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Reunion Afterglow

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I’ve waited so long to be with you again, and when your call came, the message on my answering machine with flight numbers and arrival time, I have to admit, I was at first, more confused than excited.

I fret, and pace, and forget to eat. I remember the circumstances of our goodbye: Lamenting the loss of someone with such similar physical needs and desires because our lifestyles wouldn’t and couldn’t mesh, at least not at that time.

What could it mean your return? A life change? Or merely another try at eliciting one in me? I watch the clock, the minute hand scraping slowly past number after number, that time drawing closer until it suddenly is upon me and I am standing at the gate, hoping my puzzlement does not show.

It doesn’t truly matter. You are here.

I greet you, grabbing you exuberantly, then letting my arms slip around your back, just holding you, and sighing gently. Something seems to click, to snap into place, but silently, and with a sense of relief. I can’t explain the way you make me feel, I can’t explain this moment, but does it truly need explanation? I feel your arms around me, your hands stroking, smell your warm, comforting scent, hear your breathing, your heartbeat. You tuck your chin to murmur quietly in my ear, your soft, exciting moan of pleasure reverberates through me, leaving me with a needy throbbing. Familiar, yet wildly exciting arousal simmers constantly, threatening to boil over if we can’t be somewhere private, soon. I whisper to you, “I need you….soon…”

My lips press to yours again, I feel the trembling that is almost imperceptible, something that originates from my center, where your presence ignites a flame.

We manage to part long enough to get to the car and drive back north a ways to a place along the beach in Oceanside; far enough away from the distraction of downtown, with a view of the ocean out the one large window. Glad that check-in went quickly, we enter the room and stand, just inside the door, kissing, hugging, hands wandering, bodies pressing close. I feel that all pervasive heat that you always bring to me, I know you must notice it, too. I pull you back towards the bed, smiling at you.

“Mark….” You lean down to kiss me, your hands silencing me perhaps more easily than your mouth. I gasp for breath, feeling my heart race in response to your touch, the knowing of what is to come. That knowing has existed within me ever since the first time…kept me wanting, needing more of you. Your mouth on my neck, the heat of your breath against my skin, which seems now to be so much more sensitive, so much more receptive. Even the atmosphere around me brings a tingle of sensation. Hearing you, feeling you, seeing you, it all builds to create a frenzy of desire. My fingers fumble with the buttons on your shirt, you remove your pants, then work at mine. I open my shirt, letting it fall away from my breasts as your head bends to kiss, to suck at each nipple, my back arching to meet you, your hand now sliding between my legs, stroking, pressing at the dampened material of my panties, my hard gasp giving away the perfection of your touch. Almost reluctantly, but with an inspiration, I turn beneath you, and push to the edge of the bed, you stepping back, tugging the panties down, your hands squeezing, stroking my ass, then sliding forward between my outer labia, causing me to pull away with the suddenness, the intensity of my need there. I quickly push back, though, and moan, whispering my desires.

“Yesss…baby….I need you…need you to fuck me….my cunt, my ass…please…Mark…I need you” I feel you then, pushing forward, your cock stroking through the wet folds of my pussy, dragging over my clit, then back, hesitating at the opening, rubbing over it, pushing just inside, teasing, thrusting in a few strokes, then slowing, you must feel how close I am, I struggle to regain control but then I feel your fingertips, probing, circling the tight, throbbing opening just above where your cock is buried in my hot, wet cunt.

Shuddering, I clutch at the bedding, bending forward and down more, lifting my ass to your fingers, and in that same moment, I feel the rise of arousal that sends me hurtling over, swept away within it, crying out with passion as your finger pushes in and curves within me, the heat of your cock, the fullness where it holds me open. Every heated wave of pleasure seems to burn through me in slowing ripples, long, slow swells which at their peak obliterate all sound, all vision, and all but the most intense sensation.

I feel then the removal of your finger, the replacement of your cock at the tight opening, and I draw in a breath, waiting, my upper teeth tugging at my lower lip. I push back, your push forward, stretching the ring of muscles around the thick girth of your fucktool. I draw in yet another breath, the first still unreleased, the surprise of the circumference of you, the slow, delicious burn of stretching and friction as you push in, then know at exactly what moment to thrust into me, forcing me past that point at which I hesitated, and struggled to maintain, wanting to savor, but also, even more so, wanting to experience the dizzy plunge through ecstasy that awaits.

My head now resting on the bed, turned to one side, then buried in the comforter, to muffle my cries, hands gripping tightfisted bunches of fabric as you push your cock deep inside me, then tug back, and thrust in again, each thrust renewing the sharp sensation of fulfillment, friction, pressure, and heat at once. I hear your grunts grow more urgent, sharper, the exhalations of your imminent arousal clipped by the need for more oxygen. You pull my hips back, pushing yours into me at the same time with an upward thrust, grinding into me at the finish, then giving a series of sharp jabs. I feel the expansion, the pulsing explosion of your cum, the way your hands tighten their grip, the way you groan as you empty your balls into me, filling me with your heat. I feel you tremble as you arch your back, holding your cock deep in me as you finish, it seems as though my own orgasm fades in rhythm with yours, leaving us both gasping for breath, trying to regain control of frantically pounding pulses, soaking in a glowing warmth.

