in great demand. Things like shell casings for bullets. Well, Gramps did very well for himself. He expanded past Butte and started a company that specialized in brass. That was 1923. By then he was acquiring mineral rights and small mining operations throughout the western states. He settled in Salt Lake many years later. My father was born in 1900. His mother was very big in the church at the time, and since the church was also heavily involved in metals and mining, it wasn’t long before the social life at the time brought the Runyans into that social circle.”

“Gramps retired and left the company to my father in 1949. By that time our family was respected around Salt Lake. The church and social functions took up a great deal of their time together. My father relished in his role with the company and with each new acquisition, the company and our family prospered. When I left for college my life began to change dramatically. What I thought I wanted to do with my life, becoming a teacher, didn’t fit with my parents’ plans. And although I did date quite a few times, I had trouble relating to the women at school. A little too prim and proper for me. Of course my parents always had their say in whom I dated. Coming up with daughters of friends and associates. Finally with my grades falling, and my social life becoming somewhat of a disaster, I left school. That was 1953. The family business was starting a down turn. We didn’t know at the time how bad things were going to get in the mining business. My father, as did Gramps, diversified their investments so our family remained wealthy, however the business started to shrink. Mines were popping up all over South America and the metals produced hit the American markets really hard. Mines were closing up all over.” Skip sat back with a wistful look on his face.

Janet then asked the question “So how did you meet your wife?”

“When I left school I told my father I’d return, however I wanted to work for awhile to find myself. Dad put me on the company payroll, and I began to do a little traveling for the company. We had several mines west of Las Vegas out in the Spring Mountains. The Lead mines were quite old and pretty much played out. My job was going out and closing them up and lay off the employees. Sell ’em if I could. Well, I got to spend a lot of time in Las Vegas. It was different then. Prostitution wasn’t really legal at all in the state, but of course there were phone numbers to call.”

“And you found your wife with a phone number?” Janet was by this time finding the story to be fascinating.

“Not really. I had concluded a sale of one of the lead mines to a much larger company. There were four or five of us that went out to dinner. I was the only one representing our company. The other guys were somewhat older and real hell raisers if you get my drift. Most had made many trips to Las Vegas and knew how things worked. Of course they knew of my church affiliation, so they were very cautious around me at first. Till we all had a few drinks of course. Unknown to me, one of the guys had arranged some female companionship for the group. After dinner we retired to the lounge. There was a dance band playing the popular music of the time, and the “ladies” came over to our table.”

“And one of whom was Jill?”

“Yeah. We were all introduced. She started calling me Sugar. I don’t think she remembered my name actually. I recall she was wearing these high heel shoes. Dark red. Seamed stockings with garters. She was beautiful. Light brown hair curled up. A very tight dress that left nothing at all to the imagination.”

“Love at first sight then…..” Janet said leaving the sentence unfinished.

“I suppose that infatuation would be a better term. After we danced and returned to the table, the other ladies and gents were gone. They’d left a pile of money in the middle of the table of course. Jill reached into my coat pocket and fished out my room key and said Come on Sugar. Let’s you and me find someplace more private.” Skip’s voice trailed off a bit, and then with his thoughts in order he began again.

“Well, when we got up to my room, she soon became aware of how naive I was. It didn’t matter at the time, but she was a few years older than me…..and of course her level of experience far exceeded mine. But I found her to be so alluring. So totally different from any woman I’d ever known. She was a fantasy for me plain and simple.”

“Skip we’re running out of time this afternoon.”

“Yes, I see the clock has ticked down to zero.” Skip said with a broad grin.

“I’d like to see you a few more times. Do Tuesday afternoons work for you?”

“Yes, that will be fine. Same time?”

“Annie at the desk will verify that when she books your appointment. But before you go, I’d like to give you a little homework. Grief and guilt are like a pile of stones. The pile itself cannot be moved all at once, but if we take each stone, one at a time, then we can eventually move the whole pile. So take some time this next week, and recall every detail of your first experience with Jill. As much detail as you can recall. We’ll talk more about that next week, and starting working on another stone.”

“Thank you Janet.”

Chapter Two

“Weather in a word tomorrow, fair skies with plenty of sunshine. High about 65.”

Skip pushed the button on the TV remote, bringing the evening newscast to a close. He settled himself back into his leather recliner, a nightly ritual he’d taken on since losing Jill. He didn’t want to go back to the master bedroom by himself.

“So tell me Sugar. Do you do this often?” Jill smiled as she pressed herself up against Skip. Her perfume lightly graced the air in the subdued lighting of the hotel room. “Be a dear and unhook me.” Skip moved his hands to the top of Jill’s satin dress, fumbling with the dress hook. Skip was lost in the moment. Tentative at first, but once the hook came open; Skip took some more initiative and operated the zipper to the lowest point on the back of Jill’s dress.