Slowly, I let myself fall onto the bed, and you follow, we find a position close, lying side by side, unmoving, no conversation except the warm, contented sighs and moans of those aftershocks that seem to linger after you make love to me. Especially when you whisper to me, or make that sound you know I love so much. Eyes closed, feeling so perfect just now, so perfectly satisfied, content just to lie beside you. I think to myself of all the things I want to do with and to you…knowing you will stay at least long enough to fulfill most of them, my fingers lazily stroke your skin where my hand rests on your chest. I turn my head so that I can kiss your neck, and snuggle close to you.

“Thank you, lover….”

“For what?”

“For what!” I laugh softly, fondly amused, and very happily sated.


So sweet to fall asleep with you, now…after making love, knowing that just being near will provide a glow of its own, adding yet another layer to the already existing ones. It has always been about this; the multiple facets of joy you bring to me.

Hard to know how much time passes, for there is no real reason to measure this. Instead, I become more aware of you beside me, I hear your even measured breaths, feel your sleepy movements and press close to you.

Opening my eyes, I see you, and draw a deep, scented breath, savoring you in so many ways. I let my fingers wander, featherlight, to your thighs to stroke softly your cock, smiling at the way the foreskin covers the tip, remembering how it retracts even as your cock lengthens.

I purr in pleasure at what I see there, the silkiness my fingers encounter, the heat a mere hint of what is possible. Turning, I draw my face closer, to nuzzle you there, to let my lips caress this source of pleasure. My warm sighs brush the surface of your flesh, my fingers gently direct your hardening shaft, bringing the head to my mouth, my lips pushing at the retreating foreskin, tongue circling the tip, curling around the flared crown’s edge.

Your hand at my hair alerts me to your wakefulness. I know that you don’t mind, though, and I let my gaze meet yours, turning my head, but not relinquishing the grip of my lips around your cockhead, my smile evident even so. “MMmmmmm” vibrates your shaft as I taste you, inhale your scent, satisfying my craving for sensory input in the form of you.

Gentle suction at first draws you in, then stronger, drawing the blood into you, pulling the silvery clear precum from your cock, sighing gasps of pleasure at the taste. I grasp you, my fingers sliding down the length of your shaft to the base, holding you firm, fingers caressing your balls, feeling the way they tighten, knowing what they will yield. My breath comes more quickly, you hear and feel it.

I move my free hand between my own thighs, to press there, craving that pressure, remembering your hand there, the reflected heat…your touch so perfectly gentle, yet with an exacting force.

More of your salty, slick precum spreads across my tongue, I suckle eagerly at the taste, my tonguetip seeking, pushing into the slit at the end of your cock, stroking up and down it, flicking across it. Fingertips trace patterns on your balls, squeezing, stroking gently but firmly.

I hesitate long enough to coat my middle finger with saliva, leaving your cock reluctantly, then returning to slide my lips around its thick, spreading head, down the shaft, tight pressure, then softening, my tongue curled under it, cradling the thick vein at the underside.

Trailing my slickened fingertip down behind your balls, I hear the hissing intake of your breath, note the tightening muscles. I slide my finger then along your crease, over the tight opening of your sphincter, teasing it a while, circling, stroking, feeling it relax just enough to press my fingertip in. Curving it forward, I push in farther, stroking my finger inside you. Your cock hardens and lifts in response, the flow of precum seems constant, now, I taste it as I suck at you, pulling the desired fluid greedily from your cock.

My moans increase in need, my breathing insistent as my hand circles, pressing over my clit, fingers delving into the sodden opening, my own juices flowing in desire of your hardness, which now my mouth enjoys.

Fucking you with my finger, sucking at your cock, these thoughts seem to spiral dizzyingly through my mind; lust-driven waves of orgasm imminent, I speed the strokes of my mouth on your cock, feel the muscles of your hips tauten, rise, meeting me, fucking my mouth. The first spurt takes me almost by surprise though I feel it before it splashes my mouth. I gasp, then pull back, enough to let the subsequent bursts spray over my parted lips, dribbling down my chin, I reach my tongue for all I can catch, then wrap my lips around your cock again to drink your hot cum. “Mmmmm” again, all I can say, my mouth more occupied with drinking, lapping up your sweet, salty juice.

Smiling up at you, I slip my finger from your ass, then curl up next to you with contented sighs…closing my eyes for another stretch of warm, relaxed sleep. Feeling your arm around me, I relax easily and rest, knowing when I wake you’ll be there.

“Sleep sweet, my love” I manage to whisper sleepily.

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