“No, I ah……this is a first for me.” Skip blushed as the words left his mouth.

“Oh handsome, you’re such a sweetheart.” Jill smiled back at Skip, and with a slight tilting of her shoulder, her satin dress slipped to the floor. Skips eyes were transfixed by the way Jill stepped out of the dress, keeping his eyes on her shoes.

Jill pressed herself back against Skip, reaching for his neck tie with her long, red painted fingernails. “Then I want you to relax and let me do all the work.” Jill moved Skips necktie to the left to gain some slack, then skillfully pulled the short end through the knot. As the Windsor knot came loose, Jill pulled the silk tie free from his shirt collar. Leading him over to the edge of the queen size bed, Jill turned Skip around towards her and began unbuttoning his shirt. Once that was accomplished, she undid his belt buckle and pulled his leather belt free from his suit pants. When she released the button on his pants, Skip moved his hands to his waist band to speed things along. Jill clasped his hands, ending their motion and looked into his eyes “I said…..let me do all the work.”

Within a few moments, Skip was seated on the edge of the bed completely naked. Jill smiled at him, his erection was now at full mast. “Turn down the spread Sugar, let’s get in.” Skip followed her instructions and laid back with his head on a pillow. Jill made a momentary stop in the bathroom and then returned to the edge of the bed. She was missing her girdle, but her stockings, panties and bra were still in place.

“Shall I leave my stockings and shoes on?” Jill coyly asked. Skip blushed, ever so slightly, but Jill was quick to notice. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Jill slid onto the bed kneeling next to Skip. As she did so, Skip reached up touch Jill’s breasts. Once again Jill clasped his hands. “Now Sugar, what did I tell you? Am I going to have to tie these hands of yours?” If Skip had blushed before, this time he turned a brilliant crimson.

“Oh my, you naughty boy you.” Jill reached over to the side of the bed and retrieved Skip’s leather belt. “Cross your wrists Sugar.” Skip hesitated at first then followed Jill’s command. Once his wrists were secured back to the headboard Jill leaned into Skip to give him a warm lingering kiss. Her tongue pierced his lips, hesitantly at first, then plunging into a full exploration of his mouth. Jill broke off the kiss, then continued lightly kissing first his chin, then moved down his chest to pay attention to both his nipples. Placing the index finger of her left hand against Skip’s lips, he responded with first a kiss, then a lick, and finally sucked her finger into his mouth. He began to moan. As his moans increased, Jill began to move her finger in and out of his lips. With her right hand, she began running her fingernails lightly over Skips upper thighs, first the left then the right, and while she was doing so, Skip spread his legs wider to allow Jill open access to his balls. Lightly she stroked his balls, and then she grasped the base of his cock. Jill removed her left hand from Skips mouth, moving it down to his nipple, where she gave it a quick pinch. Skip could feel Jill’s breath getting closer to the end of his manhood. As Jill moved her tongue over the tip of Skip’s penis his orgasm began to erupt. Realizing what was happening, Jill quickly sucked the head into her mouth, catching as much of his load as she could. Rope after rope of his seed splashed against her tongue. When his erection began to soften, Jill gave his cock a quick kiss then retreated to the bathroom to rinse out her mouth. Skip remained motionless, momentarily spent.

“My goodness Sugar, you sure are quick on the trigger.” Jill resumed her position kneeling next to Skip.

“I’m sorry. It’s just that I……”

Jill only smiled looking down at him. “Shush….I actually take it as a compliment Sugar. I guess you’ve really never been with a skilled lover before huh?”


“Well, the party isn’t over yet Sugar.” Jill reached back to unclasp her bra. As she did, her breasts fell free. They were large, far larger than any of the coeds that Skip had bedded. Rich full breasts with dark aureoles and long thick nipples. Jill leaned over where Skip could get a real close-up look moving her left nipple above his lips she said “Now Sugar, why don’t you start getting me ready.”

With that Skip sucked her nipple hard into his mouth followed by as much as he could of her DD breast.

“Easy Sugar, not too hard now.” Jill reached down and lightly ran her fingers from the base of Skips cock to its tip then traveled them back down. Alternately fondling Skip’s penis, and her vaginal area, Jill began to moan herself. Skips response was immediate. Once Jill was satisfied with his erection, she positioned herself over him, and with one swift motion, impaled herself taking him fully into her vagina. Jill settled back momentarily then leaned forward freeing his hands from the belt restraint. Once freed, she moved his hands to her breasts.

“Like my titties Sugar?”

“Oh my god yes…you feel so good. This feels so good…….” The two of them began a rocking motion, speeding up and slowing down as Jill set the rhythm. Before long, in response to Jill’s wetness and urging, Skip felt his balls begin to tighten back into his body, signaling that it was going to happen again. When it did, it was blissful. Both of them moaning, and panting and sweating. Jill was the first to cry out, as her body began to shake. Upon feeling her vaginal muscles tighten around his cock, Skip pushed his hips up as high as he could, plunging as deeply as possible into Jill. That motion sent Jill over the top, and the faint cry which began the flow of fluids from their coupling.

The spent lovers relaxed for a while, perhaps half an hour, when Jill went off to the bathroom for a pee break. Rather than returning to Skip’s side, she stopped at the dresser to get her cigarettes out of her purse. Lighting one with the provided matches that the hotel had left in the ashtray, she took a long drag followed by a cone exhale towards the ceiling. With her cigarette and ashtray, she returned to Skip’s side.

“I’m sorry, I should have offered. Would you like a cigarette?”

“I don’t smoke.”

“Now Sugar, if you’re gonna become a famous lover boy, you’re gonna have to start smoking. Women love it.”

Jill placed the cigarette next to Skip’s lips, and in response he took a tentative puff. Not inhaling much, but not coughing either. Jill smiled down at him, and abruptly got up and began putting on her clothes.

“Can….can I see you again?”

Jill looked over to Skip. With her cigarette dangling from her lips, while she pulled up her girdle. A smile crossed her face.

“Anytime Sugar.”

Jill finished her dressing, and using the hotel pen and stationary, she scribbled down her phone number Hunter 8-1930 A quick peck on the lips, and she was gone. The hotel room seemed strange without her, but her perfume stayed behind as a reminder as Skip feel asleep.

Chapter Three

“Good afternoon Skip and how are you this afternoon?” Janet said as George Runyan entered the inner office.

“I am well, thank you.” Skip replied as Janet motioned him towards their customary chairs along the window wall. Opening up her leather bound note pad, Janet took her seat and remained quiet as she glanced through the notes she’d taken during her first visit with George. Satisfied that she was up to speed, she began the second session with Skip.

“At the end of our visit last week, I asked you to do a little homework, to bring back some memories of how you met your wife Jill. First, did it bring up some pleasant or unpleasant memory?”

Skip smiled for a moment then began. “Actually it was quite pleasant. I must admit I did doze off, perhaps leaving some details left uncovered, but overall it was very pleasant.”

“And did you find it beneficial?”

“Yes, and I’ve found myself looking forward to this afternoons visit. Now do I share my memories with you…..or do we start the next stone?”

Janet smiled back to Skip. “I don’t really need to know the details, unless it is relevant and you wish me to know them. I think the fact that you’ve found your memory to be pleasant is enough for me to know at this point. So this afternoon, let’s continue with how your relationship progressed and how you became husband and wife?”

Skip leaned back and placed his hands together as he collected his thoughts, then began. “After our first meeting, which was very sexual, I began to fanaticize about Jill a lot. I knew I wanted to see her again. My job had me traveling back up to Salt Lake, and then on to Montana for a bit and so it must have been about three weeks before I made it back to Vegas. During that time I thought about Jill every spare minute that I wasn’t thinking about work.”

“Sounds like a classic case of lust. What set your experiences with Jill apart from your other relationships?” Janet was still jotting down the occasional note on her pad.

“A combination of things really. She was aggressive. She took me to places that I’d only fanaticized about. I could recall her lipstick, and her perfume. Her undergarments.” Skip was now starting to blush. Janet was quick to pick up on it too. “And sorry to say, I really didn’t have that much experience with women.”

“Were you a virgin?”

“No, I had some experience before I left school. I’d met a girl at college, and she and I had a relationship. But the sex was pretty much standard missionary position, with me on top. We didn’t keep in contact after I left school.”

“A moment ago you were blushing. What caused that, if you’d care to share with me?”

“Well, I suppose I am still a little old fashioned. But by today’s standards, at least from what I see and hear on TV, I wasn’t too weird at the time. Jill tied my hands over my head while she made love to me. I found it to be most intense. It sorta lifted my guilt feelings about having sex outside of marriage. Like I wasn’t in control, and what was happening to me was not my fault.”

Janet put her note pad down on the table next to her chair. Settling back into her chair, she lifted her right hand to adjust her glasses.

“Bondage goes back thousands of years. At the time you were experimenting with Jill, Dr Alfred Kinsey was gathering data for a book on human sexuality. The book came out a little after your beginning, but if you’d know then what a lot of other couples were already doing, you wouldn’t have experienced “that weird feeling”.

“Without going into elaborate details, did your next couple of visits with Jill, also include more bondage?” Janet now placed her pen down on top of her pad.

“Oh yeah. It was like I’d taken some kind of drug. But I’d like to add at this point, Jill was also into it. I mean, I’d heard that working girls didn’t really derive much satisfaction sexually from their clients. Jill seemed to really enjoy tying me up. If she hadn’t, I wouldn’t have asked her to do it.”

“Tell me about how the two of you decided to get married. You were obviously an unlikely couple. Given your church background, and her occupation.”

Skip relaxed a moment, obviously glad to get away from the subject of bondage.

“I was in Vegas. Perhaps the fifth time we were going to be together. I called her number and a woman answered, she turned out to be my future sister in law, and informed me that Jill was in the hospital. I was worried. I left the hotel immediately and found the hospital and got her room number from the front desk. I brought her some flowers of course.”

“And she was happy to see you?”

“No, not at first. She was embarrassed. At that time women were using sponges as a form of birth control. The sponge had caused an entopic pregnancy. Her sister had taken her in with severe abdominal cramps. At first the doctors didn’t know what it was. By the time it was diagnosed, and she’d had the surgery and wouldn’t be able to have more children.”

“Jill had kids already?”

“Yes. One son. I should say our son. Well, not mine really. But I did raise him like he was mine. Jill knew who his father was. A fellow she’d been seeing while she was employed as a secretary. He was married, and wasn’t going to divorce his wife. When Jill told him that she was pregnant, he got her fired from her job. Gary was born in 1955.”

“So, after she got over being angry, you proposed?”

Skip chuckled. “She didn’t get over being angry with me for quite a while. But her sister whom I’d met filled in some of the blanks. Jill had turned to prostitution to support herself and Gary. Now, with a huge surgical scar across her abdomen, it was unlikely that Jill would be going back to prostitution.”

“So what was your reaction? Were you going to get married just to preserve your bondage fantasy?”

“Yes and no. Let me explain. First of all, Jill was flat broke and wasn’t able to pay the hospital bill. I called my father and made up a story about a secretary that used to work for a mine we’d closed down, that was hospitalized. I told the folks that I’d begun to date her, and that I felt guilty about leaving her in the lurch without having a job. Well, we transferred some money to the hospital to cover the medical bills.”

“And did your father ever learn the truth?”

“Nope. Never came clean with that one. But that was just the beginning.”

“Skip, we’re starting to run a little short on time. How did you propose?”

“Well, after Jill got out of the hospital, she was still very much on the mend. We started going out for walks and picnics and drive-in movies. Just regular dating. Then one evening I just popped the question. She said “NO” at first. That I needed a younger gal that could give me children of my own.” Skip laughed. “I just kept being persistent was all. And she finally gave in.”

Janet pulled herself to her feet. “For this week’s homework, I’d like you take some time and focus on the difference between today’s sexuality verses what it was back in the late 50’s. I need you to recall again in detail how your relationship with Jill grew, and what other factors there were besides your desiring the type of sex life that you had. Same time next week then?”

“I’m looking forward to it.” And with that said Skip left the office to return to his lonely home.

The sun had long since set. Skip heard the furnace kick on, and felt the rush of warm air descend to the side of his leather chair. He settled back, once again relaxed enough to bring forth a memory.

“Comfy Sugar?” Skip could only nod his head. His mouth was stuffed with a pair of nylon panties, which had been placed in a silk stocking and then tied around his head. Beads of sweat were forming on his chest and forehead. His life with Jill had taken another first. Jill had secured his wrists and ankles to the bed frame using heavy white rope. Around his wrists and ankles were leather straps, buckled tightly and the rope secured his movement being connected to metal D rings attached to the leather straps. The smell of Jill’s panties, stuck just under his nose, excited his senses. His erection, which had been rock hard for the last 30 minutes, pulsated with each beat of his heart.

“Now Sugar, I want you pay very close attention now. You’re going to learn how to eat pussy.” Jill reached down and gave Skip’s cock a light brushing with her finger nails. Once Skip’s eyes were transfixed on Jill’s movements, she unclasped her bra, and let it fall onto the bed. Her black nylon stockings were still suspended from the lacy black garter belt. Her panties were now getting even more soaked by Skip’s saliva. Taking her breasts in her hands, she first caressed the sides slowly moving her fingers to her nipples and giving them a gentle squeeze. Straddling Skip’s chest, Jill maneuvered the two bed pillows over each of his upper arms. Reaching to the bed side table, Jill got her package of cigarettes and the hotel ashtray and placed them in front of her on the head board. Extracting a white cylinder and the book of matches, she lit her cigarette taking a long luxurious drag. After a cone exhale towards the ceiling, she again began to massage her ample breasts. Sliding her hips forward, she placed her knees to either side of Skips head and began a slow deliberate rubbing motion of her vaginal opening against Skip’s nose. Her smell filled his nostrils. Slowly rocking back and forth, as her essence permeated his breathing, Jill dangled her cigarette and using both hands pulled the gag from Skip’s mouth.

“Now Sugar, I want you to stick out your tongue and get it as far into my pussy as you can, then lick upwards towards my clitoris.” Jill began to place more pressure to Skip’s lips, and her knees and thighs began to close firmly to the sides of his head. Her rocking motion began to elicit moans of pleasure.

“This isn’t going to take very long Sugar” moaned Jill. Following another tightening of her upper leg muscles, she began to spasm, which in turn produced a rush of fluids which caught Skip unaware. Jill’s moaning became louder. She panted with a sense of urgency.

“Swallow me…..god…swallow me……”

It was all Skip could do to catch as much of her orgasmic fluid as he could.

Seemly contented for the moment, Jill slid her pussy back down his chest to a level just above his raging hard on. Giving Skip a long deep French kiss, she tasted her own fluid. Once again dangling her cigarette, she returned the gag back into Skip’s mouth.

“MMMmmmmmm Pussy and cigarettes….My favorite.”

Jill moved down a little further, taking his cock into her vagina for the first time that evening. With one slick motion, he was buried to the hilt inside of her. Smiling, Jill paused for a moment to extinguish her cigarette, then once again began her rocking motion, taking him nearly out, then with a rush driving him back to her cervix. Jill continued to pound away on Skips cock, with him being unable to move in rhythm with her due to his bound up position. Her second orgasm was building to full force. Unable to find the right rhythm, Skip was a helpless victim of the savage fucking he’d longed for. Just this very thought alone, was enough to get him up and over the edge. With a stifled moan, Skip’s jets of semen shot deeply into her pussy. Over and over again until Skip was completely spent. Feeling the hot jets of jisum in her vagina, Jill’s second climax overtook her, bringing yet more moaning and another blast of warm fluid onto Skip’s groin.

“So, what’d think. You like eating pussy?” Jill smiled at Skip as she slid to his side. Skip gave a nod and blinked his eyes.

Chapter Four

Glancing at his wristwatch George realized that Dr. Waters was running a little late. George “Skip” Runyan was a little early for his weekly appointment and since the

Dr was running a little late; he’d been leafing through some old housekeeping magazines to keep himself entertained. Shortly Dr Waters’s office door opened with two women emerging. Although Dr Waters caught his eye, it was the other woman that drew his instant attention. She was perhaps mid fifties but well preserved for sure. Skip guessed her to be about 5’5″ tall and very shapely. Salt and pepper hair and wore black ladies slacks with matching 3″ spike heeled shoes. Her walk was both graceful and practiced. A burgundy satin blouse with long sleeves complemented her arms and hands with fingers which were tipped with medium length nails polished in dark red.

Dr Waters spoke softly to her receptionist. “Annie would you please book Lorraine again next week in this same time slot?”

“Of course, Janet.”

Lorraine said nothing to Annie, just an acknowledging nod of her head. As she walked over to the coat rack, Skip folded his magazine and placed it onto the table to his side. Rising towards the coat rack, he picked off the only coat hanging, a black leather trench coat, and helped Lorraine get her arms into it. Lorraine turned to face Skip and gave him a simple “thanks”. Briefly noting her porcelain complexion, Skip nodded and turned to head towards Janet’s office. A sudden flush of embarrassment reddened his cheeks as he caught Janet watching his movements.

“Hello Skip, I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”

“No problem Janet.”

They took their customary seats along the row of windows. Skips attention was distracted momentarily as Annie closed the door behind them. His thoughts of Lorraine dissipated as he began to focus on his reason for being there. Although he desperately wanted to know more about Janet’s previous client, he pushed the thought back, not wanting to further embarrass himself.

“We ended our last visit with you telling me how you proposed to Jill after her surgery and recovery. She was hesitant to marry you, but you said you persisted. Let’s begin today’s session with your wedding, and your life together.”

Skip collected his thoughts for a few moments, then began “Well, Jill and her son had been living with her sister. I had an apartment in Salt Lake which I called home, but it was a little small for the three of us. After my parents had met Jill, my father offered me an advance to put a down payment on a house.” Skip chuckled for a moment with an amused look on his face, and then continued. “Jill and Gary moved their stuff from Vegas to Salt Lake. They moved into my apartment and I took my clothes over to my folk’s house. Neither of my parents would tolerate her and me living together of course. But Jill and I found a house that would work for us, and I didn’t mind staying with my parents for a couple of weeks. As dad and I were getting the house in order, my mother helped Jill put together the wedding plans.”

“Did Jill then join the church?”

“Had too. In those days it wasn’t as easy as it is now. But Jill and I got our stories in line. Gary was too young to have to worry about and of course Jill’s sister Rose kept a tight lip on their family secrets. Rose was the maid of honor and Gary sat in the front row with my folks.”

“Small wedding?”

“Yeah, by Salt Lake standards anyway. I had a friend I worked with that stood with me as best man. My father agreed to walk Jill down the isle.”

Janet took a moment to relax her writing hand, and then continued.

“Tell me about you and Jill and Gary, and how you related to your parents.”

“My folks just adored Gary from the very first. He was a bright young boy for sure. Jill and I fell into the Salt Lake society. First we met some neighbors, and then friendships developed. Our company started doing really well, and dad thought I’d spent enough time on the road. I settled into an office in Salt Lake and I didn’t have to spend near as much time away from Jill. We started playing golf with our friends.”

“And your parents, help or hindrance?” Janet abbreviated the question.

“Mostly helpful. Of course we were generations apart. But Jill and I made it to the necessary functions for the church and of course the family business.”

Janet paused for a moment and capped her ballpoint pen. Folding her notebook for the time being she shifted her weight in her chair. Gathering her thoughts she asked the next question.

“What then became of your bondage addiction?”

Skip reflected for a moment as he gathered his thoughts. Then began.

“Well, we still had our moments of course. But as Gary got older it got harder to find the time. Jill could always sense when it was time to take me in that direction. And of course the more she did things for me, the more I wanted.”

Skip took another moment to collect his thoughts. Sensing his reluctance, Janet just stared blankly ahead. Skip began again.

“Jill and I were out for an afternoon drive. Gary was nine years old at the time, but was spending some time with friends of ours. We found a lake and as we drove around it we came upon a dead end. Far from the other houses sat two cabins, one larger and the other was rather rustic and smaller. Both were for sale. They belonged to a couple of brothers, and had been in their families for years. One brother had passed on, and other was in rather ill health, so they were for sale. We bought them both, although nobody knew that we owned the smaller one. I hired a local contractor who remodeled the larger one for us, and that became a family weekend get away. The other we kept shuttered, and as was needed, I did some remodeling on my own. We always told folks that the cabin belonged to somebody who didn’t use it much. I had a local guy cut the grass and bill me for both. We paid the utilities and taxes of course, but both were on the same bill, so nobody has ever found out.”

“You still have them?”


“And the small cabin became your place for bondage?”

“When we could get away by ourselves. Usually we had friends or Gary along. But about once a month or so….yeah, we got to spend some time in the little cabin.”

“What about inbetween times. During the week. Did your sex life with Jill include bondage?”

“Oh yeah. But not quite on the same scale. Bondage on the level that I liked, and that Jill was willing to do, took a lot of accessories. Furniture, outfits and other things….” Skip now began to blush. He wished he hadn’t said that. Janet sensed that, and glanced at her watch.

“We’ve used up another hour Skip. How do you feel?”

“Ah embarrassed…….” Skips voice trailed off.

“Don’t be. Bondage is very popular. I consider it to be a level of intimacy that you and Jill had, and quite frankly from my knowledge, it is the most intimate level that a couple can achieve.”

Standing up, Janet gave Skip his next week’s assignment. ” I want you to review your life with Jill up until the time she became sick. It’s going to be hard, but I feel your ready to relive it somewhat, and it’s necessary to complete your therapy.”

Skip made his way to the elevator all the while thinking in fragments. Leather trench coats/Lorraine/whips and chains. Later that evening Skip was relaxed and feeling better than ever. His mind was on his homework, but he felt encouraged for the first time in months. His therapy was working, and he felt light hearted somewhat. Tonight would be the night, and foregoing his leather chair, Skip took the walk down the hall to the master bedroom to once again share the bed that had been he and Jill’s.

Crack. The whip stung Skip’s ass. He felt his balls pull up in his scrotum as the pain swept across his nether regions. Looking ahead he could only see the darkness being contained by the leather blind fold. A gag kept him from screaming, and the tears coming from his eyes joined with his salvia flow surrounding his mouth. As the pain subsided, Skip recalled Jill’s leather outfit. She had deliberately changed in front of him in the other cabin, then leading him naked in hand cuffs and leg irons to the little cabin. Once inside, he was blindfolded and then placed on his hands and knees across the spanking bench. His wrist cuffs were transferred to the metal rings on the front legs of the bench, and his ankles were now strapped to a leg spreader bar. He could feel the rug under his knees and the leather belt which held his torso tight to the padded bench. His submission to Jill was now complete; it was now up to her as to what direction the evening would take, and how long it would last.

The smell of Jill’s cigarette began to push back the mustiness of the cabin. It became stronger as Jill moved about the room, taking her own sweet time with Skip’s torture. Her pussy had already soaked the nylon panties she removed from under her leather pants. Sometimes, when she was in the right mood, she would orgasm at least once just strapping Skip to this bench. This was one of those times, and the perfect time to try something a little dangerous. Would he like it? I guess time would tell.

“Lift your chin Sugar”.

Jill released the gag from Skip’s mouth, then teased his lips with a plastic dildo. Slowly, Skip parted his lips, and Jill gently inserted the bulbous head into his mouth.

“Suck sugar, you know how. You know how you like it, well I want just the same”

Being strapped to the bench and blind folded, Skips motions were slow to start, but after getting used to the strange invader pushing against his tongue, his lips closed around it and started a natural sucking motion. Skip then found enough slack in his bounds to move his head up and down and side to side. Bobbing and weaving his head as Jill gently maneuvered the plastic phallus in and out. Once Skip began to make slurping sounds, Jill placed her right hand to the back of Skip’s head, pressing him forward, and began a slow guttural moan. The double ended dong which she had mail ordered, fit snuggly into the leather strap on belt, which was off set enough, that Skip’s end was elevated. As her second climax began to build, Jill’s face relaxed into a sly smile, completely hidden by Skip’s blind fold. Jill slowed her motions, and dangling her cigarette now, she placed her left hand to the back of Skips head. Skip now realized that the phallus had its own support. Beads of sweat began to dot his forehead. The plastic cock pulled back from his lips. As Skip reached forward to regain the feeling of the phallus, a new and colder phallus entered his mouth. He then felt the leather strap and buckle become tight around the back of his head. He KNEW. The beads of sweat on his forehead now began to run down his cheeks. He KNEW.

Jill maneuvered to Skip’s backside and knelt between his legs. Still dangling her ever present cigarette, she took a tube of lube from the side table and placed a dollop on Skip’s tight ass. She worked the lube around the exterior, then gently pushed a glob through his tight hole with her finger. Skip relaxed as much as he was able, but reflex kept him tight to her finger. Pausing slightly, Jill waited until he relaxed and her finger slid smoothly into his bum. He KNEW. After the first digit, Jill then inserted a second, followed by more lube. He KNEW. And so did his throbbing cock. Jill noticed the twitching, and Skip’s scrotum beginning to tighten. She withdrew her fingers and placed another glob of lube on his anus, using a portion to spread thinly over the dildo.

Slowly Jill now moved closer behind Skip. Placing the dildo’s head gently at the opening, she began to tease his ass with it. Skip strained against his bindings to move back towards his destiny. Jill placed her spent cigarette into the ashtray, and with a sly smile crossing her face, she eased forward. At first there was a resistance, then with a slight plop, the head of her strap on dildo slid into Skips arse.

Their thoughts became one. AT LAST. Skip’s submission became complete. It was everything he’d wanted. Jill’s vagina told her all she needed to know. Her delayed orgasm was now unleashed. It wouldn’t take her long. Once Skip began a small rocking motion, Jill countered with her own. Gently at first but after adjusting her position between his legs to get closer to his butt cheeks, she placed her hands to either side of his rear and began a longer pistoning motion. Skip let out a moan behind his penis gag, and softly began what sounded like a crying sound.

“I’ve waited a long time Sugar, but now I have you right where you belong. Now you’re really mine.” Jill’s voice was tinged with lust. Her motions became longer and smoother. Skips ass opened up to the new feelings that at first he’d longed for, but now seemed to crave. Skip began to tighten. Jill sensed that he was at the edge, but would this push him over?

“I think I’ll have your ass again tomorrow, in fact Sugar, I think I’ll just leave you like this all night.”

Skip let a deep moan as he crossed the edge. White ropes of jisum began spurting from the end of his cock. The first rope hit the vinyl padding below his knees, followed by several more splashing against the backboard which held his legs firm to the bench.

Jill’s orgasm began with a shutter. She paused, then fully inserted the plastic phallus into Skip’s ass until the metal ring holding the invader pressed tightly to it’s target. Waves of pleasure began to emanate from her core. She held her breath as the electricity shot though her body. Feeling wave after wave of pleasure, until she could no longer remain kneeling, but had to fall forward to rest on Skip’s lower back.

Several minutes went by, as the two long time lovers came down from their peaks. Jill slowly removed her dildo from his posterior. Skip stayed motionless, enjoying the sudden sensation of being emptied. Jill went to her elevated chair where her cigarettes were located. Passing Skip’s head she removed his blindfold to allow him to see, but kept the gag in place so he couldn’t speak. She knew how to play the game.

Chapter Five

With a big smile on his face, Skip sat waiting his turn and hopefully his final visit with Dr Waters. His thoughts drifted back over the last week. His son and daughter in law had come and helped him clean out Jill’s things. Most was given to charity, and a few of her more prized positions his daughter in law had kept for their kids. It was remarkable how much progress Skip had made over the months of visits with Janet. He’d been sleeping back in the master bedroom for several weeks now, and the cloud of despair had lifted from his shoulder. The weather had even taken a turn towards spring with higher than normal temperatures in the Salt Lake City area.

The door to Dr Water’s office presently opened with Lorraine Benjamin exiting first followed by Janet Waters. The two started a hand shake but abandoned that to give one another a hug. Lorraine stopped momentarily at Annie’s desk to give her a brief handshake and a “Thank You.”

Without need of an over coat Lorraine headed towards the outer door of the clinic, but then stopped and turned towards Skip who was just starting to get to his feet.

“And how are you today?” Lorraine queried Skip.

“Just great and how about you?” was Skip’s answer.

“My last visit and I feel just great today.” The two stared at each other in a silent moment of understanding. Skip’s heart took a jump which was not all that unusual. During the last few visits, he’d pretty much anticipated seeing Lorraine as much as he did Janet Waters. Since the beginning of their brief half dozen or so exchanges of pleasantry, Skip had noticed that the lightness that he was now feeling seemed to be equaled in Lorraine’s demeanor. Apparently this would be their last meeting, a thought which caused Skip a sudden feeling of regret.

With Lorraine’s exit, Skip turned to enter Dr Waters’s office as she greeted him with a smile.

“Seems like its graduation day around here.” Janet beamed at Skip.

Skip took that to heart and smiled as he took his customary chair opposite Janet. Noticing her lack of her leather note pad Skip made a comment about her not taking notes today.

“Nah. I closed up your file this morning. I have a few things I wanted to review with you, but from your last visit I feel going on with more visits won’t be necessary. Tell me did you get your son and his wife over to do a little house cleaning?”

“Yeah it took us two afternoons, but we got it done. I feel good about giving so much to charity, and I think Jill would be pleased with what the kids kept.”

Janet’s eyes narrowed a bit before continuing “And you felt comfortable with whole thing?”

“Yes, very. I remember from one of our sessions, where you remarked it was like suddenly there would be a door in my mind that would open, and a “clear day” would shine through. I thought about that when the kids showed up at my door. I knew then that it was time.” Skip relaxed back into his seat.

Janet then began a summation of their sessions. “Grief and guilt seem to go hand in hand. The exercises that I gave you to do between visits were designed to place your memories into the perspective of the love and admiration that you and Jill had. Sure, it was rather unusual, but then most long term marriages have a strong foundation of one kind or another. It was your desire for bondage and her willingness to accommodate you that fueled the deep emotional connection. The deepest of intimacies.”

“Janet I’m curious. I guess its part of letting go and a little bit of loneliness that has stayed with me, but I would like your opinion as to whether or not I should start a new relationship. Do you think I’m ready?” Skip leaned forward to catch any sign on Janet’s face.

Without hesitation Janet said “I think so. You’ve gotten over the biggest of hurdles. Of course the decision is entirely up to you.”

“Then I would like to inquire about your previous visitor Lorraine?” Skip was blushing now; he could feel his cheeks getting warmer.

Janet smiled. “Skip you know about the therapist client privilege. I can not say anything to you about her.” Skip felt a sudden disappointment. Then with a slight smile “but I can tell you what I told her. You’re a fine gentleman and you would have a lot in common.”

Suddenly Skip had more questions, but knew better than to ask. “She…….asked about me?” Janet blinked her eyes slowly and gave an affirmative nod of her head.

“Times up Mr. Runyan” Janet smiled. The two rose to standing and gave one another a hug. As Skip made his way towards the office door “Oh and Skip, on my client’s final visit I always like to recommend that they stop and get a cup of coffee at the bookstore across the street. The Latté’s are just super. It sometimes takes awhile to get one, and of course about an hour or so to enjoy it.”

Skip wrote a check out to Annie for his final visit, glancing at his watch. Janet smiled at him as he left the outer door on his way to the coffee shop.

The End

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